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									                                                                                                      British Council, Bangkok
                                                                                                         Kids Red Lesson Plan

Teacher                                 Derek Spafford                                       Level                             Kids Red
Observer                                Sean Power                                           Date                              9 July 2006
No. of Ss on register                   16

Learners will leave the lesson having been exposed to and practised using new ‘pet’ vocabulary and the
constructions ‘Have you got …?, ‘Yes, I have’ and ‘What have you got…?

Timetable Fit
15:30 – 17:30

Anticipated Problems & Possible Solutions 学生上课过程中可能出现的问题及其解决方案

Anticipated Problems
a) During stage 1 learners may find the pronunciation of snake and snail (intrusive vowel) difficult.
b) During stage 2 grouping learners could be difficult with learners forgetting which group they are in.
c) Because of the age and ability of the learners responding to instructions could problematic.
d) Some learners may finish work faster than others. (Stage 3, and 6a in particular)

Possible Solutions
a) Drill and monitor carefully. Explicitly make learners aware of the correct and incorrect pronunciation.
b) Give learners pictures so they can’t forget and will group accordingly to the pictures.
c) Give clear instructions and demonstrate as much as possible.
d) Learners can colour wordsearch, help a friend or complete extra work provided.

Page 12 workbook Consolidation of lesson and written record of ‘Have you got …?, ‘Yes, I have.’

       The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
                                                                                   British Council, Bangkok
                                                                                      Kids Red Lesson Plan

Stage              Aims 目标                                                            Procedure                    步骤                                      Time & Int. 时间   Materials
课堂教                                                                                                                                                        及互动方式 (T-老师,     教学使用材
学阶段                                                                                                                                                         S-学生, Ss-全体学       料
  1     Pre teach ‘pet’ vocabulary.                        Slowly reveal flashcards. Learners guess the                                                  15:30- 15:40       Flashcards
                                                           animals.                                                                                      T-Ss
                                                           Drill the pronunciation.                                                                      S-Ss
                                                           Take out one flashcard and drill again. Learners
                                                           say which card is missing.
                                                           Hand flashcards to a learner. Learner repeats the
                                                           Repeat again with different learners.
  2     To provide spelling practice of the                Put learners into groups of four using prompts.                                               15:55              4 sets of
        ‘pet’ vocabulary.                                  (snail, hamster, snake, mouse)                                                                T-Ss               letters
                                                           Learners sit with a packet of letters.                                                        Ss-Ss
                                                           Slowly reveal the flashcard.
                                                           Learners spell the word.
                                                           First team to finish receives four points; third
                                                           team receives three and so on.
  3     To consolidate spelling of the                     Learners work alone and see how many words                                                    16:10              wordsearch
        ‘pet’ vocabulary.                                  they can find in the wordsearch. Learners have a                                              S
                                                           7 minute time limit. check answers on IWB

                                                                                                                                                         16:10- 16:20
  4                                                        Learners listen to the chant (page 24 no.1)                                                   Ss in groups       Cassette
        To expose learners to ‘have you                    Learners chant together.
        got..?, ‘what have you got?’ and                   Divide learners into 2 groups, red and blue.
        ‘yes, I have.’ To practice the                     Use the IWB to illustrate task and provide
        pronunciation of the above                         prompts.
        constructions.                                     Learners chant to simulate a dialogue.
                                                           Remove prompts.
                                                           Learners chant again.

                         The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
                                          Learners change roles.                               16:20-
                                                                                               Css - Ss
5                                         Learners listen to a list of vocabulary and follow   S-Ss       Cassette
                                          the sequence to find out the wizard’s animal’.       S-S        Ss Book
                                          (page 24 no.2)
     To consolidate vocabulary from       Learners then dictate their own sequence to the
     stage 1. To practice listening       class.
     skills.                              Learners then work in pairs and dictate to each

                                                                                               Css - Ss
6                                         Learners listen to four British children and tick               Cassette
                                          the pets that they have. (page 25 No. 3)                        Ss book
                                          Learners then fill in the sentences. (page 25 No.
     To provide listening practice and                                                         17:00-
     exposure to the ‘pet’ vocabulary                                                          17:20
     and constructions in stage 4                                                              S          Blank Paper
6a                                        Learners draw their own grid as in stage 6 and
                                          write sentences.                                     17:20-
                                                                                               S          Toby
7                                         Learners use the software from ‘Toby’ on the                    software
     To provide an extension for stage    IWB. Unit 4.
     6. To practice writing skills.

     To provide consolidation of unit 4
     pet vocabulary

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