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									                                     Blank Service Contract
                                              April 1, 1999

Consulting Contract between
Matt H. Evans and

Consulting Services Related to Creating
Increased Value for the Client in the area of
Financial Management
 Section 1: Parties to the Contract

This agreement entered into on this ______________day of
______________________, 19____ or 20____ by and between Matt H. Evans
(hereinafter referred to as "Consultant") and
________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as
"Client") shall govern the rendering of professional financial management services
between Consultant and Client.

 Section 2: Term of Contract

The duties and obligations of the Consultant and the Client shall commence on the
effective date of this contract and continue for a period of six months subject to
further amendments.

 Section 3: Project Summary

Whereas the Client is currently attempting to improve financial management policies
and procedures and whereas the Client has limited time and resources to make said
improvements, it is the desire of the Client to engage the services of the Consultant
to help make said improvements. Specifically, the Client desires to make the
following improvements:

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________

 Section 4: Responsibilities of Consultant

Consultant will provide professional services as requested by Client and as
considered appropriate under the circumstances. Consultant is responsible for:

 1. Directing, managing, controlling, and supervising the projects directly related to
    this agreement.

 2. Gathering and collecting the necessary resources (software, support personnel,
    etc.) related to projects.

 3. Communicating the progress of projects on a regular basis to client's
    management and making appropriate presentations to Officers, Directors, and
    Managers regarding the administration of and issues related to projects covered
    under this agreement.

 4. Making all pertinent consulting services available to all interested parties within
    the client's organization as deemed appropriate for ensuring that projects are
    successfully completed.

 Section 5: Responsibilities of Client

In order to ensure the success of projects covered under this agreement, Client shall:

 1. Provide necessary administrative and staffing support for all phases of projects
    covered under this agreement. The Client's staff shall be considered an integral
    part of the work team associated with said projects.

 2. Provide the necessary facilities for administration of projects, such as
    photocopy facilities, phones, faxes, and other services while Consultant is on-
    site at Client's location.

 3. Communicating all pertinent facts, issues, and other information to Consultant
    regarding project related work.

 Section 6: Compensation

For services rendered by Consultant, Consultant shall receive compensation at the
following hourly rates: (U.S. Dollars)

               Project Description                                   Physical            Virtual

In addition to the hourly rates for services rendered, Consultant shall receive
reimbursement for all direct costs associated with projects under this agreement.
Direct costs include software programs, books, manuals, lodging, travel, and other
direct expenses. All direct expenses shall be charged at actual costs. Air travel shall
be limited to standard coach rates. The maximum per diem rate per day shall be

Consultant shall submit a monthly progress billing in support of all charges with
appropriate descriptions of work performed. Client shall remit payment to Consultant
within 30 days upon submission of progress billings.

             Client Guarantee — In the event that the Client believes that compensation for consulting services is
             excessive, Client shall have the right after review with the Consultant to make revisions that Client
             believes are necessary for fairness in compensating Consultant for services rendered.

 Section 7: Commitment by Both Parties

The Consultant agrees to devote a minimum of 50 hours per month to projects
covered under this agreement and Client agrees to devote a minimum of _____
hours per month to projects covered under this agreement.

 Section 8: Assistance

If considered reasonably necessary, Consultant and/or Client shall have the right to
engage, employ, hire, or secure the services of assistants for projects covered under
this agreement. The costs of assistants shall be chargeable to Client as agreed upon
under separate provisions.

 Section 9: Limitations of Consultant

Consultant is not responsible for any outside services currently rendered by other
professionals, such as outside audits, financial statement preparation, tax returns,
and other services that are clearly outside the scope of this agreement.

Consultant shall not be liable for obligations, costs, claims, judgements, and other
attachments which may arise as a result of projects covered under this agreement.

 Section 10: Retention Contract

In the event that Client requires extensive follow-up work from Consultant, Consultant
shall offer Client a Retainer Contract to manage subsequent work of projects covered
under this agreement. The Retainer Contract shall offer hourly rates that are 25%
below that of the hourly rates currently in effect under this agreement.

 Section 11: Right to Terminate

Client has the right to terminate this contract upon thirty (30) days written notice to
Consultant. Consultant has the right to terminate this contract in the event that the
Client fails to remit payment for services rendered within sixty (60) days of the invoice
date appearing on the monthly progress billing.

 Section 12: Signatures to Contract

This agreement shall be binding on the parties hereto and shall be governed under
the laws of _________________________________________________________ .

Client Name: _____________________________________________________________

Print Signature Name: ______________________________________________________

By Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Consultant Name: Matt H. Evans

Print Signature Name: Matt H. Evans

By Signature: _____________________________________________________________


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