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									                                                        S t . P h i l i p ’s C h u rc h
                                                              N ew s l e t t e r
                                        St. Philip’s Anglican/Episcopal Church
Special points of                       334 MacDonough Street
interest:                               Brooklyn, N.Y 11233

     What is a Vestry?

     S.T.A.N.D                                                            Advent - Fr. Carver W. Israel

     Those Who                                                                              Living in a household of               It is my prayer that as
      Serve                                                                      sports   fanatics,   I   understood      we embark upon this season we
                                                             s we sat at         clearly the term ‗pre-season‘. It is     would do so prayerfully, working
     Messiah Concert
                                        dinner a couple weeks ago, my            the season when we are caught up         towards enhancing our knowledge
     The Financial                     son lamented to his sister that          in our team‘s evaluation process,        and service of God, that in the
      Committee                         things were about to get hectic in       and a time when we hope for              end we may hear his welcoming
                                        the parish and will remain that          deep joy and satisfaction at the         voice, ―… Well done god and
     St. Augustine’s
                                        way until the summer. He wryly           play-offs. Yes, Advent is the pre-       faithful servant, enter into the joy
      Praise Dancers
                                        smiled and said, ―That‘s not a           season, and Christmas is the play-       of your Lord‖ – Matthew 25: 23.
     Poetry Jam                        good thing for me. It means that         offs. It is one of the Church‘s two
                                                                                                                                    May you and yours be
                                        Dad is going to be dragging me all       introspective seasons, Lent being        blessed in this season.
The Reverend Carver W. Israel, Rector   over the place with him.‖ As I           the other, when we are called
    The Right Reverend Lawrence C.      chuckled his sister asked him,           upon to evaluate our Christian
          Provenzano, Bishop
                                        ―what is about to happen that            performance as it relates to our
     Hugh Knight, Senior Organist       would change things?‖ He sighed,         interaction with others. It is also a
                                        ―Advent …and those bible stud-           time when we look forward with
    Office Hours: Monday— Thursday      ies‖. He then asked, ―… and by           great anticipation to the return of
           9:00 AM—5:00PM               the way, what really is Advent.‖ It      our risen and ascended Lord, Jesus
                                        was then that I heard the most           Christ. It bids us to seek the vic-
                                        simplistic and brilliant definition of   tory of the Kingdom with Christ
              Co-editors                Advent. She responded, ―It is            being our ‗Head Coach‘.
        Sydney S. Moshette, Jr.         Christmas‘ pre-season‖.
                                                                                             It is my prayer that as
            Edna Moshette

                                                                                      What is a Vestry?

                                                  I   n compliance with the bylaws of the
                                                      particular Diocese and Parish, Vestry
                                        members perform the duties assigned to them.
                                                                                                for the Clergy, Vestry, and Parish; processing pledge enve-
                                                                                                lopes following Sunday Services; attending Diocesan and
                                                                                                Archdeaconry meetings as requested; serving as delegates
                                        Each Vestry consists of congregants with a desire       to the Annual Diocesan Convention; and serving in other
                                        to serve; to give using their God given talents.        capacities as may be requested for the good and welfare of
                                                                                                the Parish. The newest role for the Vestry is Shepherd.
                                                   St. Philip‘s Vestry meets at least once a
                                        month, with the exception of July and August.           Stay tuned…

            Articles by:                There is always an agenda that is followed and                    When the individuals on a Vestry coalesce into a
                                        lively discussions on issues.                           team the Parish will thrive because the whole becomes
           Fr. Carver W. Israel                                                                 better than any one part. There is a willingness to take on
                                                   Vestry members are expected to par-
             Bianca Coombs                                                                      new tasks, to take risks, always keeping the best interests
                                        ticipate in organizations within St. Philip‘s. Our
          Dr. George Emil Moxey         Vestry is responsible for planning, implementing,       of the Parish in the forefront of all that is planned.
             Wendy Malliet
                                        and monitoring initiatives; covering Sunday Ser-                  atmosphere lends itself to the creative process.
                                        vices as assigned; being a positive spokesperson        The giving of their time, talent, and treasure is done with a
Page 2
                             New s l e tte r T i tl e
                             The Spirit of St. Philip’s—Bianca Coombs

                                                ince its genesis              Being the only black      Sunday.
                                                over one hun-       female in her department puts
                                                dred years ago,                                                    ―If they asked me, I
                                                                    the all too familiar pressure on
                                                strength, deter-                                        might do it again‖, Kristia said. ―I
                                                                    Aishah to be the representative
                             mination, persistence, and courage                                         was just so overwhelmed by how
                             have all been the credo of Saint       of an entire group and yet she
                                                                                                        much people told me they liked
                             Philips Episcopal Church and the       manages do so with sophistica-
                                                                                                        it. I was thrilled.‖
                             legacy continues through its youth.    tion. Once, Aishah was asked by
                             Although it has become abun-           a student at school, who was                  Kristia is in her final
                             dantly clear that the percentage of    African American, where she         semester at St. John‘s University
                             youth in Saint Philips has dimin-                                          double majoring in Psychology
                                                                    was from and when she an-
                             ished, the values of our antece-                                           and Television and film studies.
                                                                    swered Brooklyn, the student        Like Aishah, Kristia was unim-
                             dents have carried on with those
                             which have remained. Such stead-       asked her if she had ever been      pressed by the images of Blacks in
         Aishah & Mom
                             fast parishioners including Aishah     shot before― Some project how       mainstream media. Although
                             Scott, Kristia Coombs, Imani           they feel I will act [to them]      there has been much improve-
                             Moore, Clyde Brown, and                toward me, as opposed to how I      ment; quality, award winning
                             Adrian Israel embody the great-                                            roles are still non existent for
                                                                    really am because of how self
                             ness necessary to restore the                                              minority women in particular and
           ―Academia is                                             conscious they are.‖
                             vigorous presence of youth to                                              Kristia seeks to make this a thing
   very much a male
                             Saint Philips                                     Having grown up in       of the past.
   dominated field‖, says
                                                                    the church surrounded by posi-
   Aishah when discussing               Strength: Aishah                                                           Inspiration for her work
                                                                    tive peers all her life, she has
   her feelings about        Scott, 23, has been attending                                              comes from various sources,
                                                                    always been baffled by stereo-
                             Saint Philips since the age of ten.                                        particularly comedic television
   usually being the only                                           types of African Americans. The
                             She graduated from Bard High‘s                                             shows. But as for her inspiration
   representative of her                                            focus of Aishah‘s dissertation is
                             early college program with her                                             for continuing to attend service
                                                                    the effect/affect of the AIDS
   demographic. ―There       high school diploma as well as an                                          she jokes, ―I used to come with
                                                                    epidemic on the African Ameri-
   are few black men in      associate‘s degree. Currently,                                             my grandmother as a kid. I
                                                                    can population. Aishah believes
   the history department    Aishah is a third year doctoral                                            stopped for a while and came
                                                                    that by way of education, she
   but I am the only black   student in Twentieth Century                                               back at around nineteen. Father
                                                                    can not only show how many
                             American History at Stoneybrook                                            Israel encouraged me to get in-
   female.‖                                                         people living with the virus led
                             and continues to make an effort to                                         volved, and now that I am I have
                                                                    common, not corrupt lives be-
                             attend service while on break.                                             to keep coming.‖
                                                                    fore their diagnosis, but also
                             Aishah is not just the only African    bifurcate the African American
                             American woman in her program,                                                       Persistence: Acolytes
                                                                    caricature from the every day
                             but in its entire department. She is                                       at Saint Philips vary in age: They
                                                                    Black American. When asked
                             also the youngest person period in                                         can be anywhere from age 6 to
                                                                    how she feels about her accom-
                             her department.                                                            65. Imani Moore, 9, and
                                                                    plishments Aishah responded
                                                                                                        Clyde Brown, 16, have been
                                                                    with, ―Yes but not too proud
                                       ―Academia is very much                                           acolytes for two and four years
                                                                    because that‘s when you start to
                             a male dominated field‖, says Ai-                                          respectively. Imani is in the fourth
                                                                    mess up.‖
                                                                                                        grade attending P.S. 262 and
                             shah when discussing her feelings
                                                                                                        Clyde is a senior at Boys and
                             about usually being the only repre-              Determination:
                                                                                                        Girls High. He wants to be an
                             sentative of her demographic.          Kristia Coombs, 21, has be-
                                                                    come well known in Saint Philips
                             ―There are few black men in the
                                                                    after her Youth Sunday address.
                             history department but I am the                                                       It must be difficult being
                                                                    In order to demonstrate the
                             only black female.‖                                                        faithful church goers during a
                                                                    youth‘s presence in the church,
                                                                                                        time when your generation is an
                                                                    Father Israel asks that a young
                                                                                                        endangered species in the church,
                                                                    congregant give a sermon every
                                                                                                                                               Page 3

The Spirit of St. Philip‘s—S.T.A.N.D
right? Wrong. Both Imani and                     Adrian admits that com-                .A relationship is impor-
Clyde say that they are frequently    ing to church can feel like a ―flow‖    tant. You can be blessed in a car,
surrounding themselves with           in a sense that it fits into his        you can do it in a supermarket…
friends that are also involved in     weekly routine being that he is the
                                                                              you can even do it in your
their church.                         son of the rector, but it can be
                                      much more than that. For Adrian,        house‖, he says. ―I saw a home-
          ―I like the Christmas       church is a safe haven and it ap-       less man in a restaurant [lay] out
parties, and coming with my           peases him to know that his father      all his belongings and food and
                                      is always in a safe place. Con-         pray.‖
grandparents,‖ says Imani. Imani is
                                      versely, Adrian worries his
brought to church regularly by her                                            Like Imani and Clyde, Adrian finds
                                      mother is not so secure because
grandparents Renee and Don            she is frequently alone in Philadel-    that lots of his friends are in-
Gregory. Imani aspires to one day     phia as his youngster sister is in      volved in their church. So then
be a fashion designer.                the family‘s home country of St.        how can it be that the youth             ADRIAN AND HIS MOTHER

                                      Vincent and the Grenadines, and         seems to be dwindling in the                 SUZETTE ISRAEL

           Since the death of his     his oldest sister is completing her     church? With S.T.A.N.D celebrat-
father in September, 2008 Clyde       third year at George Washington         ing its first year anniversary, the
has remained a regular face on the    University.                             youth and all of the church must       “Adrian finds that
altar. Although his father mainly                                             be reminded of its mission: to
encouraged his attendance at St.                At age eleven, an age         show the presence of the youth         lots of his friends
Philips, Clyde continues to come      when most kids are selfish want         as well as bring new young people
through his own autonomy. ―I like
                                      what they want—when they want
                                                                              to St. Philips. Fortunately, so        are involved in
it here because of the people, who                                            many of us on the path to success
                                      it— Adrian is selfless: ―I hope I die
give their time.‖                                                             are surrounded by others who           their church”
                                      before they do, because I wouldn‘t      are doing the same, but with this
             Courage: Leaving home    want to witness it.‖                    anniversary, it is imperative that
and having to start over in a new                                             we remember that evangelism is
city is difficult at any age. For                So how is it that Adrian
                                                                              the Christian mission. Through
Adrian Israel, 11, it has been        is able to manage his own emo-
                                                                              our devoted young people, St.
particularly difficult adapting to    tions and remain altruistic? The
                                                                              Philips‘s vision of filling its pews
New York City coming from             answer is prayer. Adrian realizes
                                                                              with fresh faces can finally be-
Philadelphia. At St. Marks Day        that a relationship with God is
                                                                              come an actuality. S.T.A.N.D’s
School, Adrian often encounters       more important than coming to
                                                                              annual Poetry Slam will be
bullies making him miss his old       church religiously
                                                                              held on Friday, October 22 at
friends even more. ―The kids are                                              6pm. Tickets are $5 in ad-
different here‖, he says.                                                     vance and $7at the door.

                                                             ―I like the Christmas
                                                             parties, and coming
                                                                    with my
                                                             grandparents,‖ says

                                                                Imani Moore &
                                                                 Clyde Brown
Page 4
                     S t. Phi l i p‘s C hurc h New s l e tte r
                     To Those Who Served 55 Years Ago—SSM
                               The questioning news reports from Afghanistan and Iraq have given thought to the large
                     wall plaque niche to the left of the entrance to the Nathaniel Peterson Boyd Chapel with its list-
                     ing of some 270 names of parishioners who entered the Armed Forces. The bronzed words state
                     "In honor of those serving in the Armed Forces - March 18, 1945." Here are less than one-third
                     of the list, arbitrarily selected, just to touch some memories: -

                     Denis Antrobus               Doris Clark            Joseph C. Hardy                    Henry Nance
                     Carlton Ashby                Walter F. Clarke       Edgar C. Henry                     Carewe A. Phillips
                     George Atwell                Dudley Cox             David L. Hinson                    Cecil Payne
                     Gladstone Atwell             Elren Cumberbatch      Emil Hodge                         Bernard Parris
                     Selwyn Atwell                Risley R. Dent         Clarence Holmes                    Samuel Riley
                     Clyde G. Atwell              Harry J. Eli           David J. Hurd                      William P. Smith
                     Benjamin Butler              George Eutemey         Ernest Henry                       Sydney Stewart
                     Kenneth Briggs               Eric P. Findlay        Donald Irish                       James R. Spurgeon
                     Dudley Barker                George M. Fleary       Reginald Jackson                   William C. Thompson
                     Lloyd Best                   Walter Fleary          William Jenkins Jr.                Leonard Tyson
                     Henry Bramwell               Nathan Fleary          Fred Jones                         Noel Tyson
                     Blythe B. Bolling            Leonard Fitchett       Walter Lynch                       Rupert Waithe
                     Edward Bishop                James Gittens          Hughie Meggs                       Leslie Whitfield
                     Hilton B                     Cornelius Gordon       Vincent Meggs                      Dudley Williams
 “Did you know of    Calvin Cain                  Evan W. Gordon         Leon E. Modeste                    Hilton Worrell
                     Kenneth Caulk                Sybil Gowdy            Henry McIntosh                     Percy Walton
  the 270 names of   Robert C. Chapman            Walter Greenidge                                          James Yearwood
                     Wilbur Chapman               Leslie Hinds
  parishioners who
                     These 270 names, including two women ( Doris Clark and Sybil Gowdy) could easily weave a com-
                     pelling story of the contributions of these citizens, all of whom ( I believe) returned to pursue
entered the Armed    family and civilian life. They were multi-talented and served St. Philips and the community.
                     Noteworthy are the Rev. Robert C. Chapman, our parish Rector and a renown civil rights advo-
Forces two women     cate. The legal field attracted Henry Bramwell (U.S. District Court Judge), William Thompson,
                     New York Supreme Court Justice; Risley Dent, attorney and elected official, NAACP champion
     are included”   along with Judge George Fleary . Acolytes were enriched by Dudley Cox, Sam Riley, Sydney
                     Stewart and Scouting attracted William "Bubby" Smith, Ben Butler, Walter Clarke. Police de-
                     partment welcomed, Donald Irish, Leonard Fitchett, Calvin Cain, Dudley Barker. Medical practi-
                     tioners included Evans Gordon, George Atwell, Bernard Parris, Noel Tyson (pharmacist). Edu-
                     cation was served by          Gladstone ―Sonny‖ Atwell, Nathan Fleary, Clarence Holmes. Leon
                     Modeste served the Urban League with over two decades as its Director of the Syracuse branch.
                     Musicians included Ernest Henry, Cecil Payne, Edgar Henry, Denis Antrobus. { Note- We wel-
                     come any follow-up comments and information relating to this Parish recognition. SSM.

                     What is a Vestry?
                                Stepping out in faith the team is able
                     to accomplish more than thought possible in the          Guinness Book of World Records
                     beginning. The smile and sometimes with laugh-
                     ter. It is not all hard work because there are                                Mrs. Adele U. Trapp
                     many able and willing hands to do the job.
                                                                                          Longest serving Den Mother with
                               If you think that this is a group that
                     you would like to become an active participant -                          53 years with Cub Pack 263
                     please talk to Mrs. Norma Holder the Nominat-
                     ing Committee chairperson.                                                 (St. Philip‘s Episcopal Church

                              Until the next time,                                             MacDonough Street, Brooklyn)
                              Peace & Joy                                             Greater New York Council of Boy Scouts
                              Inez Lambert
                                                                                      Claim ID No. 280138 – April 26, 2010
                                                                       By Dr. George Emil Moxey
                                Initially published in The Dominion—Diocese of Long Island edition of the national
                                                   Episcopal News Monthly newspaper—July/August 2009

           S      t. Philip‘s< MacDonough Street patrons and
friends alike were treated to a thrilling rendition of Parts II
                                                                         .        This concert was also very strongly supported by
                                                                         local businesses, organizations, church member, and friends,
                                                                         which covered overall production costs and provided other
                                                                         funds for the church. The Senior Choir is overwhelmingly
and III of Handel‘s ―Messiah‖ by the Senior Choir on May 2.
                                                                         grateful for the support received throughout the diocese and
The concert was the year‘s highlight of the 111th Anniversary
                                                                         beyond. The Co-Chairs, Diane Johnson and Monica Sylvester,
Celebration of this historic church‘s life in the Episcopal Dio-
                                                                         the Concert Coordinator Jacqueline Charity, and the Concert
cese of Long Island and Stuyvesant Heights in the Village of
                                                                         Committee should be roundly commended for this program.
Bedford-Stuyvesant. This ever-popular oratorio was being
                                                                         The choirmaster and choristers continue to receive plaudits
presented 250 years after Handel‘s death
                                                                         from the community for what was a musically uplifting, spiri-
           The Senior Choir has always enjoyed a long tradi-             tual experience.
tion of a full repertoire of classical liturgical works, spirituals,
and other musical forms, long before the parish‘s relocation
from Dean Street, to its present site that was formerly the
Church of the Good Shepherd. The Reverend Carver W.
Israel in the current rector.

           The long preparatory months of comprehensive
choral and solo rehearsals paid off most handsomely for the
30 singers, including soprano soloists Diane Johnson Audrey
Miller-Sydney, and Claire Nicholls, mezzo-soprano soloist
Monica Sylvester, tenor soloist Kerry Stubbs, and bass soloists
Charles Carter and Marvin Lowe. The oratorio was con-
ducted by Hugh Manley Knight, AAGO, organist and choir-
master of the St. Philip‘s Senior Choir. He was ably assisted
by instrumental Ensemble Sepia which was coordinated by
Melvin Greenwich, and accompanied on continuo and organ
by H.L. Smith II.M.M.
                                                                                                                         Page 7

           For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
                                  (Luke 12:34 and Matthew 6:21)

T              his is the first of what will be a regular column from the Finance Committee.
               The purpose of each article is to share information that will give you, the Parish-
               ioners, insight into the Church’s financial operations.
         Each year a budget is prepared that estimates income and expenses based on histori-
cal data and actual commitments. Income for the most part is derived from the pledges re-
ceived from Parishioners. Hopefully, you recall that in November the sermons focused on
Stewardship. We ended the Stewardship series with Commitment Sunday which was our op-
portunity as Parishioners to commit - or recommit - our “treasures” that we would provide for
the benefit of the Church. One of the “treasures” that we can provide is to pledge to give each
week, month, quarter or year to assist with the day to day expenses of the Church. When pre-
paring a budget, it is beneficial for the Finance Committee and Vestry to know what to expect
as income from pledges so that plans can be made to cover anticipated expenses. Receiving
pledges also provides an indication of when income will be received and enables better man-
agement of the church’s finances.
                                                                                                      One of the “treasures”
         The summer months are upon us and it is a time when most people take a break from
                                                                                                      that we can provide
their usual activities – students are out of school; adults schedule time away from work; and
organizations suspend meeting for a few months. Even our worship service schedule                      is to pledge to give
changes for July through mid September in anticipation of lower attendance at services.
                                                                                                       each week, month,
        Although schedules are adjusted to coincide with the expected absences, many day–
to-day activities of the normal routine do not change – school buildings are still open, the           quarter or year to
workplace still functions and the Church must still be available. For those things to occur,          assist with the day to
expenses must be incurred.
                                                                                                       day expenses of the
        Since our focus is on our Church, let’s highlight some specific expenses that are in-
curred regardless of the number of Parishioners who attend service:                                          Church.

        Utilities (light, gas and telephone)
        Music Ministry
        Altar Supplies
        Maintenance of the Sanctuary, Parish Hall and Rectory

Many times, the decrease in atten-                         dance at the worship service also re-
sults in a decrease in income from                         pledges. As a result, managing the
finances of the Church is difficult                        during the summer months.

        Reading this article has hopefully made you more aware of the Church’s budget proc-
ess. Also, that making a commitment or pledge to contribute to the financial well-being of the
Church is one of the responsibilities of a Parishioner; and that there is a need for you to fulfill
your pledge on a regular basis throughout the year.
        Have you made your pledge and are you fulfilling that pledge on a regular basis?
Hopefully the answer is yes!
                           Wendy P. Malliet, Chairman, Finance Committee
St. Augustine’s Praise Dancers
        at St.Philip’s
S                .T.A.N.D.’s Poetry Slam

                 If you missed S.T.A.N.D.‘s third annual Poetry Slam on Friday, October 29 th, you missed another brilliant
show. Last year‘s Amanda Staine came back with her fierce poems of affirmation and returning champion, Tyreen Sims,
wowed the crowd with her socially conscious urban flow. Newcomers Angelique Israel and Nzinga Shury gave praise their
homelands and emphasized the lessons learned from love and loss. Pedro Jimenez‘s use of tone, his humor and eccentricity
were all modern and served as relief                                     between the more solemn poems of the night.
Andre Milano ended the night with a                                      smooth, romantic sound which resonated with the
entire crowd. This year, the show was                                    not a competition, but just a night of spectacular
poetry. An open call for poets was                                       added to the lineup during intermission. Several
outstanding poets from the audience                                      entertained with their own comedy routine or
poetry. Not one person left the show                                     without giving accolades to all the members of the
youth group which include Shanecka                                       Gulston, Sheryl Gulston, Christopher Corbin (also
a member of the vestry), Kristia                                         Coombs, Bianca Coombs, Aisha Scott, and Ty
Harris. S.T.A.N.D.‘s annual poetry                                       slam is not just another event offered by a club of
St. Philips, but an expected inclusive                                   occasion for the church community.

Bianca Coombs

                                             The Revered Custodian & Protector

                                                of The Macon Branch Library

  M                     r. and Mrs. Frank- Adina Cham-
                        bers (circa 1920’s), parents of
  Louise (Virginia), Olga Ellsworth (Brooklyn- our parish-
  ioner), Lester –MIT graduate and mechanical engineer
  – deceased, and Enid (Sweden). As previously re-
  ported, Mr. Chambers served as custodian at the
  Macon Branch-Brooklyn Public Library and Grand
  Army Plaza as supervisor for several decades. The
  Chambers retired to their native St. Vincent’s for their
  remaining years. (Photo- courtesy of Mrs. Ellsworth).

                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chambers
Center Shot Archers
     Roberta Jones

       St. Augustine’s
Praise Dancers at St. Philip’s
                                St. Philip’s Church Newsletter

                                                            MEMBERS OF THE VESTRY

                                  Senior Warden                   Mrs. Inex Lambert,2010

                                  Junior Warden                   Mr. Charles Lester Beck, 2010

                                  Clerk                           Ms. Norma Holder, 2012

                                  Treasurer                       Mrs. Phylis Arrington, 2012

                                  Assistant Treasurer             MS. Patricia Moorhead, 2012
St. Philip’s Church
                                  Mr. Thurman Ransom, 2012        Mr. Glyne Bowen, 2011
334 MacDonough Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11233              Mr. Howard Dabney, 2011         Mrs. Cheryl deBarros-Butcher, 2010
Church Phone: (718) 778-8700
                                  Mrs. Mrs. Jemma King, 2011      Mr. Deborah Sealy-Adams, 2011
Rectory Phone: (718)-467-5250
Fax: (718) 778-0165
                                  Mrs. Renee Gregory, 2010        Mr. Christopher Corbin, 2012
                                                          Mrs. Annette Alleyne-Merritt, 2010

                                                                   Office Staff

                                                        Othneil Miles, Part-time Sexton

                                                        Pauline Samuel, Parish Secretary

                                                            The Ministers of Jesus Christ

                                                  The Priest and People of St. Philip’s, Including

                                   Senior Organist and Choirmaster         Mr. Hugh Knight, AAGO

                                   Assistant Organist                      Ms. Patrice Evans

                                   Gospel Choir Director                   Mr. Elton Thorpe

                                   Handbell Choir Director                 Ms. Selvena Mosley

                                   Altar Guide Director                    Mrs. Annie Walkes

                                   BOSA/Crusaders Guild                    Mr. James Tempro

                                   Acolyte Master                          Mr. Darnley Jones

                                   Youth Advisors                          Mr. Leon Phillips
      Do You Remember
   ―Burning the Midnight Oil‖                                              Mrs. Lisa Boatwright

                                   Episcopal Church Women President        Mrs. Audrey Slade

                                   Women’s Guild President                 Mrs. Norma Holder

                                   Sunday School Director                  Ms. Geri Davis Bell

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