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					                                                  Troop 263 Meeting Plan Agenda & Log – 01 Apr 09
Apr Theme:                        May Theme: Scouting Skills   Troop 263 Organization:
6 –Troop Meeting                  1-3 - Ft Desoto Campout         SPL: Andrew Kullman, ASPL: Josiah DelaTorre, Brendan Flannery, Scribe: Matt Wilson, QM: Cody Chrzan, Chaplain
13 – PLC, Troop Meeting           2 - MBU                          Aide: Paul Calhoun, Historian: Nick Booker, Librarian: Nick Booker, Guides: Dylan Canady, Instructors: ; OA Rep:
17-19 - OA Conference. Sandhill   4 – Troop Meeting                Jimmy Briggs, JASM: Thompson Chesnutt , Bugler: Joe Duff
20– Troop Meeting                 9 – TLT / PLC 10am-2pm          Spade: ASM: , PL: Mason Valentine, APL: Sterling Graham, Scribe: Adam Bennett, QM: Ethan Chrzan
24-26 – Bigfoot Campout           11 –Troop Meeting               Pink Panther: ASM: , PL: Brennan Battaglia, APL: Thompson Chestnutt, Scribe: Jake Milam , QM: Jordan Taylor
27 – Troop Meeting                18 – Troop Meeting              Spartans: ASM: , PL: Kevin Christopher, APL: ????????, Scribe: Brian McKalip, QM: Aaron Puffer, Jonathon Taylor
                                  25 – Troop Meeting              ThunderCats: ASM: , PL: Tyler Calhoun, APL: Jakob Christopher, Scribe: Tom Ford, QM: Jimmy Kline

      Activity & Description                    4/06/09                4/13/09                     4/20/09                       4/27/09                        4/xx/09
                                            Troop Meeting           Troop Meeting               Troop Meeting                 Troop Meeting                      PLC
Pre-Opening (ASPL)
(15 mins before the meeting)
        Keep arriving scouts
        Service patrol gets ready
Opening Ceremony (SPL)
  (10 Minutes)          Present Flag                            Scout is Reverent –
                    Announcements                               Paul Calhoun
                 Uniform Inspection

Skills Instruction Activity
(30 minutes)                                                    10-15 Minutes
          Presentation of skills for                            Jakob/Tyler 1st aid
          upcoming campouts, merit                              ThunderCats
          badge training, rank
          advancement, etc.                                     Bigfoot Camp

Patrol Meetings (PL/APL)
 (15 minutes)            Collect Dues
                       Other Business
Inter-Patrol Activity (SPL)                                     Thompson Chesnutt
(25 minutes)

Closing (SPL)
  (10 minutes)       Announcements
                 Scoutmasters Minute
                         Retire Flag

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April 2009 PCL Minutes:
Troop Leadership:    SPL: Andrew Kullman
                      ASPL: Josiah DelaTorre, Brendan Flannery
                     Scribe: Matt Wilson
                     QM: Cody Chrzan
                     Chaplain Aide: Paul Calhoun
                     Historian: Nick Booker
                     Librarian: Nick Booker
                     Troop Guides: Dylan Canady
                     OA Rep: Jimmy Briggs
                     JASM: Thompson Chesnutt

Patrol Leadership:   Spade:            PL:   Mason Valentine     APL: Sterling Graham
                     Pink Panther:     PL:   Brennan Battaglia   APL: Thompson Chestnutt
                     Spartans:         PL:   Kevin Christopher   APL: ????????,
                     ThunderCats:      PL:   Tyler Calhoun       APL: Jakob Christopher

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