Document Sample
					         TOWN OF EAST HAVEN, CT
          TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010
                7:00 P.M.
             MR. SCALESSE and MRS. VINEYARD


              MRS. ERICA FORTI, ASST. SUPT. OF
                 PUPIL SERVICES
                 BLDGS. & GROUNDS


       Chairman Palladino called the regular Board of Education meeting
       to order at 7:01 p.m. in the Boardroom at the High School. He
       then asked that everyone stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

  2.   MINUTES
       Mr. Palladino asked for a motion for the approval of the revised
       minutes for the Regular Board meeting of May 11, 2010.

         Motion was made by Mr. Pompano and seconded by
         Mrs. Vineyard.

     Any discussion on the motion? There was none.

     There were no objections or abstentions made to the motion.
     Motion carries. The minutes were approved.

     Mr. Palladino asked for a motion for the approval of the minutes
     for the Special Board meeting of May 18, 2010.

         Motion was made by Mrs. DePalma and seconded by
         Mrs. Maisano.

     Any discussion on the motion? There was none.

     There were no objections or abstentions made to the motion.
     Motion carries. The minutes were approved.

     • Chairperson, Nicholas Palladino

        Mr. Palladino invited any Board member who wanted to attend
        an FOI workshop at the Hagaman Memorial Library tomorrow
        evening at 7 p.m. It was open to the public for free.

     • Superintendent, Mr. Anthony Serio
        Mr. Serio had no correspondence this evening.


     • Athletic Oversight, Raymond Pompano, Chair
        Mr. Pompano congratulated the girls’ softball team won the SCC
        Oronoque title and the boy’s baseball team were the co-champs
        of the SCC Oronoque title. The golf team won the SCC
        Oronoque divisional as well.

• Buildings & Grounds, Raymond Pompano, Chair
  Mr. Pompano reported that the School Building Committee will
  give a report later on in the evening.

• Curriculum & Instruction/Negotiations, Tia DePalma, Chair

  Mrs. DePalma reported there was a Curriculum Subcommittee
  meeting held on May 18th. ACES attended and helped explain
  the SRBI Initiatives for moving forward next year. It was on the
  agenda this evening for approval.

  Mrs. Forti thanked all the teachers and administrators for a
  successful Data Showcase and for all of their hard work.

  Mrs. DePalma believed there were some meetings scheduled and
  they were expecting an update from Dolan & Luzzi which she
  thought was tonight. Mr. Serio felt it was a week too early to do
  that. Mr. Serio explained there were three meetings on Thursday
  for negotiations/mediation.

• Finance/Grants, Christine Maisano, Chair

  Mrs. Maisano reported they had a meeting last Monday
  evening. She was waiting for Mr. Palladino to get back to her
  on another meeting she wanted scheduled for this Thursday.
  Mr. Palladino stated the Town Finance Director was here
  tonight and they could then decide if they needed a
  subcommittee meeting or a Special Meeting if votes were
  needed. A quick poll would be taken later.

  Mr. Thompson was here this evening to clarify some questions
  the Board had with the Town vs. Board of Education budget
  and what the actual amount due was. Mr. Lathrop stated that
  Mr. Thompson would report under the Superintendent’s Report.

      • Food Service & PTA/PTO Advisory Committee, Kristen
             Vineyard, Chair

         Mrs. Vineyard stated they would be having a financial report
         from Whitson’s this evening. Mrs. Vineyard was still
         requesting a PTA/PTO meeting and Mr. Serio responded
         they were getting closer to having that.

      • Legal/Ronald DeNuzzo, Chair
         Mr. DeNuzzo stated they had some legal bills to consider

      • Policies and Bylaws, Charles Scalesse, Chair
         Mr. Scalesse stated he plans to have a Policy & Bylaws
         Subcommittee with Personnel as soon as they settle the
         budget which was hopefully within a month.

      • Personnel, Laura Kluth, Chair

         Mrs. Kluth was not available at this point in the meeting.

     • Student Representatives, Albert DeCaprio & Gabrielle Caruso

       Albert DeCaprio updated the Board on some of the events at the
       high school. These included the Senior Luncheon, Scholarship
       Night, and the Prom was this Friday night. Last week they had a
       SADD assembly for juniors and seniors. The speaker spoke
       about his experience and there were students crying. It was very,
       very effective and a wise way to warn people about prom night.

       Albert spoke about the Gay Straight Alliance and how they had a
       Day of Silence in order to show what things gay people are faced
       with in school and in public places.

       Mrs. Kluth arrived at 7:11 p.m.

  Mr. Palladino commented he had lost a son himself, not to
  alcohol, but he did know how it felt. Mr. Palladino did not know
  how Mr. Church did this four or five times a week.

  Mr. DeNuzzo stated that Mr. Church and his wife did speak
  about losing their son to a drunk driver crash and Lauren
  Iannucci from MADD was also there at the DUI presentation.
  He asked that Mr. Serio acknowledge them in some way. He
  would appreciate that.

  Mrs. Maisano stated it was very moving…it was very sad. She
  was glad he took the time to be there. She wanted to say she
  attended the awards ceremony last week and the students did a
  phenomenal job. They should all be extremely proud of the
  administration and teachers here at the high school. It was an
  amazing experience. She was proud not only to be a parent of a
  child here but also a resident of East Haven.

  Mrs. Maisano asked Albert to speak to how well he was doing
  here. Albert stated it was honorable and it did mean a lot. It
  helps in the end when you are rewarded for doing good work.
  Mrs. Maisano stated that Albert was also Valedictorian of his
  class and that Gabby had received awards as well. Gabby was
  going to UNH and Albert was going to Duke.

  Mrs. Vineyard stated that Albert had given a great speech at the
  Middle School last week.

  Mr. DeNuzzo wanted to thank Mr. Vaspasiano for organizing the
  presentation and he should be commended for that. There were
  200 kids in the SADD Program.

  The Board thanked Albert for his report.

• Superintendent and Central Office Administration
  Mr. Serio stated he wanted to thank Ron DeNuzzo and the people
  responsible at the high school for setting up that program. There
  had been two Honor Society Inductions at the high school and
  middle school which were both nice ceremonies. The staff,

parents and administration should be proud. The academic
awards were phenomenal this year. They had the Data Fair on
the 18th and it was still on display the night of the awards which
was nice. Mr. Serio stated it was the time of year that made a lot
of what they do worthwhile.

Mr. Serio stated he wanted to inform the Board that since the
Retirement Incentive was passed at the Special Meeting, he
would like to have the opportunity to post for some
administrative positions so we can start to put leadership in the
schools with the reconfigurations. This way they did not have to
wait until the last minute to start seeing how they are going to fill
out those positions. He would meet with the Board prior to the
posting being up for 10 days. No interviews would be set up
prior to coming back to the Board. Applications would be
accepted electronically. Mr. Serio explained the application

Mr. Lathrop handed out the financial report and informed the
Board that Mr. Thompson would present first. Mr. Thompson
explained that Mr. Lathrop and Mr. Serio had requested he do an
analysis of the Board’s comp claims. He explained the numbers
to the Board and how the Board and Town have not been
forwarding the funds entirely and now they had a deficit in that
fund. The Town contributes 65% to that fund and the Board of
Education contributes 35%. The current loss for 2008-09 was
discussed and the Board’s contribution for next year could go
down if claims were not as high as last year. It could be
reassessed if there were not so many and then it would not be
quite as high. Mrs. Maisano asked Mr. Thompson how he came
up with 35%. Mr. Thompson believed that was what the Town
had always used based on the claims that are submitted to PMA.

Mr. Palladino argued that point and asked Mr. Thompson to
show them the actual numbers for what the Board of Ed’s
worker’s comp paid and what was paid out for the rest of the
Town because he was new at this. He could not imagine that
teachers, café workers, and a couple of custodians get hurt as
much as public works, police officers and firefighters.
Mr. Palladino wanted to see the numbers and if the Board should

be paying that 35%. He thought that it should probably be
around 15-20% and that was a stretch.

Mr. Lathrop had been working with PMA to get some historical
numbers. Another month of claims might show it had dropped
off or it has continued.

There was discussion on wanting to see a breakdown by
bargaining unit or if it was non-union to see where the claims
were coming from. Mr. Palladino wanted an explanation as to
why they pay into the fund and then they get one big claim or
settlement, and now they were asked to foot that bill too. He
would like that to be explained. Mrs. Maisano had asked on
May 5th for a historical layout and she had not received it.
Mr. Lathrop explained he had the historical forecasted out
and the actuals for the current year.

There was discussion on the monies that they had talked about in
the past regarding worker’s comp. Mr. Lathrop had stated the
Board had requested that they wanted to hear from
Mr. Thompson and showing the fund performance was how he
had done it.

Mrs. Maisano stated there was a huge difference of $451,000 vs.
$1.3 million. They did not have this kind of money. She
wondered instead of amortizing it over 5 years, and if they were
responsible for that portion of it, she would recommend to the
Town that they prolong that amortization. Mr. Thompson stated
there was no problem with that as long as they pay the current
portion each year of $991,000. Mrs. Maisano stated that was
$500,000 over what they were budgeting for last year.

Mr. Palladino asked how close was the Board of Ed to taking the
worker’s comp and health insurance and turning it over
completely to the Town so we don’t have to deal with this.
Mr. Thompson responded was he turning it over to them meaning
you want to self-insure yourselves or not. Mr. Palladino
explained why he thought it was ridiculous for the Town to give
the Board the money and then the Board give it back. The Town
should just pay for it. Mr. Serio explained this was the problem

he had run into over the past two years. He presents a budget to
not show these large increases and the Town Council and Board
of Finance appropriate the Board of Ed after that another $1.3
million, you give me $300,000 and then they up my ante about
$1.3. It does not work. They had spent weeks and weeks
eliminating teaching positions. They have retired 54 certified
employees in the last two years. How much more did they want
him to do? They had cost him a million last year and a $1.3 this
year. It just didn’t add up. People want things status quo and we
just can’t afford it anymore. They can’t just pluck a million
dollars out of our budget, there was not that much wiggle room in
their budget.

Mr. Thompson wanted to establish that both the Town and Board
of Ed get in the habit of recognizing these liabilities and make
systematic payments every year. They could extend the
amortization period, but they don’t want it to get more negative.
Mr. DeNuzzo asked how many years he could extend it.
Mr. Thompson replied that he could consult with Mr. Lathrop
and the auditors as to what an appropriate period would be.
Mr. Serio asked if the shortage shows up in the overall debt of
the Town account. Mr. Thompson stated not in the general fund,

There was some discussion about PMA. Mr. Hennessey stated
he thought that they “stink”. Claims go up 100% in one year. He
said that we don’t have anything in this Town as far as preventive
such as seminars; no enforcement. He asked if private
investigators come out. He thought they should get rid of PMA.
Mr. Thompson stated they do have an investigator and they do
run seminars. Mr. DeNuzzo asked if the private investigator had
uncovered any fraud. Mr. Thompson stated that he did not know
offhand and would check with Sharon Costello. He was sure
they had. Mr. DeNuzzo stated he had not heard of one case.
Mr. Thompson stated he would have to ask her.

There was discussion on what had been budgeted and what they
now had to pay for worker’s comp. Mrs. Maisano questioned if
their bill would now be $991,000 in a well-month period with the
claims we have paid, correct. All along they were paying so

much less. Mr. Thompson informed them that both sides had
never paid enough when the prior finance director had been there.
Mrs. Maisano asked what the Town’s approach was on this.
Mr. Thompson responded $1.9 this new budget year. Last year
they only contributed $1.6. Mrs. Maisano stated he was asking
the Board to increase by $752,000. What upset her was they had
spent hours and hours working on the budget to save money and
they had saved $978,000 and now they had to subtract $500,000
from that. We have a huge, huge problem. She felt the Town
and Board should be equal in paying this. Mr. Thompson
stated that he and Mr. Lathrop would have to work on the
percentages. Mr. Lathrop stated as soon as he heard from
PMA he would bring it back to the Board.

Mr. Palladino asked what the cost was for administration for this
company and Mr. Lathrop replied it was $150,000. There were
two pieces to this. One was the training portion and the other
was claims administration. There were also legal and medical
expenses for evaluations. Mr. Palladino asked if it was $150,000
for the Board or for the Board and Town. The answer was both.
The Board of Ed paid 35% of the cost. Mr. Serio explained they
had fewer people on comp now than a year before. He felt they
were moving in the right direction.

Mr. Hennessey felt they should look into the training and
amortization and see if they could get a better number.
Mr. DeNuzzo asked what was so great about this company that
we could not do it for $150,000 a year. Mr. Hennessey asked if
they couldn’t train the person they had there already.
Mr. Thompson stated probably. There was discussion on how
North Haven paid just premiums for worker’s comp and if this
would be a feasible idea for East Haven and if it would cost less
in the long run. There were differing opinions. The insurance
company would not pick up the past liability. They would not
assume responsibility for that. Mr. Lathrop spoke about risk
managers and stated that both he and Mr. Thompson were the
risk managers.

Mr. Palladino asked Mr. Thompson if it would be cheaper for us
to go and pay a premium opposed to 35% of this big number.

What would be cheaper for the Board of Ed? Mr. Thompson
stated he could certainly investigate that for them. Mr. Lathrop
stated he had investigated this. He had contacted KIRMA. The
attractive part of insurance from worker’s comp was that in year
one you go by a pool rating and not an individual rating. It might
be cheaper for one year. If claims were a million dollars,
typically they cover up to a certain point, but not 100%. It could
be one-half million the first year and the next year you get
whacked. You also had to give a 6-month notice by Charter for
either party wanting to exit the insurance part of things.

Mr. Palladino thought they should talk to someone in North
Haven and see how it works for them.

Mr. Lathrop stated he was with Mr. Thompson on this; they
should right the medical fund. Mr. Lathrop explained at that time
both Tom and he discussed righting the worker’s comp fund.
Last year’s request was $968,000 with an additional $1 million
for self-insurance. There was $700,000 for worker’s comp. It
would be about $1.7 million over a 2-year period just to stop the
“bleeding”. Mrs. Maisano stated her question to Mr. Lathrop was
if last year was $968,000, how did he put this year at $451,000?
Mr. Thompson explained that the balance you did not pay, he had
that included in the last $3,024,000. Mr. Lathrop stated his
recommendation was not to hire back 20 teachers and pay the
worker’s comp of $1 million. The reason was that the long-term
stability of the Town will equal appropriations in the future. That
did not come true this year.

Mr. Thompson stated he would go over these percentages,
65% and 35%, and do an analysis and bring it back to them
again. He would increase the amortization period and that
would help. Mr. Hennessey stated he did not agree with that. “I
think we are crazy.” He thought they should manage the future
of these things by hiring non-smokers and offering gyms. They
need to start managing health insurance and worker’s comp. If
they didn’t start managing, pretty soon worker’s comp would be
more than 10% of their budget.

Mr. Pompano felt they needed to be more proactive and educate
their employees and do a better job policing it. They needed to
take all of these steps. They had been underfunding this for a
long time and they still needed to address that number.

Mr. Hennessey stated they all jump to the conclusion that that is
true. If it was 18%, they were clean. They were under the
assumption that that is true, that they are underfunded and
throwing more on us. It should not be three years, it should be
ten years. If they were not really underfunding it, they should not
be giving anymore money. Mrs. Maisano asked Mr. Thompson
how quickly he could get that percentage to them.
Mr. Thompson stated he would work on it first thing tomorrow.

Mr. DeNuzzo asked Mr. Thompson for a more realistic time than
the three years to pay back the $1.2 million. Mr. Thompson
stated they could not pay the $1.2 million over three years. They
needed to pay the current liabilities. There was $6 million in
worker’s comp debt for a total of $10 million debt in the fund
balance. Mrs. Maisano thought that a 10-year plan was not
unrealistic. Hopefully, if the claims went down that number goes

Mrs. Maisano asked where they were with the medical.
Mr. Lathrop responded that the medical gave us a lower number
than what we have in our budget. Our number combined
contribution from the Board and the grant fund are about
$200,000 more. The Board thanked Mr. Thompson for coming
to the meeting this evening.

Mr. Lathrop spoke about the paperwork he handed out earlier.
He stated that currently the Board was plus $55,000 and it was a
good place to be. He reported a positive number in the Food
Service report. Electric and heating was down. He recommended
to the Board that we move the expenses associated with the move
into this year’s 2009-10 budget.

Mrs. Maisano reiterated what Mr. Lathrop had stated about
paying for the move in this fiscal period before June 30th and she
stated she did not agree with that. The move certainly would not

    be done until sometime in July so why incur or put yourself up
    for liability of going over your budget. Mrs. Maisano asked what
    the advantage was to paying it this year. Mr. Lathrop explained
    that Meyer will not move them until they get a purchase order.
    The move was beginning before July 1st and would be eligible to
    be taken out of this year. Mrs. Maisano stated that it would not
    be completed until after July 1st and she did not see the
    advantage. Mr. Hennessey explained that they were running a
    surplus and did not want to give that money back to the Town.
    You take next year’s costs and move them into this year.

    Mrs. Maisano stated if they had not saved $167,000, they would
    be over. Mr. Lathrop explained that they would have a surplus
    of about $100,000 as they approach the end of the year. It could
    be up a little or down a little. Mrs. DePalma stated you do not
    pay somebody before they do the work usually. Mr. Lathrop
    believed their work would begin prior to the fiscal year.

    Mrs. Maisano stated that based on the numbers they received in
    the past, she did not think they could be confident that there
    would be that surplus there to pay it. She had asked him
    specifically when they were going to incur this expense and she
    was told in July. Why were they in a rush to pay a vendor when
    the job was not going to be complete? Mr. Hennessey explained
    it would be dated June 30th but the check would not be cut prior
    to June 30th. Mr. Lathrop explained that he was trying to give
    the Board some flexibility and there were adequate reserves in
    the utilities. He stated they had a positive variance and he was
    pleased to report that to the Board. Mrs. Kluth stated she did not
    want to pay them until the work was done.

•   Comments from the Chairperson, Nicholas Palladino

    Mr. Palladino wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and
    hours. He spoke about the Academy Lottery that took place last
    night and wanted to commend the secretaries and principals that
    helped. Children pulled the numbers out and it was done 100%

        Mr. DeNuzzo added that he too thought that Mrs. Johnson and
        her staff did a phenomenal job. Mr. DeNuzzo spoke about how
        there were 214 applicants and there were 101 selected with a
        waiting list of 113. He had one of the two packets with him this
        evening and he would turn it over to Janice Ball to file away.

     Mr. Palladino asked if there was any communication from the

     Pam CoFrancesco, 54 Green Street, wanted to thank Mr. Prato for
     taking her on a tour of the Middle School and felt that they should
     do something over the summer for the 5th grade parents. She felt
     much more comfortable and thought other parents would too.
     Mrs. CoFrancesco stated that Mr. Palladino had said there
     would be some question and answer sessions regarding the
     reconfiguration in order to keep the parents updated.
     Mr. Palladino stated if it was necessary they would do that. He
     thought most of the questions would revolve around the Middle
     School, but Mrs. CoFrancesco stated she had other questions about
     Ferrara. Mr. Palladino stated they would definitely set something

     Any further communications? There were none.

     7.1 School Building Committee Update – Stan Seliga

         Mr. Seliga reported that everything was still on course for the
         solar panels. They were in the finalization for the structural and
         electrical design plans for all of them. The physical installation
         or construction was on target for the end of the school year.
         Construction would continue throughout the summer months
         and the wrap-up date was scheduled for late September. He
         would update them on Tuttle School as soon as they hear
         anything. Mr. Lathrop stated he had heard from the State
         Department of Education regarding the Tuttle School Project
         and they would be receiving a letter for that after the Memorial
         Day weekend.

    Mr. DeNuzzo asked if they had received the 68% percent
    reimbursement from the State for that. Mr. Seliga responded
    when the finalization and punch list were complete and the
    projects were signed off. Mr. DeNuzzo stated they had
    received $1.3 million so far. What was the final figure they
    were going to be reimbursed for from the State? Mr. Lathrop
    responded $3.2 million. They needed the State Bonding
    Commission before it was approved. The approval was coming
    out of the legislature. They would get through the bonding by
    July 1st. Mr. Lathrop stated it was his goal over the next two or
    three weeks to process the request for payment to get the couple
    of million dollars. Mr. Seliga stated it was usually the end of
    June. Mr. Lathrop explained they needed to get the documents
    to them by June 5th and receive payment by July 10th.

    Mr. DeNuzzo asked if $3.2 million was the final figure and
    Mr. Lathrop responded yes. Mrs. DePalma asked if they did
    not get that in, it won’t change? Mr. Lathrop stated it would
    put it off another month. This helps Tom from a cash flow
    standpoint. Mr. DeNuzzo asked where they were. Mr. Seliga
    stated that they were in the finalization plans for structural and
    electrical for the panels in all of the schools. It would be
    probably four (4) weeks bringing them to June 18th
    approximately. Momauguin was the first school targeted out of
    Momauguin, Overbrook, Deer Run and the Middle School.

    Mr. DeNuzzo asked if they had started the roof on Tuttle and
    Mr. Seliga stated not yet, the paperwork was submitted to the
    State and they were awaiting approval.

7.2 NEASC Presentation – High School Staff

    Mrs. Reale thanked Mr. DeNuzzo for doing the Drunk Driving
    presentation. It was greatly appreciated. Mr. DeNuzzo thought
    that the kids got it. Mrs. Reale replied that they won’t forget
    the images.

    Mrs. Reale informed everyone that NEASC was coming up in
    the fall of 2011. Tonight the presentation would be given by

         Jackie Albis and Lisa Veleas. They were doing a wonderful
         job. They would be giving an overview of what NEASC was
         all about. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Any materials
         regarding the presentation, just give us a call and we will send
         them to you.

         Ms. Albis and Ms. Veleas explained the accreditation process
         and the seven (7) standards for the accreditation. They were
         required to do follow-up reports at two and five years on
         progress they had made. We are not judged on how much
         progress we have made since 2001, rather we are judged on the
         level we are getting to for the 2011 standards. A lack of
         accreditation has the potential to discourage individuals from
         pursuing residency in East Haven. They discussed the timelines
         involved, the committees that were created, and the surveys that
         were administered. The data was collected and analyzed by the
         committees. The curriculum revisions in all departments were
         finalized. They spoke about the NEASC visit in 2011 and the
         final report arrived in 2012. The approximate expense for the
         visit was $25,000. The Board asked questions during the
         presentation and discussion on each ensued. The Board thanked
         both for their presentation.

     8.1 Any questions or comments on the Board Briefs (5-11-10)
                                           (5-3-10 & 5-5-10)
         Were there any questions or comments?

         Mrs. Maisano stated there were a number of things on the
         Board Briefs but for the sake of time she would not go through
         all of them. She did want to request though that they receive
         things on a timelier basis. If they receive them tonight, they
         don’t have time to absorb it all. She would like to receive
         the information within a couple of days. Mr. Lathrop
         apologized for the delays.

     9.1 Ratification of Appointments
         • Family Resource Center Teachers’ Aides (2 part-time)

            Mr. Serio requested the Board ratify the two part-time
            appointments for the Family Resource Center which were
            Alicia Ranfone and Nancy Hendrick.

                Motion was made by Mrs. Vineyard and seconded by
                Mr. Pompano.

            Any questions on the motion?

            Mrs. Kluth asked if these were replacements and Mr. Serio
            stated yes.

            There were no abstentions or objections to the motion.
            Motion carries.

     9.2 Request for Approval of the Payment of Invoices:
         • Dated May 26, 2010 for Fiscal Year 2009-10 in the
           Amount of $402,688.35

            Mr. Serio requested the Board approve the payment of
            invoices dated May 26, 2010 for Fiscal Year 2009-10 in the
            amount of $402,688.35 (Correct amount = $412,688.35).

                Motion was made by Mr. Pompano and seconded by
                Mrs. Kluth.

            Any discussion or questions on the invoices?

            Mrs. Maisano asked the following questions and Mr. Lathrop
            responded. Mrs. Maisano had sent questions to Mr. Lathrop prior
            to the meeting.

            Q Arpino Plumbing?
            A When we approve them we cut the check.

Q Where are we with open PO’s?
A The balance stands at $3.2 million with the vast majority for
  transportation, medical self-insurance and tuitions.
Q Equipment – Line Item 2355 – Were these the only two
  purchase orders open?
A Purchase Order 1 is Goody’s and the other is invoices yet to
  be paid. There is $23,000 and approximately $5,000 is open
  for things that we have not accounted for or things that might
  happen. The only other major ones would be for substitutes
  and legal expenses.

Q Athletics. Were there any transfers into that account?
A No, I am working on a draft for a transfer. He would like at
  their next finance subcommittee meeting to go over
  transfers for the next Board meeting.

Q Durant Nichols. It was a concern that the attorney sat here for
  5½ hours and they paid her $1,200. Mrs. DePalma
  remembered suggesting they move these items up on the
  agenda. Mrs. Maisano thought that preparation and travel to
  and from the Board meeting was outrageous. The bill was for
  $11,000 – almost $12,000. Where are we on legal?
A I think we may go over once we get our May and June bills.
  Mr. Serio to check into this bill with Don Houston to see
  what could be done.

   Mrs. Maisano asked that they table this bill to see if they
   could get it down a little bit with travel, etc. Mr. Lathrop
   stated he thought they had already reached out to Durant
   Nichols to discuss the nature of their bill today.

Q Shipman & Goodwin – An over-expenditure occurred.
A I think he is talking about a prior year. This was discussed
  with Attorney Dolan – he could not remember exactly what
  this conversation was.
Q I would like the answer on the over-expenditure. She would
  like to table this until we find out the answer. Mr. Serio
  thought it might be for a response to one of the memos for
  Town Hall. Mr. Lathrop stated it had to do with shorting the

medical insurance fund and balance what we would return to
the Town in an effort to keep our budget below a certain
number. Mr. Serio stated the memo was sent by the Mayor
wanting us to pay them back $1 million. Mr. Lathrop
explained that they wanted to know if there was any specific
line item in the Town Charter saying you have to pay the
exact amount or if there was a penalty clause. The answer
was no based upon the review of the Charter. Past precedent
showed it had been shorted in the past both overpaid and
underpaid across a 5-year history. You can’t hold us
accountable for one year and not prior years. It would not
hold water. They advised the administration there was an
appropriate way to address this legally. When the Board is
approaching a deficit, they need to notify the Town in writing;
otherwise, technically, the Board of Education is on the hook
if it did not take diligence in trying to remedy the situation.

There was further discussion and Mr. Serio will check to
see if he had the correspondence regarding this.

Q     Whitsons – We shorted them $90,000.
A     Mr. Lathrop stated they could go over this when they do
      the Whitson’s report.
Q     Did you give them anymore of that $90,000?
A     We should.
Q     How much?
A     The goal is to get to 30 days with them.
Q     Wouldn’t that nice number of $55,000, if they gave the
      $90,000 to Whitson’s, would be a negative?

There was further discussion on this issue and payments to
Whitsons and receiving payments from the State was also
discussed. Mr. Hennessey was opposed to all of this stuff.
You should never hold 60 days out with a vendor. He wanted
to pass a Board policy that it was Net 30. Mr. Serio explained
about how the Town sends us money and if we are told to
slow down or wait, we slow down or wait. They can’t send
the checks until they know the bank has the money in the
checking account.

The two attorney bills will be tabled. The amount of the
bills should have been $412,688.35.

Mrs. Maisano asked where they were with the bill they had
tabled for Kostin & Ruffkess in the amount of $8,000. They
were going to find out if they could split it half and half with
the Town. Mr. Lathrop read the email he had and after
reviewing the minutes, the bill went out with the bills before.
The bill had already been sent out the prior week. It doesn’t
mean they couldn’t get a split out of it. Mr. Palladino
suggested they get him to give it back to us. Ask the Town
for it.

Mr. Serio stated there was another issue he was concerned
with and that was custodial overtime that the Town owes us.
Mr. Lathrop stated he did not bring that issue up with
Mr. Thompson. Mrs. Maisano asked what this was for. It
was when the Town uses our facility such as for Biddy
Basketball or when the Mayor had the budget presentation.
They incur overtime expenses from a vendor or payroll
standpoint. These things go into the custodial overtime
account. There was a memo last year requesting overtime
expenses and they had never been reimbursed for those
expenses this year.

Mrs. Maisano remembered she had asked him to table the
Kostin & Ruffkess bill along with the Register bill.
Mr. Lathrop stated if they went back to the minutes, it had
been paid for prior to that. It could be his oversight, and if it
was, he apologizes. There was discussion on what this bill
was for. Mr. Lathrop explained it was for the auditor to be the
referee between the Board and the Town. The Town was at
one amount and the Board had a different amount.
Mrs. Maisano stated then it made it more of a point to split the
bill with the Town. Mr. Serio stated they lost that $250,000.
Mr. Lathrop stated they whacked us. So they were over-
expended last year. Mr. Serio stated that that was the $8,000
expense was for.

            Mr. Palladino stated they would table the two attorney
            bills until they received a better explanation and more
            negotiation on that. The amount for the bills was also
            amended to $412,688.35.

         Any further discussion on the motion? There was none.

         There were no abstentions or objections to the motion.
         Motion carries.

         At this point there was a request for a two-minute recess.
         (9:35 p.m.)

         Reconvened the meeting at 9:40 p.m.

9.3   Financial Report from Whitson’s

      Mr. John Prunier and Mrs. Deb Spaziani talked about the state
      of finances on Whitson’s side. There were $24,000 in program
      over-expenditures; sales were very positive; and they had a 3%
      increase over last year. The biggest change this year has been a
      change in the amount of monies coming in from the
      reimbursements or federal government monies and students
      who actually have the ability to pay for lunches. There were a
      good number of people who were out of work. Food costs were
      level for next year and payroll was on par with what was in the
      plan for the budget. Overall they felt very positive even with
      the shift of the buildings. It would take some time for them to
      adjust to the new grade levels and schools.

      Mr. Lathrop spoke about the professional services line and the
      revenues and expenses. There was discussion on the POS
      system, free and reduced meals, and the reimbursable rates.

      Mr. Lathrop spoke about Whitson’s renewal being reviewed at
      the first meeting in June and then brought back for their
      approval at the second meeting in June.

Mr. DeNuzzo asked Mr. Lathrop the following questions:

Q     I do not see Whitson’s or our town employees, which
      were around 30 people, on the spreadsheet a couple of
      weeks ago?
A     Our food service employees are not on that list. They are
      Fund 1 and Fund 2. He could provide those details to

Q     How are their salaries paid? That money is generated
A     Federal money received and cash reimbursed to us.
      It is no cost to us. The only cost is the benefit costs
      associated in providing benefits to nine (9) employees.

Q     What would that be?
A     It would be $100,000.

Q     Where does that come out of?
A     Out of the medical self-insurance.

Q     That’s almost $100,000. (Mrs. Maisano stated nine (9)
      employees cost $100,000.)

Q     Did he also pay a tax on their salaries?
A     From a benefits standpoint, that’s reflected. For most
      employees that was Medicare. That was 2% of half a
      million dollars – about $10,000. This was properly
      reflected in the payroll.

Q     What about worker’s comp?
A     That is not in here.

Q     Where is that paid out of?
A     The General Fund. If we were to allocate, $100,000
      would be the place to start.

Q     Above and beyond, what is being allocated to pay our
      employees out of the food service account which does
      not cost us anything, $200,000 plus in the hole for our
A     Yes.

Q     How many employees?
A     Thirty-three (33).

Mrs. Maisano wanted to know how 33 employees cost them
$200,000 and nine (9) employees cost $100,000. Mr. Lathrop
responded that some employees are single, some dual. What
was the average? Mr. Lathrop stated nine (9) employees
receive medical insurance from the Board of Ed and it
fluctuates during the year. If you take just those employees and
total the Board’s share of the cost is approximately $90,702 and
the employee’s cost is $7,400. Food Service, Security and
Custodians were the biggest costs and the biggest risk.

Mrs. Maisano stated he was showing a forecast at the end of
June 2010 with a positive balance of $52,000. Correct?

Mr. Lathrop responded correct. There was some discussion
about the contract and also on the food service fund balance.
Mr. Serio suggested from now on maybe they should have a
special finance subcommittee once a month because they were
only on 9.3 and it was all they had talked about all night. They
would never get to 9.8. Mrs. Maisano stated if this information
had been provided to us a week ago. They had been asking
week after week for Whitson’s, Little Jackets, and the Rentals
and they don’t get them. You can’t shove it down our throat
and expect to not talk about it. She realizes it is 10:00 p.m. and
we are all tired. If they get this report and then don’t look at it
again, they could be in the hold at the end of June. Mr. Serio
stated they needed to rethink how we do this. Mrs. DePalma
stated when they ask for the materials they would like to have
them. They were not getting them. Mrs. Maisano stated if the
information was provided to them on a monthly basis, we
would not be in this position right now.

Mr. Lathrop informed the Board that the goal for his
department was to have the month close by the 15th of the
month. Mrs. Maisano stated he had 8 people working in the
Finance Department. She did not understand what was going on
down there. Mr. Lathrop said he would love to say they were
perfect but they were not there yet. Mrs. Maisano thought that
the numbers did not add up and they had not received a report
from Whitson’s since November. Mrs. Maisano asked what the
ending number was. Mr. Lathrop responded they would finish
the year with a result of $24,142 profit standpoint. Mr. Lathrop
offered to pay Whitson’s the $60,000 right now. There was
discussion on the expenses and the money that would come in
from the State. Whitson’s provides a float for them because
they do not see that money from the State until September. The
Food Service was the most complicated of all of the grants.
Mr. Palladino stated the problem was it takes so long for the
State to get us the money. There was a 90-day delay or
sometimes longer.

Mr. DeNuzzo asked Mr. Prunier and Ms. Spaziani to give them
a report on the POS system. Mr. Prunier reported they had
successfully implemented the software and terminals into the
eight East Haven Schools. He wanted to thank all of the IT
people. They had done great work. He also wanted to thank
the NutriKids people. There had been some fear with the touch
screens and computers. There would be accountability for each
and every child on how much they eat and how much they put
on account. The second phase gets them acclimated online with
the prepay system that gives parents the ability to pay their
kids’ accounts.

There was discussion on training of employees and retraining of
employees. Mr. DeNuzzo asked how many districts Whitson’s
serviced. They serviced 11 districts and all had POS systems
but one. The free and reduced meal count would be consistent.

There was some concern regarding kids remembering their PIN
numbers or someone getting their number. At the high school
they had to look up 20 kid’s numbers but at the elementary and
Middle School they were on point. Mr. Prunier stated it was a

      very good move for us doing it now. Mrs. Kluth asked about
      information being put on the website and that would be done
      sometime in August.

9.4   Approval of the District SRBI Strategic Plan

      Mrs. Forti stated they had presented last week during the
      Curriculum Subcommittee meeting the District SRBI Plan. She
      asked if there were any additional questions or comments
      before she asked for their approval on it. Mrs. Kluth stated they
      were ready. Mrs. Forti explained that the principals were here
      tonight to talk about the targeted instructional block in a very
      positive manner about communicating it to their staff and
      getting it up and running. It had gotten late so the principals had
      gone home. The Board asked a few questions and Mrs. Forti
      gave them the requested information.

            Motion was made Mrs. DePalma and seconded by
            Mrs. Kluth.

      Any discussion on the motion? There was none.

      There were no abstentions or objections to the motion. Motion

9.5   Approval of the EHHS New Course Curriculum

      Mrs. Forti was asking for final approval of the EHHS new
      course curriculum which called for more elective courses.

            Motion was made by Mrs. Kluth and seconded by
            Mrs. DePalma.

      Any discussion on the motion?

      Mr. Pompano said that Mrs. Kluth raised a good point about
      dropping of courses. With all of the retirements going on, we
      need to be real proactive and retain some of those courses that
      we offer. It was important in a district like ours. Some of them
      are shortage areas.

      Mr. Scalesse asked if they were strictly electives. Mrs. Forti
      responded yes, in the core content areas. These courses had
      really engaging titles and she felt there would be no problem
      with them. Some of the older courses have been redesigned
      into these new courses. This was the first time officially that
      they have designed new course curriculums. The district
      curriculum committee and she filtered through teachers and
      then brought them to Board level for approval. It was a great
      accomplishment for her and this district at this point.

      There were no objections or abstentions to the motion. Motion

9.7   Discussion and Possible        Approval     of   Upgrade    to
      Infrastructure @ JMMS

      Mrs. Forti asked that they move this item up on the agenda
      because this folded into what they had been talking about.
      They were looking to have a discussion and possible approval
      this evening. With all of the new systems being implemented at
      the Middle School, they needed to do an upgrade. Mr. Randel
      Osborne gave an in-depth report on what was needed at the
      Middle School over the next 12 months. He explained what
      had taken place with the technology in East Haven over the last
      12 years. They were adding systems such as Power School,
      NutriKids, and Moodle. He anticipated they would have a
      problem with the amount of data and that users would become
      frustrated. He was suggesting the Optiman Fiber Network for
      the next 12 months. This system was about 50 times more
      robust than their current DSL servers. The cost was about
      $38,000 for 12 months. The price would go down per year with
      continued commitment. This could also be incorporated into
      the Universal Service reimbursement.

      There was discussion on what schools this would encompass
      and Mr. Scalesse stated they had committed to this
      reconfiguration and they needed to commit all of the way.
      Mr. Pompano stated that STEM was a secondary-level
      program. He didn’t know how they couldn’t do it. This kind of

supports everything that we are doing here. Mr. Serio stated
they did receive that $140,000 grant to make that work
properly. This is something you can use it as an in-kind type of
commitment by the district. It was looked well upon by the
people who issue the grants.

Mr. Palladino asked how soon they had to purchase this and
Mr. Osborne responded he would like to have it running and
tested and working with all of these systems on that page well
before we begin training in August. Mrs. DePalma asked if this
would include Power School training too. Mrs. Forti stated it
was inclusive of Power School too. The reimbursement of 50%
did not happen this year. Mrs. Forti explained that they were
awarded the $140,000 grant which could be used for Smart
Boards, laptops and professional development for blended on-
line training with Moodle.

Mrs. Kluth asked what happens in 12 months if you don’t have
a plan. Mr. Osborne stated he will have a plan and he will
present it to them. Mr. Palladino asked what kind of numbers
he was talking about when he comes up with his final solution.
Mr. Osborne stated in February it would be $116,000 per year
with 50% reimbursement.

There was discussion on what was wired and what was

Mrs. Kluth asked what would happen if they did not get this
grant next year. Mrs. Forti stated once the program was
established, they keep it and sustain it on their own and their
would probably be other opportunities for grants coming down.
This was a federal grant.

Mrs. Forti commended Randel on how diligent he has been in
attending so many presentations to make sure it is right for us,
right for our programs, and right for our infrastructure. He was
the mastermind behind all of this technology.

      Motion was made by Mrs. Maisano and seconded by
      Mrs. DePalma.

      Any further discussion? There was none.

      There were no objections or abstentions to the motion. Motion

9.6   Approval of Auditor’s Kostin & Ruffkess Proposal for

      Mr. Serio spoke about asking for more definitive numbers
      regarding this because the Board feels like they are signing a
      blank check without knowing what the result will be. The
      auditors were talking about starting the second week in June.
      Mr. Lathrop explained that they normally come in June and
      then in July for additional testing and then in October.

      Mr. Serio explained they could have him come in and we can
      keep monitoring his hours so we don’t over-expend. He wanted
      to know what the Board’s desires were. They were available to
      meet with him and Mr. Lathrop and hopefully put some closure
      by the end of the year with the Board. Mr. Serio stated he
      would like to sign it but did not want to do it without the
      Board’s permission.

      Mr. Palladino asked if the Board should put a cap on it.
      Mr. Serio stated he would. Mr. Serio asked Mr. Lathrop what
      amount he would cap it at. Mr. Lathrop responded $8,500.

      There was discussion regarding the amount of the cap.
      Mr. Palladino asked for a motion to approve the proposal for
      services with a cap of $8,500.

            Motion was made by Mr. Pompano and seconded by
            Mr. Scalesse.

      Any further discussion?

      Mrs. DePalma stated she would like to defer to our finance
      person over here. Mrs. Maisano asked what they were basing
      the $8,500 on. Mr. Lathrop responded it was a number under

$10,000 and he did not who they would assign to it. Mr. Serio
initiated it and finance guys don’t get involved because we are
the ones being audited. Mrs. Maisano stated you know what
the discrepancies are. Mr. Lathrop responded he welcomed his
input on the federal and state grants. Mrs. Maisano asked how
much work $8,500 would give them. Mr. Lathrop stated it
would give one week of work by one of his employees.
Mrs. Maisano wasn’t disagreeing with this but did not know if
$8,500 is enough or is it too much. She thought they should
allocate $5,000 and if they needed to go over that amount, he
could come back to the Board.

Mr. Palladino stated they had a motion on the table for $8,500
and it was seconded. There was discussion on amending the

      Motion to amend the original motion to read $5,000 was
      Made by Mrs. DePalma and seconded by Mrs. Kluth.

Mr. Palladino asked for a roll call vote. Mr. Travaglino called
for a point of order. An amendment needed the majority, not

      Mr. DeNuzzo        -      No
      Mrs. DePalma       -      Yes
      Mr. Hennessey      -      Yes
      Mrs. Kluth         -      Yes
      Mrs. Maisano       -      Yes
      Mr. Pompano        -      No
      Mr. Scalesse       -      No
      Mrs. Vineyard      -      No
      Mr. Palladino      -      No

Vote was four (4) in favor with five (5) opposed. Motion fails.

Mr. Palladino asked for a roll call vote for the original motion
of $8,500. Mr. Pompano had made the motion and it was
seconded by Mr. Scalesse.

            Mr. DeNuzzo        -     Yes
            Mrs. DePalma       -     No
            Mr. Hennessey      -     Yes
            Mrs. Kluth         -     No
            Mrs. Maisano       -     No
            Mr. Pompano        -     Yes
            Mr. Scalesse       -     Yes
            Mrs. Vineyard      -     Yes

      Vote was five (5) in favor with three (3) opposed. Motion

9.8   Update on Reconfiguration Plan

      Mr. Meoli stated in deference to the hour, he did not want to
      shortchange the work that was done here on Monday. He
      explained how the administrators, principals and union
      members worked together to work on the reconfiguration of the
      schools. He spoke about how Central Office had met with
      those people who had been displaced. Right now there might
      be one person who technically for the moment may be laid off.
      Perhaps one of our new administrators will come from the
      teaching ranks. Classrooms for each school were laid out by
      the principals.

      Mr. Serio explained how he and Mrs. Forti had met with the
      displaced teachers. We could have as many as three vs. one,
      and we may have a couple of specialists once we finalize all of
      the teaching positions. They had conversations with Durham
      Bus Company. Mr. Lathrop was working with the numbers of
      where students will be going and how the bus routes are
      configured. Teaching assignments were due out June 1st and
      they hoped to have the students’ assignments on their report
      cards as they would normally get. They needed to configure
      starting times through the bus company. Mr. Serio commended
      everyone on how well this worked out. They could not have
      done this without all of those people’s expertise.

      Mr. Pompano asked if they had maintained the class sizes.
      Mr. Serio responded yes. Mr. Pompano asked if they saw any

issues with the buildings. There was discussion on space and
having too many bodies in any one particular building. They
were working with the bus company on this. They wanted to
make sure the classes were functional and safe.

Mrs. DePalma was a little concerned that the bus company was
dictating where we put the kids. Mr. Serio explained that they
know where the kids live and what schools the kids are going
to. Mrs. DePalma asked if they were looking at Overbrook as a
different configuration other than K-2. Mrs. Forti responded
yes, they were. There was discussion on the grade
configurations at the schools. Mrs. DePalma asked where the
Little Jackets were because she did not see them anywhere.
Discussion ensued regarding where the Little Jackets may go.
Mrs. Kluth felt they should stay at Overbrook because she did
not want to see these kids bused.

Mrs. Kluth asked if they could see where the teachers were
going. Mr. Serio stated they could see it once it was finalized.
Mr. Moil stated that they were within a day of it being 100%.
He felt by the next meeting after they had done the
assignments, they could bring those boards up so they could see

Mrs. Maisano asked who handled transportation and it was
stated that Jason Lathrop was that person. Mrs. Maisano asked
why. Mr. Lathrop stated it was part of his job description.

Mr. Hennessey asked out of the 28 teachers that took the
retirement incentive, how many teaching positions would we be
losing for good. Mr. Meoli stated they had given them that
sheet last week with the 16.5 positions gone. Those are gone
and there would probably be more. Mr. Hennessey asked what
number he was thinking. Mr. Meoli responded it may be as
many as 20. Mr. Serio explained they would be rehiring more
because they need to hire at the high school and middle school
in the specialty areas.

Mrs. DePalma stated they had never finished going over the
budget. They had been looking at final decisions regarding
positions and whether there would be anymore cuts.

There was discussion regarding when the next meeting would
take place and whether it would be a subcommittee meeting or
a special meeting. Mrs. DePalma thought they may have to put
reading consultants back in the classrooms. They had to make
some big cuts.

Mrs. Kluth stated they had talked about a Personnel
Subcommittee meeting to discuss worker’s comp, food service
and also the budget. Mrs. Maisano stated what they had left to
do were cuts in other areas. They had their number from Tom

Mr. Serio asked Mr. Lathrop if he was prepared to have a
meeting for Thursday. Mr. Lathrop explained that the
transportation information was soaking up almost all of his
time. Mrs. DePalma stated with all due respect, there were two
assistant superintendents and a superintendent, and they were
asking for things in a timely fashion and it was not happening
since the beginning of our term here. Mrs. DePalma stated they
needed to see the job description. She stated that everybody is
working very hard. We are not saying you are not; I believe that
you are.

There was discussion on what would be placed on the agenda.
Mr. Hennessey stated they need an update on Early Retirement
and the Worker’s Comp number.

The Special Meeting will be held next Tuesday, June 1st.
Mrs. Kluth wanted to add Personnel issues. Mr. Serio stated
that perhaps the teaching assignment date could be waived for
an extension because of extreme circumstances. Mrs. Vineyard
could not make the meeting on Tuesday.

         Mr. Palladino asked if there were any questions on the informational
         items. There were none.

         10.1     Correspondence
                 10.1.1 Resignations/Retirements
                   •   Karen Goodale – Principal @ Momauguin
                10.1.2 School Newsletters
                10.1.3 Athletic Checkbook – Regular Acct. – April 2010
                10.1.4 Invitation to EH Academy National Junior Honor
                          Society Induction
                10.1.5 Invitation to EH Academy 8th Grade Promotion

        BOARD OF EDUCATION – JUNE 8, 2010 – EAST
        HAVEN, CT 06513 at 7:00 p.m.

        Motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. DePalma and seconded by
        Mrs. Vineyard.

        There was no discussion on the motion, no objections, and no
        abstentions. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 11:25 p.m.




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