Boy Scout Troop 248 by linzhengnd


									                                                                                                        Boy Scout Troop 248
                             CYCLE - Camping weekend                                          
                             Leadership Training
                   Date: Friday, May 20 – 22, 2011
                   Time: Meet at 6 PM Friday - EAT before coming

              Location:      Phillippo Scout Reservation – Cannon Falls, MN
         Depart from: St. Stephen’s parking lot – Meet at: 6 PM – Depart at: 6:30 PM

              Drop off: At home on Saturday (around 5 pm)

                   Cost: $20.00 per person                                                      check cash account

Deadline for sign-up:         May 9, 2011
                             Spring Camping - follow list (web site) and be Prepared
                Leaders:     TBD

   Emergency Phone:          Joe Crowe 612-759-8106

                             Uniform shirt always required for travel!
                             Gear: see separate list and your Scout Handbook.
                             Check a weather forecast!
              Remember that weather (except dangerous storms) doesn’t stop the Boy Scouts; we are prepared!

Permission Slip for                                                                                              (Scout’s name).
I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the following Troop 248 activity:

            Phillippo Scout Reservation –CYCLE                                                  check cash account

Troop 248 takes all reasonable and required precautions for the safety and well-being of all participants in Troop-sponsored activities. I
acknowledge the fact that conditions inherent to this activity expose the participants to risks of injury. I agree, as my child’s parent or
guardian, to assume all risks, costs, or losses sustained by me, my child, or my child’s family in connection with participation in this
activity. If emergency treatment is necessary and I cannot be reached, my permission is granted for emergency transportation to and
treatment of my child at an appropriate medical facility, at my expense. Further, I hereby release Troop 248, Northern Star Council,
Boy Scouts of America, or any individual leader from any liability in the event of injury.
To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Scouts and Leaders participating in a Troop activity, we ask all participants to know,
understand, and live by the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the Buddy System. These ideals of Scout Spirit are taught as part of every
meeting and activity. By signing this form, I agree to support these guidelines, and if necessary I agree to provide transportation home
for my Scout in the event that the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster determines that my Scout is unable, through the course of the
event or meeting, to act according to these guidelines.
I have also read and agree to any equipment lists and safety guidelines accompanying this sheet.

Legal Guardian signature:                                                    date:             telephone:                           .

Any special instructions for contacting you during this trip?                                                                       .

Secondary contact name:                                                                    telephone:                               .

Drop off address____________________________________________________________________________

Can be dropped off at home alone:       _______yes---------_____no

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