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					Troop 243 Web Site:

                                   Boy Scout Troop 243
                                        Fact Sheet

Troop 243 meets on Wednesdays (except the second week of each month when patrols meet) from
7:00 until 8:30 PM in Gallagher Hall at St. Barnabas. There are currently over 48 scouts registered.

                 We keep the “Outing”, in “Scouting” - The Troop's annual program
                 consists of weekly troop meetings, quarterly courts of honor, at least 10 weekend
                 campouts, day hikes, and a one-week or longer summer camp.

             Our troop attends at least one week of summer camp or some other long trip every
year. Every other year since 1976 the troop has taken an out-of-state trip.

          Year                   Trip
          „76                    Rocky Mountain National Park
          „78                    Yellowstone National Park
          ‟80, „91               Haliburton Scout Camp, 140 miles North of Toronto , Canada
          „82, „89               Ben Delatour Scout Ranch - North central Colorado, Historic sightseeing
          „83                    Buckskin, West Va.
          „84                    Bus tour to Florida, Space Shuttle Launch, Disney World
          „86                    Two week trip to Hawaii
          ‟87, ‟93, „07          Skymont Scout Reservation - Chattanooga, Tennessee
          ‟95, ‟99, ‟03, ‟07     Backpacking at Philmont Scout Reservation, Cimmarron, New Mexico
          ‟97, „09               Camp Daniel Boone, Asheville NC (in the Great Smoky Mountains)
          ‟97, ‟01, „05          National Jamboree, Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia
          „99                    Scout Camp Woodruff, in Northern Georgia
          „01                    Camp Davy Crockett, Whitesburg, TN
          ‟02, ‟06, ‟08, „11     Florida Sea Base, Sailing, snorkeling & fishing in the Florida Keys
          „03                    Camp Friedlander, Cincinnati, Ohio
          ‟04, „09               Northern Tier Canoe Base, Canada
          „10                    National Centennial Jamboree

Troop Equipment - The troop owns a 66 passenger 1991 International diesel school bus, a 20
passenger 2004 Ford Mini-bus, and sufficient camping equipment; tents, dining flys, cooking
equipment, axes, saws, shovels, lanterns.

                Advancement - Troop 243 is very proud of the accomplishments of its scouts. The
                goal of every scout is to become an Eagle Scout, scouting‟s highest rank. More than 80
                scouts in Troop 243 have reached this pinnacle. The troop‟s activities are centered on
                learning and doing the things that scouts need to do to advance. A scout who has
                completed requirements for a rank participates in a conference with the Scoutmaster
                and a review by the troop Committee. It‟s the scout‟s responsibility to ask for this review.
                We present awards at a quarterly “Court of Honor” attended by parents and other family

Parent Participation is not mandatory, but is always needed and welcome. Areas where we
need parent help:
Be an adult leader within the troop                 Serve on the troop committee, supporting the troop‟s program.
Attend camping trips                                           Serve as a merit badge counselor.
Help direct traffic at St. Barnabas Parish Picnic   Participate in Advancement "Board of Reviews"
Help with Troop‟s annual Flower sale                And more.

                                         Serving area youth since 1970
                                    Sponsored by St. Barnabas Catholic Church

                                                                                                           5/2011 Revision
Troop 243 Web Site:

Each Scout in Troop 243 needs:

Full Scout Uniform - We stress the importance of PROPER
UNIFORMING. Scouts should wear scout pants (or shorts), scout belt and a
scout shirt with proper patches. This uniform should be worn to all
meetings, and all camp outs. You can buy uniforms at the Scout Shop Off of
Blankenbaker Lane. "Experienced" uniforms can be found in our troop
"uniform bank" or at yard sales, Goodwill or other thrift stores.

The Official Boy Scout Handbook - Bring to every troop meeting and campout.

Sleeping Bag - Warm to at least 20 degrees with an extra blanket in the winter.

Eating kit (Plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, cup and canteen, or water bottle).

Optional - pocketknife - Before carrying a pocketknife, a scout must prove he can use a knife, axe,
and saw wisely and safely. When proven, he will be awarded a "Totin' Chip" - a card that states that
he has the right to carry and use such tools.)

A Scout is Thrifty - Troop 243 provides opportunities for scouts to “pay their own way”.
We maintain an account, within the troop, on behalf of each scout.

                 Troop Dues
                 The Troop is funded through dues paid by each Scout. Currently the dues are $160
                 per year, payable in $80 installments on January 1 and July 1. The dues pay for all
                 Troop camping equipment, awards presented to Scouts in recognition of their
                 advancement, training programs provided to youth and adults, Troop administration
                 expenses, Boys Life Magazine, registration fees paid to the National Scout office,
                 insurance, etc. New members, however, pay only $80 for their entire first year,
                 payable when they join. Each new scout will receive a copy of the current edition of
                 the Boy Scout Handbook when their dues are paid. They will receive two troop
                 “Class B” t-shirts when they have earned the Scout rank.

Scout Account - An account is maintained in every scout's name. Deposits are primarily made
through participation in fund raising. Withdrawals can be used to pay for any scout related expenses
(dues, equipment, uniforms, fees).

Fundraising - In 2001 the troop decided to focus all fundraising on one event - an Annual
Flower / Plant Sale. Scouts earnings are based on the amount of sales they obtain, and on their
level of participation in the activity. All the money earned is divided up and credited to the scouts
who participated. In the past few years, several Scouts have earned over $1,000 through their

If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to call one of our troop leaders.

Joe Lynch                 Scoutmaster              (502) 802-0502
Paul Higdon               Committee Chairman       (502) 493-8216

                                                                                         5/2011 Revision

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