GPS Mapping with Trimble's TerraSync and Pathfinder Office Software by linzhengnd


									GPS Mapping with Trimble’s TerraSync and Pathfinder Office
Trimble makes a very user-friendly GPS field application called TerraSync and its companion office
program Pathfinder Office. This class will help new users get started with the software and walk them
through the basic workflow of project design, GPS configuration, field data collection, and post-
processing of the data.

 Overview of TerraSync and Pathfinder Office
   Field software (TerraSync) purpose and capabilities
   Office software (Pathfinder Office) purpose and capabilities
   Workflow overview
 Overview of Trimble GPS hardware
   Different units – accuracy
   Integrated functionality (camera, barcode scanner, modem)
 Installing Trimble software
   Registration and entitlement
   Installing software on GPS unit
 Configuring GPS settings in TerraSync
   Precision vs. productivity
   Logging interval
   Differential GPS
   Coordinate system
 Setting up a new project in Pathfinder Office
   Project folders
   Coordinate systems
   Background data
   Data dictionary
   Transferring data to GPS unit
 Collecting new data in the field
   TerraSync interface
   Starting a new file
   Collecting points, lines, and polygons
   Working with the Map section
   Best Practices
 Updating existing data in the field
   Navigating to features
   Updating attributes
   Updating geometry
   Best practices
 Post-processing the data
   Transferring data from GPS unit to PC
   Reviewing data in Pathfinder Office
   Differential correction
   Exporting data to GIS and other formats
Additional modules: Advanced field techniques; Creating and Editing a Data Dictionary; Working with
Background Data; Working with Peripheral Devices (laser rangefinder, digital camera, barcode scanner,
etc.); Advanced Post-Processing.

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