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					                                  Employment Support
                           as part of mental health treatment

                        10am – 4.30pm Thursday 20th October 2011
                           Level 3 147 Tory Street Wellington


10am      Coffee/Tea on arrival. Welcome, Housekeeping etc

10.15am         An overview of supported employment in New Zealand’s mental health
                environment from two leading supported employment advocates and opinion
          Rob Warriner CEO of Walsh Trust and Warren Elwin CEO of Workwise
          Employment Agency

10.45am          The critical role of clinical leadership: Helen Lockett will share her experience and
                 the research from the UK Centre for Mental Health, Centres of Excellence, national
                 implementation programme and offer her observations on how some recent
                 developments in New Zealand can support clinical leadership.
          Helen Lockett

11.45am           Feedback from the recent world psychiatry conference: For the first time the 2011
                  World Psychiatry Congress will have a keynote presentation on evidence-based
                  supported employment from psychiatrist Professor Bob Drake, Dartmouth College,
                  USA. Other workshops and discussion forums from leading international experts in
                  the field of supported employment and recovery will be reported.
 18-22 September 2011

12.15pm   Lunch

1pm              The changing New Zealand environment: The effects of the economic recession,
                 an aging workforce and the pervasive influence of mental health and addiction
                 problems on society as a whole will be discussed. The possible impacts on the
                 future clinical mental health workforce to address these issues will be discussed:
          Brenda Wraight Director Health Workforce New Zealand National Health Board

2pm             Video presentation from the first regional trainer in the UK. Centre for Mental
                Health in the UK is piloting the role of the regional trainer to improve the
                effectiveness and efficiency of evidence-based supported employment services.
                This role is modelled from the highly successful State Trainer role in the Johnson
                and Johnson implementation programme run by Dartmouth Medical School, US.
                Rebecca Priest trained as an OT and has been a key part of establishing a
                successful EBSE programme within her clinical team. Last November she was
                appointed as the first evidence-based supported employment regional trainer in
                the UK.
           Rebecca Priest trained as an OT and has been a key part of establishing a successful
       EBSE programme within her clinical team. Rebecca’s role is focused on improving
       outcomes through fidelity reviews, leadership and systems change. She is currently
       working with mental health providers from an NHS Trust and the non-government
       sector. Rebecca will discuss the aims of the pilot, the successes and challenges from her
       perspective and outcomes to date with a particular emphasis on the role of fidelity
       reviews to service improvement.

3pm          New Zealand clinicians who are supporting employment
      Members of Capital & Coast DHB clinical teams will talk about their approach,
      experiences and what they are learning about supporting service users into employment.

4pm   Summary/thoughts to take away that have emerged from the day.

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