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					                        AGPM Report November 2010

1.   The Governing Body 2009-10
Chairman: Mr Oliver Johns, c/o Ysgol Bro Gwaun
Director of Education: Mr. G. Davies, PCC, County Hall, Haverfordwest.

                 Membership of the Governing Body 2009-10

NAME:                           STATUS      COMMITTEE       MEMBER UNTIL

C. Cllr. G M Lewis              L.E.A. N‟nee   Curriculum     23.09.12
Miss P Morris                   Parent         Buildings      31.12.11
C. Cllr. S. James               L.E.A. N‟nee   Finance        08.07.12
Mr. O. Johns                    L.E.A. N‟nee   All            01.09.11
Mr. R. Llewhelin                L.E.A. N‟nee   Buildings      31.12.11
Mr. D. Busby                    Comm. Gov      Buildings      12.11.11
Mrs. J George                   L.E.A. N‟nee   Curriculum     23.11.13
Mr R Howell                     Parent         Curriculum     31.10.10
Rev. D. MacGregor               Parent         Curriculum     31.12.11
Miss. E. McManus                Teacher        Curriculum     30.09.13
Ms H Reynolds                   Teacher        Curriculum     08.10.10
Mr. J. Williams                 Comm. Gov      Finance        21.10.12
Ms. A. Jenkins                  Comm. Gov      Finance        21.10.12
Mr. E. Griffiths                Comm. Gov      Curriculum     21.10.12
Mr. A Thomas                    Comm. Gov      Buildings      09.02.11
Mrs M Morris                    Staff          Curriculum     02.04.13
Mr. L. Harries                  Parent         Finance        08.06.13
Mr. P. Lambe                    Parent         Buildings      02.03.13
Mr. A Andrews                   Deputy Head    Finance        ------
Ms. C. Wright                   Headteacher    All            ------
   2.       EXAMINATION RESULTS 2009-10

   As Governors, we are extremely pleased with this year‟s examination results, which have
   improved in important areas this year again. We are proud of the pupils‟ achievements,
   in terms of their results and their extra-curricular activities. We are especially proud
   of the School‟s outstanding GCE A Level results, which are the best in the County this
   year. They demonstrate all subjects‟ strengths at this level, and enable our pupils to
   attend the best Universities in Wales and Britain.

   YEARS 12 & 13:

          a)   G.C.E. “A” Level: Year 13

   There were 50 candidates and 133 subject entries. The pass rate at grades A*-E was
   97.7% and the pass rate at grades A*-C was 82%.
   Overall 2 pupils (4%) achieved 4 passes at A Level (A* to E); with a further 31 pupils
   (62%) gaining 3 passes, 13 pupils (26%) achieved 2 passes and 3 pupils (6%) gained 1
   5 entries (3.8%) produced the new A* grade, with 41 entries (31%) gaining an A grade.
   Overall 71 entries (57.1%) produced grades in the range A* to B).
   The average (UCAS) points score per “A” Level candidate, was 247.

SUBJECT                                             GRADES
                            A*      A       B       C       D      E       N       U
Art & Design                 0       3      1       0       0      0       0       0
Photography                  0       1      0       0       0      0       0       0
Biology                      0       3      2       2       0      0       0       0
Chemistry                    0       2      3       0       0      0       0       0
Design & Technology          0       1      0       2       0      0       0       1
English Lit                  0       1      0       2       1       1      0       0
Geography                    0       1      2       1       1      0       0       0
History                      0       3      2       5       0      0       0       0
ICT                          0       1      9       9       2      0       0       1
Music                        0       2      2       1       0      0       0       0
Maths                        3       9      1       0       0      0       0       0
Physics                      1       1      1       2       3      0       0       0
Religious Studies            1       6      4       1       1      0       0       0
French                       0       0      0       0       2      0       0       0
Cymraeg                      0       0      0       1       1      0       0       0
Welsh (2nd Lang)             0       0      1       2       0      0       0       0
P. E.                        0       2      1       3       1       1      0       1
Applied Business             0       0      2       0       5      0       0       0
Health & Social Care         0       1      0       5       2      0       0       0
          TOTALS             5      37      31     36      19      2       0       3

                 b)      G.C.E. “AS” Level: Year 12 & 13

      SUBJECT                                                   GRADES
                                         A     B        C        D          E        N       U
      Art & Design                       2      1       4        1           1       0       1
      Photography                        1      2       3        2          0        0       2
      Biology                            1      0       3        2          8        0       4
      Chemistry                          0      0       0        1          0        0       2
      D&T                                0      1       1        0          0        0       4
      English Lit                        1      0       1        2          0        0       0
      French                             0      0       0        0          0        0       0
      Geography                          2      1       1        4          4        0       2
      History                            8      3       3        0          0        0       0
      ICT                                5      8       2        11         3        0       2
      Mathematics                        3      1       3        2           1       0       0
      Further Mathematics                1      0       1        0          0        0       0
      Music                              0      0       0        0          0        0       0
      Physics                            0      0       1        2          0        0       3
      Religious Studies                  5      3       1        0          0        0       0
      Cymraeg                            0      0       2        0          0        0       0
      Welsh (2nd Lang)                   0      1       2        1          0        0       0
      P. E.                              1      0       3        2          5        0       7
      Applied Business                   0      2       1        2          0        0       0
      Health & Social Care               0      0       2        1          3        0       2

                   TOTALS                30    23       34       33         25       0       29

          c)     G.C.S.E.: Years 12 & 13:     Nov. 2009 & June 2010

          23 candidates made 34 subject entries over these 2 periods.

               SUBJECT                                                    GRADES

                                    A*    A         B       C        D           E       F       G   U       X
English                             0     0         0       1        11          2       0       2   0       0
Mathematics                         0     0         0       4         8          4       0       0   0       2
               TOTALS               0     0         0       5     19             6       0       2   0       2

YEAR 11:

      a)    Entry Level Certificate: March 2010.

25 pupils made 34 entries.

SUBJECT                               3                2             1                F

Mathematics                           2                4             0                0
English                               1                5             4                0
Religious Education                   3                4             3                0
Design Technology                     0                0             1                0
Lifeskills                            3                4             0                0
            TOTALS                    9                17            8                0

G.C.S.E.: June 2010.

There were 102 pupils in Year 11, 97 of whom sat at least 1 subject at GCSE (95.1%)
There were 980 subject entries.
637 grades at A* to C were achieved (64.9% of the 980 entries).
178 grades were A* or A (18.2%).
60 pupils achieved 5 or more grades at A* to C (58.8% of the 102 pupils).
87 pupils achieved 1 or more grades at A* to C (85.3% of the 102 pupils).
97 pupils achieved 5 or more grades at A* to G (95.1% of the 102 pupils).
All pupils who sat GCSE, achieved 1 or more grades at A* to G (100%).

            SUBJECT                                                 GRADES

                                    A*      A       B       C         D       E        F        G        U
Art                                 5       4       1       8         9       5        6        4        3
Child Development                   0       1       0       4         1       4        0        2        1
D&T(Food)                            1      4       5       2         3       0        1        0        0
D&T(Res Mat)                         1      2       3       6         4       3        3        1        0
D&T(Textiles)                       0       0       0       0         0       0        0        0        0
English                             2       1      19      34        15      18        4        3        0
English Lit.                         1      2      15      33        15      10        5        2        0
Geography                           2       7       9       5         0       3        2        0        0
History                             3      14       5       6         6       3        2        1        0
ICT                                 11     12      12      13         2       0        0        0        0
Maths                               1       7      19      25        12      10        10       10       2
Music                               1       2      3       0         0       2         0        0        0
PE                                  5       8      4       6         9       3          1       0        0
Science                              1      2       8      24        11      14        7        2        0
Science Additional                  1       2      13      19        14      10        7        3        0
Biology                             2       6      7       9         4       0         0        0        0
Chemistry                           0       3      9       10        6       0         0        0        0
Physics                             4       6      9       8          1      0         0        0        0
MFL (French)                        0       3       6      13         5       2        1        0        0
Cymraeg                             0       0       4      11        11       3        0        0        0
Welsh Lit.                          0       2       1       8         4       0        0        0        0
Welsh(2nd Lang)                     8      17       3      24         3       3        0        0        0
RE (SC)#                            6      18      17      19         8      10        3        3        2
ICT (SC)#                           0       0       0       0         0       0        1        0        0
PE(SC)#                             0       0       0       0         0       2        0        2        1
Number at each Grade                55     123    172     287        143     105       53       33       9

      # Indicates a subject in which a Half Course was followed at GCSE. In calculating the
      overall totals a grade from these courses is given half the value of a grade in the other
      (full) subjects.

      GCSE Subjects taken through the medium of Welsh.

      The results given here are included in the overall statistics given above.

      SUBJECT                                    GRADES
                                     A*    A     B   C          D     E      F     G        U
      Religious Studies              1     1     1   0          0     0      0     0        0

                    YEAR 9:         May 2010.

                    The figures are the percentages of Year 9 pupils achieving the various National
                    Curriculum levels in 2010.
                    There were 96 pupils eligible for Key Stage 3 assessment English, Welsh First Language,
                    Mathematics and Science.
                    There were 13 pupils eligible for assessment in Welsh 1 St Language.

                    Core Subjects.

                       N      D     NO1    NO2   NO3     1      2       3      4       5         6      7         8   EP    EL
                       %      %      %      %     %      %      %       %      %       %         %      %         %   %     %

English    School      0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0     5.2    32.3    37.5      19.8    5.2   0.0     0.0   62.5
           Wales       0.4    0.2     .     .      .    0.4    1.4     5.9    20.6    38.9      24.0    7.3   0.4     -     70.6

           School      0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0     0.0    0.0     76.9      23.1    0.0   0.0     0.0   100
Language   Wales       0.1    -       .     .      .    0.1    0.4     5.3    18.9    39.9      27.0    7.8   0.3     0.0   75.1

           School      0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0     7.3    27.1    29.2      29.2    7.3   0.0     0.0   65.6
           Wales       0.4    0.2     .     .      .    0.4    1.2     6.2    17.8    29.8      27.0    15.   1.2     0.1   73.5

           School      0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0   0.0    0.0     8.3    16.7    33.3      33.3    8.3   0.0     0.0   75.0
           Wales       0.5    0.2     .     .      .    0.3    0.6     4.5    18.0    37.1      27.8    10.   0.1     -     75.6

                    N     Pupils who have failed to register a level for reasons other than absence.
                    D     Pupils who have been disapplied under sections 113-116 of the 2002 Education
                    NO1 National Curriculum Outcome 1
                    NO2 National Curriculum Outcome 2
                    NO3 National Curriculum Outcome 3
                    (NB NO1, NO2 & NO3 have replaced Level W in previous years)
                    EP    Exceptional Performance
                    EL    % achieving the expected level (L5+)

                    Percentage of Pupils Obtaining Level 5 or Above.

                                                           Boys Girls                      All Pupils
                         English                           59.6 65.9                         62.5
                         Welsh First Language              100  100                           100
                         Mathematics                       63.5 68.2                         65.6
                         Science                           71.2 79.6                         75.0
                         Core Subject Indicator (National) 56.7 66.2                         61.3

                    Please see SSSP, APPENDIX


Targets 2009 – 10, for Summer 2011.

YEAR 8 – 114 pupils.
  Core Indicator         English             Welsh            Maths          Science
                                            1st Lang
       51%                49%                 88%              62%             60%

YEAR 10 – 107 pupils.
  Core Indicator            5 GCSEs                5 A* - G               1 A* - G
                             A* - C                                        and/or
                                                                           1 CoEA
        51%                    71%                     97%                  100%

Core Indicator – at least grade C in Welsh (1st Lang) or English, Mathematics and Science
                                      as a combination.
The number of school sessions in the academic year 2008/09, up to 22.5.09 was 306
7 to 11 pupils; % of sessions missed:           School            Pembs.      Wales
Unauthorised absences                            0.93%             1.4         1.7
All absences                                     8.8%              8.9         9.0

The number of school sessions in the academic year 2009/10, up to 21.05.10 was 306
7 to 11 pupils; % of sessions missed:        School         Pembs.         Wales
Unauthorised absences                          0.9%            1.5           1.6
All absences                                    9.4%           9.3           8.9

3.1    The School‟s Delegated Budget from Pembrokeshire County Council (Financial
       Statement 2009/2010)

The School‟s Delegated Budget from Pembrokeshire County Council
       (Financial Statement 2009/2010)

       (a)     Allocated Funds                        £

Formula Funding based on pupil numbers                2,570,800
Other Funding                                             5,935
Funding from DCELLS                                     692,588
Sub-total                                             3,269,323

Committed balance brought forward @ 01.04.09              87,531

Total Funding Available 2009/2010                     3,356,854

       (b)     Expenditure

Employee Costs                                        2,716,376
Premises Costs                                          136,888
Services & Consumables                                 227,674
Other Costs                                               8,691
Service Level Agreements                               261,969

Sub-total                                             3,351,598

        (c)    Income
Other Fees/Charges                                         49,124
Lettings                                                    7,985
Additional Funding                                         75,002
Miscellaneous Income                                       28,210
Interest                                                        0

Net Expenditure                                        3,191,277

Committed Balance carried forward to 2010/2011 Budget               £   165,577

This figure is made up of the following balances that are earmarked for specific
Basic Skills, „Trochi‟ Project, Informal Learning Support, Greenhouse Grant, Various
Clubs, Furniture and Equipment, and Essential Internal Maintenance.

3.2 Extra-Curricular Account: (financial year Aug „09/Jul „10).
Income:     Nil                      Expenditure: Nil
(Balance carried forward 1.8.10: £1,715.99)

3.3 Miscellaneous Account: (financial year Aug „09/Jul „10).
Income:      £47,674.32               Expenditure: £48,252.97
(Balance carried forward 1.8.10: £7,322.17)
This is the School‟s ordinary, private account, it is used to handle cash on a
short-term basis.

3.4 Business Money Manager Account: (financial year Aug‟09/Jul „10)
Income:     £16,849.32               Expenditure: £34,861.20
(Balance carried forward 1.08.10: £12,723.07)
This high-interest account is linked to the School‟s Miscellaneous Account

3.5 6th Form Account: (financial year Aug „09/Jul „10).
Income:     £1,616.88               Expenditure: £1,316.00
(Balance carried forward 1.08.10: £704.05)

3.6 School Trust Account: (financial year Sept „09/Aug „10).
Income:     £1,000.00               Expenditure: £889.97
(Balance carried forward 1.9.10: £4,839.85)

3.7 Governors‟ Expenses:
No governors‟ expenses were claimed.

3.8 Gifts to the School:
Mr. and Mrs. C Noott have again most generously financed the Tim Noott Memorial
Scholarships and the Art Prize, which is included in the above monies.

Reading books have recently been donated to the School for Book-swap day.

Year 10 Construction
Following the start of the new BTEC Construction Course at Ysgol Bro Gwaun, the School
was pleased to accept a donation of materials from the local Travis Perkins Branch
Manager, Nick Jones.
We would like to thank Nick Jones of Travis Perkins for their much – valued support.

StenaLine Sponsorship
We are grateful to Stenaline for donating a Challenge Cup (Sheild) and money prize for
year 12/13 pupils who has contributed the most to promoting the Welsh ethos of the

4.1    Action as a result of any resolutions passed at last AGPM.
No resolutions were passed at the last AGPM.

4.2     School Development Plan.
The School Development Plan is based upon the new Estyn 2010 Framework for
Inspection. It reflects WAG, PCC and School priorities. A progress check is conducted
in February, and aspects which require additional development are included in the next
School Development Plan.

4.3     Community Links
The Governors would like to thank all individuals and organizations in the Community
who have supported the School in the following activities; their support is much-

Work Experience – Years 12 and 10 – local and national placements.

Year 10 Enterprise
Year 10 have taken part in an enterprise activity „Going for Profit‟ , organised by Careers
Wales West in which pupils worked as a team to generate the most profit from setting
up a Pizza Restaurant. Pupils had to examine the pricing, costs, location and marketing
of their product. As a result they developed a wide range of key skills.

Crime of Your Life
Year 7 pupils have taken part in Crime of Your Life. They viewed a performance by
students from Pembrokeshire College illustrating the effects of crime. Pupils then
attended 6 workshops run by the Police, Mid and West Wales Fire Service, SUDDS,
Magistrates, Victim Support and The Youth Offending team. Each of the workshops
developed the themes from the performance and gave pupils the opportunity to find out
about each of the services in more detail.

Rotary and Soroptomist Pre-university Interviews 2009
In late October, a number of different panels, made up of members from the two local
organisations, carried out a series of pre-university interviews for a large number of
aspiring Year 13 students, at the Fishguard Bay Hotel.

Veterans‟ address – Year 13 Group

Remembrance Day – Assemblies – in School; head Prefects laid wreaths on behalf of the
School at St Mary‟s Church, Fishguard and St Peter‟s Church, Goodwick.

4.4 Summary of changes to School Prospectus.
The „glossy‟ part of the School Prospectus was updated this year. The infill at the back
is updated annually.

4.5 Review of School Policies
The School‟s behaviour policy was reviewed in September, 2009 by all staff. Its twin
themes of rewards and consequences were re-enforced, wholesale, with a commitment
by all staff to be consistent in operating the system. The policy was discussed with all
pupils in September, in tutor groups.

4.6 Buildings and School Site
Following successful applications made by Mr Robert Woodman, Head of Physics, Solar
panels were fitted in October. A close record of their input to the School‟s energy
system will be kept, and pupils will be able to track its input. The School would like to
thank Mr Woodman; for his efforts, we will give governors full details of the installation
at the Full Governing Body meeting.

The Sixth Form corridor has been re-painted, and we are still awaiting the insertion of
an additional door to the outside in this corridor, to offer an alternative method of
entry/exit, apart from the Fire Doors.

The Practice area at the back of the School is nearing completion, and should soon be in
full use.

5   Dates for Pupils for 2010/11.

                                             WINTER TERM
                               1st September 2010 – 22nd December 2010
INSET                               Wednesday 1st September, 2010.
INSET                               Thursday 2nd September, 2010.
PUPILS BEGIN                        Friday 3rd September, 2010.
HALF-TERM                           Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October, 2010, inclusive.
INSET                               Friday 26th November, 2010.
END OF TERM                         Wednesday 22nd December, 2010.
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS                  Thursday 23rd December, 2010 to Tuesday 4th January, 2011, inclusive.

                                             SPRING TERM
                                    5th January 2011 – 15th April 2011
PUPILS RETURN                       Wednesday 5th January, 2011.
HALF-TERM                           Monday 21st to Friday 25th February, 2011, inclusive.
END OF TERM                         Friday 15th April, 2011.
EASTER HOLIDAYS                     Monday 18th April to Friday 29th April, 2011, inclusive.

                                             SUMMER TERM
                                       2nd May 2011 – 19th July 2011
MAY BANK HOLDIAY                    Monday 2nd May 2011.
PUPILS RETURN                       Tuesday 3rd May, 2011.
HALF-TERM                           Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June, 2011, inclusive.
PUPILS‟ END OF TERM                 Friday 15th July, 2011.
INSET                               Monday 18th July, 2011.
INSET                               Tuesday 19th July, 2011.
SUMMER HOLIDAYS                     Wednesday 20th July to Wednesday 31st August, 2011, inclusive.


                                            TYMOR Y GAEAF
                                    1af Medi 2010 – 22fed Rhagfyr 2010
HMS                                 Dydd Mercher 1af Medi, 2010.
HMS                                 Dydd Iau 2ail Medi, 2010.
DISGYBLION YN DYCHWELYD             Dydd Gwener 3ydd Medi, 2010.
HANNER TYMOR                        Dydd Llun 25ain Hydref i Gwener 29ain Hydref, 2010, yn gynwysedig.
HMS                                 Dydd Gwener 26ain Tachwedd, 2010.
DIWEDD TYMOR                        Dydd Mercher 22ain Rhagfyr, 2010.
GWYLIAU NADOLIG                      Dydd Iau 23ain Rhagfyr, 2010 i Mawrth 4ydd Ionawr, 2011, yn gynwysedig.

                                         TYMOR Y GWANWYN
                                    5ed Ionawr 2011 – 15fed Ebrill 2011
DISGYBLION YN DYCHWELYD             Dydd Mercher 5ed Ionawr, 2011.
HANNER TYMOR                        Dydd Llun 21fed i Gwener 25fed Chwefror, 2011, yn gynwysedig.
DIWEDD TYMOR                        Dydd Gwener 15fed Ebrill, 2011.
GWYLIAU PASG                        Dydd Llun 18fed Ebrill i Gwener 29ain Ebrill, 2011, yn gynwysedig.

                                     TYMOR YR HAF
                           2ail Mai 2011 – 19eg Gorffennaf 2011
GŴYL Y BANC                Dydd Llun 2ail Mai 2011.
DISGYBLION YN DYCHWELYD    Dydd Mawrth 3ydd Mai, 2011.
HANNER TYMOR               Dydd Llun 30ain Mai i Gwener 3ydd Mehefin, 2011, yn gynwysedig.
DIWEDD TYMOR I DDISGYBLION Dydd Gwener 15fed Gorffennaf, 2011.
HMS                        Dydd Llun 18fed Gorffennaf, 2011.
HMS                        Dydd Mawrth 19eg Gorffennaf, 2011.
GWYLIAU HAF                 Dydd Mercher 20fed Gorffennaf i Mercher 31ain Awst, 2011, yn

6     Charity Donations

Help for Heroes Fundraiser
In December 2009, Rebecca Morgan (Year 12), and a team of Year 12 pupils sold wrist
bands to pupils and staff for a non-uniform day, to take place on the last day of term,
and arranged a cake stall. The Heads of Sixth Form organised carol singing around the
school to add further support to the appeal. The response was immense and the final
figure raised was £776.50 for „Help the Heroes‟.

Year 10 Construction
Following the start of the new BTEC Construction Course at Ysgol Bro Gwaun, the School
was pleased to accept a donation of materials from the local Travis Perkins Branch
Manager, Nick Jones.
We would like to thank Nick Jones of Travis Perkins for their much – valued support.

Sixth Form Charity Week 2010
During the two weeks before the Easter break, the Head Prefects of Ysgol Bro Gwaun
organised a wide range of events, to raise funds for their nominated Charity, The Wales
Air Ambulance.
Cake stalls, inter-year football and netball matches, talent competitions, computer based
competitions, car washing, many other challenges, and a non-uniform day, involved pupils
from all Year groups and staff.

The final total raised was £700, which will be presented to a representative of the Air
Ambulance Service in May.

7     KS2/3Transition Links

The Family of Schools met on three occasions during the Year. The meetings have
provided a forum for many agencies such as NGfL, PE and School Sports, Plant Dewi and
Community Focussed Schools.

In October Mr Gerson Davies (Director of Education, PCC) attended the meeting
regarding the planning of a Welsh language policy for Pembrokeshire.

The Effective Learning Groups has been established and Mrs Lawrence distributed
materials from the meetings. Positive feedback was received, from the Primary Schools,
of the Improving Boy‟s Learning workshop run by Mr Dave Ainsworth.

The transition visits for pupils in Years 5 and 6 have continued. Year 5 visited during the
summer term for a day of Science and Technology. Year 6 pupils have visited the PE,
Music, French, Maths, Science, Technology, English and Welsh departments and the
School Library. Mrs Pearson, the School Librarian, has with her team of library
assistants, visited the Primary Schools to help to organise their libraries and to help
pupils develop their library skills.

A very successful Open Evening was held in October giving prospective pupils and their
parents an opportunity to visit the facilities available in Ysgol Bro Gwaun and to meet
the teachers. This was followed in July by a meeting in which pupils met their new form

For the fifth year running Prosiect Trochi has taken place. 36 pupils for Year 6 visited
the School for 5 weeks. The Project is funded by Bwrdd yr Iaith Cymraeg and the
teachers this year were Miss Catrin Evans (Ysgol Glancleddau) and Mr Sion Jones (Ysgol
Clydau).Alongside their lessons a range of activities were organised which included visits
to Pentre Ifan and Pwll Gwaelod, and clog dancing. Ysgol Bro Gwaun staff also
contributed to the project, taking pupils for art, music, PE and Welsh lessons. The
Project culminated in an evening for parents, which enabled them to see their child‟s
work and watch them perform.

The Family of Schools has met to produce and review the Transition Plan and discussions
have taken place regarding moderation of KS2/3 work. During the Spring term Primary
and Secondary School Teachers met, at Ysgol Bro Gwaun, to moderate KS2/3 work and
plans are underway to plan curriculum provision in the future. There have also been a
number of pastoral and curricular visits by Bro Gwaun staff to the feeder primary

7.1    Main aspects of work undertaken by the Language Unit during the
       Educational Year 2009- 2010 – Mrs Eiry Miles

Within the Unit –
# teaching Welsh to KS 2 latecomers from within the family of schools two days a week.
# teaching KS2 „follow on‟/intermediate learners –one day a week.
# running lunch time clubs to help secondary pupils (1st language & learners) to use their
language skills socially.
# preparing learning resources, translating and liasing with staff of Welsh Department.
#arrange bridging days through the medium of Welsh for Year 6 pupils who plan on
attending Ysgol Bro Gwaun (last half term before Summer).

Within the family of schools & community.
# teaching Welsh at junior schools within the family where need arises – under direction
of Marian Phillips, Welsh Advisor.
# preparing learning resources and aiding with holding courses for teachers from Welsh
medium schools within the County.
# running activities in the local schools‟ after-school Urdd sessions.

Within the Secondary School.
# supporting the teaching of subjects through the medium of Welsh (3 days)
# supporting the Welsh department (2 days).
# In conjunction with the Urdd, arrange many sports trips and activities.
# working to promote bilingualism within the locality through Cynllun Bro D J

The Language Unit plays an essential role in developing the School‟s Cymreictod and in
maintaining excellent links with the Feeder Schools, and its work is much appreciated.

8      P.T.A.

We would like to thank the PTA for its considerable work in supporting the School and
Pupil Activities. Its contributions add to the School‟s efforts to create a caring,
friendly, atmosphere; the committee meetings are enjoyable and relaxed and all
members contribute fully to ensure that events run smoothly.

Officials: 2009-10
Chairperson: Mr R Kilmister
Treasurer: Mrs P Truss
Minutes Secretary: Mrs N Kilmister
Secretary: Mrs S Bowen
500 Club: Mr A Truss
Press Secretary: Miss E. McManus

The PTA has had another busy year. The 500 Club has grown in strength and monthly
draws have taken place.

The third annual Golf competition took place in July, at Newport Links Golf Course. The
PTA was successful in finding sponsors for the holes and a record number of teams
participated. This sociable and sporting day helped to raise a considerable sum for the
PTA. The other annual event was the School Christmas Fair held in November. This year
there was an increase in the number of stalls with Welsh Baccalaureate students selling
a range of items form fudge to beauty products.

The PTA have also contributed to the School Production by donating £1000 towards its
costs and by providing hampers to be raffled at the events and refreshments during the
interval. Refreshments were also provided for the Autumn concert.

The PTA have provided grants to several departments during the year- including the
Rugby tour to Barbados, the Welsh Department visit to Belgium, a visit to the National
Library of Wales and the SEN gardening club.

9      The Initial Teacher Training Partnership.

Initial Teacher Training and NQT induction

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
In September 2009, Ysgol Bro Gwaun welcomed students from UCW Aberystwyth,
Swansea Metropolitan University and Trinity College, Carmarthen, to undertake their
School Experience 1 and 2.

10. The Committees of the Governing Body
Each of the three Committees – Land & Buildings, Finance and Curriculum, Staffing and
Pupils‟ Activities report to the termly meeting of the Full Governing Body. Mr A
Andrews, Deputy Headteacher, attends Full Governing Body meetings as an observer.
The Governors from each Committee have the power to co-opt non-governors on to that
committee. However, such persons do not become members of the Full Governing Body.

The Work of the Committees 2009/2010.

10.1 Curriculum, Staffing and Pupils‟ Activities Committee.
     (Chair: Mrs J. George Convenor: Miss S. Bowen)

The committee met on 3 occasions during the year 2009-10.

The main change to the curriculum this Year has been the introduction of Performing
Arts to the KS5 curriculum and the Introduction of Drama lessons in KS3. The School
continues to work as part of the North Pembrokeshire Federation with the Year 10
collaboration day being Thursday and the Year 12/13 days being Tuesdays and Fridays.

For the fifth year running the School has been successful in achieving funding from
Bwrdd yr Iaith Cymraeg for the Trochi Project, 36 pupils form Year 6 attended this
year. Year 6 pupils also visited the School on a number of occasions as part of the
Transition Programme and Year 5 visited for a Science and Technology Day.

A number of visits took place during the year including a Welsh Department visit to
Belgium, a senior rugby tour to Barbados, a residential visit to Llangrannog, a Year 12
visit to the Senedd in Cardiff and an Astronomy visit to Hereford Observatory. A
number of pupils also participated in the Urdd Eisteddfod, held in Llanerchaeron in May.
Year 7 pupils took part in a Street Dance workshop and a Radio workshop. . End of year
visits included a visit to Manor Park, Heatherton, Swansea, Big Pit and Cardiff.

Pupils have been busy in a number of clubs including robotics, drama, technology and
welsh. The many musical groups are also well attended. The 5x60 clubs take place every
lunchtime and are well supported. The School has also set up a Youth Rowing Team for
boys and girls under the direction of Miss McManus and Mr M. Hughes.
A very successful production of the Hot Mikado was held in December. A matinee
performance was given to the Primary Schools and the Production was held on two
evenings. All were very well attended. The School also held its annual School Eisteddfod
in February with a large number of pupils participating.

10.2    Finance Committee.
      (Chair: Mr. J. Williams. Convenor: Mr. A. Andrews).
The Finance Committee met six times in 2009-10.
Issues discussed included the cost of supply cover, Commissioning in Pembrokeshire and
its effect on School Budgets, the Curriculum costings and possible future budget costs.
The Committee monitors expenditure closely, to ensure the School finances remain
within budget, and provides resources to enable effective teaching and learning
throughout the School.

10.3   Land & Buildings Committee.
      (Chair: Mr. D. Busby: Convenor: Mr. D. Willington).
This Committee met on 3 occasions, once a term.
Issues discusses included –
     Transport and new Road Safety Plan.
     Fire Doors provision.
     Construction and completion of new grassed practice pitch on this site, and the
       ensuing traffic.

      Provision of access ramps and other traffic measures.
      Fire Safety – 2010 Fire Risk Assessment
      CCTV provision.
      No-dogs signage across the Campus.

The School is in discussion with Pembrokeshire County Council regarding the re-fitting
of internal Fire Doors, in line with recommendations of the Fire Risk Assessment.

10.4 Health & Safety Committee.
      (Chair: Mr J Williams Convenor: Mr D Willington).
The School‟s Health and Safety Committee met 3 times during 2009-10, once each term.
The minutes are distributed to each member of the Committee and Full Governing Body
as an appendix.

Key areas discussed included a new road layout to enhance user safety, replenishment of
First Aid Kits, provision for increased number of diabetic pupils, and Fire Safety. Staff
Minibus training and provision of safety straps, Lift entrance ramps, Hall steps and rails,
Portable Appliance Testing programme, Disabled Toilet maintenance, Trip Hazards,
provision of Manual Handling and Asbestos training for Caretakers, improvement of
Girls PE changing rooms and the completion of a new Sports field on site of old Sports
Centre. Various Health & Safety issues were highlighted and dealt with during the year.

11.1 Teaching And Learning Activities

Geography Fieldwork
On Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th June, the Year 10 GCSE Geography group accompanied
by Mr Haynes and Ms Fulthorpe carried out fieldwork on the River Gwaun. The groups
were collecting a range of primary data in order to answer a series of hypotheses.

The new PSE programme has just started with visits from several outside agencies. In
Year 8 and 10 PC Geoff Thomas has been delivering lessons on alcohol and drug abuse; he
has also given a presentation on Internet Safety to Year 11. The School Nurse has
started a programme of sex and health education with Year 9, the Careers Officer Mrs
Anne Fraser is also delivering lessons to Year 9. Following a presentation by
Pembrokeshire County Council, Year 10 has started to prepare for their Mock Election.
Year 10 are also starting to prepare for their work experience which will take place in

PC Geoff Thomas visited the Year 10 assembly to talk about Internet Safety. Colleen
Raymond and Rose Davis have undertaken and Entitlement Survey with 7Y, the Fire
Service spoke to 7S on the importance of Fire Safety and Yr 11 had a presentation by PC
Craig Morgan on Road Safety.

As part of their Careers and World of Work module pupils have welcomed speakers from
Dynamo. The speakers come from a range of businesses and talk to pupils about their
career routes, their products and what it is like to set up and run a business.

Mock Election.
Year 10s election campaigns have been the focus of PSHE lessons this term. These

culminated in a Mock Election held on Monday. There were 5 candidates standing for
election. Their campaign policies were varied and included Healthy Eating, Sporting
Activities and facilities for young people. All candidates gave an election speech which
included Power Point presentations and even a Rap. The winner of the election, Carwyn
Reed, was announced by Cllr Huw George. The winners of the best display were 10G.

Boys‟ Literacy
The School hosted 2 days of workshops with Mr Dave Ainsworth, Torch Theatre, on
improving boys‟ literacy. The workshops were arranged by the CELP (Creating Effective
Learners in Pembrokeshire) working group, and proved to be a huge success – the boys‟
input was excellent and they worked hard throughout.

Welsh Department Trip to France & Belgium
Ar y bedwaredd ar bymtheg o Hydref 2009, teithiodd 57 o ddisgyblion Cyfnod Allweddol
4, a 5 athro o Ysgol Bro Gwaun i Ffrainc a Gwlad Belg. Bwriad y daith oedd ymweld a bedd
y bardd enwog o Gymru sef Hedd Wyn.

XL Club visit to Swansea
On Monday the 19th of Oct 2009 Yr 10 XL club from YBG went to Swansea to take part
in a group activity that involved learning team skills and got the group to bond.
  Luke. J explained “We went to Laser dome and worked as a team against other people.”
  Amy. McD said “It was a good day.”
The young people were against the youth workers and won, and went to Pizza Hut and
then went bowling.

The group worked hard as a team to get the tasks completed, and gained a great deal
from the day out.

Geohazards Lecture
Year 10 Further Science group.

Senedd Visit
Year 12 visited the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Physics Trip to Spaceguard
Year 11, 12 and 13 visited Spaceguard, Herefordshire.

Arad Goch
Arad Goch Theatre Company visited School for 2 performances of Tafliad
Carreg/Throwing Stones. The powerful performances examined the impact of people‟s
actions on themselves and others and were thought-provoking and impressive.

History WW2 Visitor
Year 13 History A level pupils had a very interesting and informative first hand account
about the Home Front during World War 2. Mrs Paddy Tamsett, who lived in the
Fishguard area during the war, came to School to talk to them about her experiences.
Her eye witness accounts of rationing, blackout, evacuees and military operations
brought to life this era on the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2. The School
would like to thank Mrs Tamsett for a truly inspiring session.

Genetics Gene Park
On Wednesday 2nd December, 140 Ysgol Bro Gwaun students from Years 11 to 13, took
part in a Genetics road show based at the School. The presentations were organised
through the Wales Gene Park in collaboration with Cardiff University and Techniquest.
Both Shan Owens (Inherited Conditions) and Sharlene Watkins (Forensics) gave
informative and inspirational presentations which supported examination specifications
and gave valued career guidance.

Dathlu Llyfrau Darllen!
Ar gyfer gweithgareddau Diwrnod y Llyfr 2010, bu disgyblion o‟r Adran Gymraeg yn Ysgol
Bro Gwaun yn ysgrifennu cardiau post at blant o ysgolion eraill yn Sir Benfro. Buont yn
sôn am eu hoff lyfrau, ac yn rhoi eu barn ar nofelau a ddarllenwyd ar y cŷd yn y
dosbarth. Braf oedd gweld y disgyblion yn argymell i eraill ddarllen eu hoff lyfrau hwy.
Gobeithiwn yn fawr am atebion i‟w cardiau ac y bydd mwy o ddarllen yn digwydd a mwy o
hwyl hefyd yn sgîl hynny

The Big Nature Quiz
A new quiz was introduced to Ysgol Bro Gwaun this week, set and organized by Mr Des
Llewellyn, Head Caretaker. The large number of competitors had to identify and answer
questions about: birds, animals, flowers, trees, insects, reptiles, amphibians and
Prizes were donated by: Pampered Pets - Fishguard, Fishguard Garden Centre, Penrallt
Garden Centre - Moylgrove, Path Finders, Mr Eric Street, Pembrokeshire River Trust,
the Wildlife Trust, Pembrokeshire National Park and the Countryside Council for Wales.
The Junior prize-winners were:
Year 7 – 1st Ffion Ridgeway; 2nd Nancy John; 3rd Carys Owen;
Year 8 – 1st – Joshua Salter, Rhys Cove and Levi Warbrick; 2nd – Rhys Williams;
Year 9 - 1st Carrie John; 2nd – Eilish John; 3rd Rhian Homer;
Form Prizes: 7O (Mr Phil Owen) and 9O (Mrs Louise Wakely).

The prize for the highest junior score went to 7O. Commendations: -
Year 7
Jemma Clifford 7S, Maya McGinley 7S, Cariann Griffiths 7S, Milly Lacey 7L, Olivia
Haden 7L, Alex Laiman 7O, Paige Morrell 7L, Gemma John 7O, Luke Parr 7G and Carys
John 7G.
Year 8
Aled Dalling 8L, Kai Knight 8G, Rhys Ribbons 8L, Cara Foster 8G, Josh Hicks 8G, Ashley
Hughes 8G, Andrew Battin 8S and Ben Floyd 8S.
Year 9
Llinos Beynon 9Y, Ayesha Perrin 9O, Luke English 9L, Jason Lewins 9L and William Davies
The senior prize – winners were:
Year 10:
1st– Carwyn Reed.
Form Prizes: 10L (Mrs R Bailey); 11O (Miss C Bassett).

Staff Prize winners were: 1st – Miss C Bassett; 2nd – Mrs May Rogers; Mr Mike Hughes
and Mrs Lisa John.

The cleverly - crafted quiz generated a large amount of interest in the natural world;
the School would like to thank Mr Llewellyn for his hard work and enthusiasm, which
were the reasons for the quiz‟ wide-ranging appeal and success. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Radio Bro Gwaun
A group of Year 7 pupils took part in a Radio Workshop run by Radio Cymru DJ, Mark
Griffiths. Pupils had the opportunity to broadcast news and weather items and to choose
their own music for a request item. Pupils were shown how to edit their work using a
computer programme, and were presented with a CD of all their work. The workshop
gave pupils a valuable insight in to how to present a radio programme.

Year 12 AS Geography Field Visit to Swansea
Thirteen AS Geography students attended a day‟s Fieldwork in the Swansea Urban area.
The aim of the day was to examine case studies of settlement change and to conduct
data collection tasks for use in this summer‟s examination. Students toured the lower
Swansea Valley, examined the regeneration at SA1 and carried out research in the
central business district.

Welsh Baccalaureate Educational Visit to the National Assembly in Cardiff
As part of their Welsh Baccalaureate course, Year 12 pupils from Ysgol Bro Gwaun took
part in an educational visit to the National Assembly in Cardiff. Pupils engaged in a wide
range of activities. They participated in a debate in “Siambr Hywel” about the
environmental impact of plastic bags, under the same rules that govern Assembly rules,
with speakers requesting and being called to speak. Pupils then voted on a motion linked
to the debate using the electronic voting system. Following this, pupils were led to one
of the adjoining activity rooms to take part in a variety of workshops, designed to
enhance understanding of the democratic processes and their responsibilities. The final
part of the visit involved a visit to the Senedd building. Pupils were impressed at the
technological and environmental features of the building. Mr Paul Davies AM was also at
the Senedd to greet the pupils and to answer some of the many questions they had. A
very informative and enlightening day was had by all!

„To Kill a Mockingbird‟ Theatre trip
Forty four Year 10 and 11 pupils from Ysgol Bro Gwaun, accompanied by Mrs Rogers, Mr
O‟Connor, Miss Taylor and Miss Raggett, travelled to Cardiff after school to see the
Theatr Clwyd Cymru production of „To Kill a Mockingbird‟, performed at the New
Theatre. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed an excellent production featuring live music and
an innovative use of the set, which gave them a very valuable insight into one of their set
literature texts for GCSE.

Oxford University
54 Year 10, 11 and 12 pupils attended a presentation by Sue Morris, Education
Development Officer of Jesus College, Oxford. The presentation outlined the
application process to Oxford and other universities and gave a valuable insight into
study at Oxford. Pupils in Year 12 were then able to discuss their UCAS applications in
more detail.

11.2 INSET
Staff INSET is determined by the priorities set out in the School Self Evaluation,
Development Plan and staff requirements as identified via Performance Management.

12    The Implementation of the Policy for Pupils with Additional Learning
             (It is a Welsh Office requirement that this section is detailed.)

Ysgol Bro Gwaun Additional Needs policy is a whole school policy, formulated and agreed
with Heads of Departments, in consultation with all members of staff.

Full copies of the policy are available from the Additional Needs Co-ordinator,
(A.L.N.C.O.), Mrs E Bowyer, who is the teacher responsible for the day to day operation
of the policy.

The Success of the A.L.N. Policy,
The School's A.L.N. policy has ensured support for a number of pupils with general and
specific difficulties, in a wide range of activities, and at all ability levels. We continue
to be delighted this year with the progress into Higher Education of a significant
number of pupils with additional needs and congratulate former pupils on their
achievements. Once again we are pleased by our successes at G.C.S.E., C.O.E.A. and KS3

The School has provided a number of pupils with an alternative pathway to learning. They
have achieved success in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and the Basic Skills
Agency Literacy and Numeracy Awards, as well as the Youth Service Moving-On Project.
The KS5 Partnership Course continued to meet with success having been identified as
„Best Practice‟ in the LEA Inspection.

For those pupils whose Additional Needs had been clearly identified via a Statement, our
Additional Needs Coordinator met with the parents and primary school teaching staff in
a formal review prior to secondary school entry. Information from primary schools about
other pupils who have less severe needs enabled us to plan our level of provision for
these children. Similarly, information provided by the parents of new pupils at formal

and informal meetings with our A.L.N.C.O., Behaviour Support Teacher, Form Tutors and
Year 7 Progress Manager, allowed us to make the best preparations to receive new

During the first term of 2009/10 all pupils in Year 7 were screened for reading ability,
spelling age, mathematical ability and non-verbal skills. This helped us to identify and to
focus on pupils who needed our support.

Our policy involves regular assessment for all pupils in school. Assessment tools
differentiated to the needs of individuals and groups are becoming the norm in all areas
of the curriculum; large departments, for example Science, operate this policy at all
levels. Access arrangements are provided for pupils with specific difficulties during
both internal and external assessments. These may take the form of extra time, a less
formal setting, a member of staff to act as a reader or word processing facilities,
depending on the need.

In Years 7 and 8 a Support Group / Withdrawal Unit operated which enabled a small
group of pupils to benefit from specialized support. Alongside this, support was offered
within mainstream classes by a combination of Support Teaching Staff and Learning
Support Assistants. As pupils progress to Year 9 and beyond, support tends to be within
mainstream sets with very little withdrawal, except for pupils following individual

Pupils in Years 7 to 11, who are exempt from one or more languages followed an individual
programme of curriculum enrichment. At KS4 we try to give further subject choices to
these pupils to maintain a broad balanced curriculum, in addition to their specific

The A.L.N. Department operated a monitoring and record keeping policy as described in
the Department for Education "Code of Practice". A pupil‟s Special Needs are classified
according to a 3-stage process: Action (A), Action Plus (P) and Statemented (S).
A – Action means help within the class by teachers, a plan is in place.
P - Action Plus involves external advice and input to the young person‟s plan.
S -Statemented –a detailed plan provided by the Local Education Authority (a legal
document) which states what the pupil‟s additional needs are and instructs us on how to
meet them.
Pupils with Statements have yearly reviews, with a “Transition Plan” at age 14 focused on
careers and the transition to further education or work. A specialist careers advisor
now writes individual career plans for these pupils. All agencies working with the pupils,
together with parents or guardians and the pupils are invited to attend the review. New
targets are discussed and agreed for the following year.

Extensive use has been made of a number of agencies, such as the Educational
Psychology Service, Speech and Language Therapy, Advisory Teachers for Hearing and
Visual Impairment and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, CAMHS, Careers Wales, Action for
Children and TAC.

We gratefully acknowledge the support work of the Pembrokeshire Behaviour Support
Service, both with the provision of alternative courses and support for new initiatives in
School which aim to promote inclusion. The Nurture group continued to support pupils

with additional learning needs through Breakfast Clubs, Social Communication and
Emotional Literacy Groups.

We are grateful for the support of organisations which have enabled pupils to take part
in other activities such as Disability Sports Competitions and the Kielder Challenge.
Similarly, we thank the local businesses who provided work experience and local clubs
who gave financial support to allow pupils to broaden their horizons. We were successful
in our Lottery bid for the funding of a large greenhouse which will enable us to provide a
lunchtime gardening club and valued the advice and liaison with Transition Bro Gwaun
members and the ECO Centre in Newport. We have been able to access extra funding
through the ENGAGE project and this has provided pupils with team building activities,
Basic Skills training and work experience placements.

The Youth Service continues to support our pupils by involving them in community
projects and operating the Prince‟s Trust XL Award as an alternative Learning Pathway
at KS4.

During the last year, our work in behaviour modification has continued, and can be seen
to have had an impact on pupils with significant difficulties. During the year the
department has worked extensively to support procedures such as Action Planning and
Pastoral Support Programmes for young people with behavioural difficulties.

The School‟s Delegated Budget provided the resources for the education of pupils with
Additional Needs.

Pupils with Disabilities
Ysgol Bro Gwaun has an open entry policy. We are a community school and welcome all
pupils from the catchment area who wish to study and develop personally here. We seek
to ensure that all pupils have an equal opportunity to access both a balanced curriculum
and all school facilities. The school building is now almost completely accessible to pupils
and adults with mobility problems.

Our successful provision ensures inclusion for all pupils at all levels and ages, making it a
truly comprehensive school where all pupils are welcomed and valued.


Destination                             Yr. 11 pupils   Year 12 pupils   Year 13 pupils
Returned to school                              53             41              4
Entered Further Education College               30             10              7
Entered Higher Education                                                       24
Entered Training Schemes                         7               5             2
Entered Employment                               1               2             10
Unable to enter Education,                       3               1
Employment or Training
Moved away                                       1                               1
NEET                                             5               4              10

                      AND EVENTS, 2009-10
The pupils‟ achievements and activities were reported weekly in the local press.
However, we would like to draw your attention to the following items, which will give you
an idea of the full range of activities that our pupils, supported by School staff and
members of the Community, enjoy and benefit from.

14    Pupils‟ Achievements

Head Prefects
Head Girl              -       Freya Edwards
Head Boy               -       Vaughan Davies
Deputy Head Girl       -       Gemma Davies
Deputy Head Boy        -       Charles George

School Council Officials
Chair                  -       Alice Dean
Vice Chair             -       Rebecca James
Secretary              -       Shannon Van Oppen

The Battle of the Bands 2009
Suzanne MacGregor and Lucinda John-Duarte won the prestigious “Battle of the Bands”
competition in Fishguard. The girls won the first prize of £350. They will now progress
to the next competition. We wish them every success.

Pembrokeshire St Johns Ambulance Cadet of the Year
Congratulations to Jason Venables-John, on his selection as Pembrokeshire St John‟s
Ambulance Cadet of the Year. In March, he was invited to meet HRH Princess Anne at
Buckingham Palace, the first Cadet from Pembrokeshire to receive this honour.

RNLI Volunteer
Ngaire Strawbridge has become the youngest RNLI Volunteer in Pembrokeshire, after
sailing through a sea survival course at the Lifeboat College in Poole. Ngaire, who used
to be a regular on the national sailing circuit, was keen to follow in her father‟s
footsteps, and joined the RNLI in December 2008 after celebrating her 17th birthday.

Merit Shields
Merit Shields were presented in the Senior School Assembly on 25 th September and
Junior School Assembly on the 28th September. The winners were: - “LLien Gwyn”
Shield – Jade Griffiths, Yr 12; “The County Echo” Shield – Ffion Williams, Yr 11; Joe
D‟Cruz Shield – Ryan Williams, Yr 10; Mrs Janet Bennett Howell Shield – William Thomas,
Yr 9; “The Western Telegraph” Shield – Lucy Reason, Yr 8. The School would like to
thank Mr Jac Williams, Mr Joe D‟Cruz, Mrs Bennett Howell and Miss Anwen Humfrey for
their support. Many congratulations to the winners for their commitment to their work
during 2008-9 and we wish them well for 2009-10.

Pembrokeshire Historic Buildings Trust
Certificates and prizes were awarded to:

1st Welsh -    Ben Lawrence (St Dogmaels Abbey) - £60

1st English - Ben Phillips (Cilgerran Castle) - £60
2 Welsh -     Osian Smith (Bishop‟s Palace, St. David‟s) - £50
3rd Welsh -   Abigail Hruzik (Pembroke Castle) - £40
Highly Commended (Welsh) – Sophie Jamieson (St. David‟s Cathedral) - £30
Highly Commended (Welsh) – Alys Lewis (St. Dogmaels Abbey) - £30

Certificates of Merit were won by Yasmin Palmer, Jamie Evans, Rhys Armstrong, Scott
James, Oliver James, Kyle Hughes, Bruno Janota and Giac Morone.

Congratulations to all pupils concerned.

Chevron Festival Winners, November    2009
Ben Williams-Stacey                    -      1st in Grade 6 solo Brass
Jordan Jones                           -      1st Drum Kit grade 3-5
Catrin Raymond                         -      1st solo classical song 10 – 13
Alastair Davies                        -      2nd in grade 6 strings
Thomas Milne                           -      2nd Grade 4 piano
Catrin Raymond                         -      Highly Commended Grade 5 piano
Llinos Raymond                         -      Highly Commended Grade 5 Brass
Ben Lawrence                           -      Highly Commended in Grade 6 solo brass
Ysgol Bro Gwaun String Trio            -      Highly Commended
Bro Gwaun Vocal Trio                   -      1st open vocal

The vocal trio, along with the Ysgol Bro Gwaun orchestra, were invited to perform in a
splendid evening concert, with items well received by an enthusiastic audience.

Rotary Young Leaders Award 2009
Year 12 students, Gemma Davies and Hayley Lewis, were selected to attend the annual
Rotary Leadership course in the Brecon Beacons, at the Dolygaer Outdoor Centre, during
the Summer holidays.

Rotary Club Competition
Rebecca James, Year 11, won the local round of the Rotary „Cook It‟ competition.

Rotary Peace Poster
Jessie Wilkinson, Year 9, won the local round of the Rotary Peace Poster competition,
and came third in the regional competition.

The Tim Noott Memorial Scholarship
The main recipient was:-
Michael Jenkins, Year 12.

Other recipients were Hannah George, Year 13; Alistair Davies, Year 9; Charlotte
Lawrence, Year 10; Hayley Lewis, Year 13; Hannah Scott, Year 11; Harry Humfrey, Year
10 and John Griffiths, Year 10.
Once again, the School would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Noott
for their continued generous support of the School‟s pupils.

St. David‟s Day celebration in style
Three students from Ysgol Bro Gwaun sang with the BBC National Orchestra and Chorus
of Wales in St. David‟s Hall to celebrate March 1st in style. Catrin Raymond, Vaughan

Davies and Charles George were part of an invited choir from all over the country who
performed “Dewi Sant”, composed by the eminent Welsh composer, Karl Jenkins.

National success for Ysgol Bro Gwaun brass player
Angharad Tucker, Year 13, has been accepted into the National Youth Brass Band of

Student success in Three Counties.
The following students from Ysgol Bro Gwaun have been accepted into Three Counties
Ensembles. Ben Lawrence, Year 8 will join the Three Counties Brass Band; Catrin
Raymond, Year 10, Emily Hemmingway, Year 11, and Gemma Davies, Year 13, were
accepted into the Choir. They will join a number of students from the School already in
the Brass Band, Orchestra and Choir; they will perform several concerts this summer
and undertake a tour to Paris. Llongyfarchiadau mawr i chi gyd.

Ysgol Bro Gwaun‟s Prize Evening
In her address to pupils, past-pupils, parents/guardians, governors and friends of Ysgol
Bro Gwaun from the community, Mrs Anne Wakefield, Head of Life Long Learning and
Development at Pembrokeshire County Council, spoke of how important education is in a
person‟s life, and how it is possible, in this country, to develop one‟s knowledge and skills
all one‟s life. On congratulating the pupils on their excellent results, Mrs Wakefield
stressed the need to make the most of all learning opportunities and to explore new
horizons whenever possible.

The Head Girl, Freya Edwards, and Head Boy, Vaughan Davies, presented a report on the
School‟s success in 2009-10 and described the wide range of extra curricular activities
the pupils had participated in during the year. Musical items were performed by
Alastair Davies (Year 9) – cello solo - and Emily Hemingway, Sadie Johnson and Angharad
Williams (Year 11) –vocal trio. The Deputy Head Prefects, Gemma Davies and Charles
George, ended the evening with a vote of thanks to Mrs Wakefield, to all those present
for their company on the Evening and to those who had organised the different aspects
of the Evening.

Eisteddfod Gŵyl Dewi Ysgol Bro Gwaun
The annual Eisteddfod to celebrate St David‟s day was held in the school hall at Ysgol
Bro Gwaun. The adjudicators were Miss Einir Dafydd,
Mrs Carol ap Dewi and Mrs Louise Haynes.

After a day of keen competition, the winning house was Challengers with Spartans as
runners-up and Vikings coming in third position.

The winning House Choir this year was Spartans, who also took first place for the Girls‟
Choir. Vikings gained first position for the Boys‟ Choir.

The Junior Music Award was shared by Simran Mann and Danielle Davies, Year 9, while
Catrin James won the Senior Music Award. Ari Rowson, Year 10, won the English Poetry
cup. The Chaired Bard was Emily Hemingway.

15     Pupils‟ Activities

Noson Lawen
Ysgol Bro Gwaun‟s Noson Lawen, in May, was a feast of local young talent. The audience
enjoyed a variety of performances from pupils of Ysgol Bro Gwaun, Wolfscastle, Bro
Ingli, Eglwyswrw, Llanychllwydog, Croesgoch and Aelwyd Maenclochog. During the
concert Mrs Marian Phillips (Pembrokeshire County Council) presented Vaughan Davies,
Head Boy, with the Kendall Reed Award for contribution to the Eisteddfodol life of the

Small World Theatre
Small World Theatre, Cardigan visited the School with their performance for Year 7
pupils. Pupils enjoyed the experience of viewing a professional performance which
included acting and puppetry. Following the performance a group of 30 pupils took part
in a workshop investigating environmental issues.

Buddy Club
Following Buddy training for Year 12 pupils, Ysgol Bro Gwaun‟s 2009/10 Buddy Club
started on Monday. It is a lunchtime club for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils, and offers a
variety of activities, along with the opportunity to chat with Year 12 pupils.

School Production – Hot Mikado
Ysgol Bro Gwaun, presented “HOT MIKADO”, as its annual school production. Over the
three performances, more than 1300 people, including local Primary school children and
their staff, parents, guardians and friends of the school, were treated to a musical
extravaganza. Our thanks go to all those who helped prepare the production and who
worked hard on stage and behind the scenes to produce an exciting and memorable Hot

School Council consultation event at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea.
Thomas Hughes, Cassie Davies and Aled Dalling represented the School Council in a
consultation event in the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. The event was hosted by the Funky
Dragon and it was designed to find out what issues young people face as they grow up in
Wales. The pupils took part in a variety of workshops and the Children‟s Commissioner of
Wales, Terry Howler, was there to thank the pupils for their invaluable contribution and
help in keeping him up to date with what life is like for young people today.

Rotary „Purple Pinkie Day‟
The pupils at Ysgol Bro Gwaun gave a great reception to “Purple Pinkie Day”, as part of
the “End Polio Now” campaign coordinated by the Rotary Club of Fishguard and Goodwick.
The sixth-formers organised several tables garlanded with purple balloons, at which
pupils received mock oral “immunisations” (water only!), after which their pinkies (ie
fingers) were marked purple. They also received purple lollies and badges saying “I
helped end polio” in return for a donation.

The event was the culmination of two recent presentations by Rotarians – to the sixth
form and to the entire school – highlighting the opportunity that exists to eradicate this
scourge of polio from the few remaining countries in which it still destroys lives. Over
£300 was donated from this event. Together this is sufficient to purchase 1,500 doses
of oral anti-polio vaccine, which will protect children in the affected areas against polio
for ever.

16     Pupils‟ Sporting Achievements

Inter-School Matches
Details of all matches are reported regularly in the local press.

Under 15 Cricket
Matthew Morgan, Year 11, captained Pembrokeshire U-15‟s Cricket team to a convincing
win against Cardiff & Vale.

Hannah Scott has been re-selected to compete for GB in the Junior International
Shooting Championships, where she recently came 2 nd in the Ely National Air Pistol Finals
at Bisley, London. Competing as a Junior member of the Carmarthen Club, Hannah came
2nd in an open age field, in the 10 metre air Pistol class, a huge achievement for such a
young competitor. Da iawn, Hannah.

Rowing Success at Newport Rowing Regatta
Congratulations to a team of 4 Ysgol Bro Gwaun Year 11 pupils who attended and won
their first rowing race since beginning the sport a few months ago. The Under 16 team
led the youth field for 95% of the race and were just pipped at the post by an Under 18
team from Llangrannog. Nevertheless, they won their own class with strength and style!
The crew were Sean Moore (stroke), Rhys Stevenson and Sam Phillips (engine room) and
Dylan Strawbridge (bow). They were coxed to victory by Mike Hughes and were rowing
for the Fishguard and Goodwick Jemima Rowers.

Sailor on crest of a wave
Congratulations to Ellie Meopham, Year 10, on being re-selected for the RYA GBR Squad
for the Topper Dinghy Class for another year. She has had a very successful year
including winning the Volvo Welsh Youth and Junior Championships last month, a huge

Lauren Bell has performed to an excellent standard. On the 4th July, Lauren competed
for the Dyfed Schools‟ team in the Welsh Championships, Cardiff, and she gained an
impressive win in the 800m, beating her personal best to achieve a 2.14.65 min time.

Lauren competed in the British Schools‟ Championships in Ireland on the 18th July, and
gained a very commendable 5th place. She won her third successive 800 metres Celtic
Schools International Title, and made it an impressive hat-trick of victories after
competing at the National Indoor Arena in Cardiff in February. Lauren was also the
Wales U16 captain at the annual event, competing against Ireland and Scotland. The
promising star also ran anchor leg in the 4x200 metre relay team, which finished third
and broke the Welsh indoors record.

Hockey Under 16 Regional Academy
Charlotte Harries and Chloe Sinnott, both from Year 11 have been selected to attend
the National Academy Hockey Training.

West Wales Hockey Squad
Charlotte Harries, Chloe Sinnott and Ffion Williams have been selected to train with the
West Wales Hockey Squad following the U16 South Wales County Schoolgirl Finals -
very well done in this excellent achievement.

Welsh U16 Girls Hockey Squad
Congratulations to Charlotte Harries and Chloe Sinnott on their selection for the Welsh
U16 Girls Hockey Squad, where they will attend various squad sessions in Cardiff and

Welsh Women‟s Under 18 Schools Final.
Ysgol Bro Gwaun recently competed in the Dyfed Under 18 Hockey tournament at
Cardigan Astro Pitch. They played against Ysgol Penweddig from Ceredigion, Ysgol
Rhydaman from Carmarthenshire and Ysgol Y Strade from Llanelli. The first game was
played against Ysgol y Strade and Ysgol Bro Gwaun won 12-0. Second game was against
Ysgol Penweddig, and the score was 2-0 to Ysgol Bro Gwaun. The final game was a very
close and competitive game against the team from Carmarthenshire, in which the score
was 0-0. After a close tournament, Ysgol Bro Gwaun gained a place representing Dyfed
in the Welsh Women‟s Under 18 Schools Final, which was held on the 4th of March in

County Hockey
On Wednesday 11th November, Sophie Morse and Rebecca Hayes, Year 8, represented
their County in the South West Wales Tournament.

U18‟s Hockey Champions
Ysgol Bro Gwaun‟s Senior Girls hockey team are the 2009-10 county Hockey Champions.
Congratulations to all in involved.

County Hockey Players
Congratulations to Charlotte Harries, Ffion Williams and Chloe Sinnott, Year 11 on being
selected to play for Pembrokeshire County Under 16s team. Also, Rebecca Hayes and
Sophie Morse Year 9 have been selected to represent Pembrokeshire in the County
Hockey Under 14s team.
Rebecca Morgans, Jodie Murphy and Rebecca Lambe from Year 12 are also members of
the Under 18 Pembrokeshire Hockey Squad.

Pembrokeshire Performance Hockey Development Centre
In July the U14 Hockey Performance Development Centre (PDC) festival at Swansea
University provided a fitting conclusion for the players, coaches and parents associated
with the six U14 PDCs running in South Wales from April to July. U14 girls' squads from
all six PDCs played 7 a-side games in a round robin format. Coaches selected those
players who showed the most potential during the 10 weeks of PDC coaching sessions;
from Ysgol Bro Gwaun, Rebecca Hayes and Sophie Morse were picked to represent their

Taith Miami Ac Orlando Ysgol Bro Gwaun
Ysgol Bro Gwaun Netball and Hockey Teams visited Miami and Orlando in July. It was an
excellent experience for the 26 girls to play against different teams in America. The
fixtures started with the Netball team playing the USA Under 21 team. This was a
fantastic experience for the girls to play against a national team, although Ysgol Bro
Gwaun lost, they did manage 12 goals against their national opponents. The hockey girls
also played a very exciting and close game against the Aventura Hockey Team, and were
unlucky to lose 2-1 in a very close, hot and exciting game.
The next fixture for both teams, was in Orlando where the Netball team played
Pacesetter NC and lost in a close game 17-14.
The hockey team were pushed to their limits and played Central West Florida FHC,
which included 6 international players. This was a big challenge for the girls but they
played extremely well in very hot conditions, not something the girls are used to playing
The Tour would not have been possible without the support of parents, local businesses
and friends of the School. Everybody involved would like to thank all supporters for
their donations and sponsorship. We would also like to thank Rosemary Griffiths of “The
West Wales Health Show” for sponsoring the tour playing kit, and for all the support in
all fundraising events.

Welsh Schools Cross Country Championships
On Saturday 27th February, three pupils from Ysgol Bro Gwaun competed in the Welsh
Schools Cross Country Championships: Rhian Homer, Year 9, Alistair Davies, Year 9, and
Lauren Bell, Year 10.

Red Kites Cheerleading Team
In October 2009, Kayleigh Havard became a member of the Red Kites Cheerleading
team, the official Cheerleaders for the Llanelli Scarlets Rugby Team.

Promising Footballers
Congratulations to Chloe Campbell (Yr 7), Molly Griffiths (Yr 8), Sophie Morse (Yr 9) and
Becky Hayes (Yr 9) on being selected to take part in the Welsh Under 14s Regional
Football Squad Final. The original squad of 60 has been reduced to 30 and all four girls
have done very well to have been re-selected for this stage.


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