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					LA 8                                              Name_______________ Period_____
"The Hitchhiker" page 333                         Date___________________________
40 pts.

I.    A.     Plot
             The plot of a story is what happen and how it happens. There are six parts which
             make up the plot:

             1.     Exposition: The beginning, in which setting, characters, background are

             2.     Conflict: The major problem or struggle in the story. This could be
                    internal (man versus self) or external (man versus man, man versus
                    nature, man versus supernatural, man versus technology).

             3.     Rising Action: The characters and conflicts are developed, motives are
                    introduced, things happen; generally, it is the major part of a story.

             4.     Climax: The "high point" of a story; what you are waiting to have happen;
                    the "solving" of the problem.

             5.     Falling Action: What immediately follow the climax; the aftereffects of
                    the climax, or a kind of "cleaning up".

             6.     Resolution/Denouement: The ending. This part often explains any of the
                    reader's remaining questions, or may present a twist (unexpected) ending,
                    a "cliffhanger" (questions may be left unanswered), or standard ("They
                    lived happily ever after”) ending.

      B.     Special Plot Techniques

             1.     Suspense: The feeling of tension or excitement that builds throughout the
                    story. The reader questions what may happen next.

             2.     Foreshadowing: A hint or clue about what may happen later.

             3.     Flashback: The story may be interrupted to tell about an earlier event.

             4.     Surprise Ending: A "twist"; something unexpected happens.

II.   Assignment
      A.    Create a plot diagram using events from "The Hitchhiker". This diagram needs
            to include descriptions/examples from the story. Use the format on the back side
            of this paper. Attach your finished diagram to this sheet. (30 points)
Page 2
"The Hitchhiker"

             Plot Diagram:

B.    Answer the following using complete sentences:

             1.     The conflict involves both Ronald Adams and the Hitchhiker.
                    Who do you think the Hitchhiker is, and what is his role in the
                    story? What is the nature of his conflict with Adams? (4 points)

             2.     Is the resolution supported by any of the previous events in the
                    story (is it a logical ending based on what happens earlier?)
                    Explain why or why not. (3 points)

             3.     What special plot techniques does the author use? Pick one from
                    the above list, and explain, using examples from the story. (3 points)

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