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					                                                                                                         Sra. M
                                                                                                       Spanish 2

                               La Moda Scoring Rubric

Student Name: __________________________                                                Period: ________

Articles of Clothing (10):
Descriptive/demonstrative Adjectives (10):
Season Represented:
DOP's (5):

        Attributes                 Basic                   Proficient                    Advanced
Content and required       Includes all of the      Includes all of the          Includes all of the
elements                   content                  required elements; all       required elements in a
                           requirements; some       elements make sense          logical, creative, unique,
                           used did not fit         within project               and interesting way
                                                2                            3                             4
Pronunciation/ Voice       Some errors making       Minimal errors but           Pronunciation is almost
Projection                 it somewhat              understandable;              perfect;
                           difficult to             Usually easy to hear;        Easy to hear and
                           understand;              Somewhat choppy              understand;    Speech
                           Difficult to hear;       speech                       flows smoothly
                           Speech halting with
                           many pauses        2                              3                             4
Creativity/ Enthusiasm/    At times, tone of        Somewhat interesting;        Original, interesting, and
Appearance                 voice and words do       Appropriately                unique; appropriately
                           not seem to go           expressive most of the       expressive and
                           together;                time; incorporates           energentic; incorporates
                           incorporates             clothing correctly           clothing correctly
                           clothing correctly       throughout most of           throughout entire script
                           sporatically             script
                                              2                       3                         4
Conventions (spelling,     Seven to nine errors Four to six errors in   Zero to three errors in
accent marks, etc.)        in conventions       conventions             conventions

                                                2                            3                             4

Final Score _______/ 100            Basic             Proficient               Advanced
                                   70 - 79             80 - 89                  90 - 100
*Students will lose 10 points if they are not working during class time or if they are talking
while other groups are presenting. An assignment will be collected daily showing progress.

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