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									Minutes of Board Meeting of 27th July 2011

National Issues and Strategic Intervention Programme
                                              Local      Proposed
  Organisation           Project Name                                                              Project Description
                                             Authority   Grant (£)

                       Healthy Lifestyles
  Regeneration                                National   £363,000     See http://www.coalfields-regen.org.uk/sportslegacy/default.asp

   Coalfields         Community Facility
  Regeneration        Sustainable Energy      National   £1,000,000                                        TBC
     Trust               Programme

                                                                      The NWCCRP is a unique and innovative partnership-lead strategy for the
                     North West Coalfield                             regeneration of former coalfield communities. The programme has been
                        Communities                                   developed through the North West Alliance, which aims to address deprivation
                   Regeneration Programme      North                  through promoting economic, social and environmental regeneration of former
  Wigan Council                                          £400,500
                        (NWCCRP) -             West                   coalfield areas. It aims to narrow the gap in prosperity, and improve the well-
                    Worklessness Project                              being, of those who formerly worked in coalfield areas. The Programme will
                           Activity                                   focus on promoting enterprise and reducing worklessness in the coalfield areas
                                                                      of the eight targeted local authorities in the North West.
North East
Level 2
                                             Local         Proposed
  Organisation         Project Name                                                               Project Description
                                            Authority      Grant (£)

                                                                       Blyth Tall Ships provides education in the historical and maritime heritage
                                                                       of Blyth and the coast of Northumberland. This is delivered through the
                                                                       provision of volunteering, training and education opportunities for people of
 Blyth Tall Ships         Inspire          Blyth Valley     87,885
                                                                       all ages in the fields of sail training, maritime, engineering, renewable
                                                                       energy, tourism and adventure activities. The grant will cover staffing
                                                                       costs, workshop materials, rent and project overheads.

                                                                       The grant will support salaries and training to run the Hirst Welfare Centre
                                                                       (Hirst One Stop Shop) located in East Ashington. Facilities at the centre
Ashington Joint        Hirst Welfare                                   include a Multipurpose Hall, Community Cafe, Training Room, and Youth
                                          Northumberland    64,245
Welfare Scheme         Development                                     Room, Crèche, Office Space Gym, Dance Studio and football pitches. The
                                                                       Centre is in use 7 days a week and provides sports coaching, educational
                                                                       training and skills building programmes as well as a social centre.

                                                                       The Southwick Health and Community Forum increases community
Southwick Health                                                       participation, recruits volunteers, improves health through targeted
                    Forum and Volunteer
 and Community                             Sunderland       74,357     exercise/diet programmes and provides a range of education and
     Forum                                                             employment opportunities The grant will pay for management, staffing and
                                                                       running costs to improve and expand its services.

                                                                       Community Reuse and Training Enterprise (CRATE) is a social enterprise
                                                                       that operates from factory premises; providing low cost household furniture
                                                                       and white goods across the district of Easington. CRT’s grant will secure
                    EDP Employability &
  East Durham                                                          the employment of two members of staff; an Employability Manager, a
                     Enterprise Support    Co. Durham      100,000
   Partnership                                                         Training Manager and a new Site Manager / Coordinator to run an
                                                                       apprenticeship and employability programme, an alternative key stage 4
                                                                       curriculum for 14-16 year old pupils; and an odd jobs project called Helping
North East
Level 1
                                                 Local         Proposed
  Organisation          Project Name                                                                  Project Description
                                                Authority      Grant (£)

                                                                           The award is for polo shirts and waterproof jackets to equip the club with
                                                                           standard club colour uniform. The uniform will instil a sense of identity to
 Thompson Park
                       New Coloured Kit        Sunderland        2,550     the club, which is mainly composed of elderly people who benefit from the
  Bowling Club
                                                                           healthy lifestyle activity of outdoor bowls and will help to attract new

                                                                           The grant is for football equipment, including training balls, nets, flags,
                                                                           posts and safety equipment. The project will allow some young people to
 Tyneside Boys       Participation in Youth                                participate in healthy lifestyle activities, developing team working and
                                              South Tyneside     502
     F.C.                   Football                                       social skills, as well as benefiting the parents of players acting as
                                                                           volunteers, who will be able to develop their organisational and time
                                                                           management skills

                                                                           Ouston, Pelton and District Brass Band teach and play at schools and
                     Teaching and playing                                  community venues within Chester-le-Street. The grant is for the purchase
and District Brass                             Co. Durham        5,000
                         brass band                                        of cornets and the cost of music tuition to encourage and introduce
                                                                           children and young people to the music, instruments and skills of playing.

                                                                           The grant is for the purchase of workshop tools and equipment to enable
                        Retraining and                                     the organisation to deliver a contract within the confines of HMP Acklington
 Sports Recycler
                     Rehabilitation through   Northumberland     4,065     for the refurbishment of donated cycles for resale. The organisation
                          Recycling                                        promotes the importance of recycling and provides a range of skills
                                                                           development and volunteering opportunities.
                                              Local         Proposed
Organisation         Project Name                                                                    Project Description
                                             Authority      Grant (£)

                                                                        The grant is for a package of training in animal husbandry (specifically
                                                                        chickens), basic hygiene, health and safety, retailing and customer
                                                                        service, as well as several items of equipment/materials needed for the
Holder House                                                            new activities. The project will benefit local adults with learning disabilities,
                     New Training          South Tyneside     4,650
 Garden CIC                                                             physical disabilities and mental health problems, as well as volunteers,
                                                                        giving them new skills and enabling the group to set up a shop to sell their
                                                                        produce, providing additional work experience. It will also provide an
                                                                        additional income stream to aid sustainability.

                                                                        This project provides recovering alcoholics with a peer support network
                                                                        and encourages individuals to get involved in diversionary activities such
                   Supporting people
Durham Alcohol                                                          as working on allotments or assisting other local groups on a voluntary
                 towards an alcohol free    Co Durham         4,400
 Self Support                                                           basis, which in turn encourage healthier lifestyles and improves mental
                                                                        health. The award is towards the cost of hiring the meeting venue and the
                                                                        purchase of equipment.
North West
Level 2
                                                    Local      Proposed
  Organisation              Project Name                                                                  Project Description
                                                   Authority   Grant (£)

                                                                           The organisation aims to improve the employability of disabled and/or
                                                                           disadvantaged individuals through a unique training and education package with
                                                                           special reference to communication skills developed through media. The award
Diversity in Barrier
                       Confidence and Skills for                           will provide training through accredited media and radio broadcasting with a view
    Breaking                                        Bolton      24,775
                              the Future                                   to raising aspirations and provision of key transferable skills, encouraging
                                                                           individuals back into employment, further education or volunteering
                                                                           opportunities. The grant will cover salaries, expenses, publicity costs and
                                                                           contribute towards overheads.

                                                                           The grant will fund the salary of a Community Outreach Development Worker
                                                                           and contribute to volunteer expenses and training courses. The Development
                                                                           Worker will liaise with other voluntary and statutory organisations in the area,
Farnworth Baptist       Community Outreach &
                                                    Bolton      47,818     promote the services available to the local community such as a drop-in
    Church               Development Worker
                                                                           centre/coffee shop, toddler group, counselling and debt management advice,
                                                                           identify gaps in service provision and research ways to fill these gaps and
                                                                           increase the church’s capacity to recruit, train and manage volunteers.

                                                                           The award will cover the costs of purchasing a van, a Project Worker’s salary,
                                                                           uniforms, van wrapping, and PR costs. The project will establish Impact
 Impact Housing                                                            Furniture Services in the area. The service will increase the accessibility and
                       Impact Furniture Services   Allerdale    48,554
   Association                                                             quality of low cost furniture to low income households and also provide work
                                                                           placements for local unemployed people and support volunteers with special
North West
Level 1
                                           Local      Proposed
    Organisation        Project Name                                                            Project Description
                                          Authority   Grant (£)

                       Setting up a New
                                            St.                   The grant is for training costs for FA football coaching courses and 15 football
   Vulcan Juniors       Team and New                    1,149
                                           Helens                 kits to create a new under 16’s boys football team.

                                                                  The grant will deliver new carpeting in the meeting room and redecorate the
                        Redecoration &                            meeting room and entrance hall. The Centre is a focal point for the community
   Dorset Road
                       Refurbishment of    Wigan        4,900     and is used by a number of local groups and organisations as well as providing
 Community Centre
                          the Centre                              facilities for welfare benefit advice surgeries, police surgeries, information days
                                                                  and the annual Community Conference.

                                                                  Wigan Best is a competitive swimming club where members need to be of a
                         Purchase of                              certain standard to be able to join. Local swimming clubs refer talented
 Wigan Borough Elite
                       Computer and Hy-                           swimmers to this organisation who then receive more intensive support. It trains
  Swimming Team                            Wigan        633
                          tek 3 Meet                              individuals to County level upwards and organises a range of competitions. The
    (Wigan Best)
                       Manager Software                           award is a contribution towards the cost of IT software, which would be used to
                                                                  track performance in competitions.
West Midlands
Level 2
                                          Local       Proposed
   Organisation        Project Name                                                             Project Description
                                         Authority    Grant (£)

                                                                  Marks 4 Training will deliver training on a continuous cycle of 12 weeks. The
                                                                  project will address the skills gaps identified in the unemployed or economically
  Marks 4 Training                       Stoke-on-                inactive people within the local community aged 18 to 25 years and those 45
                       Money Matters                   58,309
    Centre CIC                             Trent                  years plus. Vocational training will be provided including work placements.
                                                                  Continued support in the workplace will be offered via the “work-pals” mentoring

                                                                  The project is to employ a development manager to help set up a social
                                                                  enterprise to manage current services – a parent and toddler group, luncheon
                                         Newcastle-               club for senior citizens, an IT club, exercise classes and youth work and expand
  Elim Pentecostal      Cornerstone
                                           under-      49,120     current trading activities - the community café, the charity shop and the furniture
  Church Silverdale   Community Centre
                                           Lyme                   recycling business - and make them self-sustaining. This will in turn enable the
                                                                  group to provide additional work experience, training and volunteering
Level 2
                                           Local      Proposed
    Organisation        Project Name                                                           Project Description
                                          Authority   Grant (£)

                                                                  The Station House project enables parents and carers to take up employment
                                                                  and training with half day holiday sessions designed specifically to meet the
                                                                  needs of local part-time workers. Staff and volunteers will undertake training
   Station House        Station House
                                                                  and development, and the young people attending childcare facilities and some
    Community            Community        Barnsley     93,634
                                                                  of their parents and carers will participate in healthy lifestyle activities,
   Association Ltd      Association Ltd
                                                                  Volunteers will gain skills and experience which could lead to full or part time
                                                                  employment opportunities. The grant will contribute towards salaries for 7 staff
                                                                  and running costs.

                                                                  Grimethorpe Activity Zone provides education and social welfare facilities. The
                                                                  grant requested will enable young people in the NEET category to access
                         GAZ Young                                careers education and guidance. GAZ have been working with young people for
 Grimethorpe Activity
                        Persons Advice    Barnsley     19,728     the past 12 years and are aware of the issues and barriers faced by these
                            Centre                                individuals such as unemployment, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse
                                                                  and debt. The grant will cover the costs of an Advice Centre Worker and
Level 1
                                            Local      Proposed
    Organisation        Project Name                               Project Description
                                           Authority   Grant (£)

                                                                   Shaw Lane Community Sports Association (SLCSA provide high quality
    Shaw Lane                                                      facilities for recreation or other leisure time activities such as rugby, squash,
  Community Sports    Sporting Behaviour   Barnsley      5,000     cricket, archery, football, bowling and road running. CRT’s grant will finance
    Association                                                    the cost of three community coaches delivering a programme of sporting
                                                                   activities for young people.

                                                                   The members of the group are all men caring for someone with a mental illness.
                                                                   Many are socially isolated and the lack skills in food preparation. The project
   Rotherham Sea       Care For Carers
                                           Rotherham     913       will bring them together in a safe environment, provide them with cooking skills
    Horse Group         Start-up Costs
                                                                   and raise their awareness of healthy eating. The grant is for a course of cookery
                                                                   training for group members and office equipment.

                                                                   Kool Kayakers Canoe Club provide kayaking activities every weekend and
                                                                   sometimes incorporate camping weekends as well as fun activities such a
                                                                   BBQ’s and socials. The grant is for the cost of 10 canoes/kayaks, and to
   Kool Kayakers       New equipment
                                           Doncaster     5,000     provide level 1 and 2 coaching courses for new volunteers. The additions to the
    Canoe Club          and coaching
                                                                   club fleet will allow the club to increase it’s membership and the coaching
                                                                   courses will provide additional knowledge for current coaches and will
                                                                   encourage new ones.

                                                                   The Cracking Group enhance healthy lifestyles in the local community as well
                                                                   as promoting community involvement. The area in which they will take place
                        The Cracking                               has very little community activity. The sessions will reduce social isolation,
                       Group Keep Fit                              increase self esteem and confidence in individuals as well as enhance their
 The Cracking group                        Doncaster     4,165
                        and Monthly                                healthy lifestyle activities. Wider local issues will also be discussed by
                          Meetings                                 stakeholders in scheduled monthly meetings. The grant is paying for venue
                                                                   hire, publicity and a qualified Keep Fit Instructor.
                                     Local      Proposed
  Organisation     Project Name                             Project Description
                                    Authority   Grant (£)

                                                            Lacewood Tea Dance Group enables people to participate in tea dance
                                                            sessions. This project will improve the quality of life for a number of local people
 Lacewood Tea
                   Rent and Tutor   Barnsley      3,245     through exercise, skills development and socialising. The grant will cover venue
  Dance Group
                                                            hire, tutors for weekly sessions and with the purchase of sound equipment,
                                                            publicity and liability insurance.

                                                            South Yorkshire Transport Museum aims to raise money to further the provision
 South Yorkshire    PSV Driver                              and display of heritage transport items. CRT has awarded £5,000 towards the
                                    Rotherham     5,000
Transport Museum     Training                               cost of PCV – Passenger Carrying Vehicle training for staff. The grant will aid
                                                            sustainability of the group by increasing their heritage hire trading capacity.
Main Grants
                                        Local       Proposed
  Organisation       Project Name                                                                   Comments
                                       Authority    Grant (£)

                                                                The project will give local people access to work experience and to skills
                                                                development, providing opportunity for future employment. Qualified gardeners
                                                                will assist in training local young people on a "Garden Sharing” program
                       Twechar           East                   designed to turn disused gardens of the disabled, pensioners and ex-miners into
                    Environmental      Dunbarton-    46,229     food growing gardens. The project will also deliver an environmental benefit to
Community Action
                    Training Project     shire                  Twechar by improving the landscape and development of food producing
                                                                gardens which will provide health and wellbeing benefits to the residents. The
                                                                award will cover salaries, provide workwear, tools and materials and fund
                                                                training courses for trainees.

                                                                This project aims to bridge the gap between different generations, promoting
                                                                greater understanding respect and trust, and helping to build an active
                                                                community. It is a continuation of the Home Buddies scheme for supporting
                                                                elderly, vulnerable and disabled people in the area. "Home Buddies" provide a
    The Zone                             East                   service to the elderly, vulnerable and disabled people in the area including
                    Connecting Ages                  47,989
    Initiative                          Ayrshire                assisting in shopping, social contact, house cleaning. All members of the project
                                                                team, including the volunteers, will be contracted to enter and complete a Health
                                                                and Social Care qualification at level 2 or 3. The grant will deliver salaries for a
                                                                Project Coordinator, Administration and Support Workers, along with IT
                                                                equipment and software to run the project.

                                                                The group’s aims and objectives are conservation, advancement of education,
                                                                provision of housing, promotion of training, relief of unemployment and the
                                                                promotion and support of volunteering. The project is to aid sustainability by
                                                                adding a ground works service to the group’s commercial enterprise, which
 Living Solutions      Training           Fife       25,664
                                                                already include landscape development and wildlife gardening, woodland
                                                                coppicing and maintenance, and eco-building. The grant will cover salaries, on-
                                                                costs, recruitment, equipment, and management costs and will deliver work
                                                                placements, training opportunities and qualifications.
                                           Local       Proposed
   Organisation        Project Name                                                                   Comments
                                          Authority    Grant (£)

                                                                   Furniture Plus is the largest furniture re-use and recycling organisation in Fife.
                                                                   The group plans to create a purpose designed showroom area in a new unit and
                                                                   over a period of five years convert the existing unit into a multifaceted training
                       Dysart Training
                                                                   centre. Phase 1 is to install a workshop which will enable repairs and
 Furniture Plus Ltd   Centre in Re-use       Fife       10,217
                                                                   renovations on donated items. The workshop will provide a training resource and
                       and Recycling
                                                                   work experience for staff and volunteers and for people from local colleges,
                                                                   homeless hostels or other social welfare situations. The grant will pay for salaries
                                                                   to staff the workshop.

Social Enterprise Grant
                                           Local       Proposed
   Organisation        Project Name                                                                    Comments
                                          Authority    Grant (£)

                                                                   The project is to take forward the next stage of the Green Valley Project by
                                                                   developing two new social enterprises. One will extend the training arm of the
                                                                   business, offering a wider range of accredited training in horticulture and
   Bryncynon           Green Valley                                conservation management and the other will develop income generation
   Community          Social Enterprise                 60,432     opportunities by extending the locally grown food production function of the
                                          Cynon Taff
 Revival Strategy      Development                                 business, supplying food cooperatives and farmers’ markets and developing a
                                                                   food box scheme with other social enterprise producers. The grant will cover
                                                                   salaries, the purchase of a small commercial vehicle, marketing and publicity,
                                                                   rent and management costs.

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