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					                             Praises to the Twenty-one Taras

                                                           (In Tibetan)
OM chom dan da ma lha mo drol ma la chhag tshal lo
Chhag tshal drol ma TARE pal mo
TUTTARA yi jig kun sel ma
TURE don nam tham cha ter ma
SVAHA yi ger cha la rab du

                                                            (In English)
OM I prostate to the goddess foe destroyer, liberating Lady Tara.
Homage to TARE, savioress, heroine,
With TUTTARE dispelling all fears,
Granting all benefits with TURE,
To her sound SVAHA. I bow.

                                                       Tara's Mantra

                                          OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA
                                        Praises to the
                                     Twenty-one Taras

Invocation                                          Invocation
  Po ta la yi na chhog na                                From your sublime abode at the Potala,
  TAM yig jang khu la thrung shing                       O Tara, born from the green letter TAM
  O pag me kyi u la gyan                                 Your crown adorned with Amitabha,
  Du sum sang gya thrin la ma                            Action-mother of the buddhas of the three times,
  Drol ma khor cha sheg su sol                           Tara, please come with your attendants
Prostration                                       Prostration
    Lha dang lha min cho pan gyi                     The gods and demi gods bow
    Zhab kyi pa mo la tu de                          To your lotus feet, O Tara;
    Phong pa kun la drol dza ma                      You who rescue all who are destitute,
    Drol ma yum la chhag tshal lo                    To you, Mother Tara, I pray homage.
                                                     OM I prostrate to the noble transcendent liberator.

The Praises                                       The Praises
OM je tsun ma phag ma drol ma la chhag tshal lo   OM I prostrate to the noble transcendent liberator.
  Chhag tshal drol ma nyur pa mo                      Homage to mother Tara, swift and heroic
  Chan ni ka chig log dang dra ma                     Your eyes are like flashing lightening.
  Jig ten sum gon chhu kye zhal gyi                   Born from the blossoming stamens
  Ge sar je wa la ni jung ma                          Of the lotus face of the Lord of Three Worlds.

    Chhag tshal ton kai da wa kun tu                  Homage to you whose face is like
    Gang wa gya ni tseg pai zhal ma                   The gathering of a hundred full moons in autumn,
    Kar ma tong thrag tshog pa nam kyi                Shining resplendent light
    Rab tu chhe wai o rab bar ma                      In the perfect, spacious constellation of a thousand stars.

    Chhag tshal ser ngo chhu na kye kyi               Homage to you, the golden lady
    Pa ma chhg ni nam par gyan ma                     Whose hand is adorned with a blue lotus.
    Jin pa tson dru ka thub zhi wa                    You are the lord of the domain of the activities of generosity,
    Zo pa sam tan cho yul nyi ma                      Diligence, austerity, tranquility, patience, and meditation.

    Chhag tshal de zhin sheg pai tsug tor             Homage to you, born from the Tathagata’s crown
    Tha ya nam par gyal war cho ma                    Who enjoys boundless total victory.
    Ma lu pha rol chhin pa thob pai                   Relied upon by the Sons of Conquerors
    Gyal wai sa kyi shin to ten ma                    Who have achieved perfection.

    Chhag tshal TUTTARA HUM yi ge                     Homage to you who fills all the realms of Desire,
    Do dang chhog dang nam kha gang ma                Its Aspect and Space with TUTTARE and HUNG syllables,
    Jig ten dun po zhab kyi nan te                    You trample the seven worlds with your feet,
    Lu pa me par gug par nu ma                        You have the power to draw forth all beings.
Chhag tshal gya me lha tshang pa             Homage to you, who is worshipped by Indra.
Lung lha na tshog wang chhug chho ma         Agni, Brahma, Vayudeva, Visvakarman, and Ishvara,
Jung po ro lang dri za nam dang              And praised in your presence,
No jin tshog kyi dun na to ma                By a host of spirits, zombies, gandharvas, and yakshas.

Chhag tshal TRAD che ja dang PHAT kyi        Homage to you, who destroys malefic magical wheels,
Pha rol thrul khor rab tu jom ma             With the sounds of TRAT and PHAT
Ya kum yon kyang zhab kyi nan te             And tramples with right leg outstretched and left leg drawn in
Me bar thrug pa shin tu bar ma               Dazzling amidst whirling flames.

Chhag tshal TURE jig pa chhen po             Homage to TURE, the great terrifying lady,
Du kyi pa wo nam jom ma                      Who defeats the champions of demons
Chhu kye zhal ni thro nyer dan dza           Your frowning lotus face
Dra wo tham cha ma lu so ma                  Slays all foes without exception.

Chhag tshal kon chhog sum tshon chhag gyai   Homage to you, who holds your fingers marvelously
Sor mo thug kar nam par gyan ma              In the mudra symbolizing the Triple Gem at your heart
Ma lu chhog kyi khor lo gyan pai             Swirling masses of light adorn you,
Rang gi o kyi tshog nam thrug ma             Permeating every direction in beautiful circles.

Chhag tshal rab tu ga wa ji pai              Homage to you, lady who unfurls
U gyan o kyi threng wa pel ma                Garlands of joyous majestic light from your crown.
Zhe pa rab zha TUTTARA yi                    By your piercing laughter of TUTTARE,
Du dang jig ten wang du dza ma               You subjugate the world and maras.

Chhag tshal sa zhi kyong wai tshog nam       Homage to you,
Tham cha gug par nu ma nyi ma                Who can summon hosts of the protectors of earth.
Thro nyer yo wai yi ge HUM gi                By your frowning movements and HUNG syllable,
Phong pa tham cha nam par drol ma            You bring freedom from all poverties.

Chhag tshal da wai dum bu u gyan             Homage to you, whose diadem is a crescent moon,
Gyan pa tham cha shin tu bar ma              All your adornments dazzle brightly.
Ral pai khur na o pag me la                  Excellent perpetual light shines
Tag par shin tu o rab dza ma                 From Amitabha at your topknot.
Chhag tshal kal pai tha mai me tar           Homage to you, who dwells amidst garlands
Bar wai threng wai u na na ma                Blazing like the fire at the end of an eon.
Ya kyang yon kum kun na kor gai              With your right leg outstretched and left leg drawn in
Dra yi pung ni nam par jom ma                Your joyful turning destroys enemy forces.

Chhag tshal sa zhi ngo la chhag gi           Homage to you, who strikes the earth with your palms,
Thil gyi nun ching zhab kyi dung ma          And stamps upon it with your feet.
Thro nyer chan dza yi ge HUM gi              With wrathful grimaces and HUNG syllable,
Rim pa dun po nam ni gem ma                  You scatter the seven underworlds.

Chhag tshal de ma ge ma zhi ma         Hom   Homage to you, who is blissful, virtuous, and tranquil,
Nya ngan da zhi cho yul nyi ma               And enjoys the domain of peaceful nirvana
SVAHA OM dang yang dag dan pa                With (mantra) endowed perfectly with SVAHA and OM
Dig pa chhen po jom pa nyi ma                You destroy all awful non-virtuous karma.

Chhag tshal kun na kor rab ga wai            Homage to you, who is surrounded by joyous ones
Dra yi lu ni nam par gem ma                  Who completely scatter the bodies of enemies.
Yi ge chu pai ngag ni ko pai                 You liberate all with your speech, adorned with ten syllables
Rig pa HUM la drol ma nyi ma                 And HUNG: your pristine awareness.

Chhag tshal TURE zhab ni deb pa              Homage to you whose seed syllable is HUNG
HUM gi nam pai sa bon nyi ma                 Who utters TURE and stamps your feet.
Ri rab Mandhara dang big je                  Causing Meru, Mandhara and Vindhya mountains
Jig ten sum nam yo wa nyi ma                 And the three worlds to tremble.

Chhag tshal lha yi tsho yi nam pai           Homage to you, holding a hare-marked full moon,
Ri dag tag chan chhag na nam ma              Shaped like the god’s ocean of nectar
TARA nyi jo PHAT kyi yi ge                   By uttering TARE twice and PHAT
Dug nam ma lu pa ni sel ma                   You dispel all poison without exception.
Chhag tshal lha yi tshog nam gyal po
                                       Ho    Homage to you, on whom kings, congregations of gods,
Lha dang mi am chi yi ten ma
Kun na go chha ga wai ji gyi                 Minor gods, and kinaras rely.
Tso dang mi lam ngan pa sel ma               Your armor of magnificent joy
                                             Dispels all disputes and bad dreams.
Chhag tshal nyi ma da wa gya pai     Homa     Homage to you, whose two eyes, the sun and the moon
Chan nyi po la o rab sal ma                   Radiate sublime luminous light.
HARA nyi jo TUTTARA yi                        Uttering HARA twice and TUTTARA
Shin tu drag poi rim na sel ma                You dispel all horrifying epidemics.
Chhag tshal de nyi sum nam ko pa     Homa     Homage to you, who is adorned by three Suchnesses
Zhi wai thu dang yang dag dan ma              Perfectly endowed with the power of serenity.
Don dang ro lang no jin tshog nam             Destroyer of demons, zombies and yakshas.
Jom pa TURE rab chhog nyu ma                  O TURE! Sublime excellent lady.
Tsa wai ngag kyi to pa di dang
                                     This I   This is the praise to Her root mantra.
Chhag tshal wa ni nyi shu tsa chig
                                              And the Twenty-One Homages.

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