Black Otter Lake District by linzhengnd


									                                                         Black Otter Lake District
                                                            November 18, 2008
                                                                 5:30 PM
    A. Call to Order
                 - Bill Curtis called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

    B. Review minutes from October 21, 2008 meeting
               - Mary Curtis had the public and members review the minutes from the previous meeting. Bill Curtis made a motion to
                   approve the minutes, Kevin Bolssen seconded and all approved.

    C. Treasurer’s Report
                - John Abitz is gone for the winter so Bill Curtis reviewed the Treasurer’s report. Bill Curtis made a motion to approve
                    the report, Kevin Bolssen gave a 1st, Al Handrich seconded and all approved.

    D.   Discussion of Old Business
            1. Status of 2008-2009 Plan
                 - No changes were made to the plan.
            2. Discussion on 2008 – 2011 grant request.
                 - Bill Curtis talked about needing the paperwork from the DNR for the grant and it is still not here yet.
            3. Current drawdown status.
                 - Bill Curtis is checking on the status of the allowance of snowmobiles on the lake. Bill Curtis talked about John Kelly’s
                      pond possibly having too much oxygen. He spoke with the DNR and as of now, the oxygen levels are high but not
                      dangerous. There are no other changes to report at this time.
            4. Discussion of volunteer involvement.
                 - Bill Curtis spoke about the lake clean-up that was done and thanked Mark Voight for heading that up. He also spoke
                      about the Hortonville High School science teacher had came out to the lake to look at the spatterdock and is hoping to
                      get a class of high schoolers out there to remove the spatterdock to be saved for replanting this spring. It will all
                      depend on the status of the bed of the lake and whether it is safe enough for the kids to go out there. Bill Curtis also
                      spoke about the osprey nest and how a boy scout is currently looking into heading up the project.

    E. New Business
          1. New Equipment Purchases.
               - Bill Curtis spoke about the recent purchases of a new laptop, gps and all the software. The village purchased and will
                   be installing a projector screen and projector for us to be able to use for the next meeting.
          2. New Document Procedures.
               - Bill Curtis spoke about the fact that due to the purchase of the new equipment the agenda and minutes will now be done
                   using Windows Vista and that can cause some issues when trying to open the documents in Windows XP. As of recently
                   we have not noticed the problem but wanted to make the public aware.
          3. Possible Fisheries.
               - Bill Curtis spoke about the possibility of having a fishery on the lake if the DNR ok’s it. Also, he spoke about how he
                   had spoke with a vet regarding the testing of the fish for VHS. We have learned that we don’t need a large amount of
                   each species just 150 fish total and as long as the percentage of fish we are pulling out comes out where they need it to.
                   He also spoke about how we will be possibly trying to do a fishery at John Kelly’s pond this spring to have the fish
                   ready for the VHY testing.

    F.   Open Discussion by Public – Max. 15 min.
            1. Each item to be limited to two minute by initiator and three minute
                 Additional response by others
                 - Mark Voight spoke about how he had spoke with Mike Young, WI Game Warden, and had taken him on a “tour” of the
                     lake and that the sediment is a big concern. The lake and the ponds are quite full of sediment and tht with the last
                     dredging they believe that the depth of the sediment in both the lake and the sediment ponds are quite dramatic and that
                     this needs to be addressed. Bill Curtis addressed the comment and answered back that he would be more than happy to
                     add that to the agenda for the next meeting to discuss the dredging further. Mark answered that he would like that very
                     much. Bill Curtis made a motion to put it on the December agenda, Kevin Bolssen seconded and all approved. Chuck
                     Mulroy talked about the dredging in 1989 and how the sediment was not able to be used for gardening at that time.

    G. Set next meeting date - (Tentative December 16, ( 3rd Tuesday))
                - Bill Curtis made a motion to approve the next meeting date, Kevin Bolssen seconded, all approved.

    H. Adjourn
                  -   Bill Curtis made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Kevin Bolssen seconded and all approved.

Attendees – Bill Curtis, Mary Curtis, Carole Curtis, Kevin Bolssen, Al Handrich, Mark Vioght, Bob Maahs, Todd Lavey, Lisa Lavey, Chuck

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