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					           Setting up to remote control your office computer from a
                 Windows XP Home or Professional computer
Write down your computer name from your work computer before you go home.
                      Before you go home, do the following from your work computer:
           Start, Run, cmd, OK, type in “hostname” and press enter, write it down, you’ll need it later.

     1.  From your home computer do the following:
     2.  Start
     3.  Run
     4.  control ncpa.cpl [ and press OK ] (Or just go to Control Panel for this step)
     5.  New Connection Wizard or Create a New Connection
     6.  Next
     7.  Connect to the network at my workplace (VPN)
     8.  Next
     9.  Virtual Private Connection
     10. Next
     11. Company Name (YOUR COMPANY NAME - VPN)
     12. Do not dial the initial connection (This may not come up on your computer)
     13. Next
     14. Hostname = YOUR PUBLIC IP ADDRESS
     15. Next
     16. Pick My use only or Anyone’s use (it doesn’t really matter, you may not see this)
     17. Next
     18. Check the box labeled “Add shortcut to desktop”
     19. Finish
     20. A User name and Password box will show up
     21. Properties
     22. Networking
     23. (highlight) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
     24. Properties
     25. Advanced
     26. Uncheck use default gateway on remote network
     27. OK
     28. OK
     29. OK
     30. Plug in your login name and password that you would use at YOUR COMPANY NAME
     31. Click Connect

     (The only thing you need to do from now on)
     32. From now on just click YOUR COMPANY NAME - VPN shortcut on the desktop to connect. Then do the
     33. Start
     34. All Programs
     35. Accessories
     36. Communications
     37. Remote Desktop Connection (You can put a shortcut for this on your desktop if you want to)
     38. WORKCOMPUTER(You may have to find your computer name before you try this in the future if it changes)
     39. Put your NAME and PASSWORD you would use at the office (example username=BSMITH and password)
     40. Done

To sound professional as to what you are actually doing, you would say
“First, I VPN to the office and then I RDP to my desktop.”

Make sure your office computer is left turned on to be able to connect to it. The monitor can be turned off it your wish.
The office computer does not have to be logged in, just turned on.

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