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					                               Parent Coaching
                              with Christine Moers
1) Once you express a desire to enter into parent coaching with me, we will work
  together to schedule a time. You will decide if you prefer a half hour or full hour
  session. If you choose a half hour session, and then find yourself needing an entire
  hour, it may be extended mid-call and the extra payment made after the session is
  over. I plan for this so that you have that flexibility. Sometimes you don’t know
  exactly what you need until you’re in the session!

2) A PayPal invoice will be sent to you for the amount of your coaching session.
   Payment of this invoice secures your appointment with me. Our session may not
   begin until this payment is complete.

3) Before our scheduled session, I will ask you to send me an email covering the
   following topics:
        Background information on your family, behaviors you are parenting, resources
        you have read/see/attended and how they did or did not help, therapeutic
        interventions you are using (or would like to use, but are having a hard time
        making it work!), your current struggles, goals you have, etc. I prefer a very
        detailed email so that we can hit the ground running as soon as we begin our
        time together!

4) I will not contact you for a follow-up session. I prefer you have total control over
   how much and how often you utilize my coaching. People who are parenting trauma
   have enough stress in their lives and are typically struggling financially as they try to
   keep their head above water. You will receive zero guilt or pressure from me to
   schedule more time. If you never choose my coaching again - great. If you want a
   session every week - great. I’m fine with what helps YOU.

Things you will not experience in our time together:

       Feeling like this is your fault
       Medical advice
       Support of corporal punishment
       Support of holding therapy
       Support of interactions which could potentially shame a child

Things you will experience in our time together:

       Encouragement that you have been doing the very best you can
       Support for you, as you determine your own triggers
       Brainstorming therapeutic ideas to create an environment of healing
       A safe place to admit just how truly discouraged and miserable you feel
       Love and support coupled with gentle nudging to keep you moving forward

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