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					                                CHAIRMAN’S REPORT ON

                  BARFORD ST. MARTIN PARISH PLAN 2004/05

1. To maintain effective communications between Councillors and all
members of the village community.
        Allow parishioners to speak at Council Meetings

A standard feature of Parish Council meetings is a period set aside for members of the public to raise
issues of concern. A parish council meeting dedicated to consider the effectiveness of the traffic
priority system was held as a public meeting.

        Make copies of minutes accessible to public – target within 3 weeks of meeting

Copies have been posted in the Barford Inn, the church and the school. Copies are available to any
individual on request and a copy is sent to the publisher of the Barford Bulletin. Copies are now being
posted on to the Parish Council web site.

        Publish details of budget on Notice Boards and web site – target immediately following
         agreement at November meeting


        Publish information in Barford Bulletin – target last Wednesday in each month

We have continued to use the Bulletin as a means of communication since it is delivered to every
household in the village. A copy is given to newly arrived residents to the village as part of the
welcome pack.

        Publish significant deviations from or additions to the Parish Plan on village notice boards

There have been no significant deviations meriting this action

        Maintain and develop web site

The web site has been regularly updated with notices to the notice board and the diary of events. The
web site now contains copies of the minutes of Parish Council meetings.

        Publish ‘Keeping You Posted’ notices from time to time - target at least 6 times per year

5 notices were published during 2004/2005

        Publish outline of planning applications affecting the village on notice boards – target within 7
         days of receipt from SDC

To some extent this has been overtaken by new procedures. Outline details of planning applications
are received from the District Council via the ‘Weekly List’. Once full details of planning applications
are received this is advertised on the main notice board together with the date of the public meeting to
consider the application. This new procedure is driven by a requirement to discuss planning
applications in public and to respond to the District Council within 14 days. On no occasion has either
the applicant nor any member of the public attended. On one occasion there was no quorum and no
response was possible.

2. To provide and improve facilities in the village
        Support the School House Project

The Council supported the move of the community facilities from the small room in the School House
to one of the classrooms within the main school building. The room in the School House was too
small for meetings at which more than a handful of members of the parish were present. The larger
room in the school is a better deal for the community. The new school hall is also available for
community use and was used for the open meeting on 16 March 2005 to discuss the future of the
Traffic Priority System. The new Community Room is very adequate for Parish Council meetings and
planning meetings. It does need to be tidied and I am in discussion with the school on this.

        Support the school in its bid to become a competitive Primary school

The school is now a primary school. We maintain a close link with the school, having a Parish
Councillor as a governor. An update on school activities is given at Parish Council meetings.

        Provide skips at least once per year – target June

Achieved. No contaminated material was found in the skips.

        Maintain play area and its fencing and ensure safety requirements of ROSPA are met - target
         no high risk observations

The ROSPA report identified no major shortcomings. Some tree surgery was undertaken. The Parish
Council placed a small contract with The Burnbake Trust to keep the play area weed and litter free.
This worked well. More chippings are being ordered and plans considered to make the area more
accessible to the disabled.

        Support Wiltshire County Council Youth and Community officers in providing recreation for
         the young people of the village

Youth activities fell into abeyance while the school rebuilding work was being done. However, youth
club activities have recommenced in the community room in the school.

        Continue discussions with Alabare Trust over use of the Countryside Unit by residents of the

No further discussions took place. This is no longer in the 05/06 Business Plan.

        Seek to achieve the NPFA’s standard of recreational open space – target by end 2004

No progress

        Maintain all assets in good condition – target no criticisms from auditor

All assets are in good condition and there were no adverse criticisms from the auditor. The damaged
bus shelter opposite the entrance to Heath Farm Park was repaired and the cost recovered from the
Vehicle driver’s insurance.

        Seek to ensure that Rights of Way are maintained in good condition at all times

Our Rights of Way officer reports at most Parish Council meetings and has kept in touch with the new
Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (right to roam). He has reported some illegal use by
motorbikes and 4X4 vehicles and has maintained contact with the District Rights of Way officer. He
has been instrumental in improving the condition of the oxdrove at its junction with the A30.

         Support right to fish in river upstream from Bridge opposite Dairy Rd

The right to fish in the Nadder in the village was maintained by arrangement with the Hurdcott Estate.
Trout were introduced into the river. Discussions on fishing training were initiated.

         Support the concept of affordable housing subject to demonstration of need in conjunction
          with Dinton Parish Council

It was decided that the optimum site serving both villages was that in Catherine Ford Road in Dinton.
Raglan Housing Association is in negotiation with the landowners. They are also in discussion with
the Wilton Estate who have aspirations to develop a site in Dairy Rd in Barford which would include
an element of affordable housing. No details of this are known at the moment. Progress has been
slower than we had hoped and Salisbury District Council’s Head of Housing has been asked to help to
speed things up.

         Consider the installation of bus shelters in appropriate locations

Still under consideration but no funding has been set aside to take this further.

         Erect a Lytch Gate at West St cemetery – target Sept 2004

Construction was completed close to the target date. One of the plaques has been installed and delivery
of the other is awaited. The gardens by the entrance have been tidied and flowers and shrubs planted.

         Varnish benches in cemetery and extend grave numbers – target Sept 2004

Not yet done

         Continue to provide Christmas lights in churchyard – target early Dec 2004

Christmas lights were purchased and hung on the yew tree in the churchyard in time for a switching
on ceremony held on 3 December. Mulled wine and mince pies were provided by the Barford Inn. Cllr
Davids organised an event enjoyed by all.

3. To improve the safety of villagers by the introduction of appropriate
         Monitor the introduction of priority traffic system on B3089 by Barford school and hold open
          meeting to decide the way forward after one year’s operation

The temporary measures installed at Easter 2003 were the subject of a public meeting on 16 March
attended by, inter alia, the WCC Integrated Transport Manager. Retention of the system subject to
improvements was supported by the school staff, school governors and parents. There was a healthy
debate. Some residents were against the scheme. The Parish Council was undecided with a 3:3 tied
vote. The WCC Regulatory Committee subsequently decided to retain the system subject to
incorporating the improvements required by many and the work to make the system permanent will
take place during the school summer holidays. The Parish Council will be shown the revised design
before its implementation.

        Pursue measures to slow traffic and improve safety on the B3089 between the school and the
         outskirts of the village

The Wiltshire Constabulary is against the operation of laser speed cameras by members of the public.
The presence of the police has not been noticeable this year.

        Review speed restrictions and signage on A30

Our County Councillor has been asked to pursue with WCC the introduction of a sign warning of a
concealed exit (that to Heath Farm Park). It has been suggested by a resident in Shaftesbury Rd that a
keep left island be introduced before the delimitation sign. I have asked that he put this in writing
showing the support of other residents.

        Pursue the introduction of further improved signage on B3089 opposite entrance to Hurdcott

Although there have been further accidents WCC have not been persuaded to take further measures
beyond the SLOW signs and improvements to the road white line markings. They have said that the
road surface is satisfactory.

        Take appropriate steps to deter or deal with abandoned vehicles particularly where a hazard to
         children or the environment is concerned

There have been no instances of abandoned vehicles for some time.

4. To improve the visual appearance of the village by liaison with the proper
        Maintain view across water meadows on B3089 (Riverside Project) – target trim tree growth
         twice per year


        Maintain tidy appearance of churchyard, cemeteries and play area by grass cutting – target 6
         cuts per year – and hedge trimming

We have renewed our contract with Banyards for a further period of 3 years in view of their overall
satisfactory performance despite a slow start. They are required to make between 7 and 9 cuts per year
and do more at no extra cost.

        Introduce floral enhancements subject to the availability of funds

No funds were identified for floral enhancements.

5. To act efficiently and in accordance with legal requirements
        Satisfy audit requirements – target no major observations

We received a clean bill of health from the auditors

        Pay rates and other disbursements when due – target no reminders


        Collect rents when due – allotments target by end December


        Produce and maintain Parish Plan – target annual update to coincide with budget

Achieved. It was distributed to households with the Barford Bulletin at the end of November 2004

        Produce budget and set precept to meet objectives of Parish Plan – target by end November

Achieved. The budget for 2005/2006 was agreed and the precept was set at the Parish Council meeting
on 10 November 2004

        Produce Community Emergency Plan – target by June 2004

Not achieved. A revised date has been set for 2005.

        Maintain asset register – target up to date before District Audit submission in June

The Asset Register was revised and signed in March 2004

        Pay invoices within 30 days – target 100%


        Review Business Procedures in light of new Code of Conduct and introduce appropriate
         amendments – target June 2004

The target date was not achieved. However, the Business Procedures were updated and re-issued in
March 2005 incorporating the new planning process and the Procurement Procedures.

        Maintain risk register – review to be complete by audit submission in June 2004

The risk assessment reviewed and reissued in March 2004

        Seek Quality Council status at the earliest opportunity

This remains a goal of the Parish Council. We feel that we would be able to achieve the requirements
laid down by defra except that the Parish Clerk requires to be qualified to a higher standard than is
necessary to support a relatively small Parish Council. This remains a stumbling block.


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