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Conference Centre_ Sainsbury's Head Office 33 Holborn London


									Healthy Ageing: the Role of                                      Healthy Ageing: The Role of
Nutrition and Lifestyle                                            Nutrition and Lifestyle
Tuesday 13th January 2009                                         A British Nutrition Foundation
Conference Centre,
                                                               Conference celebrating the launch of
Sainsbury’s Head Office                                            its latest Task Force Report
33 Holborn
London EC1N 2HT

Please send completed registration form by fax or
post to:

Mrs Christine Price, MBE
British Nutrition Foundation, High Holborn House,
52-54 High Holborn, London WC1V 6RQ

Tel: 020 7404 6504 Fax: 020 7404 6747


The British Nutrition Foundation is a registered charity. It
promotes the nutritional wellbeing of the population by the
impartial interpretation and dissemination of scientifically
based knowledge and advice on the relationship between            Copies of the Task Force Report will
diet, physical activity and health. The Foundation works in       be available for purchase on the day
partnership with academic and research institutes, the food       at a discounted price.
industry, educators and Government. Registered charity
no. 251681.                                                        For more details please visit:
Healthy Ageing: the role of nutrition and lifestyle draft programme                                      REGISTRATION FORM
                    09.00 – 09.30 Registration and coffee                                                 (Please print clearly)
09.30     Welcome                                                                  Name
          Professor Judy Buttriss, British Nutrition Foundation                    Job title
          Chair: Professor John Mathers, University of Newcastle                   Address

                                                                                   Postcode                            Country
09.40     Ageing and health – an introduction to the new BNF Task
                                                                                   Telephone                              Fax
          Professor John Mathers, University of Newcastle
10.10     The effect of diet and lifestyle on mental health in later life
          Dr Robert Clarke, University of Oxford
                                                                                   Registration fees (inc VAT at the reduced rate of 15%)               No.*
10.40     COFFEE
                                                                                   Registration fee                                           £117.45
                                                                                   Subsidised fee for public sector employees (NHS,           £78.30
11.10     Lifestyle strategies to maximise bone health
          Dr Sue Lanham-New, University of Surrey                                  National/Local Government and Schools), charities and
                                                                                   retired persons
                                                                                   Students (There are only a limited number of places.       £29.36
11.40     Diet and arthritis                                                       Please contact Christine Price to check availability
          Professor Paul Dieppe, University of Oxford
                                                                                   before sending in the registration form.)
                                                                                   *If booking more than one ticket, please give names
12.10     Questions                                                                and job titles of additional attendees below:

12.20     LUNCH

13.20     Lifestyle measures to reduce physical frailty with ageing
          Professor Mike Rennie, University of Nottingham
                                                                                   Registration fee covers refreshments, a sandwich lunch and a delegate
13.50     Protecting teeth and oral health in old age                              information pack.
          Professor Angus Walls, University of Newcastle
                                                                                                 PAYMENT METHOD (Please tick)
14.20     Diet and skin ageing                                                            By credit card over the phone 020 7404 6504
          Dr Linda J Wainwright, Unilever Research, Colworth Science Park
                                                                                          By cheque made payable to the British Nutrition
14.50     A public health approach to healthy ageing: conclusions                         By invoice* Tickets will not be sent until payment is
          and recommendations of the Task Force                                           received
          Professor Judy Buttriss and Sara Stanner, British Nutrition Foundation
                                                                                   *Quote Purchase Order No. or Reference No.:
15.20     Discussion and Close
                                                                                   For our refund policy go to:

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