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					The ASTM Committee C08 Louis J. Trostel, Jr. Award

1. Title

1.1 The title of this Award is the ASTM Committee C08 Louis J. Trostel, Jr. Award .

2. Sponsoring ASTM Committee

2.1 This Award is sponsored by ASTM Committee C08 on Refractories.

3. Basis of Award

3.1 The ASTM Committee C08 Louis J. Trostel, Jr. Award hereinafter called “the Trostel
Award”, is granted: “For outstanding and sustained service to ASTM Committee C08 on

4. Award Criteria

4.1 The candidate must have been a C08 committee member for a minimum cumulative
 total of 6 years (may be discontinuous) and must be a current member in good standing of ASTM
and ASTM Committee C08.

4.2 The candidate must have served in a C08 committee position(s) at or above the subcommittee
chairman level.

4.3 The candidate must have demonstrated leadership and initiative in development and
maintenance of standards and/or contributing to the mission of ASTM Committee C08.

5. Frequency of Award

5.1 There is no prescribed interval for making the Trostel Award, but it should not be made
more frequently than once per calendar year preferably at the spring committee meeting. The
Trostel Award may be presented to one (1) or a maximum of two (2) candidates per year.

6. Process of Nomination and Award

6.1 Any current officer, Honors and Awards Subcommittee member or a subcommittee chairman
of C08 may nominate a candidate for the Trostel Award. Self-nominations are not permitted.

6.2 A supporting letter, consisting of a description of the candidate’s principal qualifications for
the Award, shall be submitted to the C08 Honors and Awards Subcommittee Chairman at the time of
nomination. There is no prescribed format for this letter except that it be addressed to the Honors
and Awards Subcommittee Chairman of C08 and shall contain: 1) the full name of the candidate, 2)
relevant accomplishments of the candidate, 3) the full name, C08 committee office, and signature
of the person making the nomination, and 4) the date of submission.
6.3 If the Honors and Awards Subcommittee Chairman accepts the nomination on behalf of the
C08 Committee, a ballot shall be conducted of the current members of the C08 Honors and
Awards Subcommittee. This ballot shall be completed within thirty (30) days of acceptance of
the nomination by the C08 Honors and Awards Subcommittee. Passage of the ballot shall require
a minimum 2/3 affirmative vote of the Honors and Awards Subcommittee. Failure to achieve a
2/3 affirmative vote denies the nomination for the Award.

6.4 The Honors and Awards Subcommittee Chairman of C08 shall forward the Award nominee’s
name to the Chairman of C08 for submittal of an acceptance vote of the Executive Committee.
Notification of this decision shall be made to the author of the nomination letter.

6.5 Proposed candidates who fail to be accepted as candidates for this Award by the C08 Honors
and Awards Subcommittee, or who fail the Executive Committee ballot for the Award, may be
re-nominated after a minimum period of one (1) year has elapsed from the date of the original
nominating letter.

7. Presentation of the Award

7.1 The Awardee shall be recognized and the Trostel Award presented at a scheduled ASTM
Committee C08 Business Meeting following the passage of the Award ballot by the Executive
Committee. If, for extenuating circumstances, the candidate cannot be present to receive the
Award at the above-named functions, one of two options may be exercised at the discretion of the
C08 Chairman: 1) presentation of the Trostel Award may be deferred to the following scheduled
C08 function, or 2) the Trostel Award may be made in absentia and the Award sent to the

8. Nature of the Award

 8.1 The Trostel Award shall consist of a suitably engraved plaque containing the name of the
Award, the basis for the Award, the full name of its recipient, and the date of presentation (exact
wording to be determined by the C08 Executive committee). It is expected that the funds
required for preparation of a award shall be obtained from the C08 Treasury or from ASTM and
that the use of funds for this purpose shall not require a separate authorization from the Executive

9. Archival Documentation

9.1 The C08 Committee Secretary and Honors and Awards Subcommittee shall maintain a list of
all recipients of the Award, including their full names, nominating letters, and dates of award. A
copy of these records shall be provided to the ASTM C08 Staff Manager whenever a new Award
is made.

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