Steering Comm by xiaopangnv


									MSCRM Project (TYONG)
Steering Comm. #2, 2/15/2010

  Task ID                                                        Description:                                        Assigned to:                                 Due:                             Status:   Comments:
         1   Customization of MSCRM "Product Catalog" entity to allow proper integration w/ PROMIS   Kong/TIS                                                                     2/12/2010   In process
         2   Verification of "Marketing Launch" process flowchart                                    TIS                                                                          2/12/2010   Completed
         3   Implementation plan for TYONG (to: K' Wirote)                                           Aae/TIS                                                                      2/12/2010   Completed
         4   Conversion of "Lead" into "Contact" (possible error: pick list)                         Kong/TIS                                                                     2/12/2010   In process
         5   Update & Import MSCRM Data (After web registration - part of "Marketing Launch")        Aae/TIS                                                                      2/12/2010   Completed
         6   Verification of Sales Report (sent from K' Oil)                                         TIS                                                                          2/15/2010
         7   Customization of workflow for "Campaign Response" (Post Update & Import)                Kong/TIS                                                                     2/12/2010   In process
         8   Test E-Blast & Mail Merge functionality (Internal/TIS)                                  Kong/TIS                                                                     2/12/2010   Completed
         9   License & pricing for MSCRM                                                             Sham/TIS                                                                     2/19/2010
        10   "Marketing Launch" Process Document (draft)                                             Shivek/TIS                           To be presented on 2/15/2010
        11   Discussion w/ TYONG web design and required template for MSCRM import                   Web Designer/ TYONG Marketing/ TIS   Schedule will be decided on 2/15/2010
        12   Duration window for online registration for 1st Blast (how many days cut off?)          Steering Comm.                       To be discussed on 2/15/2010
        13   Design E-Blast document (message format, layout etc.)                                   TYONG Marketing                      To be discussed on 2/15/2010
        14   Decision regarding classification of leads, contacts, opportunity etc (terminology)     Steering Comm.                       To be presented on 2/15/2010
        15   Finalize "Marketing Launch" process flowchart                                           Steering Comm.                       To be presented on 2/15/2010

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