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									Energy Conference                                                                 EnErgy ConfErEnCE AgEndA, MAy 22, 2008                                                         Energy Conference
May 22, 2008                                                                      7:00 – 7:30 a.m.        registration                                                           May 22, 2008
Duke Energy Center Cincinnati, Ohio                                               7:30                    CIC Breakfast                                                          Duke Energy Center Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                  8:15                    CIC Seminar on Smart Buildings
dESCrIPTIon                                                                       10:00                   Tech Expo Exhibits open to the Public/Energy                          rEgISTrATIon forM
Join	Tri-State	Energy	Professionals	as	they	present	and	discuss	the	future	                               Conference Begins                                                     Please print; duplicate as necessary.
of	energy	generation,	distribution	and	use.	Learn	about	the	issues	faced	by	      	                  Concurrent	Panels                                                          Mr./Mrs./Ms.	________________________________________________
climate	changes,	renewal	energy	sources	and	fuels,	increasing	demands	for	        10:00 – 10:50           Alternative Energy Panel
                                                                                  	 	                	    Representation	from	the	Governor’s	Office	of	the	Energy		         	
                                                                                                                                                                                Title	_____________________________________________________
electricity	and	natural	gas,	and	worker	training	for	the	challenges	ahead	in	
the	21st	century.	                                                                                   	    Advisor,	Larry	Feist	–	Chair	of	the	Renewable	Energy		                Department	________________________________________________
                                                                                                     	    Program	–Cincinnati	State	College	of	Applied	Science		
New	this	year	is	the	Energy	Conference	running	concurrently	with	Tech	Expo	                                                                                                     Organization	________________________________________________
                                                                                                     	    Fuel	Cell	Development	Team	Discussion	of	current	efforts,		       	
2008	with	authoritive	local	and	industry	experts	addressing	key	topics	like	                         	    programs	and	next	steps.                                              Mailing	Address	______________________________________________
climate	change,	what	it	takes	to	keep	the	lights	burning,	sustainability,	and	
renewable	energy	sources.                                                                                   Public Utilities Panel                                              City	 ______________________________State	 ___________________
                                                                                  	 	                	      Leaders	in	the	Public	Utility	industry	will	outline	what	is		   	   Zip	______________________________________________________
AUdIEnCE                                                                                             	      being	done	today,	what	needs	to	be	done,	and	what	are	
                                                                                                     	      the	challenges.                                                     Day	Phone	__________________________Fax	 ____________________
Business	professionals,	educators	and	future	leaders	looking	to	deepen	their	
understanding	of	one	of	the	most	critical	issues	of	our	time.                     10:50 – 11:10           Break                                                                 E-mail	____________________________________________________
                                                                                  11:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. repeat Panels: Alternative Energy Panel                               If you have special needs to accommodate a disability, or have special dietary needs,
hIghLIghTS                                                                                                                                                                      please call 513.558.1810 by May 15, 2008.
                                                                                                          and Public Utilities Panel	  	      	
Four	information	packed	panel	discussions	are	planned	for	this	dynamic	           12:00 – 2:00            Lunch/Tour of Tech Expo                                               fEES And PAyMEnT
                                                                                  	                  Concurrent	Panels                                                          Register online
Alternative Energy Panel                                                          2:00 – 2:50             Sustainability Panel                                                    		$75	-	on	or	before	5/12/08		
• What is available today? What is next? How can everyone be involved?            	 	                	    David	Hunt	of	the	International	Facilities	Management		                 		$125	-	after	5/12/08			
Public Utilities Panel                                                                               	    Association,	Michael	Senger	-	US	Green	Building	Council	                		$75	-	(per	person	for	groups	of	10	or	more)	(before	or	after	May	12)	
• What are utilities doing today? What is next? How will they “keep the                              	    (Cincinnati	Regional	Chapter)	Developers	of	LEED		 	              	     		$0	-	Student	(does	not	include	lunch)	
  lights on?”                                                                                        	    certifications........And	MORE!
Sustainability Panel                                                                                                                                                            	____________Total	amount	due	
                                                                                                            Climate Change Panel
• Recycling materials, Green designs, and LEEDS                                                                                                                                 List	Name	and	Organization	of	the	individual(s)	attending	(or	use	separate	sheet).
                                                                                  	 	                	      Climate	Change	is	at	the	center	of	an	ongoing	debate		
Climate Change Panel
                                                                                                     	      across	the	planet.	Current	information	on	global	                   ________________________________________________________
• What do we control? What are the facts? What can and should we
                                                                                                     	      temperatures,	as	well	as	carbon	footprint	models	will		             ________________________________________________________
                                                                                                     	      be	discussed.
TECh ExPo InforMATIon                                                             2:50 – 3:10               Break
The Tech Expo is free to the public. This	spring,	seniors	at	the	University	of	   3:10 – 4:00               repeat Panels: Sustainability Panel and Climate                      		Enclosed	is	my	check	or	money	order	made	payable	to	University	of	Cincinnati
Cincinnati’s	College	of	Applied	Science	will	exercise	their	imaginations	and	                               Change Panel                                                         		Please	charge	my											
technical	know-how	to	complete	their	senior	projects.	The	results	are	a	sur-                                                                                                    ____Visa								____Master	Card							____American	Express								____Discover	
                                                                                  rEgISTrATIon InforMATIon for ThE EnErgy ConfErEnCE
prising	mix	of	creative	design,	complex	project	management,	and	eye-catch-
                                                                                                                                                                                Card	Number__________________________Exp.	Date	________________
ing	ingenuity.	                                                                   fees:		The	conference	registration	fees	include	conference	materials,	admis-
                                                                                  sion	to	Tech	Expo	2008,	CIC	Breakfast	and	Program	on	Smart	Buildings,	and	                    Signature	__________________________________________________
Tech	Expo	2008	brings	this	year’s	senior	design	projects	to	the	public.	Come	     Lunch.	The	early	registration	fee	is	$75	per	person	if	received	by	May 12.	After	
and	see	their	innovative	solutions	as	everyone	is	welcome.	The	Tech	Expo	         May	12	the	fee	is	$125.	The	fee	for	groups	of	10	or	more	is	$75	per	person	(be-               Return form and payment to University Conferencing:
opens	at	10:00	a.m. and	closes	at	4:00	p.m.	                                      fore	or	after	May	12).	Student	admission	for	the	conference	is	free	but	does	                 University	Conferencing	•	University	of	Cincinnati
                                                                                  not	include	lunch.                                                                            PO	Box	210031	•	Cincinnati,	OH	45221-0031
Senior	projects	will	span	all	technology	concentrations	within	the	College	of	
Applied	Science.	Additionally,	tri-state	Tech	Prep	students	will	be	exhibiting	                                                                                                 Phone:	513.558.1810	•	Fax:	513.558.0385		
                                                                                  refunds: 	If	you	register	for	the	conference	and	find	you	are	not	able	to		                   E-mail: •
their	award	winning	projects	in	the	exhibit	hall	as	well.
                                                                                  attend,	you	will	receive	a	full	refund	by	calling	513.558.1810	or	e-mailing		
For	more	information:
                                                                        	by	May	16,	2008.	No	refunds	will	be	processed	after	this	                               For	Office	Use	Only																																																																																																																																									C40049
                                                                                  date.	Substitutions	may	be	made	at	any	time.                                                            Received	 ______________Entered	_______________ Confirmed	_________________
                                                                                                                                                                                          Paid	________________ Receipt	#	 ______________ Doc	ID.	 ___________________
2008 TECh ExPo ProjECTS

drIvEr ALErT!

                                                                                                  Cincinnati,	OH	45221-0031
                                                                                                  PO	Box	210031	
                                                                                                  University	of	Cincinnati	
                                                                                                                              Energy	Conference	2008	
New	vehicle	capability	detects	whether	a	driver	is	actively	falling	asleep	at	the	
wheel	and	sounds	an	alarm.

dESIgnS for Cfd
Cincinnati	Fire	Department	Station	14	is	highly	unique	in	that	it	houses	an	ac-
tive	fire	station,	headquarters	offices	and	a	training	facility.		A	number	of	design	
and	construction	approaches	are	presented	for	CFD	as	Apl. Sci-AET	students	look	

toward	the	future.

Canines	with	hind	leg	weakness	or	paralysis	get	relief	through	a	special	“wheel-
chair”	engineered	to	reproduce	a	normal	healthy	gait.

Peddle	your	bike	while	GPS	data	is	recorded	then	examine	your	ride	routes	
through	an	innovative	software	package	using	Google	Earth®.

There	is	more	than	smoke	in	coal	fumes	and	this	revolutionary	approach	will	
find	gold	and	other	precious	metals	before	they	are	lost	up	the	stack.

grooMIx IS hErE!
Pet	salon	owners	now	have	the	support	they	need	through	a	new	salon	man-
agement	software	suite.
                                                                                                                                                        May 22, 2008
BEAn BUrgEr – BETTEr BUrgEr                                                                                                                             Duke Energy Center
Taste,	fiber	and	value	are	all	packed	into	this	gluten	free	soy	based	burger.		The	
developers	claim	its	texture	to	be	superior	to	anything	on	the	market…		Includ-                                                                         Cincinnati, Ohio
ing	a	beef	burger?
                                                                                                                                                        Sponsored By: University of Cincinnati
                                                                                                                                                        College of Applied Science,
                                                                                                                                                        Cincinnati State Technical &
This	social	networking	website	is	specifically	created	for	comedians	and	com-                                                                           Community College
edy	fans.		Comedians	can	upload	routines	and	videos	for	feedback	and	ideas	
from	colleagues	and	fans	alike.

BEvErAgES on dEMAnd
Press	the	remote	and	your	mobile	beverage	station	delivers	cold	draft	beer	and	
fountain	soft	drinks	anytime	day	or	night.

People	suffering	with	diabetes	benefit	from	early	screening	for	foot	ulcerations	
through	this	“in	sole”	monitoring	system.

                                                                                        Cincinnati,	Ohio

                                                                                                                  Non-Profit	Org.
                                                                                        Permit	No.	133

                                                                                                                   U.S.	Postage

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