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the roadmap


									the roadmap
charting the future course of my-kart
                                                project proposal

                 agenda & objectives
                         sell the vision
                         identify the issues
                         plan actions
                         agree roadmap
                         assign roles                                        2
                                                                      project proposal

                   talent discovery and development is core...

 myKART is like an oil and gas company
 but dealing with racing talent

                                                                 manage, promote
                                                                  and market the
                                         select & refine the

            explore far & wide to
            discover the talented
                  amateur                                                              3
                                                                          project proposal

                    ...searching for diamonds in the rough...

                                                        search far & wide
 myKART is about discovering,
 developing and delivering racing talent                skills development:
 by popularising grassroots motor-sports
                                                           driving
                                                           technical
                                                           strategy
                                                           communication
                                                           public relations
                                                           sports
                                                          aspiration to go all
                                                           the way
                                                              formula racing
                                                              touring cars                                                                  4
                                                                    project proposal

                 ...thus, we must create the infra & supply

                                             affordable amateur series
                                             progression paths
                                             development programmes
                                             sponsorship opportunities                                                            5
                                                                                                   project proposal

                 target markets
                                                     Fun karters                          Career karters

                   What they want            member benefits                    organised events / series
                                             discounts                          championship reward &
                                             safe & fun racing                     recognition
                                             Networking                           driver development
                                                                                   progress in racing career

                   Who are they           professionals, managers,              teenagers, personalities,
                                          entrepreneurs                         enthusiasts

                   What they offer        A pool of drivers, potential future   Financial benefits, talent
                                          talent & succession talent supply     management & commercial
                                          / builds corporate awareness          opportunities

                   What we provide        Regular events at affordable          sustainable & structured growth &
                                          rates                                 development programme

                   How we provide          member leagues                       annual series
                                           social events                        media coverage
                     * myKART must continue to focus on the fun karter to lead to the career karter                                                                                             6
                                                                                                         project proposal

                       providing end to end motor-sports activities

 there is a wide                                    driver                              talent
 range of activities                             development                          management
 and businesses
                                 amateur                         sponsorship
 to support the                  activities                       & rewards
 objectives of
 developing and                                                        professional
                                                                                                    supplies
 delivering racing      KART series                                      services
                                                                                                    technical support
                                                                                                    manufacture &
                                                                                                    event
                              driver                           merchandising                         management
                                                                prize money
                                                                                                    team
                                              TV & media                                             management

                                                                                           * inclusive national & regional events                                                                                                             7
                                                                              project proposal

                 the foundation of Malaysian motor-sports

                 individuals           companies              nation
                 affordable and fun    open access to wider   making racing more
                 series for amateurs   consumer segments      accessible & building
                                                              more awareness

                 clear career          new business           builds strong
                 progression and       opportunities (new     foundation for world
                 development           products)              class drivers

                                                              creates abundant &
                                                              sustainable supply of
                                                              racing talent
                 sponsorship           brand building,        international
                 assistance            merchandising          recognition &
                                       opportunities          exposure                                                                      8
                                                                                 project proposal

                 my-KART S.W.O.T. analysis
                 strengths                            weaknesses
                  experience since 2001               funding
                  rapport with circuit operators      corporate awareness & support
                  strong & diverse membership         unknown ‘name’ in market
                  existing corporate network          ‘elitist’ perception
                  professional                        amateur karting not ‘real thing’
                 opportunities                        threats
                  F1 exposure                         economic slowdown affecting
                  growing interest in motor-sports      sponsorship
                  government support                  established players
                  affordable karting experience       government backed player
                  the next generation                                                                         9
      thank you for your attention
1st my-KART Foundation Conference

    Summary of meeting discussion
                                                              project proposal

                 key issues to be addressed
                         entity & management structure
                             club vs. enterprise
                         politics & governance
                             existing players (KKS / KKW)
    project                  personalities
 summary report              AAM / Nathan
                             KBS
                             circuit operators
                             suppliers
                             corporations / sponsors
                         patronage
                             personalities & support
                         identity & branding
                             what is myKART for the layman                                                     12
                                                                                      project proposal

                      entity & management structure
 entity objectives:
                                           club / association       enterprise / sdn bhd
  discover &
   develop talent
                       fund raising         easier, commonly        perception of company
                                             practiced                profiteering
  organise events                                                   not allowed by AAM?
  seek sponsorship    decision making /    bureaucratic / slow     efficient thru delegated
  to profit           governance            process                  authorities & mandates
                       profit making        subject to members      accepted / common
                         decision needed: whether to form club or enterprise?
                          to understand AAM requirements
                         help needed:
                          Fazz to discuss with experienced people in the field:
                                Steward: Ron Lim (veteran racer)
                                Brian F: Faizul (m/sports commission)
                                Yusnee: Adien / Tg Djan (proton motorsports)                                                                             13
                                                                                               project proposal

                        politics & governance
 action needed:                              their agenda / risk            strategy
  meeting with          existing players     dominance in local            avoid direct comparison
   racers / karters /
                         (KKS / KKW)             karting scene; eliminate    complement and alliance
  understand the        AAM / Nathan         control over all motor-       compliance
   politics                                      sports activities;          managing Nathan
                                                 clampdown on amateur
                         KBS                  less focus on non-elite       avoid early reliance
                                                favours / preferred
                         circuit operators    profit making                 negotiation for long term
                                                                              partnership and rates
                         corporations /       what is the exposure?         build the member base
                         sponsors             control over events           build the programme
                                                                             insist on myKART control over
                                                                              activities and events;
                                                                              negotiate                                                                                       14
                                                                                                project proposal

                   my-KART patronage
                     definition        figurehead for myKART
                     role / purpose    to open doors for sponsors & protect myKART
                     qualification     experience in m/sport, passion, aligned with myKART, strong
                                        contacts, and clout in industry
                                        Potential Patrons          background
    to identify best option for
       myKART patronage
    to make appointments to            Ron Lim                     veteran racer of 30 years in Malaysia
       meet with these potential
       patrons                          Datuk Hishamuddin           minister / politician / karting enthusiast
    to be done once myKART             Datuk Mokhzani              SIC boss, racing enthusiast
       proposal and plans               Tan Sri Azman Yahya         racing enthusiast / former Danaharta
       documented                                                    boss
                                        Faez Yahya                  WALD
                                        Alex Yoong                  former F1 driver                                                                                           15
                                                                         project proposal

                 brand & identity
                         need to clear define the myKART brand & identity
                          and what it stands for:
                             unique proposition: discovering, developing
                              and delivering racing talent
                             values:
                                 safety-first
                                 professionalism
                                 diverse
                                 innovative
                                 driver led
                                 respect
                                 passionate
                             methodology: popularise grassroots motor-
                              sports and managing the talent
                         action needed: communication strategy, coaching
                          from PR experts (Naliza)                                                                16
                                                                                          project proposal

                     high level roadmap / timelines
   short-term (1-6 mths)      medium-term (7-12           long-term (13-24 mths)    future (beyond 2
                              mths)                                                 years)
   1.   understand legal /
                              1.   forge alliances
                                                          1.   media coverage
                                                                                    1.   team management
        AAM issues                                             (i.e. TV, 8TV)
   2.   register club / co    2.   corporate funding      2.   investment (e.g..    2.   circuit ownership
        (biz model &          3.   obtain                      junior formula)      3.   club house
        membership)                                       3.   technical up-skill
   3.   understand politics   4.   K1 class
        / governance          5.   driver academy /
   4.   patronage                  training
   5.   documentation
   6.   products &

   on-going activities:
    amateur events & recruitment
    stakeholder management
    develop informal links, MOUs & alliances with personalities                                                                                 17
                                                                                                 project proposal

                    foundation member roles
             :: role                 :: description                                   :: who
             lead                    overall responsibility in driving the myKART     Fazz

             stakeholder liaison     dealings with Govt, existing industry players,   Fazz
                                     personalities, patronage, local authorities,

             operations              event managements & preparation                  Fazz / Azlan / Edy
             financial               financial management; financing                  Azlan
             commercial              sponsorship, commercial agreements,              Brian E & F
             management              advertising & promotions

             media / PR              PR, media liaison, TV slots, electronic and      Naliza / Rizal
                                     print material, press releases
             technical               kart specifications, rules & regulations,        James / Julian
             members                 member value proposition for casual and          Naza
                                     career karters
             trading / procurement   merchandising, purchasing, fund raising          Joey Teo / Steward
             legal & secretarial     understanding the rules and laws on              Yusnee / Wei Li
                                     organised motorsports, entity formation,
                                     intellectual property and trademark protection                                                                                        18

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