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                           Fire House/Training Academy through BIM Design of a fire house/training academy by use of the
Bradley   Church     AET   concepts.                                   concept of BIM (Building Information Modeling).
                                                                       New design and construction of Station #14. Along with
                                                                       the station, a fire training academy has been integrated
                           Cincinnati Fire Department: Station #14 and into the building to serve as a training center for the tri-
Allison   Crotty     AET   Training Academy                            state.

                                                                             This project was designed to replace existing Cincinnati
                                                                             Fire Station #9 and provide the City of Cincinnati with a
                                                                             full training facility, to train their up and coming fire
Christoph                                                                    fighters and people from around the Greater Cincinnati
er        Gullett       AET    Fire Station and Training Facility            area that want to become fire fighters.
                                                                             The fire station in this project is designed to replace the
                                                                             Cincinnati Fire Station #14 on Central Ave. The training
                                                                             center would accommodate 40 trainees at a time.
                                                                             There are spaces for trainees to live, classrooms, dining
                                                                             and entertainment areas, and physical training
                               Cincinnati Fire Station and Regional Training elements, as well as an apparatus bay specifically used
Thomas    Hennessey     AET    Facility                                      for training.

                                                                              This project was designed to replace existing Cincinnati
                                                                              Fire Station #9 and provide the City of Cincinnati with a
                                                                              full training facility, to train their up and coming fire
Christoph                                                                     fighters and people from around the Greater Cincinnati
er        Hernandez     AET    Fire Station and Training Facility             area that want to become fire fighters.
Eric      Husteck       AET    Eric Husteck's Urbane Academy                  City of Cincinnati Fire Training Center No. 14.
                                                                              A firestation/ training facility complete with a set of
Scott     Inlow         AET    Cincinnati Firestation Ladder #14              architectural, structural, MEP, and HVAC drawings.

                                                                              The design intent of my project is to provide a fully
                                                                              functional fire department and fire training center for the
                                                                              state of Ohio while integrating the existence of the
                                                                              adjacent Fire History Museum. By incorporating the Fire
                                                                              Museum into my design, I hope to achieve a level of
John      Jaskiewicz    AET    Past, Present and Future of Fire Safety        community awareness of their Fire Department.               BHDP Architecture
Landon    Maurer        AET    Fire Station 14 & Training Academy             Fire station and recruit training facilities
                                                                            Develop a new Fire Station #14 and new Training
                                                                            Center for the city of Cincinnati. Work completed
                             City of Cincinnati Fire Station #14 and        includes conceptual design, physical model and a
Justin     Otanicar    AET   Training Center                                complete set of construction documents.
                                                                            My project is a completed design for a new fire station
                                                                            and training academy located downtown Cincinnati for
Michelle   Podsiadlo   AET   Fire Station No. 14 and Training Academy       the Cincinnati Fire Department.
Jim        Ratliff     AET   City of Cincinnati Fire Station No. 14         Headquarters and Training Facility

                                                                             BR Design Group created a 38,500 sf fire station and
                                                                             training facility within an urbanized environment setting
                                                                             of downtown Cincinnati. The fire station includes 4.5
                                                                             double wide, double deep apparatus bays; living
                                                                             quarters for both staff and trainees; administrative areas
                                                                             with conference rooms (that will also serve the
                                                                             neighboring Cincinnati community for community
                                                                             meetings and functions). The training facility includes a
                                                                             5 story training tower; (3) 30+ person training
                                                                             classrooms; a/v auditorium; multi-purpose areas in
                                                                             addition to paving for fire training exercises. Working
                                                                             closely with the Cincinnati community, BRD developed
                                                                             designs sensitive to the urban style community and
Brandon    Roberts     AET   Cincinnati Fire Station #14 & Training Facility open spaces while serving the fire department's needs.
Nathan     Rudolph     AET   City of Cincinnati Fire Station 14 and Training Academy

                                                                            The challenge was to provide the schematic design and
                                                                            design development documents for a Fire Academy for
                                                                            the City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Fire
                                                                            Department. This intaled designing a new Fire Station
                                                                            and Fire Training Center in Downtown Cincinnati and
                                                                            producing a 3D Model of the project using BIM
Admir      Salihovic   AET   Cincinnati Fire Training Academy               Software, as well as producing construction documents.
                                                                            Building design for the Cincinnati fire department fire
Jeffery    Sayegh      AET   CFD Fire Station 14 & Learning Academy         station 14 and Fire learning academy.
                                                                            The project objective is to design a fully functional
                             Cincinnati Fire Station No.14 & Training       Cincinnati Fire Station and Training Academy in the
Catherine Truong       AET   Academy                                        heart of Downtown Cincinnati.

                                                                            Proposal design of a fire station #14 and fire trainning
Eishi      Tsukamoto   AET   City of Cincinnati Fire Campus                 facility for City of Cincinnati Fire Department.
                                                                            Construction & presentation drawings, physical model,
                                                                            and animations of a Fire Station and Training Academy
Ryan      Warr          AET   Fire Station & Fire Training Academy          for the City of Cincinnati
                                                                            Firestation and training facility located in Cincinnati,
                                                                            Ohio. Firestation facilitates up to 14 firemen and
                                                                            includes conference rooms, fitness area, dorm rooms,
                                                                            living spaces, etc. Training facility trains and houses up
                                                                            to 20 firemen from the immediate and surrounding
                                                                            areas. The facility includes the same facilities as a
                                                                            operating firestation and also includes classrooms,
Derek     Wojcikowski   AET   FIRESTATION #14 & TRAINING FACILITY           offices, and other training areas.
                                                                            Mechanism to detect when a driver is actively falling
Matthew   Adams         CET   At Wheel Sleep Detection                      asleep while driving.

                                                                           This project gives the novice automotive mechanic an
                                                                           extra tool in the toolbox, by providing an inexpensive
                                                                           way to interface to a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics
                                                                           computer. With the use of some hardware and software
                              Graphical User Interface for a Vehicle’s On- on a computer the novice user can easily diagnose
Chris     Dubs          CET   Board Diagnostics Computer                   possible issues with the vehicle.
                                                                           An alarm clock that makes you complete a game of
Kyle      Dupler        CET   Simon Says Wake Up                           Simon to disable it.
                                                                           The system will detect motion up to 30ft and send a text
                                                                           message to the user cell phone. in addition, the user will
                                                                           be able go online using his/her cell phone or computer
                                                                           to view live video feed of the area being monitor by the
Bobby     Kweinavah     CET   Text Message/Web Cam Alarm System            system.

                                                                            The Siren Detection System will listen for emergency
                                                                            vehicles and if it hears a siren, it will turn off your radio
Sean      McShay        CET   Siren Detection System                        so you can be alert to the situation around you.
                                                                            An alarm clock designed for students with alternating
                                                                            schedule and have trouble hearing a typical alarm
Josh      Morand        CET   Student Alarm Clock                           buzzer.
                                                                            Utilizing a PC to gain access to the onboard diagnostic
Anthony   Schlegel      CET   PC Based OBD-II Diagnostic Tool               system (OBD-II) in current vehicles.
                                                                            A chessboard that is capable of moving its own pieces
                                                                            via stepping motors, an electromagnet, and keypads (for
bryan     teuschler     CET   Advanced ChessBoard                           user input).
                                                                     The focus of my project is a wireless remote that allows
                                                                     a user to increase or decrease the temperature on a
Jeff      Williams    CET     Remote-Controlled Digital Thermostat   thermostat at their place of residence.
                                                                     Commercial kitchens tend to accumulate grease and
                                                                     organics on their floors. These soils are ground into
                                                                     pores, cracks, and crevices by constant foot traffic,
                                                                     rolling carts and equipment. It is difficult for detergents
                                                                     within the short amount of time they are in contact with
                                                                     the soil to penetrate this built-up layer of embedded
                                                                     grime. In addition, emulsified grease which remains on
                                                                     the floor tends to form a polymeric coating contributing
                                                                     to slip hazards. Embedded organic soils are not only
                                                                     unsightly, but contribute to an unhealthy environment
                                                                     that can support unwanted insects and bacteria as well
                                                                     as develop malodors. A new trend in the commercial
                                                                     cleaning market is to add selective enzymes and/or
                                                                     bacteria to traditional floor cleaners, to extend the
                                                                     detergent’s capabilities beyond the mopping process.
                                                                     These formulas combine enzymes with traditional
                                                                     cleaning agents to claim better grease removal in
                                                                     restaurants and food service operations.The problem is
                                                                     that no definitive evidence exists as to whether the
                              Bio‐Enzymatic Hard Suface Cleaner      biological and/or enzymatic component of bio-enzymatic
Kristin   Curry-Zeigler CHT   Capability Study                       floor cleaning products is contributing to cleaning. If it do Procter & Gamble
                                                                        Michael C. Federle1, Sayandev Chatterjee2, Larie
                                                                        Meal1 and William B. Connick2* 1 Department of
                                                                        Chemical Technology, University of Cincinnati 2
                                                                        Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati Due
                                                                        to the increase in worldwide fossil fuel consumption and
                                                                        increasing CO2 emissions, there is an imminent need to
                                                                        shift towards alternative energy sources. An exciting
                                                                        avenue to address future energy demands is through
                                                                        the use of solar energy. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
                                                                        (DSSC) are a relatively new class of solar cells that are
                                                                        highly promising because of their price/performance
                                                                        ratio. However, one major drawback of these cells is
                                                                        their low efficiencies. This arises from the use of single
                                                                        electron reagents as dye molecules, which transfer a
                                                                        single electron when excited by a single photon. To
                                                                        address this problem, we synthesized dye molecules
                                                                        capable of releasing two electrons when excited by a
                           Synthesizing Two-Electron Dyes for Dye-      single photon, and developed the DSSC to which they
Michael    Federle   CHT   Sensitized Solar-Cells                       are incorporated.
                                                                        Levels of metabolites in urine examined. And because
                                                                        of a possible genetic link, the urine of each member of a
                                                                        family in which autism is present will be analyzed and
                           Urine Analysis of a Family in Which Autism   compared to reported levels in typically developing
Valerie    Helton    ChT   Is Present                                   individuals
                                                                        I am determining the feasibility of using glow discharge
                           Determination of Aluminum in Zinc Material   spectroscopy in analyzing for aluminum in zinc matrix
Roderick   Higgins   CHT   via Glow Discharge Spectroscopy              material.                                                  AK Steel Corporation

                                                                       Coal combustion byproducts such as fly ash, bottom
                           Determination of Precious Metals Content in ash, and mill rejects will be analyzed for precious metals
Matthew    Hoyt      CHT   Coal Combustion Byproducts                  such as gold, platinum, and palladium.                     Duke Energy
                                                                        Mangoes are delicious tropical fruits that come in a
                                                                        range of sizes and colors. They have a distinct flavor
                                                                        that sets them apart from other fruits. Mango flavors are
                                                                        found in a variety of flavored products such as water,
                                                                        juice, ice cream and vitamins. Due to the continued
                                                                        popularity of mango flavored products, flavor companies
                                                                        are in competition to create the most attractive and most
                                                                        "true to fruit" flavor for consumers. In order to create a
                                                                        more accurate mango flavor, it is necessary to include
                                                                        chemical analysis using analytical techniques. To
                                                                        achieve this goal, this project will attempt to develop
                                                                        methodology and techniques based on enzymatic
                           A Study of the development and               digestion and non-enzymatic digestion, followed by GC- Cargill Flavor
Lauren    Keller     CHT   characterization of a mango based flavor     MS analysis and statistical methods.                       Systems

                                                                      Cancer prevention in humans is a very important since
                                                                      there is no known cure. Studies on rodents have shown
                                                                      that a plentiful diet of fruits and vegetables containing
                                                                      specific antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, could
                                                                      prevent or delay cancer onset. Anthocyanins are
                                                                      pigments found in fruits, vegetables and flowers that
                                                                      account for their red, blue or purple color. Research
                                                                      has reported that fresh fruit contains anthocyanins, but
                                                                      when fresh fruits go through the dehydration process
                                                                      used in making edible dried fruit the anthocyanins are
                                                                      lost. Current research does not report on the impact of
                                                                      the drying conditions encountered (time, temperature,
                                                                      and light) on anthocyanin concentration. A study of the
                                                                      levels of anthocyanin concentration during the various
                                                                      stages of the drying process may answer some of these
                           Influence of Drying Parameters and Solvent uncertainties. Several analytical methodologies will be
                           Extraction Treatments on Anthocyanin       incorporated to obtain qualitative and quantitative
Elizabeth McClain    CHT   Content in Black Grapes and Raisins        information on anthocyanins.                                 UC
                                                                      This is a comparative quality study of samples of FD&C
                                                                      Yellow 5 and FD&C Yellow 6 that were produced in
                                                                      America and from foreign countries. This study aims to
                           Comparative Quality Analysis of Foreign    prove that the quality difference exists to lead into future Emerald Performace
Gregory   Rahm Jr.   CHT   Food Dyes to American Food Dyes            research in the field.                                       Materials
                                                                           This project investigates the photodegradation of Color
                                                                           Index Pigment Red 81:2. The project observes the
                            Investigation of the Photodegradation of       degradation of the pigment with time and offers some    Sun Chemical
Joshua    Rohman      CHT   Color Index Pigment Red 81:2                   mechanistic observations.                               Corporation
                                                                           My project quantifies the highly toxic compound Aniline
                            The Detection of Aniline at the ppb Level in   in FD&C Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 at the ppb level using an
Todd      Seifert     CHT   FD&C Yellow 5 and 6                            HPLC with PDA detection                                 Sun Chemical

                                                                          The project is a biodiesel project, intended to find out if
                            Correlation of Immiscible Oil in Methanol and there's a correlation between a shake test and what
Scott     Shnider     CHT   Percent Conversion of Methyl Esters           percent of the vegetable oil is converted to biodiesel.
                                                                          The study analyzed the isoflavone conentrations in soy
                                                                          at different states of processing. Those three states
                                                                          were raw, soaked, and roasted soybeans. The analysis
                                                                          helped determine the effect of processing on isoflavone
Haim      Grinspan    CUL   A Study of the Isoflavone Content in Soy      compounds.                                                  U.C.
                                                                          Compare resveratrol concentration, brix, pH, and
Renee     Jacobsen    CUL   Study of Resveratrol in Ohio Concord Wines refractive index of various Ohio Concord wines.
                                                                          Product development of a soy burger with improved
Catrina   Leatherwood Cul   Protein Packs A Punch                         texture
                                                                          This was a study of Ellagic Acid Content in organic and
                            The Investgation of Ellagic Acid Content in   inorganic cranberries. It was to see if the Acid levels     Professor Rajiv
Katherine Miller      CUL   Edible Cranberries                            were affected by growing conditions.                        Soman
                            The Investigation of the Flavanol Content in Looking at the levels of catechins and epicatechins in
Janice    Riggins     CUL   Cocoa Powder                                  several different cocoa powders.
                                                                          A compact DDS based signal generator with high
Tom       Harrison    EET   DDS based signal generator                    frequency resolution and stability
Richard   Lenga       EET   Voice Activated Door                          Voice Activated Door
                                                                          DEVICE KEEPS TRACK OF OVULATION CYCLE AND
E       MAKORE        EET   CALENDAR                                      MENSTRUATION DAYS.

                                                                           An application inspired by video games for team based
                                                                           play. Two teams play, one is on offense and the second
                                                                           on defense. The project includes the devices necessary
                            Video Game Inspired Site Capturing             for the offensive team to capture a specified site and for
Tim       Malinak     EET   Scenario                                       critical game data to be provided to the players.

                                                                           A sensor that monitors soil moisture, temperature and
Jesse     Nesbitt     EET   Houseplant Monitoring System                   light that a plant recieves and displays the information.
                                                                     My wireless temperature sensor uses a temperature
                                                                     remote sensor and transmitter circuit that transmittes
                                                                     data to a reader and display circuit. The reader circuit
                                                                     can be place inside a building or home so that the user
                                                                     can read the outside temperature without having to go
Raul      Rivera        EET    Wireless Temperature Sensor           outside or run wires to an outdoor sensor.

                                                                     This system will alert the homeowner when a building
                                                                     has been entered by an unauthorized person. Remote
                                                                     units will sends signals back to a local unit located
                                                                     within the home. When a remote unit has been set off
                                                                     the local unit will sound an alarm and display the
Kyle      Schroeder     EET    Wireless Security System              location of the break in on an LCD screen.

                                                                     Ultraviolet disinfection is a process commonly used in
                                                                     water treatment. This project uses a PLC and
                                                                     touchscreen to monitor operation of an ultraviolet
                                                                     disinfection system. Data from the system is input to the
                                                                     PLC which communicates with a touchscreen. The
                                                                     touchscreen displays system status and allows the
                                                                     operator to adjust system parameters. Alarms are
                               Online Monitoring of an Ultraviolet   provided by the PLC and touchscreen to alert the
Troy      Shaw          EET    Disinfection System                   operator in the event of system malfunction.
                                                                     This project is a portable LCD badge, which can be
                                                                     worn on a shirt or hat, in order to display images. It is
                                                                     small, and completely self contained, and perfect for
James     Stoneburner   EET    Portable LCD Badge                    promotional or convention use.
Charles   Turner        EET    Smart Device Timer                    120 VAC Programmable Timer RF Controlled

                                                                     A cycling computer that displays a rider's speed,
                                                                     distance traveled, longitude, latitude, altitude, and time.
                                                                     The computer logs GPS coordinates throughout the
                                                                     ride, and these coordinates can be uploaded to Google
                                                                     Earth using the Windows application written for this
                        EET/C                                        project. Ride routes can be displayed with a line, or
Josh      Hays          ET    GPS Logging Cycling Computer           waypoint markers can be viewed at a specified duration.
                                                                     During this project, I crossed many different daylilies
                                                                     and examined the resulting crosses to find out which
Rhys      Cooper        HORT Tracking Daylily Traits                 traits from the parentage were most apparent.
                                                                          The ADVANCE Informational website will provide visual
                                                                          information to enhance the organizational experience for
                                                                          the financial sponsors, corporate advisors, student body
Michael   Bloodworth    IET   Advance Informational Website               and board members.
                                                                          A multimedia tool that provides entering students a
Michael   Moore         IET   University Mutimedia Primer                 primer to enable their academic success.                      Dr Sam Geonetta
                              Removing Dependency on IBM Portlet          Writing a new implementation of a current web
Paul      Bachmeyer     IT    Factory                                     application without using IBM Portlet Factory.                The Kroger Co.
                                                                          A business management system to manage employees,
Carl      Bomkamp       IT    Driving School Management System            students, vehicles and lessons.
                              Dynamic Animation Resource Core (DARC) A Free, easy to use application for creating animation
Stephen   Brown         IT    Studio                                      clips.
                                                                          The INsideOUT database redesign focuses on
                                                                          structure, naming conventions, eliminating redundancy,
                                                                          adding security, and reducing the inefficient use of
                                                                          database storage. The redesign also includes
                              INsideOUT Database Redesign at Cincinnati incorporating common processes into stored procedures           Cincinnati Bell
Vernon    Chamberlain   IT    Bell Telephone                              and triggers.                                                 Telephone
                                                                          My program is a Visual front-end PDA
                                                                          application that uses MS Access for a back-end
Sean      Cloyd         IT    Children’s Inc Mobile Front-end             database.
                                                                          Developed a Web site for the Ghanaian association in
                                                                          the Cincinnati area that will allow members to register,
                                                                          join forum, view event calendar and pay yearly their          Ghanaian Association
Lukman    Ellis         IT    Ghanaian Cincinnati Home                    dues                                                          of Cincinnati
                                                                          Utilizing virtualization and DRBD disk replication,
                                                                          Cosmos HA Server provides real time server backups to
                                                                          an offsite mirror allowing recovery from server failures to
Thomas    Ervin         IT    Cosmos HA Server                            happen in just minutes.                                       Jackson, Rolfes, Spurg
                                                                          Social Network Solution is an free, open source social
                                                                          network application. This project allows users to setup
                                                                          and install a working social network on their web server
Stephen   Fedak         IT    Social Network Solution                     with just a few requirements.
                                                                          Framework that handles communications between
Corey     Gilbert       IT    Peer to Peer Communication                  mobile devices.
                                                                          My project is to redesign the current Aikido of
                                                                          Cincinnati's Website. It is getting a complete overhaul
                                                                          and nothing will look the same. I will be using Asp.Net to
Steve     Harvey        IT    Aikido of Cincinnati Website - The Makeover design it.
                                                                       Holeshot Motor Sports Web-site is a Web-site that
                                                                       utilizes advanced technologies, such as Microsoft
                                                                       C#.NET, Microsoft ASP.NET, and Microsoft Access.
                                                                       This Web is designed to improve business process
                                                                       currently deployed by a local motorcycle parts shop
Andy     Jen          IT   Holeshot Motor Sports Web                   located in Wilder, Kentucky, USA.

                                                                       Injector Flow Rate Measuring and Tracking System is a
                                                                       test application designed to collect data from medical
                                                                       injectors and calculate flow rates and volumes during
                                                                       the injector manufacturing testing. Due to the large
                                                                       number of data points collected during injector testing,
                                                                       and the accuracy of the injectors being tested, the test
                                                                       applications is required to function at semi-real-time.
                                                                       The test application is also intended to work on multiple
                                                                       injectors as well as collect the data simultaneously from
                                                                       multiple injectors if required. Another key aspect of this
                                                                       application is to keep electronic records of this data in a
                                                                       database for future evaluation. The concept was for the
                                                                       test application came about as a direct result a business
                                                                       need to increase accuracy and reliability of the test data.
                                                                       In order to accomplish this, a multitude of components
                                                                       had to be interfaced, from mechanical, electrical and
                                                                       software. Encoders are used to gauge injector ram
                                                                       movement by collecting changes in position over a given
                           Injector Flow Rate Measuring and Tracking   time. The multiple data points are then stored in a
Andrew   Kasako       IT   System                                      rotating buffer until the buffer is filled and then cleared by
brian    krahenbuhl   IT   GroomIx                                     GroomIx is a pet care salon management solution.
                                                                        50 Years of Computing History with Connection to the
                                                                        University of Cincinnati is a dynamic, multimedia web
                                                                        site, designed to showcase Prof. Russell McMahon’s
                                                                        research on the history of computing at the University of
                                                                        Cincinnati. In May 1958, the first mainframe, IBM 650,
                                                                        was installed on UC’s campus. This is when the history
                                                                        of computing at the University began. The University of
                                                                        Cincinnati is celebrating the 50 anniversary of the
                                                                        instillation of this mainframe. Currently, UC does not
                                                                        have a formal way of presenting its history, in regards to
                                                                        computing, to the public. Over the years, Prof. Russell
                                                                        McMahon acquired a great deal of material in the form
                                                                        of interviews, articles, audio recordings and video
                                                                        recordings that he published as a website. The website
                                                                        follows the UC branding standards and was developed
                                                                        using ASP.NET 2.0, Adobe CS3 and SQL Server 2005.
                                                                        It was created to include easy navigation, membership
                                                                        control, forum, audio and video presentation, and other
                             50 Years of Computing History with         database driven content. The site’s purpose is to
Emilia    Kurek-Bacca   IT   Connection to the University of Cincinnati become a great knowledge resource for the general publ
Craig     McRae         IT   KILLTHEMESSENGER                           social networking for comedians and fans of comedy
Michael   Mentzer       IT   Mobile Blogging                            A blogging engine designed with mobile posting.            Self - Commercialize
                                                                        Information security dashboard is a web based
                                                                        dashboard for LexisNexis information security, network
                                                                        services, and executives. The dashboard gathers
                                                                        statistics from enterprise TippingPoint SMS systems and
Brian     Rappach       IT   Information Security Dashboard             displays them in charts and graphs.                        LexisNexis
                             Asset Management Application for Hamilton Web based application for the management of Hamilton Ham. Cty. Probate
Jonathan Ring           IT   County Probate Court                       County Probate Court's physical assets.                    Court
                                                                       VMware Server Consolidation and Terminal Services
                                                                       Thin Clients is a consolidation project for Brown County
                                                                       General Hospital, a non-profit organization. The hospital
                                                                       has approximately 30 servers supporting its day to day
                                                                       needs. The VMware portion of this project aims to
                                                                       monitor and log the performance of servers so that an
                                                                       accurate consolidation scenario can be achieved. The
                                                                       second portion of this project is Terminal Services Thin
                                                                       Clients. Converting the eligible full desktop systems to
                                                                       thin clients connecting to a Windows Terminal Server
                            VMware Server Consolidation, Terminal      will provide less time spent on support and less money Brown County
Kurt      Roberts     IT    Services Thin Clients                      spent on hardware.                                        General Hospital
Nathan    Schroeder   IT    StufIt!                                    StufIt! Is a game for Windows Mobile devices.
                                                                       This project combines many powerful networking
                                                                       components such as: router, stateful firewall, Intrusion
                                                                       Detection System, DHCP Server, and many more into
                            Virtualized Open-Source Network Security   one centrally managed appliance through the use of
Daniel    Secrist     IT    Appliance                                  VMWare.
                                                                       The Bearcat Campus Life Assistant is a mobile
                                                                       application designed for the UC Bearcat phones. It
                                                                       provides students with a means to access a schedule of
                                                                       upcoming events and a campus restaurant directory
Brandon   Slaby       IT    Bearcat Campus Life Assistant              from their mobile phones.                                 UC
                                                                       Deploying virtual software to client computer systems
Eric      Tribbe      IT    Automated System Setup                     using Thinstall.
                                                                       UNIty is a mobile application with flexibility in mind.
                                                                       Users can access the mobile pages with any internet
                                                                       enabled wireless device to view the event appliaction
                                                                       software. The main purpose of UNIty is to allow remote
                                                                       viewing of events which are updated by any number of
Andrew    Wilson      IT    UNIty                                      posters.

                                                                       This Hydraulic Machinery Jack with the capability of
                                                                       lifting heavy loads up to 4,000 lbs to multiple heights.
                                                                       The whole device will be made in a very simple shape
                                                                       from commercially available products which can be easy
                                                                       replaced if parts wear out. This device will have a base
                                                                       space of 16 inches by 16 inches and when it is fully
                                                                       installed has a height of 55 inches tall. This jack can be
Kiet      Bui         MET   Hydraulic Machinery Jack                   easily disassembled if needed for storage.                 Mr. Conrad
                                                                        My project is a portable laptop stand/table, which has
                                                                        the ability to extend over a chair or bed and can support
                                                                        at least 25 lbs. It has 4 degrees of freedom giving
                                                                        increased mobility and adjustability. The stand is also
                                                                        collapsible into a 12 x 20 in briefcase and has a weight
Kreig     Dreier       MET   Portable Laptop Stand                      under 15lb.
                                                                                                                               University of
                                                                        The apparatus for removing T5 bulbs is a tool designed Cincinnati
Justin    Eyre         MET   Apparatus for Removing T5 Bulbs            for installing and removing fluorescent light bulbs.   Maintenance
                                                                        A section of conveyor that will provide personal
Doug      Flick        MET   Conveyor Gate Design                       entrances and exits through a conveyor line.           Intelligrated

                                                                        My project is a device that is designed to check the
Michael   Fossaluzza   MET   Softball Bat Testing Method                validity of a softball bat by testing the compression level.
                                                                        A passive range of motion wheelchair designed for              Owner of Dachshund
                                                                        canines with hind leg injuries. This wheelchair will           (Kym) - supporting
                             Canine Passive Range of Motion (ROM)       provide range of motion and weight bearing benefits for        part of the cost of the
Jessica   Gonzalez     MET   Wheelchair                                 the rear legs.                                                 project materials
                                                                        An apparatus to measure airflow characteristics of
Donald    Heareth      MET   Cylinder Head Flowbench                    automotive engine components.                                  UC

                                                                        The purpose of this project is to design a Machinery
                                                                        Condition Online Monitoring System (MCOMS) and
                             Machinery Health Monitoring System for     implement it on a vertical turbine pump (VTP) system,
Thuyet    Le           MET   Vertical Turbine Pump                      so as to detect and predict its most frequent failures.
                                                                        An OEM air-conditioning compressor is converted to
                                                                        function as an air compressor. This system will be
                                                                        capable of running air tools and other various pneumatic
                                                                        functions. Bumper storage tanks used to increase the
                             On-Board Air System for an Off-Road        capacity of the system are also incorporated into the
Andrew    Miller       MET   Vehicle                                    design.

                                                                        The product is a device used to prevent over-tensioning
                                                                        a belt. As a torque is applied to the outer nut it transfers
                                                                        a force through to an inner nut via precision balls and
                                                                        springs. As a target tension is reached, the outer nut
Brian     Schloemer    MET   Torque-Limiting Belt Tensioner             will spin freely and limit tension in the drive belt.        SETCO Sales Co.
                                                                        An adjustable fixture used to support and direct air flows
Gary      Stanko       MET   Adjustable Air Fixture for Thermal Spray   from nozzles during thermal spraying.
                                                               A portable projector lift which provides an economic
                                                               alternative to ceiling based systems while offering a
                                                               more protected and stable setup than portable
Thomas    Sullivan   MET   Portable Projector Lift System      projectors alone.
                                                               a new designed exercise bench that capable to adjust
                                                               several exercise positions, targeted major group of
                                                               muscles in the upper and lower body part without having
Johnie    Vu         MET   Multiple Functions Exercise Bench   additional benches.
                                                               A device for breaking down various types of             BAE Systems,
Bryan     Wuebker    MET   Multiple Bullet Puller              ammunition.                                             Fairfield

                                                               Geared coupling spindles transmit torque from the drive
                                                               motor to the work rolls in a steel mill. These spindles
                                                               are returned to Xtek for reconditioning covered with
                                                               grease and other contaminants. As part of the
                                                               disassembly process, the exterior of these spindles are
                                                               thoroughly cleaned. The automated spindle washer is a
                                                               device that will rotate and clean these spindles, which
Michael   Zapf       MET   Automated Spindle Washer            could weigh up to 38,000 pounds.                            Xtek
                                                               Sheet metal bend process die created to verify results of   Takumi Stamping
Jeremy    Zeigler    MET   Sheet Metal Bending Test Die        AutoForm stamping simulation program                        Incorporated, Toyota
                                                               Due to changes in the bodywork, a new air intake
Zach      Zimmerer   MET   Custom Race Engine Air Intake       design is needed to fit the new bodywork.                   Dayton Pattern Inc.

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