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                             is to value learning and excellence through collaboration and
                                           innovation as a Catholic community.

    A Publication for Parents of the St. Elizabeth Catholic High School Community                Volume 1 Issue 3            April 2011

                                                                             AN EXTRAORDINARY                      As you read the articles in this
                                                                                                                   latest edition of our school
                                                                             CATHOLIC                              newsletter, you will see how
                                                                             TEACHING                              our community of staff and
                                                                                                                   students live out the meaning
                                                                             AND LEARNING                          of Catholic education through
                                                                             COMMUNITY                             curriculum that is meaningful
                                                                             Mrs. Angela Di Prima, Principal       and has faith in action at it’s
                                                                                                                   core. Thank you parents and

                                                                             W      ith each newsletter, I have an
                                                                                    opportunity to share the rich
                                                                             and diverse activities which make
                                                                                                                   staff for helping our students
                                                                                                                   “take up the challenge of
                                                                                                                   growing into a sense of who
                                                                             St. Elizabeth Catholic High School    [they] are as Christians so that
The Global Culture Club of St. Elizabeth CHS is a group of students who
through their ongoing efforts, have annually raised funds to support the     a teaching and learning community     [they] can develop the talents
community at St. Gaspar by providing funds for clean drinking water          of excellence.      Repeatedly, our   [they] have been given and
through the construction of a windmill and educational resources. This       students shine, whether performing    bring the best of [themselves]
group has been nominated for this year’s Character Community Awards                                                to the society in which [they]
                                                                             in our school musical, competing in
held on April 27th at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.
n From L: Mrs. Teresa Ciaravella, Trustee; Mrs. Angela Di Prima,             local competitions or simply in the   will be living”
Principal; Mr. Martin Chu Morrison and Mrs. Jemille Chu Morrison, Club       daily participation of learnng in the         Celebrating the Spirt
Moderators; Thomas Yu, Tina Nguyen, Gary Ho, student nominees; and           classroom and through our extra-
Ms. Patricia Preston, Associate Director of the York Catholic District       curricular activies.                  God bless!
School Board.

              A LENTEN REFLECTION                                            In this Easter season and as we
              When our hearts are troubled, Jesus says: “Peace be with       prepare to celebrate Catholic
              you”                                                           Education Week, the theme of
              When we remember those who have died, Jesus says: “Peace       Celebrating the Spirit is alive
              be with you”                                                   and well at St. Elizabeth. It is
              When we look at the troubles in our community and around       this Spirit that works through the
              the world, Jesus says:
                                                                             hearts and hands of our staff as we
              “Peace be with you”
              When we look to the future and hope is hard to find, Jesus
                                                                             guide our students, your children,
  says: “Peace be with you”                                                  through their intellectual growth
  Loving Jesus, may we always be aware of Your love and mercy in our
                                                                             and faith formation into discerning
                                                                             believers. I invite you to enjoy      From L: Lauren del Rio,
  lives. May we beleive that You are living in our selves, our friends and
                                                                             this newsletter that celebrates the   performer; Angela Di Prima,
  even our enemies.                                                                                                Principal; and Michelle Janzen
  May the gift of reverence be ours today.                                   teaching and learning highlights of   at the 19th Annual York Region
  May we become discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith com-       the last few months and to ensure     Police Appreciation Dinner
  munity by looking for Jesus in everyone.                                   you mark your calendar with our       which was held on April 28th
  God of love, may you take away all our doubts and may your peace be        Events Calendar on Page 12.           at Le Parc. Congratulatians to
                                                                                                                   Lauren who sung beautifully as
  ours, now and always. Amen.
   I wIll MAke everyone feel welCoMeD AnD APPreCIAteD. I wIll vAlue All PeoPle AS ChIlDren of GoD. I wIll uSe My worDS to helP AnD not hArM.
                                                           YORK CATHOLIC EDUCATION CENTRE
                         FROM THE CHAPLAINCY DEPARTMENT
                                            Mrs. I. Mancuso, Chaplaincy Team Leader

                                               The month of March        student. Due to the large volume of interest in this position,
                                               was a busy one in         interviews are conducted to help us in the final selection
                                               Chaplaincy.      We       of 40 new Peer Ministers who will all attend an amazing
                                               started the month         Torch Leadership Training Program at Mount Alverno in
                                               with the Ordinandi        September.
                                               Dinner on March 1st
                                               with the Sera Club.       What we are most excited about this year is our ShareLife
                                               Five of our students      Walk-A-Thon on May 31st. This year’s event is marked by
                                               attended this event:      many FIRSTS; it will be our FIRST full day Sharelife event
                                               kristen Mendonca,                                          at St. Elizabeth and it was
                                               Melissa Siu-Chong,                                         also the FIRST time we had
                                               Michael Caravetta,                                         a television celebrity, Zack
Anica Mangalam, and Suzanne Medeiros. This dinner was to                                                  werner, Canadian Idol judge,
honour fourteen newly ordained priests in our local communities                                           joining us in raising money
and the students had a wonderful opportunity to listen to their                                           for ShareLife. The ten special
call stories to God’s ministry. On March 9th, we started our Lenten                                       agencies we are sponsoring
Season with the distribution of ashes to all the homeroom classes                                         this year are: The Office of
and have continued spreading the message of hope with special                                             Catholic Youth, Covenant
morning prayers. father felix linatoc has been providing the                                              House,      Sancta     Maria
Sacrament of Reconciliation to any and all students interested in        House, Our Place of Hope, Office of Refugees, Society
receiving it in the Chapel. We are very blessed to be providing our      of Sharing, Rosalie Hall, Street Heaven, Development
students with an opportunity to come to God and leave behind their       and Peace, and Vita Center. Mr. Werner has volunteered
burdens so that they can journey the rest of the way in peace. We        his time to be with us on May 31 to judge the top 5 students
will conclude our Lenten journey with our Easter Liturgy on April        who raised the most money for ShareLife and who signed
27th.                                                                    up to partake in this Idol Competition. The competition
                                                                         will take place in the theatre on the afternoon of May 31
This Lenten season has also been marked with a special collection        and anyone who purchases a $2.00 ticket for this event can
for the Missionaries of the Poor. Our school community has been          watch and vote for their favouite singer. Our hope, and that
asked to bring in non-perishable food items and nursery clothes and      of Mr. Werner, is to raise a lot more money for the ShareLife
toys for those children left orphaned in Nairobi, Africa. I am sure      agencies which do a lot of good work in our communities and
that our school community will give generously, as they always have.     with young people who are marginalized. Give generously
                                                                         and let’s all build a legacy of celebration and fun memories
On March 24th and 25th, the Chaplaincy Team ran a very successful        with this event!
Thinkfast Event in our Chapel. Close to 100 students participated
and we raised over $4,300.00 for the St. Gaspar School Project           Wishing you all had a joyful Easter Holiday with family
in Tanzania. We are very proud of the hard work that Martin and          and friends, and remember that, yes, Jesus loves you
Jemille Chu Morrison along with the Global Culture Club put into         unconditionally as your Father in Heaven loves you:
this school project. Our annual Thinkfast events have been proudly
                                                                           For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
sponsoring this project for the past five years. Thank you to all the
                                                                           Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but
dedicated student leaders that organized this event – they did an
                                                                           have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the
amazing job! Also, thank you to the students that participated in
                                                                           world to judge the world, but that the world should be
this year’s event – we hope they had a good experience. Finally, thank
                                                                           saved through Him.
you to our teacher helpers, Ms. Pirrello, Ms.Shih, Ms. Buchignani
                                                                                                                       - John 3:16-17
and father felix linatoc who helped to supervise this event and
ensure that our students had fun and were safe.

Our wonderful Peer Ministers have been leading our grade nines                St. Elizabeth Catholic School Council
with their religion retreats for the past two months and we are very       would like to thank the following parents for
proud of their hard work and dedication to their role as spiritual          their generosity in supporting our school
leaders of our school. As well, the months of April and May are our
recruitment times for new students to come forward who might                  Cyril Aylward, Enzo Garritano, Gloria Ghan, Jaime Melo,
be interested in the role of Peer Minister. This position is a two-                  Mario Montagner, Ivan Phillip, Tony Wong
year commitment and offered to any current grade nine or ten

2 April 2011
Ms. J. Shih, Science Teacher

BRAVO!              This year’s musical production, ‘Anything Goes’
took to the stage at the York Catholic District School Board Centre
for the Arts from April 6 to 9, after countless hours of preparation
by the talented cast and teachers involved in the show. Featuring
music by the legendary Cole Porter, the show was a feast for the sense
that showcased the artistic talents of our students, from actors to
dancers, as well as musicians to backstage and technical construction
teams. As the curtains opened, the audience was welcomed aboard
a 1930s cruise ship – The SS American. The beautiful stage set
the scene for our characters, and we followed the stories of a young
couple in love, a gangster’s rise to infamy, and an Evangelist turned
night club singer. The audience was kept engaged and in stitches, as
they witnessed the antics onboard, and listened to the band serenade ardently below deck. Each show was received with great appreciation from the
audience, whether the seats were filled with students from elementary schools, senior citizens from the local community, or the parents, students and
staff from our school community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to support the enormous cast and crew involved in this show.
The energy of the students involved lit up the stage during each afternoon and evening show. Before each performance, they would collectively cheer;
“What Goes?! Anything Goes!” and throw their arms in the air, building enthusiasm and camaraderie before warming up their voices for the stage. The
success of this show is truly a reflection of their dedication and spirit, as well as the remarkable contributions of our staff. Thanks must be expressed
to the creative directors: Ms. Jaworkskyj, Mr. lettieri, Ms. Janzen, Ms. DiMillo, Ms. williams and Ms. Dowson for the time and talent they
invested in this production. Thank you is also extended to the teachers who worked backstage: Ms. Simone who prepared hair, make-up and costumes
for the cast; Mr. Speare and Mr. Shrubsole, who meticulously designed the lighting and sound; and Mr. Cheng, Mr. fernandes, Ms. Mansell and
Mr. han for their musical contributions in the ‘pit’. Mr. Derose, Ms. Sorbera, Ms. volpe,
Ms. Guinci, and Ms. walcott were also instrumental in organizing ticket and concession sales.
A special thanks is given to Ms. Carey and Ms. Meehan who worked thanklessly to promote
our show through posters, bulletins, announcements and more! And finally, thanks are extended
to the administration, especially Mr. walsh, for their support in making this venture a success
for our students. It was a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Jennifer Commisso, Sarah Doyle, Daniel Denino, Shane Preston, Sarah forestieri,
Marina Agostino, Michael Daneluzzi, luke Pieroni, Alessandra Manieri, Maddison
hartloff, richard Mojica, Alysha natalie, Thomas Santoro, Daniela Cerrone, Melissa
Cultraro, Simona Genga, rachel lloyd, Jacob Stellato, Andrew Mariano, Dustin o’Brien, rey reyes Suico, vanessa Cocuzzo, elisa
natarelli, Sara francavilla, Mariya Bobyl’ova, Julia natalie, Jenna Ciccoritti, Adriana Parente, Cassandra Morello, helen finkle,
Brittany Chow, Arabella Dunzl, Ariana DelBianco, elisabeth feliciani, Daniela Agostino, Chantal Balintec, Prince edoh, lauren
Mazzuco, Sophia Mckernan, Cristina Doria, roselyn D’Ascanio, Alessandra Masi, Crista vinelli, and Sophia Procopio.

Set Construction Crew: Daniel Bruni, Christian Bozza, Adam Iannelli, Anthony Oggiano, Christian Venditti, David Filipelli, Viktors Kudrjasovs,
Richard Maclean, J.C. Olazo, Eunhye Lee, Michael Daneluzzi, Nick Acosta, Andrew Goulart, Sammy Gagliardi, Steven Mirasola, Nick Corvese, Celine
Tang, Nick Tarsitano, and Ryan Chevrefils; Lighting Crew: Nicholas Corvese, Kierra Leyco, Nick Tarsitano; Sound Crew: Celene Tang and Jordan
Morris; Stage Crew: Ryan Chevrefils and Steven Mirasola

                                                                            kevin-Jay Arizo, Chantel Belanger, ronnell Bisnar, Julianna
                                                                            Campo, A.J. Camuti-Ing, Joyce Caracas, ryan Coccimiglio, Matthew
                                                                            Commisso, Darren Conche, Stephanie De luca, luke fraccaro, Mark
                                                                            fraccaro, Stafania Geer, Shayna Goldenberg, Jacinda Goulding,
                                                                            Sabrina la Mantia, Concetta Pelligra, nancy Pham, Isabella resendes,
                                                                            Alex Schilback, nicholas Selvaggi, Precious Semella, Claudia tersigni,
                                                                            John-kenneth Quibael, Andrea varga, francesca volpe, and nicholas

                                                                            Teacher Orchestra: Mr. Cheng, Mr. fernandes, Mrs. Janzen, Mr. lettieri,
                                                                            Ms. Mansell, Ms. Shih

                                                                                                        St. elizabeth Catholic high School             3

                      HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS:
                     LE BLOG SUR LA MACHINE à RAJEUNIR
                     Mlle Guinci, Modern Languages Department
                     Students in Mlle Guinci’s FSF 2D Academic French class embarked on a blogging journey when they
                     walked into class the first day of semester two. For many students, it was the first time they had
                     participated in a class blog. Indeed, the FSF 2D bloggers quickly and eagerly entered into dialogue and
                     began blogging and sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions to facilitate their understanding of the short
                     story La Machine à Rajeunir by well-known French-Canadian writer Denis Côté. I think the blog is a great
                     way for students to learn, be creative, and have fun! They really enjoyed sharing their work with their
                     classmates and commenting on their friends’ posts. Blogging really helped students build their writing
                     skills and become better writers, both in content and mechanics, in an exciting and engaging manner,
                     while pushing them to think, reason, and consider themselves, their lives, and how people treat others.
                     The most exciting part of blogging with the students for me was seeing them take learning beyond what I
had planned and expected. The students took a lot of pride in their blogs and took ownership of their learning.

Amanda Chiodo, Grade 9 Moderns Council

       ou could truly feel the spirit in the halls of St. Elizabeth CHS as our
       student body happily chanted “Vive le Carnaval! Vive le Carnaval!”
       From February 15 to 18, the St. Elizabeth Modern Languages Council
proudly hosted what was said to be our most successful Carnaval yet! In Quebec,
this annual tradition of games, food, and fun celebrates the coming of the winter
season but, most importantly, embraces the beauty of French-Canadian culture –
which is exactly what the Moderns Council wanted St. E’s to experience first-hand.
To kick off this amazing week, the school enjoyed listening to many wonderful
prayers on the announcements, read by our Nations United Club in their native
tongues like Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French and Tagalog, to name a few,
and some cultural French songs provided by Mlle Guinci. Students also had a
surprise homeroom quiz, featuring some interesting and tricky Carnaval trivia
with a delicious breakfast at stake.

F      élicitations goes to Mr. Aharonian’s class who successfully answered
        all the questions correctly and were rewarded with a hot breakfast to
        enjoy. Throughout the rest of the week many council members took it
upon themselves to organise several fun and festive activities on the cafeteria
stage during all three lunches, some of which included the Human Snow Sculpture
Contest and the Toque et Écharpe Relay Race. Mr. Chetty’s grade 12 RAP class also
got into the spirit by providing us with some intricately designed ice sculptures
to view in the courtyard – Formidable! However, the highlight of the event had to
be the Crêpe Café that sold freshly-made, mouth-watering crêpes filled with ice
cream and many other toppings. Their aroma was so enticing it even attracted
Bonhomme Carnaval himself! The jolly mascot took advantage of the entire day
and enjoyed mingling, dancing and taking lots of pictures with staff and students.
As the week came to a close, the Moderns Council was thrilled to see that their
message of embracing cultural diversity got out to the St. Elizabeth community –
it was surely a week to remember! A special thank you goes out to the entire
Modern Languages Department for their continued support and organization,
Moderns Council members, and many other staff for their help. We would also
like to thank our sponsors Café Crêpe and No Frills for the fabulous donations.
Vive le Carnaval, et à l’année prochaine!

4   April 2011
                                          INTERNATIONAL              Modern Languages Council To Cook
                                          WOMEN’S DAY
                                          MARCH 8, 2011
                                                                     Up A Tasty Storm!
                                                                     Amanda Chiodo, Modern Languages Council (Grade 9)
                                          Pullano, President,
                                                                     On         April 13th,
                                          St. Elizabeth Modern
                                                                     the St. Elizabeth’s
                                          Languages Council
                                                                     Modern Languages
                                                                     Council         hosted
                                           On March 8, the St.
                                                                     an “Italian Pasta
                                           Elizabeth      Modern
                                                                     Cooking Workshop”
                                           Languages      Council
                                                                     run by a professional
celebrated International Women’s Day. This Day has been observed
                                                                     Italian chef, Mr.
since the early 1900s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in
                                                                     Giuseppe Pellegra,
the industrialized world. During this time, women’s oppression
                                                                     head      chef      and
and inequality were spurring them to become more vocal and
                                                                     manager of Fusilli Ristorante in downtown Toronto. St.
active in campaigning for change. In 1910, an international
                                                                     Elizabeth was so fortunate to have this parent volunteer
conference of working women was held in Copenhagen. A
                                                                     come in to teach the students some valuable culinary skills
woman named Clara Zetkin tabled the idea of an International
                                                                     that would certainly help them in their future adventures in
Women’s Day. She proposed that every year in every country
                                                                     the kitchen! Only 20 students were selected on a first-come,
there should be a celebration on the same day – a Women’s Day.
                                                                     first-serve basis and were simply bursting with excitement,
International Women’s Day was honoured for the first time in
                                                                     the day of the event, in our family studies kitchen. With
Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19th. The
                                                                     regards to the different types of pastas being cooked,
date was later changed to March 8th. International Women’s Day
                                                                     students had a chance to make an Italian sausage and red
is now celebrated in a number of countries around the world. The
                                                                     pepper pasta dish, a delicious wild salmon with a creamy
St. Elizabeth Moderns Department celebrated this tradition by
                                                                     béchamel sauce and finally, a mouth-watering penne alla
honouring our female staff members. As each female staff member
                                                                     vodka. The teachers hope that students will gain a lot more
arrived to school, they received a mimosa flower as a token of
                                                                     than just full tummies, but a hands-on understanding of the
appreciation. The yellow mimosa symbolizes vitality, joy, wisdom,
                                                                     Italian culture. A special thank you goes to the entire Modern
and warmth. The Modern Languages Council also displayed
                                                                     Languages Department, especially Mlle volpe, Mlle Guinci,
pictures and descriptions of inspirational Canadian women and
                                                                     and of course to the wonderful talents of Chef Pellegra.
the goals they have accomplished on the third floor bulletin
                                                                                                                The students at St.
board. International Women’s Day is a true demonstration of the
                                                                                                                E’s not only gained
strength of women, and the Moderns Department was proud to
                                                                                                                useful skills from
honour the female leaders in our school and to thank them for
                                                                                                                this       incredible
their many contributions to the St. Elizabeth Community.
                                                                                                                experience but also
                                                                                                                learned about the
                                         CANADIAN                                                               fine art of Italian
                                         WORLD                                                                  cooking.        Who
                                                                                                                says there is such
                                         STUDIES                                                                a thing as having
                                         DEPARTMENT                                                             too many cooks in
                                                                                                                one kitchen? Buon
                                          Students in Canadian                                                  Appetito!
                                          History, along with
                                          student teacher Ms.
                                          napoli, recreated a
                                          World War I trench
                                          system in class. The
                                          hands-on model helped
                                          students identify the
                                          different facets to the
 trench system. The students were able to bring the Western Front
 to the classroom. Great work!

                                                                                        St. elizabeth Catholic high School       5
Heartbeat Days
Mrs. A. DiPietro, Religion Teacher

Heartbeat Days have been an integral tradition of
the Religion Department for over 15 years.

Each semester, over a period of two days, the
Religion teachers invite various benevolent
organizations from the community to share
their knowledge and expertise with the students
in their Religion classes. These theme-based
presentations directly correspond with the
curriculum in each grade level.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to
have welcomed the following organizations:
Covenant House, L’Arche Daybreak,
Wildfire, Engineers without borders, PFLAG
(Parents and friends of lesbians and gays),
Caritas, MADD (Mothers against drunk
driving), Right to Life, Salt and Light
Catholic Media Foundation, YouthSpeak,
TLC Pregnancy Centre, Yellow Brick House,
Rose of Sharon, Right to Life, Free the
Children and various other organizations. In
addition, we’ve also attended presentations from
representatives of different faith communities,
as well as participated in yoga, Tai Chi and
meditation sessions.

From the start, this teacher-driven initiative
was designed to provide St. Elizabeth students
opportunities to receive practical information
regarding various social issues affecting today’s
youth. Repeatedly, students have expressed
their gratitude for being afforded opportunities
to expand their learning experiences beyond the
textbook. On the same note, presenters have been                                     ConGrAtulAtIonS
grateful for the chance to connect directly with                                     to two staff nominated for the
young adults to provide them with the necessary
tools to make informative life decisions.                                            Character Community Awards:
                                                                                     Mrs. Jemille Chu Morrison
In closing, we hope in the future, to continue with                                  and Mr. fred Galang
the Heartbeat initiative, and provide students
with diverse learning experiences which connect
them directly with the community.

                St. Elizabeth 17TH Annual Horticultural Plant Sale
                           Thursday, May 19 n7 am to 5 pm
                                 In the Greenhouse
                               We will be offering the usual selection of annuals, perennials, vegetables
                           and assorted containers of exceptionally high quality at exceptionally fair prices.
                                      If you would like a list of plants or any other information,
                                  please contact Mr. n. Shrubsole at nathan.shrubsole@ycdsb.ca

 6    April 2011
          Sharelife Agencies that will be sponsored - 2011:
1. Office of Catholic Youth  (youth center for Catholics)
2. Covenant House (center for homeless youth of Toronto)
3. Sancta Maria House        (Home for young women in need of supportive                        WALKATHON
4. Our Place of Hope
                             housing and counselling)
                             (support for the elderly and physically challenged)             IDOL COMPETITION
5. Office of Refugees        (new immigrants)
6. Society of Sharing        (recruit, train and place volunteers to provide          St. Elizabeth Catholic High School is offering a unique
                             services to seniors and disabled persons in Toronto)     fundraising opportunity to students who love to sing! n The
7. Rosalie Hall              (young parent resource centre)                           top five money–raisers will get a chance to compete in front
8. Street Heaven             (homeless women shelter)                                 of their peers and Canadian Idol judge Zack werner. The
9. Development and Peace     (supporting peace and advocacy for human rights          grand prize is a set of lessons at Mr. Werner’s iSTARS school
                             in 70 developing countrie)
                                                                                      for artistic and musical development. Hopeful competitors
10. Vita Center              (center for pregnant women and their children with
                                                                                      should prepare one song to sing and a short explanation of
                             opportunities to enhance their well-being, build their
                             faith and live to their fullest potential)
                                                                                      why they collected the money and why they feel they should
                                                                                      win. n iSTARS is a Performing Arts Centre specializing in
                                                                                      Artistic Development for musicians. The centre aspires to
BRAVO STRING ORCHESTRA                                                                produce the best results by offering a positive environment
Mrs. S. Mansell, Music Teacher                                                        with skilled, successful award winning professionals, world
                                                                                      class equipment, and a unique program. Please visit www.
                                                                                      istars.ca for more information.
                                                                                      The Idol Singing Competition will take place in the afternoon
                                                                                      after the Walkathon.
                                                                                                      Details for the Competition:
                                                                                      Competitors:         5 students who raise the most
                                                                                                           money for ShareLife
                                                                                      When:                Tuesday, May 31, 2011
                                                                                      Time:                12:30 – 1:30 pm
                                                                                      Where:               St. Elizabeth Theatre
                                                                                      Audience:            Any students or family members
                                                                                                           wishing to watch the competition will
                                                                                                           be asked for a $2 donation. Audience
                                                                                                           members will get to vote for their
                                                                                                           favourite singer.

                                                                                                           On June 14 and 15, 2011, students in
                                                                                                           Grade 9 applied and academic mathematics
                                                                                                           courses in our school are required to
Congratulations to the members of the St. Elizabeth String Orchestra
                                                                                                           participate in the province-wide Grade 9
for their amazing Music Alive performance on April 11th at the York                                        Assessment of Mathematics. Attendance
Catholic District School Board Centre for the Arts. In only their second              is mandatory on these dates so parents are asked not to
year as a group, the ensemble received a top rating of PLATINUM and                   schedule any appointments for your child. n This assessment,
an invitation to participate in the MusicFest nationals in Ottawa next                administered by the Education Quality and Accountability
year. In addition, our students were featured in a Rogers television                  Office (EQAO) for all students working toward a Grade 9 applied
special on music in York Region. Bravo to all performers for their                    or academic mathematics credit in a publicly funded school,
                                                                                      measures each student’s achievement against the expectations
hard work, professionalism and teamwork! The String Orchestra                         of The Ontario Curriculum. The test consists of two assessment
looks forward to entertaining audiences at the Spring Concert on May                  booklets, and students are given 50 minutes to complete each
12th. Members of the String Orchestra are: tricia Aberin, Chantel                     booklet. Students will take the assessment in their regular
Balintec, Brittany Chow, Stephanie Deluca, robert DiGirolamo,                         classrooms with their teachers and are encouraged to do their
Amanda MacDonald, Ignacia Mortera, Isabella resendes,                                 best and show what they know. A portion of the assessment will
                                                                                      count towards your child’s final mark in the Grade 9 mathematics
Christina Byun, Grace Chung, Isabella lim, luke Pieroni, Andrea
                                                                                      course. Students are encouraged to prepare for this exam by
Graham, katarina resendes, and Ashley tjon-hing.                                      practicing exams from previous years that are posted on the
                                                                                      EQAO website at [ http://www.eqao.com ]www.eqao.com.

                                                                                                     St. elizabeth Catholic high School           7
ST. ELIZABETH PANTHER                              Theresa of Lisieux CHS in the semi final       Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team – coached
                                                   round. The team then went onto to the          by Ms. wu and Ms. Mckeough
ATHLETICS UPDATE                                   York Region finals and were defeated in        Desirae Agcaoili     Andria Katsios
Ms. n. filice, Head of Health and Physical         two straight games by a strong Brother         Olivia Calouro       Isabella Kim
Education                                          Andre team. Congratulations on a               Alessia D’Ambrosio Alyssa McQuaid
                                                   tremendous season!                             Amanda De Facendis Adrienne Sta Ana
The Winter St. Elizabeth Panther Athletic                                                         Joy Edoh             Catherine Sutherland
Teams have completed their season. Listed          Boys’ Wrestling Team – coached by Mr.          Karen Ho             Elizabeth Toniolo
below are the teams and the highlights of          Moretto
their season.                                      Kwasi Amoateng     Stefano Fontana             The Senior Girls’ Volleyball team finished
                                                   Adamo Boccitto     Jonathon Molloy             their regular season in fifth place and did not
Swim Team – coached by Mrs. Iannucci,              Jerry Caravatto    Tristan Nurse Isaac         make it to the playoff round. Congratulations
Ms. kata, and Mrs. Scarborough                     Cartegena          J.C. Olazo                  to all team members on a great season!
Pedram Abdolazizi       Edith Lam                  David Dapapa       Daniel Palomo
John Carlo Agostini     Natalie Lettieri           Daniel DeFelice    Ramon Rey                   Junior Boys’ Basketball Team – coached
Isabella Carelli        Nicolas Lioktsis           Julian DiGiovanni  Thomas Silora               by Mr. Milsom, Mr. romano, Mr. Barbieri
Sofia Carelli           Alessandra Marini          Dylan Doyle        Julius Trimmeliti           and Mr. hull
Sarah Carnevale         Joel McQuaid               Christian Fazzari                              Keno Jay Aguiar
Steven Chung            John Petrakos                                                             Ray Borja            Herrick Luk
Mihnea-Petru            Anthony Pasquariello       The Boys’ Wrestling team had a fantastic       Justin DeBuc         Christopher Narciso
 Constantinescu         Catie Sutherland           season doing well in the invitational          Randy Doton          Kevin Oppong
Francesco Corrado       Erica Sturino              meets. The team finished in third place        Collins Edoh         Justin Palacay
Alexandra Goudis        Sara Toniolo               in the boys category at the York Region        Tristan Francisco    Marquise Swaby
Danielle Galati         Sarah Sutherland           Championship meet. The following               Patrick Graciano     Daniel Vasic
Christina Gorman        Carolina Uscategui         athletes finished in the top four in their     Christian Lazaro     Nathan Vellozo
Arielle Christine Isalo Cynthia Undyantara         category: kwasi Amoateng – 2nd, Isaac
Tishon Jno-Baptiste Jesse Venturo                  Cartegena – 4th, David Dapapa – 1st,           The Junior Boys’ Basketball team finished
Diana Koncan            Julia Valent               Daniel Defelice – 2nd, Jonathan Malloy         their season in first place in Tier 2 and went
Natalie Krokovsky       Jonathan Villa             – 2nd, tristan nurse – 1st, Daniel Palomo      to the playoff round. The hard working and
                        Alvarez                    – 4th. The following six wrestlers qualified   determined junior panthers made it to the
                                                   to compete at the OFSAA championships:         finals and defeated Aurora High School to
Congratulations to all swim team members           Kwasi Amoeteng, Isaac Cartegena, David         capture York Region Gold finishing in first
on a great season! Special mention goes to         Dapapa, Daniel DeFelice, Jonathan Malloy       place. Congratulations to all team members
the following girls for placing in the top three   and Tristan Nurse.                             on a fantastic season!
at the York Region Championship meet at            Congratulations to all team members on a
he Junior level: Cynthia undyantara for            great season!                                  Senior Boys’ Basketball Team – coached
finishing first in the 100 meter IM as well                                                       by Mr. Milsom, Mr. romano, Mr. Barbieri
as the following girls for finishing third in      Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team –                and Mr. hull
the 200 meter medley relay – Sara toniolo,         coached by Ms. filice and Mr. Scrimes          Clinton Bangsoy    Mark Jamorabon
Cynthia undyantara, Carolina uscategui,            Nicole Alessandrini     Simona Petti           Anthony Bruno      Jean Carlo Jaramillo
Sarah Sutherland and Christina Gorman.             Sabrina D’Amario        Nicole Simeoni         Cassidy Camacho     Munoz
                                                   Isabella Gallucci       Melissa Simone         Kevin Chiarantano Jason Lomboy
Senior Boys’ Hockey Team – coached by              Daniela Gaudio          Sarah Sutherland       David Dapapa       John Robert
Mr. Cugliari and Mr. layne                         Emily Goldasic          Amanda Toniolo         Daniel Denicola     Marasigan
Daniel Cultraro       Matt Pasut                   Danielle Lauzon         Sara Toniolo           Ninara Easho       Frits Penecilla
Victor Cicione        Dan Peragine                 Amanda Pape             Nicole Turco           Rodney Fajardo     Lucas Raschella
Mike Cuddemi          Lucas                                                                       Ramon Gonzales     Treden Simon
Joey DiNardo           Quattrochiocchi             The Junior Girls’ Volleyball team finished                        Brandon Solis
Zack DiTomaso         Michael Rossi                their regular season in fourth place and                          Michele Volpe
Andrew Freitas        Eric Spurrell                qualified for the playoff round. The Junior
Jonathan Graziani     Anthony Stabile              Panthers played with determination             The Senior Boys’ Basketball team had a good
Dan Ierullo           Christian Teti               and effort but did not defeat St. Theresa      season finishing in third place in the regular
Mitchell King         Michael Teti                 of Lisieux CHS in the first round of the       season. The team then went to the Tier 1
Jason Masucci         Matt Gullo                   playoffs. The team attended the Alexander      playoff round but lost the first game to St.
                                                   Mackenzie HS invitational tournament           Jean de Brebeuf CHS. Congratulations to all
The Senior Boys’ Hockey team finished their        where everyone on the team played and          team members on a great season!
regular season in first place. The Senior          had fun. Congratulations to all team
Panthers defeated Alexander Mackenzie HS           members on a fantastic season!
in the quarter final round, then defeated St.

  8    April 2011
Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding Team –
                                                Lauren Moretto, Andrew Park, Khoko Sad-            ST. ELIZABETH PHYSICAL
                                                copen, Jonathan Sinn, Adrienne Sta Ana,
coached by Mr. Cheng, Mr. layne & Ms. wu                                                           AND HEALTH EDUCATION
                                                Catie Sutherland, Anthony To, Liz Toniolo,
Michael Baranov        Amanda Law
                                                Thomas Yu                                          DEPARTMENT
A.J. Camuti-Ing        Nancy Merocchi                                                              The Physical and Health Education
Mariah Cestra          Luke Pieroni                                                                department has had a fantastic start to
                                                The following Senior Badminton team
Dominique Corrao       Alexander Sepe                                                              semester two and are looking forward to
                                                members finished in the top four at the
Lucas DeBiasio         Thomas Sikora                                                               the some warmer weather to get outside
                                                first round tournament hosted at St.
Michael DiCesare       Eric Spurrell                                                               for our outdoor units such as soccer,
                                                Elizabeth and qualified to advance to the
Jordan Dimopoulos      Vanessa Tarasio                                                             rugby, flag football, softball and ultimate
                                                second round tournament: liz toniolo
David Erakovic         Kristen Thom                                                                frisbee. The grade 9 classes are presently
                                                and Catie Sutherland finished in second
Alyssia Generali       Tyler Tsang                                                                 doing their week of CPR and basic first
                                                place in doubles, Daniella Mitchell finished
Bohdan Kotik           Brianna Zitella                                                             aid certification. The grade 9 classes will
                                                in second place in singles, Jordan lima
                                                and Francesco Ciliberto finished in second         also experience personal protection/
Congratulations to all downhill skiers and      place in doubles, Michael Carcone finished         self defense training. The girls’ grade 9
snowboarders. Special mention goes to           in third place in singles, khoko Sadcopen          classes will also experience a dance unit.
nancy Merocchi for qualifying for the OFSAA     finished in third place in singles, lauren         The grade 10 classes are looking forward
championships. Congratulations to all team      Moretto and Angela Galang finish in                to going to Seneca College in King City
members on a great season!                      fourth place in doubles. The following three       for their outdoor education field trip and
                                                team members were subs as they finished            will experience both rock climbing and
Junior Badminton Team – coached by              in fifth place – eric hui for singles and lisa     swing activities. The grade 11 and 12
Mr. Sniatenchuk & Ms. wu                        Boulatova and Gary ho for doubles. At the          Fitness focus courses are working out in
Alyssa Ayade           Thomas Mazzonna          second round tournament at Stephen Lewis           the weight room and the girls are doing
Dale Calbia            Olga Mudrachenko         S.S., khoko Sadcopen finished in fourth            workouts such as step, boxercise, circuits,
Jessica Coffin         Alexis Pucci             place in singles and liz toniolo and Catie         pilates and yoga in the gym as well as
Olivia DeBiasio        Camilla Quach            Sutherland finished in second place in             workouts in the weight room. The grade
Holly DiBartolomeo     Sarah Sutherland         doubles and qualified to compete at the York       12 activity course will go play tennis and
Michael Dodaro         Matthew Tam              Region Championship tournament on April            golf as well as bowling at facilities nearby.
Tristan Francisco      Amanda Toniolo           29th. Congratulations to all team members          We look forward to focusing on healthy
Amanda La Mantia       Olessia                  on a great season and Good Luck to Liz and         active living between now and the end
JohnRyan Lau            Vachtchenko             Catie!                                             of the semester and allowing students to
Valentina Laudari      Daniel Vasic                                                                realize that keeping fit, eating healthy and
Alexander Lima         Pak Hong Yuen            The following is a list of the St. Elizabeth       having fun is an extremely important part
                                                Spring Panther Athletic Teams 2011                 of their lifestyle.
The following Senior Badminton team             and the teachers that have volunteered to
members finished in the top four at the first   coach:
                                                                                                       St. Elizabeth CHS Prom
round tournament hosted at St. Elizabeth                                                                Committee presents
and qualified to advance to the second round
tournament: Jr lau and tristan francisco
                                                       Junior Girls’ Soccer Team                        A Starlight Gala
                                                       Ms. Colburn & Ms. Ameduri
for doubles, Amanda la Mantia and                                                                          2011 Prom
valentina laudari for doubles and olessia              Senior Girls’ Soccer Team                    Prom Faculty Advisors: Ms. M.
vachtchenko for singles, Camilla Quach          Mr. Sturino, Mrs. Carey & Ms. Allegretto            Buchingnani, Ms. M. frade, and Mr. n.
and Amanda toniolo for doubles and Daniel                                                           romano, Vice-Principal
vasic and Alexander lima for doubles. At                 Girls’ Slo-Pitch Team
the second round tournament at Holy Cross                                                           Congratulations to all the 2011 graduates
                                                       Ms. Mckeough & Mr. Chiera
Catholic Academy, the following four athletes                                                       of St. Elizabeth CHS. Join us June 30,
qualified for the York Region Championship                                                          2011 at The Royalton Hospitality
                                                       Senior Boys’ Rugby Team                      Inc., 8201 Weston Road, Vaughan for
tournament: Camilla Quach and Amanda            Mr. romano & Mr. f. walsh, Mr. A. walsh,
toniolo for doubles and Daniel vasic and                                                            this year’s prom entitled A Starlight Gala.
                                                      Mr. r. walsh & Mr. C. walsh                   Tickets are $85.00 and the last official day
Alexander lima for doubles. Good Luck on
                                                                                                    to purchase prom and guest tickets are
May 2nd at the York Region Championship                   Track & Field Team                        May 13, 2011 during all three lunches.
tournament.                                     Ms. Acacio, Ms. volpe, Ms. Guinci, & Mrs.           The Prom will run from 6:30 pm to
                                                                 Buzdon                             midnight. There will be no refunds and
Senior Badminton Team – coached by                                                                  we will only accept exact cash. Listen for
Ms. filice & Mr. ho                                      Ultimate Frisbee Team                      announcements. We hope this will be a
Lisa Boulatova, Michael Carcone, Francesco                Mr. Sax & Mrs. titus                      night to remember and cherish as you say
Ciliberto, Daniel Denicola, Angela Galang,                                                          farewell to the graduating year of high
Gary Ho, Eric Hui, Jordan Lima, Chloe                       Table Tennis Team                       school and embrace a whole new world.
Loong, Melody Mancini, Daniella Mitchell,                       Ms. Spicer

                                                                                                 St. elizabeth Catholic high School         9
                                                                ADVANCING TO THE YRAA!
                                                                Ms. B. wu, Badminton Coach

                                                                to the Junior
                                                                Badminton team,
                                                                especially the
                                                                girls’ doubles
                                                                team (Amanda
                                                                toniolo and
                                                                Camilla Quach)
                                                                and boys’ doubles
                                                                team (Alex lima
                                                                and Daniel vasic)
                                                                for advancing to
                                                                the YRAA finals
                                                                on May 2.
  Mr. n. Stramaglia, Head of Canadian and World Studies
  Ms. C. Mariani, Canadian and World Studies

  On March 9, the St. Elizabeth mock trial team claimed the                                    CONGRATULATIONS TO
  coveted the 2011 York Region Secondary Schools Judges’                                       ANTHONY FERRARI!
  Cup. The tournament consisted of 24 teams from York
  Region and took first place at the Newmarket Courthouse.                                     The Modern Languages Department
  The judges were impressed with our team’s maturity,                                          would like to congratulate grade 11
  confidence and oral advocacy, as they articulated their way                                  French student Anthony ferrari
  to first place. The team members were rita De fazio, Alina                                   for winning the provincial OECTA
  Dyatlova, Alanna Giacomini, Alanna Marchese, frank                                           Young Authors Awards/Prix Jeunes
  talarico and Giacomo vecchiarelli. This was St. Elizabeth’s                                  Ecrivains. Anthony won for his
  third championship in eight years. Congratulations to all!                                   poem, La guerre. This is a great
                                                                                               honour for Anthony as well as for
                                                                                               St. Elizabeth. Merveilleux travail
                                                                                           La guerre
The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate                                   Par Anthony Ferrari
the students who wrote the Cayley, and Fermat Waterloo
Mathematics Contests. The following students received                             La guerre, on ne l’a pas rêvée,
Certificates of Distinction for ranking in the top 25% of all                     La guerre, on ne l’a pas voulue,
contestants in Canada in each contest.                                             La guerre, on ne l’a pas crue.
                                                                                       La guerre, on l’a créée.
 Grade           Name            Certificate of   Medal                                             …
                                                                                           Le ciel est allumé
                                                                               Mais ce n’est pas les étoiles ou le soleil.
 10 (Cayley)     Christina Lee       n               n                            C’est les bombes et les armes,
                                                                                            Rien est calme.
 11 (Ferma)      Nancy Pham          n               n                                              …
                                                                                   Mais dans un lieu en douleur,
                                                                                           Il y a une lueur,
                 Christina Yu        n                                              C’est la paix dont on parle,
                                                                                  Si elle était là, il serait mieux.

  10     April 2011
                                                                                                                                                       ConTaCT InformaTIon
                                                                                                                                                      St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
                                                                                                                                                             525 New Westminster Drive
                                                                                                                                                              Thornhill, Ontario L4J 7X3
                                                                                                                                                               Phone: (905) 882-1460
                                                                                                                                                             Guidance: (905) 882-5074
                                                                                                                                                             Website: http://seh.ycdsb.ca
                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. teresa Ciaravella
                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Cathy ferlisi

                                                                                                                                                          HIGHLIGHTS is published
                                                                                                                                                          four times a year for parents of the
                                                                                                                                                          St. Elizabeth Catholic High School

                                                                                                                                                             ADMINISTRATIVE ADVISOR:
                                                                                                                                                                Mrs. Angela Di Prima
                                                                                                                                                             EDITOR: Ms. Amy Del Greco

                                                                                                                                                  Metro Zoo
                                           SANOFI-AVENTIS                             presentation at the Science Centre on March
                                                                                      22 and 23. This presentation explored our                   On May 19, the grade 11 biology classes will

                                           BIOTECH                                    current understanding of the Universe,
                                                                                      and gave them a look at techniques used by
                                                                                                                                                  be visiting the zoo for the Diversity of Life and
                                                                                                                                                  Evolution unit. They will reconnect with our
                                           CHALLENGE                                  astronomers to examine and understand
                                                                                      the cosmos.
                                                                                                                                                  ancestors and witness the diversity of living things.
                                                                                                                                                  Let us get up close and personal with our fellow
                                           Mrs. S. Grove, Department Head of                                                                      animal kingdom friends.
                                           Science                                    Aspirin, anyone?
                                           Congratulations to the two teams that      The grade 11 chemistry classes produced
                                           have been accepted into this challenge.    ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) as part of their                 Water Festival
                                           The teams listed below are presently       analytical stoichiometry strand. These are                  The grade 11 enviornmental sceince class will be
                                           doing research at Princess Margaret        our future pharmacists and pharmacologists                  taking part in the water festival on May 20. The
                                           Hospital. The judging for this Sanofi      at work.                                                    students will be expected to teach elementary
                                           challenge took place on April 19 and 20                                                                students aspects of water conservation and water
                                           at Ryerson University and the ceremony     UPCOMING CONTESTS                                           protection as well as related environmental issues.
                                           was held at the MaRS building in Toronto   Good Luck to all of our students who are                    Activities such as “Down the Sewers”, “Lather Up”,
                                           on April 21                                writing these contests!                                     and “Healthy Streams” have been set up in the
                                                                                                                                                  past. Have fun!
                                                                                      Students interested in writing these contest exams should
                                           Team #1                                    contact their science teachers
                                           Proposal title: The use of conditioned
                                                                                       University of Toronto                       April 28
                                                                                                                                                  Bioscience Presentations at
                                           media and physical enrichment methods
                                           to establish the continuous cell growth
                                                                                       Biology Competition                                        Ryerson University - April 19th
                                                                                       Grade 12 Physics         May 5                             The Grade 11 biology and chemistry classes and
                                           of non-small cell lung carcinoma derived
                                                                                                                                                  Grade 12 biology students attended lectures and
                                           from patients                               University of Waterloo -
                                                                                                                                                  workshops related to forensics, cancer treatments,
                                           Students: Agatha Garces, elena              Sir Isaac Newton Contest
                                           Pastukhova, Anthony to, Christina yu
                                                                                                                                                  superbugs and microbes at Ryerson University
                                                                                       Grade 12 Chemistry                          May 20         on April 19. These bioscience presentations were
                                                                                       Chem 13 News Exam                                          presented by several professors who were currently
                                           Team #2
                                           Proposal title: STATS Inhibition            Grade 11 Physics                            May 12         doing research in these fields.
                                           as a potential targeted therapy in          O.A.P.T. - Ontario
                                           hematological malignancies                  Association of Physics                                     Ontario Science Centre
                                           Students: Alessia Manzoli, Megan            Teachers for Grade 11                                      On April 20, the grade 10 applied science classes
                                           velloza                                                                                                visited the Ontario Science Centre in order to
                                                                                       University of Waterloo May 13                              study and observe demonstrations on Optics. This
                                                                                       Avogadro Exam
                                           Back from the Science Centre                                                                           definitely enlightened them.
                                           The grade 9 academic science classes
                                           attended You and the Universe

                                                                                                                                                  St. elizabeth Catholic high School              11
EVENTS                                               Wednesday June 1                               STRATFORD SHAKESPEARE
CALENDAR                                             Thursday June 2
                                                     YEAR-END DANCE PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                    Ms. r. Jaworskyj, Drama Teacher
                                                     7:00 pm
MAY                                                                                                 On May 5th the grade 12 RAP Drama
May 4-6 / May 11-13                                  Friday June 3                                  class is going to the Stratford Festival as
MARKET FAIR                                          GRADE 12 RAP VOCAL RECITAL                     one of only five finalists in the Province
                                                                                                    of Ontario who entered the Stratford
Wednesday May 4                                      Tuesday June 7                                 Shakespeare Challenge. I introduced
GUITAR CLASS CONCERT                                 CLOSING LITURGY                                the challenge to the class in February
                                                                                                    and they ran with it. They had to pick a
                                                     Wednesday, June 8                              scene from a Shakespeare play that was
Friday May 6
                                                     ATHLETIC AWARDS ASSEMBLY                       no longer than 10 minutes. They had a
                                                     (Period 4)                                     month to pick, rehearse, perform and
                                                                                                    film the scene. The DVD had to get to
Monday May 9
                                                     Wednesday June 8                               Stratford by Feb 28 for adjudication.
                                                     CATHOLIC SCHOOL COUNCIL                        The group invited to go on to Stratford
                                                     MEETING, 7:00 pm (Library)                     chose to perform Act 2, Scene 3 from
Wednesday May 11                                                                                    Titus Andronicus, which is a play being
CATHOLIC SCHOOL COUNCIL                                                                             performed at the Festival this season.
                                                     Friday June 10
MEETING, 7:00 pm (Library)                                                                          The group members include: Daniela
                                                     ARTS AWARDS ASSEMBLY
                                                     (Period 1)                                     Iurato, Alysha natalie, richard Mojica,
Sunday May 15                                                                                       Daniala Cerrone, Shane Preston and
RAP STUDENTS SING AT                                 Wednesday June 14                              evan Gerolimon.
ST. MICHAEL’S CATHEDRAL                              STRINGS CONCERT PERFORMANCE                    This is a great and very prestigious honour
5:00 pm                                                                                             for these students and for St. Elizabeth.
                                                     Thursday June 16                               I’m sure it will be an entertaining and
Thursday May 19
                                                     REGIONAL ARTS CELEBRATORY                      eye-opening evening of performance
                                                     EVENING at 7:00 pm (Theatre)                   and adjudication. Not many high school
FESTIVAL, 7:00 pm
                                                                                                    students can boast that they’ve had an
Thursday May 19                                      Tuesday June 14                                opportunity to perform on a Stratford
17TH ANNUAL HORTICULTURAL                            Wednesday June 15                              stage.
BLOWOUT PLANT SALE                                   EQAO MATHEMATICS TESTING
7:00 am to 5:00 pm in the
GREENHOUSE                                           Wednesday June 15                              YOU’RE INVITED BY THE GRADE 11
                                                     GRADUATION MASS / BREAKFAST                        RAP DRAMA CLASS TO...
Monday May 23
VICTORIA DAY                                         Wednesday June 22                              COME ONE, COME ALL COMMEDIA
                                                     to Tuesday June 28
Thursday May 26
                                                                                                      - THE GRADE 11 CAFE THAT
                                                                                                         WILL SLAP YOU SILLY
Tuesday May 31                                       Tuesday June 28                                  ENJOY AN EVENING OF COFFEE/TEA
SHARELIFE CARNIVAL DAY                               GRADUATION, PARAMOUNT                                     AND PASTRIES
                                                     CONFERENCE AND EVENT CENTRE
Tuesday May 31                                                                                        THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 AT 7:00 PM IN THE
YSCPC AWARDS EVENING, St.                                                                                   YCDSB CENTRE FOR THE ARTS
                                                     Wednesday June 29
                                                                                                             SEATING IS LIMITED
Maximilian Kolbe CHS, 7:00 pm                        PROM at ROYALTON
                                                                                                       BUY YOUR TICKETS DURING ALL
                       GRADUATION                                                                         THREE LUNCHES IN FRONT
                                                                                                             OF THE CAFETERIA
                       Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 7:00 pm
                       PARAMOUNT CONFERENCE & EVENT CENTRE                                               PROCEEDS WILL GO TO FREE
                       222 Rowntree Dairy Rd., Woodbridge, Ontario                                     THE CHILDREN - BRICK BY BRICK
                     A formal invitation was sent home in April providing final details and
                     information to the Parent(s)/Guardian(s). The invitation will specify that 3             TICKETS ARE $10.00
family members (maximum) will be able to participate in this celebration.

 12    April 2011

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