Name:                                          Absolutism in Europe                     World History- Summerlin

Response to Crisis: Absolutism

Monarchs needed to increase

What they did is known as

Absolutism: “a system in which a ruler holds                               .”

Leading up to Louis XIV

Louis XIII came to the throne when he was a child. (*oldest son of                                  )

                                         basically ran France until Louis XIII was                                  .

Richelieu strengthened monarchy by taking away                                        political and military rights.

Louis XIV Comes to Power

Louis XIV is viewed as the best example of                                                   in the 17th century.

He was the son of

Officially became king at

                                                  ran France until Louis was old enough.

Louis Comes to Power

Louis XIV officially became king in                  , but didn’t take power until                           .

Known for his love of fun…and for having                                   with his maids.

Government under Louis XIV

Established the royal court at

Biggest threat to his rule came from                               who wanted more power.

Louis kicked them out of the                                      .

He forced them to stay busy in court life.

Government under Louis XIV

Louis demanded the nobles obey his every wish.

He didn’t share his                               with them.
Name:                                      Absolutism in Europe                    World History- Summerlin
He had complete power over:                       ,                        , and                     .

Religion under Louis XIV

He wanted religious harmony, so he revoked the                             (tried to convert Huguenots to


He ordered the destruction of                                churches and schools.

Around 200,000 Huguenots fled to                      ,                    , and                            .

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