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Date: October 12, 2010

The Fun Committee (from Kathleen)
As you know, the Haunted Hayride event is still a go for this Saturday, October 16th. This is
open to anyone in the Advanced Chorus and the Young Men’s Ensemble.
Place: Schafer Farms in Flemington.
Time: meet there around 7 and then hopefully get tickets for a 7:30 or 8pm ride. The hayride lasts
for 45 minutes and then there is also a haunted maize and “carnival of chaos”.
Cost: $20 and it includes all three events. It should be a great night full of laughter and a ton of
     Please let me know by Tuesday, October 12th if you plan on attending. Some of you told
        me at rehearsal on Monday. You can send me a message on Facebook, email me at , or call/text me at 908-723-0709.
For more information on the event or directions, please visit their website:

If you have a check for tuition, dresses, CD’s, etc., we would ask you to please MAIL them in
the future. This will make things much more efficient.

If Enrico or Debbie is going to be at a rehearsal to collect checks, then they can be brought in (I
will let you know). Otherwise, please mail all financial transactions.

Birthday List
I did have a paper on the table for all choristers to sign their birthday month. Unfortunately,
most did not sign. You will be receiving something, via e-mail, to respond to, so that Enrico can
have the full list for the birthday celebrations. Please be sure to respond!
For September, I have Caitlin Cavanagh, Rachel Rubinstein, Jenna Nerger and Isabel Rogers.
For October, I have Dominique Paredes-Rupp, Eleanor Haglund, Lizzy Finnen, and Rachel
Goldman. We will celebrate September and October together. Others for those months? Please
respond to the survey!

Concert Absences
Thanks very much to all who responded, by the deadline, with their concert conflicts for this
year. I will expect to see everyone else at all events. Thanks!

Upcoming Events
   Monday,      November     15:       Westminster   Choir     College,    Princeton.
     Demonstration/Performance for Music Education students.     Arrival:   6:30 PM.
     Dismissal: 8:00/8:15 PM.
   Friday, November 19: Morristown Beard High School. Invited choir for Morris Honors
     Choir program. Performance: 7:00 PM.
   IMPORTANT: as you know from yesterday’s rehearsal, I have a CD with the
     pronunciation of Hanget Soi and Water Under Snow. Debbie will either be putting it on
     our website, or sending it to you as a file. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you work with
     the pronunciation of Hanget Soi this week. You already have a pronunciation guide from
     me. Mark it anyway you want to help you with the pronunciation. We did about the first
     half of the piece yesterday. Please review that, and finish to the end. We will work on
     Hanget Soi this Monday, and EVERYONE is expected to come in, having worked with
     the audio file. She speaks the text out of rhythm, so please work on the individual words,
     then the entire phrase. Once this is comfortable, you can work on speaking the text in
     rhythm. This is a piece I would like to consider for at least one of our events in
     November. If you would like to start working on Water Under Snow, that’s fine. I will
     have your pronunciation guide on Monday.

    Pieces for memorization:

       Go Where I Send Thee
       Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit
       Welcome Yule
       Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Close to memorization:
     Ding Dong Merrily on High

    Please review:
     Christmas Lullaby
     Carol of the Bells
     The notes for Hanget Soi and Water Under Snow

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