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					RV Buyer’s Guide

YouR BudGet                                                         p.4         MakinG the deaL                                                      p.10
Monthly Living expense Worksheet                                    4           Visiting the dealership                                              10
the 15%/45% Rules                                                   4           Buying Your RV                                                       10

                                                                                trading Your RV                                                      10
ReseaRchinG RVs and costs                                           p.5
                                                                                selling Your RV                                                      10
Mini inspection checklist                                           5
                                                                                negotiating tips                                                     10
accessories and add-ons                                             6

accessories checklist                                               6
                                                                                ResouRces                                                            p.11
online Research                                                     7
                                                                                summary Worksheet                                                    11
Price comparison Worksheet                                          7
                                                                                RV Glossary                                                          12

                                                                                check List                                                           13
FinancinG YouR RV                                                   p.8
                                                                                RV Financing FaQ                                                     14
Your credit score                                                   8
                                                                                Mechanical Breakdown Protection                                      15
When to Finance                                                     8
                                                                                emergency Roadside service                                           15
about interest Rates                                                9

Monthly RV Payment calculator                                       9           interesting Facts                                                    17

                                                                                detailed inspection checklist                                        18

WheRe to shoP                                                       p.10        Bill of sale                                                         22
Where to buy the RV                                                 10          credit application                                                   23

the information presented in this guide is not to be considered legal advice nor is it a guarantee or offer of a loan from the Good sam Finance center.
companies and websites referenced in this guide are not affiliated with the Good sam Finance center unless specifically noted. Loan programs, rates and
terms are only examples and may not be offered by the Good sam Finance center. all loans are subject to loan program requirements and credit approval.
actual loan program, rate and term may vary based on credit history, collateral, down payment, loan amount, collateral use, state of residency, type of loan,
pre-payment penalty and other criteria. Loan program, rates and terms are subject to change without notice. RV Buyers Guide |
                                                                                                                 credit score may vary depending on credit
reporting agency. example of rate and term: a 20-year loan at 5.99% aPR will have a payment of $7.16 per thousand borrowed. Restrictions may apply. other
rates and terms available.
                          We’re going to help you develop a         valued advantage to RV ownership.
                          road map for purchasing your new RV       Memories are created as the family
                          by introducing you to what you need
                                                                    enjoys quality time exploring new
                          to know before you start shopping.
Congratulations!          By the time you reach the end of this     places, sitting around the campfire, or
                          guide, we believe you will be shopping    playing board games while traveling
You just took the first   for your RV with confidence, because      to favorite destinations.
                          you’ll know how to:
step toward getting                                                 When it comes to buying an RV,
                          •	 determine what type of RV is
into your new RV!                                                   nothing   is    more    important      than
                             right for you
                                                                    finding the recreational vehicle that is
                          •	 secure your financing before
                             you begin to shop                      just right for you – one that’s in good

                          •	 understand your financing and          condition, with a fair asking price and
                             purchasing options                     most importantly, one that meets

                          throughout this guide you          will   your   own      personal     requirements.
                          find worksheets that will help    you     Recreational vehicles come in many
                          determine which RV is right for   you.    different types, sizes, and price ranges.
                          complete and print them out,      and
                                                                    some are very basic, starting around
                          take them with you when you       test
                          drive or purchase your RV.                $5,000,   providing        basic   sleeping
                                                                    arrangements and cooking facilities.
                          the number one benefit of RV
                          ownership is freedom. When you            on the other end of the spectrum,
                          travel by RV, you enjoy independence.     there are $1,000,000+ luxury models.
                          You can create your own schedule          Good sam Finance center offers
                          traveling at your own pace. another
                                                                    many flexible financing options for
                          advantage of traveling by RV is
                          togetherness. spending time with          a large number of RV types, sizes &
                          family is frequently cited as a highly    price ranges.

                                                                        RV Buyers Guide |   3

the first step toward buying an RV is finding out how much   General underwriting guidelines generally restrict the maxi-
you can afford. to help do that, enter your monthly gross    mum payment to income at 10% to 15% with a maximum
income before taxes in the worksheet below and subtract      total debt to monthly gross income ratio of 40% to 45%
your monthly expenses. add additional anicapted expenses,
if necessary. the remaining balance is an estimate of what   the 15% Payment to income (Pti) Rule
you can put toward your monthly RV payment.                  to estimate your maximum RV loan amount and monthly
                                                             RV payment, use the 15% rule. Your monthly RV payment
Monthly Living expense Worksheet                             should generally not exceed 15% of your gross monthly in-
                                                             come. simply multiply your monthly gross income by .15 to
 Monthly adjusted Gross income:                              calculate your maximum estimated monthly RV payment.
 income                                 $                                                          $
 Monthly expenses:                                                                X 15% (.15) =
                                                                   Monthly                         Maximum amount of
 Mortgage/Rent Payment                  -$                       Gross income                     estimated RV Payment
 utilities                              -$
 Food                                   -$
                                                             the 45% debt to income (dti) Rule
 transportation                         -$
                                                             to calculate your dti simply divide the total of your: monthly
 insurance (home, RV, auto, Life)       -$
                                                             mortgage/rent payment + the total of your monthly credit
 clothing                               -$
                                                             card payments + the total of your other monthly loan
 entertainment                          -$                   payments + the maximum monthly estimated RV payment
 education                              -$                   by your total monthly gross income.
 credit card Payments                   -$
                                                             $                                     $
 other creditor Payments                -$                                       X 45% (.45) =
                                                                   Monthly                         Maximum monthly debt
 other Vehicle Payments                 -$                       Gross income                     payment including the new
 Miscellaneous                          -$                                                          monthly RV payment
 Remaining balance for your RV
 payment                                =$                        to calculate your maximum loan amount; refer to the
                                                                  loan calculator on

                                                                                       RV Buyers Guide |   4
                                                           researchingrVs andCosts

Area Inspected                         Pass/Fail   Make, Model, and Year:

Paint and chrome                                   Odometer Mileage:
Glass and metal surfaces
Leaks below engine
Tread wear
                                                   Asking Price:
Spare tire and jack
Carpets and upholstery                             Address:

Seat controls
Dashboard Controls
Windshield washer and wipers
Air conditioner, heater, & defroster
Dashboard and interior lights                      Date:

Headlights, brake, turn signals
Start the Engine                                   Owner’s Manual Included:
Engine shaking or stalling

*For a more detailed checklist, refer to our detailed Inspection
Checklist located in the resource section of this guide.
                                                                              RV Buyers Guide |   5
                                                                   researchingrVs andCosts

accessoriesandadd-ons                                   Features                                I Need These        I Want These
accessories and add-ons can increase the value of       Upgraded Engine
the RV, but will also increase the total price. We’ve   Hydraulic/Air Dual Leveling System
listed popular accessories that you may want to         Upgraded Suspension
add on to your new RV.
                                                        Traction Control
                                                        Upgraded Wheels
From the list, mark which items you consider to be
                                                        Leather or Heated Seating
a need or a want. this will help you choose which
accessories are necessary and help you determine        LCD TV
your price range.                                       Upgraded Stereo
                                                        Navigation System
                                                        Cruise Control
                                                        Electric Step
                                                        Security System
                                                        Upgraded Trim Package
                                                        Rear Vision Camera/Monitor
                                                        Water Heater
                                                        Slide Outs

                                                                                             RV Buyers Guide |   6
                                                                        researchingrVs andCosts

the internet has become a valuable resource for RV shoppers. Buying, selling and financing all can be done from the comfort of your
own home and at your own pace.
to get detailed pricing information, including manufacturer and retail pricing visit if you’re looking
to buy or sell your vehicle privately, and are well-known and widely used resources.
as you narrow your RV search, the Price comparison Worksheet below will help you determine an estimated price for the RV you’re
interested in.


                  Item                      Source #1 Price           Source #2 Price        MSRP/NADA Price

                 Base Price
                 Total Option Values
                 Destination fees
                 Other fees

                                                                                              RV Buyers Guide |   7

it’s important to understand how to finance your RV             if your credit score is lower than you expected, here are some tips
purchase and when you should begin the process on               that could help improve your score overtime:
obtaining your RV loan through the Good sam Finance
                                                                •	 consistently pay your bills on time
                                                                •	 Pay down your debt(s)
                                                                •	 don’t open a new line(s) of credit, like a credit card or home
Your credit score                                                  equity loan
a credit score is a number generally between 300 and 850        •	 Limit your credit inquiries
that is used to help determine the likelihood of a borrower
repaying back a loan. Your score is determined in part by
your credit payment history. it’s a great idea to review        When to Finance
your credit report for accuracy at least once a year. if you
                                                                have your RV financing in place before you shop for your
believe it’s inaccurate, you have the right to challenge that
                                                                RV. this way you can focus on getting the best price for
                                                                your RV. You’ll know your financing terms upfront, and
                                                                that’s one less thing to negotiate when you are shopping.

credit score Ranges

                      Credit Score Range

     669 and below   670 - 699   700 - 749     750 and up

       Risky           Fair        Good        Excellent

                                                                                          RV Buyers Guide |   8

                                                                                 Apply online today!
Many RVers are arranging the financing of thier new or used RV through financial
service companies such as the Good sam Finance center.

Finance with the Good sam Finance                              about interest Rates
center.                                                        having a fixed interest rate for the life of your RV
                                                               loan allows you to know what your monthly payment
the Good sam Finance center, is a direct RV lender and
                                                               will be month after month, with no surprises. some
provides convenient, multiple RV financing options. the
                                                               financing companies offer variable interest rates that
Good sam Finance center has a network of specialized
                                                               fluctuate based on loan program terms. the Good sam
lenders to help ensure the most competitive offering of
                                                               Finance center offers competitive fixed and variable
programs and rates in the market place. this network of
                                                               rates. Visit to view today’s
lenders allows the Good sam Finance center to access
                                                               rates and loan terms. While on our website, use our
multiple RV loan programs. the Good sam Finance center
                                                               loan calculator to determine your monthly payment.
provides security, trust, privacy protection with the most
rich lists of loan options available anywhere. as a national
lender the Good sam Finance center offers customers            one stop shopping
some of the most competitive fixed and adjustable rates,       as a national leader in recreational vehicle financing the
flexible loan terms from 5 to 20 years, and the ability to     Good sam Finance center has earned a reputation for
take the customer from approval to closing in just 3 to 5      providing the finest and most competitive RV financing
business days.                                                 rates in the industry. We offer one-stop shopping and handle
                                                               every detail of the transaction - from financing the buyer
                          Visit                                to paying off the current lender and also handling title &
                                                               ownership transfers.
                                                               Visit to obtain a rate quote or
     to fill out an RV Loan application.
                                                               even apply online for financing from the comfort of your
                                                               own home.
                                                               the service is fast, convenient and flexible, and you can
                                                               depend on total confidentiality. But most of all, we have the
                                                               best people in the business ready to serve you.

                                                                                        RV Buyers Guide |   9

too often, people try to negotiate all elements of a RV deal     trading Your RV
at once. the fact is, your purchase is several transactions
                                                                 You can expect a dealership to offer the wholesale value of
that should be negotiated separately. Besides securing RV
                                                                 your trade-in, minus deductions for excessive wear and tear
financing, there is a negotiation associated with buying the
                                                                 and high mileage. Why the wholesale value instead of the
RV and trading or selling a RV that you already own.
                                                                 retail value? When the dealership buys your used RV, they
Where to shop                                                    are taking on the extra costs of selling it to someone else. Visit
                                                        to understand more about
You have several options when it comes to shopping for
                                                                 RV pricing.
your next RV. You could purchase an RV from a neighbor
down the street or from someone cross the country. or you        selling Your RV
may visit websites like or and
                                                                 if you want to get a higher price on your current vehicle,
discover a huge inventory of new and used Rvs to choose
                                                                 consider selling your RV privately. Just remember, you’ll
from. You can research and select a new RV online or look for
the ideal pre-owned RV, or go the traditional route and visit    have to advertise it, take the calls, meet the prospective
your local RV dealership.                                        buyers, let them test-drive your RV, and handle the financial
                                                                 transaction. to save time, consider or
Visiting the dealership                                 to advertise and sell your RV online.
there’s usually at least one RV dealership in or near every
                                                                 negotiating tips
town that will provide an opportunity for you to get to
know your options up close and personal. We suggest you          •	 Be flexible on features. Be prepared to compromise, but
visit a few to research the vehicles that you’re interested in      only on the extra features that are not on your needs list.
and to take them for a test drive. You may consider visiting     •	 ask questions. Be sure to understand the seller’s offer
camping World RV sales to check out a wide selection of RVs.
                                                                    and have the seller explain each price or cost presented
Buying Your RV                                                      to you.

the key to fair negotiation is equal knowledge. You              •	 Be prepared to wait. Buying an RV is a big commitment,
need to know as much about how an RV is priced as                   so be prepared to take your time with the seller.
your sales consultant does. By researching RV pricing
                                                                 •	 Get tt in writing. have the seller give you a quote with
before you start your negotiating with a seller, you’ll save
                                                                    the price, terms, and options that are included in the
time and money. You can visit our RV valuation tool at
                                                                    deal. to get current values.
                                                                                             RV Buyers Guide |   10

now that you’ve worked your way through this             My RV
guide, take a minute to review what you’ve learned.      i am shopping for a: new RV | used RV
We’ve summarized most of our worksheets into             Make/Model/Year:
this condensed version. Just fill out the information,
print it out and take it with you when you test drive
                                                         My top three needs are:
or purchase your next RV. or if you decide to shop
online, it will come in handy. You won’t have to
print out this entire guide and you’ll have all of the   2.
information at your fingertips!                          3.

                                                         My top three Wants are:

                                                         My Budget
                                                         Monthly Gross income: $
                                                         Monthly RV Payment: $
         summary Worksheet
                                                         Maximum Loan amount:$

                                                         RV Financing details:
                                                         interest Rate:
                                                         RV Loan amount: $
                                                         RV Loan term: (# of months)
                                                         estimated Monthly Payment: $

  Finance through the Good Sam Finance Center            RV Loan application details:
                         Loan amount approved: $
                           Ph: 1-800-444-1476            date of application submitted:
                                                         date of approval:

                                                                                          RV Buyers Guide |   11

                               RV Buying Glossary                         individual’s credit report.

online                         APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - aPR         Interest: the amount charged by the
RV Buying                      represents the total cost of credit on a   lender to borrow money.
                               yearly basis after all interest and fees
Resources                      are taken into consideration.              Term: the length of your loan, usually
                                                                          in number of months
                               Depreciation: the value an asset loses                     due to age and wear and tear over          Invoice Price: this is the “cost”
                               time.                                      amount, and is normally the lowest                                                          price you will pay for a new RV.
                               Equity (vehicle): the value of the RV      occasionally, dealer incentives and    minus the loan amount.                     rebates will drive down the price to
                                                                          below invoice price.         Extended warranty: also known as
                               a service contract. a contract that        Manufacturer’s suggested Retail   covers certain future RV repairs.          Price (MsRP): the retail price
                                                                          determined by the manufacturer and
                               FICO: the most commonly used credit        posted on the window sticker. the
                               score. the acronym comes from Fair         MsRP for a RV includes no additional
                               isaac corporation, that developed          dealer options.
                               the scoring model. they are used to
                               predict the likelihood that persons        Monthly Payment: the principal and
                               will pay their debts. the score is         interest paid on a monthly basis over
                               based on information reported on the       the life of the loan.

                                                                              RV Buyers Guide |   12

            †   complete budget worksheet
            -   how much can i afford

            †   Research and Find the RV
            -   Magazines/newspapers
            -   dealership
            -   Manufracturer Website

            †   Verify seller

            †   Financing the RV
            -   Finance through the Good sam Finance center

            †   insurance for the RV
            -   obtain insurance quotes through Good sam Finance center’s website

            †   Make sure to collect Maintenance Records

            †   consider purchasing warranty on the RV
            -   obtain a Mechancial Breakdown Protection quote through the Good
                sam Finance center

            †   consider purchasing emergency Roadside assistance on the RV
            -   obtain an quote through the Good sam Finance center

                                                  RV Buyers Guide |   13


What will my interest rate be?                              How is interest on the loans calculated?

Your rate will vary. it depends on many factors, which      all the loans are simple interest loans. You only pay
include your loan amount and term, your down payment,       interest on the principal owed.
your credit profile and the age and value of the RV. as
soon as we process your application, we will let you know   What types of RVs can I finance?
your interest rate and program options.
                                                            class a, class B and class c Motorhomes, travel trailers,
How long will it take to process my application?            5th Wheels, truck campers and Van conversions.

complete the online loan application at                     How do I apply? and you may be approved
within minutes.                                             Just FiLL out the secuRe onLine Loan
                                                            aPPLication at or complete
How much of a down payment do I need?                       the application which is included in the package and then
                                                            fax or mail it to the Good sam Finance center. or call
the typical minimum down payment is 10% to 20%.             1-800-444-1476, and GsFc will take your application over
                                                            the phone.
What are the largest and smallest RV loan amounts?
                                                            What is the oldest RV you will finance?
there is no maximum. if your needs are more modest,
GsFc can finance loans in amounts as low as $10,000.        GsFc can finance RVs manufactured as old as 10 current
                                                            model years.

                                                                                     RV Buyers Guide |   14


Do you require a minimum credit score?                    Does GSFC work with dealers/brokers?

no, however you must have excellent credit and this       Yes. GsFc works with dealers/brokers across the
typically means a minimum credit score of 700.            continental us.

What are the shortest and longest terms available?        Does GSFC finance full-timers?

the shortest term is 5 years. the longest is 20 years.    Yes.

Does GSFC finance loans for people residing in all 50     If I bought my RV for cash and now would like to obtain
states?                                                   a loan, can you help me?

Yes.                                                      Yes. GsFc cash Recapture Program allows you to get a
                                                          loan within 6 months of your original purchase.
Does GSFC finance loans to corporations?
                                                          Can I defer my first payment?
Yes, GsFc does lend to corporations, but only when the
RV is for personal use. GsFc does not finance RVs that    Yes, you may defer your first payment up to 90 days.
will be used for commercial purposes.
                                                          Does GSFC allow me to place my RV in a Limited
Does GSFC offer pre-approvals?                            Liability Corporation?

Yes, you may apply online now and get an instant credit   Yes, as long as sales tax has been paid.
                                                          Does GSFC allow me to place my RV in a trust?


                                                                                   RV Buyers Guide |   15

Now that you have found the RV of your dreams, test driven it and secured your financing. You should think about the
maintenance and care for your new RV. Consider purchasing a mechancial breakdown protection and emergency Road
Service through the Good Sam Finance Center.

Warranty                                                     Roadside
Mechanical Breakdown                                         RV emergency Road
insurance (esP)                                              service (eRs)

Buying an RV is the second largest purchase many people      one of the services that no RV owner should be without is
make after their home.                                       emergency roadside service. Besides the potential for a
                                                             number of road hazards not experienced by the average
Protect your investment by purchasing a Mechanical
                                                             automobile traveler, today’s RV’s are many times not equipped
Breakdown insurance Policy. You may request a quote from
                                                             with a spare tire. RV tires are very specialized and are not
Good sam extended service Plan.
                                                             always readily available through conventional retailers.
Good sam extended service Plan was created by the
Good sam club, the world’s largest and most trusted RV       Fortunately there are RV-specialized providers who understand
organization. designed to protect both new and used          RV’s and are equipped to deal with roadside disablements
RVs. their highest priority is to ensure reliable, prompt    particular to motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers. Good
service, comprehensive coverage and quality repairs. Good    sam Platinum RV emergency Road service has been providing
sam extended service Plan was specifically designed for      world class service since 1984. this is the same service sold by
someone who already owns an RV or someone who is             RV dealers and is available to you direct.
interested in purchasing an RV.
so what exactly is covered under Good sam extended           Good sam Platinum RV eRs covers:
service Plan’s mechanical breakdown insurance? coverage      •	 FRee towing
depends on the vehicle type. in general, the covers most
major RV components: transmission, drive axle, suspension,   •	 FRee Roadside Rescue
steering, brakes, engine, heating and cooling systems,       •	 FRee Flat tire service
generator, refrigerator, range and oven, electronics and
electrical, L.P. gas, water heater, waste system, water      •	 FRee Jump start service
system and fuel delivery.                                    •	 FRee Lock out service
For more information or to get a free quote contact a        •	 FRee Fuel delivery
licensed RV specialist at 1-888-557-3740 or visit        Good sam Platinum RV eRs protects the driver, their spouse,
for a complete listing of what is and what is not covered.   and their children age 25 or younger in their RV, household
Good Sam Extended Service Plan was designed for the Good     cars, minivans, suVs, and pick-ups!
Sam Club by Affinity Brokerage, Inc. and is insured by QBE
International Insurance, LTD.                                Good sam Platinum RV emergency Road service also
                                                             provides after-hours over the phone technical assistance
                                                             should you need help after the dealership has closed.
                                                             For more information or to enroll
                                                             please call 1-800-444-1476 or visit
                                                             Good Sam Platinum RV Emergency Road Service was designed
                                                             for the Good Sam Club by Affinity Road & Travel Club, Inc.

                                                                                        RV Buyers Guide |   16

interestingFacts:   typically RVers travel 4,500 miles annually on
                    excursions that total 28 to 35 days annually.

                    the RV industry contributes about $14.5 billion to the
                    national economy per year.

                    the typical RV owner is age 49, married, owns a home
                    and has an annual household income of $68,000.

                    one in every 12 vehicle owning households in the u.s.
                    owns an RV, representing approximately 8 million RV

                    typical RV family vacations are on average 26 to 74
                    percent less expensive than other types of vacations.

                    an RV may qualify as a second home (consult your
                    accountant/financial advisor for additional details).

                    RVs are made by american companies employing
                    american workers who are located in america. in fact,
                    more than 60% of recreation vehicles are made in elkhart
                    county, indiana. another 15% are located in oregon and

                    RV manufacturers are innovating to give consumers an
                    array of product choices. Manufacturers are producing
                    lightweight towables and smaller, fuel-efficient
                    motorhomes. Green technologies such as solar panels are
                    appearing on an increasing number of RVs.

                    there are more than 16,000 publicly and privately owned
                    campgrounds nationwide.

                    RVia estimates nationwide there are as many as 30
                    million RV enthusiasts, including RV renters.

                    Source: RVIA, RVDA        RV Buyers Guide |   17
                                                                                detailed inspection checklist

chances are, your heart was already set on a particular RV before you came across this guide, but is it the best option
for your lifestyle and budget? are you better off with a new or pre-owned RV? Research is the key to making this

it’s a good idea to give the RV a thorough inspection just to find out if any repairs will be required in the near
future. if the vehicle you’re interested in doesn’t have a mechanical breakdown protection plan, consider purchasing
mechanical breakdown protection through the Good sam Finance center.

in the next few pages we have included a detailed RV inspection check list. inspect the exterior and interior of the
RV and use the checklist to keep track.

RV exterior
 item                                                                                                               scale 1 - 10

 General appearance - are there dents, dings, scratches or stains? Fading paint?

 are there rusted areas?

 check for loose screws.

 exterior compartments

 are there locks on the compartments doors?

 General appearance - are there dents, dings, scratches or stains? Fading paint?

 are they dry and clean, with no rusty areas?
 does the awning open and close easily?

 does the fabric/vinyl roll seem straight? no wrinkles etc.

 is the fabric/vinyl in good condition?

 are the awning support arms straight and otherwise in good condition?

 check for punctures and cracks in roof seams.
 on rubber roofs a little chalking is okay as long as the rubber seems to be resilient.

 check for loose screws on metal trim where the roof material meets the sidewall.

                                                                                          RV Buyers Guide |   18
                                                          detailed inspection checklist (continued)

RV interior
item                                                                                                                scale 1 - 10
is it big enough?
are the toilet and vanity in good working order?

check the condition of the shower floor (make sure there are no cracks and step in to make sure
the shower floor is firm).
is there an exhaust fan? does it work?
is there a medicine cabinet?
check battery electrolyte level.
ask for the purchase date (less than 2 years old is better) and check for condition.
entry door(s)
is the door sound? (bulged panels or loose screws, sign of water leaks, etc.)
check door hinges for excessive wear.
does the door close properly without slamming?
is there a deadbolt lock? does it work? is there a key?
exhaust fans
do the overhead vent fans work?
does the stove vent fan work?
check the condition of all carpet and flooring.
check for soft spots on the floor (indicating water leaks).
start the furnace and be sure that it is working properly.
is the thermostat working properly?
air conditioner
Run the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes to make sure the air gets cold.
holding tanks
add water and check for leaks. check the fresh water, both gray and black waste water tanks.
are the dump valves working properly?
inspect the sewer hose and all seals.

                                                                                          RV Buyers Guide |   19
                                                       detailed inspection checklist (continued)

RV interior
is there enough storage?
is the kitchen table big enough?
how clean is the chair/sofa?
is there a privacy door/curtain?
are the mattresses in good condition?
is there enough room for everybody to sleep?
check cupboards for signs of previous water leaks.
Look for warped or stained walls and ceiling - sure signs of previous water leaks.
check for “soft spots” around windows, vents and along the floor.
Look under sinks for signs of previous water leaks.
are any of the light fixture covers damaged?
do the lights work properly?
are all cabinet and drawer latches working properly?
is there an owner’s manual?
are there separate manuals for the appliances and equipment?
does it work?
is it big enough?
is it easy to reach and use?
is the RV wired for a phone line? this may not be important but it may be nice if the RV will be
lived in for a long period of time at the same place.
Propane (LPG)
check the hoses for cracks/damage.
inspect the LP tanks for damage/excessive rust.
check the dates to determine expiration. Portable LP cylinders must be re-certified at 12 years
of age.
Rear ladder
check the condition of the ladder.

                                                                                            RV Buyers Guide |   20
                                                        detailed inspection checklist (continued)

RV interior

does it stay cold using both propane and electric?
is the freezer icy cold?
it takes several hours for the refrigerator to get really cold but you should know after an hour if
it’s working.
are their water stains and sagging on the ceiling?
is the ceiling clean and attractive?
check interior walls, bathroom, shower and closets for firmness.
are the oven and stovetop burners in good working condition?
is a tV included?
is there a working tV antenna?
is the RV wired for cable tV? (usually there is a tV connection in the living area and one in the
bedroom on larger RVs.)
check the tires for wear and cracking (sun damage). (if the tires are over five years old they
need to be replaced even if there is still tread on them.)
is there a filter in the water inlet?
is the water pump working properly?
try all the water faucets.
check for leaks around the water pump, water heater and under sinks.
Water heater
is the water heater working properly?
is the tank big enough?
are there any items still under warranty?
are the warranty cards available?
are the window screens in good condition?
do the windows all open and close properly?

                                                                                               RV Buyers Guide |   21
                                           RECREATIONAL VEHICLE
                                               BILL OF SALE
                                                 MotorHome / Trailer / 5TH Wheel

Year             Make/ Manufacturer                                     Model                              Body Type

Length           Color            HP (If applicable)                    Odometer (If applicable)           Weight

                                  Gas / Diesel (Circle if applicable)
VIN # Serial #                                                          License Plate #

I/We                                                                                         hereby sell, transfer, and deliver
                                  (PRINT SELLER’S NAME[S])

the above described Vehicle/Trailer to:                                                                                                   on
                                                                          (PRINT BUYER’S NAME[S])

                                                  for the amount               $                                                     of
            MO / DAY/ YEAR
                                                                                             (SELLING PRICE)

Print Name(s) of Seller(s)

Address                                                                 City                              State                Zip Code

Home Phone #                                      Cell Phone #                                    Work Phone #

X                                                                                         Date:                                            .
                          Seller’s Signature                                                                           Mo/Day/Year

X                                                                                         Date:                                            .
                         Co-Seller’s Signature                                                              Mo/Day/Year

Print Name(s) of Purchaser(s)

Address                                                                 City                              State                Zip Code

Home Phone #                                      Cell Phone #                                    Work Phone #

X                                                                                         Date:                                            .
                          Purchaser’s Signature                                                             Mo/Day/Year

X                                                                                         Date:                                            .
                         Co-Purchaser’s Signature                                                           Mo/Day/Year

ECC RVBofS Form                                                                                                        rev: 10/07

                                                                                                           RV Buyers Guide |   22

                       % OWNERSHIP

       DO YOU PAY:

                     % OWNERSHIP

       DO YOU PAY:

                                                      Rev 12/06

                                     12677 ALCOSTA BLVD.,
                                           SUITE 200
                                     SAN RAMON, CA 94583
                                          (800) 444-1476
                                          (866) 377-3939
• Completed and Signed Credit Application
• Completed and Signed Personal Financial Statement (On transaction $150,000 plus)
• Two most recent years of consecutive 1040 tax returns with all supporting schedules
  (On transaction $150,000 plus)
• If self employed, current interim Financial Statement and two years of most recent
  tax returns (plus K-1’s if applicable)
• Any additional information that may be deemed necessary for application process


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