; Sports and Entertainment Marketing Course Syllabus
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Sports and Entertainment Marketing Course Syllabus


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									                                 Sports and Entertainment Marketing
                                           Course Syllabus
                                 Cascade HS—3rd Trimester—2008-09

Course Description
Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a one-trimester course with the objective to introduce students to
the fundamentals of marketing through the sports and entertainment industries. The course will allow
students to produce individual and group projects, discuss current marketing strategies, view videos,
search Internet, and attend possible field trips.

Course prerequisites:
Students must be juniors or seniors or have completed Marketing A and B or have teacher’s approval.

Required texts and materials:
There is not a required text, but will supplement with magazine, newspaper, and internet articles and
activities/projects. Students must come to class each day with basic materials for completing activities.

Grading/Evaluation Procedures:
You will determine your grade by the total number of points earned during the trimester. Your grade
will consist of the following:

Participation, Homework and Content Integration 20%
Quizzes, daily activities sheets                     20%
Exams                                                20%
Projects, independent and group                      30%
Final Project                                        10%
These percentages are approximate.
Note: the teacher reserves the right to make changes in the course content and/or grading procedures as

***It is imperative that you complete the assigned activities, homework, quizzes/exams, and project(s)
in order to be successful in this class. Exams will include objective questions such as multiple choice,
fill in the blank, and matching. Exams will also include open ended questions calling upon students to
apply concepts that they have learned to specific situations.

Make-up Assignments:
If you miss an assignment, due to illness or unforeseen events, it is your responsibility to ask the
teacher or other student in order to obtain and complete the assignment(s) missed.

Course Objectives:
By the conclusion of this course, the student will, through discussion, investigation, written examination
and application:
    Be able to define and apply key marketing concepts and strategies within various settings and
       components of the sport enterprise.
    Interpret the need for and the opportunities of promotional licensing and corporate sponsorship
       in the sport setting
    Appreciate the importance of branding and its role in sport marketing
    Define sports marketing and identify sports consumer
    Explain the promotional mix in sports and entertainment marketing
      Discuss types of entertainment business in the entertainment industry
      Research career opportunities in Sports/Entertainment Marketing
      Understand DECA background and information

DECA: Students will have the opportunity to join DECA (An association of Marketing Students).
Organization dues are $25 per year and can be paid anytime during the school year, preferably prior to
December 1st. Cascade has a strong and successful DECA chapter and students are encouraged to
participate. Through DECA, students will be given an opportunity to compete at the district, state, and
national levels. Students will also participate in various community activities, and also be involved in
Chapter meetings on campus during the school day.

Internet Policy:
Students are not to be on the Internet unless instructed to do so by the teacher. The Internet will only be
used for instructional purposes. THERE WILL BE NO E-MAIL OR COMPUTER/INTERNET
GAMES PLAYED IN THIS CLASS. Not adhering to this policy will result in immediate referral for
disciplinary action.

Attendance and Participation;
Individual attendance is critical to the overall success of the class. Participation points will be given as
part of the daily grade. If you cut a class, you will not be allowed to make up any work, quizzes or

Late work policy:
Late assignments will be graded. However, a late assignment will be penalized 10% per day up to 5 days
late. After one week (5 school days), the student will receive no points for the assignment.


If you have any questions about this document, I would love to talk to you individually. You can
contact me by email at breinhardt@cascade.k12.or.us or call at 503.749.8268. I would also like to
communicate with all the parents/guardians of my students. If you would like me to be able to
communicate with you via email, please write your email address below or better yet, email me as soon
as possible.

Parent/guardian email address (I would really appreciate getting this, if you have one)


Bob Reinhardt


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