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									On page Search Engine Optimization – Four Vital Rules

Some time ago, I looked to see how some of my articles were doing in the search engines
and was interested to see that one in particular, had been scammed more than once. Now
when I say "ripped off" let me explain what I mean.

One of my articles, which is located on the first page of Google for your chosen keyword
appears several times. There's my own copy of my blog, and a copy of one of the article
submission sites. Then I noticed another article that had a slightly different title and odd
words in the abstract, but it was clearly the same article. A closer look reveals that it was
taken from my article and had been badly spun and presented by someone, but I might
add, provide a link back or attribution to me.

Now before I continue, I would say that I'm not complaining people plagiarizing my content.
In a way it's flattering that people like enough to want to repeat. However, the synonyms
used were so far from reality the whole thing became an absurdity. For a second I
wondered why anyone wants to publish something that had been twisted almost beyond
recognition, or reading. But then, of course, the answer was obvious, but also had a list on
page one of Google.

You see, I had done some decent SEO page article in a key phrase that was relatively easy
to target. That was all I needed to get a page of a list. But while on page SEO will help
search engines to see your article will not help you build a lasting relationship with their
readers, unless they also provide a value. Of course, some people do not want particularly
to build a relationship, they want to be on page one of the reason. But only articles worth
reading are going to get to page one of search engines and stay there.

So here are four rules to follow for writing articles:

1. If you are going to claim authorship, make sure the content owner. Plagiarize other
people's work marks him as lazy or more likely dishonest.
2. If you rotate any content to ensure that the final result reads sensibly. They are not
based purely on software to spin articles, but certainly wrong.
3. Turn the contents of another person is by no means original or theirs. So make sure you
give proper attribution to the original author.
4. Offer something of value to the reader. Even if you reformulate some other article, puts
something of himself in him, being a leader and not a follower.

Do not underestimate the importance of these simple rules. I read an article recently, an
article very successful salesman, who claimed the quality of content will get ranked in
search engines much better than SEO. Actually, what he said was only very basic on page
SEO is necessary.

The point is, however, is the quality of information people are looking for, and therefore the
quality of information that search engines want to provide. It is logical is not it? So if you
want to get your articles to the top of search engines and read by people remember these
four rules and do not rely solely on on-page SEO.

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