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					                    VMP tablets
             Vitamines, Minerals and Proteins for cats and dogs (food supplements)

Vegetable by-products (Sojalecithin)
Mineral materials

Contents of materials
30 % raw protein
5 % raw fat
28 % raw ash
1 % raw fiber
5,4 % calcium
4,2 % phosphorus
1,8 % magnesium

1kg VMP tablets additionally has:
Vitamin A       700.000 i.j.
Vitamin D3      10.000 i.j.
Vitamin E       2.300 mg
Vitamin B1      500 mg
Vitamin B2      500 mg
Vitamin B6      250 mg
Vitamin B12     500 µg
Nicotinic acid  2.500 mg
Folic acid      20 mg
Biotin          10.000 µg
Cu              40 mg
Fe              6.000 mg
Mn              100 mg
Zn              2000 mg

Vitamin and micro minerals main roles:
Vitamin A – growth and quality of hair, epithelium hardiness on different infections
Vitamin D3 – bone and teeth development for in- house animals (limited sun exposure)
Vitamin B group – accelerate growth, improve appétit and digestion
Vitamin E – especially important for vitality and potency (males) and fertility (bitches and cats),
Biotin stops husking and loss of pigment and hair, deficiency in cats provoke drying of mucosa membrane (eye,
ear, and nose) and its elasticity.
Calcium and Phosphorus play important role in general health of bones and teeth
Iron as an essential part of erythrocyte is important for oxygen supply to all tissues
Zinc is the significant component of organic compounds which stimulate the substances transfer and the activity
of insulin. It interrupts the premature keratoses of epidermis and stimulates the growth of the hair.
Protein concentrate from yeast is nutritive additive and it consists of high-quality substances which participate in
construction of many tissue.
Lecithin keeps stimulating brain and nerve metabolic functions. In stressful circumstances, it is used as an energy
source (from the brain) which works to prevent the fall of the working abilities

- helps build optimal structure of bone, improvement of general condition
- increase of the well-being even with older animals
- covering of the increased needs in pregnant and lactating animals
- prevention of stress (hunt, exhibition, contests, training, etc.)

Additionally, sufficient Biotin supply (vitamin H) guaranties (especially in shedding period):
- flexible, husking-free skin
- optimal growth of healthy, shinny, smooth and firmly sitting hair as well as optimally pigmented skin

Administration and dosage
Tablets are given orally to cats and dogs, also could be mixed (crunched) with food.
Average dose is 1 tablet per 10kg b.w. per day – cats and dogs
Puppies and kittens – ½ up to 1 tablet per day
Cats – depends on b.w., ½ up to 1 tablet per day
Small dogs, up to 15kg b.w. – 1 tablet per day
Medium sized dogs, 20-30kg b.w. – 2-3 tablets per day
Dogs with around 50kg b.w. – 4 tablets per day

Some ready-to-eat cat and dog food might contain increased quantity of vitamin D3 so VMP tablets, in that case,
could cover not more than 20% of daily need for vitamin D3

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