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                                                               University of Cincinnati Counseling Program
                                                                                         Spring 2007 Edition

Springing into Gradua tion:
                                                                                            Kristy Hardwick
Wha t you need to know                                                                      & Steven Smith
Spring 2007 Commence-                                        cap, hood outlined in
ment will be held June 9th,    Graduates may purchase        WHITE
at 2:30 at the Fifth Third     commencement wear in-         Ed.D in Counselor Educa-
Arena. For all graduates,      cluding gown, cap, and        tion: Red doctoral gown
grade changes must be          hood at the University        and cap, hood outlined in      Inside this issue:
turned in by June 5th. To      Bookstore. Please make        LIGHT BLUE.
march in the ceremony,         sure to purchase the cor-
you must make a reserva-       rect apparel including the                                   Virginia Tech Tragedy     2
tion by April 30. See the      correct color and size        For those that are CSI
graduation website.            hood:                         members as well, you
                                                             may purchase CSI honor
                                                             cords ($14.00), stoles         Campus Safety             2
For Doctoral graduates,        M.Ed. in School Counsel-      ($30.00), or medallions
dissertations are due to       ing: Black masters gown       ($12.00) via the CSI web-
110 Van Wormer Hall by         and cap, hood outlined in     site,
May 18th. The Doctoral         LIGHT BLUE
Hooding Ceremony is                                                                         Reflections on Violence   3-5
June 8th.                      M.A. in Mental Health:
                               Black masters gown and

                                                                                            Upcoming Conferences      8
Focus on Advocacy                                            by Kristy Hardwick
As you are aware, an im-       police, and assistance with   The ACA Call to Action
portant component of iden-     investigation and prosecu-    website is user friendly and
tity as a professional coun-   tion of hate crimes           makes it easy to not only      Chi Sigma Iota Page       6
selor is acting as an advo-    Passing Medicare Coverage     be aware of current issues,
cate for not only our cli-     of Counselors                 but to act on them. See
ents, but also for our pro-                        
                               Asking Congress to Support
fession. ACA has listed on                                   for more information on
                               Loan Forgiveness for Coun-
the ACA Public Policy web                                    these and other high prior-    Summer 2006-2007          7
                               selors: Encourage the                                        Course Schedule
page a Call to Action to       Higher Education Act to       ity federal policy issues.
contact your elected offi-     include mental health and     You can also become in-
cials regarding:
                               school counselors in loan     volved in advocacy via our
Passing Hate Crimes Legis-     forgiveness.                  CSI Upsilon Chi Chi chap-      Important dates           8
lation: Broadening defini-                                   ter. See one of our officers
                               Saving the Federal School
tion of hate crimes, provi-                                  for more information and
                               Counseling Program: Ex-
sion of grants for prevent-                                  ways you can become an
                               press Your Concern over
ing hate crimes, training of                                 advocate.
                               Bush Budget Cuts
Page 2                                                                                                     Counseling Connection

In Response to the Vir ginia Tech Tra gedy
                                         • Avoid excesses in alcohol and
      The following message                                                               The Counseling Center is open
                                         other drugs.
was provided by the Counseling                                                            Mondays 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Tuesdays 9
Center at UC:                            • Spend time with people that you                a.m.-7 p.m.; and Wednesdays,
                                         care about and do things with them               Thursdays, and Fridays 8 a.m.-5
After a sudden and unexpected            that you enjoy.                                  p.m. Students can always call or
tragedy, many people experience                                                           walk in to be seen immediately for
heightened emotionality and intru-       • Stay in touch with family and                  urgent care.
sive thoughts. The increased level       friends via phone, email, or letters.
of tension is a completely normal                                                         Counselors are also available to
response to an unpredicted and           •    Talk about your feelings and ask            faculty and staff who are concerned
shocking situation. It is important to   for support from friends and family.             about a student or who would like
                                                                                          recommendations on how to dis-
find ways to cope with these             • Be clear with others who are
thoughts and feelings so as not to                                                        cuss tragic events with stu-
                                         having the same emotional experi-
be overwhelmed.                                                                           dents. During times of crisis, the
                                         ence about how much you can com-
                                                                                          center is also available to employ-
It is important to take care of one ’s   fort each other and when you need
                                                                                          ees for limited personal counsel-
self. People must find a balance         not to talk about the events.
between attempting to go about           • Similarly, limit your exposure to
“business as usual” and taking the                                                        Counseling Center Location: 316
                                         news coverage; repeated encoun-                  Dyer Hall Phone: 513-556-0648
time to experience painful emotions.     ters with the same information can
Here are some ways of coping:            lead to a sense of helplessness.                 UC faculty and staff who are being
                                                                                          affected by the tragic events at Vir-
•     Take it day by day. Stick to the   • Seek support and comfort from                  ginia Tech can find help through
work and relaxation schedules that       spiritual leaders and others in your             UC's REACH (Responsive Em-
give structure to your daily             faith community.                                 ployee Assistance Can Help) pro-
life. There is comfort in routines.                                                       gram.
                                         • If things become overwhelming,
•   Eat well and get enough rest.        see a counselor (social worker, psy-             REACH Location: 7130 One Ed-
                                         chologist) for the chance to process             wards Center Phone: 513-556-2506
•   Exercise.
                                         your thoughts and feelings.

Campus Security Star ts with Resource Awar eness
In light of the recent tragic event on   Campus Police                                    Nightwalk
the Virginia Tech Campus, we felt it     E-mail:                              Sunday--Wednesday        8:00 p.m. --
would be important to remind you of                                                       12:30 a.m.
the public safety resources available    Three Edwards Center
on Campus.                               51 West Corry Boulevard              Cincin-     Thursday--Saturday     8:00 p.m. --
                                         nati, OH 45221-0215                              2:30 a.m.
                                         Business Office: 513-556-                        Call 558-WALK (9255)
Dial 911
                                         4900 Fax: 513-556-4940
                                                                                          Crime Prevention: 556-4927
West Campus: 513-556-1111                For more information on safety tips, visit the
                                         website at
                                                                                          Shuttle Service: 556-4434
East Campus: 513-558-1111
Spring Qtr. 2007                                                                      Page 3

For the American Counseling Association’s response to the tragedy, go to ACA has
identified numerous resources for both the public and professional counselors with dealing with this trag-

Student Reflections on Violence
The following two articles are in response to the following question:
Is violence an inherent part of the human experience or is it a learned adaptation?
Responses, written prior to the Virginia Tech tragedy, have been provided by two current doctoral students. We
hope that these articles will stimulate further discussion of the role of violence plays in our world and lead to deeper
understanding and commitment to promoting peace and well-being in our communities.

Ecology of Violence and Power
                                                                                               By Nzingha Vick
Wikipedia defines violence as “any          the form of hunting and killing ani-      beings’ identity is linked to the exis-
act of aggression and abuse that            mals for subsistence, to protect          tence and nourishment of all life. All
causes or intends to cause injury to        one’s freedom or family, or, in the       human beings innately know this.
persons (and by some definitions            case of a critical manhood rite, in       But, social constructs such as hier-
animals or property). The term              order to prove one’s self as able to      archy, accumulation of wealth, and
"violence" also connotes an aggres-                                                   oppression has resulted in humans
sive tendency to act out destructive            “I do not believe that human          becoming alienated from their own
behaviors. Violence can also be di-             beings are designed to cause          humanity, from a sense of them-
vided into two forms — random vio-                                                    selves in connectedness with all life.
lence, which includes unpremedi-                injury towards others, either         Thus, humans’ identity has become
tated or small-scale violence, and              unpremeditated or                     distorted, confused, and lost. And,
coordinated violence, which in-                 coordinated.”                         in an effort to make some meaning
cludes actions carried out by sanc-                                                   of their lives, they are motivated by,
tioned or unsanctioned violent              hold a position as an adult in one’s      encouraged, and rewarded when
groups —such as war (ie. inter-             tribe, which can be considered so-        they engage in ways that promote
societal violence), in some cases           cially-constructed self-preservation.     behaviors of status, profit, and ex-
certain types of revolution, or terror-     However, the act of human violence        clusiveness of resources for those
ism.”                                       other than self-preservation: for the     who share similar beliefs and val-
I do not believe that human beings          sake of gaining some sense of             ues. Like addiction, with an absence
are designed to cause injury to-            power or control over others by in-       of natural emotional balance and
wards others, either unpremeditated         flicting emotional, psychological, or     support from one’s environment,
or coordinated. I do believe that hu-       physical injury or to intentionally de-   humans begin to develop thinking
man beings have a self-preservation         stroy a person or property in order       patterns that support mental de-
instinct and will act out in an effort to   to gain or maintain power or control      fense mechanisms that support and
defend themselves. However, once            is not a intrinsic human quality. It is   celebrate violence. Therefore, vio-
the threat no longer exists, with all       the absence of humanity.                  lence is a symptom of the disorder
other factors remaining the same,                                                     of disconnectedness from one’s
the self-preservation instinct will                                                   own humanity.
                                            In an ecologically harmonious envi-
subside. Self-preservation may take         ronment, which is possible, human
Page 4                                                                                            Counseling Connection

The Inher ency of Violence
                                                                                         By Steven Smith
To answer this question, it is neces-    “aggressive” tendencies in human        removed from sight. This inherency
sary to make some distinction be-        beings is complicated by our indis-     of aggressive behavior does not
tween violence and aggression.           criminate use of language. If we        lead, necessarily, to the inherency
“Violence” typically refers to the use   clearly articulate “violence” as the    of violence. Although violence oc-
of physical force to cause injury or     use of physical force to cause injury   curs ubiquitously in human socie-
abuse. Contained within this con-        or abuse in such a way that trans-      ties, care-givers may lead children
cept lies a generally universal belief                                           to choose non-violent aggressive
that violence transgresses the rights        “...once violence is introduced     behaviors and strategies for need
of another and is destructive and                                                fulfillment. However, once violence
wrong. “Aggression” may be used              as a behavioral option and          is introduced as a behavioral option
similarly to describe forceful action        socially sanctioned, retracting     and socially sanctioned, retracting it
or unprovoked attack. The deriva-            it as an option dissolves.”         as an option dissolves. My suspi-
tives of the root, “aggress”, provide                                            cion is that the structure and his-
a broader understanding of                                                       toricity of current human societies,
“aggression.” For example,                                                       including more primitive modes of
“aggressive” connotes a strong and       gresses the rights of another, and      human-like being, precludes non-
often obtrusive display of energy or     “aggressive” behavior as forcefully     violent human development on the
intent and is not as closely associ-     exerting or venting one’s emotion       large scale, leaving such societies
ated with violence as is aggression.     and/or intention, then we can clearly   to the province of utopians and fic-
It is my contention that the distinc-    explicate the central components of     tion-writers.
tion between the act of transgress-      this debate and make the discus-
ing the rights of another through        sion more salient to our work as
physical force and forcefully exert-     counselors.
ing or venting one’s emotion and/or
intention is blurred by the multiple
connotations of “aggression.”            Given this working definition of ag-
                                         gressive behavior, any question of
                                         its inherency is rendered mute. One
Consequently, the discussion of the      has only to observe an infant
inherency of “violent” or                scream when its desired object is

Students Repr esent Counseling Program a t Gradua te
Poster Forum
Several students from the Counsel-       Angela Barbour                          Henrietta Elms
ing Program presented their re-          Child Custody Evaluation: Assess-       Is There an Issue of Safety on UC's
search at the Graduate Poster Fo-        ments and Procedures                    West Campus?
rum this past March. The Forum is
part of the Graduate Recruitment         Angela Barbour & Mary Jo Gutt-          Dustin Faulkner
Weekend and showcases research           man                                     Predators, Monsters, and Moles-
conducted by graduate students           Teen Pregnancy: A Focus on Males        ters. Lock Them Up and Throw
from all corners of the University.                                              Away the Key?: An Analysis of So-
                                         Bree Kitchens & Cara Cashour
                                                                                 cial Justice and the Sex Offenders
                                         Infusing and Ecological Perspective
                                         into the Psychology of Management
Page 5                                                                                        Counseling Connection

Professional Identity
Please consider joining one or more     American School Counselor Asso-        Ohio Counseling Association (OCA)
professional counseling organiza-       ciation (ASCA)                                 Student Membership $20
tions. Here are some popular ex-        Association for Specialists in Group           annually
amples. For more divisions and          Work (ASGW)
regional organizations, see ACA’s                                              Ohio Mental Health Counseling As-
website,                       Student Membership is $27       sociation (OMHCA)
                                               annually with ACA member                Student Membership is
                                               ship                                    $12.50 annually
National                                Association for Spiritual, Ethical,    Ohio School Counselor Association
American Counseling Association         and Religious Values in Counseling     (OHSCA)
(ACA)                                   (ASERVIC)
                                                                                       Student Membership is $15
         Student Membership is                 Student Membership is                   annually
         $85.00 annually                       $20.00 annually with ACA
                                               membership                      Kentucky Counselor Association
Association for Counselor Education                                            (KCA)
and Supervision (ACES)
                                                                                       Student Membership is
         Student Membership is $25      Regional/State                                 $12.50 annually
         annually with ACA member       North Central Association for Coun-
         ship                                                                  Local
                                        selor Education and Supervision
American Mental Health Counseling       (NCACES)                               Greater Cincinnati Counseling As-
Association (AMHCA)                                                            sociation (GCCA)
                                               Student Membership is $5
         Student Membership is $60             annually                                Free with OCA membership

The North Central Association for       be funded. Individuals may submit
Counselor Education and Supervi-        only one proposal, whether indi-
sion is funding three research grant    vidually or as part of a research
awards in the amount of $1000           team.
each to promote increased knowl-        Submission must be postmarked on
edge and understanding of counsel-      or before June 15, 2007.
ing, counselor training, and supervi-
sion.                                   For more information
The competition is open to both         North Central ACES Website: http://
professional and student members
of North Central ACES. Both indi-       ncaces.htm
vidual and collaborative efforts may
Page 6                                                                                          Counseling Connection

Chi Sigma Iota Grant Oppor tunities
. CSI is Calling For Proposals for     These are grants available to active     cific information go to www.csi-
the Excellence in Counseling Re-       CSI members. Awards range from 
        search Grants 2007             $250 to $750. An application can
                                       be found at the CSI webpage, csi-
CSI has identified the 2007 re- Applications can be sub-
search priorities for funding as re-   mitted electronically or via mail. CSI
search relating to chapter, profes-    grant awardees will be recognized
sional association, and practitioner   at the CSI awards ceremony during
leadership characteristics and be-     the 2008 ACA conference where
haviors. Two themes identified are     they will also present their research.
counselor education and intra-
professional relationships.            Applications are due by June 01,
                                       2007. For an application and spe-

CSI Upsilon Chi Chi Chapter
                                                                                        By Kristy Hardwick
CSI Upsilon Chi Chi has had a very     Counseling Job” with UC alum Chris       and we anticipate another great CSI
productive and exciting academic       Tuell was also a success.                year! Please consider joining our
year. President Sarah Lanman has                                                new officers and current members!
done an excellent job of leading our
CSI chapter. Our monthly meetings      CSI has focused on advocacy this
with pizza have shown a significant    year and has held fundraisers in-        Former 2006-2007 CSI Officers
increase in attendance, leading to     cluding a collection drive in the fall   Sarah Lanman, President
more collaboration between officers    and a bake sale on February 14
and members. And, Steve Smith,         with money going to the Ohio Politi-     Melissa Lubrecht, Vice President
treasurer, created a chapter website   cal Action Committee. CSI presi-         Dustin Faulkner, President Elect
to help facilitate our CSI success.    dent, Sarah Lanman, and Steve
                                       Smith, CSI treasurer also presented      Kristy Hardwick, Jen McCarty, Sec-
                                       a poster outlining chapter advocacy      retary
We have also had several well at-      efforts at the annual ACA confer-        Steve Smith, Treasurer
tended workshops this year: a doc-     ence in Detroit. (The poster is dis-
toral portfolio workshop by doctoral   played on the fifth floor bulletin
candidate, Kristy Hardwick, and a      board in Dyer Hall.)                     New 2007-2008 CSI Officers
school portfolio workshop with Dr.                                              Dustin Faulkner, President
Mei Tang in the winter, as well as a
very important workshop on licen-      We are now looking forward to our        Susannah Coaston, Vice President
sure for professional counselors in    annual CSI Upsilon Chi Chi Spring        Steve Smith, President Elect
the state of Ohio by the OSWCM         Symposium, on May 2, to end the
                                       2006-2007 academic year and be-          Jen McCarty, Secretary
board executive, Jim Rough. In the
spring, “Everything You Always         gin the 2007-2008 school year.           Becca Swartzendruber, Treasurer
Wanted to Know about Landing a         New officers have been appointed

                 Chi Sigma Iota, Upsilon Chi Chi Chapter — Annual Spring Symposium
                                Wednesday, May 2nd, 3:00 PM — 7:00 PM
                          Tangeman University Center, Rooms 427, 415A, & 415B
Spring Qtr. 2007                                                                               Page 7

                              Schedule of Summer Classes 2006-2007

Course #           Credits        Course Title                          Pre/Co-Requisite                  BoKCode

Section            Call Number    Day                  Time             Instructor             Location

                                            --Quarter Term-- (June 18-August 30)
18 CNSL 871         (1-6G)        INDIV STUDY                           Perm of advisor

           401     301948         TBA                                   Tang
18 CNSL 888         (3-12G)       MSTRS COUNS INTRN

           401     301949         M                    5:30-7:40        Cook

           402     301958         M                    5:30-7:40        Tang
18 CNSL 889         (1-9G)        ADV MSTR INTRNSHIP                    18CNSL888

           401     301950         M                    5:30-7:40        Cook
18 CNSL 901         (1-12G)       ADV CNS INTRNSHP                      Doctoral stud

           401     301995         M                    5:30-7:40        Cook
18 CNSL 973         (1-15G)       IND DISSER GUIDANCE                   Perm of department

           401     301952         TBA                                   Tang

                                                 --1st Half Qtr-- (June 18-July 24)
18 CNSL 787         (3G)          GRP THRY & PROCESS                    Perm of instructor

           501     301941         TH                   3:00-5:20        Wilson
18 CNSL 809         (3G)          ABN HUM BEHAV                         Perm of instructor

           501     301942         MW                   3:00-5:20        Wilson
18 CNSL 852         (3G)          COUNSELING IN SCH                     Perm of instructor

           501     301943         MW                   3:00-5:20        Tang
18 CNSL 884         (3G)          COUN PREPRACT                         Perm of instructor

           501     301947         TH                   3:00-5:20        Yager
18 CNSL 961         (1-6G)        SUPERV OF COUNSELOR                   18-213-887

           501     301951         MW                   3:00-5:20        Yager

                                             --2nd Half Qtr-- (July 25-August 30)
18 CNSL 784         (3G)                                                Perm of instructor
                                  COUNSELING THEOR

           601     301940         TH                   3:00-5:20        Watson
18 CNSL 855         (3G)          COM COUN/MENTAL HS                    18CNSL781

           601     302526         MW                   3:00-5:20        Watson
18 CNSL 981         (3G)          ETH-PROF-LGL ISSUE                    Masters and Doctoral

           601     301953         MW                   3:00-5:20        Cook
Page 8                                                                                                  Counseling Connection

  University of Cincinnati Counseling
  Program                                                    ACA 2008 Annual Conference and Exposition
  Spring 2007 Edition
                                                                                    Honolulu, Hawaii
  526 Teachers College                                                             March 26-30, 2008
  PO Box 210002                                                    Register now as a Student Member for only $165.00!!!
                                                                                   Call for Programs
  Phone: (513) 556-3335
  Fax: (513) 556-3898                                        Deadlines for Proposals is June 4, 2007, 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time                         for more information

                                                                         ACES 2007 CONFERENCE
                                                                                    Columbus, Ohio
                                                                                  October 10-14, 2007
                                                                     Access Information at
                                                                       Student registration by September 1 is $200

                                                                       ACES 2007 WOMEN’S RETREAT
                                                                         Columbus, Ohio, October 09-10, 2007
                                                                        For more information, see Dr. Ellen Cook

Impor tant Da tes

April 25     Secretary’s Day                             June 09     Spring Graduation, Fifth Third Arena
             Chi Sigma Iota Meeting, 3:00 p.m., 525 TC               End of Spring Quarter
April 27     Deadline to submit essay for ACA            June 18      Summer Classes Begin
             graduate student essay contest                           Last day to apply for Summer Graduation
May 02       Chi Sigma Iota Annual Spring                             New Master’s Student Orientation
             Symposium, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., TUC
                                                         June 23-26 ASCA Annual Conference,
May 12       Comprehensive Exam
                                                                      Denver, Colorado
May 28       Memorial Day, No Classes
                                                         July 26-28 AMHCA Annual Conference, New Orleans
June 04      Last day to submit a program proposal for
                                                         Aug 30       Summer Classes End
             ACA Annual Conference 2008 — Hawaii
                                                         Sept 19      Fall Classes Begin
June 05     CECH Outstanding Student Award
             Ceremony, Myers Alumni Center               Oct 10-14 ACES Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

June 06     Chi Sigma Iota Meeting, 3:00 p.m., 525 TC