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					        Getting Started 1.2 – Ways To Use Images
Using Scran Tools to Display Images

    Use the Create tool to make worksheets and more -
     This is one of the easiest ways to use Scran images.
     Find an image you’d like to use and open it in the
     Record View. Look in the purple bar below the image
     for the Create link and click it. Follow the steps to
     choose a template, options, etc. Look for the OK
     button at each step – you might need to scroll down to
     find it. When your document is ready, look out for the
     Download PDF link which lets you see the finished item.

    Make a slide show from an Album -
     Have you stored images in an Album? View it as a slide show by
     choosing Slides from the View menu in the grey bar just above the

Using Images in Other Programs

    Drag images into Microsoft Word or Powerpoint -
     Have a Microsoft Word or Powerpoint document open and ready. Find
     the Scran image you want and open the Full View. Resize the windows
     and position them so that you can see both at once. Click on the
     Scran window so that it’s active. Click on the Scran image and drag
     it into the Word/Powerpoint window. You can also drag images into
     AppleWorks and other types of document.

    Edit an image in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint -
     When the image appears, click once on it and small
     circles or squares called handles will appear
     round its edges. Click on one of the corner
     handles and drag it inwards or outwards to make
     the image bigger or smaller.

     To edit the picture more click once on the image
     then choose View, Toolbars from the menus at the
     top of the window and make sure Picture is selected. A small toolbar
     appears containing tools to help you crop the image, add a border,
     etc. Try them out.

Sharing Images With Friends
   Share Through My Stuff
     If you’ve made an Album in My Stuff you can share it with someone
     else who has also registered. Go to your Album and choose Copy Album
     from the Tools menu in the grey bar just above the images. Ask a
     friend in the room to tell you the username they chose when they
     registered for Stuff and type it into the username box in the form.
     Click OK and they’ll receive a copy of the Album.
   Get Blogging With Scribble
    Scran has launched Scribble, a social networking
    community for education. With your My Stuff user
    name and password, you’ll be able to log in straight
    away to your account, which includes a blog for you
    to record your thoughts and tools to help you connect
    with other learners. The Share link underneath Scran
    images will allow you to post your favourite images straight to your

      Contact Kate O’Hara for help: 0131 662 1211

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