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					Worksheet: The Hobbit – Part III (Chapters 11-19)

Chapter 11

1. Why didn’t the men go on with the dwarves once they crossed the lake and landed at
   the foot of Lonely Mountain?
2. Besides having been burnt by the dragon, what other reason contributed to the
   barrenness of the mountainside?
3. Who found the secret door?
4. Why were the dwarves terrified of the echoing noise they made with their tools
   against the rock of the secret door?
5. What natural phenomenon almost prevented the adventurers from finding the
   keyhole on Durin’s Day?

Chapter 12

1.  Which dwarf offered to go through the secret door with Bilbo?
2.  When Bilbo first sees Smaug asleep on the treasure, how is the gold described?
3.  What did Bilbo steal from the dragon’s lair when he first came upon it?
4.  Smaug’s rage over losing something he had possessed a long time, but had never
    used, is likened to whom?
5. Smaug’s search for the thief led him to believe who was responsible?
6. What saying of his father does Bilbo apply to Smaug?
7. Among other things, Bilbo refers to himself as “Barrel-rider.” How does that fit?
8. Who does Smaug think Bilbo is?
9. Who does Smaug think Barrel is?
10. How does Smaug guess there are fourteen adventurers?
11. Did Bilbo find Smaug’s weakness?
12. Which dwarf comforted Bilbo as he recollected his folly of riddling perhaps too
    much for Smaug?
13. What was the Arkenstone?
14. Why were the dwarves afraid to shut the door, as Bilbo pleads, when they are
    hiding from Smaug?
15. What has Smaug destroyed at the end of the chapter, and to what effect, in terms of
    the adventurers?

Chapter 13

1. How was the reaction of the dwarves different from the hobbit’s to being trapped?
2. What did Bilbo’s father use to say about life?
3. Why was Bilbo not going to tell the dwarves about the Arkenstone?
4. What is the one thing that may kindle boldness in a dwarfish heart?
5. Of all the treasure in the dragon’s lair, what was the one thing Thorin Oakenshield
   searched for?
6. What did the adventurers have a view of once Thorin had led them to daylight at the
   front gate?
7. How far is the old lookout tower from the front gate?
8. Who took exception to Bilbo’s calling the dragon’s lair a nasty clockless, timeless
9. Who else, besides the adventurers, would be hungry, and what might he eat?
10. Who did the dwarves agree with, regarding food and shelter, and why?

Chapter 14

1. What was the real name of Lake-town?
2. The one man who suggested the distant lights were Smaug, rather than the King
   Under the Mountain forging gold, was accused of always foreboding things such as
3. What did the decision to throw down and destroy the bridge play in terms of
   preparation for Smaug’s attack?
4. Who was Bard?
5. How did the thrush know about the missing plate in Smaug’s breast?
6. What else ended with the death of Smaug?
7. How did the master distract the people when they were calling for Bard the dragon-
   slayer to be made king?
8. What one thing leads the men to stop arguing?
9. Who calls on the Elvenking for help?
10.Who doesn’t seem to know that Smaug is dead?

Chapter 15

1. What does Thorin say indicates that there is a battle afoot?
2. Bard could understand the thrush, but who among the adventurers could?
3. Who was Roac?
4. What does Roac advise?
5. Who among his people does Thorin ask the birds to find?
6. What has happened previously which gives the dwarves some time to prepare for
    the coming of the elves and men?
7. What was the feeling of several of the dwarves and Bilbo when they heard the voices
    and music of the men and wood elves encamped beneath the main gate?
8. Why was Thorin unable to find the Arkenstone?
9. What was the demand made of the dwarves in the name of Bard?
10. What does Bilbo grumble about?

Chapter 16

1.   How does Roac counsel Thorin?
2.   What does Thorin ask Bilbo and all the dwarves to do?
3.   Who informs Bard and the Elvenking about Dain coming?
4.   What really occurred which, for the first time in many days, really delighted Bilbo?
5.   How did Bilbo feel when Bombur thanked him for taking his watch?

Chapter 17
1. How does Thorin find out who gave the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elvenking?
2. How does Thorin insult Bilbo?
3. What plot of greed was Thorin turning over in his mind even while promising to pay
    for the Arkenstone with Bilbo’s share of the treasure?
4. Even though a storm blew up about the time Dain had decided to attack the men and
    elves, what also contributed to the darkness? What actually put an end to Dain’s
    attack before it ever started?
5. How was Bilbo ambivalent about The Battle of Five Armies?
6. With whom did Bilbo and Gandalf stand during the battle, dwarves, elves or men?
7. Even though Bilbo wore the magic armor of the dwarves, what was his primary
    defense during the battle?
8. Who saw the eagles coming first?
9. What was Gandalf up to during The Battle of Five Armies?
10. Why does Bilbo not make it to the end of the battle?

Chapter 18

1.   Why does Bilbo say, “A mercy it is that I woke up when I did?”
2.   After the eagles joined the battle, who else came to fight the goblins?
3.   Who became King Under the Mountain with Thorin’s death?
4.   Besides Thorin, which of the remaining twelve dwarves perished in the battle?
5.   How much was Bilbo’s reward, in the end?

Chapter 19

1. How many adventurers returned to Rivendale?
2. What do the elves have to say about Smaug in their song at the return of the
3. Who tells the elves the tale of their adventure?
4. Where had Gandalf gone, and for what purpose?
5. How long did the adventure take?
6. What did Bilbo and Gandalf find near where Tom, Bert and Bill had been turned to
7. From what he says, we can tell that Bilbo feels what about coming home?
8. Why was an auction going on when Bilbo got to his hobbit hole?
9. What did Bilbo do with the ring?
10. How does Gandalf sum up Bilbo’s adventure for him?

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