BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES
                        Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District

                               333 South Beaudry Avenue, Board Room
                                4:00 pm, Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roll Call

Consent Items

  Items for action below assigned by the Board at the meeting to be adopted by a single vote. Any Board
  Member may pull any item off of consent for further discussion at any time before action is taken.

New Business for Action

    1. Board of Education Report No. 057 – 11/12                 ADOPTED BY CONSENT VOTE
       Office of Curriculum, Instruction and School Support
       (Annual Williams Textbook Sufficiency Certification: Balanced Traditional, Early Start, and
       4-Track Calendars, and 3-Track B and C Mesters) Recommends approval of the resolution
       certifying that all schools have sufficient textbooks and instructional materials for all students in
       the core and required curriculum areas.

    2. Board of Education Report No. 063 – 11/12            ADOPTED BY CONSENT VOTE
       Office of School Operations
       (Naming of Carlos Santana Arts Academy) Recommends approval to name Valley Region
       Elementary School No. 12 as Carlos Santana Arts Academy.

Board Member Resolutions For Action

    3. Mr. Kayser – Resolution for LAUSD to Enter an Amicus Brief In Support of AB 26 and AB 27
       (Noticed September 20, 2011) (Waiver of Board Rule 72)                   WITHDRAWN

         Whereas, The Los Angeles Unified School District has had to cut teachers, administrators,
         summer school, custodial and office support to administrators, teachers and parents due to a lack
         of money;

         Whereas, Governor Brown suggested that in hard financial times we should support core services
         in California such as schools, hospitals, fire and police;

         Whereas, Governor Brown’s first State of the State address asked the California State Legislature
         to end the current California redevelopment law in order to fund essential services being cut in

         Whereas, The State Legislature sent to the Governor Assembly Bills 26 and 27 which he signed;

         Whereas, The Governor was able to provide $1.7 billion of the $5.8 billion to the 58 California
         Counties to reduce some of the hurt to California's schools and its poorest citizens;

Board of Ed. Regular Meeting                          1
                   Stamped Order of Business, 4 p.m., 9-20-11
v. 9-21-11 2:35 pm
         Whereas, The redevelopment lobby has contested this legislation as unconstitutional and now the
         Supreme Court is hearing arguments from the redevelopment associations as well as the California
         Attorney General defending the laws as written and signed; now, therefore, be it

         Resolved, That the LAUSD enter an amicus brief directly to the California State Supreme Court in
         order to support the Governor, the State Assembly, the State Senate, the Attorney General of
         California and the firefighters, police, hospitals and schools of California;

         Resolved further, That the LAUSD communicate its support of the Governor’s plan, the
         legislation and the Attorney General's opinion by illustrating what is at stake this December if the
         laws are not upheld; and be it finally

         Resolved, That the Superintendent act to obtain further revenue from this source in the upcoming
         budget year message to be given in January 2012.

Board Member Resolutions For Initial Announcement

    4. Ms. García – Resolution Celebrating Latino Heritage Month          (For Action on October 4, 2011)

         Whereas, The United States Congress approved Public Law 90-498 in 1968 to designate the week
         of September 15th as “National Hispanic Heritage Week”;

         Whereas, The week-long observance was expanded in 1988 by Congress to a month-long
         celebration (September 15 - October 15), effective the following year;

         Whereas, America celebrates the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain,
         Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean;

         Whereas, Latino Heritage Month celebrates the history and culture of the nation’s Latinos and
         acknowledges their influence on politics, the economy, and the social and cultural life throughout
         the United States;

         Whereas, The September-October period covers a wide range of Independence Days for the Latin
         American countries of Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Mexico;

         Whereas, Understanding Latino history is an important part of celebrating Latino Heritage Month;

         Whereas, Latino Heritage Month is a time when Latinos honor their spirit of self-determination,
         dignity, and respect for cultural heritage;

         Whereas, More than 70% of LAUSD’s elementary and secondary students are Latino;

         Whereas, More than 43,000 Latinos contribute to the accomplishment of the District’s educational
         mission as both certificated and classified employees; and

         Whereas, Those persons who have come from Latin American countries have long added a special
         quality and enrichment to the cultural heritage and institutions of the United States, the State of
         California, the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District; now, therefore,
         be it

Board of Ed. Regular Meeting                           2
                  Stamped Order of Business, 4 p.m., 9-20-11
v. 9-21-11 2:35 pm
         Resolved, That the Board of Education hereby promotes September 15th through October 15th as
         Latino Heritage Month; and be it finally

         Resolved, That by adoption of this resolution, the Board hereby encourages all students, faculty,
         administrators, and parents, to remember and celebrate the contributions that Latinos have made to
         California and the United States.

    5. Ms. García – Resolution Declaring October as College Awareness Month In the Los Angeles
       Unified School District (For Action on October 11, 2011)

         Whereas, The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second-largest public school district in
         the nation; and

         Whereas, The District has a clear mission of ensuring that every child graduates from high school
         college-prepared and career ready;

         Whereas, The District has a deep commitment to ensuring that all of our students are well-
         prepared for success in college, in their careers, and in their lives;

         Whereas, Attaining a college education serves as the gateway to better options and more
         opportunities and will be indispensible in the 21st century;

         Whereas, In 1960, the State of California instituted the Master Plan for Higher Education with
         a promise that every qualified student wishing to pursue a college education would have access to

         Whereas, The District recognizes that the opportunity to attend college is indispensable in
         preparing our students for success in life;

         Whereas, The District resolved to create educational equity by implementing A-G courses as a
         high school graduation requirement; and

         Whereas, Fewer than half of the graduating seniors in the District continue on to obtain a post-
         secondary education; now, therefore, be it

         Resolved, That the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District, hereby declares
         October as College Awareness Month and directs the Superintendent to encourage all district staff
         to promote a college-going culture, during the month of October and each and every day
         throughout the year.

    6. Ms. García - Resolution to Acknowledge FestiBanda USA 2011 and their Commitment to
       Diversity and Education (For Action on October 4, 2011)

         Whereas, Arts education is an important component of getting all students to 100 percent

         Whereas, FestiBanda USA 2011 will promote Spanish language, culture and music;

         Whereas, FestiBanda USA will celebrate the sounds and lyrics of the ever popular Mexican Banda
         Music in front of tens of thousands of fans on October 9, 2011;

Board of Ed. Regular Meeting                          3
                   Stamped Order of Business, 4 p.m., 9-20-11
v. 9-21-11 2:35 pm
          Whereas, FestiBanda USA will be the largest event of this nature anywhere in the world;

          Whereas, FestiBanda USA will be an 8 hour family-style festival celebrated at the legendary Los
          Angeles Memorial Coliseum featuring only the most popular bands in this genre;

          Whereas, Banda El Recodo, recognized as the “Mother of all Bandas” will be featured at this great

          Whereas, Two of the band members from Banda El Recodo, graduated from our own John F.
          Kennedy HS; and

          Whereas, This celebration will donate ten percent of its proceeds to LAUSD students to support
          their college education ; now, therefore, be it

          Resolved, That the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District, acknowledges
          FestiBanda USA 2011 for its commitment to diversity and education and the students of the Los
          Angeles Unified School District.

Correspondence and Petitions

     7. Williams/Valenzuela Settlement Uniform Complaint - Quarterly Report Summary                                                 ADOPTED

Public Comment


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Board of Ed. Regular Meeting                                               4
                          Stamped Order of Business, 4 p.m., 9-20-11
v. 9-21-11 2:35 pm

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