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					                         Department of Sport Management
                                      Senior Capstone Criteria
                                  Adopted by Department Faculty
                                    Effective February 15, 2008
In order to fulfill graduation requirements, all Department of Sport Management majors must
meet the following criteria to take SPM 455—Senior Capstone Experience:

Academic Requirements:

   1. Complete all 200- and 300-level SPM core courses as outlined on Student Check Sheet.

   2. Complete a minimum of one (1) 400-level SPM core course.

   3. Attain senior academic standing by completing a minimum of 84 credit hours earned
      toward graduation.

   4. Have no more than 19 credits remaining before graduation.

   5. Complete SPM 455—Senior Capstone during one of the student’s final two semesters.

   Other requirements:

   6. Students must attend a mandatory department Capstone informational meeting in order to
      officially enroll for SPM 455.

   7. Capstone must be taken while a team or league’s sport is in its active season or be
      associated with a sport agency, sport business firm or sport-specific organization.

   8. All Capstone experiences are subject to approval by the faculty advisor, capstone
      coordinator, and department chair.

Obtaining the SPM 455—Senior Capstone Experience is the responsibility of the student; the
Faculty Advisor and the Coordinator of Internships will work with the student to offer
professional guidance whenever needed.

Failure to meet each of the aforementioned criteria will result in the student petitioning to enroll
in SPM455/Senior Capstone at a time other than the final two semesters. The petition will consist
of the student:
a. submitting a written letter of justification detailing the rationale and extenuating
    circumstances necessitating the need to enroll in SPM 455 at a different time.
b. receiving approval from student’s faculty advisor and department chair and/or
    faculty review committee.

              SPM 455—Senior Capstone Experience
Student Contact Information
Name:                                                                        SU ID:
CAMPUS Address:
City:                                               State                         Zip
CAMPUS Phone:                                       Cell Phone:

Undergraduate Academic Progress Information

Major:                       Minor/Concentration:                       Anticip. Grad Date
Number of hours completed toward degree:                                Cumulative GPA:
Have you completed the Sport Management program requirements?                    Yes           No
If you have not completed the required SPM courses, per the Student Check Sheet, you may NOT enroll
in the Capstone Experience. If you have completed the required SPM courses, confirm the courses taken, the
semester completed and the grade received, below.

Course                                           Semester Completed                 Grade
SPM 200 Research Methods
SPM 205 Intro to Sport Management
SPM 215 Principles of Sales in Sports
SPM 225 Managing Sports Organizations
SPM 315 Sport Finance
SPM 325 Sport Communication
SPM 415 Sport Law
SPM 444 Sport Marketing
SOC 367 Sociology of Sports

Have you completed your resume? (If yes, please attach copy)              Yes                No

Have you completed your cover letter?                                         Yes                 No
Semester / year you plan to take your Capstone Experience

In what areas are you interested in working (ex. marketing, management, finance, sales, etc.)?

Geographically, where would you like to be for your Capstone internship?

List some organizations where you are interested in pursuing a Capstone internship:


First semester and year this student is eligible to register for SPM 455—Senior Capstone Experience:
            Fall                              Spring                                Summer

Having met with this student and reviewed the information provided herein, he/she is approved to meet with
Carol Roy, SPM Coordinator of Internships, and initiate development of the Capstone Experience.

Faculty Advisor signature                                   Date


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