2012 Summer Camp Season 2012 BOY SCOUT by linzhengnd


									2012 Summer Camp Season                                                  2012
                                                                       BOY SCOUT
Week   1   –   July   8 – 13, Camp Merz
Week   2   –   July   15 – 20, Camp Merz                              SUMMER CAMP
Week   3   –   July   22 – 27, Camp Merz
Week   4   –   July   29 - August 3, Camp Merz
                                                                       Camp Merz, Mayville, NY
Week 1 – July 22 – 27, Elk Lick                                                  and
Week 2 – July 29 - August 3, Elk Lick                                  Elk Lick Scout Reserve,
                                                                            Smethport, PA
Special Notes:
Reserve your favorite site for your favorite week NOW!

 $290 for week - $260 with all discounts.

 $20 discount if paid in full by April 1.

 $10 discount if paid in full by June 1.

 $10 additional discount if AHC Troop recharters on time.

  Come a second week? Twice as nice great price for second weeks of
our boy scout resident camps - $180.
   Details will be available in the late fall/early winter &            fax 716.665.5212
will be available on our website.

                                                                         servicecenter alleghenyhighlands.org
       www.alleghenyhighlands.org                                                    @

Dear Scoutmaster,

We are very proud of Elk Lick and Camp
Merz, and we want to make sure your
boys experience great scouting at our two
camps that we love.

Over the last year, more improvements
have happened to make our facilities even
better……..and our promise to continue
those efforts is holding true…scout’s
honor.                                                                                                     Camp Merz
                                                        Elk Lick Scout Reserve             On the shores of Lake Chautauqua in
Your loyalty to us is something we want      Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, Elk       Western New York, Camp Merz has 340
to continue to earn, and not just expect.    Lick boasts 985 acres of woodlands in the     acres of forest and over 1000 feet of
                                             Pennsylvania Wilds near Smethport. It is a    lakefront.     The      waterfront   offers
If there is anything we can do to make       perfect setting for hiking, camping, and      opportunities for swimming, rowing,
your stay better, please ask us.Especially   mountain biking. The camp also has a          canoeing,      kayaking,      motorboating,
ask us how you or your older scouts can      swimming pool, and boating and canoeing       waterskiing, and sailing, and our Lakeside
be a part of our team!                       are done on our small lake.                   Aquatics Center make our waterfront
                                             Some of the special programs offered at       A1.
The experience your scouts get this          Elk Lick include climbing and rappelling,     Our Shooting Sports Complex offers
summer is very important to us, to you,      black powder & skeet shooting, and            22’s, black powder, and skeet shooting.
and to your boy’s parents. Everything we     mountain biking. We also offer scouts the     Our dining hall has a pavilion out back
do is related to just that. A great time     opportunity of 7 different outpost            for cool fresh air dining.
and earning some merit badges too!           programs that are in conjunction with         Along with 40 merit badges offered,
                                             merit badges, or just for the great           Nimawanachin – our first year camper
Thank you for all the time and effort you    outdoor experience.                           program, offers instruction covering most
put into the boy scouts. Your                Besides the 38 merit badges we offer, our     of the requirements needed to get a scout
commitment to your boys is what              first year camper program is designed to      to first class. From archery to nature
motivates them, and us!                      offer instruction covering most of the        study to scoutcraft, Camp Merz has a lot
                                             requirements needed for first class. From     to offer your scouts, from outpost
Sincerely,                                   outpost      camping      to    outstanding   camping and camp-wide competitions, to
                                             campfires, we stand ready to make your        new older scout adventures.
Allegheny Highlands Camping Committee        week at Elk Lick one filled with fun,
                                             learning, and fellowship.

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