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									                                                                                                                    CHALK WALK

                  CHALK WALK                          VISIT US!
               ~ AUGUST 27, 2011 ~
                DOWNTOWN YORK                         YorkArts is centrally located in the heart of historic
                                                      downtown York near Central Market. Street parking
            REGISTRATION FORM                         is available on Beaver Street. Parking meters are FREE
 Registration form must be accompanied by payment.    on weekends. There are two parking garages located
                                                      1/2 block away from YorkArts on Philadelphia Street.
Individual or Group Leader Name:                      (Marked on the map below.)

_____________________________________________         Need directions? Give us a call at 717-848-3200.

Day Phone: ___________________________

Cell Phone: ___________________________                                                                        what inspires you
Address: _____________________________________

City: ________________________________

State: __________ Zip: _______________

Email: _______________________________________

High School Name or Group Name (if applicable):
_____________________________________________                                                                          a non-profit arts education organization

Additional Group Members’ Names: _______________

Individual or Group Leader Signature:
  (Signature acknowledges all rules of Chalk Walk)
                                                                      10 North Beaver Street
Please mail registration form along with your mural                       York, PA 17401
concept(s) and registration fee of $20 to:                                 717.848.3200
    Chalk Walk                                                
    c/o YorkArts
    10 North Beaver Street
    York, PA 17401

A Chalk Competition for High School Students & Adults                                                                                             what inspires you

ABOUT CHALK WALK                                             PRIZES
                             Chalk Walk is an excit-         The completed murals will be judged and prizes will be
                             ing event designed to           awarded as follows:
                             celebrate the creativity of
                                                             HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (grades 9-12)
                             artists and promote the
                                                                “Top Chalk”: $200 Cash Prize & a Traveling
                             importance of public art.
                                                                Trophy for one year
                             The sidewalks of down-
                                                             ADULTS (age 18 & over)
                             town York become an art-
                                                                “Top Chalk”: $200 Cash Prize & a Traveling
                             ist’s canvas and a place for
                                                                Trophy for one year
audiences to watch works of art being created before
                                                             PEOPLE’S CHOICE
their eyes. Money raised from the event will be used to
                                                                A “people’s ChoiCe” award of $100 is given for the
benefit youth art programs.
                                                                mural that receives the most votes. Audience                REGISTRATION
YorkArts will be partnering with YorkFest to present            members will be invited to vote for their favor-            To participate in Chalk Walk, complete the registra-
Chalk Walk on Saturday, August 27, 2011. The chalk              ite Chalk Walk mural. The mural with the most               tion form on reverse. Don’t forget to include a sketch
murals will begin at the 100 block of West Market Street        votes at the end of the day wins, so encourage              or written description of your planned mural.
and Pershing Avenue and will extend east on Market.             your family and friends to come out and sup-
                                                                port you!                                                   REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per mural (group or individual).
HOW TO GET INVOLVED                                          JUDGES’ CHOICE                                                 Mail registration form and mural concepts to:
ARTISTS: All artists — professional, amateur and emerg-         An award of $100 will be given at the discretion                     Chalk Walk
ing — are encouraged to participate. Registration is            of the judging panel.                                                c/o YorkArts
necessary to be eligible for prize money. Artwork will be                                                                            10 North Beaver Street
judged in two age-based categories: Adults and High
                                                             RULES FOR CHALK WALK                                                    York, PA 17401
School Students. Artists are encouraged to participate       • Participants must be registered to be eligible for prizes.
                                                                                                                            REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 20, 2011.
as a group or individually; however, only one prize will     • Participants should submit color slides, photos, or a
be awarded per mural.                                          color sketch of their idea; alternatively, participants
                                                               may provide a brief written description of the concept
                                                                                                                            ABOUT YORKARTS
VOLUNTEERS: The success of this innovative effort lies
in part with the generosity of its volunteers. Everyone is     for the mural.                                                                            YorkArts is a non-profit art
invited to be a part of this great day. For details on how   • Participants acknowledge that Chalk Walk may photo-                                       education organization
you can contribute, please contact Mindy at 717-848-           graph or reproduce images of the artwork in any man-                                      that exists to support the
3200 or email                      ner and the artist retains no ownership rights to the                                     arts as a central part of
                                                               photos or reproductions from that completed image.                                        our community through
                                                                                                                                                         awareness and education.
                                                             • Artwork must be suitable for general public viewing
                                                                                                                                                         YorkArts provides numer-
                                                               and be free of advertising and logos.
                                                                                                                                                         ous opportunities for dis-
                                                             • Only solid chalk or chalk pastels can be used; no paints,    advantaged children to participate in the art-making
                                                               liquid chalk, airbrushing or fixative.                       process. Some of our projects include mosaic murals,
                                                             • Artists are encouraged to sign their own name with-          Art in the Park, and sidewalk chalk art.
                                                               in the image and credit the original artist in case of a
                                                             • Sidewalk space will be available on a first come, first
                                                               serve basis. Each space is approximately 8’ x 9’.

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