Rosella Flower Benefits

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					                        Rosella Flower Benefits
The flowers are very tempting, many people who call it rosella flowers. The most
rewarding part is the dried petals petals can be used to make syrup, jams, sweets, juice,
salad, and pudding. In addition to tasty, various processed rosella has pharmacological
effects that are complete enough.Group of rosella flowers are dark red, thick, and juicy.
The more intense red color, taste more acidic and of course also the greater usefulness.
This plant is easy to grow, even in the village where I grew up this plant growing in the
yard of the house made in ornamental plants.

According to the study, anti-oxidants contained in roselle tea is higher than in the cat's
whiskers that have been clinically proven able to break down kidney stones. Melelui
study also found 51% anthocyanins and 24% anti-oxidant in a solution of 300 ml of water
brewed with rosella flowers that have been dried. Anthocyanin in the rosella can inhibit
and kill cancer cells or red blood leukemia.Although the study of new preclinical testing
in the laboratory, because there is no scientific evidence regarding its effect directly to
humans. However, it has traditionally been a lot of people who take advantage of rosella
flowers for lower high blood. If you drink steeping rosella flowers regularly, then the
nerves and tension neck stiffness due to hypertension over time will disappear. The body
becomes fitter and sleep soundly. rosella flowers use to lower high blood pressure have
been tested clinically in Tehran, Iran.

All you need to remember, be careful when buying dried rosella flowers. Your relatively
easy to find dried rosella flowers, even in the market you can get it. Avoid consumption
of dried rosella flowers have faded red color. Because maybe there is something wrong in
the process of drying, packaging, or storage. The waning of the color red means dried
rosella flowers fade properties are also present in it.

Keep your dried rosella flowers in a protected place, keep it away from direct sun
contact. If it comes in contact with direct sunlight will make the anthocyanins degraded,
because other than beneficial to health antosianinlah that makes the color red rosella

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