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					                         SURREY CROSSROADS
                                   CARING FOR CARERS

                      STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

Surrey Crossroads – Caring for Carers                  Charity No.1125048
Company limited by guarantee                           Company No. 06303805

Registered Office:                        Residents’ House, Community Walk,
                                          High Street, Esher KT10 9RA
Telephone:                                01372 469942

Branch Managers: Marion Hunte                          E Surrey
                 Lesley Blythe                         Elmbridge
                 Andrea Watson                         Guildford & Waverley
                 Anne Edwards                          Mid Surrey
                 Theresa Smith                         Spelthorne
                 Jenni Pringle                         Woking & Surrey Heath

Email:                  E Surrey      
                        Guildford & Waverley
                        Mid Surrey    
                        Woking & Surrey Heath

Website:                In production

Scheme Chair:           Prof Jim Scudamore
Address:                Residents’ House, Community Walk,
                        High Street, Esher KT10 9RA

Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09
1.      The aims of the organisation

Surrey Crossroads - Caring for Carers is a specialist voluntary organisation providing
support to carers in their own home, giving carers ‘time’ to be themselves.

Surrey Crossroads is an independent incorporated charity (Charity No.1125048)
(Company No. 6303805) whose geographic area of service provision is the county of
Surrey. Surrey Crossroads is a member of the Association of Crossroads Schemes.
As a member of the Association, Surrey Crossroads works within a national
framework of policies and procedures and internal quality assurance programme. In
addition support, advice and guidance are available from the Association on all areas
of operational activity. There are over 120 member schemes and projects in
membership across England and Wales and Crossroads has over 30 years
experience of developing and delivering services to carers and people with care

2.      The Objectives of the Organisation

Surrey Crossroads is committed to providing practical support in order to enable
carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities. In providing this service to
carers, Surrey Crossroads provides a personal care service to people with care needs
(service user) and will ensure that the provision of such personal care is user led.

Charitable object:

        To relieve the stresses experienced by carers, and children and adults who
        have care needs as a result of disability, illness or age, by offering a respite
        service through the provision of community based support workers.

Mission Statement:

        Crossroads promotes, offers, supports and delivers high quality services for
        carers and people with care needs.

3.      Philosophy of Care

Surrey Crossroads respects the individuality of carers and people with care needs
(service user) and seeks to promote their choice, independence, dignity and safety.
We believe that carers must have access to high quality services that enable them to
fully benefit from a break from their caring responsibilities.

We will respect the privacy and personal choices, lifestyles, customs, cultures and
values of each person for whom a service is provided and seek to involve carers and
people with care needs (service user) in the provision, management and development
of services provided by Crossroads.

As a voluntary organisation we receive funding from statutory bodies and grant
making trusts that may require us to work with specific ‘client groups’.

We provide:
Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09
        A carer centred service that works with the carer and the person they care for
         (service user) to ensure that the service is provided according to their needs.
         A senior member of staff – the manager or other appropriately trained member
         of staff - will meet carers and the people they care for (service user) prior to the
         establishment of any service to discuss needs and agree the range of service
         and when it will be provided.

        A flexible service that can provide support when it is most needed.

        A high-quality service that is audited against the standards specified by the
         Commission for Social Care and Inspection (CSCI) and CROQUET –
         Crossroads’ own quality evaluation tool. Surrey Crossroads also carries out
         annual client satisfaction surveys with all carers and people with care needs
         (service users).

        Staff who are supervised, supported and trained to work with a wide range of
         disabilities and illnesses.

4.       Nature of the Personal Care Services Provided

Carer support workers go into the carer’s home to take over their caring
responsibilities. Staff are trained to undertake the following basic tasks:

         Support with:

         Dressing and undressing
         Mobility and transfers
         The management of continence of bladder and bowel
         Exercise programmes for rehabilitation and development under the instruction
         of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.
         Administration of prescribed medication both orally and topically.

Specialist tasks:

From time to time Carer Support Workers are asked to undertake some tasks which
may be considered by our Insurers to be specialist. These tasks may be undertaken
following appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training. The Carer
Support Worker would be trained in the procedure before undertaking the tasks with
the person with care needs and professional with relevant qualifications e.g.
Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, or Nurse will sign a form to indicate their

         Such tasks may include:

         Assisting with artificial feeding
         Sterile dressing
         Rectal medication
         Tracheotomy care – oral suctioning
         Assistance with care and ear drops
         Illeostomy and colostomy care –changing of bags
Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09
         Catheter care – changing bags, monitoring output

Carer Support Workers will not undertake tasks that require the skills and expertise of
medical professionals. Such tasks include:

         Toe and nail cutting or filing
         Ear syringing
         Removing or replacing urinary catheters
         Bowel evacuations (other than suppositories)
         Bladder washouts
         Injections – involving assembling syringes, administering intravenously,
         controlled drugs
         Programming of Syringe drivers
         Filing of oxygen cylinders
         Lifting from the floor unaided
         Tracheotomy care – changing tubes

The above lists are not exhaustive and are contained in the Personal Care and
Medicine Policies, which are available for inspection on request.

5.       Scheme Management

The scheme is governed by a Board of Trustees who are volunteers. They bring a
range of skills and experience to the Board and are responsible for the overall
operation of this service. Each of the six Surrey Branches is represented on the
Board. Appendix A lists the Board Members, their length of service and background.

6.       Scheme Staff

See Appendix B.

7.       The process for the delivery of care and support

Surrey Crossroads receives referrals from a wide range of sources, eg. Social
Services, Health, carers, other voluntary organisations and personal
recommendation. At the time of assessment, contact with the carer will be made by a
member of the Crossroads office to initiate the process. In order to ensure the health
and safety of carers, people with care needs (service users) and our staff, all tasks
will be risk assessed.

All discussions about the provision of the service will be user led and a service plan
agreed. A personal care plan will be developed with, and agreed by, the person with
care needs (service user).        Surrey Crossroads will involve other relevant
professionals in the development of the service and care plans. These care plans are
regularly reviewed.

8.       Key Terms and Conditions

        The focus is on a user led service with flexible and regular review of care
Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09
         The quality of the service is monitored closely with feedback encouraged and a
          regular questionnaire to service users.

         Funding is provided by grants from Surrey County Council, Surrey Primary
          Care Trust and various other statutory, private, charitable bodies and from
          fundraising and donations.

         In the past, the service has been provided free of charge but now some
          charges are made and will increase as the projected move towards individual
          client funding replaces grants from statutory bodies.

         The service may be withdrawn or cancelled due to staff sickness/holiday or if
          there is any risk to our staff through dangerous premises/equipment or
          verbal/physical abuse or failure to pay.

         The scheme has comprehensive insurance cover.

         The scheme operates an Equal Opportunities Policy.

         Copies of all policies, procedures and terms and conditions are available at the

9.        Key Policies and Procedures

Surrey Crossroads operates within the national policy framework developed by
Crossroads Association. This framework covers management and service delivery
policies and procedures and includes for example:

          Equal opportunities
          Health and Safety including safety of the home
          Medication and Personal Care
          Safeguarding Children
          Protection of Vulnerable Adults
          Complaints and Compliments
          Recruitment and Selection
          Data Protection

The full list of the policies and procedures is attached in Appendix C and copies are
available for inspection in the branch offices.

10.       Insurance

Details of Surrey Crossroads insurance cover is attached in Appendix D.

11.       Compliments, Comments, and Complaints

Surrey Crossroads welcomes every opportunity to monitor and improve our service
and a leaflet (see Appendix E) is provided to all service users. This details the

Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09
procedure for making compliments, comments, and complaints about the service. A
full policy is available for inspection on request at the branch offices.


A   Board of Trustees
B   Staff
C   Policies and Procedures
D   Insurance
E   Compliments, Comments, and Complaints

Adopted by Surrey Board 21.01.09

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