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					Gloucester Partnership Executive Group Meeting
Thursday 21st July 2011
Ahmed Goga (Chair)           Gloucestershire First
Penny Liddicot               VCS Representative and Stronger Communities Chair
Alice Walsh                  NHS Gloucestershire
Steve Elway                  Aspire Trust
Pauline Reynolds             Glos ACA – Voluntary & Community sector representative
Mark Boyce                   Gloucester Chamber of Trade
Martin Shields               Gloucester City Council
Mick Thorpe                  Gloucester City Council
Non-Executive Members
Claire Rawlings              Gloucester   City   Council
Tim Watton                   Gloucester   City   Council
Gill Ragon                   Gloucester   City   Council
Lorna Robinson               Gloucester   City   Council
Sadie Neal                   Gloucester   City   Council
Sonia Tucker                 Gloucester   City   Council
John Henry Looney            Gloucester Chamber of Trade/Sustainable Direction
Moira Swann                  Gloucestershire County Council
Sue Cochrane                 NHS Gloucestershire

 ACTIONS FROM MEETING                                         WHO
 1.         Formal response on City Plan Scope to be         All – Lorna to draft
            submitted by 23rd August 2011
 2.         Lorna Robinson was asked to find out             Lorna Robinson
            whether there were any University graduation
            days which could be targeted
 3.         Circulation of questionnaire to Chamber of       Mark Boyce/Lorna Robinson
 4.         Steve Elway agreed to assist by circulating      Steve Elway/Lorna Robinson
            details of the consultation at an upcoming
            Volleyball festival in August and also by
            emailing Aspire members
 5.         Identification of BME groups for canvassing      Pauline Reynolds/Lorna Robinson

 6.         Engagement of staff in CV consultation           Steve Elway/Alice Walsh

 7.         Future discussion on thematic groups             Agenda item – Lorna Robinson
 8.         Reflection of partnership views via Leadership   Agenda item next Strategic
            Gloucestershire                                  Group – Lorna Robinson

1.       Introductions, Minutes and Matters Arising

          1.1    The minutes of the meeting held on 21st January 2011 were approved as
                 a correct record. There were no matters arising.

          1.2    Action 1 – As John Henry Looney had sent apologies, there was no update
                 on this item.

          1.3    Action 4 – Noted that this money had not been channelled though the LSP
                 but had been made available through the City Council. It was further
                 noted that Ross Cook had now taken up a new role at the City Council
                 and would not be supporting Gloucester Partnership meetings in the

          1.4    Action 8 – Had not been carried forward. Rupert Charley had since left
                 Gloucester City Council.

     2. City Plan Formal Response

          2.1    Tim Watton and Claire Rawlings presented the final version of the City
                 Plan Scope.

          2.2    The following points were discussed:-

         The public’s perceptions of Gloucester and opinions are lower then they should
          be given the confidence of the market in Gloucester future.
         Emerging housing issues including the need for an increase in housing by a third,
          evidence of the requirement for more affordable housing and more family based
          accommodation. Gloucester has an increase in young people and those of
          working age will need to be considered when looking at housing allocations and
          employment land.
         Limited space within the City for expansion.
         The economy of the City was fragile, but was slowly recovering and there is a
          need for more manufacturing industries.
         There was a forecast decline in the banking and financial sector and an increase
          was expected in the care sector (ageing population)
         Whilst tourism had decreased it was forecast to increase and there is a need to
          exploit our heritage to it’s full potential.
         Less investment in retail/shopping/leisure
         There was a need for an open space strategy and recognition that sites such as
          Alney Island and Robinswood Hill were unique.

          2.3    The headlines for Group discussion in the City Plan Scope were:-

         Plan for Economic Growth
         Focus on City Centre regeneration
         Restriction of growth to the south of the City

          2.4    The Group then discussed the following matters:-

   Residents’ perception of the City as ‘dirty’ with the belief that there was very little
    change despite the regeneration that had taken place and that funding would run
    out before any major improvements were achieved. There was also negativity
    around projects such as the Railway Triangle.
   The opportunity should be taken to walk around City estates both to consult with
    residents and also to identify open spaces within estates e.g. Matson.
   That there was a balance to be struck between protecting open spaces and
    releasing appropriate land for essential housing.
   The debate within the Joint Core Strategy on developing the green belt to the
    north of the City.
   There was a need to emphasise the leisure opportunities that the City offered to
    illustrate that residents would enjoy living in the City, something the Exec felt
    was missing from the current City Plan Scope.
   A study had been commissioned into looking at what industries the City needed
    and this would be reported back to the Group.
   3,000 businesses had been targeted with an inward investment prospectus to
    help draw in investment.
   It was suggested that, the need for affordable housing was not sustainable in the
    longer term.
   Need to look at Enterprise Zone model to attract investment, tax breaks etc.
    Everywhere is trying to attract investments, what makes us different?
   Need to deicide if Gloucester goes for high level, well paid jobs or retail/service
    low paid mass jobs?
   The City Plan Scope document needed to be bolder, more radical and in line with
    business/economy factors. An example of the opportunities at Junction 11A was
   The document was a work in progress and the next City Plan Scope would be
    vastly different.

    2.4    The Chair then summarised the discussions and requested the Executive
           to formally respond by 23rd August 2011.

           Action 1 – Formal response on City Plan Scope to be submitted
           by 23rd August 2011, a draft to be circulated by Lorna in advance.
           JCS needs to be on the agenda for future discussion.

3. City Vision Progress

    3.1    Lorna Robinson gave an update on the current position of the City Vision

    3.2    Events to date:-

   There had been programmed work with various organisations ranging from
    young people to older people, voluntary groups and neighbourhood partnerships.
   City Vision events and community days had taken place, mostly achieving good
   There had been online surveys, media coverage and promotion on social
    networking sites.

   3.3     The events so far had resulted in 710 people being made aware of the
           City Vision, of which 400+ had given a formal response. There was a
           need to increase this to 1000+ (see 3.8).

   3.4     Aspire were thanked for their help during the recent filming of a video.

   3.5     Upcoming dates for future events were noted by the Group. Lorna
           Robinson was asked to find out whether there were any University
           graduation days which could be targeted.

           Action 2 – Lorna Robinson

   3.6     There had been two consultation projects, one involving a youth video
           diary and the other was a business questionnaire. Mark Boyce agreed to
           circulate the questionnaire to the Chamber of Trade.

           Action 3 – Mark Boyce/Lorna Robinson to liaise

   3.7     The Group then discussed the findings to date which were summarised in
           both online survey and face to face survey responses.

   3.8     There were issues for the Group to consider:-

    The need to get consultation responses up to 1000. Steve Elway agreed
      to assist by circulating details of the consultation at an upcoming Volleyball
      festival in August and also by emailing Aspire members.

           Action 4– Steve Elway and Lorna Robinson to liaise

    The need to improve on the low BME response of only 2%. Agreed that
      Pauline Reynolds and Lorna Robinson would liaise to identify BME groups
      which could be canvassed.

           Action 5 – Pauline Reynolds/Lorna Robinson

    The need to get key partners engaged in the consultation process and
      going forward. Agreed that Steve Elway and Alice Walsh would both push
      this forward within there organisations.

           Action 6 – Steve Elway/Alice Walsh

    3.9    The Group examined the budget for the consultation exercise and noted
           that currently the programme was well within budget.

The presentation which includes further details on the above will be circulated with
the minutes.

4. Delivery of City Vision

   4.1     The Group looked at the three proposed theme groups – Social, Economic
           and Environmental. There was a discussion on whether these should be
           networking groups or task and finish groups and a debate on whether the

         six current groups of Health, Children, Stronger, Safer, Economic and
         Environmental should be retained.

   4.2   Some Group members said there would be a difficulty with constrained
         resources in committing to attending lots of different groups.
         Key discussions included a matrix model or coming together around
         issues not themes e.g. deprivation.

   4.3   It was agreed that this should be further discussed at the next meeting
         on 29th September 2011 in order that recommendations could be made to
         the Strategic Group in October 2011.

         Action 7 – Agenda item and discussion paper - Lorna Robinson

5. Strategic Group and Gloucestershire Conference

   5.1   Lorna Robinson was currently trying to get an update on this. There has
         been limited activity at the County layer and significant staff changes.

   5.2   The Chair felt that the best mechanism was the Leadership
         Gloucestershire group and that Paul James should be asked to reflect
         partnership views via this forum.

         Action 8 – Agenda item for the next Strategic Group - Lorna

6 . Any Other Business

   6.1   Round Robin:
         There was no other business to discuss.

Next meeting – Executive Meeting 29th September 2011, 9.25 to 12 noon,
Oxstalls Tennis Centre


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