TONY THUNDER SMITH"                                  "
                                            Tony "Thunder" Smith
                                            is a world-renowned
                                            drummer, vocalist and
                                            producer, having worked
                                            with some of the most
                                            legendary artists of all time.


Today, Tony is touring and recording with Lou Reed, and is endorsed
by major drum and percussion companies. He has been involved in a
variety of film, commercial and musical projects, both at home in the
U.S. and internationally.

Tony has had the honor of performing for President Clinton, President
Haval of the Czech Republic and Pope John Paul. His musical
opinions are often sought by leading musical publications and his
work has been featured in news articles across the globe.

Tony's discography speaks of his ability to handle any kind of musical
challenge. From complex instrumental numbers by John McLaughlin
to the hard driving Jan Hammer Group, which he co-founded. Despite
the demands, Tony consistantly brings his energy and distinct style to
projects, ranging from rock, r'&'b, funk to fusion, latin, jazz and folk.

Tony's mark is his melodic approach to rhythm and ability to inject life
into the music he performs. This is clearly evident when creating drum
sequences or loops for artists' albums - Tony always displays a true
drummer's sensibility.

His years of experience and understanding of all aspects of the
recording and touring process has made him a top choice among
producers worldwide. This experience has also enabled him to delve
into commercial soundtrack production, where he is actively involved
in scoring original music for film and television.


  TONY THUNDER SMITH"                                     "

                            Lou Reed         Raven (Reprise 2003)
                         Lulu Bambou         Ne dis Rien Monon (Virgin 2001)
                         David Coburn        Comes the Dawn (2001)
                            Lou Reed         Ecstasy (Reprise 2000)
                            Lou Reed         Perfect Night (Reprise 1998)
                           Scott Allen       Super Natural (VMG 1998)
                                Block        Timing is Everything (Java 1998)
                      Big Open Road          Big Open Road (1998)
                      Deepak Chopra          Gift of Love (1998)
                              Nomad          Songman (Australian Music Int. 1999)
                    Marianne Faithfull       Compilating - Isolating (Island Rec. 1997)
                           Pat Dinizio       Songs and Sounds (Velvet Rec. 1997)
                            Lou Reed         Set the Twilight Reeling (Reprise 1996)
                  Robert Miller Group        Prisoners of Love (32 Rec. 1996)
                            Joe Taylor       Spellbound (RCA 1995)
           Bill Linton & Jerry Jemmott       The New York View (Blues Interaction 1995)
                       Christine Lavin       Please Don't Make Me Too Happy (Shanachie 1995)
                           Mann Bros         The Mann Brothers (DMP Rec. 1994)
                         Robert Miller       Miles Behind (Catwalk Rec. 1993)
                        Luico Hopper         Lessons of Light (Catwalk Rec. 1993)
                           Miles High        Big Skies (Mad Park Rec. 1993)
                          Gary Lucas         Gods and Monsters (Enemy Rec. 1991)
                          Gary Lucas         Bad Boys of the Arctic
                    Serge Gainsbourg         Live at Au Zenith (Phonogram Fr. 1989)
                    Serge Gainsbourg         You're Under Arrest (Phonogram Fr. 1988)
                    Serge Gainsbourg         Live at Casino de Paris (Phonogram Fr. 1987)
                        Carlos Alomar        Dream Generator (Private Music 1987)
                           Jane Birkin       Jane (Phonogram 1986)
                             Bambou          Bambou (Phonogram 1986)
                 Charlotte Gainsbourg        Forever Charlotte (Phonogram Fr. 1986)
                       Nelson Rangell        Nelson Rangell (1985)
                       Darryll Dobson        The Mind Electric (Inner City Music 1985)
            Clive Stevens & BrainChild       Mystery Man (Frog Rec. 1984)
                         Bill Chinnock       Boys On The Avenue (Leon Russell 1984)
                      Yoshiaki Masuo         Boogie Hotel (CBS/Sony 1983)
                       Alain Bellaiche       Kirlian Effect (Tabata Rec. Fr. 1982)
John McLaughlin & The One Truth Band         Electric Dreams (CBS 1979)
                     John McLaughlin         Electric Guitarist (CBS 1978)
                  Jan Hammer Group           Black Sheep (Nemperor 1978)
       Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group          Live (Epic 1977)
                  Jan Hammer Group           Melodies (Nemperor 1977)
                  Jan Hammer Group           Oh Yeah (Nemperor 1976)
                 Jose "Chepito" Areas        Jose "Chepito" Areas (CBS 1974)
                       Carlos Santana        Welcome (Columbia 1974)
                                 Malo        Ascension (WB 1973)
                                 Malo        Dos (WB 1972)
                   Papa John Creach          Papa John Creach (Grunt Rec. 1972)

 TONY THUNDER SMITH"                                         "

                           Ray Gomez           France 2003
                              Lou Reed         Ecstasy World Tour 2000
                              Lou Reed         Hooky Wooky World Tour 1996
                    Marianne Faithfull         New England 1995
                               Telluride       Jazz Festival 1995
                           Nina Hagen          North America 1994
                           Nina Hagen          North America 1992
                           Nina Hagen          Europe 1991
                           Nina Hagen          Europe 1990
                           Nina Hagen          Europe 1989
                   Serge Gainsbourg            World Tour 1988
                   Serge Gainsbourg            World Tour 1987
                       David Sanborn           World Tour 1986
                             John Waite        European Tour 1986
                       Stacy Lattisaw          The Jacksons Triumph Tour, North America 1981
                           Ray Gomez           Judas Priest Tour, North America 1980
                             L. Shanker        USA 1980
John McLaughlin & The One Truth Band           World Tour 1979, 1978
       Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group            World Tour 1977
                  Jan Hammer Group             World Tour 1976
                                  Malo         USA / Central America 1975
                                 Aztec         USA / South America 1974

                        OTHER PERFORMANCES:

                Carlos Santana                         Chick Corea
                Al Green                            David Sancious
                Martha Davis                        Patrice Rushen
                Dave Mann                                 Sheila E.
                Dareel Dobson                     Bruce Springstein
                Carlos Alomar                          Neal Schone
                Joe Taylor                               Al Dimeola
                Yoshiaki Masuo                         Pat Methany
                Jose Chepito Areas                  Sammy Figeroa
                Papa John Creach                  Alfhonso Johnson
                Pat Dinisio                             Flora Purim
                Deepak Chopra                           Mino Cinelu
                Don Grusin                      Clarence Clemmons
                Don Pullmen                        Brecker Brothers
                Eddy Van Halen                          Terry Bozio
                T.M Stevens                           Hiram Bullock
                Herbie Hancock                          J.J. Brunell

TONY THUNDER SMITH    "                          "

Mirage                                    Mr. Write
(Joseph Parlagreco Film, 2001)            (MCA, 1993)
Original Score                            Drums

Alien Among Us                            Le Zenith de Gainsbourg Live
(Babelfish Productions, 2000)             (Polygram Music Video, 1989)
Original Score                            Live Performance

Sierra Leone: Last Chance For Peace       Serge Gainsbourg Live
(Babelfish Productions, 2000)             (Polygram Music Video, 1986)
Original Score                            Live Performance

Sting The Vegetarian Mosquito             Breaking Free
(Babelfish Productions, 1999)             (Music Video)
Vocals                                    Original Music, Production

Lou Reed: Rock Roll Heart                 The Earth Project
American Masters (PBS, 1998)              (Music Video)
Live Performance                          Original Music, Production

Pipe Dreams                               The Real Richard Nixon
(Ein Moi Ein, 1997)                       (Babelfish Productions)
Drums                                     Drums

De Serge Gainsbourg a Gainsbarre          Unfinished Dreams
(Universal Pictures France ,1994)         (Babelfish Productions)
Live Performance                          Drums

How Our Bible Came to Us
American Bible Society
(Babelfish Productions, 1994)
Voice Over

TV PERFORMANCES:                          COMMERCIALS:
America After Hours (Miles High)          (Original Music / Drums)
David Letterman (Lou Reed)                Amex
Tonight with Jay Leno (Lou Reed)          Manhattan Bagels
Live BBC TV / Radio (Lou Reed)            Yellow Pages
Jules Holland Show UK (Lou Reed)          Crayon's Sportswear
Paris TV Canal Plus

Japanese Public Television
One Word Many Voices


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