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Classroom Syllabus and Room Rules


									Classroom Syllabus and Room Regulations for Integrated Math 3
Teacher: Mrs. E. Schwartz/ Miss R. Nagy
Classroom: Room 123

School Rules will be adhered to no matter what and may overlap the classroom rules.
They include:
   1. No cell phones
   2. No book bags
   3. No large handbags or similar items
   4. No food or drink
   5. No hats, hoods, or headwear
   6. Passbook and teacher permission required to leave the classroom. (“No Planner,
       No Pass, No Ask!!!!”)
   7. Do not speak ill of others. Besides, who are you to judge others?
   1. Please see student handbook for consequences. In most cases, you will be written
       up immediately for not abiding by the rules and a phone call will be made home.

You are expected to bring a pencil or pen (blue or black ink only), your book, your
planner and your notebook to each of your classes. No locker visits permitted, if you
forget. It is your responsibility to bring them to class and can affect your classroom
participation grade.

Make-up policy:
All tests, quizzes, and homework should be made up by the next class period. If you miss
an extended period of time, you will need to make arrangements with Mrs. Schwartz. If
the grade isn’t made up in a timely manner, your grade will result in a zero for the
incomplete work!!!! It is also your responsibility to get assignments prior to going
on a field trip/sporting event. If you miss class without seeing me about your
assignments and the work is not complete on the due date, you will receive a 0 for
that assignment. Responsibility is a part of our school mission statement and it is
expected from you!!!!!!!

Where to get help?
If the school tutoring program is available, then you may go to tutoring on a scheduled
day. You can also seek peer tutoring from someone that feels confident with the
material. You may also set up an appointment to stay after school.

Students caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on that activity and the
parent/guardian will be notified. Cheating includes, but is not limited to giving or
receiving answers. It often takes two to cheat. Academic Integrity is a standard that you
should deem high in yourself.
Restroom Utilization:
No passbook, no opportunity to leave. To leave this classroom you need to have YOUR
OWN COPY of the handbook. I will check for your name in the book and I have the
right to write it in to make it more permanent. This is a School Rule and it will be
adhered to.

Grading: Homework will be worth 4 points. Homework assignments will be randomly
checked for credit. It is imperative that you complete all assignments to help with
understanding and continuity of the course. Notebooks are expected and I have the right
to collect them. Larger assignments will be worth more and you will be notified of the
point value. If I collect notebooks, they will be worth at least 20 points. Tests and
quizzes will be announced in a timely manner. You will receive at least 2 days notice
before a test, but I will do my best to give you at least a week’s notice.
A limited number of pencils are available in the classroom to borrow and return at the end of
class. In addition, there may be a minimum of 2 projects to do on your own time to turn in at the
end of the quarter or at the end of a semester. These projects may be included in your portfolio.
You are expected to put a lot of effort and create the projects in a professional manner.

Curriculum: Integrated 3 will cover topics such as solving equations, simplifying
matrices, graphing linear equations, solving systems of equations, transformations, and
PSSA preparation coverage.

My goal is to create the best learning environment for all of my students. Let us all work
together in making this a successful year.

Mrs. E. Schwartz

*The teacher has the right to change the classroom procedures on a “need to” basis to
maintain the best learning atmosphere.

Please sign and return the bottom portion.
In addition, please take this home and share with your parents or guardians.
1 bonus point will be given if returned by Monday August 30, 2010

I have read the material throughout the syllabus and I am familiar with the classroom

Signature of student:              ______________________________________________

Signature of parent:               ______________________________________________

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