Automatic Anchor Light Switch by yurtgc548


									                                             AUTOMATIC ANCHOR LIGHT SWITCH

                                                          PO Box 1582, Beaufort SC 29901

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West Marine Model # 542100
                                                  control which is the one closest to           if you like.
                                                  the end.                                 5.   Secure the switch with cable ties
                                             2.   Add a new wire from the "+"                   or tape or open the box and drill
The Automatic Anchor Light Switch is              terminal (center one) to where the            and screw through the box.
an electronic daylight sensor which               lamp wire was originally attached
allows automatic control of your anchor           to the switch on your panel.             OPERATION
light by turning it on at dusk and off at    3.   Add a new wire from the third
dawn. Your existing anchor light switch           terminal, "GROUND" to a negative         The original panel switch turns
still forces the light off in it*s “off”          boat ground terminal. A small            everything off in the "OFF" position.
position and allows the automatic                 gauge wire, even 22 gauge is             The "ON" position is now an
operation in the “on” position.                   adequate.                                "AUTOMATIC" setting. The anchor
                                             4.   Route the fiber optic cable to a         light will only come on when it gets dark
Now you can leave your anchored                   location where the end is exposed        and go off automatically at daybreak.
yacht for a day of exploration and re-            to outside daylight. It does not         You can test operation during daylight
turn in the evening without running               have to be in sunlight and enough        by covering the end of the fiber optic
down your battery unnecessarily. Es-              light comes through most port            cable and watching the anchor light
pecially on moonless nights, you will             holes to operate the switch. It          come on. The switch is very sensitive
have the security of knowing your boat            should be located where the end of       and can see the light coming through
will be legal, safe, and easy to find. You        the cable is not illuminated by          your hand on a bright day so block the
can sleep in the next morning knowing             lights on the boat. Even the light       light with an opaque object if
that your battery is not suffering.               coming through thin fiberglass or a      necessary.
                                                  nylon fitting will operate the switch.
By using state of the art fiber optic             Position the cable temporarily and       An internal fuse link protects the switch
cable the control can be mounted out of           observe operation before securing.       from overload. If blown it can be
the weather behind your electrical panel          If necessary, drill a 3/32" hole         repaired with 30 gauge wire or a single
and the cable routed to any location              through an inconspicuous location        strand from a flexible cord, soldered
where daylight is available. The unit is          on the salon or cockpit sides and        into the two holes provided.
very sensitive and can operate on light           epoxy the cable so the end is flush
coming in a vent or porthole. Even the            with the surface. Take care not to       SPECIAL       NOTE      REGARDING
light coming through the nylon material           make bends in the cable of less          TESTING
of a cockpit drain is adequate. If no             than 1/2". You can shorten the
daylight is within 5 feet of the panel a          cable with a sharp knife. The                  The switch will only work correctly
3/32” hole can be drilled through the             cable can be removed from the            with the cover installed to block stray
cockpit or cabin sides and the end of             switch by loosening the knurled nut      light, and there must be an electrical
the cable epoxied in place. The surface           inside and sliding it out. Longer        load on the output.
can then be sanded flush making the               replacement cables up to 25 feet
sensor inconspicuous.                             are available at $1.25 per foot.         WARRANTY 1 YEAR.
                                                  Mail the old cable back for a rebate
The switch is designed to be installed                                      SPECIFICATIONS
behind the switch or breaker panel                Voltage:                            10 to 16 volts
which currently controls your anchor              Power Consumption:
light.                                             Anchor light off:                  too low to measure
                                                    Anchor light on:                  .03 amp
1.   Remove the wire which goes to                Maximum Load:                       120 watts or 10 amps
     your anchor light from the existing          Fiber Optic Cable                   088” dia. by 5 feet
     switch and attach it to the "LAMP"             Minimum bend radius               1/2 inch
     terminal on the anchor light

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