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									                                                                                  Quirino Cardozo

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    NAME               JOB POSITION           NATIONALITY       IN DUBAI     AVAILABILITY        RESUME

                     IT Support Manager/
                        Graphic & Web
Quirino Cardozo                                   Indian           Yes         Immediate
                     Corporate Instructor

                         UAE IT Manager – Time Machine Group
                          Dubai, UAE - December 2010 - Present
                         Middle East Support Manager - Estate Master FZ LLC
                          Dubai, UAE - June 2008 - July 2010
                         Systems Engineer – Sprecher Berrier & Partners FZCO
                          Dubai, UAE - December 2004 - June 2008
                         Multimedia Designer / Flash Developer (Freelance) - 121 Agencies
                          Media City, Dubai, UAE - September 2004 - November 2004
                         IT Support / Operations Coordinator - Al Zuari Shipping Co. LLC
                          Sharjah, UAE - March 2003 - August 2004
                         IT Support / Multimedia Developer - TMM, Don Bosco Communications
                          Mumbai, India - June 2002 - March 2003
                         Self Owned - Lucky Cybercafé
                          Goa, India - November 2001 - June 2002
                         Web Design Coordinator / IT Support - Indiacar.com, M.K Sanghi Group of
                          Mumbai, India - August 1999 - November 2001
                         Corporate Instructor / Customer Support - Indo-European Computer Institute
                          Mumbai, India - February 1997 - August 1999

      Skills           Administration & Networking
                       Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, XP, (all previous Windows versions),
                       Windows NT Server, Citrix, VMware (Windows Virtualization), TeamViewer (Remote
                       desktop support), Active Directory, Microsoft Office, Veritas, SalesForce, LAN, VPN,
                       IP Cameras, DVR systems, Email configuration.
                       Web Design & Development
                       Flash with Actionscript, HTML, FTP, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Web
                       Design – Print Media
                       CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop.
                       Project Co-ordination, Conceptualization, 3D Studio Max, Flash, Photoshop,
                       Director, Audiovisuals (Voiceovers, Videos, etc.), Multimedia presentations, Scripts &
                       Multimedia CD production.

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                                                                                   Quirino Cardozo
Mobile                   : 050 6958409
Email                    : qc4000@yahoo.com
Passport Details         : F 5395415 expiring in 2016
Visa Status              : Employment Visa - Sharjah Airport Free Zone
Driving Skills           : Valid UAE Driving License

Career Objective                 : To provide my employer with a unique blend of my skills, a total of 14
                                   years of technical experience (7 years UAE) and multi-talented qualities
                                   which I have in the past successfully utilized to their maximum potential,
                                   making me an outstanding performer on the job to contribute positively
                                   and increase productivity in the organization.

Academic                         : Bachelor of Engineering (Computers), Mumbai University, 1996.
Professional                     : Currently completing MCSE Certification in Dubai (Cleared 5 of 7 papers).

Extra Curricular Activities     : Participated in inter-college competitions and college social programs,
                                  trained in Martial Arts.

Professional Experience
Dec’ 2010 till Present          : UAE IT Manager – Time Machine Group, Dubai, UAE
                                  (Group Company with diversified businesses)
Job responsibility                                    Job Profile
                        IT infrastructure planning and review.
                        Planning contingency for critical IT operations.
                        Installing and configuring servers and computer systems.
                        Managing administration and controlling access of servers, domain, databases,
                         users and IT resources.
                        Troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving hardware, software, network operating
                         systems and virus defenses.
                        Ensuring maximum availability of computer systems throughout the Company.
                        Running network applications like remote desktop, etc to support systems and users.
                        Backup and recovery of servers from crash/ disaster till the extent possible.
                        Introducing backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.
                        Keeping an eye on general IT operations to take necessary proactive actions.
                        Implementation and maintenance of biometric attendance, accounts and payroll
                         systems (Tally).
                        Implementation and maintenance of surveillance systems in the branches.
                        Exploring and implementing tools and technologies for Business Project
                         Management, Retail Division, Workflow Management, etc.
                        Exploration of mechanism for helpdesk like systems.
                        Builds and maintains vendor relationships.
                        Negotiating prices and contracts with manufacturers and vendors for all software,
                         hardware and consulting services.
                        Ensuring timely and accurate delivery of technology products and services.
                        Supporting CIT team in intensive technical issues.
                        Supporting technical advancements in daily operations.
                        Looking at various productive ways to perform across organization.
                        Drafting IT policy for the organization.
                        Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks for ensuring uptime and
                        Coordination with Etisalat/ EPBX vendors for installation of new telephone or
                        Architecture infrastructure aligned with organizational goals and requirements.
                        Performs Project management of IT initiatives.
                        Manages multiple areas of technology and multiple departments.
                        Creates strategic goals and converts to easily implemented plans.

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                      Monitors system performance and implements performance tuning.
                      Working with senior management to propose, agree and deliver IT service to defined
                       Service Level Agreements.
                      Maintaining and developing the company website.
                      Providing technical support; answering support queries either onsite, via phone or
                      Supporting users in the use of Computer equipment by providing necessary training
                       and advice.
                      Administration of email accounts for company-wide email.
                      Forecasting any needed improvements, budgeting for and implementing any
                      Maintaining current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and

June 2008 till July 2010        : Middle East Support Manager – Estate Master FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE
                                  (Australian based Property Software Developers and Distributors in Middle
                                  East, Europe, Asia and Australia)
Job responsibility                                         Job Profile
 Software Support  Assisted Client's IT departments and Administrators for setup of our software on their
                    servers for server-client style licensing (Terminal server licensing on Windows 2003,
                    Windows 2008 servers, Citrix etc.)
                   Installed and configured Microsoft SQL server database for Clients using the
                    Enterprise database on their local computers as well as servers.
                   Ensuring smooth operation of our software by providing pre-sales technical support
                    to new prospects and existing clients with installation, configuration and setup of our
                    software as well as prerequisites (hardware & software requirements) on the Client's
                    computer (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2003, Office 2007, etc.)
                   Provided desktop support to large Clients like Nakheel, Majid Al Futtaim, Al Futtaim
                    Investments, Surouh, Masdar and many more.
                   Assisted Clients in different countries largely in the Middle East as well in Europe,
                    India and Australia using remote support software.
                   Manning the Middle East support inbox and responding to support queries.
                   Promptly answering customer queries mostly on a technical level.
                   Implementing time efficient Policies and Procedures.
                   Chasing and notification Annual support renewals of Client's licenses on regular
                   Meeting monthly targets of Annual support revenue.
                   Registration and activation of the software licenses upon purchase by the Client.
                   Carried out license transfers between Clients computers and/or users.
                   Used SalesForce CRM software for invoicing, creating opportunities, license support
                    renewals, software support and training.
                   Daily logged all customer queries as cases in the company software (SalesForce)
                   Reviewed logged cases on a day to day basis and converted them to knowledge
                    based articles as required.
                   Visited Client's site for installation, configuration and trouble shooting as and when
     Systems       Providing in-house IT support to all the team members.
  Administrator    Taking regular back of company server.
                   Coordinating with service centers and/or suppliers for repair and servicing of in-
                    house IT resources.
                   Negotiation with suppliers for best quote for IT equipment.
                   Promptly notifying sales and training related inquiries to the respective departments
                    for further action.
                   Intimating all Middle East Clients of upcoming training schedules.
                   Organized and coordinated training schedules, training labs and computers.
                   Arranged training material for in-house, training labs and corporate trainings (training
                    conducted on site at customer's location)
      Design       Designed and finalized videos to showcase all new features of new software
  [ Multimedia ]    releases using Flash, Action Script, Photoshop and design elements like Voiceovers,

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                       background music, images and other Flash objects.
                      Redesigned the main page header of the company Website as well as the products
  Design [ Web ]       page in Flash.

Dec’ 2004 till June 2008           : Systems Engineer – Sprecher Berrier & Partners FZCO, Dubai, UAE
                                     (Distributors of Swiss & French Brand luxury products - Perfumes &
                                     Watches in the GCC & Middle East)
Job responsibility                                           Job Profile
     Systems               Administration of Windows 2003 Server & all client PCs, laptops, etc.
   Administrator           Installation and setup of new computers and IT equipment.
                           Regular backup of Server - user data, accounting data & emails.
                           Arranging server repair as and when needed.
    IT Support             Purchase requisition of IT equipment with best price & performance.
                           Trouble-shooting and resolving network & hardware problems.
                           Training new staff & employees for using our IT infrastructure (Accounting package,
                            data access, etc.)
                           Assisting in technical aspects of day-to-day office work – finding alternate solutions
                            for problems, IT/design-related problems, etc.
                           Optimizing and uploading marketing material for our marketing team’s easy
                            accessibility (on the move) on our website.
  Design [ Web ]           Worked on corporate website – www.sbpart.com
  Design [ Print ]         Designed full range of packaging material (Inner, Outer, Soft Pack, Shipping Case,
                            etc.) for newly-launched European cigarette brand.
                           Designed logos, letterheads, business cards & marketing material.
                           Conceptualized and designed the packaging and bottling of new perfume brand (yet
                            to be launched).
      Design               Created branding for luxury bags promoted by us.
   [ Multimedia ]          Understanding and portraying our company’s brand identity by preparing
                            presentations in Macromedia Flash or PowerPoint for our various brands handled,
                            as and when required for distribution or display, e.g. Paris Gallery, etc.
                           Preparing marketing kits (Brochures, Training CDs & Promotional material) for the
                            various business units.

Sept’ 2004 till Nov’ 2004          : Multimedia Designer / Flash Developer (Freelance)
                                     121 Agencies, Media City, Dubai, UAE (E-Marketing and New Media)
Job responsibility                                          Job Profile
      Designer         Designed interactive multimedia presentations, CDs, etc. using Macromedia Flash &
   [ Multimedia &       Director for Clients like Chalhoub Group, etc.
       Web ]           Managed multiple, concurrent projects in different stages.
                       Researched, selected and arranged suitable material for artwork and/or illustrations.

March 2003 till Aug’ 2004          : Systems Support / Operations Coordinator
                                     Al Zuari Shipping Co. LLC, Sharjah, UAE
                                     (Shipping Agents for Vessels & Rigs in Sharjah, Dubai, Jebel Ali and RAK)

Job responsibility                                                 Job Profile
 Systems Support  Setup and maintained the office LAN.
                   Restructured systems for daily operations i.e. centralized the filing, email, scanning,
                     printing, etc.
                   Assembled and maintained the computers, printers and all hardware.
  [ Web & Print ]  Visualizing and conceptualizing design for our company’s brochure and website
    Operations     Coordinated daily operation movements, namely clearance documentation, crew
    Coordinator      transfers, sign-on, sign-off procedures, etc.
                   Organized supplies to vessels under our agency calling ports in the UAE
                   Self-correspondent (email, phone and fax) in dealing with port
                    authorities, clients and suppliers.

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June 2002 till March 2003          : Systems Support / Multimedia Developer
                                     TMM, Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai, India
                                     (Multimedia, Printing and Website Developing organization)

 Job responsibility                                               Job Profile
      Designer          Performed lead role in the design and production of print, identity, packaging,
       [ Print ]         multimedia, web design and web applications.
                        Produced graphic material for company brochures, audio and video cassette
                         inlays, websites and in-house publications.
                        Assisted in designing the Don Bosco Madonna Calendar 2003.
                        Coordinated all in-house design and outsourced projects.
     Multimedia         Developed multimedia presentation CDs using Macromedia Flash with Action
     Developer           script.
                        Selected, edited and integrated audio components in presentations.
      Designer          Promoted our organization through our multimedia CDs and marketing team.
       [ Web ]
                        Created highly functional and user-friendly websites.
                        Planned, designed and developed the following websites:
 Systems Support         www.donboscomumbai.org, www.tejonline.com, http://kristapurana.faithweb.com.
                        Assembled and maintained the computers, printers, hardware, etc.

Nov’ 2001 till June 2002           : Lucky Cybercafé, Goa, India (Self Owned)
                                     (Cybercafé catering to Browsing, E-mail, Network games and Designing)

Job responsibility                                                Job Profile
      Designer              Setup and maintained the Cybercafé.
   [ Multimedia &           Successfully transformed the cybercafé into a thriving business in a relatively
       Web ]                 short span of time.
                            Designing and typesetting various print materials like visiting cards, brochures,
                             corporate logos and websites.

Aug’ 1999 till Nov’ 2001           : Web Design Coordinator / Systems Support
                                     Indiacar.com, M.K Sanghi Group of Companies, Mumbai, India
                                     (Automobile and Motorbike Website Developing organization)

Job responsibility                                                Job Profile
    Web Design              Responsible for creating highly functional and user-friendly websites.
    Coordinator             Successfully promoted ourselves as a medium between visitors to our website
                             and Car Manufacturers, Auto Financiers, Insurance agents and Dealers.
                            Designed primary web pages for the main website www.indiacar.com, a
                             comprehensive website on cars and car-related matters in India. Also designed
                            Oversaw the activities and coordinated between auto financiers, insurance
                             agents, car manufacturers, programmers, content executives and management
                             for design, testing and final deployment on the website.
                            Established production and programming schedules.
                            Researched and provided the team with visual aids and usable links.
                            Direct communication with clients regarding site requirements from inception till
                             completion of their projects.
                            Partnered with leading publications like AUTOCAR India and OVERDRIVE to
                             develop India’s leading Auto portal.
 Systems Support            Setup the office infrastructure – Assembled & maintained computers, hardware &
                             the office LAN.
                            Set up our exhibition booth (Server, PCs, etc.) for Auto Expo 2000 in Delhi, India.

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Feb’ 1997 to Aug’ 1999           : Corporate Instructor / Customer Support
                                   Indo-European Computer Institute, Mumbai, India
                                   (Institute conducting training in basic & advanced courses             and
                                   development of software solutions)

Job responsibility                                               Job Profile
    Corporate             Provided in-house corporate training to established institutions like Reserve Bank
    Instructor             of India, Bombay Police, etc.
                          Instructed in various courses from basic to advanced level (Computer Basics,
                           MSOffice, Designing, Hardware Assembly and Maintenance).
Customer Support          Provided after-sales support for our in-house developed software solutions.
 Designer [Print]         Designed advertisements in leading publications for the Institute.
                          Designed brochures and handouts for promoting the Institute’s activities.
                          Marketed our software solutions via faxes, cold calls, etc.

Additional Work Experience : Took up freelance projects for setting up LAN networks, assembling PCs
                             and troubleshooting in organizations as well as for individuals. Also
                             developed websites and designed promotional (Multimedia CDs, etc.) and
                             print material on part-time basis.

Personal Details
Date of Birth            : 4th June 1974
Nationality              : Indian
Marital Status           : Married
Languages Known          : English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani, Understand Arabic a little
Hobbies/Interests        : Computers, Electronics, Photography, Music, Martial Arts, Reading, Driving

References               : Furnished Upon Request

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