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 Answers for Transfers
Thank you for your interest in the University of California.
As the state’s premier public university, we welcome more than 14,000 California community
college transfer students each year. Transfer students are a vital part of our campus, and we are
committed to helping them succeed.

In the following pages you’ll find detailed information about the University’s admission and
selection policies, application procedures and financial aid — all the tools you need to take the
next step toward a UC education.

Whether you are just beginning at community college or are well on your way to transfer, it is
very important to work closely with an academic adviser or Transfer Center adviser:

     • Develop, then follow, an academic advisement plan and meet with your counselor at least
       once a year as your academic interests develop or change.

     • Begin English and mathematics courses early in your college career. These courses are
       key to transfer success.

     • Follow recommended course placement; do not jump ahead and take college-level
       courses before you are prepared to succeed.

     • Select a major prior to transfer and complete as many preparation courses as possible.
       ASSIST and the UC Transfer Preparation Paths are tools that can help you determine
       which courses to take. You’ll find more information about these on page 15.

No matter which UC campus you choose to attend, you will be surrounded by internationally
respected faculty and bright, capable students from around the world. At your doorstep will be a
vibrant social, cultural, athletic and artistic community, as well as a range of support services to
help you succeed.

A UC education is a sound investment in your future: the skills you learn and the personal and
professional connections you make will pay lifelong dividends. At UC, you will become part of
a thousands-strong network of dedicated, accomplished people who use their talents every day to
improve life in California and across the globe.

Come shape the future with us.
    About This Guide “Answers for Transfers” is written for students who are planning to transfer
    to UC from California community colleges, from four-year colleges and universities, or from one UC
    campus to another. This booklet is designed to answer the essential questions prospective students
    have about UC’s eligibility, selection and financial aid policies.

 2 Consider the                                   18 How to Apply                                           • Students With
   University of                                         • Filing Deadlines                                   Disabilities
   California                                            • Fee Waivers                                      • International Students
                                                         • Updating Your                                    • Career Planning and
 4 What to Expect                                                                                             Placement
   When You Transfer                                                                                        • Health Care and
                                                         • Intercampus Transfer
 6 Admission as a
                                                  19 Enrollment Options                                     • Child Care
                                                         • Part-Time and Summer                             • Extracurricular Activities
      • Transfer Eligibility
                                                         • Cross-Enrollment                          29 Housing
      • Deadlines for
        Completing Required                              • University Extension                      30 Financing Your
        Courses                                          • Concurrent Enrollment                        UC Education
      • Transfer GPA
                                                  20 Transfer Admission                              32 Undergraduate
 9 Transfer Selection                                Programs                                           Majors
      • Transfer Selection by
                                                  26 Student Programs                                44 UC Directory
                                                     and Services
14 Planning Your                                         • Students From
   Coursework                                              Educationally
      • Transfer Credit                                    Disadvantaged and Low-
                                                           Income Backgrounds
      • Undergraduate Major
        Preparation                                      • Orientation
      • General Education                                • Learning Skills and
        Requirements                                       Tutoring
      • Intersegmental General                           • Academic Advising
        Education Transfer                               • Work-Learn Programs
        Curriculum (IGETC)                               • Education Abroad
      • Where to Get Help                                • Re-Entry Students

The University of California, in accordance with applicable federal and state law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy (includes pregnancy, childbirth and medical conditions related to preg-
nancy and childbirth), physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status,
age, sexual orientation, citizenship or service in the uniformed services (includes membership, application for membership, performance
of service, application for service, or obligation for service in the uniformed services). The University also prohibits sexual harassment. This
nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access and treatment in University programs and activities.
Inquiries regarding the University’s student-related nondiscrimination policies may be directed to Nina Robinson, (510) 987-0146.
Consider the University of California

                                        M                                ore and more students are discovering
                                        that community college can be a great springboard to an
                                        affordable, world-class University of California education.
                                            Consider the following:                         The Community College
                                            ◗ UC offers admissions priority to junior-      Advantage
                                        level students who transfer from California            The University works in partnership with
                                        community colleges. In 2008, more than 80           California’s community colleges to make
                                        percent of transfer students admitted to UC         admission attainable for transfer students.
                                        reported that their current or last college         Specifically, California community college
                                        attended was a California community college.        students receive:
                                            ◗ Community college students who meet              Priority consideration: The University
                                        UC’s eligibility and selection criteria perform     gives junior-level community college students
                                        academically as well as, and often better than,     first priority over other transfer applicants,
                                        students who entered UC as freshmen.                including those from four-year institutions
                                            ◗ On average, transfer students take 2.4        and UC’s own intercampus transfer students.
                                        years to complete their UC degrees. More               Help choosing courses: Articulation
                                        than 80 percent graduate within four years          agreements with all of the state’s community
                                        of transfer.                                        colleges identify which courses satisfy the
                                                                                            requirements of       UC has more academic
                                        What UC Offers                                      individual UC         programs rated among
                                            One of the world’s most respected research      campuses.             the top 10 nationally
                                        universities, the University of California offers      Guaranteed         than any other public or
                                        its undergraduates an unmatched range of            admission: Many private university. UC’s
                                        distinguished academic programs. Its dynamic        UC campuses           undergraduate academic
                                                                                                                  programs are listed
                                        learning environment is fueled by more              offer individual
                                                                                                                  beginning on page 32.
                                        than 7,600 dedicated, accomplished faculty          admission agree-
                                        members teaching more than 200,000 of the           ments (see page 20) that guarantee students
                                        country’s best and brightest students.              space on campus or in a particular major,
                                            Outside the classroom, UC students can          provided they complete specific academic
                                        tap into extensive libraries and research facili-   requirements while at community college.
                                        ties and a range of student clubs and activities       Once transfer students arrive at the Uni-
                                        where they can explore their interests.             versity, they find that each campus offers
                                            Beyond the University, graduates enjoy          specific programs and support services (see
                                        high acceptance rates at graduate and pro-          page 26) to help them earn their UC degrees.
                                        fessional schools and compete successfully
                                        in the job market, often becoming leaders
                                        in their fields.
What You Need to Do
    Thinking carefully about the campus           UC Campus Locations
and major you want to apply to is one of                           The University of California has nine undergraduate
the most important steps to take before you                        campuses. In addition, UC San Francisco is devoted to
transfer to UC.                                                    the health sciences, offering professional programs in
    Choose a major. As a transfer student,
                                                                   dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and physical
you can select from among hundreds of
                                                                    therapy, as well as graduate programs in the health
majors across the UC system, from the
                                                                     and social sciences. Before enrolling at UCSF, stu-
humanities and social sciences to engineering
                                                                        dents must complete a minimum of two, and
and professional programs. Deciding early
                                                                            usually three or more, years of college-level
where your interests lie will help you choose
                                                                                 work at another institution.
courses that will put you on the path to your
chosen major.                                                                                Distance from San Francisco (miles)
    Choose a campus. As important as select-                                                     UC Davis                 71
                                                                                                 UC Berkeley              12
ing a major is deciding which campus you                                                         UC Merced               135
want to attend. While all UC campuses have                                                       UC Santa Cruz            74
                                                                                                 UC Santa Barbara        335
accomplished fac-       To schedule a campus                                                     UCLA                    380
ulty, outstanding       tour, use the contact                                                Distance from Los Angeles (miles)
facilities and chal- information in the                                                          UC Irvine               40
                        directory on page 44.                                                    UC Riverside            60
lenging academic                                                                                 UC San Diego           120
programs, each has unique features that set                                                      UC Santa Barbara        95

it apart. There are many factors to consider:
the academic programs (not all majors are
available at all campuses), the campus setting
and the size of the student body, to name just
a few. You may also want to think about the
distance from your home, the surrounding
community, and the cultural and recreational
activities available. Try to visit the campuses
you’re considering. They all offer tours and
programs for prospective students.
    Whether you begin classes at UC’s fi rst
campus or its newest, whatever your major,
you will be among the most talented and
motivated students to attend any university.

What to Expect When You Transfer

                                            our academic experience at UC will
                                            be challenging and stimulating. You
                                            will be stepping into a new living and
                                   learning environment, and much of your suc-
                                   cess in adjusting will depend on your own
                                   initiative. Here are a few tips that may help:
                                       Expect rigorous coursework. You likely
                                   will take most of your coursework at the
                                   upper-division (junior and senior) level,
                                   which is more demanding. Subjects will be
                                   presented in more depth and with a tighter
                                   focus than in the broad-based survey or
                                   foundation courses you took to prepare
                                   to transfer.
                                       And while some of your classes may be              Give courses priority over work. Many                                Seek out career contacts early. Establish-
                                   larger than you are used to, big lectures are      community college students are used to fit-                           ing relationships with your UC professors
                                   typically paired with small group discussions.     ting part-time classes around a full-time job.                       requires effort beyond attending weekly
                                   Many campuses also offer seminar-style             UC expects you to do the opposite, and will                          lectures. Visit them during office hours. Ask
                                   courses each term that enable you to have          help you connect with financial resources                             about internships or research prospects in
                                   more one-on-one interaction with instructors.      that can allow you to keep your work hours                           your field. Professors often are the key to
                                       Plan for a faster pace. Transfer students      manageable (see page 30). The best way to                            unadvertised opportunities that can give you
                                   familiar with the semester system may find          deal with all the changes you’ll encounter is                        vital career experience, particularly if you plan
                                   that it takes some time to adjust to the differ-   to allow more time for your studies at UC.                           to attend graduate school. Campuses also
                                   ent rhythm of the quarter system. Every UC
                                   campus except Berkeley and Merced operates
                                                                                                                         UC CAMPUS ENROLLMENT, FALL 2008
                                   on the quarter system, with three 10-week
                                   terms in the academic year. (Berkeley and                                               Undergraduate Enrollment                           Graduate           Total
                                                                                         Campus                       Overall      Transfer     Percentage*                  Enrollment**     Enrollment
                                   Merced have two semesters in the academic
                                                                                         Berkeley                     25,151               5,225                 20.8          10,245           35,396
                                   year, each 16 to 18 weeks long.) The faster
                                                                                         Davis                        24,324               4,741                 19.5           6,244           30,568
                                   pace means you must budget your time
                                                                                         Irvine                       22,238               3,895                 17.5           4,746           26,984
                                   well — you cannot afford to get behind in
                                                                                         Los Angeles                  26,536               7,802                 29.4          11,684           38,220
                                   your reading or coursework — and expect mid-
                                                                                         Merced                        2,534                 351                 13.9             184            2,718
                                   term exams to come around more quickly.
                                                                                         Riverside                    15,752               2,244                 14.2           2,327           18,079
                                       If you do transfer to a UC campus on
                                                                                         San Diego                    22,518               5,325                 23.6           5,002           27,520
                                   the quarter system, try not to take more than
                                                                                         Santa Barbara                18,900               3,512                 18.6           2,968           21,868
                                   12 units your first quarter. This will give you
                                                                                         Santa Cruz                   15,125               2,252                 14.9           1,490           16,615
                                   time to get a feel for the change without being
                                                                                         * Percentage of undergraduates who entered as transfer students
                                                                                         ** Excludes health sciences students

                                                                       UC TRANSFER STUDENT ADMISSION RATES, FALL 2008
                                                     Campus                                                      Number of                  Students    Admission
                                                                                                                 Applicants                 Admitted      Rate
                                                     Berkeley                                                     12,365                      3,177      25.7%
                                                       California community college                                9,978                      2,890      29.0%
                                                       Four-year college/other                                     2,387                        287      12.0%
                                                      Davis                                                           8,171                     5,824    71.3%
                                                        California community college                                  7,104                     5,303    74.6%
                                                        Four-year college/other                                       1,067                       521    48.8%
                                                      Irvine                                                          9,792                     5,461    55.8%
have career centers that can help you research           California community college                                 8,371                     5,069    60.6%
your career or graduate school options.                  Four-year college/other                                      1,421                       392    27.6%
    Get involved. Each UC campus offers               Los Angeles                                                   15,084                      5,201    34.5%
hundreds of clubs and organizations where               California community college                                12,415                      4,720    38.0%
you can quickly get to know your fellow                 Four-year college/other                                      2,669                        481    18.0%
students. Or take the lead yourself and form          Merced                                                          2,168                     1,760    81.2%
                                                       California community college                                   1,947                     1,637    84.1%
a study group. Many campuses also have
                                                       Four-year college/other                                          221                       123    55.7%
transfer centers and specialized support
                                                      Riverside                                                       5,505                     4,199    76.3%
services to help smooth your transition.
                                                        California community college                                  4,807                     3,878    80.7%
    Prepare for your major. Most important              Four-year college/other                                         698                       321    46.0%
in making the transition is your academic             San Diego                                                       9,828                     6,216    63.2%
preparation at community college. The more              California community college                                  8,606                     5,891    68.5%
comprehensive and challenging your commu-               Four-year college/other                                       1,222                       325    26.6%
nity college program, the better prepared you         Santa Barbara                                                   9,023                     6,090    67.5%
will be for University work and the better your         California community college                                  7,901                     5,557    70.3%
chances for academic success.                           Four-year college/other                                       1,122                       533    47.5%
    Concentrate on classes required as prepara-       Santa Cruz                                                      5,305                     3,560    67.1%
                                                        California community college                                  4,470                     3,197    71.5%
tion for upper-division work in your intended
                                                        Four-year college/other                                         835                       363    43.5%
major. Completing your major-preparation
                                                      Total unduplicated applicants                                 26,819                    19,748     73.6%
coursework while at community college can
                                                        California community college                                21,255                    17,373     81.7%
make you a more competitive applicant and               Four-year college/other                                      5,564                     2,375     42.7%
help you graduate sooner after you transfer.
                                                      This chart includes undergraduate transfer students regularly admitted for the fall 2008 term.

What Are UC Transfer
Students Like?                                     part-time jobs, working 10 to 20 hours a                                   Across the UC system, the average GPA
    There is no typical UC transfer student.       week in jobs on or off campus. Nine in 10                              of transfer students admitted in 2008 was
Like UC students as a group, transfer stu-         transfer students at the University come from                          3.3. You should remember, however, that
dents reflect the cultural, racial, geographic,     one of California’s 110 community colleges.                            the GPA needed to compete for admission to
economic and social richness of the state.         Most live in the community and commute to                              the University’s more selective majors and
They play an important role at the Univer-         campus. And although UC attracts transfer                              campuses varies and can be higher than this
sity: bringing insights, life experience and       students of every age, most are 21 or younger.                         average.
a real-world perspective to the University’s                                                                                  Nearly two-thirds of community college
classrooms and lecture halls.                      Are Transfer Students                                                  students complete a bachelor’s degree within
    Students who transfer to the Univer-           Prepared for UC?                                                       three years of enrolling at UC. More than
sity of California fi nd they share some                UC transfer students are academically                              80 percent complete a degree four years after
important characteristics, like a strong           competitive. Studies have shown that com-                              entering UC. These graduation rates are
motivation to use their talents to the best        munity college students who enter the                                  comparable to those of students who entered
of their abilities, whether in class or in their   University as juniors perform just as well                             the University as freshmen: evidence that
communities. They tend to excel at time            in their coursework as those students who                              transfer students are well prepared and aca-
management, combining their studies with           arrived as freshmen.                                                   demically competitive.
Admission as a Transfer

                                    s a premier public institution, the        that, while not your first choice, will allow            Lower-Division Transfer The University
                                    University of California seeks to          you to fulfill your educational goals.               admits some transfer students before they
                                    enroll on each of its campuses a                                                               reach junior standing if they have met spe-
                          student body that demonstrates high aca-             Transfer Eligibility                                cific requirements.
                          demic achievement and exceptional personal           Requirements                                            ◗ If you were eligible for admission to the
                          talent, and that encompasses the broad                   The University considers you a transfer         University when you graduated from high
                          diversity of backgrounds characteristic              applicant if you enrolled in a regular session      school — meaning you satisfied the Subject,
                          of California.                                       at a college or university after high school, not   Scholarship and Examination requirements,
                              Admissions staff consider each application including summer session. (You can’t disregard            or were identified by the University during
                          individually, carefully reviewing personal and your college record and apply as a freshman.)             your senior year as eligible in the local con-
                          academic achievement. Each application is                Junior-Level Transfer The vast majority         text — you are eligible for transfer if you have
                          evaluated in two ways:                               of transfer students come to the University         a 2.0 GPA in your transferable coursework
                              1) Eligibility: First, admissions staff          at the junior level from California commu-          (2.8 GPA for nonresidents).
                          check to see if an applicant has met the             nity colleges. To be eligible for admission as          ◗ If you met the Scholarship Require-
                          minimum require-          For more information about major           a junior transfer student, you      ment in high school but did not satisfy the
                          ments to be               preparation and general education, refer must fulfill both of the follow-       15-course Subject Requirement, you must
                          considered for            to the campus General Catalogs and the ing criteria:                           take transferable college courses in the
                          admission. These          “Planning Your Coursework” section             1) Complete 60 semester         missing subjects, earn a C or better in each
                          requirements,             beginning on page 14.                      units of transferable college       required course       Visit for
                          described below, are designed to ensure that         credit with at least a 2.4 GPA (2.8 for nonresi-    and maintain          a list of UC-transferable
                          all eligible transfer students are adequately        dents). No more than 14 semester units may          a 2.0 GPA in          courses at your
                          prepared for university-level work.                  be taken Pass/Not Pass.                             all transferable      community college.
                              The University is committed to providing             2) Complete the following seven transfer-       coursework to be eligible for transfer (2.8
                          a place on one of its campuses for all eligible      able college courses, earning a grade of C or       GPA for nonresidents). See page 8 for details
                          California residents who apply on time.              better in each course:                              on clearing Subject Requirement deficiencies.
                              2) Selection: When campuses receive                  • Two courses in English composition;               For more information about the Subject,
                          applications from more eligible students                 • One course in mathematical concepts           Scholarship and Examination requirements,
                          than they can admit — as is most often the           and quantitative reasoning;                         see
                          case — they use factors that go beyond the               • Four courses chosen from at least two         admissions/undergrad_ adm/paths_to_
                          minimum admission requirements to select             of these subject areas: arts and humanities,        adm/freshman/state_ eligibility.html.
                          students. The selection process, called com-         social and behavioral sciences, and physical
                          prehensive review, is described on page 9.           and biological sciences.                            Nonresidents
                              Because the level of competition for                 Each of these transferable courses must            As noted under Transfer Eligibility
                          admission to certain campuses and programs be worth at least 3 semester units.                           Requirements, nonresidents must have a
                          is very high, not everyone can be admitted               If you satisfy the Intersegmental General       grade point average of 2.8 or higher in all
                          to his or her first choice. To be competitive,        Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)               transferable college coursework. Other mini-
                          complete as much preparation for your spe-           prior to transferring to UC, you may satisfy        mum admission requirements for transfer to
                          cific major with as high a GPA as possible.           the seven-course pattern outlined above,            UC are similar to those for residents. If you
                          You may also want to consider applying to            depending on the courses you take. For              are not a California resident, contact any UC
                          more than one campus and to programs                 more information, visit             campus admissions office for details.
                                                       What Is IGETC?
                                       The Intersegmental General Education Transfer
                                    Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that satisfy the
                                    lower-division breadth/general education requirements at
                                    both the University of California and the California State
                                    University. See

Admission by Exception
    If you don’t meet the regular admis-                              DEADLINES FOR COMPLETING TRANSFER REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                     FOR FALL ADMISSION
sion requirements, you may be eligible for
Admission by Exception. You will have                Campus                              60 Semester Units                             Seven-Course Pattern
to demonstrate your ability and potential            Berkeley                            prior spring                                  prior spring
to succeed at the University. Requests for                                               prior spring                                  prior spring
consideration for Admission by Excep-
                                                     Irvine                              prior to enrollment1                          prior to enrollment, except
tion should be discussed in the personal                                                                                               English and math2
statement portion of your application for                                                prior spring                                  prior spring
                                                     Los Angeles
admission. Contact the admissions office
                                                     Merced                              prior to enrollment                           prior spring
at the campus you wish to attend for more
                                                     Riverside                           prior to enrollment                           prior to enrollment
                                                     San Diego                           prior spring                                  prior spring
Deadlines for Completing                             Santa Barbara                       prior spring                                  prior spring
Courses Required for Admission                       Santa Cruz                          prior to enrollment                           prior spring
    You must satisfy certain aspects of the          1. Admission priority is given to applicants who complete the 60-unit minimum by the spring.
transfer requirements by the end of the              2. Required English and math must be completed by the end of spring term.

spring term preceding fall enrollment at
some UC campuses, as described in the box
at right. If the prior spring term is not speci-   Transfer GPA                                                            Grades of D: Though a D in a transfer-
fied, you may satisfy the requirement during            Though, on a systemwide level, transfer                         able course is acceptable and may be counted
the summer preceding fall enrollment,              students admitted to UC in 2008 had an                              toward the number of transferable units you
although you are strongly encouraged to complete   average GPA of 3.3, average GPAs vary widely                        have completed, you must earn a C or better
the courses earlier. Contact the campus admis-     by campus and major. Your academic adviser                          in each course listed in the course pattern
sions office for information about course           or a UC campus representative can give you                          on page 6. In some cases, a D grade is not
completion deadlines for the winter and            more information about the necessary GPA                            accepted in courses used to satisfy major or
spring terms.                                      and any other requirements you must have                            general education requirements.
                                                   for admission to particular campuses and                                Pass/Fail, Credit/No Credit Grades: A
                                                   majors.                                                             course in which you earn a grade of Pass or
      Converting Semester Units                        Also remember that your GPA is just                             Credit may be used to clear a subject require-
      This booklet uses semester units             one factor by which your application will                           ment if your college certifies that Pass or
  when referring to community college              be evaluated. Course patterns and other                             Credit is equivalent to a grade of C or better.
  coursework. To convert semester units to         achievements also count: see the Transfer                           You may use no more than 14 semester units
  quarter units, multiply the semester units       Selection section beginning on page 9,                              taken Pass/Fail and/or Credit/No Credit to
  by 1.5. To convert quarter units to semes-       which describes the selection standards used                        satisfy the University’s minimum eligibility
  ter units, divide the quarter units by 1.5.      by campuses when the number of applicants                           requirements. In addition, some colleges and
                                                   exceeds the number of spaces available.                             departments require letter grades for prereq-
                                                                                                                       uisite major courses.

Admission as a Transfer                                     Clearing Subject Deficiencies for Lower-Division Transfer
                          Requirement           High School                                                            College

                          a l History/Social    2 YEARS REQUIRED:                                                      For a deficiency in U.S. history/civics/American government, a
                              Science           Two years of history/social science, including one year of world       transferable college course of 3 or more semester (4 or more quar-
                                                history, cultures and geography; and one year of U.S. history          ter) units in U.S. history, civics or American government. For a
                                                or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of civics or        deficiency in world history/cultures/geography, a transferable
                                                American government.                                                   college course of 3 or more semester (4 or more quarter) units in
                                                                                                                       world history, cultures and geography. (Must earn a grade of C or
                                                                                                                       better in each course.)

                          b l English           4 YEARS REQUIRED:                                                      For each year of deficiency, one transferable course of 3 or more
                                                Four years of college-preparatory English that include frequent        semester (4 or more quarter) units in English composition,
                                                and regular writing, and reading of classic and modern litera-         literature (American or English), speech, foreign literature in
                                                ture. No more than two semesters of ninth-grade English can            translation, public speaking or oral interpretation of literature.
                                                be used to meet this requirement.                                      Literature and speech courses must include substantial composi-
                                                                                                                       tion. (Must earn a grade of C or better in each course.)

                          c l Mathematics       3 YEARS REQUIRED, 4 YEARS RECOMMENDED:                                 To clear the entire deficiency, complete one of the following: a
                                                Three years of college-preparatory mathematics that include the        transferable mathematics course of 3 semester (4 quarter) units
                                                topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and         that employs the topics of intermediate algebra, or a transferable
                                                three-dimensional geometry. Approved integrated math courses           statistics course offered by either the mathematics or statistics
                                                may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement, as may math     department that has intermediate algebra as a prerequisite. (Must
                                                courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades that your high          earn a grade of C or better.)
                                                school includes on your transcript with grades and units.

                          d l Laboratory        2 YEARS REQUIRED, 3 YEARS RECOMMENDED:                                 For each year of deficiency, a transferable course in a natural
                              Science           Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowl-           (physical or biological) science with at least 30 hours of labora-
                                                edge in two of these three foundational subjects: biology,             tory (not “demonstration”). (Must earn a grade of C or better
                                                chemistry and physics. Advanced laboratory science courses             in each course.)
                                                that have biology, chemistry or physics as prerequisites and
                                                offer substantial additional material may be used to fulfill this
                                                requirement. The final two years of an approved three-year
                                                integrated science program that provides rigorous coverage of
                                                at least two of the three foundational subjects may be used to
                                                fulfill this requirement.

                          e l Language Other 2 YEARS REQUIRED, 3 YEARS RECOMMENDED:                                    Any transferable course(s) (excluding conversation) held by your
                              Than English   Two years of the same language other than English. Courses                college to be equivalent to two years of high school language.
                                             should emphasize speaking and understanding, and include                  Many colleges list the prerequisites for their second course in lan-
                                             instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading, composition and              guage as “Language 1 at this college or two years of high school
                                             culture. Courses in languages other than English taken in the             language.” In this case, Language 1 clears both years of the
                                             seventh and eighth grades may be used to fulfill part of this              requirement. (Must earn a grade of C or better in each course.)
                                             requirement if your high school includes the course, with
                                             grades and units, on your transcript.

                          f l Visual and        1 YEAR REQUIRED:                                                       Any transferable course of 3 semester (4 quarter) units that
                              Performing Arts   One year of visual and performing arts chosen from the                 clearly falls within one of four visual/performing arts disci-
                              (VPA)             following: dance, drama/theater, music or visual art.                  plines: dance, drama/theater, music or visual art. (Must earn
                                                                                                                       a grade of C or better.)

                          g l College-          1 YEAR REQUIRED:                                                       One transferable course beyond those listed above as clearing
                              Preparatory       One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in “a-f”       any of the “a-f ” requirements; or a transferable course having as
                              Electives         above, chosen from the following areas: visual and performing arts     prerequisite the equivalent of two high school years in a second
                                                (non-introductory-level courses), history, social science, English,    language; or transferable courses equivalent to those that clear
                                                advanced mathematics, laboratory science and language other            the “c,” “d” or “e” requirement; or a transferable course of 3 or
                                                than English (a third year in the language used for the “e” require-   more semester (4 or more quarter) units in history, social science
                                                ment or two years of another language).                                or visual and performing arts. (Must earn a grade of C or better in
                                                                                                                       each course.)

                                                                                                                                                Transfer Selection
       he University makes every effort to
       find a place on one of its campuses for                        Selection Factors for Transfer Applicants
       every California resident who meets            Each UC campus gives primary emphasis to academic factors, as noted in the first four
the minimum admission requirements and            criteria below. Junior-level transfer students from California community colleges are given
applies on time. In recent years, however, the    priority consideration for admission.
number of applicants to many campuses and         1. Completion of a specified pattern or number of courses that provide continuity with
majors has greatly exceeded the spaces avail-        major-preparation, upper-division courses in your major. (See
able. When a campus has to choose among
                                                  2. Grade point average in all transferable courses.
qualified students, it applies standards that
are more demanding than the minimum               3. Completion of a specified pattern or number of courses that meet breadth or general
requirements. Admissions staff also look             education requirements.
beyond required coursework and grades to          4. Participation in academically selective honors courses or programs.
evaluate applicants’ academic achievements        5. Special talents, achievements and awards in a particular field, such as visual and
in light of the opportunities they have had          performing arts, communication or athletic endeavors; special skills, such as dem-
and the capacity they have demonstrated to           onstrated written and oral proficiency in other languages; special interests, such
contribute to the intellectual life of a Uni-        as intensive study and exploration of other cultures; experiences that demonstrate
versity campus.                                      unusual promise for leadership, such as significant community service or significant
                                                     participation in student government; or other significant experiences or achievements
Factors Considered                                   that demonstrate your promise for contributing to the intellectual vitality of a campus.
in Selection
                                                  6. Completion of special projects undertaken in the context of your college curriculum
    To guide the campuses in their compre-
                                                     or in conjunction with special school events, projects or programs cosponsored by
hensive review of applicants, UC faculty
                                                     your college, community organizations, postsecondary educational institutions, other
developed the factors listed in the box at
                                                     agencies or private firms that offer significant evidence of an applicant’s special effort
right. In evaluating applications, all campuses
                                                     or determination or that may indicate special suitability to an academic program or a
place the highest importance on academic
                                                     specific campus.
achievement. However, the specific evaluation
process and weight given to each factor differs   7. Academic accomplishments in light of your life experiences and special circumstances.
from campus to campus and year to year. The          These experiences and circumstances may include, but are not limited to, disabilities,
most current descriptions can be found on            low family income, being in the first generation to attend college, need to work, disad-
the campus websites listed on page 13.               vantaged social or academic environment, difficult personal and family situations or
    It’s important to remember that the pool         circumstances, refugee status or veteran status.
of students who apply to UC is different every    8. Location of your college and residence. These factors shall be considered to provide for
year. The level of academic performance              geographic diversity in the student population and also to account for the wide variety
you’ll need to achieve to be admitted to a par-      of educational environments existing in California.
ticular campus or major will vary, depending
on the number of other applicants and their
academic qualifications, as well as the number
of available spaces.

Transfer Selection

                          n addition to the selection factors listed on   end of the spring term preceding enrollment.      Relations, Psychology, Viticulture and
                          page 9, every campus and many selective         Applicants are expected to complete all lower-    Enology, and all majors in the College of
                          schools and programs have criteria they         division prerequisites for the major.             Biological Sciences and the College of Engi-
                     consider in selecting transfer applicants.           College of Letters and Science (L&S)              neering. For more details, see
                         For all UC campuses, highest priority               Applicants must complete the required          and the campus website.
                     is given to qualified, junior-level applicants        60 semester units, all college breadth require-       After qualified, junior-level California
                     from California community colleges. Cam-             ments and most, if not all, major prerequisites   community college transfer applicants, prior-
                     pus deadlines for completing all requirements        by the end of the spring term preceding           ity is given to junior-level transfer students
                     are in the chart on page 7. For complete             enrollment. Applicants are expected to com-       from other UC campuses and other four-year
                     details on individual campuses, visit the            plete breadth requirements through one of         colleges. Finally, if space is available, some
                     campus websites listed on page 13.                   three patterns: 1) L&S requirements in read-      colleges admit lower-division transfer students
                                                                          ing and composition, foreign language and         with superior grades. An array of criteria, such
                     Berkeley                                             quantitative reasoning; 2) the UC Reciprocity     as the applicant’s selected college and major,
                     All Colleges                                         Agreement (for students transferring from         is used in selecting the transfer class. Though
                         Students are selected primarily on the basis     other UC campuses); or 3) IGETC (for Cali-        the vast majority of students are selected
                     of academic performance and preparation, as          fornia community college students).               on the basis of academic performance and
                     assessed by review of college GPA, level of com-     College of Natural Resources                      preparation, some students are selected on the
                     pletion of prerequisite courses for the intended        Applicants must complete the required          basis of additional information including per-
                     college and/or major, and grade trends.              60 semester units and all prerequisites by the    sonal characteristics, achievement, potential,
                         Other criteria may be considered after           end of the spring term preceding enrollment.      experience and response to life challenges,
                     comprehensive review of all academic and             Applicants are expected to complete all lower-    as assessed through a thorough review of all
                     personal information on the application.             division prerequisites for the major.             information provided on the application.
                     This includes extracurricular accomplishment,
                     employment, qualities such as leadership or          Davis                                             Irvine
                     motivation, and likely contribution to the           All Colleges                                      All Schools
                     intellectual and cultural vitality of the cam-           Most students are selected primarily             The majority of students are selected
                     pus. Demonstrated interest in the major may          on the basis of academic performance and          on the basis of academic performance, as
                     be considered as well. All achievements are          preparation as assessed by review of the GPA      assessed by review of the following: GPA,
                     considered in the context of the opportuni-          in academic coursework and strength of            number of UC-transferable units completed
                     ties available to the applicant and the ways         preparation for the intended major. To be         and depth of preparation for the major.
                     in which he or she has responded to them.            competitive, applicants must maintain a GPA          After qualified, junior-level California
                         Students from two-and four-year institu-         of 2.8 or higher. Besides requiring applicants    community college transfer applicants, junior
                     tions are admitted; however, preference is           to meet the transfer eligibility requirements     transfer students from four-year colleges,
                     given to California community college trans-         for UC by the close of spring term prior to       including other UC campuses, and lower-
                     fer applicants who are California residents.         fall admission, each college has selective        division transfer students are considered.
                     Colleges of Chemistry, Engineering                   majors for which completion of specified              In general, the comprehensive review
                     and Environmental Design, and the                    lower-division major courses comparable           considers all information provided on
                     Haas School of Business                              to those at UC Davis with certain specified        the application, including: academic per-
                        Applicants must complete the required             GPAs is essential. These majors include Bio-      formance; an exceptionally challenging
                     60 semester units and all prerequisites by the       technology, Communication, International          curriculum; outstanding accomplishments
relevant to academic aims; hardships or            Los Angeles                                        for very limited openings in the Generic B.S.
unusual circumstances the applicant has            College of Letters and Science                     program on the basis of academic perfor-
faced, and the ways in which the applicant             Students are selected primarily on the basis   mance and preparation as assessed by review
has responded to these challenges; a strong,       of academic performance and preparation, as        of completion of University and general edu-
thoughtful match between UCI’s programs            assessed by review of the following: the qual-     cation requirements, preparatory courses for
and the student’s academic and career objec-       ity and amount of progress toward completion       the major, minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5
tives, preparation, talents and skills; and        of major-preparation requirements, the quality     in all transferable courses, students’ written
potential contributions to the campus.             of and performance in transferable courses,        statements and recommendations. Students
    Fall-term applicants must complete             completion of the English composition and          are selected for the R.N.-B.S. program based
required English composition and math-             mathematics requirements, and progress             on: associate degree in nursing from a state-
ematics courses by the end of spring term          toward completion of UCLA’s general educa-         approved program or a diploma in nursing
preceding enrollment at UCI (see page 7).          tion requirements or completion of IGETC.          from a program accredited by the National
Winter- and spring-term applicants must                Other criteria that are considered: stu-       League for Nursing; current licensure as a
complete these courses by the end of the           dent responses to life challenges and special      registered nurse and a minimum one year
preceding summer and fall terms, respec-           circumstances, personal achievement, par-          of full-time experience as a registered nurse
tively. (Note: UCI typically does not admit        ticipation in programs that develop academic       within the past five years; passing scores on
students for spring term.)                         abilities, older/returning student and veteran     required Excelsior College examinations;
    In general, admission decisions for many       status, leadership, awards, employment, and        60–70 semester units of transferable course-
majors at UCI depend on the competitiveness        volunteer and community service.                   work; completion of specified prerequisite
of the applicant pool as demonstrated by level     Henry Samueli School of Engineering                courses with a grade of C or better; minimum
and quality of preparation. Preparation for cer-   and Applied Science                                cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all transferable
tain majors is essential, including completion         Students are selected on the basis of          courses; and fulfillment of UC’s American
of specified prerequisites and college GPAs.        academic performance and preparation, as           History and Institutions Requirement.
These majors include: Biological Sciences,         assessed by review of completed preparatory
Business Administration (for fall 2010), Busi-     courses for the major (including mathemat-         Merced
ness Information Management, Chemistry,            ics, physics and chemistry, if required), as           Students are selected primarily on the
Computer Science, Computer Science and             well as the strength of the GPA .                  basis of academic preparation and per-
Engineering, Earth and Environmental Sci-          School of the Arts and Architecture                formance, as assessed by a review of GPA
ences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,           School of Theater, Film, and Television            in transferable coursework and degree of
Economics (all majors), Engineering, Infor-            Students are selected on the basis of          preparation in the intended area of study.
matics, Information and Computer Science,          UC eligibility and demonstrated special tal-       Preference is given to junior-level California
Mathematics, Nursing Science, Pharmaceuti-         ent and ability in the specific major chosen        community college applicants who have com-
cal Sciences, Physics, Public Health Policy        as indicated by audition, portfolio and/or         pleted at least 60 transferable semester units.
and Public Health Sciences.                        supplementary information required by the
    Criminology, Law and Society and               department. The schools also consider the          Riverside
Psychology and Social Behavior: Appli-             College of Letters and Science criteria.           All Colleges
cants to either major may be subject to            School of Nursing                                     Students are selected primarily on the
additional GPA screening.                              Applicants must submit the supplemental        basis of academic preparation and perfor-
    Dance and Music: Applicants must audi-         School of Nursing application in addition          mance, as assessed by review of the criteria
tion and be selected by department faculty.        to the UC application. Students are selected       described in the transfer eligibility require-
Transfer Selection

                     ments listed on page 6.                            sequences in three specified areas of science     selection factors on page 9.
                        80 or More Units: UC-eligible applicants        and mathematics. Applicants to Plant Biol-            Please note: Applications are almost
                     with 80 semester units or more of transfer         ogy must have completed one-year course          never accepted from senior-level applicants,
                     credit will be reviewed by the dean of the col-    sequences in two specific areas of science,       those students with 90 or more transferable
                     lege for completion of a specified pattern of       and it is recommended that they complete         semester units. (The colleges of Engineer-
                     courses that provides continuity with upper-       one year of college calculus.                    ing and Creative Studies make occasional
                     division courses within the major.                                                                  exceptions.) A maximum of 70 transfer-
                     College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences   San Diego                                        able semester community college units will
                        Business Administration: Additional             All Colleges                                     be counted as part of the unit evaluation
                     emphasis is placed on preparation in the               Applicants are selected primarily on the     to determine senior standing. There is no
                     selection of students to the major in Busi-        basis of academic performance, as assessed       limitation on units awarded from four-
                     ness Administration. Applicants must have          by review of their GPA in all UC-transferable    year universities. Advanced Placement and
                     an overall minimum GPA of 2.5, complete            courses and the number of UC-transferable        International Baccalaureate units earned
                     all breadth requirements (or IGETC ), four         units completed one full regular term prior      prior to high school graduation do not
                     of six published major prerequisites and two       to the initial quarter of attendance at UC       apply to the limit, for admission consider-
                     lower-division business prerequisites with a       San Diego.                                       ation, of 90 transferable semester units.
                     minimum GPA of 2.0.                                    After upper-division transfer students            Biological Sciences: The number of stu-
                     The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns                     from California community colleges, highest      dents who can be admitted to these majors
                     College of Engineering                             priority for admission is given to upper-        is limited. At minimum, students must
                         Students are selected on the basis of aca-     division transfer students from other UC         complete one year of general chemistry with
                     demic preparation, as assessed by their GPAs in    campuses, upper-division California-resident     laboratory and one 2- to 3-term sequence
                     academic coursework, completion of required        transfer students from other two-year or four-   in general biology with laboratory with a
                     major-preparatory coursework and a minimum         year institutions and upper-division transfer    GPA of 2.70 or better in these courses. Year-
                     GPA of 2.8 in all transferable coursework. Pro-    students who are not residents of California.    long sequences in calculus, general physics
                     spective applicants are strongly encouraged                                                         with laboratory, and organic chemistry with
                     to focus on preparatory coursework for their       Santa Barbara                                    laboratory are highly recommended. For
                     desired major, such as mathematics and sci-        College of Letters and Science                   information, consult the Department of
                     ence. Strong technical preparation is essential        Students are selected primarily on the       Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology and
                     for success in the admissions process, and sub-    basis of academic preparation and per-           the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and
                     sequently, in all coursework at Bourns.            formance, as assessed by review of grades        Developmental Biology.
                     College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences       earned in UC-transferable coursework and              Business Economics, Economics and
                         Students are selected primarily on the         strength of academic preparation for the         Economics/Mathematics: Transfer students
                     basis of academic preparation, as assessed         intended major.                                  who wish to declare the Business Econom-
                     by their GPA in academic coursework and                Some students are selected on the basis      ics major must complete the following four
                     strength of preparation for the intended           of academic and personal achievement,            courses with a 2.75 GPA before admission: one
                     major. Applicants must have a minimum              potential and experience, as assessed through    microeconomics course, one macroeconomics
                     GPA of 2.7 in all transferable coursework.         a comprehensive review of all information        course, one statistics course and one calculus
                     Applicants to majors in Biochemistry,              provided on the application, including           course. Transfer students who wish to declare
                     Biological Sciences, Biology and Chemis-           academic performance, and academic and           the Economics or Economics/Mathemat-
                     try must have completed one-year course            personal information as described in the         ics major must complete the following four
                             Transfer Selection by Campus
      For more details about each campus’s transfer selection criteria, visit these websites:
              Los Angeles
                                                                                                   the following: GPA in all UC-transferable
                 Riverside                           courses, completion of and performance in
                San Diego                                         lower-division prerequisite courses in the
            Santa Barbara                                                  applicant’s proposed major, completion of
                                                                                                   a specified pattern of courses that meet gen-
               Santa Cruz
                                                                                                   eral education requirements, participation in
                                                                                                   academically selective honors programs and
                                                                                                   performance in honors courses.
courses with a 2.75 GPA before admission: one       coursework, amount of engineering prepa-           Other factors that may be assessed
microeconomics course, one macroeconomics           ratory coursework completed and grades         include outstanding performance in one or
course and two calculus courses.                    earned in preparatory coursework.              more academic subject areas; special projects
    Please note: In addition to the courses            Applicants must complete all required       or programs; talents, achievements, experi-
listed above, Business Economics, Econom-           units and prerequisites by the end of the      ences or interests that will contribute to the
ics and Economics/Mathematics majors have           spring term preceding enrollment at UCSB.      vitality and educational environment of the
additional pre-major requirements. Once             College of Creative Studies                    campus; and special circumstances or per-
admitted to UCSB, students who have not yet             Students are selected on the basis of      sonal challenges, especially as they relate to
completed all of the pre-major requirements         academic and personal achievement, poten-      the social or educational environment(s) that
must complete the remaining courses with a          tial and experience, as assessed through a     have affected a student’s life experience.
UC GPA of 2.85 or better. Transfer grades from      comprehensive review of all information        Jack Baskin School of Engineering
a non-UC school will not be used in the 2.85        provided on the application, including            The Baskin School of Engineering
GPA calculation. Transfer grades will be used       academic and personal information, as          (BSOE) strongly encourages applications
only as a criterion for admission to UCSB in        described in the selection factors on page     from transfer students. Acceptance into any
one of the economics majors. For information,       9; as well as special talents, outstanding     BSOE major is based on the student’s aca-
consult the Department of Economics: (805)          achievement and capacity for excellence in     demic college record. Transfer applicants are
893-2981, 893-7441 or 893-2982.                     one of the eight academic areas within the     encouraged to complete and excel in as many
    Computer Science, B.A. : Applicants are         college, as assessed by faculty review.        courses as possible that are equivalent to the
selected based on the criteria described for            All applicants must submit a College       department’s foundation courses. Transfer
the College of Engineering (below) and must         of Creative Studies application, available     students should not follow the Intersegmen-
select the Computational Geography, Com-            directly from the college (at www.ccs.ucsb.    tal General Education Transfer Curriculum
putational Economics or Computational               edu), in addition to the regular UC under-     (IGETC) because it will not provide transfer
Biology emphasis.                                   graduate application. Applicants must          students with enough mathematics and engi-
    Performance Majors: Admission to per-           submit work in evidence of talent or letters   neering courses to allow them to complete
formance majors — Dance (B.A. and B.F.A.),          of recommendation with the Creative Stud-      School of Engineering programs at UCSC in
Theater and Music — is determined by                ies application.                               two years. Details on foundation courses and
audition.                                                                                          major requirements can be found at www.soe.
College of Engineering                              Santa Cruz                           
    Students are selected primarily on the          All Colleges Except Engineering
basis of academic preparation and per-                 Students will be selected primarily on
formance, as assessed by review of the              the basis of academic performance and
following: grades earned in UC-transferable         preparation, as assessed by a review of
Planning Your Coursework

                                   o transfer to UC, you’ll need to do      and the UC campus you wish to attend may         completion of your degree. Courses in excess
                                   three things: meet the eligibility       have additional agreements that specify which    of 70 semester units will not receive unit
                                   requirements described on page 6,        transferable courses may be used to meet         credit, but will receive subject credit and may
                           prepare for upper-division study in your         various college (general education or breadth)   be used to satisfy UC subject requirements.
                           chosen major and, as appropriate, complete       and major requirements.                              Some campuses limit the number of
                           a set of general education requirements.             Most courses in academic subjects are        transfer units they accept. If your commu-
                               Knowing what the requirements are in         transferable. Vocational courses and personal    nity college work is combined with credit
                           each of those areas and planning your com-       enrichment courses do not qualify for trans-     from a four-year institution, different unit
                           munity college program around them will          fer credit. Transferable community college       limits may apply. Consult the admissions
                           maximize your chances for admission to the       courses are considered comparable to those       office at the UC campus that interests you.
                           UC campus and program of your choice.            offered to UC freshmen and sophomores.               Additionally, there is a limit to the num-
                           Meeting requirements in advance will give            Limits on Transfer Credits The Univer-       ber of units you can transfer in the following
                           you more freedom when selecting courses          sity will award graduation credit for up to      coursework (the courses must be listed on
                           once you enroll at the University. You may       70 semester units of transferable course-        your community college’s TCA with UC):
                           also be able to complete your undergraduate      work from a California community college,            English as a second language courses:
                           education within four years, without having      meaning those units will be counted toward       A maximum of 8 semester units will earn
                           to attend additional terms to meet require-                                                       transfer credit.
                           ments or take prerequisites.                                                                          Physical education activity courses:
                               In this section you’ll find information
                                                                             Transferring From Another State                 A maximum of 4 semester units will earn
                           about transfer credit, major preparation and
                                                                                 or Four-Year Institution?                   transfer credit.
                           general education. The section on IGETC                If you are a student at a four-year            Transfer From Semester to Quarter System
                           will help you decide if that curriculum is         institution or at a community college in       All UC campuses use the quarter system
                           right for you. In addition, the box on page 15     a state other than California, your ques-      except UC Berkeley and UC Merced, which
                           lists resources that offer more campus- and        tions about eligibility and transferable       use the semester calendar. If you are enrolled
                           major-specific information.                         coursework are best answered by the            in a community college or other institution
                                                                              admissions office on the UC campus              with a fall term that does not end before Jan-
                           Transfer Credit                                    you are interested in attending.               uary 1, you cannot transfer to the University
                              With careful planning, many students                You can use the ASSIST website to          for the winter quarter.
                           who take a full two years of transferable          review the UC Transferable Course                  Most students don’t lose credit when
                           coursework at a community college graduate         Agreement for California community             they transfer. If you will be changing from
                           two years after transferring to UC. The key is     colleges to get an idea of the courses         a semester to a quarter system, before you
                           taking only courses that are acceptable to the     UC accepts at the lower-division (fresh-       transfer you should try to complete course
                           University of California for transfer credit.      man/sophomore) level. And to get a             series — for example, Chemistry 1A–1B — to
                           All courses you take to satisfy University         general idea of whether your courses will      avoid duplicating coursework. If your school
                           requirements must be transferable.                 transfer to UC, you can compare them           is on the semester calendar and you wish to
                              Every California community college has          to similar courses in a UC Campus              enroll in the latter terms of a two- or three-
                           an agreement with the University, called a         Catalog. A formal evaluation of your           quarter course sequence at UC, you may have
                           transferable course agreement (TCA), that          transcript will most likely not take place     to repeat material. With careful planning,
                           specifies which of its courses receive UC           until after you have applied.                  however, you can minimize this problem.
                           credit. In addition, your community college                                                           All transferable units will be converted
                                                                                        Where to Get Help
                                                         To transfer successfully to the University of California, you need to plan your com-
                                                      munity college coursework so that you meet UC admissions requirements and are well
                                                      prepared for your intended major. These resources will give you the tools you need:
                                                      Community College Transfer Centers: Transfer center advisers can provide much of the
                                                      information you need to start planning to transfer to UC. You can also meet with visit-
                                                      ing representatives from UC and other four-year colleges and universities.
                                                      UC Transfer Preparation Paths: Plan your community college coursework by referring to
                                                      the UC Transfer Preparation Paths (found at These
from semester to quarter units, except at
                                                      online tools detail lower-division requirements for UC’s most popular majors.
UC Berkeley and UC Merced.
                                                      ASSIST: The ASSIST website ( details each California community college’s
Major Preparation                                     transferable course agreement with the University, specifying which courses earn UC
     Major-preparation requirements specify           transfer credit. On ASSIST you also can find information about credit for general educa-
the courses you must take during your first            tion requirements and IGETC. The Exploring Majors feature, updated throughout the year,
two years of college to prepare for advanced          describes the major-preparation requirements for all UC programs.
study in your major. They may be required as          Campus General Catalogs: Campus General Catalogs contain detailed descriptions of
part of the major, they may be prerequisites          that campus’s majors, with their campus- and major-specific general education require-
for other courses that are required as part of        ments. Catalogs are available through campus bookstores and online (see the UC
the major or they may be required to gain             Directory on page 44).
admission to the major.                               Campus Admissions Offices: Admissions offices can provide you with information about
     Transfer applicants are evaluated, in part,      transfer credit limits, the availability of majors, oversubscribed programs, required course-
on the basis of their performance in major-           work and individualized answers to your specific circumstances (see the UC Directory).
preparation coursework, so it is important
that you investigate the requirements for
your intended major as soon as possible. If        social sciences, humanities and fine arts. The      specifies which of its courses may be applied
your major requires mathematics and science,       general education requirement, sometimes           to each category of IGETC.
it is especially important that you complete       called the breadth requirement, lists the spe-         If you choose to follow IGETC, you should
those prerequisites before you transfer.           cific courses you must take or the number of        complete it before you transfer to the Univer-
     Lack of preparatory coursework may affect     credit hours you must earn in each discipline.     sity; otherwise you will be required to satisfy
your admission to your major, particularly if          Each school and college at every UC            the specific lower-division general education
many applicants are competing for a limited        campus has its own general education               requirements of your UC college or school.
number of spaces.                                  requirement. With careful planning, you                All IGETC coursework does not have
     As you explore your area of interest, you     can meet many of the lower-division require-       to be completed at the same college, and
can refer to the UC Transfer Preparation           ments at community college. You also may           provisions for partial IGETC completion
Paths at     complete the Intersegmental General Edu-           are available. Courses taken at more than
to learn how best to prepare for UC’s most         cation Transfer Curriculum to satisfy UC           one California community college may be
popular majors. If you are applying for fall       general education requirements.                    used to fulfill IGETC. Coursework may only
admission, the campus may require you to                                                              be applied in the area or category it was
complete certain major-preparation require-        Intersegmental General Educa-                      approved for in the IGETC agreement at the
ments by the end of the preceding spring term.     tion Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)                   community college where it was completed.
     A list of UC undergraduate majors by              IGETC is a series of courses that California       IGETC is most helpful to students who
campus and by discipline begins on page 32.        community college students may complete            know they want to transfer but have not yet
                                                   to satisfy the lower-division breadth/general      chosen an institution, campus or major.
General Education Requirements                     education requirements at both the Univer-             If you have an area of study in mind,
   General education requirements are              sity of California and the California State        you can visit the Exploring Majors sec-
designed to give University undergraduates a       University. (See the box on page 16.)              tion at, and click on prompts
broad background in all major academic dis-            UC has developed an agreement with             to identify the majors for which IGETC is
ciplines — natural sciences, physical sciences,    each California community college that             recommended.
Planning Your Coursework                                                                                     IGETC SUBJECT AND UNIT REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                Subject Area                                                          Required Courses          Units Required
                                                                                1. English Communication                                                       2*               6 semester units or
                                                                                One course in English composition and one course                                                8–10 quarter units
                                                                                in critical thinking/English composition
                                                                                2. Mathematical Concepts and                                                    1               3 semester units or
                                                                                   Quantitative Reasoning                                                                       4–5 quarter units
                                                                                3. Arts and Humanities                                                          3               9 semester units or
                                                                                Three courses with at least one from the arts and                                               12–15 quarter units
                                                                                one from the humanities
                               Students in some majors will not be well
                                                                                4. Social and Behavioral Sciences                                               3               9 semester units or
                           served by following IGETC. If you intend to          Three courses from at least two disciplines, or an                                              12–15 quarter units
                           transfer into a major that requires extensive        interdisciplinary sequence
                           lower-division preparation, such as engineer-        5. Physical and Biological Sciences                                             2               7–9 semester units or
                           ing or the biological, physical and natural          One physical science course and one biological                                                  9–12 quarter units
                           sciences, you should concentrate on complet-         science course, at least one of which includes a
                           ing the many prerequisites for the major that
                           the college screens for to determine eligibility     6. Language Other Than English*                                      Proficiency                 Proficiency
                                                                                Proficiency equivalent to two years of high
                           for admission. (See the IGETC Considerations         school in the same language
                           section below.) Your counselor or a UC
                                                                                Total                                                                11 courses*                34 semester units
                           admissions representative can give you addi-
                           tional information about IGETC and advise            *Students intending to transfer to CSU are required to take an additional course in oral communication and do not need to
                                                                                 demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.
                           you on which path is best for you.
                               IGETC is not an admission requirement.
                           Completing it is not required, nor does            isfy both IGETC and major requirements.                             of Business and the colleges of Engineering,
                           it guarantee admission to the campus or                Certification Only California com-                               Environmental Design and Chemistry have
                           program of choice. However, completing             munity colleges may certify completion of                           extensive, prescribed major prerequisites. In
                           the lower-division breadth/general educa-          IGETC. Certification of IGETC completion                             general, IGETC is not appropriate preparation
                           tion requirements — through IGETC or the           is the responsibility of the last California                        for majors in these colleges.
                           campus-specific requirements (depending             community college a student attends prior to                            Although IGETC satisfies breadth
                           upon the program) — may improve a transfer         transfer (with the exception of summer ses-                         requirements for most majors in the College
                           applicant’s chances for admission to a com-        sion) — although upon request, a college other                      of Natural Resources, specific lower-division
                           petitive campus and/or program.                    than the last one attended may also certify.                        major requirements must still be satisfied;
                               GPA Requirement IGETC courses must                 IGETC Considerations Students with sub-                         check with the college or visit the ASSIST
                           be completed with a grade of C or better.          stantial coursework from institutions outside                       website ( for more information.
                           A grade of Credit or Pass may be used if           the United States should consult a counselor                            Davis: IGETC works well for students
                           the community college’s policy states it is        to determine whether they should complete                           planning for bachelor of arts majors with few
                           equivalent to a grade of C or better.              IGETC or the lower-division breadth/general                         units of lower-division preparation. Bachelor
                               Use of AP Exams An acceptable score            education requirements at the campus they                           of science degrees and high-unit majors often
                           on an Advanced Placement (AP) test can be          plan to attend. In addition, some colleges or                       have many courses of lower-division prepa-
                           applied to IGETC. To see how these exams           majors prefer all transfer students follow a                        ration. In these cases, the UC Davis GE
                           can be applied to IGETC certification, please       more prescribed lower-division curriculum.                          pattern is the best choice.
                           visit and click on “The      These are described below.                                              Irvine: All schools accept IGETC. How-
                           IGETC Standards, Policies and Procedures”              Berkeley: In the College of Letters and                         ever, selection by the campus is based on
                           (searchable version).                              Science, students must satisfy general educa-                       demonstrated academic achievement and
                               Applying Courses and AP Exams Courses          tion/breadth requirements with either the                           preparation for the intended major.
                           and exams may be used only once to satisfy         fully completed IGETC pattern or the College                            Los Angeles: The Henry Samueli School
                           one IGETC subject area, even if they are listed    of Letters and Science requirements (Reading                        of Engineering and Applied Science does not
                           in the course agreements under more than           and Composition, Quantitative Reasoning                             accept IGETC.
                           one subject area. Courses may be used to sat-      and Foreign Language). The Haas School                                  Merced: The Schools of Engineering and

Natural Sciences do not recommend IGETC.         philosophy or history of Western art. Stu-       ELWR . Many transfer students fulfill this
    Riverside: The College of Humanities,        dents may want to choose courses for IGETC       requirement while in high school by earning
Arts, and Social Sciences accepts IGETC.         that will concurrently satisfy the depth         one the following scores:
The College of Natural and Agricultural Sci-     requirement. Students may also complete              • 3 or higher on the College Board
ences does not accept IGETC. The Bourns          the depth requirement with upper-division        Advanced Placement Examination in Eng-
College of Engineering accepts comple-           coursework after transferring.                   lish (Language or Literature);
tion of IGETC to satisfy the majority of the         Please note: Students planning to transfer       • 5 or higher on the International Bacca-
college’s breadth requirements for transfer      into a major in engineering, computer science    laureate Higher Level Examination
students, though some additional coursework      or the biological or physical sciences must be       • 6 or higher on the Standard Level Exam-
may be required after enrollment. Prospec-       careful to complete lower-division major pre-    ination in English (Language A only)
tive applicants are strongly encouraged to       requisites to ensure competitiveness and make        • 30 or higher on the ACT Combined
focus on preparatory course work for their       normal, timely progress through their major.     English/Writing test; or
desired major, such as mathematics, science,         Santa Cruz: Transfer students intending          • 680 or higher on the Writing section of
and other technical preparatory coursework,      to pursue any major in the physical and bio-     the SAT Reasoning Test or the SAT II Writing
rather than on IGETC completion.                 logical sciences or the Jack Baskin School of    Subject Test prior to high school graduation.
    San Diego: IGETC is accepted at John         Engineering should not follow IGETC because          Students who have not satisfied the ELWR
Muir, Earl Warren, Thurgood Marshall and         it will not provide them with enough lower-      before transferring must enroll in an appro-
Sixth colleges only. Students completing         division preparation for their majors.           priate English course at the University.
IGETC are welcomed at Eleanor Roosevelt                                                               American History and Institutions
and Revelle colleges; however, they must         Other Degree Requirements                        Requirement All undergraduate degree
also fulfill the specific general education            There are other requirements you must        programs at UC require study in Ameri-
requirements of those colleges. At UCSD,         fulfill to receive your undergraduate degree,     can history and institutions. Each campus
all majors are available to students in each     in addition to the general education require-    decides how its students may meet the
college, so students who choose IGETC will       ments and major-preparation requirements.        requirement, which can be through exami-
not be restricted in their choice of major.      Some, such as the American History and           nation or by completing specific courses.
    Santa Barbara: Transfer students in the      Institutions Requirement and the Entry-              If you successfully completed a one-year
College of Letters and Science and the College   Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) , are           course in U.S. history or a half-year course
of Creative Studies may use IGETC to substi-     Universitywide. Others vary by campus, col-      in U.S. history plus a half-year course in
tute for general education requirements.         lege or school, and major.                       American government while you were in high
    Transfer students in the College of Engi-        Entry-Level Writing Requirement You          school, you have satisfied this requirement at
neering may also use IGETC to substitute for     must satisfy this English composition            all UC campuses except Santa Barbara, which
general education requirements. In addi-         requirement to graduate in any program           requires students to complete a college-level
tion to general education, all students in       at the University. One way to meet this          course. (UCLA applicants must have earned a
the College of Engineering are required to       requirement is to complete a transferable        B average in the high school courses.) Satisfac-
complete a depth requirement. Students           college course of 3 semester units in English    tory completion of your community college’s
who wish to satisfy the depth requirement        composition with a grade of C or better.         history and institutions requirement will also
prior to transfer must complete a yearlong       Students who meet the University’s require-      meet the requirement at most UC campuses.
sequence in the history of world civiliza-       ments for minimal transfer eligibility, which    The University highly recommends that you
tion, history of Western civilization, history   include two transferable college courses in      complete this requirement before you transfer.
of the United States, history of Western         English composition (see page 6), satisfy the
How to Apply                                                                    FILING PERIODS
                                                                    Fall Semester 2010: Nov. 1–30, 2009
                                                                    Fall Semester 2010: Nov. 1–30, 2009
                                                                    Spring Semester 2011: July 1–31, 2010
                                                                    All Other Campuses
                                                                    Fall Quarter 2010: Nov. 1–30, 2009
                                                                    Winter Quarter 2011: July 1–31, 2010

                        irtually 100 percent of applicants          Spring Quarter 2011 (except UC San              Intercampus Transfer
                        to UC use the online application,              Diego): Oct. 1–31, 2010                          After you enroll at a UC campus, it may
                        UC’s preferred method. The online                                                           be possible for you to transfer to another.
               application helps you file more accurately                                                            Applications for intercampus transfer are
               and completely by highlighting common              Application Fees and Fee Waivers                  considered in light of the applicant’s personal
               mistakes and missing information before you            UC’s application fee is $60 for each cam-     circumstances and the availability of space in
               submit. The online application also offers         pus applied to. The fees are not refundable       the prospective major. Students who want
               video tutorials to make the process clear.         and are subject to change.                        to transfer from one UC campus to another
               Privacy guards help ensure that your infor-            Students whose family size and income         must submit an application for under-
               mation stays secure. The online application        may qualify them for a fee waiver can apply       graduate admission during the appropriate
               opens October 1 for the Apply for admission at               and find out automatically if they are   filing period. Some campuses do not accept
               fall-term filing period.      www.universityofcalifornia. eligible for a waiver while they are        intercampus transfer students who will have
                   There is a single        edu/apply.                      completing the online application.      completed more than 120 quarter (80 semes-
               application that you use to apply to one or        UC will waive application fees for up to four     ter) units by the time they plan to enroll.
               more of UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.          campuses for students who otherwise would         Students who satisfy the lower-division gen-
               UC San Francisco has its own application           not be able to apply for admission.               eral education/breadth requirements at a UC
               and filing procedures.                                                                                campus prior to transferring to another UC
                   Applying broadly can significantly              Updating Your Application                         campus are considered to have satisfied the
               increase your chances of being admitted to             If you apply for fall 2010 admission, you     lower-division general education/breadth
               a campus of your choice. About half the            will be required to update your grades and        requirements at the UC campus to which
               students who apply to just one campus are          course record online by using the Applica-        they transfer. At UC San Diego, transfer reci-
               admitted to that campus, but more than 90          tion Update site (www.universityofcalifornia.     procity is available to students transferring
               percent who apply to four or more campuses         edu/admissions/appupdate). The site, which        to Warren, Marshall, Muir and Sixth col-
               are accepted by at least one of their choices.     opens in January, allows you to report your       leges. Students who select Revelle or Eleanor
                                                                  final grades from the previous fall, and to        Roosevelt College must satisfy the general
               When to Apply                                      list all courses in progress or planned for       education requirements of those colleges.
                   UC gives first consideration to students        winter and spring. Your updates ensure that
               who apply during the filing periods listed          the campuses have the most current aca-
               in the box above. Applications are accepted        demic information available.
               after these periods only if space is available.
                   Most majors and programs are open              Notification of Admission
               to new students in the fall term. There are            Transfer applicants who apply during the
               fewer openings in winter and spring. Check         fall filing period are notified of their admis-
               with the campus admissions office if you are        sion status by the campuses they applied to
               considering applying for a term other than fall.   between March 1 and May 1 of the next year.
               Information about which campuses and               Applicants for winter or spring should con-
               programs are accepting applications is also        tact the campus admissions office regarding
               available online (www.universityofcalifornia.      admission notification periods.

                                                                                                                                                    Enrollment Options
      ou can attend some of the programs         University Extension                              degrees in Anthropology, English, History,
      listed here while you’re still in com-        Most UC classes are offered during the         Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Society,
      munity college; others are for enrolled    day for regularly enrolled students. University   Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.
UC students only. And some require special       Extension offers a wide variety of educa-         To be eligible, you must meet UC transfer
permission before you can participate.           tional programs for those who cannot attend       admission requirements. For information,
                                                 the University during the day on a full-time      contact the UCSB Off-Campus Studies Pro-
Summer Study                                     basis. University Extension does not grant        gram at the Ventura Center Office, 3585
    Community college students are welcome       degrees, although it offers many courses that     Maple Street, Suite 112, Ventura, CA 93003;
to attend summer sessions at UC campuses;        qualify for credit toward UC degrees.             (805) 644-7261; e-mail:; or
however, summer session admission does not          Courses are offered during the day             visit
constitute regular admission.                    and evening, and you do not have to meet
    Summer sessions offer the same high          admissions requirements to enroll. Admis-         Concurrent Enrollment
quality of instruction as regular sessions and   sion to University Extension does not                 In general, the University discourages
allow you to catch up or make quicker prog-      constitute regular admission, and credit          students from enrolling in two colleges at
ress toward transfer or your degree. You may     toward a degree might not be granted.             the same time. If you wish to do this and
attend any UC campus and earn full UC               Contact the University Extension at the        receive credit for the work you complete, you
credit. Because summer session is a shorter      UC campus you wish to attend for more             must first obtain permission from the dean
calendar, and part-time study is recom-          information. If you have questions about          of the UC school or college in which you are
mended, it’s easy to combine work and            which Extension courses qualify for degree        enrolled. This also applies to UC Extension
vacation with school.                            credit, contact the dean of the college or        courses. Credit is not always granted.
                                                 school that grants the degree.                        You may attend a community college sum-
Cross-Enrollment                                                                                   mer session after becoming a UC student, but
    If you are a California resident currently   Part-Time Study                                   there is a limit to the amount of community
enrolled at a California community college           Once admitted to UC, most students            college coursework the University accepts:
or the California State University, you may      enroll full time in a regular program, but        70 semester units. Also, you can receive unit
enroll in one undergraduate course per aca-      there are exceptions. If you wish to attend       credit only, not grade points, for summer-
demic term at any UC campus, provided you        the University on a part-time basis, you must     session coursework taken outside the UC
have met course prerequisites and approval is    obtain permission from the dean of the            system. Another consideration is the Univer-
granted by both your home campus and the         school or college you will be attending. In       sity’s residence requirement, which states the
UC campus. To cross-enroll, you must have        general, the University encourages students       number of credits you must complete at the
completed at least one term at your home         to attend full time. The faculty believes that    campus where you receive your degree. Some
campus, have a 2.0 GPA in work completed,        a full-time academic program provides the         campuses may not accept community college
be enrolled in at least 6 units at your home     richest academic experience for students.         coursework to satisfy certain requirements
campus and have paid appropriate fees at your        UCSB Off-Campus Studies Program               once you have enrolled at a UC campus. The
home campus for the term in which you wish       Working adults and re-entry students who          dean of the school or college in which you
to cross-enroll. A $10 fee plus any material/    have completed 60 transferable semester           are enrolled may impose other unit and/or
laboratory fees associated with the course may   units may attend classes part time and pur-       course audit restrictions. Consult the college
be charged. Contact your college registrar’s     sue a UC bachelor’s degree through the            dean and campus General Catalog for more
office for information. Cross-enrollment does     Off-Campus Studies Program at the UCSB            information.
not constitute regular admission.                Ventura Center. The Ventura Center offers
Transfer Admission Programs

                                   even of UC’s nine undergraduate             Davis                                           taken are transferable to the University.
                                   campuses offer guaranteed admis-            Transfer Admission Guarantee                    The TOP adviser also works with counselors
                                   sion to California community college            Students at any California community        and students to develop individual transfer
                              students who meet specific requirements,          college may develop Transfer Admission          admission guarantees.
                              under the Transfer Admission Guarantee           Guarantees with UC Davis. With the assis-           Participating community colleges:
                              (TAG) program. Students in the TAG program       tance of their community college counselor,     American River, Cosumnes River, DeAnza,
                              can receive early review of their academic       students draft a TAG for review by a UC         Folsom Lake, Foothill, Laney, Los Medanos,
                              records, early admission notification, and        Davis admissions representative. This agree-    Napa Valley, Sacramento City, City College
                              specific guidance on major preparation and        ment lists the courses that the student         of San Francisco, San Joaquin Delta, San
                              general education coursework.                    will complete at community college, with        Mateo, Santa Rosa, Sierra, Skyline, Solano
                                 All campuses have a variety of other          emphasis on courses required for admission,     Community, Woodland and Yuba
                              programs supporting transfer admission,          major prerequisites and breadth require-            Contact: Undergraduate Admissions,
                              particularly for community college students.     ments. Students who comply with the TAG         University of California, One Shields Ave-
                              Some programs provide extensive academic         agreement and who apply for UC admission        nue, 178 Mrak Hall, Davis, CA 95616-8507;
                              and admission support services to transfer       on time during the appropriate filing period     (530) 752-2971; Web: admissions.ucdavis.
                              applicants but do not guarantee admission.       are guaranteed admission to a specific quar-     edu/admissions/tr_top
                              Programs are described below by campus.          ter and major.
                                                                                   Contact: Undergraduate Admissions,          Davis Honors Challenge
                              Berkeley                                         University of California, One Shields Ave-      Transfer Program
                              Community College Transfer                       nue, 178 Mrak Hall, Davis, CA 95616-8507;          Davis Honors Challenge (DHC) is an
                              Center Program                                   (530) 752-2971; Web:    innovative, open-application, campus-
                                  The Community College Transfer Cen-          admissions/tr_tag                               wide honors program for highly motivated
                              ter Program provides a variety of services to                                                    students. DHC provides students with
                              facilitate the transfer process for California   Transfer Opportunity Program                    an enhanced education through special
                              community college students who aspire to             The Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP)      courses, closer contact with faculty and
                              transfer to UC Berkeley. Advisers provide        encourages community college students to        dynamic interactions with academically
                              information about admission, application,        transfer to UC Davis and provides support       motivated peers. DHC offers students the
                              financial aid, and housing policies and pro-      services to ease their transition. The cor-     opportunity to participate in an honors
                              cedures. They also assist and advocate for       nerstone of the program is the TOP transfer     program throughout their entire UC Davis
                              students throughout the application process.     adviser, who regularly visits each partici-     undergraduate career. Incoming transfer
                              Additionally, the program offers individual      pating community college to work with           students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or
                              and group academic counseling and advising       counselors and students.                        higher are encouraged to aply to the DHC
                              for students and in-service training for com-        The TOP adviser provides information        program.
                              munity college counselors.                       about admission and transfer requirements,         Contact: Davis Honors Challenge, Uni-
                                  Contact: Keith Schoon, Community             academic programs, financial aid, housing,       versity of California, One Shields Avenue,
                              College Transfer Center, 2440 Bancroft Way       tutoring, campus life, and other services and   580 Kerr Hall, Davis, CA 95616-8518; (530)
                              #205, University of California, Berkeley, CA     programs. The adviser evaluates student tran-   752-3225; Web:
                              94720; (510) 643-7159; Web: students.berkeley.   scripts to ensure that admission requirements
                              edu/apa/cctc.htm                                 are met and that community college courses

Seven UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to qualified California
community college students through Transfer Admission Guarantee
programs. For details, visit

Irvine                                          Community College Honors                            Contact: Office of Admissions and
Transfer Admission Guarantee                    Transfer Program                                 Relations With Schools, 204 Aldrich Hall,
   UCI’s Transfer Admission Guarantee              The UCI Community College Honors              University of California, Irvine, CA 92697-
(TAG) program offers on-the-spot, provisional   Transfer Program provides academic services      1075; (949) 824-6703
admission to well-qualified students attending   to honors students who plan to transfer
any California community college. Certain       to UCI. Students who enroll in and subse-        Transfer Student Services
Southern California community colleges (see     quently complete an honors program at a             Transfer Student Services provides assis-
below) are visited regularly by UCI staff.      participating community college are offered      tance to prospective California community
    Students on track to fulfill the program     personalized transfer planning and advis-        college transfer students. Each fall and
GPA and major-preparation requirements          ing, UCI library privileges and invitations to   spring, programs for prospective transfer
described below may meet with a UCI rep-        the campus to learn about honors programs        students on the UCI campus offer informa-
resentative, at either the community college    and research opportunities. Participating        tion about admission, academic programs
or UCI, for a review of their qualifications.    students who apply to UCI are assisted with      and preparation, and support services. In
Qualified applicants will be offered pre-        the transfer process. They receive guaranteed    addition, UCI representatives regularly visit
liminary provisional admission to UCI and       housing (provided they meet the housing          Southern California community college
given recommendations for coursework that       application deadline) and referrals to the       transfer centers to meet with students to
should be completed prior to transfer. To be    UCI honors programs.                             discuss admission and planning for transfer,
eligible for a TAG contract, applicants must       Participating community colleges:             including lower-division degree requirements.
complete (by the time of contract) one trans-   Allan Hancock, American River, Antelope             UCI maintains articulation agreements
ferable English course and one transferable     Valley, College of the Canyons, Cerritos,        with many California community colleges.
math course with grades of C or better; have    Cerro Coso, Chaffey, Citrus, Cypress, East       The agreements identify how community
a minimum 2.7 GPA (or the GPA specified          Los Angeles, El Camino, Foothill, Fullerton,     college courses can be used to fulfill UCI’s
for the particular major); satisfy minimum      Glendale, Golden West, Grossmont, Irvine         lower-division degree requirements. The
UC admission requirements, including the        Valley, Long Beach City, Los Angeles City,       agreements are available at UCI’s Office of
completion of 60 transferable semester units;   Los Angeles Harbor, Los Angeles Mission,         Admissions and Relations With Schools,
and submit a UC application for admission.      Los Angeles Pierce, Los Angeles Southwest,       community college counseling offices and
See additional TAG requirements at www.         Los Angeles Valley, Los Medanos, Mira-           on the Web ( (Arts and Humanities,   Costa, Moorpark, Mt. San Antonio, Mt.               Contact: Office of Admissions and
Dance, Humanities and Arts, Humanities          San Jacinto, Orange Coast, Pasadena City,        Relations With Schools, 204 Aldrich Hall,
[Interdisciplinary], Music, Nursing Sci-        College of the Redwoods, Rio Hondo, Sac-         University of California, Irvine, CA 92697-
ence, and Pharmaceutical Sciences do not        ramento City, Saddleback, San Bernardino         1075; (949) 824-6703
participate in the TAG program. Business        Valley, San Diego City, San Diego Mesa,
Administration will not participate in TAG      San Diego Miramar, City College of San           Los Angeles
when the major becomes available in 2010.)      Francisco, College of San Mateo, Santa Ana,      Community College
    Contact: Office of Admissions and            Santa Barbara City, Santa Monica, Santiago       Transfer Recruitment
Relations With Schools, 204 Aldrich Hall,       Canyon, Skyline, Victor Valley, West Los            This program provides assistance to pro-
University of California, Irvine, CA 92697-     Angeles and West Valley                          spective community college transfer students,
1075; (949) 824-6703                                                                             with particular emphasis on students from

Transfer Admission Programs

                              groups with historically low transfer rates      ability to transfer to UCLA at the junior          Contact: Undergraduate Admissions and
                              to UCLA and the University of California.        level. Students complete a rigorous honors/     Relations With Schools, 1147 Murphy Hall,
                              Program staff visit participating commu-         scholars program at the community college.      Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436; (310) 825-3101;
                              nity colleges several times throughout the       Designated faculty and counselors at the        Web:
                              academic year and provide admissions coun-       community college help students plan aca-
                              seling and workshops on a variety of topics      demic programs that meet major and general      Merced
                              such as choosing a major, completing the         education requirements and honors/schol-        Transfer Support Services
                              undergraduate application, financial aid and      ars certification. Students who successfully         UC Merced transfer advisers provide
                              available support services. Program staff keep   complete TAP and satisfy transfer admission     assistance with academic planning, admis-
                              transfer applicants informed of the status of    and major-preparation requirements are          sions, financial aid and any other questions
                              their applications and assist them during all    given priority consideration for admission to   that students may have regarding transferring
                              phases of the application process.               UCLA College of Letters and Science majors,     to UC Merced. Advisers schedule visits to
                                  Participating community colleges:            except for Communication Studies.               community colleges throughout the central
                              Antelope Valley, Cerritos, Chaffey, Citrus,          While students are in the community         San Joaquin Valley to meet with students
                              College of the Canyons, Compton, Cypress,        college TAP program, meaningful linkages        individually and in groups to discuss transfer
                              East Los Angeles, ELAC South Gate Satellite      with UCLA are provided, such as on-campus       opportunities.
                              Campus, El Camino, Fullerton, Glendale,          informational meetings and tours, library           Contact: Admissions/Relations With
                              Golden West, Irvine Valley, Long Beach           privileges, and opportunities to attend         Schools and Colleges, University of Cali-
                              City, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles Harbor,      selected UCLA cultural and athletic events.     fornia, 5200 N. Lake Road, Merced, CA
                              Los Angeles Mission, Los Angeles Pierce,             Participating community colleges:           95343-5603; (209) 228-4682 or (866) 270-7301
                              Los Angeles Southwest, Los Angeles Trade-        Antelope Valley, Cerritos, Cerro Coso,          (toll-free in California)
                              Technical, Los Angeles Valley, Marymount         Chaffey, Citrus, City College of San Fran-
                              Palos Verdes, Moorpark, Mt. San Antonio,         cisco, College of the Canyons, College of       Transfer Admission Guarantee
                              Orange Coast, Oxnard College, Pasadena           the Redwoods, Cypress, East Los Angeles,            UC Merced recognizes that beginning
                              City, Rio Hondo, Riverside Community             El Camino, Foothill, Fullerton, Glendale,       a postsecondary education at a California
                              College District, Saddleback, San Bernar-        Irvine Valley, Long Beach City, Los Ange-       community college is a viable path to a UC
                              dino Valley, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara City,      les City, Los Angeles Harbor, Los Angeles       Merced degree. Participants in UC Merced’s
                              Santa Monica, Santiago Canyon, Ventura           Mission, Los Angeles Pierce, Los Ange-          Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG ) program
                              and West Los Angeles                             les Southwest, Los Angeles Valley, Los          receive a contract specifying the courses that
                                  Contact: Undergraduate Admissions            Medanos, MiraCosta, Moorpark, Mt. San           are required to guarantee admission to their
                              and Relations With Schools, 1147 Murphy          Antonio, Mt. San Jacinto, Orange Coast,         chosen major. TAG students also receive
                              Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436; (310)          Pasadena City, Rio Hondo, Riverside Com-        individualized academic advising from a UC
                              825-3101; Web:          munity College District, Sacramento City,       Merced transfer adviser.
                              prospect/Adm_tr/ADM_CCO /Cctp.htm                Saddleback, San Bernardino Valley, San              Contact: Office of Admissions, University
                                                                               Diego City, San Diego Mesa, San Diego           of California, Merced, 5200 N. Lake Road,
                              Transfer Alliance Program                        Miramar, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara City,         Merced, CA 95343-5603; (209) 228-4682
                                 The Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)           Santa Monica, Santiago Canyon, Skyline,         or (866) 270-7301 (toll-free in California);
                              gives students at participating community        West Los Angeles and West Valley                e-mail:
                              colleges the opportunity to enhance their

When applying to UC, students from California community colleges have
admissions priority over all other prospective transfer students, including
those from four-year institutions.

Riverside                                           Contact: Office of Undergraduate Recruit-      program requirements, to guarantee admis-
Transfer Services                                ment–Transfer Services, 3249 Student Services    sion to UCSD. Admission to top-choice
    UCR offers a variety of services for         Building, University of California, Riverside,   undergraduate college is not guaranteed;
prospective transfer students. The Office         CA 92521; (951) 827-5307; fax: (951) 827-6346;   admission to impacted majors, including cer-
of Undergraduate Recruitment–Transfer            e-mail:; Web:       tain engineering majors, is not guaranteed.
Services provides counseling support, infor-     edu/admissions/special.aspx#tag                      TAG students must meet the University’s
mation and programming for prospective                                                            minimum admission requirements for
and on-campus transfer students through          San Diego                                        transfer students, including completion of
the Transfer Resource Center. They also          Transfer Student Services                        at least 60 transferable semester units; earn
meet students on the UCR campus or talk              UCSD offers various services to help         a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in good aca-
by e-mail or telephone. Prospective students     students with the transfer process. Articula-    demic standing; clear all subject omissions/
can mail or fax their transcripts to the office   tion agreements have been developed with a       deficiencies for eligibility (see page 8). Full
for evaluation. UCR maintains articula-          number of California community colleges.         completion and certification of IGETC prior
tion agreements with community colleges          These agreements outline courses that may        to enrollment is required. TAG students may
throughout the state. These agreements are       be applied toward UCSD’s general education       apply for the fall or winter quarter.
available at the community colleges, at the      and major requirements. These agreements             Details on the the new TAG program can
Transfer Services office and on the Web           are available at the community colleges and      be found at;
(                                on the Web (                     click on the TAG 2009–2010 link in the left-
    The Transfer Link Mentor Program                 Preadmission counseling is available         hand box.
matches prospective students with current        through the Office of Admissions and Rela-            Contact: Transfer Student Services, Office
UCR transfer students. Transfer Link mentors     tions With Schools. In addition, UCSD            of Admissions and Relations With Schools,
can answer questions about campus life, aca-     counselors make regular visits to community      University of California, San Diego, 9500
demic opportunities and services, as well as     colleges to offer individual advising and        Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0075; (858)
provide peer support to incoming students.       group presentations.                             534-4831; e-mail:
    Contact: Office of Undergraduate Recruit-         Contact: Transfer Student Services, Office
ment–Transfer Services, 3249 Student Services    of Admissions and Relations With Schools,        UniversityLink
Building, University of California, Riverside,   University of California, San Diego, 9500            UCSD has established partnerships with
CA 92521; (951) 827-5307; fax: (951) 827-6346;   Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0075;           a number of community colleges and their
e-mail:; Web: www.              (858) 534-4831; e-mail: transferinfo@ad.ucsd.    feeder high schools. These UniversityLink              edu; and for questions about transfer issues     agreements provide guaranteed fall admission
                                                 for veterans and members of military services,   to students intending to transfer to UCSD
Transfer Admission Guarantee           ; Web: prospective.      who sign a contract and complete program
   UCR’s Transfer Admission Guarantee                               requirements. UniversityLink offers services
(TAG ) program encourages students to begin                                                       such as special programs and events, and
their college career at a California com-        Transfer Admission Guarantee                     access to UCSD admissions counseling. Those
munity college and then transfer to UCR to          The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)        admitted to UCSD may also be eligible for an
complete the bachelor’s degree.                  program assists students from California         Engelhorn Family Scholarship, established
   TAG participants enter into a contract        community colleges in transferring to UCSD.      specifically for transfer students who were
with UCR that specifies the requirements          Students at any of California’s community        UniversityLink participants.
they must satisfy for admission.                 colleges are eligible, provided they meet the        UniversityLink students must meet the
Transfer Admission Programs

                              University’s minimum admission requirements      times and locations, call (805) 893-8175.         transfer applicants from any of the 103 par-
                              for transfer students, including completion of      UCSB representatives regularly visit           ticipating California community colleges:
                              at least 60 transferable semester units, earn-   community colleges in Kern, Los Angeles,          Allan Hancock College, American River
                              ing a minimum GPA of 3.0 and meeting UC          Orange, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa         College, Antelope Valley College, Bakersfield
                              subject eligibility, as well as other program    Barbara and Ventura counties to provide           College, Barstow College, Berkeley City Col-
                              requirements.                                    transfer information to students. They con-       lege, Butte Community College, Cabrillo
                                  Participating community colleges:            duct workshops on the application process         College, Cañada College, Cerritos College,
                              Cuyamaca, East Los Angeles, Grossmont,           and financial aid, and hold individual             Cerro Coso Community College, Chabot
                              Imperial Valley, MiraCosta, Palomar, San         academic advising appointments.                   College, Chaffey Community College, Citrus
                              Diego City, San Diego Mesa, San Diego               Contact: Office of Admissions, 1234             College, City College of San Francisco, Col-
                              Miramar and Southwestern                         Cheadle Hall, University of California,           lege of Alameda, College of Marin, College
                                  Contact: Transfer Student Services, Office    Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2016; (805)               of San Mateo, College of the Canyons, Col-
                              of Admissions and Relations With Schools,        893-3872; Web:            lege of the Desert, College of the Redwoods,
                              University of California, San Diego, 9500                                                          College of the Sequoias, College of the Sis-
                              Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0021;           Transfer Admission                                kiyous, Columbia College, Contra Costa
                              (858) 534-4831; e-mail: transferinfo@ad.ucsd.    Guarantee                                         Community College, Copper Mountain
                              edu; and for questions about transfer issues         UCSB has established Transfer Admission       College, Cosumnes River College, Cuesta
                              for veterans and members of military services,   Guarantees (TAGs) for fall terms with all Cali-   College, Cuyamaca College, Cypress College,
                    ; Web: prospective.      fornia community colleges. The TAGs include       De Anza College, Diablo Valley College, East
                                                all majors in the College of Letters and Sci-     Los Angeles College, El Camino Community
                                                                               ence, excluding Dance, B.A., and majors with      College, Evergreen Valley College, Feather
                              Santa Barbara                                    B.F.A. or B.Mus. objectives. Transfer admis-      River College, Folsom Lake College, Foothill
                              Transfer Student Services                        sion guarantees have also been established        College, Fresno City College, Fullerton Col-
                                 UCSB offers a variety of services for pro-    with all California community colleges for        lege, Gavilan College, Glendale Community
                              spective transfer students. The Office of         majors in the College of Engineering. For         College, Golden West College, Grossmont
                              Admissions maintains current articulation        more specific details, students should refer to    College, Hartnell College, Imperial Valley
                              agreements with all California community         the ASSIST website ( or visit      College, Irvine Valley College, Lake Tahoe
                              colleges. The agreements, which outline          UCSB’s TAG web page, www.admissions.ucsb.         Community College, Laney College, Las
                              courses that can be applied to UCSB’s general    edu/ TAGinfo.asp.                                 Positas College, Lassen Community Col-
                              education and major-preparatory require-             Contact: Office of Admissions, 1234            lege, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
                              ments, are available at community college        Cheadle Hall, University of California, Santa     Harbor College, Los Angeles Mission Col-
                              transfer centers, counseling offices and on       Barbara, CA 93106-2016; (805) 893-3872;           lege, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles
                              the Web (                        Web:                      Trade-Technical College, Los Angeles Valley
                                 At transfer advising sessions, offered                                                          College, Los Medanos College, Mendocino
                              weekdays at 1 p.m., visitors get an overview     Santa Cruz                                        College, Merced College, Merritt College,
                              of housing, financial aid, campus life and        Transfer Admission                                MiraCosta Community College, Mission
                              student-support services. A transfer adviser     Guarantee                                         College, Modesto Junior College, Monterey
                              provides in-depth information about admis-          The UC Santa Cruz Transfer Admis-              Peninsula College, Moorpark College, Mount
                              sion requirements, selection criteria and        sion Guarantee (UCSC TAG) program offers          San Antonio College, Mount San Jacinto
                              preparation for the major. To confirm dates,      guaranteed admission to qualified junior-level     Community College, Napa Valley College,
Ohlone College, Orange Coast College,            Transfer Program
Oxnard College, Palomar College, Pasadena            The UCSC Transfer Program provides
City College, Porterville College, Reedley       a variety of services to prospective trans-
College, Riverside Community College, Sac-       fer students from community colleges. On
ramento City College, Saddleback College,        selected Fridays, UCSC offers transfer admis-
San Bernardino Valley College, San Diego         sion workshops, in which an adviser from
City College, San Diego Mesa College, San        the Office of Admissions meets with a small
Diego Miramar College, San Joaquin Delta         group of prospective students to answer their
College, San José City College, Santa Ana        questions about transferring as juniors. Pre-
College, Santa Barbara City College, Santa       evaluations of transcripts are not available
Monica College, Santa Rosa Junior College,       as part of the workshop. To sign up for a
Santiago Canyon College, Shasta College,         transfer workshop, visit
Sierra Community College, Skyline College,       transferworkshops. Admissions counselors also
Solano Community College, Southwestern           visit many California community colleges to
College, Taft College, Ventura College, Victor   assist prospective students and counselors. In
Valley College, West Hills College (Coal-        addition, UCSC offers Services for Transfer
inga), West Hills College (Lemoore), West        and Re-entry Students (STARS) , services for
Los Angeles College, West Valley College,        current members of the military and vet-
Yuba College.                                    erans, the Disability Resource Center and
    To be eligible for UCSC TAG, students        Educational Opportunity Programs.
must have completed a minimum of 30 UC-              Contact: Transfer Program, Office of
transferable semester units, have earned a       Admissions, Cook House, 1156 High Street,
GPA of at least 3.0, and be registered at one    University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
of the participating community colleges. Stu-    95064; (831) 459-4008; e-mail: admissions@
dents who have completed 20 semester units
at a four-year college or university are not
eligible for the UCSC TAG program. UCSC
TAG offers guaranteed admission for the fall
quarter only; the filing period is Aug. 1–Oct.
15. Qualified students who are approved for
UCSC TAG may be accepted into one of the
seven majors in the Jack Baskin School of
Engineering through a special review.
    Contact: UCSC TAG Program, Office of
Admissions, 1156 High Street, University
of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064; (831)
459-2131; e-mail:

Student Programs and Services

                                       ou’ll find a wealth of special programs           Educational Opportunity Program               Orientation Programs
                                       and support at UC to help you make           The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)             All campuses offer orientation programs
                                       the most of your college experience.         is for students with promising academic abil-     for new transfer students during the summer
                                The campus General Catalogs are good                ity and potential despite a low-income or         or right before the start of the fall term. Partici-
                                sources of information about the programs           educationally disadvantaged background.           pating in orientation helps you become more
                                and services at a particular campus.                Programs and services offered to EOP partici-     familiar with the campus environment. You’ll
                                                                                    pants vary from campus to campus, but are         learn about services available to students, take
                                Programs for Students From                          similar to those described above.                 required placement exams and consult with
                                Educationally Disadvantaged                             EOP is open to students who meet the          professors and academic advisers. You’ll also
                                and Low-Income Backgrounds                          University’s regular admission requirements.      have opportunities to meet other new students.
                                    The University recognizes and values the        In addition, special assistance is available          You are welcome to tour any UC campus
                                intellectual and cultural contributions of a        through EOP to students who do not meet           during the year. The directory beginning on
                                student population that encompasses the             the regular admission requirements but who        page 44 includes offices to contact at each
                                diversity of the people of California. To           can demonstrate the ability and potential to      campus for tour information.
                                support its commitment to diversity, the            succeed at the University. (See Admission by
                                University provides special services to stu-        Exception on page 7.) You may apply to EOP        Learning Skills and
                                dents from educationally disadvantaged and          on the UC application for admission.              Tutorial Programs
                                low-income backgrounds.                                 If you have participated in other programs        All campuses offer learning and study
                                    Special educational programs and support        that serve low-income or disadvantaged            skills programs to help you develop and
                                services are available to help students who         students, such as Extended Opportunity            improve your reading, writing, listening, and
                                are interested in transferring to UC, as well       Programs and Services (EOPS) or Upward            note-taking and problem-solving abilities.
                                as students who are already enrolled in the         Bound, you do not automatically qualify for       Learning resource centers offer workshops
                                University.                                         EOP. If you were ineligible for programs such     on time management, test-taking, vocabu-
                                    UC representatives can advise you about         as EOPS or Upward Bound, you may still be         lary development and stress management.
                                admission opportunities, help you with the          eligible for the University’s EOP program.        There are seminars to improve your skills in
                                admissions process, and provide information             If you are considering the University and     math and science, and programs to help you
                                about financial aid and managing college             want more information about programs for          prepare for graduate and professional school
                                costs. Once you enroll, services are available to   students from low-income and educationally        entrance examinations. All campuses also
                                help you make the transition to University life,    disadvantaged backgrounds, contact the EOP        offer tutoring by trained upper-division and
                                including Summer Bridge programs, orienta-          office at the campus you wish to attend, or the    graduate students.
                                tions, personal counseling, academic advising       one nearest you, as soon as possible. Addresses
                                and academic skills development programs.           and telephone numbers are included in the
                                                                                    UC Directory, beginning on page 44.

Every UC campus has resources to help you get the most out of your
University experience, including orientation programs, academic advising,
and special services for veterans and re-entry students.

Academic Advising                                  Education Abroad Program                           not normally eligible for financial aid may
    You are encouraged to take advantage of            The University’s Education Abroad Pro-         qualify while studying abroad. Special EAP
the academic advising services the University      gram (EAP) offers you the opportunity to           scholarships are also available to qualified
offers. A faculty or staff adviser can help you    study in any of 33 countries. Depending            students.
plan your program and inform you about edu-        upon your            Additional information           Students usually participate in EAP dur-
cational opportunities, degree requirements,       academic inter-      on the University’s EAP       ing their junior year. Transfer students may
and advanced study and career options. Most        ests and the         program is available online   apply for EAP before enrolling in the Uni-
campuses also have other resources, such as        program you          at              versity, but only under certain conditions. If
general advising centers and peer advising         choose, you may seek specialized study in          you are interested, contact the EAP office at
programs. It will be your responsibility to seek   your major, fulfill general education require-      the UC campus you wish to attend as soon
out advising assistance.                           ments, concentrate on language or area             as possible.
                                                   studies, or pursue research and internship
Work-Learn Programs                                opportunities while participating in EAP.          Veterans
    Each campus offers a variety of special            EAP programs range in length from one             If you are a veteran, reservist or a depen-
work-learn programs for undergraduates,            quarter to a full academic year, and a number      dent of a disabled or deceased veteran, UC
including internships, field study, coopera-        of summer programs are available. The EAP          has services available to assist you. UC
tive education, experiential learning and          courses you complete appear on your UC             campuses certify course attendance to the
community service. A work-learn experience         transcript and, with careful planning, you         Department of Veterans Affairs (www.gibill.
will help you assess your skills and abilities,    can make normal progress toward graduation. and process Cal-Vet Fee Waivers
explore career options and gain on-the-job             Financial aid is available, and students       (
experience. Placements are available in a                                                             Each campus can connect you with a variety
variety of work environments and, at some                                                             of helpful resources and services. For more
                                                       Education Abroad Locations
campuses, you may be able to design a place-                                                          information, visit www.universityofcalifornia.
                                                         During the 2009–10 academic year,
ment to meet your specific educational and                                                             edu/veterans.
                                                     3,820 UC students are expected to study
career interests.
                                                     at EAP sites in these countries:
    A work-learn situation may be full time or                                                        Re-Entry Students
part time, for credit or not for credit, volun-      Australia      Ghana          Russia                 UC campuses provide programs and
tary or salaried, and may last a quarter or up       Barbados       Hong Kong      Singapore          support services specifically for older return-
to two years, depending on your needs and            Brazil         Hungary        South Africa       ing students, often called re-entry students.
interests and the availability of placements.        Canada         India          Spain              Advisers help re-entry students apply for
All programs include professional supervision        Chile          Ireland        Sweden             admission and adapt to the University
and emphasize learning rather than routine           China          Israel         Taiwan             after they enroll. Re-entry services include
activities. Different programs have different        Costa Rica     Italy          Thailand           orientations, tutoring, social and cultural
requirements, but most are open only to quali-       Denmark        Japan          Turkey             programs, and workshops and seminars to
fied juniors and seniors.                             Egypt          Korea          United             improve academic and study skills.
                                                     France         Mexico           Kingdom
                                                     Germany        Netherlands    Vietnam
                                                                    New Zealand

Student Programs and Services

                                Students With Disabilities                          Career Planning and Placement                     in which they are administered vary by cam-
                                    The University provides special assistance          Each campus has a career planning center      pus. Application deadlines also vary. Some
                                and services to give students with disabilities     to help you identify your career options          campuses require that you apply months
                                support so that they may participate fully          and develop skills to find the job you want.       in advance, and some have lengthy waiting
                                in campus programs and activities. Each             Counselors will help you match your interests     lists on which you should place your name
                                campus has an office that coordinates a vari-        and abilities with possible careers. They offer   as soon as possible. Eligible students may
                                ety of services for students with permanent         workshops on career planning, résumé writ-        receive financial aid to help meet the costs
                                and temporary disabilities. These services          ing, interviewing techniques and conducting       of child care.
                                include disability management counseling,           a job search. You’ll find planning and                 For information about child care, contact
                                assistance with registration and enrollment,        information materials, and lists of potential     the campus Child Care Services Office.
                                orientation programs, accessibility tours and       employment opportunities. The career plan-        Addresses and telephone numbers are
                                maps, on-campus van transportation, minor           ning programs host job and career fairs, and      included in the list beginning on page 44.
                                wheelchair repairs and equipment loans.             bring representatives from various companies
                                Academic support is available through               to campus to interview students. Information      Extracurricular Activities
                                readers, interpreters, note takers, special         about graduate education is also available.           There are many events, activities and
                                test-taking arrangements and adaptive                                                                 organizations on campus for you to partici-
                                equipment.                                          Health Care                                       pate in and enjoy when you are not in class or
                                    If you have a physical limitation or learning      Health services generally available to UC      studying. Clubs and organizations represent
                                disability, contact the office that coordinates      students include treatment for illness and        every imaginable interest and affiliation, be
                                services for students with disabilities at the      injury, as well as X-ray, laboratory, pharmacy,   it academic, cultural, social, political, ethnic,
                                campus you wish to attend to discuss the pro-       emergency and mental health services. Some        professional, religious, musical, recreational,
                                gram and your needs. Addresses and phone            student health centers also offer dental care,    artistic, literary or service-oriented in nature.
                                numbers are listed beginning on page 44.            inpatient care and surgical services.             There are sororities and fraternities at each
                                Numbers preceded by TTY have equipment                                                                campus. All campuses have outstanding
                                for callers who are hearing or speech impaired.     Counseling                                        sports and recreational facilities.
                                                                                        Professional counselors and psycholo-             The student government, called the
                                International Students                              gists are available to assist you with personal   Associated Students, takes an active role
                                    Each campus has an office that provides          and emotional problems or with education,         in campus affairs, advocating for student
                                assistance to international students. The           career and decision-making issues. Counsel-       concerns, sponsoring cultural events and
                                international student adviser can answer            ing centers work with students individually       managing a variety of services and projects.
                                your questions about visa requirements and          and sponsor group sessions and workshops.         Through the Associated Students, you may
                                academic programs, and refer you to the                                                               also become involved in student-operated
                                appropriate campus offices for other types           Child Care                                        publications and radio and TV stations.
                                of information. The office also presents                The campuses offer part-time and full-
                                cultural events throughout the year for the         time care for a limited number of children.
                                campus community.                                   The nature of the programs and the manner

New transfer students are guaranteed on-campus housing at
many UC campuses. All campuses offer information and assistance
to students interested in finding housing in the community.

       he University has a variety of housing
                                                       HOUSING GUARANTEES FOR
                                                                                                   Family Student Housing
       options for undergraduates, including                                                          Demand is high at all campuses for
                                                         TRANSFER STUDENTS
       residence halls on campus and apart-                                                        housing for married students and students
ments for married students and students with            Berkeley            one year               with children. Usually, you must apply nine
families. Off-campus housing also is available          Davis               one year               months to a year in advance, often before
at each campus.                                         Irvine              one year               you apply for admission.
    Most campuses guarantee housing for                 Los Angeles         one year
transfer students. For complete details                 Merced              one year               Off-Campus Housing and
about each campus’s policy, visit its housing           Riverside           two years              Other Options
website; for URLs and other contact informa-            San Diego           —                          For those students who do not live on
tion, see the directory beginning on page 44.                                                      campus, many other living arrangements are
                                                        Santa Barbara       one year
                                                                                                   available, including fraternities and sorori-
                                                        Santa Cruz          two years
                                                                                                   ties, student cooperatives, rooming houses,
                                                                                                   and privately owned apartments and houses
                                                 On-Campus and                                     for rent in the community.
                                                 University Housing                                    If you want to rent an apartment or house
                                                     Housing for single undergraduates ranges      off campus, in some campus areas you may
                                                 from apartments shared by several students        need to begin looking early in the summer.
                                                 to residence halls with suites and double and     Allow at least a week to find the right place.
                                                 single rooms. All are equipped with laundry       Nearer the beginning of classes, you may
                                                 facilities, lounges and study areas. Apartment-   need more time.
                                                 style residences have kitchens; students in the       The campus community or off-campus
                                                 residence halls may be required to purchase a     housing office can give you more information
                                                 meal plan. At some campuses, students living      about the best time to look for off-campus
                                                 off campus may also purchase meal plans.          housing, as well as details about housing rent-
                                                     Several campuses use a random drawing,        als and other students seeking roommates.
                                                 or lottery, to make specific room assignments;
                                                 others do it on a first-come, first-served basis
                                                 as housing applications are received. The
                                                 campuses that guarantee transfer student
                                                 housing provide housing application mate-
                                                 rials to all transfer students at the time of
                                                 admission notification or shortly thereafter.

Financing Your UC Education

                                            hile attending community col-                                                                ary 1, 2010 (born before January 1, 1986, for
                                                                                       ESTIMATED COSTS, 2009 – 10
                                            lege, many students find they                                                                 academic year 2010–11); married; a veteran
                                            can cover their costs by work-          AVERAGE COSTS FOR AN UNDERGRADUATE CALIFORNIA        of the U.S. Armed Forces (ROTC or students
                                                                                    RESIDENT LIVING OFF CAMPUS
                              ing full time and attending class part time.                                                               attending the service academies are not con-
                              At UC, students typically do the opposite,            Fees*                                      $8,700    sidered veterans); an orphan or ward of the
                                                                                    Books and Supplies                         $1,600
                              supplementing part-time earnings with vari-           Health Insurance Allowance/Fee             $1,000
                                                                                                                                         court; or have a legal dependent other than
                              ous types of financial assistance. UC offers a         Room and Board                             $9,700    a spouse.
                              strong financial aid program because it wants          Personal/Transportation                    $3,300        The chart on the opposite page illustrates
                              every student it admits to be able to attend                                                               the net cost in 2009–10 for five students with
                                                                                    Total Estimated Costs                    $24,300*
                              regardless of economic circumstances.                                                                      different financial resources. Net cost is the
                                                                                    * Fees for 2009–10 had not been set by press time;
                                  This section offers a starting point for          this is an estimate.                                 price of attendance after need-based grants
                              financial planning; more detailed informa-                                                                  are taken into account.
                              tion is in the University’s Financing Guide for                                                                Most students and their families use a
                              Transfer Students, which you can print from       is less than $60,000 a year. If you qualify for          combination of current earnings and savings
                              the Web at        additional aid, you will also receive grants to          to pay their portion of the cost of a college
                              admissions/paying.html.                           help pay for books, housing and transporta-              education. For many, though, the combi-
                                                                                tion. Grants ensure            Visit www.universityofcalifornia.      nation of savings and earnings
                              How Much?                                         that enrolled stu-             edu/admissions/paying to find           isn’t enough to cover all of their
                                 Undergraduates pay the same UC                 dents need to work             links to campus fi nancial aid          net cost. UC students and their
                              systemwide fees at all campuses. Other            only part time and             offices and estimators.                 families have access to several
                              expenses — housing, food, transportation and      that borrowing can be kept within reason-                financing tools, including student and par-
                              books — will depend on the campus and liv-        able limits, so payments upon graduation are             ent loans, part-time student jobs and deferred
                              ing situation. Though fees for 2009–10 had        manageable. Because grants don’t have to be              payment plans.
                              not been approved at press time, UC esti-         repaid, they directly lower the cost of UC for               Loans UC administers loan programs to
                              mates the total costs before financial aid for a   many undergraduates.                                     help students and parents finance the cost
                              California resident living off campus will be          UC, like many colleges and universities             of attendance. In general, the best loans are
                              $24,300 (see box). For nonresidents, the total    throughout the country, uses the federal for-            federal programs that charge below-market
                              costs will be about $21,700 higher, due to        mula for determining your grant aid. The                 interest rates and delay repayment until six
                              nonresident fees and tuition. Actual costs for    calculation is based on financial information             months after you stop attending school.
                              2009–10 and 2010–11 may be higher.                you and your parents supply on your Free                 Students at all income levels can borrow
                                                                                Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .            from the loan programs; in addition, there
                              Understanding Grants                                   Transfer students who are considered                is a federal loan program (PLUS) that allows
                                 Eligible University students receive grant     financially independent according to federal              parents to defer all or a portion of the repay-
                              awards through many programs, includ-             standards are not required to provide parent             ment until their student leaves college.
                              ing the Federal Pell Grant, the Cal Grant         information on the FAFSA . You are consid-               Interest accrues but can be deferred.
                              and UC’s University Student Aid Program           ered independent if you meet at least one                    Employment Many students put earn-
                              (USAP) . Among USAP grants is the Blue and        of a number of conditions including the                  ings from summer jobs toward covering their
                              Gold Opportunity Plan, which will cover           following (visit for the                school expenses. In addition, part-time jobs
                              your statewide fees for two years if you’re a     complete list):                                          are available on and off campus during the
                              California resident and your family’s income           You are at least 24 years old as of Janu-           school year. UC campus student employ-
Most UC undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance, including
grants, loans, work-study awards and scholarships. In 2007–08, the average
award was more than $14,400.

ment offices compile job listings and help
                                                                                ESTIMATED NET COST, 2009–10
students find work. Most UC students earn
between $8 and $12 per hour in their jobs.                                                            DEPENDENT                    INDEPENDENT
    Payment Plans Many campuses offer                                               Samuel         Sonja      Salina     Simon         Seth
deferred payment plans to help manage pay-
                                                   Annual parent income            $20,000     $40,000      $60,000     $80,000        N/A
ment of fees, tuition and on-campus housing
costs. These plans spread payment over a           Total estimated costs            24,300         24,300    24,300     24,300        24,300
                                                   Living off campus
period of months, rather than requiring the
                                                   Less grant aid                   15,200         12,700     8,200       1,700       13,700
entire amount before the term begins. In lieu      Does not have to be repaid
of offering deferred payment plans, a few UC
                                                   NET COST TO FAMILY               $9,100    $11,600       $16,100    $22,600       $10,600
campuses accept credit card payments.
    For more information about deferred pay-
ment plans or paying by credit card, contact       MEETING THE NET COST
the financial aid office at any UC campus.           Student loan                      5,000          5,000     5,000       5,000       6,000
    A Note to Veterans After Aug. 1, 2009,         Low interest

new benefits will become available to vet-          Student wages                     2,400          2,400     2,400       2,400       2,400
erans under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. For an          Student savings                   1,700          1,700     1,700       1,700       2,200
explanation of this bill, and how it compares
                                                   Parents’ earnings, savings
to other veterans’ benefits from the federal                                              0          2,500     7,000     13,500         N/A
                                                   or loans
government, visit
                                                   TOTAL                            $9,100    $11,600       $16,100    $22,600       $10,600
Bill_ Info/benefits.htm.
    For more information on UC’s California
Veterans Education Opportunities Partner-        are private sources that also fund scholar-          study and student loans). If you have filed
ship, including tuition and fee exemptions,      ships. Visit for a           for financial aid while in community college,
visit   free scholarship search.                             you may be able to file a shorter renewal
                                                    Federal Tax Benefits Federal tax credits           form online. Go to and
Other Ways to Reduce Your Share                  may benefit you or your parents if the grants         choose “Fill out a renewal FAFSA .”
    Scholarships Most scholarships lower net     and scholarships you receive do not fully                California           File the FAFSA
cost because, like grants, they don’t have to    cover your fees. For taxpayers with incomes          residents without        between Jan. 1 and
be repaid. They can help reduce the amount       of up to $180,000, tax credits or deductions         a Cal Grant A or         March 2, 2010, to
you need to work or borrow to help cover the     are calculated on the tuition and fees paid for      B already reserved       apply for financial
cost of attendance. You can apply for most       college, and interest paid on education loans        should file the Cali-     aid for the 2010–11
UC scholarships as part of your application      may be deductible.                                   fornia Student Aid       academic year. Visit
for admission. UC awards scholarships in                                                              Commission’s GPA
recognition of academic achievement, com-        How to Apply for Financial Aid                       Verification Form between Jan. 1 and March
munity service, special talents and other            By filling out UC’s application for under-        2, 2010. You can find this form at your com-
personal characteristics.                        graduate admission, you automatically apply          munity college or any UC campus or high
    Scholarship size depends on the par-         for most University-administered scholarships.       school, or on the Web at
ticular program and, in some cases, your             You must submit the FAFSA separately to          and click on “Cal Grant GPA Forms.”
financial resources. In addition to UC, there     be considered for financial aid (grants, work-
Undergraduate Majors

                                                                                                   Animal Science and Management, B.S.     International Agricultural
                               he undergraduate degree      Agriculture, Natural                    Aquatic Animals                          Development, B.S.
                               programs the University      Resources and                           Companion Animals                       Agricultural Production
                               offers are listed by dis-    Environmental Studies                   Dairy                                   Economic Development
                                                                                                    Equine                                  Environmental Issues
                       cipline and by campus on the                                                 Individualized                          Rural Communities
                       following pages. The indented                                                Livestock                               Trade and Development in
                                                           College of Letters and Science
                       listings are areas of special-                                               Poultry                                   Agricultural Commodities
                                                           Chemistry, B.A.
                       ization within the major. For                                               Atmospheric Science, B.S.               Managerial Economics, B.S.
                                                           Environmental Economics and                                                      Agricultural Economics
                       complete information about aca-                                             Avian Sciences, B.S.
                                                            Policy, B.A.                                                                    Environmental and Resource
                       demic programs, please refer to                                             Biotechnology, B.S.
                                                           Environmental Sciences, B.A.             Animal Biotechnology
                       the campus General Catalogs.                                                                                         Managerial Economics
                                                           College of Natural Resources             Bioinformatics
                           Majors are listed under the                                              Fermentation/Microbiology              Plant Sciences, B.S.
                                                           Conservation and Resource
                                                                                                      Biotechnology                         Crop Production
                       disciplines with which they are       Studies, B.S.                                                                  Plant Breeding and Genetics
                                                                                                    Plant Biotechnology
                       most often associated. The disci-   Environmental Economics and                                                      Plant Sciences Individual Option
                                                             Policy, B.S.                          Community and Regional
                       pline categories are as follows:                                                                                     Postharvest Biology and Technology
                                                                                                    Development, B.S.
                                                           Environmental Sciences, B.S.             Global Communities                     Viticulture and Enology, B.S.
                       32 Agriculture, Natural
                                                           Forestry and Natural Resources, B.S.     Organization and Management            Wildlife, Fish and Conservation
                          Resources and                                                             Policy, Planning and Social Services    Biology, B.S.
                                                           Genetics and Plant Biology, B.S.
                          Environmental Studies                                                    Ecological Management and                Behavioral Ecology
                                                           Microbial Biology, B.S.
                       33 Architectural and                                                          Restoration, B.S.                      Conservation Biology
                                                           Molecular Environmental Biology, B.S.                                            Ecotoxicology and Disease Ecology
                          Environmental Design              Animal Health and Behavior             Entomology, B.S.                         Fisheries Biology
                          and Planning                      Biodiversity                           Environmental Horticulture and           Individualized Specialization
                                                            Ecology                                  Urban Forestry, B.S.                   Physiological Ecology
                       33 Art – Applied, Fine,              Environment and Human Health            Floriculture/Nursery                    Population Dynamics
                          Performing and Art History        Insect Biology                          Landscape Management/Turf               Wildlife Biology
                                                            Microbiology                            Plant Biodiversity/Restoration
                       34 Biological and Life Sciences                                                                                      Wildlife Damage Management
                                                           Molecular Toxicology, B.S.               Urban Forestry
                       35 Business and Management                                                                                          College of Biological Sciences
                                                           Nutritional Sciences, B.S.              Environmental Policy Analysis
                       35 Communication                                                                                                    Biological Sciences, A.B., B.S.
                                                            Dietetics                               and Planning, B.S.
                                                            Physiology and Metabolism               Advanced Policy Analysis               Evolution, Ecology and
                       35 Engineering and Computer                                                  City and Regional Planning               Biodiversity, A.B., B.S.
                                                           Society and Environment, B.S.
                          Science                                                                   Energy Policy                          Plant Biology, A.B., B.S.
                                                            Environmental Justice and
                       37 Ethnic and Area Studies             Development                           Environmental Science
                                                                                                                                           College of Engineering
                                                            Global Environmental Politics           Transportation Planning
                       38 Food, Nutrition and               U.S. Environmental Policy and           Water Quality                          Biological Systems Engineering, B.S.
                          Consumer Sciences                                                                                                 Agricultural Engineering
                                                              Management                           Environmental Science and
                                                                                                                                            Aquacultural Engineering
                       38 Foreign Language and                                                      Management, B.S
                                                           DAVIS                                                                            Biomechanics/Premedicine/
                                                                                                    Climate Change and Air Quality
                          Literature                       College of Agricultural and              Ecology, Biodiversity and
                                                                                                                                              Preveterinary Medicine
                                                                                                                                            Biotechnical Engineering
                       39 Health Professions               Environmental Sciences                     Conservation
                                                                                                                                            Ecological Systems Engineering
                                                           Agricultural and Environmental           Geographic Information Systems
                       39 Humanities                                                                  and Remote Sensing
                                                                                                                                            Food Engineering
                                                            Education, B.S.                                                                 Forest Engineering
                       40 Individual Majors                                                         Natural Resources Management
                                                           Animal Biology, B.S.                     Soils and Biogeochemistry              College of Letters and Science
                       40 Mathematics                      Animal Science, B.S.                     Watershed Science                      Chemistry, A.B.
                                                            Animal Science With a Disciplinary
                       40 Physical Sciences                                                        Environmental Toxicology, B.S.          Chemistry, B.S.
                       41 Social Sciences                   Aquatic Animals                        Fiber and Polymer Science, B.S.         Chemistry, B.S., With Emphases
                                                            Avian Sciences                         Food Science, B.S.                       Applied Chemistry–Chemical Physics
                       43 Special Programs                  Companion and Captive Animals           Brewing (Fermentation) Science          Applied Chemistry–Environmental
                                                            Equine Science                          Consumer Food Science                    Chemistry
                                                            Laboratory Animals                      Food Biochemistry
                                                            Livestock and Dairy                     Food Biology/Microbiology
                                                            Poultry                                 Food Business and Management
                                                                                                    Food Chemistry
                                                                                                    Food Technology
                                                                                                   Hydrology, B.S.

IRVINE                                     Environmental Systems (Ecology,        College of Letters and Science          Music Theatre, B.F.A.
School of Physical Sciences                 Behavior and Evolution), B.S.         Design, A.B.                            Studio Art, B.A.
Earth and Environmental                    Environmental Systems                   Interior Architecture
                                                                                                                          School of Humanities
 Sciences, B.S.                             (Environmental Chemistry), B.S.
                                                                                  LOS ANGELES                             Art History, B.A.
School of Social Ecology                   Environmental Systems
                                            (Environmental Policy), B.A.          School of the Arts and Architecture     Film and Media Studies, B.A.
Social Ecology, B.A.                                                              Architectural Studies, B.A.
                                           SANTA BARBARA                                                                  LOS ANGELES
LOS ANGELES                                                                       SAN DIEGO                               College of Letters and Science
                                           College of Letters and Science
College of Letters and Science                                                                                            Art History, B.A.
                                           Chemistry, B.A.                        Urban Studies and Planning, B.A.
Chemistry, B.S.                                                                                                           Music History, B.A.
                                           Environmental Studies, B.A., B.S.
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, B.S.
                                           Hydrologic Sciences and Policy, B.S.                                           School of the Arts and Architecture
Environmental Science, B.S.                                                        Art—Applied, Fine,
                                            Biology and Ecology                                                           Art, B.A.
Geography/Environmental                     Physical and Chemical                  Performing and                         Design | Media Arts, B.A.
  Studies, B.A.                             Policy                                 Art History
                                                                                                                          Ethnomusicology, B.A.
MERCED                                     SANTA CRUZ                                                                      Jazz Studies
                                                                                  BERKELEY                                 World Music
School of Engineering                      Environmental Studies, B.A.            College of Letters and Science          Music, B.A.
Environmental Engineering, B.S.            Environmental Studies/Biology, B.A.
 Air Pollution                                                                    Art, History of, B.A.                    (Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Classical
                                           Environmental Studies/Earth            Art, Practice of, B.A.                   Guitar, Composition, Euphonium,
 Sustainable Energy                          Sciences, B.A.                                                                Flute, French Horn, Harp, Oboe,
                                                                                  Dance and Performance Studies, B.A.
 Water Quality                             Environmental Studies/                                                          Organ, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone
                                                                                  Film Studies, B.A.                       [classical], String Bass, Trombone,
                                             Economics, B.A.
School of Natural Sciences                                                        Music, B.A.                              Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice)
                                           Plant Sciences, B.S.
Chemical Sciences, B.S.                                                           Theater and Performance Studies, B.A.   World Arts and Cultures, B.A.
 Environmental Chemistry                                                                                                   Dance
Earth Systems Science, B.S.                                                       DAVIS                                    World Arts and Cultures
 Atmospheric Sciences                       Architectural and                     College of Letters and Science          School of Theater, Film,
 Ecosystem Science                          Environmental Design                  Art History, A.B.                       and Television
 Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry           and Planning                          Art Studio, A.B.
 Hydrologic and Climate Sciences
                                                                                                                          Film and Television, B.A.
                                                                                  Design, A.B.                            Theater, B.A.
RIVERSIDE                                                                          Exhibition                              Acting
                                           College of Environmental Design         Interior Architecture                   Design/Production
College of Natural and Agricultural
Sciences                                   Architecture, B.A.                      Textile and Fashion Design              Directing
                                           Landscape Architecture, B.A.            Visual Communication                    General Theater
Entomology, B.A., B.S.
                                                                                  Dramatic Art, A.B.                       Musical Theater
Environmental Sciences, B.A., B.S.         Urban Studies, B.A.
 Environmental Toxicology                                                         Film Studies, A.B.
                                           DAVIS                                                                           Teaching Artists
 Natural Science                                                                  Music, A.B.                              Theater Studies
 Social Science                            College of Agricultural and
                                           Environmental Sciences                 IRVINE                                  RIVERSIDE
Environmental Sciences: UCR/CSU
 Fresno Joint Program, B.S.                Ecological Management and              Claire Trevor School of the Arts        College of Humanities, Arts,
 Behavioral, Policy, and Health Sciences     Restoration, B.S.                    Dance, B.A.                             and Social Sciences
 Earth Sciences                            Environmental Horticulture and         Drama, B.A.                             Art (Studio), B.A.
 Life Sciences                               Urban Forestry, B.S.                 Music, B.A.                             Art History, B.A.
Plant Biology, B.A., B.S.                   Floriculture/Nursery
                                            Landscape Management/Turf             Music — Performance, B.Mus.             Art History/Administrative
 Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
 Plant Cellular, Molecular, and             Plant Biodiversity/Restoration         Guitar and Lute Performance             Studies, B.A.
                                            Urban Forestry                         Instrumental Performance               Art History/Religious Studies, B.A.
   Developmental Biology
                                                                                   (Bassoon, Clarinet, Double Bass,        Asian Concentration
 Plant Genetics, Breeding, and             Environmental Policy Analysis and       Flute, Horn, Oboe, Percussion, Trom-
   Biotechnology                            Planning, B.S.                                                                 Student-designed Comparative
                                                                                   bone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin,       Concentration
 Plant Pathology, Nematology, and           Advanced Policy Analysis               Violoncello)                            Western Concentration
   Pest Management                          City and Regional Planning
                                                                                   Jazz Studies                           Dance, B.A.
                                            Energy Policy
SAN DIEGO                                                                          (Bass, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone,
                                            Environmental Science                                                         Media and Cultural Studies, B.A.
Environmental Chemistry, B.A., B.S.                                                Trombone, Trumpet)
                                            Transportation Planning                                                        Ethnography, Documentary, and
                                            Water Quality                          Piano Performance
Environmental Systems (Earth                                                                                                 Visual Culture
 Sciences), B.S.                           Landscape Architecture, B.S.            Vocal Performance                       Film and Visual Media
                                                                                                                           Film, Literature, and Culture

Undergraduate Majors
                       Music, B.A.                                                                       Avian Sciences, B.S.                  Psychology, B.S.
                                                                    Biological and Life                                                         Biology
                       Music and Culture, B.A.                                                           Biotechnology, B.S.
                       Theatre, B.A.                                                                      Animal Biotechnology
                                                                                                          Bioinformatics                       IRVINE
                         General Theatre
                                                                   BERKELEY                               Fermentation/Microbiology            School of Biological Sciences
                         Writing for the Performing Arts
                                                                   College of Chemistry                     Biotechnology                      Biological Sciences, B.S.
                       SAN DIEGO                                   Chemical Biology, B.S.                 Plant Biotechnology                  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, B.S.
                       Dance, B.A.                                 College of Letters and Science        Clinical Nutrition, B.S.
                                                                                                         Ecological Management and             LOS ANGELES
                       Music, B.A.                                 Chemistry, B.A.
                                                                                                           Restoration, B.S.                   College of Letters and Science
                       Music/Humanities, B.A.                      Integrative Biology, B.A.
                                                                                                         Entomology, B.S.                      Biochemistry, B.S.
                       Music/Interdisciplinary Computing           Molecular and Cell Biology, B.A.
                         and the Arts, B.A.                                                              Environmental Horticulture and        Biology, B.S.
                                                                    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
                       Theatre, B.A.                                Cell and Developmental Biology         Urban Forestry, B.S.                Biophysics, B.S.
                                                                    Genetics, Genomics and                Floriculture/Nursery                 Chemistry, B.S.
                       Visual Arts (Art History/Criticism), B.A.                                          Landscape Management/Turf
                                                                      Development                                                              Computational and Systems
                       Visual Arts (Media), B.A.                    Immunology                            Plant Biodiversity/Restoration
                                                                                                                                                 Biology, B.S.
                       Visual Arts (Studio), B.A.                   Neurobiology                          Urban Forestry
                                                                                                                                               Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, B.S.
                       Visual Arts/Interdisciplinary               Public Health, B.A.                   Nutrition Science, B.S.
                         Computing and the Arts, B.A.                                                     Community Nutrition                  Marine Biology, B.S.
                                                                   College of Natural Resources           Nutritional Biochemistry             Microbiology, Immunology, and
                       SANTA BARBARA                               Genetics and Plant Biology, B.S.      Plant Sciences, B.S.                    Molecular Genetics, B.S.
                       College of Creative Studies                 Microbial Biology, B.S.                Crop Production                      Molecular, Cell, and
                       Creative Studies: Art, B.A.                 Molecular Environmental                Plant Breeding and Genetics            Developmental Biology, B.S.
                                                                    Biology, B.S.                         Plant Sciences Individual Option
                       Creative Studies: Music                                                                                                 Neuroscience, B.S.
                                                                    Animal Health and Behavior            Postharvest Biology and Technology
                        Composition, B.A.                                                                                                      Physiological Science, B.S.
                                                                    Biodiversity                         Wildlife, Fish and Conservation
                       College of Letters and Science               Ecology                               Biology, B.S.                        Psychobiology, B.S.
                       Art, B.A.                                    Environmental and Human Health        Behavioral Ecology                   Psychology, B.A.
                       Art History, B.A.                              (pre-med)                           Conservation Biology
                         Architecture and Environment               Insect Biology                        Ecotoxicology and Disease Ecology    MERCED
                         Art of Asia, Africa and the Americas       Microbiology                          Fisheries Biology                    School of Engineering
                                                                   Nutritional Sciences, B.S.             Individualized Specialization        Bioengineering, B.S.
                       Dance, B.A., B.F.A.
                                                                    Dietetics                             Physiological Ecology                 Nano Bioengineering
                       Film and Media Studies, B.A.                                                       Population Dynamics                   Tissue Engineering
                                                                    Physiology and Metabolism
                       Music, B.A.                                                                        Wildlife Biology
                         Ethnomusicology                           DAVIS                                  Wildlife Damage Management           School of Natural Sciences
                       Music, B.Mus.                               College of Agricultural and                                                 Applied Mathematical Sciences, B.S.
                                                                                                         College of Biological Sciences
                         (Accompanying, Bassoon, Cello,            Environmental Sciences                                                       Computational Biology
                                                                                                         Biochemistry and Molecular
                         Clarinet, Composition, Double Bass,       Agricultural and Environmental                                              Biological Sciences, B.S.
                                                                                                           Biology, B.S.                        Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
                         Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Oboe,          Education, B.S.
                         Percussion, Piano, Trombone, Trum-                                              Biological Sciences, A.B., B.S.        Human Biology
                         pet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice)          Animal Biology, B.S.                  Cell Biology, B.S.                     Microbiology and Immunology
                       Theater, B.A.                               Animal Science, B.S.                  Evolution, Ecology and                 Molecular and Cell Biology
                                                                    Animal Science With a Disciplinary                                         Chemical Sciences, B.S.
                         Theater Studies                                                                   Biodiversity, A.B., B.S.
                                                                      Focus                                                                     Biological Chemistry
                                                                    Aquatic Animals                      Exercise Biology, A.B., B.S.
                       SANTA CRUZ                                                                                                               Chemistry
                                                                    Avian Sciences                       Genetics, B.S.                         Environmental Chemistry
                       Art, B.A.
                                                                    Companion and Captive Animals        Microbiology, A.B., B.S.               Materials Chemistry
                       Film and Digital Media, B.A.                 Equine Science
                                                                                                         Neurobiology, Physiology and          Earth Systems Science, B.S.
                       History of Art and Visual Culture, B.A.      Laboratory Animals
                                                                    Livestock and Dairy                    Behavior, B.S.                       Ecosystem Science
                       Music, B.A., B.Mus.                                                                                                      Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
                                                                    Poultry                              Plant Biology, A.B., B.S.
                       Theater Arts, B.A.                                                                                                      Physics, B. S.
                         Dance                                     Animal Science and Management, B.S.   College of Letters and Science
                                                                    Aquatic Animals                                                             Biophysical Emphasis
                         Design and Technology                                                           Chemistry, A.B.
                         Drama                                      Companion Animals
                                                                    Dairy                                Chemistry, B.S.
                                                                    Equine                               Chemistry, B.S. With Emphases
                                                                    Individualized                        Applied Chemistry — Forensic
                                                                    Livestock                              Chemistry
                                                                    Poultry                               Applied Chemistry — Pharmaceutical

RIVERSIDE                                Microbiology, B.S.                      Donald Bren School of Information     LOS ANGELES
College of Humanities, Arts,             Pharmacology, B.S.                      and Computer Sciences                 College of Letters and Science
and Social Sciences                      Physiology, B.S.                        Business Information                  Communication Studies, B.A.
Neuroscience, B.A., B.S.                 Zoology, B.S.                            Management, B.S.                      Interpersonal Communication
                                                                                 School of Social Sciences              Mass Communication
College of Natural and
Agricultural Sciences                    SANTA CRUZ                              Business Economics, B.A.              RIVERSIDE
Biochemistry, B.A., B.S.                 Biochemistry and Molecular              Quantitative Economics, B.A.          College of Humanities, Arts, and
 Biology                                   Biology, B.S.
                                                                                                                       Social Sciences
 Chemistry                               Biology, B.A., B.S.                     LOS ANGELES
                                                                                                                       Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.
 Medical Sciences                        Ecology and Evolution, B.S.             College of Letters and Science
                                                                                                                       Media and Cultural Studies, B.A.
Biological Sciences, B.S.                Environmental Studies/Biology, B.A.     Business Economics, B.A.               Ethnography, Documentary, and
 Bioinformatics and Genomics
                                         Health Sciences, B.S.                   MERCED                                   Visual Culture
                                         Marine Biology, B.S.                                                           Film and Visual Media
 Cell, Molecular, and Developmental                                              School of Social Sciences,             Film, Literature, and Culture
   Biology                               Molecular, Cell, and Developmental      Humanities and Arts
 Conservation Biology                      Biology, B.S.                         Management, B.S.                      SAN DIEGO
 Environmental Toxicology                Neuroscience and Behavior, B.A., B.S.
 Evolution and Ecology
                                                                                                                       Communication, B.A.
                                         Plant Sciences, B.S.                    RIVERSIDE
 Medical Biology                                                                                                       SANTA BARBARA
                                                                                 College of Humanities, Arts, and
 Microbiology                            The Jack Baskin School of
                                                                                 Social Sciences                       College of Letters and Science
 Plant Biology                           Engineering
                                                                                 Business Administration, B.S.         Communication, B.A.
Biology, B.A., B.S.                      Bioengineering, B.S.
                                                                                 Business Economics, B.A.
Entomology, B.A., B.S.                   Bioinformatics, B.S
                                                                                 The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns
Neuroscience, B.A., B.S.
                                                                                 College of Engineering                 Engineering and
Plant Biology, B.A., B.S.                                                                                               Computer Science
                                          Business and                           Business Informatics, B.S.
 Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics
 Plant Cellular, Molecular, and           Management                             SANTA BARBARA
   Developmental Biology                                                                                               BERKELEY
                                                                                 College of Letters and Science        College of Chemistry
 Plant Genetics, Breeding, and           BERKELEY
   Biotechnology                                                                 Business Economics, B.A.              Chemical Engineering, B.S.
 Plant Pathology, Nematology, and
                                         Haas School of Business                  Accounting
                                         Business Administration, B.S.                                                 Chemical Engineering/Materials
   Pest Management                                                               Economics, B.A.                        Science and Engineering, B.S.
                                         College of Letters and Science          Financial Mathematics and
SAN DIEGO                                                                                                              Chemical Engineering/Nuclear
                                         Economics, B.A.                           Statistics, B.S.                     Engineering, B.S.
Division of Biological Sciences
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, B.S.      DAVIS                                   SANTA CRUZ                            College of Engineering
Biology, General, B.S.                   College of Agricultural and             Business Management Economics, B.A.   Bioengineering, B.S.
                                         Environmental Sciences
Biology, Human, B.S.                                                                                                   Civil Engineering, B.S.
                                         Community and Regional                                                         Engineering and Project
Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, B.S.     Development, B.S.                       Communication                           Management
Microbiology, B.S.                        Global Communities                                                            Environmental Engineering
Molecular Biology, B.S.                   Organization and Management                                                   GeoEngineering
                                          Policy, Planning and Social Services   BERKELEY
Molecular Synthesis, B.S.                                                                                               Structural Engineering
                                         Managerial Economics, B.S.              College of Letters and Science         Transportation
Physiology and Neuroscience, B.S.
                                          Agricultural Economics                 Media Studies, A.B.                   Electrical Engineering and
SANTA BARBARA                             Environmental and Resource                                                     Computer Sciences, B.S.
                                            Economics                            DAVIS
College of Creative Studies                                                                                             Communications, Networks, and
                                          Managerial Economics                   College of Letters and Science           Systems
Creative Studies: Biology, B.A.
                                         College of Letters and Science          Communication, A.B.                    Computer Science
College of Letters and Science                                                                                          Computer Systems
                                         Economics, A.B.                         IRVINE
Aquatic Biology, B.S.                                                                                                   Electronics
                                         Sociology — Organizational              School of Humanities                   General
Biochemistry, B.S.                         Studies, A.B.                         Literary Journalism, B.A.             Engineering Science Programs, B.S.
Biochemistry — Molecular Biology, B.S.
                                         IRVINE                                                                         Computational Engineering Science
Biological Sciences, B.A., B.S.                                                                                         Engineering Mathematics and
Biopsychology, B.S.                      The Paul Merage School
                                          of Business                                                                   Engineering Physics
Cell and Developmental Biology, B.S.
                                         Business Administration, B.A.                                                  Environmental Engineering Science
Chemistry, B.A.
Ecology and Evolution, B.S.

Undergraduate Majors
                       Industrial Engineering and             Chemical Engineering, B.S.                IRVINE                                    LOS ANGELES
                         Operations Research, B.S.             Advanced Materials Processing            Donald Bren School of Information         College of Letters and Science
                       Manufacturing Engineering, B.S.         Applied Chemistry                        and Computer Sciences                     Geology – Engineering Geology, B.S.
                                                               Applied Mathematics
                       Materials Science and Engineering,      Computers and Automation                 Computer Science, B.S.                    Linguistics and Computer Science, B.A.
                         B.S.                                  Energy Conversion and Fuels              Informatics, B.S.                         Henry Samueli School of
                       Mechanical Engineering, B.S.              Processing                             Information and Computer                  Engineering and Applied Science
                       Nuclear Engineering, B.S.               Environmental Engineering                  Science, B.S.
                                                               Food Process Engineering
                                                                                                                                                  Aerospace Engineering, B.S.
                       Joint Major Programs, B.S.                                                        Artificial Intelligence
                                                               Marketing                                 Computer Systems                         Bioengineering, B.S.
                        Bioengineering/Materials Science
                                                               Polymer Science                           Implementation and Analysis of           Chemical Engineering, B.S.
                          and Engineering
                                                               Prebiomedical Engineering                   Algorithms                             Civil Engineering, B.S.
                        Materials Science and Engineering/
                                                               Premedical Engineering                    Information Systems
                          Electrical Engineering and                                                                                              Computer Science, B.S.
                          Computer Science                    Chemical Engineering/Materials             Networks and Distributed Systems
                                                                Science and Engineering, B.S.            Software Systems                         Computer Science and
                        Materials Science and Engineering/
                                                                                                                                                    Engineering, B.S.
                          Mechanical Engineering              Civil Engineering, B.S.                   The Henry Samueli School
                        Materials Science and Engineering/     Environmental Engineering                of Engineering                            Electrical Engineering, B.S.
                          Nuclear Engineering                  Geotechnical Engineering                 Aerospace Engineering, B.S.               Materials Engineering, B.S.
                        Nuclear Engineering/Electrical         Structural Engineering and                                                         Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
                          Engineering and Computer Science       Structural Mechanics
                                                                                                        Biomedical Engineering, B.S.
                        Nuclear Engineering/Mechanical                                                   Biophotonics
                                                               Transportation Planning and                                                        MERCED
                          Engineering                            Engineering                            Biomedical Engineering:                   School of Engineering
                       College of Letters and Science          Water Resources Engineering                Premedical, B.S.
                                                                                                                                                  Bioengineering, B.S.
                       Computer Science, B.A.                 Computer Engineering, B.S.                Chemical Engineering, B.S.                 Nanobioengineering
                                                               Computer Systems and Software             Biochemical                               Tissue Engineering
                       DAVIS                                   Digital Systems                           Environmental
                                                                                                         Materials Science                        Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.
                       College of Agricultural and            Computer Science and
                                                                                                        Civil Engineering, B.S.                   Environmental Engineering, B.S.
                       Environmental Sciences                  Engineering, B.S.                                                                   Air Pollution
                                                               Hardware Design                           Computer Applications
                       Biotechnology, B.S.                                                                                                         Hydrology
                                                               Software Design                           Engineering Management
                        Bioinformatics                                                                                                             Sustainable Energy
                                                                                                         Environmental Hydrology and
                                                              Electrical Engineering, B.S.                                                         Water Quality
                       College of Engineering                                                              Water Resources
                                                               Analog Electronics
                       Aerospace Science and                                                             General Civil                            Materials Science and Engineering, B.S.
                                                               Communication Controls and Signal
                        Engineering, B.S.                                                                Infrastructure Planning                  Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
                        Aeroelasticity                                                                   Mathematical Methods
                                                               Digital Electronics                                                                School of Natural Sciences
                        Aeronautical Structures                                                          Structural
                        Aero-thermodynamics                                                              Transportation Systems                   Applied Mathematical Sciences, B.S.
                                                               Physical Electronics
                        Aircraft Performance                                                            Computer Engineering, B.S.                 Computer Science and Engineering
                                                              Electronic Materials Engineering, B.S.                                               Engineering Mechanics
                        Component and Mechanism Design                                                  Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.
                        Flight Testing                        Materials Science and Engineering, B.S.
                                                                                                         (offered jointly with the Donald         RIVERSIDE
                        Propulsion Systems                     Electrical Behavior
                                                                                                         Bren School of Information and           The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns
                        Stability and Control                  Mechanical Behavior
                                                                                                         Computer Sciences)                       College of Engineering
                                                               Structures and Characterization
                       Biochemical Engineering, B.S.           Thermodynamics and Kinetics              Electrical Engineering, B.S.              Bioengineering, B.S.
                       Biological Systems Engineering, B.S.   Mechanical Engineering, B.S.               Electro-optics and Solid-state Devices
                        Agricultural Engineering                                                         Power Electronics and Power Systems      Business Informatics, B.S.
                                                               Biomedical and Engineering Fluid
                        Aquacultural Engineering                                                         Systems and Signal Processing            Chemical Engineering, B.S.
                        Biomechanics/Premedicine/                                                       Environmental Engineering, B.S.            Biochemical Engineering
                                                               Combustion and the Environment
                          Preveterinary Medicine                                                                                                   Bioengineering
                                                               Ground Vehicle Systems                   Materials Science Engineering, B.S.
                        Biotechnical Engineering                                                                                                   Chemical Engineering
                                                               Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and         Biomaterials
                        Ecological Systems Engineering                                                                                             Nanotechnology
                                                                 Energy Systems                          Electronics Processing and Materials
                        Food Engineering                                                                                                          Chemical Engineering, B.S. + M.S.
                                                               Manufacturing                             Materials and Mechanical Design
                        Forest Engineering
                                                               Mechanical Design
                                                                                                        Mechanical Engineering, B.S.              Computer Engineering, B.S.
                       Biomedical Engineering, B.S.            Systems Dynamics and Control
                                                                                                         Aerospace                                Computer Science, B.S.
                        Biomolecular Engineering               Transportation Systems
                        Imaging                                                                          Design of Mechanical Systems             Computer Science, B.S. + M.S.
                                                              Mechanical Engineering/Materials           Energy Systems and Environmental
                                                               Science and Engineering, B.S.                                                      Electrical Engineering, B.S.
                                                              Optical Science and Engineering, B.S.      Flow Physics and Propulsion Systems      Environmental Engineering, B.S.
                                                                                                                                                   Air Pollution Control Technology
                                                              College of Letters and Science            Interdisciplinary Studies                  Water Pollution Control Technology
                                                              Computer Science, B.S.                    Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.    Environmental Engineering, B.S. + M.S.

Materials Science and Engineering, B.S.    SANTA CRUZ                             Asian American Studies, A.B.           LOS ANGELES
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.               The Jack Baskin School of               Humanities — Literature/Culture       College of Letters and Science
                                           Engineering                             Humanities — History/Culture          Afro-American Studies, B.A.
Mechanical Engineering, B.S. + M.S.
                                           Bioengineering, B.S.                    Social Science — Anthropology
                                                                                   Social Science — Sociology/
                                                                                                                         American Indian Studies, B.A.
SAN DIEGO                                   Bioelectronics
                                                                                     Psychology                          Ancient Near Eastern
The Jacobs School of Engineering            Biomolecular
                                            Rehabilitation                        Chicana/Chicano Studies, A.B.            Civilizations, B.A.
Bioengineering                                                                                                           Asian American Studies, B.A.
                                           Bioinformatics, B.S.                    Cultural Studies
Bioengineering, B.S.                                                               Social/Policy Studies                 Asian Humanities, B.A.
                                           Computer Engineering, B.S.
Bioengineering: Bioinformatics, B.S.                                              East Asian Studies, A.B.               Asian Religions, B.A.
                                            Computer Systems
Bioengineering: Biotechnology, B.S.         Digital Hardware                      Middle East/South Asia Studies, A.B.   Chicana and Chicano Studies, B.A.
Bioengineering: Premedical, B.S.            Networks                              Native American Studies, A.B.          East Asian Studies, B.A.
                                            Robotics and Control                   Mexico–Central America
Computer Science and Engineering                                                                                         European Studies, B.A.
                                            Systems Programming                    North American
Computer Engineering, B.S.                                                                                               Iranian Studies, B.A.
                                           Computer Science, B.A., B.S.            South American
Computer Science, B.A./B.S.                                                       Women’s Studies, A.B.                  Jewish Studies, B.A.
                                           Computer Science: Computer
Computer Science With a Specializa-          Game Design, B.S.                     Disciplinary                          Latin American Studies, B.A.
 tion in Bioinformatics, B.S.                                                      Thematic                               Arts and Humanities
                                           Electrical Engineering, B.S.
Electrical and Computer                     Communications, Signals, Systems,                                             Ecology and Environment
                                                                                  IRVINE                                  Social Sciences
Engineering                                   and Controls
                                            Electronics/Optics                    School of Humanities                   Linguistics and Anthropology, B.A.
Computer Engineering, B.S.
                                           Information Systems Management, B.S.   African American Studies, B.A.         Middle Eastern and North African
Electrical Engineering, B.S.
                                                                                  Asian American Studies, B.A.             Studies, B.A.
Electrical Engineering and Society, B.A.
                                                                                  East Asian Cultures, B.A.              Southeast Asian Studies, B.A.
Engineering Physics, B.S.
                                            Ethnic and Area Studies               European Studies, B.A.                 Women’s Studies, B.A.
Mechanical and Aerospace                                                           British Studies
Engineering                                                                                                              School of the Arts and Architecture
                                           BERKELEY                                Early Modern Europe
Aerospace Engineering, B.S.                                                        Encounters with the Non-European      World Arts and Cultures, B.A.
                                           College of Letters and Science                                                 Dance
Engineering Science, B.S.                                                            World
                                           African American Studies, B.A.          French Studies                         World Arts and Cultures
Environmental Engineering, B.S.            American Studies, B.A.                  German Studies
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.                                                       Italian Studies                       RIVERSIDE
                                           Asian American Studies, B.A.                                                  College of Humanities, Arts, and
NanoEngineering                                                                    Medieval Studies
                                           Asian Studies, B.A.                     The Mediterranean World: Past and     Social Sciences
Chemical Engineering, B.S.                  China                                    Present
                                            Japan                                                                        African American Studies, B.A.
Structural Engineering                                                             Modern Europe (1789 to Present)
                                           Celtic Studies, B.A.                                                          Asian American Studies, B.A.
Engineering Sciences, B.S.                                                         Russian Studies
                                           Chicano Studies, B.A.                   Spanish-Portuguese Studies            Asian Studies, B.A.
Structural Engineering, B.S.                                                                                              Comparative Asian Studies
                                           Dutch Studies, B.A.                    Global Cultures, B.A.                   East Asian Studies
SANTA BARBARA                              Ethnic Studies, B.A.                    Atlantic Rim
                                                                                   Hispanic, U.S. Latino/Latina and      Chicano Studies, B.A.
College of Creative Studies                Gender and Women’s Studies, B.A.          Luso-Brazilian Culture              Ethnic Studies, B.A.
Creative Studies: Computer                 Latin American Studies, B.A.            Inter-area Studies
 Science, B.S.                                                                                                           Global Studies, B.A.
                                           Middle Eastern Studies, B.A.            Locating Africas (Nation, Culture
                                                                                     and Diaspora)
                                                                                                                         Latin American Studies, B.A.
College of Engineering                     Native American Studies, B.A.
                                                                                   Locating Asias (Nation, Culture and   Native American Studies, B.A.
Chemical Engineering, B.S.                 Near Eastern Studies, B.A.                Diaspora)                           Russian Studies, B.A.
Computer Engineering, B.S.                  Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern      Locating Europes and European          Civilization
Computer Science, B.S.                       Art and Architecture                    Colonies                             Language and Literature
                                            Near Eastern Civilizations             Pacific Rim
Electrical Engineering, B.S.                                                                                             Women’s Studies, B.A.
                                           South and Southeast Asian              Women’s Studies, B.A.
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
                                            Studies, B.A.                                                                SAN DIEGO
College of Letters and Science                                                    School of Social Sciences
                                           DAVIS                                                                         Chinese Studies, B.A
Computer Science, B.A.                                                            Chicano/Latino Studies, B.A.
 Computational Biology                     College of Letters and Science                                                Ethnic Studies, B.A.
 Computational Economics                   African American and African                                                  German Studies, B.A.
 Computational Geography                    Studies, A.B.                                                                Judaic Studies, B.A.
Geological Sciences, B.A.                  American Studies, A.B.                                                        Latin American Studies, B.A.
 Science Education
                                                                                                                         Russian and Soviet Studies, B.A.
                                                                                                                         Third World Studies, B.A.

Undergraduate Majors
                       SANTA BARBARA                          International Agricultural              Spanish and Portuguese, B.A.               Greek, B.A.
                       College of Letters and Science           Development, B.S.                      Hispanic Languages and Bilingual Issues   Greek and Latin, B.A.
                                                              Agricultural Production                  Iberian or Latin American Literatures
                       Asian American Studies, B.A.                                                                                              Hebrew, B.A.
                                                              Economic Development                     Luso-Brazilian
                       Asian Studies, B.A.                    Environmental Issues                     Spanish and Spanish American              Italian, B.A.
                       Black Studies, B.A.                    Rural Communities                                                                  Italian and Special Fields, B.A.
                       Chicana and Chicano Studies, B.A.      Trade and Development in                DAVIS
                                                                                                                                                 Japanese, B.A.
                                                                Agricultural Commodities              College of Letters and Science
                       Feminist Studies, B.A.                                                                                                    Korean, B.A.
                                                             Nutrition Science, B.S.                  Chinese, A.B.
                       Global Studies, B.A.                                                                                                      Latin, B.A.
                                                              Community Nutrition                     Classical Civilization, A.B.
                       Latin American and Iberian             Nutritional Biochemistry                 Classical and Mediterranean               Linguistics and French, B.A.
                         Studies, B.A.                       Textiles and Clothing, B.S.                 Civilizations                           Linguistics and Italian, B.A.
                       Middle East Studies, B.A.              Marketing/Economics                      Classical Languages and Literatures       Linguistics and Scandinavian
                                                              Textile Science                         Comparative Literature, A.B.                 Languages, B.A.
                       SANTA CRUZ
                                                             Viticulture and Enology, B.S.            Comparative Literature, A.B.               Linguistics and Spanish, B.A.
                       American Studies, B.A.
                                                                                                       Asian                                     Portuguese, B.A.
                       Feminist Studies, B.A.
                        Culture, Power, and Representation
                                                                                                      East Asian Studies, A.B.                   Russian Language and Literature, B.A.
                                                              Foreign Language and                    French, A.B.
                        Law, Politics, and Social Change                                                                                         Russian Studies, B.A.
                        Science, Technology, and Medicine
                                                                                                      German, A.B.                               Scandinavian Languages, B.A.
                        Sexuality Studies                                                             Italian, A.B.
                                                             BERKELEY                                                                            Spanish, B.A.
                       Latin American and Latino                                                      Japanese, A.B.
                         Studies, B.A.                       College of Letters and Science                                                      Spanish and Community and
                                                             Classics, B.A.                           Russian, A.B.                                Culture, B.A.
                       Latin American and Latino Studies/
                         Global Economics, B.A.               Classical Civilizations                 Spanish, A.B.                              Spanish and Linguistics, B.A.
                                                              Classical Languages                                                                Spanish and Portuguese, B.A.
                       Latin American and Latino Studies/     Greek                                   IRVINE
                         Literature, B.A.                     Latin                                   School of Humanities                       MERCED
                       Latin American and Latino Studies/    Comparative Literature, B.A.             Chinese Studies, B.A.                      School of Social Sciences,
                         Politics, B.A.                      Dutch Studies, B.A.                       Chinese Culture and Society               Humanities and Arts
                       Latin American and Latino Studies/                                              Chinese Language and Literature           Literatures and Cultures, B.A.
                                                             East Asian Languages and
                         Sociology, B.A.                      Cultures, B.A.                          Comparative Literature, B.A.                Literatures of the English-Speaking
                                                              Chinese                                  Cultural Studies                             World
                                                              Japanese                                French, B.A.                                Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking
                        Food, Nutrition and                                                                                                         World
                                                             French, B.A.                             German Studies, B.A.
                        Consumer Sciences                     Civilization                            Japanese Language and                      RIVERSIDE
                                                              Literature                                Literature, B.A.                         College of Humanities, Arts,
                       BERKELEY                              German, B.A.                             Korean Literature and Culture, B.A.        and Social Sciences
                       College of Natural Resources          Italian Studies, B.A.                                                               Asian Literatures and Cultures, B.A.
                                                                                                      Spanish, B.A.
                       Nutritional Sciences, B.S.            Near Eastern Studies, B.A.                Cinema: Spain, Latin America, and          Chinese
                        Dietetics                             Near Eastern Languages and                 U.S. Latino                              Japanese
                        Physiology and Metabolism              Literatures                             Literature and Culture                    Comparative Literature, B.A.
                                                             Scandinavian, B.A.                        Spanish for Future Teachers
                       DAVIS                                                                                                                     French, B.A.
                                                              Danish                                                                              Civilization
                       College of Agricultural and            Norwegian                               LOS ANGELES
                       Environmental Sciences                                                                                                     Literature
                                                              Swedish                                 College of Letters and Science
                       Clinical Nutrition, B.S.                                                                                                  Germanic Studies, B.A.
                                                             Slavic Languages and Literatures, B.A.   African Languages, B.A.
                       Fiber and Polymer Science, B.S.                                                                                           Language, B.A.
                                                              Czech                                   Arabic, B.A.
                                                                                                                                                  Study of two or three of the
                       Food Science, B.S.                     Polish                                  Central and East European                     following:
                        Brewing (Fermentation) Science        Russian                                   Languages and Cultures, B.A.              Chinese
                        Consumer Food Science                 Serbo-Croatian
                                                                                                      Chinese, B.A.                               French
                        Food Biochemistry                    South and Southeast Asian                                                            German
                        Food Biology/Microbiology             Studies, B.A.                           Classical Civilization, B.A.
                        Food Business and Management          South Asian Archaeology                 Comparative Literature, B.A                 Italian
                        Food Chemistry                        South Asian Civilization                French, B.A.                                Japanese
                        Food Technology                       South Asian Language                     French Studies — Literature                Latin
                                                              Southeast Asian Language                 Interdisciplinary                          Portuguese
                                                                                                      French and Linguistics, B.A.                Russian
                                                                                                      German, B.A.

Russian Studies, B.A.             Latin American and Latino Studies/       Comparative Literature, A.B.            Linguistics and Spanish, B.A.
 Civilization                       Literature, B.A.                        Asian                                  Philosophy, B.A.
 Language and Literature          Literature, B.A.                         English, A.B.                           Religion, Study of, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.                      English-Language Literatures             Creative Writing
 Cultural Studies                  French                                   Literature, Criticism and Theory       MERCED
 Linguistics                       German                                  Film Studies, A.B.                      School of Social Sciences,
 Literature                        Greek and Latin Literatures                                                     Humanities and Arts
                                                                           Linguistics, A.B.
SAN DIEGO                          Modern Literary Studies                 Medieval and Early Modern               Literatures and Cultures, B.A.
                                                                             Studies, A.B.                          Literatures of the English-Speaking
Italian Studies, B.A.              Pre- and Early Modern Studies
Japanese Studies, B.A.             Spanish/Latin American/Latino           Philosophy, A.B.                         Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking
                                     Literatures                           Religious Studies, A.B.
Linguistics: Language Studies      World Literature and Cultural Studies
  (Specialization in Individual                                            Technocultural Studies, A.B.
  Language), B.A.                                                           Production                             RIVERSIDE
Literatures in English, B.A.                                                Studies                                College of Humanities, Arts,
                                   Health Professions                                                              and Social Sciences
Literature, French, B.A.                                                   Women’s Studies, A.B.
                                                                            Disciplinary                           Art History, B.A.
Literature, German, B.A.          BERKELEY                                  Thematic                               Art History/Administrative
Literature, Italian, B.A.         College of Letters and Science
                                                                                                                    Studies, B.A.
Literature, Russian, B.A.         Public Health, B.A.                      IRVINE
                                                                           School of Humanities                    Art History/Religious Studies, B.A.
Literature, Spanish, B.A.                                                                                           Asian Concentration
                                  IRVINE                                   Classical Civilization, B.A.             Student-designed Comparative
SANTA BARBARA                     College of Health Sciences               Classics, B.A.                           Concentration
College of Letters and Science    Nursing Science, B.S.                     Greek                                   Western Concentration
Chinese, B.A.                     Public Health Policy, B.A.                Latin                                  Classical Studies, B.A.
 Classical Chinese                Public Health Sciences, B.S.             Comparative LIterature, B.A.            Comparative Ancient Civilizations, B.A.
 Mandarin Chinese                                                           Cultural Studies
                                  LOS ANGELES                                                                      Comparative Literature, B.A.
Classics, B.A.                                                             English, B.A.
 Greek and Roman Culture          School of Nursing                         Creative Writing
                                                                                                                   Creative Writing, B.A.
 Language and Literature          Nursing — Generic/Prelicensure, B.S.     Latin, B.A.                             English, B.A.
Comparative Literature, B.A.      Nursing — Postlicensure, B.S.            Philosophy, B.A.                        Liberal Studies, B.A.
 Foreign Language                                                                                                   American Cultural Life
 Interdisciplinary                SANTA CRUZ                               Religious Studies, B.A.                  American Social and Institutional
                                                                            Judaism/Christianity/Islam                Life
French, B.A.                      Health Sciences, B.S.                     World Religious Traditions              Biological Sciences
German, B.A.                                                               Women’s Studies, B.A.                    Environmental Sciences
Italian Studies, B.A.                                                                                               Mathematics
Japanese, B.A.                     Humanities                              LOS ANGELES                             Linguistics, B.A.
Linguistics, B.A.                                                          College of Letters and Science
                                                                                                                   Media and Cultural Studies, B.A.
 Chinese                          BERKELEY                                 American Literature and Culture, B.A.    Ethnography, Documentary, and
 Japanese                         College of Letters and Science           Classical Civilization, B.A.               Visual Culture
 Spanish                          Classics, B.A.                                                                    Film and Visual Media
                                                                           Comparative Literature, B.A.
Portuguese, B.A.                   Classical Civilizations                                                          Film, Literature, and Culture
                                                                           English, B.A.
Slavic Languages and              English, B.A.                             Creative Writing                       Music and Culture, B.A.
  Literatures, B.A.               Linguistics, B.A.                         World Literature                       Philosophy, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.                     Philosophy, B.A.                         European Studies, B.A.                  Philosophy/Law and Society, B.A.
SANTA CRUZ                        Religious Studies, B.A.                  French and Linguistics, B.A.            Religious Studies, B.A.
German Studies, B.A.              Rhetoric, B.A.                           Global Studies, B.A.                    Religious Studies/Art History, B.A.
                                                                           Linguistics, B.A.                        Asian Concentration
Italian Studies, B.A.             DAVIS                                                                             Student-designed Comparative
Language Studies, B.A.                                                     Linguistics and Anthropology, B.A.       Concentration
                                  College of Letters and Science
 Chinese                                                                   Linguistics and Asian Languages          Western Concentration
                                  Art History, A.B.
 French                                                                      and Cultures, B.A.
                                  Classical Civilization, A.B.                                                     Women’s Studies, B.A.
 German                                                                    Linguistics and English, B.A.
 Italian                           Classical and Mediterranean
                                     Civilizations                         Linguistics and French, B.A.
 Modern Hebrew                     Classical Languages and Literatures     Linguistics and Italian, B.A.
 Russian                          Comparative Literature, A.B.             Linguistics and Philosophy, B.A.
 Spanish                                                                   Linguistics and Psychology, B.A.

Undergraduate Majors
                       SAN DIEGO                                                                  IRVINE                                 Probability and Statistics, B.S.
                                                              Individual Majors
                       Classical Studies, B.A.                                                    School of Physical Sciences
                                                                                                                                         SANTA BARBARA
                       Economics and Mathematics (joint     Individual majors are available       Mathematics, B.S.
                                                            upon petition after enrollment                                               College of Creative Studies
                         major), B.A.                                                              Applied and Computational
                                                            at all campuses as follows:              Mathematics                         Mathematics, B.A., B.S.
                       Linguistics, B.A.
                                                                                                   Mathematics for Economics             College of Letters and Science
                       Linguistics (Specialization in       BERKELEY                               Mathematics for Education
                         Cognition and Language), B.A.      College of Letters and Science         Statistics
                                                                                                                                         Financial Mathematics and
                       Linguistics (Specialization in                                                                                      Statistics, B.A.
                         Language and Society), B.A.        DAVIS                                 LOS ANGELES                            Mathematical Sciences, B.S.
                       Literature, Composite Major, B.A.    College of Biological Sciences        College of Letters and Science         Mathematics, B.A.
                                                            College of Engineering                Mathematics, B.S.                       High School Teaching
                       LIterature, Cultural Studies, B.A.
                                                            College of Letters and Science        Mathematics, Applied, B.S.             Mathematics, B.S.
                       Literatures in English, B.A.
                                                                                                  Mathematics/Applied Science, B.S.      Statistical Science, B.A.
                       Literatures of the World, B.A.       IRVINE                                 Actuarial                             Statistical Science, B.S.
                       Literature/Writing, B.A.             School of Humanities                   History of Science                     Actuarial Statistics
                       Music Humanities, B.A.                                                      Medical and Life Sciences              Applied Statistics
                                                            LOS ANGELES
                       Philosophy, B.A.                                                           Mathematics/Atmospheric and             Probability and Statistics
                                                            College of Letters and Science          Oceanic Sciences, B.S.
                       Religion, Study of, B.A.
                                                            School of the Arts and Architecture                                          SANTA CRUZ
                                                                                                  Mathematics/Economics, B.S.
                       SANTA BARBARA                                                                                                     Mathematics, B.A.
                                                            RIVERSIDE                             Mathematics for Teaching, B.S.          Computational
                       College of Creative Studies
                                                            College of Humanities, Arts, and      Mathematics of Computation, B.S.        Mathematics Education
                       Creative Studies: Literature, B.A.
                                                             Social Sciences                      Statistics, B.S.                        Pure
                       College of Letters and Science
                       Classics, B.A.                       SAN DIEGO                             MERCED
                        Archaeology                         All Colleges except Sixth             School of Natural Sciences              Physical Sciences
                        Greek and Roman Culture                                                   Applied Mathematical Sciences, B.S.
                       English, B.A.                        SANTA BARBARA                          Computational Biology                 BERKELEY
                       Latin American and Iberian           College of Letters and Science         Computer Science and Engineering
                                                                                                                                         College of Chemistry
                         Studies, B.A.                                                             Economics
                                                                                                   Engineering Mechanics                 Chemical Biology, B.S.
                       Linguistics, B.A.                                                           Physics                               Chemistry, B.S.
                        Chinese                               Mathematics
                        English                                                                   Physics, B.S.                          College of Letters and Science
                        French                              BERKELEY                               Mathematical Physics
                                                                                                                                         Astrophysics, B.A.
                        German                              College of Letters and Science                                               Chemistry, B.A.
                                                            Mathematics, B.A.                     College of Natural and Agricultural    Earth and Planetary Science, B.A.
                        Sociocultural Linguistics           Mathematics, Applied, B.A.            Sciences                                Atmospheric Science
                        Spanish                             Statistics, B.A.                      Mathematics, B.A., B.S.                 Environmental Earth Science
                                                                                                   Applied                                Geology
                       Medieval Studies, B.A.                                                                                             Geophysics
                                                            DAVIS                                  Computational
                       Philosophy, B.A.                     College of Letters and Science         Pure Mathematics                       Marine Science
                        Core Philosophy                                                                                                   Planetary Science
                        Ethics and Public Policy            Applied Mathematics, B.S.             Mathematics for Secondary School
                                                                                                    Teachers, B.S.                       Operations Research and
                       Religious Studies, B.A.              Mathematical and Scientific                                                    Management Science, B.A.
                                                             Computation, B.S.                    Statistics, B.A., B.S.
                       Renaissance Studies, B.A.                                                                                         Physical Sciences, B.A.
                                                              Computational and Mathematical       Pure Statistics
                       SANTA CRUZ                              Biology                             Quantitative Management               Physics, B.A.
                                                              Computational and Mathematics        Statistical Computing                 College of Natural Resources
                       Classical Studies, B.A.
                                                            Mathematics, A.B., B.S.                                                      Environmental Sciences, B.S.
                       Linguistics, B.A.                      General                             SAN DIEGO
                        Applied                               Secondary Teaching                  Mathematics, B.A.
                        Computational                                                                                                    DAVIS
                        Psycholinguistics                   Psychology, B.S.                      Mathematics — Applied, B.A.            College of Agricultural and
                        Theoretical                           Mathematics Emphasis                Mathematics — Applied Science, B.A.    Environmental Sciences
                       Literature, B.A.                     Statistics, B.S.                      Mathematics — Computer Science, B.A.   Atmospheric Science, B.S.
                        Creative Writing                      Applied Statistics
                                                                                                  Mathematics — Scientific                Hydrology, B.S.
                        English-Language Literatures          Computational Statistics
                                                                                                   Computation, B.S.                     College of Letters and Science
                       Philosophy, B.A.                                                           Mathematics — Secondary
                        Religious Thought
                                                                                                                                         Chemistry, A.B.
                                                                                                   Education, B.A.

Chemistry, B.S.                          MERCED                                Physics With Specialization in         Peace and Conflict Studies, B.A.
Chemistry, B.S. with Emphases            School of Engineering                  Computational Physics, B.S.           Political Economy, B.A.
 Applied Chemistry — Chemical            Environmental Engineering, B.S.       Physics With Specialization in         Political Science, B.A.
  Physics                                 Hydrology Emphasis                    Earth Sciences, B.S.                  Psychology, B.A.
 Applied Chemistry — Environmental                                             Physics With Specialization in
                                         School of Natural Sciences                                                   Social Welfare, B.A.
  Chemistry                                                                     Materials Physics, B.S.
 Applied Chemistry — Forensic            Chemical Sciences, B.S.                                                      Sociology, B.A.
  Chemistry                               Biological Chemistry                 SANTA BARBARA
                                          Chemistry                                                                   College of Natural Resources
 Applied Chemistry —                                                           College of Creative Studies
  Pharmaceutical Chemistry                Environmental Chemistry                                                     Environmental Economics and
                                          Materials Chemistry                  Chemistry/Biochemistry, B.A., B.S.      Policy, B.S.
Geology, A.B.                                                                  Physics, B.A., B.S.
                                         Earth Systems Science, B.S.
Geology, B.S.                             Atmospheric Sciences
 General Option                                                                College of Letters and Science
                                          Ecosystem Science                                                           College of Agricultural and
 Geochemistry/Petrology                   Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
                                                                               Chemistry, B.A., B.S.                  Environmental Sciences
 Quantitative/Geophysics                  Hydrologic and Climate Sciences      Geological Sciences, B.A.              Agricultural and Environmental
Physics, A.B., B.S.                                                             Science Education                      Education, B.S.
                                         Physics, B.S.
Physics, Applied, B.S.                    Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics     Geological Sciences, B.S.              Anthropology, A.B.
                                          Biophysics                            Earth and Planetary Science            Evolutionary
Physics, B.S.
                                          Mathematical Physics                  Earth Systems                          Sociocultural
Physics, B.S. With Emphasis                                                     Geohydrology
 Astrophysics                            RIVERSIDE                              Paleobiology
                                                                                                                      Anthropology, B.S.
                                         College of Natural and                Geophysics, B.S.                       Communication, A.B.
                                         Agricultural Sciences                 Hydrologic Sciences and Policy, B.S.   Community and Regional
School of Physical Sciences                                                                                            Development, B.S.
                                         Chemistry, B.A., B.S.                  Biology and Ecology
Chemistry, B.S.                           Chemical Physics                                                             Global Communities
                                                                                Physical and Chemical
 Biochemistry                                                                                                          Organization and Management
                                          Environmental Chemistry               Policy
 Chemistry Education                                                                                                   Policy, Planning and Social Services
                                         Geology, B.S.                         Physics, B.A., B.S.
Earth and Environmental Sciences, B.S.    General Geology                                                             Environmental Policy Analysis
Physics, B.S.                             Geobiology                           SANTA CRUZ                              and Planning, B.S.
 Applied Physics                          Geophysics                                                                   Advanced Policy Analysis
                                                                               Applied Physics, B.S.
 Astrophysics                             Global Climate Change                                                        City and Regional Planning
 Biomedical Physics                                                            Chemistry, B.A., B.S.                   Energy Policy
                                         Geophysics, B.S.                       Biochemistry                           Environmental Science
 Computational Physics
 Philosophy of Physics                   Geoscience Education, B.S.             Environmental Chemistry                Transportation Planning
 Physics Education                       Physics, B.A.                         Earth Sciences, B.A., B.S.              Water Quality
                                         Physics, B.S.                          Environmental Geology                 Human Development, B.S.
LOS ANGELES                               Biophysics                            Ocean Sciences
                                                                                Planetary Sciences
                                                                                                                      International Agricultural
College of Letters and Science            Physics Education                                                             Development, B.S.
Astrophysics, B.S.                                                             Earth Sciences/Anthropology, B.A.       Agricultural Production
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and                SAN DIEGO                             Physics, B.S.                           Economic Development
  Environmental Sciences, B.S.           Biochemistry/Chemistry, B.S.          Physics (Astrophysics), B.S.            Environmental Issues
Chemistry, B.S.                          Chemical Education, B.S.                                                      Rural Communities
                                                                                                                       Trade and Development in
Chemistry/Materials Science, B.S.        Chemical Physics, B.S.
                                                                                                                         Agricultural Commodities
Computational and Systems                Chemistry, B.S.                        Social Sciences
                                                                                                                      Textiles and Clothing, B.S.
  Biology, B.S.                          Chemistry With Specialization in                                              Marketing/Economics
Earth and Environmental Science, B.A.      Earth Sciences, B.S.                BERKELEY                                Textile Science
Geology, B.S.                            Earth Sciences — Geochemistry, B.S.   College of Letters and Science
                                                                                                                      College of Letters and Science
Geology — Engineering Geology, B.S.      Earth Sciences — Geology, B.S.        Anthropology, B.A.
                                                                                                                      Anthropology, A.B.
Geology — Paleobiology, B.S.             Earth Sciences — Geophysics, B.S.     Cognitive Science, B.A.                 Evolutionary
Geophysics and Space Physics, B.S.       Pharmacological Chemistry, B.S.       Development Studies, B.A.               Sociocultural

Geophysics — Applied Geophysics, B.S.    Physics, B.S.                         Economics, B.A.                        Anthropology, B.S.
                                         Physics — Biophysics, B.S.            Environmental Economics and            Communication, A.B.
Physics, B.A., B.S.                                                              Policy, B.A.
                                         Physics, General, B.A.                                                       East Asian Studies, A.B.
                                         Physics, General/Secondary            Geography, B.A.                        Economics, A.B.
                                           Education, B.A.                     History, B.A.                          History, A.B.
                                         Physics With Specialization in        Legal Studies, B.A.
                                           Astrophysics, B.S.                  Linguistics, B.A.

Undergraduate Majors
                       International Relations, A.B.              Geography/Environmental                   Political Science/Public Service, B.A.   Management Science, B.S.
                        Global Environment, Health and              Studies, B.A.                           Psychology, B.A.                         Mathematics and Economics (joint
                          Natural Resources                       Global Studies, B.A.                                                                major), B.A.
                        Peace and Security
                                                                                                            Psychology/Law and Society, B.A.
                        Peoples and Nationalities                 History, B.A.                             Public Policy, B.A.                      Political Science, B.A.
                        World Trade and Development               International Development                  Economic Policy                         Political Science: American
                                                                    Studies, B.A.                            Health and Population Policy             Politics, B.A.
                       Linguistics, A.B.
                                                                  Political Science, B.A.                    International and Foreign Policy        Political Science: Comparative
                       Middle East/South Asia Studies, A.B.                                                  Policy Institutions and Processes
                                                                  Psychology, B.A.                                                                    Politics, B.A.
                       Political Science, A.B.                                                               Social, Cultural, and Family Policy
                                                                  Sociology, B.A.                            Urban/Environmental Policy              Political Science: International
                       Political Science — Public Service, A.B.
                                                                                                                                                      Relations, B.A.
                       Psychology, A.B.                                                                     Sociology, B.A., B.S.
                                                                  MERCED                                                                             Political Science: Political Theory, B.A.
                       Psychology, B.S.                           School of Natural Sciences
                                                                                                            Sociology/Administrative Studies,
                                                                                                             B.A., B.S.                              Political Science: Public Law, B.A.
                                                                  Applied Mathematical Sciences, B.S.                                                Political Science: Public Policy, B.A.
                                                                   Economics                                Sociology/Law and Society, B.A., B.S.
                       Science and Technology Studies, A.B.                                                 Women’s Studies, B.A.                    Psychology, B.A., B.S.
                                                                  School of Social Sciences,                                                         Sociology, B.A.
                       Sociology, A.B.                            Humanities and Arts
                        Comparative Studies and World                                                       SAN DIEGO
                          Development                             Anthropology, B.A.                        Anthropology (Archaeology), B.A.         SANTA BARBARA
                        General                                   Cognitive Science, B.A., B.S.             Anthropology (Biological                 College of Letters and Science
                        Law and Society                           Economics, B.A.                            Anthropology), B.A.                     Anthropology, B.A.
                        Social Services                                                                                                                Cultural
                                                                  History, B.A.                             Anthropology (Sociocultural
                       Sociology — Organizational                  United States History                                                               Physical
                                                                                                             Anthropology), B.A.
                        Studies, A.B.                              World History                                                                     Economics, B.A.
                                                                                                            Cognitive Science, B.A., B.S.
                       Women’s Studies, A.B.                      Political Science, B.A.                    Cognitive Science With                  Economics/Mathematics, B.A.
                                                                  Psychology, B.A.                            Specialization in Clinical Aspects     Geography, B.A.
                       IRVINE                                                                                 of Cognition                             Geographic Information Science
                       School of Humanities                       RIVERSIDE                                  Cognitive Science With Specialization   Geography, Physical, B.S.
                       History, B.A.                              College of Humanities, Arts,                in Computation
                                                                                                             Cognitive Science With                  Global Studies, B.A.
                                                                  and Social Sciences
                       School of Social Ecology                                                               Specialization in Human Cognition      History, B.A.
                                                                  Anthropology, B.A., B.S.
                       Criminology, Law and Society, B.A.                                                    Cognitive Science With                  History of Public Policy, B.A.
                                                                  Anthropology/Law and Society, B.A.          Specialization in Human
                       Psychology and Social Behavior, B.A.                                                                                          Political Science, B.A.
                                                                  Business Economics, B.A.                    Computer Interaction
                                                                                                                                                       International Relations
                       Social Ecology, B.A.                                                                  Cognitive Science With
                                                                  Economics, B.A.                                                                      Public Service
                       School of Social Sciences                                                              Specialization in Neuroscience
                                                                  Economics/Administrative                                                           Psychology, B.A.
                       Anthropology, B.A.                           Studies, B.A.                           Critical Gender Studies, B.A.
                                                                                                                                                     Sociology, B.A.
                       Economics, B.A.                            Economics/Law and Society, B.A.           Economics, B.A.
                       International Studies, B.A.                Global Studies, B.A.                      Economics and Mathematics                SANTA CRUZ
                       Political Science, B.A.                                                                (joint major), B.A.                    Anthropology, B.A.
                                                                  History, B.A.
                       Psychology, B.A.                                                                     Environmental Chemistry, B.A./B.S.       Community Studies, B.A.
                                                                  History/Administrative Studies, B.A.
                       Social Science, B.A.                                                                 History, B.A.                            Economics, B.A.
                                                                  History/Law and Society, B.A.
                        Multicultural Studies                                                               Human Development, B.A.                  Global Economics, B.A.
                        Public and Community Service              Liberal Studies, B.A.
                                                                   American Cultural LIfe                   International Studies —                  History, B.A.
                        Research and Social Policy                                                            Anthropology, B.A.
                                                                   American Social and Institutional                                                   Americas and Africa
                        Social Studies for Secondary School
                                                                     Life                                   International Studies —                    Asia and the Islamic World
                                                                   Biological Sciences                        Economics, B.A.                          Europe
                       Sociology, B.A.                             Environmental Sciences                                                            History of Art and Visual Culture, B.A.
                                                                                                            International Studies —
                                                                   Mathematics                                History, B.A.                            Religion and Visual Culture
                       LOS ANGELES
                       College of Letters and Science             Linguistics, B.A.                         International Studies —                  Legal Studies, B.A.
                       Anthropology, B.A., B.S.                   Neuroscience, B.A., B.S.                    Linguistics, B.A.                      Linguistics, B.A.
                       Cognitive Science, B.S.                    Political Science, B.A.                   International Studies —                    Psycholinguistics
                                                                  Political Science/Administrative            Literature, B.A.                       Politics, B.A.
                       Economics, B.A.
                                                                    Studies, B.A.                           International Studies —                  Psychology, B.A.
                       Economics/International Area
                                                                  Political Science/International             Political Science, B.A.                Sociology, B.A
                         Studies, B.A.
                                                                    Affairs, B.A.                           International Studies —
                       Geography, B.A.
                                                                  Political Science/Law and Society, B.A.     Sociology, B.A.

 Special Programs
College of Letters and Science
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.
Undeclared — Letters and Science
School of Humanities
Humanities, B.A.
Humanities and Arts, B.A.
School of Engineering
Undeclared — Engineering
School of Natural Sciences
Undeclared — Natural Sciences
School of Social Sciences,
Humanities and Arts
Undeclared — School of Social
Sciences, Humanities and Arts
College of Humanities, Arts, and
Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.
Liberal Studies, B.A.
Liberal Studies, B.A.
 American Cultural Life
 American Social and Institutional Life
 Biological Sciences
 Environmental Sciences
College of Natural and Agricultural
The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns
College of Engineering
Mathematics — Secondary
 Education, B.A.
Limited status

UC Directory

                         dditional information – in both          and coordinates EAP administration systemwide
                         printed and electronic form – is         from its headquarters near Santa Barbara.
                         available to help you learn more
               about the University and individual cam-           Berkeley
               puses. Addresses and telephone numbers             University of California
               of campus offices are listed below, and pub-        Berkeley, CA 94720
               lication titles are followed by the names and      (510) 642-6000
                                                                  TTY (510) 642-9900
               addresses of the offices that distribute them.
               Internet addresses for campus sites of interest
                                                                  UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS
               to prospective students are also provided.         110 Sproul Hall #5800                  642-3175                                          UC Berkeley
                   Campus General Catalogs are available          94720-5800
               online. Printed copies may be ordered by           Web:
               phone (with a credit card) or by mail. To          CHILD CARE SERVICES
                                                                  2610 Channing Way                     642-1827      COLLEGE OF CHEMISTRY
               order by mail, write to the office indicated                                                            Undergraduate Majors Office
               and include a check or money order for the         Web:                     420 Latimer Hall #1460, 94720-1460
               appropriate amount payable to The Regents                                                              Web:
                                                                  DISABLED STUDENTS’ PROGRAM
               of the University of California.                   260 Cesar Chavez Student Ctr. #4250 642-0518        COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
                   Telephone numbers preceded by TTY              94720-4250                       TTY 642-6376       302 McLaughlin Hall, 94720
                                                                  Fax: 510-643-9686                                   Web:
               signify special equipment for callers who
                                                                  Web:                               COLLEGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN
               are speech or hearing impaired.
                                                                  STUDENT LIFE ADVISING SERVICES/EOP                  232 Wurster Hall, 94720
                                                                  119 Cesar Chavez Student Ctr. #4210 642-7224        Web:
               UC Office of the President                          94720-4210                                          COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE
               Student Affairs                                    Web:                              (“EARNING YOUR DEGREE”)
               1111 Franklin Street, 12th Floor                   FINANCIAL AID                                       Office of Undergraduate Advising
               Oakland, CA 94607-5200                             211 Sproul Hall                       642-6442      College of Letters and Science
               (510) 987-9716                                     94720                                               113 Campbell Hall #2924, 94720-2924
               E-mail:                            Web:                      Web:
               Web:                HOUSING                                             COLLEGE OF NATURAL RESOURCES
               UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS                           2610 Channing Way #2272               642-4108      Student Affairs
               UC’s online admission information and              94720-2272                                          260 Mulford Hall, 94720
               application network                                Web:                   Web:
               Web:     TRANSFER, RE-ENTRY, AND                             THE HAAS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
               APPLICATION FOR UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION            STUDENT PARENT CENTER                               Haas School of Business, Undergraduate Program
               AND SCHOLARSHIPS                                   100 Cesar Chavez Student Ctr. #4260 642-4257        S450 Student Services Building #1900, 94720-1900
               Web:          94720-4260                                          Web:
                    undergrad_adm/international_app.html          210 Sproul Hall                    642-6363         University of California
                                                                  94720                                               One Shields Avenue
               PAYING FOR UC
               Information about financial aid and how to finance   Web:                  Davis, CA 95616
               a UC education                                                                                         (530) 752-1011
                                                                  VISITOR INFORMATION CENTER
               Web:               (CAMPUS TOURS)                                      TTY (530) 752-6446
                    admissions/paying.html                        101 University Hall                    642-5215
                                                                  94720                                               UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS
               EDUCATION ABROAD
                                                                  Web:                      178 Mrak Hall                          752-2971
               6950 Hollister Ave., Suite 200
                                                                  Additional Resources                                95616-8507
               Goleta, CA 93117                                                                                       E-mail:
                                        GENERAL CATALOG                                     Web:
               The Universitywide Office of the Education Abroad   (800) 766-1546, $16.88 U.S. (includes shipping
                                                                                                                      CHILD CARE INFORMATION
               Program (EAP), a division of the UC Office of the   and tax)
                                                                                                                      Human Resources Administration Bldg. 752-5415
               President, establishes and operates EAP programs   Web:

                                        UC Davis                                           UC Irvine

ADMISSIONS                                         Web:                             G459 Student Center
178 Mrak Hall                        752-2971                                                          Off-campus housing                    824-7247
E-mail:             Additional Resources
                                                                                                       On-campus housing                     824-6811
                                                   GENERAL CATALOG                                     92697-6175
1100 Dutton Hall                       752-2390    UCD Bookstore, 2828 Cowell Blvd. (Purchased         Web:
       HEARING IMPAIRED: DIAL 711 FOR CRS          in-store, $5; purchased at,
E-mail:                 $9.95, within California.)
                                                                                                       215 Adrich Hall                       824-6124
Web:                       Web:
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC PROGRAMS                     Web:
Web:                   Undergraduate Admissions, 178 Mrak Hall
                                                                                                       TOUR INFORMATION
REGISTRAR                                                                                              A138 Student Center                   824-4636
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION INFORMATION                 92697-5230
12 Mrak Hall                           752-3639
E-mail:      TDD 752-5149    Undergraduate Admissions, 178 Mrak Hall             Web:
Web:                         Web:
                                                                                                       TRANSFER STUDENT SERVICES
SCHOLARSHIP OFFICE                                                                                     204 Aldrich Hall                      824-6703
1100 Dutton Hall                    752-2804       Irvine                                              92697-1075
E-mail: scholarships @                 University of California                            UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS
Web:          Irvine, CA 92697                                    102 Aldrich Hall                      824-8262
STUDENT DISABILITY CENTER                          (949) 824-5011, TTY (949) 824-6272                  92697-2825
160 South Silo                         752-3184                                         E-mail:
E-mail: sdc@           TTY 752-6833                                                        Web:
                                                   ADMISSIONS AND RELATIONS WITH SCHOOLS
Web:                                                                                   Additional Resources
                                                   204 Aldrich Hall                       824-6703
STUDENT HOUSING                                    92697-1075                                          GENERAL CATALOGUE
160 Student Housing Building       752-2033        Web:                         UCI Bookstore, 210-B Student Center, 92697-1550.
E-mail:                                                                     Call (949) 824-2665 for current pricing.
                                                   CHILD CARE SERVICES
Web:                           Corner of California and Adobe Circle 824-2100      Web:
TOUR INFORMATION                                   92697-2250                                          TRANSFER ADMISSION GUARANTEE
Buehler Alumni and Visitors Center     752-8111    Web:                          Office of Admissions and Relations With Schools
Web:                             DISABILITY SERVICES                                 204 Aldrich Hall
TRANSFER ADMISSION GUARANTEE (TAG)                 100 Disability Services Center        824-7494      Web:
178 Mrak Hall                       752-2971       92697-5130                  TTY (949) 824-6272      THE CAMPUSWIDE HONORS PROGRAM
Web:      Web:                         Division of Undergraduate Education
TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM (TOP)                 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM                     1200 Student Services II
178 Mrak Hall                       752-2971       INFORMATION                                         92697-5680
Web:      204 Aldrich Hall                       824-6703     Web:
                                                   92697-1075                                          TRANSFER SERVICES COUNSELING PROGRAM
STUDENT SERVICES                                   FINANCIAL AID                                       Web:
121 South Hall                         752-2200    102 Aldrich Hall                       824-8262
E-mail:                            92697-2825
Web:                               Web:

UC Directory

                                                                                                                 UCLA                                         UC Merced

               Los Angeles                                           SCHOOL OF THE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                                        Additional Resources
                                                                                                                        GENERAL CATALOG
               University of California
                                                                     SCHOOL OF NURSING                                  Web:
               Los Angeles, CA 90095
               (310) 825-4321
                                               SCHOOL OF THEATER, FILM, AND TELEVISION
               UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS AND                                                                             University of California
               RELATIONS WITH SCHOOLS                                HONORS PROGRAMS
                                                                                                                        Riverside, CA 92521
               1147 Murphy Hall                           825-3101   Web:
                                                                                                                        (951) 827-1012
                                                                     Merced                                             ADMISSIONS – APPLICATION PROCESSING
                                                                     University of California                           3106 Student Services Building        827-3411
               FINANCIAL AID                              206-0400                                                      E-mail:
                                                                     5200 N. Lake Road
                                                                     Merced, CA 95343                                   INFORMATION FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS–
                                                                     (209) 228-4400                                     TRANSFER SERVICES
               HOUSING, COMMUNITY                         825-4491                                   3249 Student Services Building     827-5307
               Web:                                                                                    E-mail:
                                                                     OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS                   228-4682
               HOUSING, FAMILY STUDENT                    398-4692                   (toll-free in CA) (866) 270-7301
               Web:                             E-mail:                    CAMPUS TOURS
                                                                     Web:                       1137 Student Services Building     827-TOUR
               HOUSING, ON-CAMPUS AND
                                                                                                                        Web:               (827-8687)
               UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS                      206-7011   ADMISSIONS PROCESSING                   228-4682
               Web:                                             (toll-free in CA) (866) 270-7301   CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER
                                                                                                                        3333 Watkins Drive                    827-3854
               Web:           TTY 206-6083          E-mail:
               REGISTRAR                                  825-1091   FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS        228-4243     Web:
               Web:                           E-mail:
                                                                                                                        FINANCIAL AID
               TOUR INFORMATION                           825-8764                                                      2106 Student Services Building        827-3878
                                                                     HOUSING                               228-4663     E-mail: finaid @
                                                                     Web:                          Web:
               UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS OFFICE 206-0411            E-mail:
                                                                                                                        HOUSING SERVICES
               Web:                REGISTRAR                              228-2734    3595 Canyon Crest Drive               827-6350
               Additional Resources                                  E-mail:                     92507
                                                                     Web:                        E-mail:
               GENERAL CATALOG
               Call (310) 825-7711 for current pricing.              TOUR INFORMATION                       228-6316    Web:
               Web:                                  (toll-free in CA) (866) 270-7301    REGISTRAR
                                                                     E-mail:                         2249 Student Service Building         827-7284
                                                                     Web:                            Web:
                                                                     TRANSFER STUDENT SERVICES              228-4682
               AND APPLIED SCIENCE
               Web:                            IM screen name: Transfer2UCM

                                     UC Riverside                                        UC San Diego

125 Costo Hall                         827-4538     MC 0962, 9500 Gilman Drive            246-0900      Student Services Center, 1st Floor   534-4831
                    California Relay Service 711    92093-0962                                          University Center
E-mail:                        FINANCIAL AID OFFICE                                92093-0075
Web:                        Student Services Center, 3rd Floor    534-4480      E-mail:
                                                    University Center                                   Web:
Additional Resources
                                                    92093-0013                                          Additional Resources
Web:                                                                                         GENERAL CATALOG
                                                    HOUSING, OFF-CAMPUS                                 UCSD Bookstore, 0008.
                                                    Building A, Student Center             534-3670     Call (800) 520-7323 for current prices.
University Bookstore,
                                                    92093-0309                                          Web:
900 University Avenue East; $5.00 U.S.              Web:
Web:                                                                                    COLLEGE SELECTION
                                                    HOUSING, ON-CAMPUS                                  Web:
CAMPUS STORE                             827-2665
                                                    Meridian Room                          534-4010
Web:                                                                             DISCOVER UCSD
                                                    Eleanor Roosevelt College                           Office of Admissions and Relations With Schools
THE MARLAN AND ROSEMARY BOURNS                      92093-0055
                                                                                                        To download a PDF of the viewbook, go to:
                                                    E-mail:               go and scroll down to Discover
Web:                               Web:                                   UC San Diego (viewbook).
Web:                                                                                  UCSD BOOKSTORE
                                                    Student Services Center, 4th Floor     534-4831     Web:
Web:                               92093-0021
Transfer Services                 827-5307          Bldg. 202, University Ctr. Voice/TTY 534-4382       University of California
3249 Student Services Building                      92093-0019                                          San Francisco, CA 94143
Web:                Web:                           (415) 476-9000
                                                    PARENTS AND FAMILIES                      
San Diego                                           112 University Center
                                                                                           534-7273     REGISTRAR
                                                                                                        MU 200W, Box 0244                         476-8280
University of California                            Web:                               E-mail:
9500 Gilman Drive
                                                    REGISTRAR                                           CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER
La Jolla, CA 92093
                                                    Student Services Center, 2nd Floor     534-3150     610 Parnassus Avenue, Box 0968            476-1616
(858) 534-2230                                      University Center                                                                                            94143-0968
                                                                                                        MU 102, Box 0232                    476-2231
Student Services Center, 4th Floor     534-4831     TOUR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS                   Web:
University Center                  TTY 822-1699     Student Services Center, 1st Floor     822-1455
92093-0021                                                                                              SERVICES TO STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES
                                                    University Center
Recorded information                   822-5669                                                         Office of Student Life     Voice/TTY 476-4318
E-mail:                                                                        MU 126W, Box 0376
Web:                            Web:                      Web:

UC Directory

                                                                                                  UC San Francisco                                     UC Santa Barbara

               STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES                        CHILD CARE SERVICES                                 Additional Resources
               MU 201W, Box 0246                      476-4181   Orfalea Family Children’s Center      893-3665
                                                                                                                     GENERAL CATALOG
                                                                 and University Infant and Toddler Center
               TOUR INFORMATION                       476-3457                                                       UCSB Bookstore, P.O. Box 13400, Santa Barbara,
                                                                                                                     CA 93106-6090. Charge by phone: (888) 823-4778;
               Additional Resources                              Web:
                                                                                                                     order online:; $18.28 domes-
               GENERAL CATALOG                                   DISABLED STUDENTS PROGRAM                           tic, $30.00 international.
               Web:         Student Resources Building            893-2668      Web:
               GRADUATE STUDIES BULLETIN                         Room 2120
                                                                                                                     COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
               MU 200W, Box 0244                                 Web:
                                                                                                                     College of Engineering, Undergraduate Office
               Web:                            EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM                     Harold Frank Hall, Room 1006         893-2809
               PHYSICAL THERAPY BULLETIN                         Student Resources Building            893-4758      Web:
               Graduate Program in Physical Therapy              2nd Floor                                           COLLEGE OF CREATIVE STUDIES
               1318 7th Avenue, Box 0736                         E-mail: eop @                           College of Creative Studies            893-2364
               Web:                   Web:                            Building 494
               SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY BULLETIN                      FINANCIAL AID                                       Web:
               Web:                           2101 Student Affairs/Administrative   893-2432      COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE
                                                                 Services Building (SAASB)                           Student Academic Affairs               893-2038
               SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BULLETIN                       Web:                             1117 Cheadle Hall
                                                                 HOUSING, COMMUNITY                                  Web:
               SCHOOL OF NURSING BULLETIN                        University Center                     893-4371      UCSB BOOKSTORE
               School of Nursing, Student Affairs,               Room 3151
               N 319X, Box 0602                                                                                      Web:            893-3271
               Web:                            HOUSING, UNIVERSITY
                                                                 Residence Halls                        893-5513
               SCHOOL OF PHARMACY BULLETIN                       Housing & Residential Services                      Santa Cruz
               Web:                            Web:                           University of California
                                                                 HOUSING, UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS                      1156 High Street
               Santa Barbara                                     FOR FAMILIES                          893-4021      Santa Cruz, CA 95064
               University of California                          HOUSING, UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS
                                                                                                                     (831) 459-0111
               Santa Barbara, CA 93106                           FOR SINGLE STUDENTS                   893-4021
               (805) 893-8000                                    REGISTRAR                                           OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS – EVALUATION
                                           1105 Student Affairs/Administrative   893-3592      AND APPLICATION SERVICES
                                                                 Services Building (SAASB)                           150 Hahn Student Services Voice/TTY 459-2131
               OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS –                                                                                E-mail:
               APPLICATION SERVICES                              Web:
               1210 Cheadle Hall                      893-2881   TOUR INFORMATION
                                                                 Web:          893-2487      OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS – INFORMATION
               OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS –                                                                                FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS
               INFORMATION FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS              VISITOR CENTER                                      Cook House                Voice/TTY 459-4008
               1234 Cheadle Hall                      893-2881   1102 Student Affairs/Administrative 893-2487        E-mail:
               Web:                      Services Building (SAASB)                           Web:
               OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS –                            Web:
               TRANSFER SERVICES
               1234 Cheadle Hall                      893-3872

                                  UC Santa Cruz

CHILD CARE                                        SERVICES FOR TRANSFER AND
Early Education Services             459-2967     RE-ENTRY STUDENTS (STARS)
Web:                   216A Academic Resources Center         459-2552
146 Hahn Student Services       Voice 459-2089    TOUR INFORMATION           Voice/TTY 459-4008
E-mail:              tty 459-4806    E-mail:
Web:                                 Web:
                                                       (online reservation system)
121 Academic Resources Center        459-2296     TRANSFER WORKSHOPS                  459-4008
Web:                                 Web:
FINANCIAL AID                                     Additional Resources
201 Hahn Student Services            459-2963     GENERAL CATALOG
E-mail:                           Contact the Bay Tree Bookstore at (831) 459-4544
Web:                         for current prices.
HOUSING, FAMILY STUDENT                           Web:
599 Koshland Way                   459-4080       ACADEMIC DIVISIONS
E-mail:                              Arts:
Web:          Humanities:
     family-index                                 Jack Baskin School of Engineering:
HOUSING, OFF-CAMPUS                               Physical and Biological Sciences:
COMMUNITY RENTALS OFFICE                          Social Sciences:
125 Hahn Student Services         459-4435
                                                  TRANSFER VIEWBOOK
                                                  UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC PROGRAMS
104 Hahn Student Services            459-2394
E-mail:                          VIDEO
190 Hahn Student Services            459-4412

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