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					A Newsletter of Auberle                 SUMMER 2005
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 Voices Carry
   September 27, 2005

  Come sing or just
   enjoy the fun at
   “Voices Carry”
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                                           Breanne works on the design of an ACG&D page for a mini-CD.
                                           She will soon be reunited with her son in a nice family setting.

                                               hat do you do when you’re     According to Breanne, the interview skills
  Become a Mentor                             a 16-year-old mother with      she learned as a part of the Life Skills
    or Tutor to an                            no place to live and your      program and sales training she received
                                              entire world is collapsing     as part of her ACG&D business training
  Auberle Child Call                         around you? That was the        taught her to “sit with good posture,
   Peggy Frye at               life issue facing Breanne. Fortunately,       maintain eye contact and greet people
  412-673-5800                 the multiple services of Auberle provided     with a firm handshake” as she goes on
                               the answer.                                   her job interviews.

                               It was important for Breanne to develop       While Breanne was growing as a person,
                               as a person before taking on the              her son was placed with an Auberle
                               responsibility of being a full-time mother-   Foster Care family. With each passing
                               and she has done that beautifully. A girl     month, visitation time with her son
                               who could barely be heard speaking            increased and a bond was formed
                               above a whisper when she came to              between Breanne and the foster family.
                               Auberle eight months ago is now a
                               confident young woman.                        The next chapter of Breanne’s story
   Make a world of                                                           should also be a happy one. The foster
 difference in the life        She has made new friends, attended both       family is buying a larger home to be able
                               life-skills and parenting classes, was one    to accommodate both Breanne and her
 of a child — become
                               of the original six employees in the          son, reuniting mother and child.
  an Auberle Foster            Auberle Computer Graphics & Design            Breanne’s new adult guardians will
        parent                 (ACG&D) program (see page 8) and now          provide her with guidance and support
    See Page 7                 is looking for a job in addition to           on her journey into adulthood, while she
                               attending high school.                        continues to take advantage of Auberle
                                                                             services as well.
             Auberle Children Participate In
            World’s Greatest Readers Program
           uberle launched the            receives a clue that allows
             World’s Greatest Readers     them to get one step closer to
              summer           reading    solving the mystery and saving
               program to encourage       the United States.
    children of all ages to read during
    their summer vacation. Over           Each child who reads the
    100 children have committed           required number of books/pages
    to reading 15 books or 1,500          is invited to a party at the end
    pages to solve the mystery of         of the summer. Four Grand
    who is stealing U.S. states.          Prize $50 winners will be
                                          randomly selected from all
    The purpose of the World’s            party attendees.
    Greatest Readers program is
    to make reading fun for the
    children while allowing them
    to set challenging goals. The
    mystery consists of eight
    villains, one of which is trying
    to steal every U.S. state. The
    readers can prevent this from
    happening by reaching one of
    five interim goals. Each time a
    goal is attained, the reader                                               Reading is great fun in World’s Greatest Readers program

    Auberle Volunteers Experience The Joy Of Caring
    Auberle is blessed to have a          the year. Most are individuals      at Christmas, coordinate and       rewarding on a personal level
    wonderful group of volunteers         with no group affiliation but       support Auberle events, spend      that volunteers almost feel guilty.
    doing very diverse and important      several people work with us         time with children who do not
    work. When former Volunteer           through coordinated efforts in      receive family visits, take kids   We think it’s the ultimate win-
    Services Coordinator, Denise          their companies or organizations.   for outings and help with          win-win situation. Auberle wins
    Flannigan, decided she wanted         This number does not include        communication projects. Some       because we would not be
    to return to working directly         the individuals serving as          volunteers offer their time,       nearly as effective without
    with the children as a Care           Board Directors who give up         talent and expertise to assist     volunteers. The children win
    Specialist, there was concern         their    time     to    provide     Auberle on the office work         by receiving attention from
    about who would fill her role.        tremendous leadership, while        side as well.                      special people. The volunteers
    Fortunately Peggy Frye, an            also serving Auberle in a                                              win because they know that by
    Auberle Family Preservation           variety of ways.                    These selfless people generously   helping improve the life of
    Specialist with years of volunteer                                        donate their time and talent       some      very     unfortunate
    service in the community, was         Auberle volunteers serve as         for no other reason than to        children, they are truly doing
    able to seamlessly take the torch.    tutors for every school subject     help the children of Auberle.      something important.
                                          and mentors, teach life skills,     But a funny thing happens-
    More than 100 volunteers              make sure the children have         what began purely as an            Peggy can be reached at 412-
    support Auberle throughout            gifts to both give and receive      altruistic act becomes so very     673-5800 ext. 257.

          Grandma/Grandpa Volunteers Honored
              By Points of Light Foundation
                                                                              The Auberle Grandma &              gymnasium.       The 2005
                                                                              Grandpa Volunteers were            “Make A Difference Day
                                                                              honored by the “Points of          Bingo” will be held on
                                                                              Light Foundation,” USA             October 22. For more
                                                                              Weekend Magazine and The           information on becoming
                                                                              Daily News for their role in       involved with the 2005
                                                                              the 2004 Make A Difference         event, please contact
                                                                              Day Bingo. The event raised        Peggy Frye @ 412-673-
                                                                              $7,400, which will be used         5800 (Ext. 257).
                                                                              toward the purchase of a
                                                                              pavilion. The 2003 event
                                                                              resulted in the purchase of
              Photo by Aaron Loughner of The Daily News.                      new scoreboard for the
           Grandma volunteers Eileen Kubecka (left) and Marcy
            Cendroski (right) with Auberle’s Denise Flannigan.

          The Perfect Gift                                                        Leave A Legacy
  Don’t know what to buy for         • Retirement                         With a little planning,           • Pension, IRA or life
  that person who has everything     • Graduation                         supporters of Auberle can           insurance beneficiary
  or how to express your             • Death of a loved-one               continue to make a difference
  sympathy to a friend at the                                             beyond their own lifetime         Discuss charitable giving with
  loss of a loved-one? Consider      …as a way to recognize an            through     the    following      your financial advisor and
  a gift to Auberle in honor or      important    event    while          charitable gifts:                 leave a legacy! You can also
  memory of…                         providing a safe place to                                              call Lauri Fink at 412-673-
                                     sleep,    structure     and          • Specific dollar amount in       1992 ext. 214.
  • Birth of a child or grandchild   opportunities for abused,              a will
  • Wedding or anniversary           troubled   and    neglected          • Charitable gift of stocks
  • Birthday                         children.                              and bonds

                                     Joe & Jane Blattner                McKamish Chesapeak, Inc.
CONTRIBUTORS                         C D A Court 221                    Frank & Marie Miniotas
                                                                                                            Marc & Shelia Calello
                                                                                                            Camp-Hill Corporation
                                     Echo Real Estate Services Co.      National City Bank (John            Tim Campbell
Auberle Development                     (William & Linda Krahe)            Ciccolella)                      Rose Cardamone
gratefully acknowledges              ELG Haniel Metals Corp.            Network Access Corporation          Cellone Bakery Inc.
                                     Lauri Fink & Kevin Barletta        Pittsburgh Football Club            Janna Chiurazzi
gifts received December 1,           Four M Consulting Inc.             PW Campbell Contracting             Clear View Mirror & Glass
2004 through July 31,                Patrick & Robin Gallagher             Company                          Michael Connelly
                                     Robert & Mollie Gray               Susan Rakfal                        Ed & Jewell Coulter
2005. The generosity of
                                     David C. Kirshner                  ReMax CSI Realtors                  Edward & Dorothy Datemasch
these individuals, groups,           Linda Denero Krahe                 Scalise Industries                  Arthur & Mary DeNero
corporations and found-              Richard Kronz                      Shamrock Utility Trailers, Inc.     Dicicco Development, Inc.
                                     Vince & Lari Locher                John & Mary Pat Soltis              James & Carol Dodaro
ations enables us to                 Michael Manjoine                   Spitzer Acura                       Dominon Foundation Matching
continue our important               Michael Baker Corporation          Strategic Settlement Services          Gift Fund (Lynn Pfischner)
work with Auberle’s                  The Rita M. McGinley Fund of       Tele-Tracking Technologies, Inc.    Valerie Domitrovic
                                        The Pittsburgh Foundation       Michael Tranovich                   Sue Duli
children and families.               Mark and Kimberley Miller          Twentieth Century Club              Deidre & C.R. Dunnavant
                                        Charitable Foundation           Walnut Capital Partners             Jerry & Jane Earley
20,000+                              Ray & Jean Niedenberger                                                Edward L. Kemp Company
Anonymous                               In Honor of Joseph &            250 - 499                           John Matthew Elanjileth
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh          Margaret Niedenberger           Anonymous                           Jeff & Sharon Evans
                                     Pennsylvania State Foster          Felix & Irene Dubreuil              William & Barbara Fisher
10,000 - 19,999                         Parent Association              Evangelical Congreg. Church         Gelman Appraisal Services
Dawn Fuchs                           Pittsburgh Children’s Foundation   First United Methodist Church       Bill Getkin
Phoenix International, LP            Rodney & Diana Prystash            General Motors Pittsburgh Plant     Nancy Grubb
Estate of Edwin R. Crawford          Seubert & Associates               Catherine Graves                    Paul & Margaret Hinnebusch
William V. & Catherine A.            Mathilda Spencer                   John F. Lockhart                    Barbara Holmes
   McKinney Charitable               John & Ann Wilson                  Maguire Group, Inc.                 Holy Cross Society Of St Vincent
   Foundation                        Myrtle Winkler                     Geraldine & Buzz Miller                DePaul
                                     James & Susan Zona                 Paul & Carolyn Molingowski          David & Carol Horgan
5,000 - 9,999                                                           Pittsburgh Bone & Joint             Mary & John Hupp
Charles Talbot Campbell              500 - 999                             Surgeons                         Jack Frye Sales & Service
  Charitable Foundation              Alpern, Rosenthal (Manny           Darla Poole & Joseph Brescia        Jaycee Foods, Inc.
Howard & Nell E. Miller                 Dinatale)                       Port Vue Plumbing, Inc.             Jaycox-Jaworski Funeral Home
  Foundation                         Anne R. Monroe Foundation          Albert & Doris Raimondi             Frederick Johnson
G.C. Murphy Co. Foundation           Anonymous                          Glenn Ryerson                       Ted Johnson
                                     BBL Fleet                          Dan & Bette Ruccio                  Rich & Judy Kalich
3,000 - 4,999                        Candies For Any Occasion              In Honor of Bertha, Helen &      Kelly-Rielly-Neil-Barna &
Respironics Corporate Services       CLT Efficient Technologies            Mary Szala                          Associates, Inc.
  (John & Kathleen Miclot)              Group LLC                       Fran & Ellen Show                   Albert & Genevieve Kohnfelder
Lynn Reynolds                        Cohen & Grigsby                    Leo & Frances Spaeder               Nick & Pam Komlyn
Sky Bank (Vince Locher)              Confederation Of McKeesport        Stuart & Murial Spitz               Eileen Kubecka
Snavely Forest Products (Susan          District Women’s Clubs          Trailside Treasures, Inc.           T. John & Kim Kuehn
  Fitzsimmions, Dana Jarvis,         Connectel Inc.                     Charles & Helen Tremont             Joseph Kwasniewski & Linda
  John Stockhausen)                  D. Frederick Cullen                Kim Trevino                         Laface & McGovern Associates, Inc.
                                     Damianos Group                     UBS Financial Services Inc. Grant   Laurel Financial Group
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  Charitable Foundation              Bob & Judith Ganster               Valley Voices                       Millie Luchini
Charles F. Peters Foundation         Goldberg, Gruener, Gentile,        David & Elaine Wiehagen             John Patrick & Paula Lydon
James & Catherine Moore                 Horoho & Avalli (Charles        Willock Social Association          M. Glosser & Sons Inc.
John & Mary Ann Stockhausen             Avalli)                                                             Grace Maciejewski
Comcast (Jerry Ruckert)              Huckestein Mechanical Services,    100 - 249                           Donald & Beverly McCann
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M.B. Peterson Charitable Trust       Jendoco Construction               Mike & Jodi Angerman                Bill & Jane Messina
Ray & Eleanor Parello                   Corporation                     Anonymous (2)                       Mary & Jerry Meyer
                                     JP Enterprises Inc.                Rudy & Ruth Antoncic                Ken & Dee Michaels
1,000 - 1,999                        Sue Kovacs                         Barbara & Joe Bazzone               Bridget & John Midla
Jack Absalom                         Liberty Presbyterian Church        Jane Bean                           Lyndell Miller
   Estate of Elise Absalom           Jim & Carol Locher                 Becker Construction                 Margaret Mima
Aquarian Associates Inc.             Massaro Company (Steve             Ronald Blahusch                     Arthur & Lisa Moeller
Atlantic Luggage Company                Massaro)                        Camille Bondi                       John & Betty Morgo
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    Stephen Niedenberger                  Robert & Elizabeth Brown          Joseph & Maria Hrizo             Thomas & Nancy Petricko
    Robert & Jeanne Nikolich              Jim & Bonnie Butler               Connie Hruska                    Richard & Mary Ann Pike
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Patty Delserone                  Janice Mayni                       Barb Stahley
Donald & Richard DeMore          Sandy McNulty                      Sutersville Moose
Dina Denning                                                                                          In Memory of Florence Geyer
                                 Rev. Tom Miller                    Bertha, Helen & Mary Szala           • Paul & Barbara Carmichael
Katrina DeVincentis              Janet Medvedo                      Teamsters Local #205
DeVore Family                    Mellon Financial Corporation       Teamsters Local #341
Donna Diethorn                   Cassidy Miller                     Toys For Tots
Jim & Cindy Donnelly

    In Memory of John Holtzman                                           Pat Gilchrist                   Ed, Celeste, Ana, Sophie, Graci
       • Jack & Katherine Coberly       In Memory of Pauline Szala       Bridget Green                     & Luke Wilhelm
       • Electrolux International          • Raymond & Rose Marie        Wes & Charlene Graham           Nina Williams
         Company                             Sherer                      Janis Haberman & Family         West Ridge Community Church
       • Kathy E. Hilbert                                                Johann Hall                     Wise Men Mentoring
       • Thomas & Betsy Pataky          In Memory of Estelle Vastog      Terry Harl                      WFCW AFL-CIO Local 23
       • Bertha, Helen and Mary            • Szala Family                Brian & Meg Helsel              Mylene Zupan
         Szala                                                           Paul Helsel
                                        In Memory of Patricia Warner     Sgt. Frank Hines
    In Memory of Madeline Johnson          • Barry & Jane Kart           Alma Hinton                     AUBERLE BOARD
       • Richard Elna Bonewitz             • Alana Vukmir                Mary Hughes
       • Paul & Barbara Carmichael                                       Kate Hunter                     DIRECTORS
       • Albert & Regina Curl           In Memory of Evelyn Winkler      Patrick Huskey
       • Nancy R. Cyphert                  • Thomas & Aleson Urbanski    Barb Iouale                     Joseph R. Blattner
       • Lawrence & Patricia Geyer                                       Ebony Jackson                   John W. Bouloubasis, Jr.
       • Robert & Annette Gill          In Memory of Bertha Ziegler      D. Matthew Jameson              Thomas B. Burley
       • Frederick G. Johnson              • Paul & Barbara Carmichael   Don & Sandy Jameson             John Ciccolella
       • Ted Johnson                                                     Dana Jarvis                     Emanuel V. DiNatale
       • Walter & Geraldine Miller                                       Jill Johnson                    Michael M. Dvorsky
       • Ed & Cedy Mularski             VO LU N T E E R S                Peggy Joyce                     Sister Michelle Farabaugh
       • Melaine Pecora                                                  Sharon Kasenic                  Dana E. Jarvis
       • Mark & Karen Russell           Auberle Development              Judy Kinlough                   Judge Maureen Lally-Green
       • Eva R. Stedman                                                  April Milburn Knizner           Judge Walter R. Little, Secretary
                                        gratefully acknowledges          Jan Kortz                       Dr. Joanne M. Nicoll
    In Memory of Terrilee Krotz         our volunteers who               Sue Kovacs                      Ronald H. Ott
       • C.R. & Deidre Dunnavant                                         Linda DeNero Krahe              John Ponds, Vice Chair
                                        worked with our kids on
       • James & Linda Kaiser                                            Eileen Kubecka                  Susan Rauscher, Treasurer
                                        one      of   the    many        Emily Kunzman                   Jerry R. Ruckert
    In Memory of Lenord Marcoz          recreational or educational      Donna Kustra                    Sr. Georgine Scarpino
       • Urban & Louise George                                           Vicki Lamb                      Rev. Thomas A. Sparacino
                                        activities, assisted with                                        John Stockhausen, Chair
                                                                         Vince Larence
    In Memory of Margaret Miller        clerical work, and helped        Rob LaRoca                      Christopher Sweeney
       • Walter & Geraldine Miller      us in our fund raising           James & Carol Locher            Stacie Vargo
                                                                         Bea Longo                       Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl
    In Memory of Joseph A. Mima
                                        efforts December 1, 2005         Maureen Lydon
       • Margaret Mima                  through July 31, 2005.           Chet & Kathy Maciejewski
                                                                         Sam & Marilyn Manfredi          A U B E R L E
    In Memory of Matt Puskaric          Paula Agostoni                   Elena Marra
       • Ed & Karen Barchie             Carol Allison                    Steven Massaro                  D EV E LO P M E N T
       • James & Mary Barchie           Darlene J. Angelo                Sherry McLay
       • Bill & Anne Mrdeza             Mary Arovits                     John & Bridget Midla            Joseph R. Blattner, Chair
       • Anna Mae Puskaric              Aquarian Associates              Victoria Miklos                 Charles J. Avalli
       • Rose Puskaric                  Alan & Christan Baker            Don & Willa Miller              Linda DeNero Krahe
                                        Kathleen Petulla                 Dr. Anthony Monteleone          Jerome A. Earley
    In Memory of Joseph Redinger        Adam & Natalie Baney             Janet Moss                      Susan Fitzsimmons
       • Urban & Louise George          Jim & Mary Barchie               Gary & Hayley Napotnik          Dawn Fuchs
                                        Bethlehem Baptist Church         Sara Wellington Netski          Paul L. Henney
    In Memory of Martha Jane            Derek & Sherri Bayer             Robyn Parker                    Steven M. Massaro,
    Renwand                             Erich & Cletis Berger            Dottie Pellis                      Secretary/Treasurer
       • Criag & Cathy Oskin            Joan Bicsey                      Bill Petulla                    Hayley Jameson-Napotnik
       • Darla L. Poole & Joe Brescia   Mary Jane Black                  Jack & Elaine Phillips          Vincent W. Locher
                                        Nancy Brailer                    Jeff Phillips                   Thomas P. Loftus
    In Memory of Agnes Rizzo            Les & Denise Brody               PNC Employee Volunteer Group    Kathleen Miclot
       • Thomas & Aleson Urbanski       Glenn Brown                      Daniel Pomeroy                  Susan Rauscher
                                        Patty Brunner                    Susan Poston                    Kate Rost
    In Memory of Jean Shega             Ruth & Paul Burda                Liz Ritacco                     Norb Sieber
       • Albert & Denise Dawson         Colleen Burns                    Denise Reppermund               Mary Pat Soltis, Vice Chair
       • Jane Drogoski                  Michelle Butler                  Stacy Reis                      John Stockhausen
       • Gary & Maureen Ellis           Eleanor Burkholder               Pittsburgh Bone & Joint         Gregory J. Weimer
       • Michael & Shirley Fencik       Marcy Cendroski                  Surgeons Staff Members          Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl
       • Rose Gombos                    Eileen Claar                     Lynn Reynolds                   Rev. Paul Zywan
       • Daniel & Evelyn Hischier       Hampton Conway                   Paul & Mimi Rossman
       • John & Mary Hupp               Joseph Delale                    Kate Rost
       • Donald Lentz                   Kaila Delipenna                  Victor J. Scarpino
                                                                                                         P A U L I N E
                                        Marlene Dimsa
       • Bruce & Esther Linderman
       • Donald & Laura Maier           Tim Donahue
                                                                         Linda Schmotzer
                                                                         Tammy Scott
                                                                                                         A U B E R L E
       • Margaret Pellis
       • Pittsburgh Bone & Joint
                                        Eva Ducar
                                        Duquesne Pharmacy Students
                                                                         Deb Simak
                                                                         Kenneth Sim
                                                                                                         F O U N D AT I O N
         Surgeons                       Alacia Eicher                    Keyonia Singleton               Emanuel V. DiNatale
       • Vida Shega                     Margie Ellenbogen                Mary Pat Soltis                 Frank Nowak,
       • Mary Margaret Skinner          Judy Espy                        Angela Swartz                      Secretary/Treasurer
       • Bonnie Stern                   Donna Faff                       Chris & Sara Sweeney            Susan Rauscher
                                        Susan Felsenfeld                 St. Gabriels School             John Stockhausen
    In Memory of Martha Skowron         Patrick Fisher                   Bertha, Helen and Mary Szala    Everett L. Tademy, Chair
       • Jeff & Sharon Evans            Susan Fitzsimmons                Dolly Tauber
                                        Marcy Fraley                     Carol Thorne
    In Memory of Marcella Reitz         Elaine Fox                       Katelyn Todaro
    Snyder                              Joseph Delale                    Natacha Toussaint
       • Jeff & Sharon Evans            Eileen Dickerson                 Shirley Ubinger
       • Paul & Marilyn Kayser          Bob & Drew Fleming               Mary Vey
                                        Susan Fletcher                   Lynn Vietmier
    In Memory of John Stokes            Joanne Galinowski                Susan Wallace-Schade
       • Craig & Cathy Oskin            Fran Gardner                     Frances Watkins
       • Janet Roth & Louis Dowden      Kameelah Gloster                 Westinghouse Electric Company
                                        Frances Garrett                  Volunteer Committee

            Auberle Brings Home 32 Medals,
       N.J.    To Host 2006 H’Olympics
                                  From the H’Olympics Opening       exemplary conduct, to a
                                  Ceremony to the closing           person, on the bus rides,
                                  events, the smiles by the 35      during the H’Olympic games,
                                  participating Auberle kids was    in socializing with other
                                  only matched by their pride       children and in all public
                                  and excellent conduct. This       activities.  They   proudly
                                  once in a lifetime experience     represented Auberle and
2005 H’Olympic Games
                                  included a long bus ride across   themselves!
The 2005 H’Olympics, held in      the state and interaction with
Ocean City, NJ from June 13-      kids from across the country      Auberle to Host 2006
17, was a huge success thanks     with similar backgrounds.         H’Olympics on CMU Campus
to our May Day Madness
sponsors who made it possible                                       Based on the success of the
                                  All of the kids should be
for our kids to participate.                                        H'Olympics hosted by Auberle
                                  recognized for upholding the                                            Smiles Better Than Gold!
The collective 32 medals won                                        in    2001,   Auberle      and
                                  H’Olympic ideals of good
by Auberle H’Olympians in                                           Pittsburgh    were       again
                                  competition and fellowship,
individual and team events are                                      selected to host the 2006          city  for   five  days   of
                                  and     congratulated     for
now prominently displayed in                                        event just five years later.       competition and fellowship.
                                  winning so many medals
their rooms and they are full                                       H'Olympics teams from across       The 2006 event will be held
                                  including 11 gold. Even more
of stories and fond memories.                                       the country will visit our fine    from June 12-15.
                                  commendable       was   their

             Auberle Satisfaction Surveys
        ach month, Auberle        While space does not permit       • When asked, “Does Auberle        • Family members surveyed
        surveys the children,     providing the full surveys for      help you feel better about         were 100% satisfied with
         families and referring   each of the programs, what          yourself?” 100% of the             the services provided
         agencies for our         follows is a sampling of            Junior children surveyed           through Auberle's In-Home
various programs to ensure        responses:                          responded “yes.”                   Services.
our quality standards are
being met. The feedback           • Referring agencies surveyed     • For the children surveyed in
continues to be that we are         were 100% satisfied with          both Family Foster Care and
doing a very good job in            Auberle services and would        Shelter programs, 100%
serving the needs of children       continue to use Auberle.          responded they feel safe.
and families.

   Make a Difference in the
   Life of a Child — Become
   an Auberle Foster Parent                                                       NEWSLETTER OF AUBERLE
    We are looking for singles, couples and families                              is published three times per year by
   willing to open their homes and hearts to children                                  Auberle Development
      ages birth to 18. Financial compensation and                                     1101 Hartman Street
                24-hour support provided.
                                                                                       McKeesport, PA 15132
  MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD!                                               412-673-5800
          For more information, please call:
                                                                     A copy of the official registration and financial information
        John Lehman at 412-751-4436 Ext. 25                            of the Auberle Development may be obtained from the
                                                                     Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within
                                                                     Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply
                                                                        Many Auberle Programs are funded in whole or part by
                                                                        Allegheny County Children, Youth and Family Services.

                                                                       Auberle’s Mission Statement
                                                                    Auberle, in the Catholic tradition of service to others, serves the
                                                                    needs of children and families at risk. Auberle enables and
                                                                    empowers children and families to build upon their inherent
                                                                    strengths in order to create and preserve healthy family life,
                                                                    and to contribute to the quality of community life.

                                                Meet Lauri Fink,
                                           Chief Development Officer
                                       When I first interviewed with         families in our care because of the   The needs of children and
                                       Auberle, I was so impressed           commitment and contributions,         families in our area are greater
                                       with the passion that Board           in so many different forms, from      than ever and the number of
                                       Directors and staff had for the       all of these wonderful people.        agencies serving these needs
                                       Auberle mission that I knew           Of course the real job reward         has declined.         With the
Editor’s Note: Lauri Fink joined       this was the right opportunity        comes from seeing the growth,         dedication and generosity of the
Auberle as its Chief Development       for me. It had always been a          renewed spirit and resiliency of      many people who support
Officer in May after successfully      desire of mine to work for a          our children.                         Auberle, I know we will
leading the development efforts        nonprofit organization that has                                             successfully meet the challenge
for Family Hospice & Palliative        an impact where it can matter         My vision for the Development         of remaining financially sound
Care. Lauri lives in the South         most-our youth.                       area is to build on the               as, together, we continue to
Hills with her husband, nature                                               strengths that have served            improve so many young lives.
artist Kevin Barletta, and some        After three months of working         Auberle well through the
four-legged furry friends. She         with and meeting Board                years. The more people know
holds a Bachelor degree from           Directors, donors, volunteers         about Auberle and become
Penn State University and is           and staff, I am convinced more        invested in its mission, the
currently pursuing her Masters         than ever that I made the right       greater the impact on the South-      To reach Lauri, please call 412-
in Nonprofit Management                choice. Auberle is able to serve      western Pennsylvania community.       673-1992 ext. 214 or email her at
from Robert Morris University.         the multiple needs of children and                                

          Auberle Computer
          Graphics & Design
    Children To Run Their Own Business
      uberle Computer Graphics         program throughout, and the business
       & Design (ACG&D) is a           and computer skills they are learning will
        business     run   and         serve them well throughout their lives.
operated by the children of
Auberle, with the support of           The goal of ACG&D is for the children to leave    Leadership Pittsburgh Team provides business training
talented     instructors   and         the program with advanced computer and            to ACG&D participants. (left to right) David Weisberg,
outside business consultants.          entrepreneurial business skills. These skills     Kristin Wells, Jeannine Spinola and Matt Fenton. Not
The initial products offered           will add to the children’s overall educational    pictured is Stephanie Schoenberg.
through the business are               foundation while building confidence.
customized CD cards for                                                                 and have links to websites. It can be created that when
business and personal use.             A team of five Leadership Pittsburgh             open, it has the look of a website, Power Point
                                       participants selected ACG&D from 23              presentation or something more artistic in appearance.
Launched in January of 2005, six       other projects to support. They have             Each card’s cover is customized with the artwork or
Auberle high school students           worked directly with the children to             images requested by the customer.
have gone through rigorous             provide business and sales training over
computer and business skills           several weeks. It has been a rewarding           Any person who would give out a business card and
training in order to open their        experience for both groups.                      would like to have the recipient learn more about their
own entrepreneurial business                                                            business, organization, programs or products should take
called Auberle Computer Graphics       The custom-designed mini-CD cards can            advantage of these wonderful communication tools. For
& Design. They have displayed          contain multiple pages with graphics, hold       more information or to place an order for the fall, please
tremendous enthusiasm for the          several minutes of streaming video/audio         email or call 412-673-1992 ext. 224.

    “Voices Carry” is a fundraiser
    being held on Tuesday,
    September 27 from 6:30 to 9:30
                                                Sky Bank Presents
    at Dowe’s On 9th in the
    Pittsburgh Cultural District to
    support the multiple needs of
    over 1,500 children in Auberle
                                                 Voices Carry
    programs and care each year.       A Fundraiser for the Children of Auberle                                     Voices Carry
                                                                                                                       September 27, 2005
    This fun-filled evening includes
    food, drink, audience members      About the Singing: Backed             let you keep the evidence).
    singing their favorite songs       by a talented professional band,                                            is $100. The price to purchase
    backed by a professional band,     scheduled singers from the            Committed singers include Aaron       a table of eight is only $700.
    duets with celebrities, a lot of   audience will belt out their          Smith (Steelers), Jim Krenn
    laughs and all the fun anyone      favorite songs. In addition, there    (WDVE), Jim Roddy & Dan Onorato       Reserving Seats or Table:
    can handle for three hours.        will be an auction throughout the     (political figures), Jessica Lee      Seating is limited so reserve your
                                       evening to sing with one or more      (professional singer), Trenni         table or seats as soon as possible.
    Keeping It Moving: Our MC          of our celebrity guests, including    Kuscnerik (Fox Sports) and Jon        Registration information is
    for the evening is the very        professional athletes, professional   Burton (WTAE).                        available at
    funny and musically talented       singers and other notables. A                                               or by calling 412-673-1992 ext.
    Randy Bauman from the WDVE         keepsake photo will be provided       The Price is Right: The ticket-       220. If you or a guest wishes to
    morning “Jim & Randy” show.        as well to winning bidders (we        price for this all-inclusive event    be a singer, please let us know.


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