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									                                       2005 A nnuAl R epoRt
                            NAT I O NA L E N D OW M E N T F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S

NAT I O NA L E N D OW M E N T F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                               3
C hAiRmAn ’ s l etteR
The President
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

It is my privilege to present to you the 2005 annual report         NEH made available $1 million for emergency grants to
of the National Endowment for the Humanities.                       libraries, museums, colleges, universities, and other cultural
     On September 29th, the NEH celebrated the 40th anni-           and historical institutions in the region. These grants com-
versary of its creation. In the legislation that established        bined rigorous review with minimal bureaucracy, and within
the Endowment, Congress declared that “Democracy                    weeks targeted dollars were flowing directly to those who
demands wisdom and vision in its citizens.” For four                were recovering precious books, documents, and artifacts.
decades, the NEH has fostered this wisdom and vision                     As the NEH worked to promote and preserve America’s
by helping our citizens explore what makes us human:                cultural heritage, we also expanded our efforts to help citi-
the legacy of our past, the ideas and principles that moti-         zens understand the world beyond our shores. This year
vate us, and the eternal questions that we still ponder.            the NEH and the National Science Foundation awarded
     I was proud to see the NEH carry on this vital mission         the first fellowships and grants in our new Documenting
in 2005 through our core programs and through the ongo-             Endangered Languages partnership—a multiyear effort to
ing expansion of the We the People initiative. In its third         preserve records of key languages around the globe before
year, We the People continued to help strengthen the teach-         they become extinct. In May the NEH also announced a
ing, study, and understanding of American history and               new agency-wide initiative, “Rediscovering Afghanistan.”
culture. The initiative offered its second annual Bookshelf         The initiative will promote research, education, and public
grants to one thousand libraries across the country, featuring      programs about Afghan history and culture, and encour-
books that encourage young readers to ponder the mean-              age American institutions to assist their Afghan peers in
ing of “Freedom.” Fifteen Landmarks of American History             efforts to preserve and document cultural resources.
summer workshops allowed more than 1,700 K-12 teach-                     Through these and many other initiatives and grant
ers to learn about significant American events at places            programs, the NEH is bringing great ideas and the riches
where history was made—including Abraham Lincoln’s                  of our past to millions of Americans—helping them
home in Springfield, Illinois, and Alabama’s civil rights           acquire the “wisdom and vision” demanded of a free
landmarks. We also launched an additional Landmarks                 and self-governing people.
program this year for community college faculty.
     In addition to inspiring discussion and reflection about
our nation’s heritage, We the People is also ensuring that
the “first draft” of our history is widely available. In 2005       BRUCE COLE
the NEH awarded the first grants in our new National                CHAIRMAN, NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES
Digital Newspaper Program, a long-term effort with the
Library of Congress to develop an Internet-based, search-
able database of some 30 million pages of historic U.S.
newspapers now in the public domain. When the program
is completed, students, teachers, scholars, and history
buffs will be able to go to their computer and get immedi-
ate, unfiltered access to this amazing historical resource.
     The NEH and the state humanities councils also played
an important role in helping the people of the Gulf Coast save
and recover their vibrant cultural heritage after the devastation
of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Just days after the storms, the

NAT I O NA L E N D OW M E N T F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                                        1
                          t Able               of        C ontents

                          Introduction ...................................................................................................................        3

                          Jefferson Lecture ............................................................................................................          4

                          National Humanities Medals...........................................................................................                  5-8

                          Heroes of History Lecture...............................................................................................                9

                          Education Programs .......................................................................................................           10-16

                          Preservation and Access Programs ..................................................................................                  17-26

                          Public Programs .............................................................................................................        27-34

                          Research Programs .........................................................................................................          35-46

                          Challenge Grants ............................................................................................................        47-51

                          Federal/State Partnership ...............................................................................................            52-61

                          Miscellaneous Awards ....................................................................................................              62

                          Panelists.........................................................................................................................   63-79

                          National Council on the Humanities ...............................................................................                     80

                          Senior Staff ....................................................................................................................      81

                          Budget Appropriation .....................................................................................................             82

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S                                                                                                                                           2
                         t he n AtionAl e ndowment
                         foR the h umAnities

                         In order “to promote progress and scholarship in the humanities and the arts in the United
                         States,” Congress enacted the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965.
                         This act established the National Endowment for the Humanities as an independent grant-
                         making agency of the federal government to support research, education, and public programs
                         in the humanities. In fiscal year 2005, grants were made through the Federal/State Partnership,
                         four divisions (Education Programs, Preservation and Access, Public Programs, and Research
                         Programs) and the Office of Challenge Grants.
                              The act that established the National Endowment for the Humanities says, “The term ‘humani-
                         ties’ includes, but is not limited to, the study of the following: language, both modern and classical;
                         linguistics; literature; history; jurisprudence; philosophy; archaeology; comparative religion; ethics;
                         the history, criticism, and theory of the arts; those aspects of social sciences which have human-
                         istic content and employ humanistic methods; and the study and application of the humanities
                         to the human environment with particular attention to reflecting our diverse heritage, traditions,
                         and history and to the relevance of the humanities to the current conditions of national life.”
                              The National Endowment for the Humanities supports exemplary work to advance and dis-
                         seminate knowledge in all the disciplines of the humanities. Endowment support is intended
                         to complement and assist private and local efforts and to serve as a catalyst to increase nonfed-
                         eral support for projects of high quality. To date, NEH matching grants have helped generate
                         approximately $1.89 billion in gift funds. Each application to the Endowment is assessed by
                         knowledgeable persons outside the agency who are asked for their judgments about the quality
                         and significance of the proposed project. Seven hundred and ninety-three scholars, profes-
                         sionals in the humanities, and other experts served on 175 panels throughout the year.

I N T RO D U C T I O N                                                                                                             3
t he J effeRson l eCtuRe
On May 12, 2005, classicist Donald Kagan delivered the             also served as dean of Yale College, as acting director of
thirty-fourth annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities           athletics, and as “little short of a one-man university.”
at the Washington Convention Center in the District of             From 1988 to 1993, Kagan was a member on the National
Columbia. In his lecture, “In Defense of History,” Kagan           Humanities Council, and in 2002, President George W.
argued that the ancient Greeks and their search for human          Bush awarded him the National Humanities Medal.
truth are at the foundation of the humanities and our                   In almost forty years, Kagan has published more
culture. He said, “they are at the root of modern civiliza-        than fifty books and articles on a multitude of subjects—
tion, so like us in so many ways and so different in others;       political theory, education, war, terrorism, baseball, and
they offer a perspective removed from the prejudices of            ancient history. However, it is his four-volume history of the
time and place that threaten to distort our understand-            Peloponnesian War for which he is best known. Published
ing and yet are continually relevant and illuminating.”            between 1969 and 1987, The Peloponnesian War became the
     Kagan contended that history, rather than poetry or           definitive work on the subject. Kagan drew mostly from
philosophy, is especially adept to further the goals of the        Thucydides’ original history, but disagreed with him on
humanities. Beginning with Herodotus and Thucydides,               several points—most importantly, the inevitability of the
he defined “the missions for the historian: to examine             war. He writes, “The Peloponnesian War was not caused
important events of the past with painstaking care and the         by impersonal forces.…It was caused by men who made
greatest possible objectivity, to seek reasoned explanation        bad decisions in difficult circumstances.” He has also writ-
for them…to use them to establish such uniformities as             ten Pericles of Athens and the Birth of Democracy (1991), On
may exist in human events, and then to apply the result-           the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace (1995), While
ing understanding to improve the judgment and wisdom of            America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness, and the Threat
people who must deal with similar problems in the future.”         to Peace Today (2000, with Frederick W. Kagan), and articles
     Thucydides, for Kagan, “stood at a position on the            for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Public Interest.
road from literature to philosophy. Like the poet he was                Kagan lives with his wife Myrna in Hamden,
free to select his topic, to define its boundaries…how-            Connecticut. The Jefferson Lecture is the highest honor the
ever, the historian may not invent characters or events            federal government bestows for achievement in the humani-
or chronology but must report with the greatest possible           ties. It was established in 1972 and carries a $10,000 stipend.
accuracy.” Kagan urged historians to look at different
angles of a situation to be as accurate as possible.
     Admitting his personal bias toward the subject,
Kagan called on historians to resist the modern and post-
modern influences of politics and prejudice. “History, it
seems to me, is the most useful key we have to open the
mysteries of the human predicament,” said Kagan. “Is it
too much to hope that one day we may see Clio ascend
her throne again and resume her noble business?”
     It was during his undergraduate years at Brooklyn
College that Kagan discovered the Greeks. He earned his
master’s degree from Brown University and his doctor-
ate in history from Ohio State University. Kagan taught
at Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University
before moving to Yale University in 1969. For the last
thirty-seven years Kagan has taught classics at Yale and

NE F F E R S O NEL E CO W ME N T F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                                       4
                         n AtionAl h umAnities m edAl
                         In November 2005, President George W. Bush awarded nine individuals
                         and one organization the National Humanities Medal for their outstanding
                         efforts to deepen public awareness of the humanities.

                         Walter B erns
                         Walter Berns has spent a lifetime defending and illuminating the Constitution. Since
                         earning his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago, Berns
                         has taught at Louisiana State, Yale, Cornell, Colgate, the University of Toronto
                         and is the John M. Olin University Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University.
                         Currently, he is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
                             Berns has written seven books and numerous works appearing in the Atlantic Monthly,
                         New York Times, and Wall Street Journal on American governance and society. A staunch sup-
                         porter of the Electoral College, Berns edited After the People Vote: A Guide to the Electoral College
                         and appeared before the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, arguing against electoral
                         reform. In 2001, Berns published Making Patriots, in which he promotes the right to dissent.
                             Berns has served on the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the National
                         Council on the Humanities, and the Council of Scholars in the Library of Congress.

                         M attheW B ogdanos
                         On April 21, 2003, Marine Colonel Matthew Bogdanos led a special recovery team into Baghdad
                         to reclaim stolen antiquities from the Iraq National Museum. Forty items were stolen from
                         the public gallery, 3,150 from storage rooms, and ten thousand from the secure vaults in the
                         basement. “It was as if Stonehenge and the National Mall had all been destroyed in a single
                         swoop, ten thousand years of civilization wiped out in a single moment,” says Bogdanos.
                              Bogdanos and his team secured the museum and started their investigation in an active war
                         zone. Out of the thirteen thousand items stolen, Bogdanos and his team have recovered about six
                         thousand artifacts by offering amnesty for their return and conducting raids on informers’ tips.
                              Bogdanos describes his time in Iraq and the black market for antiquities in his book,
                         Thieves of Baghdad. “If there had ever been a literal ‘cradle’ where civilization was born, you
                         could not get closer to it than the female face in limestone known as the Mask of Warka, and
                         the Sacred Vase from the same ancient city. If someone had walked off with these things,
                         we had to get them back,” writes Bogdanos. When not on active duty, Bogdanos serves as
                         the senior homicide trial counsel in the New York County District Attorney’s Office.

                         e va B rann
                         For the last forty-eight years, Eva Brann has used great books to teach her students at St.
                         John’s College. Brann, a professor, or tutor as they are called, participates in St. John’s
                         singular curriculum—the college uses the classic works of literature, philosophy, mathemat-
                         ics, history, and science to teach students in discussion-based sessions. The college does
                         not group students by major or department, rather it uses seminars to discuss the evolu-
                         tion of Western thought. “By and large, everything is done in common, which means
                         that they the students can always talk to each other. And they do,” says Brann.

NAT I O NA L H U M A N I T I E S M E DA L S                                                                                      5
                             Brann has been able to continue her individual interests while at St. John’s. She has published
                         Homeric Moments: Clues to Delight in Reading the Odyssey and the Illiad, The Music of The Republic:
                         Essays on Socrates’ Conversations and Plato’s Writings, and The World of the Imagination, among others.

                         J ohn l eWis g addis
                         Teacher and scholar John Lewis Gaddis has written about the history of the Cold War
                         for the last forty years. The diplomatic historian began teaching at Ohio University,
                         and in 1997 moved to Yale University, where he encourages his students to write “sec-
                         ond and third drafts” of history as governments release more information.
                              Working with the early documents available on the Cold War, Gaddis wrote The United
                         States and the Origins of the Cold War, for which he won the Bancroft Prize. As more docu-
                         ments became accessible, he revised his work and published Strategies of Containment: A
                         Critical Appraisal of Postwar American National Security Policy in 1982. Building on the work of
                         his students, Gaddis wrote We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History. He says, “It was very
                         much a book that stands on the shoulders of my students who were doing this work.”

                         l eWis l ehrMan        and    r ichard g ilder
                         As part of a business plan and public service, Lewis Lehrman and Richard Gilder have
                         collected more than sixty thousand documents of American history. They began collecting
                         independently in the 1960s—Lehrman, as a Yale University professor, acquired early American
                         documents, and Gilder accumulated Civil War maps. After beginning a friendship in the late
                         1960s, they decided to begin collecting together around two criteria. “Any document had to say
                         something important about American history that others would profit from studying.…Also,
                         a document needed an investment value, because that often is a very good test of how much
                         a document will be appreciated by the market,” says Lehrman.
                             The Gilder Lehman Collection now includes a signed copy of the Thirteenth Amendment
                         that abolished slavery and General Robert E. Lee’s farewell address. Many historical documents,
                         says Gilder, “allow us to picture American history. They’re handwritten, containing spelling
                         errors—they’re very personal. When you read them, you really get a sense of the people who
                         put them together.” Lehrman and Gilder have created two institutes for higher education.
                         In 1994, they founded the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and in 1998, the
                         Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery was established.

                         M ary a nn g lendon
                         During her freshman year at Mount Holyoke College, Eleanor Roosevelt inspired a young
                         Mary Ann Glendon. Roosevelt planted a seed that culminated in Glendon’s most recent book,
                         A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “I have come
                         to see the story of Mrs. Roosevelt and her colleagues as one that gives encouragement to those
                         of us who want to believe…that human affairs need not forever be governed by force and
                         accident,” says Glendon. “They can be affected to some extent by reflection and choice.”
                              Glendon transferred to the University of Chicago, where she received her undergraduate
                         degree and a law degree; she practiced in Chicago from 1963 to 1968. Glendon began teaching at
                         Boston College Law School and moved to Harvard Law School in 1987. In addition to her book
                         on Roosevelt, she has also published The New Family and the New Property, The Transformation of
                         Family Law, Rights Talk: The Impoverishment of Political Discourse, and A Nation Under Lawyers.

NAT I O NA L H U M A N I T I E S M E DA L S                                                                                        6
                         l eigh     and       l eslie K eno
                         An interest in antiques began very early for Leigh and Leslie Keno. The twin brothers started
                         collecting wrought iron door handles they found in local barns and houses in upstate New York.
                         “Once we found an object, we wanted to learn as much as we could about it,” says Leslie Keno.
                             Now, the brothers are experts in American antiques and appear regularly on PBS’s Antiques
                         Roadshow and their own series, Finds. “The best part of the show is hearing what the owners have to
                         say about the pieces,” says Leigh Keno. “We make a point of letting the person talk and tell their story.”
                             Leigh Keno, who was once vice president in the appraisal department at Christie’s, owns Leigh
                         Keno American Antiques. Leslie Keno is senior vice president and senior specialist of American
                         furniture and decorative arts and director of business development at Sotheby’s in New York.

                         a lan c harles K ors
                         “The Enlightenment was a phenomenon that worked for greater tolerance,” says history profes-
                         sor Alan Charles Kors. “It was an age that encouraged the freest possible intellectual life.” As an
                         Enlightenment scholar, Kors has dedicated his career to increasing knowledge and tolerance.
                              Since 1968, Kors has taught at the University of Pennsylvania and now occupies the
                         George H. Walker Endowed Term Chair. In 2002, he published the Oxford Encyclopedia
                         of the Enlightenment, for which he served as editor-in-chief, and received the Lindback
                         Foundation Award and the Ira Abrams Memorial Award for distinguished teaching.
                              Besides his scholarly work, Kors is an active proponent of academic freedom. “If
                         you find yourself in higher education and at universities at moments of unfairness and
                         abuse of power, then you have a moral responsibility both to higher education and to
                         your students and to a free society to do something about the state of rights and liber-
                         ties,” says Kors. In reaction, he has published The Shadow University: The Betrayal of
                         Liberty on America’s Campuses with civil liberties attorney, Harvey Silvergate. In 1998,
                         Kors and Silvergate started FIRE: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

                         J udith M artin
                         When etiquette columnist Judith Martin was a young girl vacationing in Egypt, she was
                         drawn to an ancient letter from a father to his son, detailing what he should and should
                         not do. Her father, a United Nations economist, told her, “If you want to understand a society…
                         look at their rules. What they are being told not to do, that’s what they are doing, because
                         otherwise you wouldn’t have to tell them not to do it.”
                             For nearly thirty years, as “Miss Manners,” Martin has written on etiquette, offering advice
                         on everything from befuddling forks to greedy brides and grooms. Her twice-weekly column
                         originated in the Washington Post and is now syndicated. She has penned ten books, including
                         Star-Spangled Manners, a historical study of etiquette in American democracy, and two novels.
                             Martin says, “I define etiquette books very loosely. I read novels with man-
                         ners and philosophical and religious tracts.” She graduated from Wellesley College
                         and joined the Washington Post as a copy editor. She would answer calls on etiquette,
                         and since 1978, Martin has presided over America’s manners from her column.

NAT I O NA L H U M A N I T I E S M E DA L S                                                                                           7
                         t he P aPers         of   g eorge W ashington
                         Six hours before he died, George Washington said to his secretary Tobias Lear, “I find
                         I am going, my breath cannot last long.…Do you arrange and record all of my late
                         military letters and papers. Arrange my accounts and settle my books…and let Mr. Rawlins
                         finish recording my other letters which he has begun.”
                              Washington’s obsession with his correspondence and books began early on in his public
                         career. During the Revolution, he hired a staff to record his letters in legible handwriting and
                         continued the practice throughout his life. “He had a sense that the Revolution was an extraordi-
                         narily important event in the history of this nation and that he was going to play a very important
                         role in this,” says Theodore Crackel, editor-in-chief of the The Papers of George Washington.
                              In 1969, the University of Virginia and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
                         began compiling and publishing Washington’s documents from around the world. So
                         far, they have published fifty-four volumes of the projected ninety-volume series.

NAT I O NA L H U M A N I T I E S M E DA L S                                                                                    8
                          h eRoes            of    h istoRy l eCtuRe
                          Author, scholar, and former college president Josiah Bunting III delivered the third
                          annual Heroes of History Lecture on October 18, 2005, at the Old Post Office Pavilion
                          in Washington. Bunting spoke on “George Marshall: An American for All Seasons.”
                              Bunting became president of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation in 2004 after serv-
                          ing for eight years as superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington,
                          Virginia. He serves concurrently as chairman of the National Civic Literacy Board of the
                          Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He is a 1963 graduate of VMI and later studied at the
                          University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and at Columbia University, where he was a John
                          Burgess Fellow. From 1966 until 1972 he served on active duty in the U.S. Army, attain-
                          ing the rank of major. He served in Vietnam and as an assistant professor of history at
                          West Point. Later he served as professor of history at the Naval War College and as presi-
                          dent of Briarcliff College (1973-1977) and Hampden Sydney College (1977-1987).
                              His publications include four novels and a new biography to be published by Knopf in
                          2006 on the life of George C. Marshall. Mr. Bunting’s first novel, The Lionheads, was selected as
                          one of the Ten Best Novels of 1973 by Time magazine; his utopian fantasy about an ideal col-
                          lege, An Education for Our Time, was a main selection of the Conservative Book Club in 1998.
                              Part of the We the People initiative, the Heroes of History Lecture offers
                          the public an opportunity to learn about the lives and deeds of our nation’s
                          heroes. The lecture is held annually and carries a $10,000 honorarium.

H E R O E S O F H I S T O RY L E C T U R E                                                                                    9
                         d ivision            of     e duCAtion p RogRAms
                         Through the Division of Education Programs, NEH provides national support for fac-
                         ulty development and teaching resources in the humanities. These resources are developed
                         with rigorous scholarship to meet the needs of America’s classrooms. The division’s pro-
                         grams address needs at all grade levels, from elementary through graduate school, and help
                         instructors bring humanities scholarship into their teaching. In 2005, 110 awards went to
                         102 institutions in twenty-nine states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
                              The Teaching and Learning Resources program continued to flourish in 2005. This program
                         focuses on the development of classroom resources. Curriculum Development Grants help edu-
                         cators marshal the necessary resources to launch broadly based curricular efforts of national
                         significance, such as a project at Shimer College in Waukegan, Illinois, to integrate great art works
                         into a successful Great Books core curriculum. Materials Development Grants support the creation
                         and wide dissemination of print, video, and electronic instructional materials in the humanities. A
                         project at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, will create interactive digital learn-
                         ing tools for students of Italian language and literature. The University of Maryland, College Park,
                         will use its grants to develop a digital educational archive of American speeches and public debates,
                         with accompanying historical information and scholarly interpretations for use in the undergradu-
                         ate curriculum. The University of Texas, Austin, will develop a Web-based structure for bringing
                         together the digital assets of presidential libraries, organized around a timeline of the administra-
                         tions of the late twentieth-century presidents and the major events these leaders encountered.
                              Faculty Humanities Workshops provide opportunities for institutionally and regionally
                         focused professional development activities for schoolteachers and college and university faculty.
                         One workshop in 2005, led by faculty members at the University of South Florida, enabled
                         local social studies and foreign language teachers to engage in a series of workshops examining
                         the history, literature, and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean. Gaston College, located
                         in the North Carolina Piedmont, held a series of workshops for fifteen local college and school
                         teachers examining the African American experience in the textile mills of rural North Carolina.
                         The Witherspoon Institute at Princeton University conducted a series of workshops for faculty
                         and visiting fellows at Seton Hall University, Villanova University, and Princeton University
                         on the natural law foundations of the Constitution.
                              In 2005, the Institutional Grants program was replaced by Humanities Initiatives for Faculty.
                         These grants enabled faculty members at the nation’s historically black, Hispanic-serving, and tribal
                         colleges and universities to facilitate professional development, to spearhead curricular change,
                         and to strengthen teaching and research in the humanities at their institutions. An award to Dine
                         College in Tsalie, Arizona, has enabled seven experienced teacher of the Navajo language to review
                         features of Navajo linguistics that apply to the teaching of the language, including a series of work-
                         shops based on the research and publications of Navajo-language specialist Robert Young.
                         An award to the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, enabled faculty to study the multiple
                         representations of the city in twentieth-century Latin American literature.
                              Seminars and Institutes support professional development for teachers each summer at col-
                         leges, universities, libraries, and research centers; these summer study programs range from two
                         to six weeks and take place across the country and at sites abroad. An award to the San Jose
                         State University Foundation in California, enabled fifteen schoolteachers to conduct a four-week,
                         interdisciplinary study of key cultural concepts and values that have shaped Japanese society,
                         using historical documents, poems, novels, works of art, and performance. The Maine Humanities

E D U C AT I O N P RO G R A M S                                                                                                   10
                         Council sponsored a three-week institute for thirty schoolteachers exploring the personal and
                         professional relationship between Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Led
                         by faculty from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore, a five-week institute enabled
                         twenty-five middle and high school Latin teachers to contextualize the study of Latin language
                         and Roman culture through on-site study of dwellings in and around Rome and in the region of
                         Pompeii. A six-week seminar sponsored by Western Michigan University enabled fifteen college
                         and university teachers to study Anglo-Saxon hagiographic writings and related issues at England’s
                         Cambridge University. Rice University conducted a four-week institute for twenty-five college teach-
                         ers, conducted in German, drawing on works of literature and studies of migration and ethnicity, in
                         order to examine both the benefits and the tensions arising from the mix of cultures and nationali-
                         ties in Vienna in the twentieth century.
                              As part of the Endowment’s We the People initiative, Landmarks of American History
                         Workshops provide one-week residence-based workshops for K-12 educators to have direct experi-
                         ence in the interpretation of significant historical sites and the use of archival and other primary
                         historical evidence in the study of American history. In 2005, hundreds of schoolteachers studied at
                         historic sites, including Spanish St. Augustine in the context of American colonial history, loca-
                         tions along the Illinois and Michigan Canal as they relate to broader themes in American history,
                         and Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois, to study politics and society in antebellum
                         United States. Also in 2005, an additional Landmarks program was inaugurated, this one directed
                         towards community college faculty. Jackson State University conducted workshops for community
                         college teachers at sites central to the Freedom Summer and the Sanitation Workers’ Strike, critical
                         events in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Mars Hill College conducted workshops for com-
                         munity college faculty to explore the relationships of the Cherokee, settlers, loggers, and scientific
                         foresters to the natural resources and historic sites of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. The
                         Community College Humanities Association conducted workshops for community college teachers
                         on the history and importance of the Alamo in Texas.
                              The EDSITEment Project (edsitement.neh.gov) continued to grow. Forged through a partner-
                         ship with the MarcoPolo Education Foundation, this nationally recognized gateway for teachers
                         seeking rich humanities resources on the Internet comprises nearly 150 Web sites selected by peer
                         review panels for their excellent humanities content, interactive design, and usefulness in the class-
                         room. EDSITEment also includes extensive learning units for grades K-12. By the end of 2005,
                         EDSITEment was receiving 450,000 visits and more than one million hits per month.
                              Finally, as a result of a request for proposals, Boston University is developing the intellec-
                         tual scaffolding that would lead to a National History Bee for high school students, as part of the
                         Endowment’s We the People Initiative.

                                                                              MICHAEL B. POLIAKOFF
                                                                              DIVISION OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS

E D U C AT I O N P RO G R A M S                                                                                                   11
Education Development                              Center for Education Studies                       University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

and Demonstration
                                                   New York, NY Gilbert T. Sewall                     North Dartmouth, MA Ann Marie Lopes
                                                   $73,680 A two-week summer workshop for             $54,371 A faculty humanities workshop for
                                                   sixteen Southern California high school teachers   twenty-five schoolteachers on visions of slavery
Grants improve formal humanities                   on European and North American neoclassi-          and freedom in the writings of Lydia Maria
education in the United States from                cism in the period 1750 to 1825, to be held        Child, Frederick Douglass, Herman Melville,
kindergarten through university level.             at the Huntington Library.                         and Harriet Jacobs.

Connecticut Architecture Foundation                Central Michigan University                        University of Redlands
New Haven, CT Anna M. Sanko                        Mount Pleasant, MI Shane Suzanne Cavanaugh         Redlands, CA Sawa Kurotani
$33,000* A three-year project to develop           $56,667 A five-day workshop for Michigan social    $69,507 Two three-day workshops for twenty-
an interdisciplinary middle school curriculum,     studies teachers examining the history of the      five undergraduate faculty in Asian theater,
with related print- and web-based materials,       women’s suffrage movement in the United States.    focusing on Japanese, Indonesian,
on Hartford’s history as preserved in its                                                             and Indian dramatic traditions.
built environment.                                 Florida Humanities Council
                                                   St. Petersburg, FL Ann S. Schoenacher              University of South Florida
George Mason University                                                                               Tampa, FL Barbara C. Cruz
                                                   $30,000 Five workshops for Miami-
Fairfax, VA Roy Rosenzweig                         Dade County teachers examining the                 $74,032 A twelve-session workshop for social
$35,000* An online curriculum resource             ways that American citizenship has been            studies and foreign language teachers that
center for world history teachers and students,    defined and expanded in the eighteenth,            would examine the history, literature, and
including annotated and translated primary         nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.               cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean.
documents on women’s roles in many cultures,
and teaching strategies and support for using      Gaston College                                     University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
these materials.                                   Dallas, NC Alicia McCullough                       Eau Claire, WI Katherine Howe Lang
                                                   $28,948 A series of workshops for fifteen          $65,359 A workshop in world history for
Georgia Tech Research Institute
                                                   college and school teachers on the African         twenty K-12 teachers in northwest Wisconsin,
Atlanta, GA Janet Murray                           American experience in the textile mills           to be held on six weekends and one week in
$20,000* A digital critical edition of             of rural North Carolina.                           the summer during 2005–2006.
the American film classic, Casablanca,
designed to encourage the integration of           George C. Wallace State Community College          Villanova University
film literacy into American education.             Dothan, AL Linda Smith York                        Villanova, PA Peter Benjamin Busch
                                                   $29,811 A series of interdisciplinary faculty      $28,761 A series of faculty development
Northwestern University
                                                   workshops on the mythology of the South            workshops that place Socratic questions and
Evanston, IL Janine Spencer                        and the contributions of Alabama writers.          methods into dialog with core texts in the
$2,500* A digital archive using Picpus                                                                two-semester course sequence on western
Cemetery in Paris as a focal point for             George Mason University                            civilization required of all first-year students.
exploring the intersections of French and          Fairfax, VA Joel E. Foreman
American history over three centuries.                                                                Westchester Community College
                                                   $68,129 A year-long project for sixteen faculty
                                                   members at eight geographically dispersed          Valhalla, NY Scott Zaluda
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
                                                   institutions to study with leading scholars to     $66,098 A series of workshops for faculty
and State University
                                                   improve the teaching of world literature texts.    at four colleges to study the relationships
Blacksburg, VA E. Thomas Ewing                                                                        between the literatures of post-colonial
$5,000* The development of twenty-six              Montana State University, Billings                 Africa and the African Diasporas of the
online, multimedia sources that provide histori-   Billings, MT Jeffrey Sanders                       Caribbean and the United States.
cal data and inquiry-based learning structures
                                                   $74,941 Two five-day workshops for
for major topics in college survey courses.                                                           Witherspoon Institute
                                                   forty Montana K-12 teachers on Northern
                                                   Cheyenne history and contemporary                  Princeton, NJ Bradford P. Wilson
                                                   Cheyenne Indian culture.                           $48,093 A series of workshops for faculty

Faculty Humanities
                                                                                                      and visiting fellows at Seton Hall University,
                                                   Richard Stockton College of New Jersey             Villanova University, and Princeton
Workshops                                          Pomona, NJ Fred Mench                              University on the natural law founda-
                                                                                                      tions of the American constitution.
                                                   $55,000 A series of workshop for twenty
Grants support local and regional profes-          New Jersey teachers and administrators to
sional development programs for K-12 teachers      explore the meaning of the human experience
                                                   through reading and discussion of ancient
and faculty at post-secondary institutions.
                                                   Greek literature and history.                      Humanities Initiatives
Bard College                                                                                          for Faculty
                                                   Theatre for a New Audience
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY Teresa Vilardi
                                                   New York, NY Joseph Giardina
$58,736 A year-long, six-seminar workshop                                                             Grants help Historically Black, Hispanic-
for eighteen schoolteachers in the mid-Hudson      $46,030 A two-week summer program followed         Serving, and Tribal Colleges and Universities
region of New York on father/son narratives        by weekend workshops in fall and spring on         strengthen their humanities resources.
in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,         The Winter’s Tale, Othello, and Much Ado About
and Buddhism.                                      Nothing for sixteen New York City public
                                                   and private schoolteachers of grades 5-12.

E D U C AT I O N P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                           12
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Dine College                                        Teaching and Learning                             Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
                                                                                                      North Adams, MA Frances Jones-Sneed
                                                    Resources and Curriculum
Tsalie, AZ Clay Slate
$24,931 A project for seven experienced                                                               $94,000 A curriculum development project
teachers of the Navajo language to review           Development                                       focusing on the lives of five African Americans
features of Navajo linguistics that apply                                                             whose stories link a rural New England county
to the teaching of the language.                    Grants support projects to improve specific       with events and themes of national significance.
                                                    areas of humanities education and
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces                                                               National-Louis University
                                                    that serve as national models.
Las Cruces, NM Everett Egginton                                                                       Chicago, IL Mark A. Newman

$25,000 A one-year seminar series led               Ashland University                                $180,727 A two-year project to produce a
by visiting scholars to strengthen the                                                                sourcebook and companion Web site for K-12
                                                    Ashland, OH John E. Moser
interdisciplinary humanities program                                                                  teachers on approaches to studying Chicago
                                                    $186,900 The development of Web-based             history through maps and other visual images.
at New Mexico State University.
                                                    lesson plans and interactive exercises to
                                                    engage high school students in the study          Ridgway Area School District
Norfolk State University                            of a formative period in the develop-             Ridgway, PA Robert M. Weible
Norfolk, VA Khadijah Miller                         ment of American foreign policy.
                                                                                                      $199,601 The expansion and improvement of
$25,000 A series of lectures, workshops, discus-
                                                                                                      the ExplorePAhistory.com Web site, including
sions, and course of study, to be held at Norfolk   Associated Colleges of the South
                                                                                                      the development of three new K-12 teaching
State University exploring the African Diaspora.    Atlanta, GA Rebecca Frost Davis                   units on the role of iron, bituminous coal,
                                                    $199,874 The development of an online             and industry in Pennsylvania’s history
St. Augustine’s College                             archive of visual materials for teach-
Raleigh, NC Leslie Elaine Frost                     ing foreign languages and cultures.               Shimer College
$24,982 A project for six faculty members to                                                          Waukegan, IL Barbara S. Stone
study the history and literature of the African     Association for Core Texts and Courses            $100,000 A curriculum development project
Diaspora in order to develop a senior seminar       Moraga, CA J. Scott Lee                           to integrate great works of art into a successful
in the Department of English, expand inter-         $96,485 A two-year project to create a Web        and rigorous Great Books core curriculum.
disciplinary course offerings, and build            site for high school students on Cherokee
related major and minor programs.                   Indian history and culture from pre-              University of Houston
                                                    contact through the present era.                  Houston, TX Steven Mintz
Texas A & M University at Kingsville                                                                  $199,744 A project to expand and refine the
Kingsville, TX Michelle Renee Johnson-Vela          Chicago Historical Society                        existing Digital History Web site to
$24,964 A year-long series of work-                 Chicago, IL D. Lynn McRainey                      encourage active student involvement
shops in Hispanic Studies for faculty               $200,000 A two-year project to create a Web       in historical research and writing.
from four Texas A&M campuses with                   site for K-12 teachers on significant themes,
the aim of developing a cooperative doc-            events, and people in Chicago history.            University of Maryland, College Park
toral program in Hispanic Studies.                                                                    College Park, MD Shawn J. Parry-Giles
                                                                                                      $195,023 The development of an educa-
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras              Freedom House
                                                                                                      tional archive of American speeches and
Rio Piedras, PR Maribel Ortiz-Marquez               New York, NY Arch Puddington
                                                                                                      public debates, with accompanying histori-
$25,000 To study the representations of the         $170,000 The development of a Web site            cal information and scholarly interpretations
city in twentieth-century Latin American            and teacher study guide to support comparative    for use in the undergraduate curriculum.
literature as part of strengthening the con-        examination of the political systems of the
tent of first-year humanities courses.              United States and other countries.                University of New Mexico
                                                                                                      Albuquerque, NM William Bramble
                                                    Lehman College Art Gallery                        $157,497 The development of a CD-ROM
                                                    Bronx, NY Susan Hoeltzel                          and a Web site that would allow students of
Schools for a New Millennium                        $117,426 A three-year project to develop a Web    American history and culture to examine
                                                    site documenting fifty historically and archi-    John Collier Jr.’s photographs of American
                                                    tecturally significant buildings in the Bronx.    families, a collection sponsored by the Farm
Grants improve the teaching of the humani-                                                            Security Administration during World War II.
ties in elementary or secondary schools             Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District
through professional and curricular devel-          Sudbury, MA David Charles Hosford                 University of Southern California
opment and the use of new technology.               $198,056 A project to produce a mul-              Los Angeles, CA Daniel L. Bayer
                                                    timedia interactive Web site, student             $155,263 The development of interactive
Omega School of Excellence                          curriculum, and teacher’s guide on Stalin’s       digital learning tools for students of Italian
Dayton, OH Geraldine L. Brown                       reign of terror and its legacy.                   language and literature.
$12,000* A series of institutes, workshops,
research projects, and technological training       Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus          University of Texas, Austin
sessions to enhance the teaching of the Great       Greenvale, NY Joseph M. Piro                      Austin, TX Stephen L. Black
Migration of African Americans from the             $184,348 An online resource for teaching          $30,000* A materials development project to
South to the North.                                 about the art of Rembrandt van Rijn in histori-   create online resources such as interactive maps
                                                    cal context, focusing on works that are held by   and artifact galleries to explicate prehistoric
                                                    museums in the United States.                     cultures of each Texas region for grades K-12
                                                                                                      in formats that would meet state standards and
                                                                                                      be publicly available on an existing Web site.

E D U C AT I O N P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                        13
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
University of Texas, Austin                            Claremont Graduate University                     North Carolina Department
Austin, TX Paul E. Resta                               Claremont, CA Michael Uhlmann                     of Cultural Resources
$160,242 The development of a web-based                $110,683 Two one-week workshops for 100           Raleigh, NC Laurel Sneed
structure for bringing together the digital assets     schoolteachers exploring how the art and          $225,317 Three one-week workshops for
of presidential libraries based on a timeline of       architecture of the United States Capitol         150 schoolteachers on the history, achieve-
twentieth-century presidential administrations,        reveal the ideals and realities of the nation     ments, and material evidence of black
the major events they encountered, and the             from its founding to the Civil War.               antebellum craftsmen and entrepreneurs.
decision making process brought
to bear on these events.                               Community College Humanities Association          Northern Illinois University
                                                       Newark, NJ Carole N. Lester                       DeKalb, IL Drew VandeCreek
Worcester Public Schools                               $90,655 Two one-week workshops for fifty          $150,000 Two one-week workshops for 100
Worcester, MA Colleen Ann Kelly                        community college teachers on the history         schoolteachers held at Abraham Lincoln’s
$200,000 The development of a Web site on              and symbolic importance of the Alamo.             home in Springfield, Illinois, on politics
antebellum America (1815–1860) drawing from                                                              and society in antebellum United States.
existing sites and the collections of the American     Florida Humanities Council
Antiquarian Society and Old Sturbridge Village.        St. Petersburg, FL Susan Lockwood                 Portland State University
                                                       $259,149 Four one-week workshops for 200          Portland, OR Katrine Elise Barber
                                                       teachers examining Spanish St. Augustine in       $114,042 Two one-week workshops for fifty
                                                       the context of American colonial history.         community college faculty to explore major
Landmarks of                                                                                             themes in United States history illuminated by
American History                                       Henry Ford Community College                      studying sites on “the Great River of the West.”
                                                       Dearborn, MI Michael Daher
                                                       $150,898 Two one-week workshops                   Salem State College
Grants support a series of one-week residence-                                                           Salem, MA Patricia A. Johnston
                                                       for eighty high school teachers to study
based workshops at historic sites for teachers.        corporate, labor, and cultural history            $249,943 Three one-week workshops for 120
                                                       through primary sources and visits to the         teachers to explore the political, economic,
Association for Core Texts and Courses
                                                       River Rouge Plant and nearby sites.               and social history of nineteenth-century Salem
Moraga, CA J. Scott Lee
                                                                                                         through material and documentary sources.
$152,586 Two one-week workshops for                    The Henry Ford
ninety high school teachers to increase                Dearborn, MI William S. Pretzer                   St. Mary’s College of Maryland
knowledge of Cherokee/American History,                $142,000 Two one-week workshops                   St. Mary’s City, MD Zachariah Paulo Messitte
to be held at the Cherokee Heritage                    for eighty schoolteachers on America’s            $147,920 Two one-week workshops for
Center at Tahlequah, Oklahoma.                         Industrial Revolution, held at Henry              ninety teachers on the growth of con-
                                                       Ford’s Greenfield Village, the Henry Ford         cepts of liberty in Maryland, to be held
Bill of Rights Institute                               Museum, the Benson Ford Research                  at the Center for the Study of Democracy
Arlington, VA Claire McCaffery Griffin                 Center, and the Ford Rouge Factory.               at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.
$225,000 Three one-week summer work-
shops, held at Mount Vernon, for 150                   Jackson State University                          University of Illinois at Chicago
school teachers, on George Washington                  Jackson, MS Leslie B. McLemore                    Chicago, IL Margaret Strobel
and the genesis of the Constitution.                   $122,806 Two one-week workshops for fifty         $149,968 Two six-day workshops for eighty
                                                       community college teachers anchored in            teachers to study the dimensions of the
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute                      landmarks central to the Freedom Summer           Progressive movement in American his-
Birmingham, AL Martha V. Bouyer                        and the Sanitation Workers’ Strike, important     tory as they intersect in the activities of Jane
$300,000 Four one-week summer workshops                episodes in the Civil Rights Movement.            Addams, her coworkers, and her neighbors
for 200 teachers on the Civil Rights Movement                                                            at the Hull-House settlement in Chicago.
in Montgomery and Birmingham to be held                Mars Hill College
at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.              Mars Hill, NC Kathryn Newfont                     Western Reserve Historical Society
                                                       $114,443 Two one-week workshops for               Cleveland, OH Edward J. Pershey
Canal Corridor Association –                           fifty community college faculty to explore        $141,890 Two one-week workshops for fifty
Gaylord Building Historic Site                         the relationships of the Cherokee, set-           community college faculty on the history of the
Lockport, IL Ronald S. Vasile                          tlers, loggers, and scientific foresters to the   steel industry and its role in nineteenth- and
$195,000 Three one-week workshops for 135              natural resources and historic sites of the       twentieth-century industrial America, to be
teachers to explore the story of the Illinois          Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.                held at the Western Reserve Historical Society.
and Michigan Canal and its relationship
to broader themes in American history.                 Montpelier Foundation
                                                       Orange, VA William F. Harris, II
Central Missouri State University                      $149,991 Two one-week workshops for               Seminars and Institutes
Warrensburg, MO Jeffrey K. Yelton                      100 teachers examining James Madison’s
$155,255 Two one-week workshops for 100                Constitutional thought and Montpelier
                                                       as evidence of Madison’s life.                    Grants support national summer seminars and
teachers to explore political, economic, and
social issues of antebellum America through
                                                                                                         institutes in humanities subjects for teachers.
the history of Arrow Rock, Missouri.

N D T I O N A O N N R O G R AE NS F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                                                            4
American Academy in Rome                               College of William and Mary                        Library Company of Philadelphia
New York, NY Richard J. A. Talbert                     Williamsburg, VA James F. Harris                   Philadelphia, PA Richard S. Newman
$122,848 A five-week seminar for fifteen college       $95,489 A four-week seminar for fifteen            $89,917 A four-week seminar for fif-
and university teachers to study themes and            middle and high school teachers on the             teen schoolteachers on the American
events of the Roman empire on site in Rome, Italy.     principle of separation of church and state.       abolitionist movement from the
                                                                                                          Revolutionary War era to the Civil War.
Amherst College                                        Community College Humanities Association
Amherst, MA Austin D. Sarat                            Newark, NJ George L. Scheper                       Maine Humanities Council
$146,343 A five-week seminar for fifteen               $244,602 A six-week institute for twenty-four      Portland, ME Charles C. Calhoun
schoolteachers on the role of punishment               college and university teachers on the Maya        $133,798 A three-week institute for thirty
in law, politics, society, and culture.                of Chiapas and in Guatemala, Honduras,             schoolteachers, exploring the personal and
                                                       and Belize, to take place on site in Mexico,       professional relationship between Nathaniel
Arizona State University                               Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.                   Hawthorne and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Tempe, AZ David W. Foster
$128,293 A five-week seminar for col-                  Connecticut College                                Mystic Seaport Museum
lege and university faculty to study                   New London, CT John Swan Gordon                    Mystic, CT Eric P. Roorda
contemporary Brazilian urban fiction.                  $101,241 A six-week seminar for fifteen school-    $155,250 A six-week institute for twenty college
                                                       teachers to examine the works of James Joyce.      and university teachers on American maritime
Ashland University                                                                                        history from the colonial era to the present.
Ashland, OH James W. Muller                            CUNY Research Foundation,
$94,538 A two-week institute for thirty high           Graduate School and University Center              New York Public Library
schoolteachers on Winston S. Churchill,                New York, NY John R. Wallach                       New York, NY Edward Kasinec
his political career, his relationship with            $170,441 A five-week institute for twenty-five     $101,093 A two-week institute for twenty
America, and his continuing legacy.                    college and university teachers on human rights.   college faculty members to study the visual
                                                                                                          legacy of the medieval and early mod-
Boston University                                      Duke University                                    ern periods of East Slavic history.
Boston, MA Peter Gibbon                                Durham, NC Ronald G. Witt
$226,384 A four-week institute for thirty              $108,088 A four-week seminar for fifteen           North Dakota State University, Main Campus
schoolteachers on the personality, charac-             schoolteachers to study the writings of            Fargo, ND Thomas D. Isern
ter, and public life of Thomas Jefferson.              Petrarch on site in Provence, France.              $104,417 A five-week seminar for fif-
                                                                                                          teen schoolteachers on the history and
Brigham Young University, Provo                        Duquesne University                                culture of the American Great Plains.
Provo, UT John R. Rosenberg                            Pittsburgh, PA Albert C. Labriola
$121,547 A five-week seminar in Spanish for            $97,970 A five-week seminar for school-            Princeton University
fifteen Spanish teachers to study dramatic             teachers on Milton’s Paradise Lost.                Princeton, NJ Maria A. DiBattista
literature and art on site in Madrid, Spain.                                                              $152,155 A five-week seminar for fifteen
                                                       East-West Center                                   college and university teachers to be held on
California State University, Bakersfield               Honolulu, HI Peter D. Hershock                     site in Paris, France, to explore the cultural
Bakersfield, CA Charles William MacQuarrie             $185,264 A five-week institute for twenty-         and social grounding of the emergence of
$104,042 A five-week seminar in Britain                five college and university faculty members        modern art in twentieth-century Paris.
for fifteen schoolteachers to explore the              to explore the history of the Silk Road.
cultural, literary, and linguistic diversity                                                              Rice University
of the Isle of Man in the Middle Ages.                 Ferrum College                                     Houston, TX Maria-Regina Josefine Kecht
                                                       Ferrum, VA Peter G. Crow                           $149,112 A four-week institute for twenty-five
Center for Civic Education                             $136,000 A four-week institute for twenty-         college teachers, conducted in German, drawing
Calabasas, CA William F. Harris, II                    five college and university teachers on            on works of literature and studies of migration
$152,134 A three-week institute for                    Appalachian history and culture.                   and ethnicity to examine the benefits and the
twenty-five schoolteachers on American                                                                    tensions arising from the mix of cultures and
political and constitutional thought.                  Folger Shakespeare Library                         nationalities in Vienna in the twentieth century.
                                                       Washington, DC Jeremy Ehrlich
College of Notre Dame of Maryland                                                                         Salem State College
                                                       $180,845 A four-week institute for twenty-
Baltimore, MD Therese Marie Dougherty                                                                     Salem, MA Patricia A. Johnston
                                                       five secondary school teachers to examine
$159,859 A five-week institute for twenty-five         Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.                   $159,780 A four-week institute for
middle and high school Latin teachers to contex-                                                          twenty-five schoolteachers on the visual
tualize the study of Latin language and Roman          Harvard University                                 culture of colonial New England.
culture through on-site study of dwellings in and      Cambridge, MA Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
around Rome and in the region of Pompeii.                                                                 San Diego State University Foundation
                                                       $199,955 A four-week institute for                 San Diego, CA Kathleen B. Jones
                                                       twenty-five college and university teach-
College of the Holy Cross                              ers on the Civil Rights Movement in                $134,646 A six-week seminar for fifteen
Worcester, MA Todd Lewis                               twentieth-century United States.                   schoolteachers to study three major works
$188,092 A four-week institute for thirty                                                                 by political theorist Hannah Arendt, which
schoolteachers to study the cultures and                                                                  provide philosophical lenses to consider
religions of the Himalayan region in the                                                                  the problem of evil, the uses of terror,
context of Asian and world history.                                                                       and the origins of totalitarianism.

N D T I O N A O N N R O G R AE NS F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                                                           5
San Jose State University Foundation                   University of Dayton                                Western Michigan University
San Jose, CA Jennifer Lea Anderson                     Dayton, OH Richard P. Benedum                       Kalamazoo, MI Paul E. Szarmach
$81,373 A four-week seminar for school-                $269,244 A five-week interdisciplinary              $148,990 A six-week seminar for fifteen
teachers to conduct an interdisciplinary               institute for thirty schoolteachers to study the    college and university teachers on Anglo-
study of key cultural concepts and values              music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in its             Saxon hagiographic writings and related
that have shaped Japanese society over time,           cultural and historical context in Vienna.          issues, to be held in Cambridge, England.
using historical documents, poems, nov-
els, and works of art and performance.
                                                       University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth              Wright State University Main Campus
                                                       North Dartmouth, MA Gerard M. Koot                  Dayton, OH Barry E. Milligan
Shakespeare and Company
Lenox, MA Kevin G. Coleman                             $131,292 A five-week seminar for fifteen            $89,654 A four-week seminar for fifteen
                                                       schoolteachers to study and interpret indus-        schoolteachers to be held abroad, to study
$161,245 A four-week institute for
twenty-six secondary school teachers to                trialization in Britain between 1750 and 1850,      British cultural responses to World War I
study two plays by William Shakespeare                 to take place in Nottingham, England.               in England, France, and Belgium.
in the context of performance and the
conditions of Elizabethan staging.                     University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
                                                       North Dartmouth, MA Lewis Kamm
SUNY Research Foundation, Buffalo                      $70,293 A three-week seminar for fif-               National History Competition
Amherst, NY Jorge Gracia
                                                       teen schoolteachers to study Balzac’s The
$108,411 A three-week seminar for fifteen                                                                  Boston University
                                                       Wild Ass’s Skin and Zola’s Germinal.
college and university teachers on Cuban-                                                                  Boston, MA Peter Gibbon
American art, literature, and philosophy.                                                                  $200,000 Two-year pilot testing of a
                                                       University of New Mexico
                                                       Albuquerque, NM Russell Goodman                     National History Competition for elemen-
SUNY Research Foundation,                                                                                  tary and middle-school students.
College at Oswego                                      $3,946 A four-week summer semi-
Oswego, NY Edward J. O’Shea                            nar for college teachers to examine the
$98,110 A four-week seminar for fifteen                essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
schoolteachers on William Butler Yeats,
to take place in Galway, Ireland.                      University of Pittsburgh
                                                       Pittsburgh, PA Mariana E. Whitmer
Syracuse University                                    $165,581 A five-week institute for twenty-
Syracuse, NY Dennis Romano                             five schoolteachers to explore topics in
$131,867 A five-week seminar for fifteen               American history through the lens of music.
college and university teachers, to be held
on site in Venice, Italy, to examine how               University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Renaissance contemporaries experienced                 Chattanooga, TN Irven M. Resnick
and represented urban life in Venice.
                                                       $180,943 A five-week institute held at the
Trinity University                                     Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
San Antonio, TX Richard G. Newhauser                   in England for twenty-five college and univer-
                                                       sity teachers to examine changes in the legal
$93,632 A five-week seminar for fif-
teen college and university teachers on                and economic status, social condition, and
cultural aspects of medieval moral thought,            cultural depictions of Jews in medieval Europe.
to be held in Cambridge, England.
                                                       Vanderbilt University
University of Arkansas, Monticello                     Nashville, TN David J. Wasserstein
Monticello, AR Richard A. Corby                        $136,937 A six-week seminar for college and
$188,640 A six-week institute for twenty-five          university faculty to study the relations between
social studies teachers to study the history and       Jews and Arab-Muslims in the Middle Ages.
culture of South Africa, to be held in Cape
Town and other locations in South Africa.              Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
                                                       Charlottesville, VA Joseph C. Miller
University of California, Los Angeles                  $133,347 A five-week seminar for fifteen
Los Angeles, CA Sander M. Goldberg                     schoolteachers on the Atlantic context of
$123,384 A two-week institute for twenty-five          African history during the period from the
college and university teachers to introduce           first European contacts with sub-Saharan
new technical tools and digital models that can        Africa to the end of the forced migration
stimulate insights into ancient Roman urban life.      of slaves from Africa to the Americas.

University of California, Santa Cruz                   Washington University
Santa Cruz, CA Murray Baumgarten                       St. Louis, MO John F. Heil
$195,452 A five-week institute for twenty-four         $126,462 A six-week seminar for college
college and university teachers on the post-           and university teachers on philosophical
Medieval experience of Jews in Venice, and its         questions about the nature of the mind.
cultural, intellectual, and historical contexts.

N D T I O N A O N N R O G R AE NS F O R T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                                                        6
                          d ivision                of      p ReseRvAtion               And      A CCess
                          Through the Division of Preservation and Access, NEH combats the physical deterioration
                          of humanities collections in America’s libraries, museums, archives, and historical organizations,
                          ensuring access to these collections for research, education, and public programming. In fiscal
                          year 2005, 174 grants went to support preservation and access activities in 164 institutions in
                          forty-two states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
                               A recent survey revealed that that nearly one-third of cultural institutions in the United States
                          urgently need additional storage facilities or furniture. NEH stabilization grants help provide proper
                          storage and security systems to preserve humanities collections in museums, libraries, and archives.
                          A grant to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, for example, helped pre-
                          serve its valuable collection of works of art from around the world. NEH has always considered
                          support for education and training an important component of its national preservation efforts.
                          NEH currently supports six regional services organizations across the country that provide thou-
                          sands of cultural repositories with preservation information and training.
                               The Endowment also supports the creation of a wide array of printed research tools and refer-
                          ence works, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, databases, and other types of reference
                          materials. Previously printed works, such as The Middle English Dictionary, are now available in a
                          digital version, enabling users to search the information in multiple ways and to integrate this refer-
                          ence source with other online resources. In 2005, a grant supported the addition of approximately
                          240 entries in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a freely accessible online reference work.
                               The division also encourages the development of new technical procedures for preserving and
                          improving access to humanities resources. For example, NEH made a Research and Development
                          grant to Indiana University at Bloomington to develop best practices for preserving deteriorating
                          analog sound recordings of music from around the world by converting these recordings into digital
                          format. The results of this particular project will be of interest to audio repositories worldwide.
                                About one half of the more than 6,000 currently spoken languages are threatened with extinc-
                          tion. In an effort to address this crisis, in 2005 the NEH and the National Science Foundation
                          established a joint, multiyear initiative on Documenting Endangered Languages. Grants will sup-
                          port fieldwork and other activities relevant to recording, documenting, and archiving endangered
                          languages, including the preparation of lexicons, grammars, text samples, and databases. One such
                          award went to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina, which is digitiz-
                          ing Cherokee language materials in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural
                          History and working with tribal elders to translate and assess these materials.
                                Newspapers document the civic, legal, historical, and cultural events in every region of
                          the nation of the past three hundred years. All fifty states, two U.S. territories, and the District
                          of Columbia have been involved in the Endowment’s United States Newspaper Program, a
                          national initiative to catalog and preserve on microfilm the country’s newspapers on a state-by-
                          state basis. Grants in 2005 went to California, Illinois, and Virginia to preserve historic newspapers
                          in those states. At the conclusion of the current projects, nearly 214,000 historic newspaper
                          titles will be available in a national database and more than sixty-eight million deteriorating
                          newspaper pages will have been transferred onto microfilm.
                               With the advent of digital technology, there is now a means of providing full-text search-
                          ing of newspaper content. As part of the We the People program, a major effort is being made
                          to digitize microfilmed pages of historically significant newspapers, which could be searched
                          on a national database freely accessible via the Internet. In pursuit of this objective, NEH

NR E S O RVA T EO N O W D E N T E S S PT H E H A M S N I T I E S                                                                     7
                          and the Library of Congress signed a memorandum of understanding in 2004 establishing a
                          partnership to create the National Digital Newspaper Program. Under the terms of this part-
                          nership, over a period of approximately twenty years, the Endowment will provide grants to
                          institutions and organizations in each state of the nation to digitize titles published between
                          1836 and 1922 and to prepare fully searchable files that the Library of Congress would per-
                          manently maintain on the Internet. The National Digital Newspaper Program is a complex,
                          multiyear undertaking that will be implemented in successive phases. The NEH recently pro-
                          vided support for projects in California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, and Virginia that
                          will result in the digitization of hundreds of thousands of pages of historic newspapers.
                               Smaller cultural repositories constitute the large majority of collecting institutions in the
                          United States. Preservation Assistance Grants provide small and mid-sized libraries, archives,
                          museums, and historical organizations with up to $5,000 to support onsite consultations with
                          preservation professionals to enable staff to attend preservation training workshops, and to
                          purchase preservation supplies and equipment. Since FY 2000, 702 grants have been made to
                          institutions in fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Among the 114 grants
                          made in 2005 was one to the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise, California, to purchase stor-
                          age furniture to house its collections of materials related to the history of northern California.
                               After the recent hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, it became clear that workable institu-
                          tional plans for disaster preparedness and response are of particular importance. Shortly after
                          the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina became apparent, the NEH made avail-
                          able Emergency Grants of up to $30,000 for salvage and recovery efforts on the part of cultural
                          institutions in the disaster areas. The Division of Preservation and Access has served as the
                          principal point of contact for museums, libraries, archives, and other organizations seeking emer-
                          gency assistance. Among the recipients of awards were the New Orleans Notarial Archives,
                          Jefferson Davis’s home at Beauvoir, and the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History.

                                                                              RALPH C. CANEVALI
                                                                              ACTING DIRECTOR
                                                                              DIVISION OF PRESERVATION AND ACCESS

NR E S O RVA T EO N O W D E N T E S S PT H E H A M S N I T I E S                                                                8
Preservation and Access                                   American Philosophical Society                       Balboa Art Conservation Center
                                                          Philadelphia, PA Martin L. Levitt                    San Diego, CA Janet E. Ruggles
                                                          $600,000 The installation of fire and security       $250,000 A regional preservation field
Grants assist in the care of humani-
                                                          systems in Library Hall for the protection           service program that provides preservation
ties collections and in the availability
                                                          of the society’s resources in early American         surveys, workshops, technical consultations,
for use by the public.
                                                          history and the history of science and               and educational materials to museums
Adams County Historical Society                           technology, as well as manuscripts and               and historical organizations in California,
Gettysburg, PA Wayne E. Motts                             printed materials documenting the cultural           Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.
                                                          and intellectual heritage of the nation.
$5,000 The purchase of supplies to rehouse
                                                                                                               Bass Museum of Art
negatives in the Walter B. Lane Photograph
                                                          American Philosophical Society                       Miami Beach, FL Rachel Talent
Collection, focusing on regional Pennsylvania
                                                          Philadelphia, PA Martin L. Levitt                    $5,000 Architectural and design
history in the latter half of the twentieth century.
                                                          $164,000 Conserving, rehousing,                      collections rehousing
Alabama Historical Commission                             and digitizing early twentieth-century
                                                          science and linguistics papers.                      Bennington Museum
Montgomery, AL Clyde Harris Eller
                                                                                                               Bennington, VT Richard C. Borges
$5,000 A workshop on environmen-
                                                          American Textile History Museum                      $5,000 Purchasing storage furniture and
tal monitoring for the staff of thirteen
                                                          Lowell, MA Karen Herbaugh                            materials to preserve collections that
historic sites across Alabama.
                                                          $36,398 The purchase of storage fur-                 relate to the history and culture of south-
Albany Institute of History and Art                       niture to rehouse American textiles                  ern Vermont and New England.
Albany, NY Rebecca D. Rich-Wulfmeyer                      in the museum’s collections.
                                                                                                               Berkshire Museum
$3,500 A preservation assessment of the library
                                                          American Theological Library Association             Pittsfield, MA Nezka Pfeifer
collections and the facility housing documents
                                                          Chicago, IL Russell H. Kracke                        $5,000 A general preservation assessment of the
and objects related to the history of Albany and
                                                          $402,000 The microfilming of 2,700 volumes           museum’s collections, which represent world
the Hudson Valley since the eighteenth century.
                                                          from 400 brittle journals and serials, printed       cultures as well as local and regional history.
American Alpine Club                                      from 1850 to 1985, on the religions of Hispanic
                                                          and indigenous peoples of the Americas.              Bernardsville Public Library
Golden, CO Bridget Jeanne Burke
                                                                                                               Bernardsville, NJ Pat Kennedy-Grant
$5,000 A preservation assessment and the
                                                          Amigos Library Services, Inc.                        $5,000 The purchase of preservation supplies
rehousing of the club’s photographic collection
                                                          Dallas, TX Lynn F. Johnson                           to rehouse books, scrapbooks, photographs,
that documents the history of mountain-
                                                          $594,000 A regional field service program,           and maps related to local history.
eering and mountain regions throughout
                                                          which provides workshops, consultations,
the world, ca. 1870 through the 1950s.
                                                          preservation surveys, disaster response              Bessemer Historical Society
                                                          assistance, reference services, and educa-           Pueblo, CO Emory Jay Trask
American Antiquarian Society
Worcester, MA Alan N. Degutis                             tional materials on preservation and digital         $3,500 The purchase and installation of envi-
                                                          imaging to libraries, archives, and histori-         ronmental monitoring equipment to monitor
$307,000 The cataloging of 12,250
                                                          cal organizations in the Southwest.                  temperature and humidity in archives relating
imprints documenting American history
                                                                                                               to a fuel and iron company (1872–1990s).
and culture from 1801 through 1820.
                                                          Animas Museum
                                                          Durango, CO Janet W. Postler                         Betsy Ross House
American Antiquarian Society
                                                          $5,000 Planning for the improved storage of          Philadelphia, PA Lisa Acker Moulder
Worcester, MA John B. Hench
                                                          humanities collections, which include 28,000         $5,000 The development of an emergency
$100,000 Conservation treatment of
                                                          artifacts that represent the history and cul-        preparedness and response plan for the
the History of the Book collection.
                                                          ture of the San Juan Basin in Colorado.              Betsy Ross House, which preserves collec-
American Film Institute                                                                                        tions of tools, furnishings, and decorative
                                                          Anthology Film Archives                              arts of the eighteenth century, and items
Los Angeles, CA Patricia K. Hanson
                                                          New York, NY Andrew Lampert                          related to Ross and her descendants.
$200,000* The preparation of a descriptive
                                                          $5,000 A preservation assessment of archival
catalog of all feature-length motion pictures pro-
                                                          moving image and paper-based materials, dating       Boys and Girls Harbor, Inc.
duced in the United States from 1971 to 1980.
                                                          to the latter half of the twentieth century, which   New York, NY Ramon Rodriguez
                                                          would provide a basis for developing long-term       $5,000 A preservation assessment of rare
American Museum of Natural History
                                                          conservation, preservation, and cataloging plans.    periodicals, music manuscripts, graphic
New York, NY Paul F. Beelitz
                                                                                                               prints, and ephemera that reflect the his-
$335,545 The creation of digital images of                Association for the Preservation                     tory and theory of Afro-Caribbean music.
17,400 ethnographic artifacts, manuscript                 of Virginia Antiquities
pages, photographs, drawings, and water-                  Richmond, VA Catherine E. Dean
colors from the Pacific and Australia.
                                                          $5,000 Consultation with a conservator
                                                          to develop a storage plan for material cul-
                                                          ture collections that document the history
                                                          of Virginia from 1607 to the present.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                        19
Break O’ Day Farm and Metcalfe Museum, Inc.               Carbon County Museum                                 Coastal Carolina University
Durham, OK David Michael Cunningham                       Rawlins, WY Denise Marie Patton                      Conway, SC Charmaine B. Tomczyk
$5,000 Purchasing environmental monitor-                  $5,000 A preservation assessment and                 $5,000 A preservation assessment and
ing equipment and storage furniture and                   training workshop on the care of material            the purchase of supplies for archives
materials to preserve art, archival, and                  culture collections that relate to the history       related to the institution and local his-
material culture collections related to fron-             and culture of south-central Wyoming.                tory, from 1898 to the present.
tier artist Augusta Metcalfe (1881–1971).
                                                          Carnegie Museum of Art                               Colby-Sawyer College
Bridgeport Public Library                                 Pittsburgh, PA Louise W. Lippincott                  New London, NH Lianne E.H. Keary
Bridgeport, CT Elizabeth Greever Van Tuyl                 $340,000 The arrangement and description of          $5,000 The purchase of rehousing sup-
$3,500 A conservation assessment of 200 rare              and minor repairs to 26,400 photographic nega-       plies, disaster supplies, and storage furniture
circus posters dating from 1882 to the 1980s.             tives documenting African-American history           for the collections of the college archives,
                                                          and culture in Pittsburgh from 1935 through          which consists of family, town, and county
Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives                          1975. An Internet-accessible catalog and finding     records dating from 1790 to 1970.
Butte, MT Ellen B. Crain                                  aids will be created and 28,000 digitized positive
$3,500 Disaster preparedness consultation, and            images will also be mounted on the Internet.         Columbia College, Chicago
purchase of supplies to ensure the long-term                                                                   Chicago, IL Rosita M. Sands
care of 12,500 linear feet of archives related to         Chicago Botanic Garden                               $93,922 The digital reformatting of 130
mining, labor, and local history, 1860–1990.              Glencoe, IL Larry E. DeBuhr                          interviews and musical performances, and
                                                          $170,614 Cataloging 3,537 rare books, serials,       the arrangement and description of the
California Polytechnic State University,                  and monographic series related to the his-           manuscript papers of three twentieth-century
San Luis Obispo                                           tory of horticulture and landscape design            scholars of African-American music.
San Luis Obispo, CA Nancy E. Loe                          in the Western world from 1400 to 1900.
$248,988 The digitization, arrangement,                                                                        Columbia University
and description of manuscripts by and about               Christiansburg Institute, Inc.                       New York, NY Ehsan O. Yarshater
California architect Julia Morgan (1872–1957).            Christiansburg, VA Elaine D. Carter                  $434,134 The preparation and publication of
                                                          $5,000 A preservation assessment of archival         the Encyclopedia Iranica, a multivolume reference
California State University, San Bernardino               and artifact collections related to a school for     work on the Near East and Central Asia.
San Bernardino, CA Eva Kirsch                             African Americans in Virginia from 1866 to
$5,000 An assessment of the Robert F.                     1966. There would also be a workshop on              Columbia University Libraries
Fullerton Art Museum’s preservation efforts,              basic preservation and archival practices.           New York, NY Amy Vladeck Heinrich
the treatment needs of Egyptian ceramic                                                                        $155,358 The arrangement, description,
artifacts, and training of staff and volunteers.          Cincinnati Art Museum                                rehousing, and cataloging of a multimedia
                                                          Cincinnati, OH Katie Haigh                           collection that documents the history of
Calvin College                                            $5,000 The purchase of two storage cabinets          Japanese puppet theater from 1960 through
Grand Rapids, MI Glenn Alan Remelts                       to house the Folgers Coffee Silver Collection,       the 1990s. An Internet-accessible finding aid
$3,500 A preservation assessment and                      a group of ninety-six English silver coffee          would be created in English and Japanese.
evaluation of a proposed reading room for                 pots and serving accessories dating from the
the Rare Book Collection, focused on the                  eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.           Columbia University Libraries
theological heritage of John Calvin.                                                                           New York, NY Janet Elaine Gertz
                                                          City of Gloucester                                   $626,000 The preservation, microfilm-
Cameron University                                        Gloucester, MA Robert D. Whynott                     ing, and cataloging of 5,200 brittle
Lawton, OK Sheridan Eleanor Young                         $3,500 A preservation assessment of archives         Slavic-language volumes published from 1850
$5,000 Purchasing storage materials, light                that document the history of Gloucester,             to 1960 and held in the university’s Russian
filters, and an environmental data logger, as             Massachusetts, from 1634 to 1874.                    and East European collections.
well as hiring a consultant for a workshop on
disaster preparedness, response, and recov-               City of Las Cruces                                   Connecticut Historical Society
ery, to preserve a collection of documents                Las Cruces, NM Shirley Clark                         Hartford, CT Richard C. Malley
on the history of the university, the town                $3,500 A preservation assessment for archives        $50,000* Installation of climate control
of Lawton, and Native Americans.                          that document the history of Las Cruces, New         and fire suppression systems along with
                                                          Mexico, from the early 1900s to the present.         the purchase of compact shelving to pre-
Campbell Center for Historic                                                                                   serve the library, archival, and material
Preservation Studies                                      City of Philadelphia, Department of Records          culture collections documenting the settle-
Mt. Carroll, IL Kathy A. Cyr                              Philadelphia, PA Ward J. Childs                      ment and development of Connecticut.
$275,000 Educational programs focused on                  $51,000 Preservation of
the care of humanities collections for staff              Philadelphia land records                            Cornell University
of museums and historical organizations.                                                                       Ithaca, NY Anne R. Kenney
                                                                                                               $312,809 An online tutorial on the basics of
                                                                                                               digital preservation, and six one-week work-
                                                                                                               shops for advanced training in the preservation
                                                                                                               of digital materials in cultural institutions.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                          20
CUNY Research Foundation,                                 George Washington University                          Historical Society of Rockland County
Graduate School and University Center                     Washington, DC Allida Black                           New City, NY Erin L. Martin
New York, NY Dee L. Clayman                               $336,235 The creation of an online edi-               $5,000 The purchase of environmental
$215,854 The addition of ten volumes to the               tion of Eleanor Roosevelt’s syndicated                monitoring equipment and consultation
Database of Classical Bibliography, an electronic         newspaper column, “My Day,” which ran                 with a conservator to establish a monitoring
resource containing the retrospective volumes of          six days a week, producing some 7,200                 program and develop a plan for the storage
L’Année Philologique, the international bibliogra-        columns from 1935 through 1962.                       of collections, which document the agricul-
phy of record for the field of classical studies.                                                               tural and industrial history of the county.
                                                          George Washington University
Eiteljorg Museum of American                              Washington, DC Ildiko Pogany DeAngelis                Hot Springs County Museum
Indian and Western Art                                                                                          and Cultural Center
                                                          $429,863 Development and testing of a
Indianapolis, IN James H. Nottage                                                                               Thermopolis, WY Larry Marcotte
                                                          distance learning curriculum in collec-
$5,000 The purchase of storage furni-                     tions care and management, which would                $5,000 Hiring a consultant to assess stor-
ture and the rehousing of seventy-five                    be offered to thirty participants from cul-           age conditions and conduct a training
American Indian clothing and textile items                tural repositories across the country.                workshop. The project would also purchase
dating from the 1840s to the 1920s.                                                                             storage furniture and preservation materi-
                                                          Goddard College                                       als for collections that relate to the history
Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium                          Plainfield, VT Clara E. Bruns                         and culture of central Wyoming.
St. Johnsbury, VT Isobel Patricia Swartz                  $5,000 An assessment of the preservation,
                                                          disaster response, security, and facility needs       House of the Seven Gables
$5,000 A preservation assessment and the
                                                          of the library as well as a review of col-            Salem, MA Alexandria M. Mason
purchase of boxes and other supplies to
                                                          lection policies and practices for archives           $5,000 Consultation with a conservator and
rehouse the museum’s manuscript papers
                                                          related to the history of the college.                the purchase of storage supplies and shelv-
and watercolor collection of twentieth-
                                                                                                                ing for the Nathaniel Hawthorne collection,
century German artist, Helmut Siber.
                                                          Gold Nugget Museum                                    which includes documents, personal belong-
Fairfield University                                      Paradise, CA Sondra Harlan                            ings, and books pertaining to Hawthorne.
Fairfield, CT Elise Bochinski                             $5,000 Purchasing storage furniture and materi-
                                                          als to rehouse material culture collections related   Hubbard Museum of the American West
$5,000 A preservation assessment of 526 linear
                                                          to the history and culture of northern California.    Ruidoso Downs, NM Melinda McPeek
feet of institutional archives and 209 linear
                                                                                                                $5,000 Purchasing storage furniture and
feet of special collections related to Catholic
                                                          Governor Dummer Academy                               materials to rehouse material culture
education and to the university’s history.
                                                          Byfield, MA Mary Elizabeth Leary                      collections relating to the history and
Fisk University                                           $5,000 A general preservation assessment and          culture of southern New Mexico.
Nashville, TN Jessie C. Smith                             the purchase of supplies for correspondence,
                                                          ledgers, sermons, scrapbooks, glass-plate             Humboldt State University
$65,000 Preservation of the Rosenwald
                                                          negatives and other photographs, books,               Arcata, CA Joan R. Berman
Rural Negro Schools Archives.
                                                          lithographs, prints, and materials that docu-         $5,000 The purchase of map filing cases and
Friends of Hildene, Inc.                                  ment local history and the history of Dummer          related archival supplies for the rehousing and
Manchester, VT Beth Anne Meachem                          Academy, a school founded in 1763.                    stabilizing of maps and aerial photographs
                                                                                                                of the region held by the university library.
$3,500 Consultation with a conservator
                                                          Guam Humanities Council
to work with the repository’s staff to safe-
                                                          Hagatna, GU Nicholas Goetzfridt                       Hunterdon Museum of Art
guard and rehouse images in the Lincoln
                                                          $300,000 The second phase of a seven-year proj-       Clinton, NJ Donna Gustafson
Family Photograph Collection, dating
from the 1840s through the 1970s.                         ect to create an online encyclopedia of Guam.         $5,000 The purchase of a flat file cabinet as
                                                                                                                well as archival boxes and mats to rehouse a
Fruitlands Museums                                        Hagaman Memorial Library                              collection of twentieth-century art prints.
Harvard, MA Michael A. Volmar                             Meriden, CT Fawn Colleen Murphy
                                                          $5,000 A preservation assessment of 165 linear        Idaho State Historical Society
$5,000 A conservation assessment of the
                                                          feet of archives related to the history of East       Boise, ID Linda Morton-Keithley
museum’s Shaker manuscript collection.
                                                          Haven, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.            $5,000 The purchase of storage enclo-
Geneva Public Library                                                                                           sures to rehouse archival and oral
                                                          Heritage Preservation                                 history holdings that document the legisla-
Geneva, IN Rose Teeple Bryan
                                                          Washington, DC Jane S. Long                           tive, public, and architectural history of
$5,000 A preservation assessment, creation
                                                          $210,180 The preparation and dissemination            Idaho during the twentieth century.
of a management plan, and training in the
                                                          of a Field Guide to Emergency Readiness
care of archives related to Indiana history.
                                                          and Response, which would provide step-               Illinois State University
                                                          by-step advice on how to salvage humanities           Normal, IL Barbara Jean Feldman
                                                          collections immediately after a disaster.             $3,500 A preservation needs assessment of the
                                                                                                                library’s special collections and rare books.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                           21
Indiana Medical History Museum                            Lavaca County                                        MacGregor Charitable Trust
Indianapolis, IN Virginia L. Terpening                    Hallettsville, TX Elizabeth A. Kouba                 Estes Park, CO Eric D. Adams
$5,000 The purchase of environmental monitor-             $3,500 A preservation assessment and                 $5,000 Hiring a conservation consultant to
ing equipment to measure relative humidity and            one-day workshop to preserve archives                train staff and purchasing environmental
temperature in the museum’s 1895 building,                that document the local history of Lavaca            monitoring equipment, storage furniture and
which houses collections that document turn-of-           County, Texas, from 1846 to the present.             materials to rehouse textiles, paper collec-
the-century medical laboratories and research.                                                                 tions, and objects of material culture that
                                                          Lee Strasberg Creative Center                        relate to the history of ranching in Colorado.
Indiana University, Bloomington                           New York, NY Teresa Bogar
Bloomington, IN Dov-Ber Kerler                            $5,000 A general preservation assessment of cor-     Mark Twain House
$200,000 Five expeditions to Ukraine to                   respondence, manuscripts, photographs, films,        Hartford, CT Patricia Philippon
conduct oral history interviews with sur-                 and audiotapes related to the career of director,    $3,500 An assessment of the conservation
viving Yiddish speakers about Jewish life                 actor, and educator Lee Strasberg (1920–1982).       treatment needs of the museum’s Victorian-
in the region prior to the Holocaust.                                                                          era paintings and works of art on paper.
                                                          Library of Virginia
Indiana University, Bloomington                           Richmond, VA Edward D.C. Campbell Jr.                Maryland Historical Society
Bloomington, IN Mandy J. Renschler                        $486,165 The cataloging of approximately             Baltimore, MD Beatriz B. Hardy
$5,000 A preservation assessment of                       2,400 newspaper titles and the preservation          $5,000 The purchase of acid-free storage materi-
original television programs and selected                 microfilming of 76,000 pages of deteriorating        als for eleven collections of papers related to the
unedited footage created since 1968 by the                newsprint, as part of Virginia’s participation       history of Maryland and the mid-Atlantic, rang-
university’s public broadcasting station.                 in the United States Newspaper Program.              ing from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
The videotapes document local, regional,
and national events, history, and culture.                Library of Virginia                                  Mendocino County Museum
                                                          Richmond, VA Errol Somay                             Willits, CA Elaine Hamby
Indiana University, Bloomington                           $201,226 The digitization of 112,000                 $3,500 Purchasing environmental monitoring
Bloomington, IN Daniel B. Reed                            pages of Virginia newspapers, dating from            equipment to assess the storage environment
$348,441 The development and testing of best              1900 to 1910, as part of a test bed for the          of material culture collections that relate to the
practices for preserving analog sound record-             National Digital Newspaper Program.                  history and culture of northern California.
ings by converting them into digital form.
                                                          Lincoln Memorial University                          Michigan State University
Institute of Puerto Rican Culture                         Harrogate, TN Cheryl Scott                           East Lansing, MI Marsha L. MacDowell
San Juan, PR Karin O. Cardona DeJesus                     $5,000 An environmental survey of                    $5,000 The purchase of hanging files and
$5,000 A preservation assessment of audio                 the Carnegie-Vincent Library and the                 storage cabinets for the manuscript collections
recordings created from the 1950s through                 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum,                  of the Traditional Arts Research Collection
1970s that document political, histori-                   which document Abraham Lincoln’s                     in the Michigan State University Museum.
cal, and cultural events in Puerto Rico.                  life and times, local and regional his-
                                                          tory, and the history of the university.             Midwest Art Conservation Center
Jack Straw Productions                                                                                         Minneapolis, MN Colin D. Turner
Seattle, WA Joan Rabinowitz                               Lincoln Public Library                               $20,000* A regional preservation field service
$5,000 A preservation assessment of the orga-             Lincoln, MA Jeanne M. Bracken                        program that provides surveys, workshops and
nization’s audio collection that focuses on the           $3,500 A preservation assessment of                  seminars, disaster assistance, and information
history and culture of the Puget Sound region             books, archives, photographs, maps, news-            services to museums, historical organizations,
of the American Northwest, and includes public            papers, and audio and videotapes related             libraries, and archives in the Upper Midwest.
forums, economic and political programs, music,           to the history of Lincoln, Massachusetts,
documentaries, and interviews since 1962.                 from 1754 to the late twentieth century.             Mississippi Library Commission
                                                                                                               Jackson, MS Margaret Anne Murray
Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum                       Los Angeles County Law Library                       $5,000 A preservation assessment and three
St. Leonard, MD Julia A. King                             Los Angeles, CA Diane C. Reynolds                    one-day workshops for archives that document
$150,481 Preserving and cataloging 185,000                $3,500 A preservation assessment of the              the formation and growth of library service
original archaeological and laboratory                    library’s entire collection with special attention   in Mississippi from 1926 to the present.
records associated with thirty-four major                 to federal and California primary law materials.
archaeological sites in Maryland dat-                                                                          Monroe County Historical Society Museum
ing from 9,000 BCE to 1600 CE.                            Louisa May Alcott Memorial Association               Bloomington, IN Kari Lynnette Price
                                                          Concord, MA Jan Turnquist                            $5,000 Purchasing environmental moni-
Jewish Historical Society of                              $5,000 Consultation with conservators to             toring equipment to preserve material
Greater Washington                                        develop a plan for the storage of books,             culture collections related to the history
Washington, DC Wendy Turman                               documents, photographs, and textiles                 and culture of central Indiana.
$5,000 The purchase of storage shelv-                     belonging to Alcott and her family.
ing and preservation supplies to rehouse
a collection of correspondence, sermons,
publications, photographs, and memorabilia
related to twentieth-century Jewish his-
tory in Montgomery County, Maryland.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                          22
Multnomah County Records Program                          New England Quilt Museum                            Nichols House Museum, Inc.
Portland, OR Terry D. Baxter                              Lowell, MA Jennifer J. Gilbert                      Boston, MA Flavia Cigliano
$5,000 A preservation assessment and the                  $5,000 Conservation consultation and training       $5,000 A preservation assessment of upholstered
purchase of storage enclosures for archives               for staff and volunteers on environmental moni-     furniture and wooden furnishings in the Nichols
that document the history of Multnomah                    toring and on the storage and display of quilts.    House, an 1804 house museum in Boston.
County, Oregon, from 1906 to 2001.
                                                          New Jersey Division of Archives                     Ninety-Nines Museum of Women Pilots
Museum of Chinese in the Americas                         and Records Management                              Oklahoma City, OK Carolyn Smith
New York, NY Robert Jerome Meyer                          Trenton, NJ Joseph R. Klett                         $5,000 Purchasing preservation materials to
$5,000 Consultation with a conservator who                $347,000 Preservation of                            rehouse material culture collections related
will develop a preservation plan for seventy-             Revolutionary War documents.                        to the history of women in aviation.
seven Chinese dresses custom-tailored in
the 1930s and 1940s and twenty-six intri-                 New York Public Library                             Northeast Document Conservation Center
cate Chinese opera costumes from New                      New York, NY Cynthia D. Clark                       Andover, MA Ann E. Russell
York City’s oldest Chinese opera club.                    $350,000 The preservation microfilming              $274,166* A preservation field service pro-
                                                          of 4,000 deteriorating volumes on the his-          gram that provides surveys, workshops and
Museum of History and Art, Ontario                        tory of banking and finance in the United           seminars, technical consultations, and disaster
Ontario, CA Theresa Hanley                                States published from 1800 to 1950.                 assistance to institutions in the Northeast.
$5,000 A preservation assessment of
the museum’s historical collections and                   New York Public Library                             Northwest Railway Museum
the curator’s participation in a three-                   New York, NY Bonnie Birman                          Snoqualmie, WA Richard R. Anderson
day workshop on collections care.                         $5,000 A preservation assessment and the            $5,000 A preservation assessment of
                                                          purchase of archival supplies for books and         the museum’s library and archival col-
Museum of the Cherokee Indian                             other collections that document the history         lections, which focus on the history of
Cherokee, NC Barbara R. Duncan                            of the Lower East Side, with an emphasis on         railroads in the Pacific Northwest.
$168,274 A project to digitize Cherokee                   immigrants and immigration. The collections
language materials in the Smithsonian                     are housed at the Seward Park Branch Library.       Northwood University,
Institution’s National Museum of Natural                                                                      Margaret Chase Smith Library
History and to work with Cherokee elders                  New York Public Library                             Skowhegan, ME Sheri M. Leahan
to translate and assess these materials.                  New York, NY Barbara Taranto                        $5,000 An assessment of the conservation
                                                          $351,500 Digitization of 100,000 pages              treatment needs of seventy paintings and works
Myers University                                          of New York newspapers, dating from                 of art on paper in the library’s collection.
Cleveland, OH Richard D. Brhel                            1900 to 1910, as part of the test bed for the
$5,000 A preservation assessment of books,                National Digital Newspaper Program.                 Oberlin Heritage Center
pamphlets, catalogs, objects, and ephemera                                                                    Oberlin, OH Patricia Murphy
related to the history of the university and              New York State Education Department                 $5,000 The purchase of cabinets and shelving
business education in Ohio in the nine-                   Albany, NY Kathleen D. Roe                          for the storage of costumes, textiles, and other
teenth and early twentieth centuries.                     $82,000 Conservation treatment of                   artifacts related to the history of Oberlin, Ohio.
                                                          the Revolutionary War collection.
National Baseball Hall of Fame                                                                                Oregon Historical Society
and Museum, Inc                                           New York State Education Department                 Portland, OR MaryAnn T. Campbell
Cooperstown, NY Susan L. MacKay                           Albany, NY Kathleen D. Roe                          $5,000 The purchase of supplies for the
$2,000 The purchase of storage                            $300,000 The creation of ninety-seven               rehousing of 200 linear feet of selected
materials to rehouse objects related                      online bilingual finding aids and 3,000 linked      archival materials related to Oregon’s
to American popular culture.                              digital images focusing on the history of           history from 1750 to the present.
                                                          New York’s Latino population since 1920.
National Geographic Society                                                                                   Oregon State University
Washington, DC Fredrik Hiebert                            New York University                                 Corvallis, OR Lawrence A. Landis
$30,000** Third Inventory of the                          New York, NY Michael Stoller                        $299,947 Providing expanded online
Kabul Museum collections.                                 $297,588 Creating a digital library of works pub-   access to archival and manuscript collec-
                                                          lished in Afghanistan between 1871 and 1930.        tions at seventeen institutions in Idaho,
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art                                                                                   Montana, Oregon, and Washington, which
Kansas City, MO Elisabeth C. Batchelor                    Newport News Public Library System                  includes providing administrative and tech-
$600,000 The purchase of storage furniture                Newport News, VA Gregg Stephen Grunow               nical support and training participants in
and rehousing of 20,000 works of art dating               $5,000 A preservation assessment of archives,       encoding and the use of style sheets.
from antiquity to the present, including Asian            manuscripts, maps, and other records related to
art, European and American paintings and                  the history of Newport News, Virginia, from the     Passaic County Historical Society
decorative art, sculpture, prints and draw-               1820s to the 1980s, and a preservation workshop.    Paterson, NJ Rebecca Stephany Petropoulos
ings, American Indian art, and African art.                                                                   $5,000 The purchase of shelving to house
                                                                                                              the museum’s costume and textile collec-
                                                                                                              tions, which date from the 1860s through
                                                                                                              the 1930s, and to illustrate Paterson’s
                                                                                                              role as a silk manufacturing city.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                         23
* E m e r ge n c y G r a n t
Peabody Institute Library                                 RIPM Consortium Ltd.                                 Spelman College
Peabody, MA Nancy C. Barthelemy                           Baltimore, MD H. Robert Cohen                        Atlanta, GA Andrea Barnwell
$2,000 The purchase of preservation supplies to           $350,000 The compilation of twelve volumes           $5,000 A workshop on the preservation of art
rehouse rare and deteriorating books related to           documenting music and musical life in Europe         collections, a preservation assessment of paint-
town, state, and national history; the life of phi-       and the United States during the first half of the   ings and works on paper, and the purchase of a
lanthropist George Peabody; and natural history.          twentieth century.                                   light meter and light-filtering muslin to preserve
                                                                                                               a collection by modern African American artists.
Peaks to Plains Museum                                    Schenectady Museum Association
Red Lodge, MT Penny Marie Redli                           Schenectady, NY Christopher George Hunter            St. Bonaventure University
$5,000 The purchase of storage equipment                  $180,412 Digitizing, cataloging, and Web             St. Bonaventure, NY Jason Adams Trimmer
and preservation supplies to rehouse archival             mounting 12,000 General Electric Company             $3,500 A conservation assessment of forty
records, photographs, maps, and other materi-             photographs dated 1892–1971, which depict the        European works of art on paper ranging in date
als related to family, mining, labor, and legal           impact of electric power on twentieth-century        from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.
history of the area surrounding Red Lodge,                American life. Additionally, purchase of cold
Montana, from the 1880s to the 1970s.                     storage units, boxes, and folders to rehouse         Stanford University
                                                          68,000 acetate and 12,000 nitrate negatives.         Stanford, CA John R. Perry
People, Inc.                                                                                                   $150,000 The creation of approximately
Williamsville, NY Douglas Platt                           Shelburne Museum                                     240 entries to be published in the Stanford
$5,000 A general conservation assessment                  Shelburne, VT Richard L. Kerschner                   Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a freely
and the purchase of environmental monitor-                $584,041 Improvements in environ-                    accessible online reference work.
ing equipment to preserve material culture                mental conditions, fire protection, and
and archival collections related to the social            lighting in three historic buildings that            Stanford University
history of western New York state.                        display and interpret collections of                 Stanford, CA Michael A. Keller
                                                          American decorative, fine, and folk art.             $128,000 Preservation of the R. Buckminster
Philadelphia Museum of Art                                                                                     Fuller audio and video holdings.
Philadelphia, PA Innis Howe Shoemaker                     Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine Archives
$600,000 The purchase of storage furniture                Richfield, OH Mary Denis Maher                       State of New Hampshire Department of
for the museum’s 150,000 prints, drawings,                $2,000 A preservation assessment to ensure           Resources and Economic Development
and photographs, which will be relocated                  the long-term care of archives and objects           Concord, NH Johanna Lyons
to the recently acquired Perelman Building                related to the history of a Roman Catholic           $5,000 The installation of light filtering film and
after its renovation and expansion.                       women’s religious order, 1851 to 1926.               interior shades on windows in the eighteenth-
                                                                                                               century Wentworth Coolidge Mansion to
Purdue University                                         Society for the Preservation of                      protect collections from exposure to light.
West Lafayette, IN Sammie Lynn Morris                     New England Antiquities
$5,000 A preservation assessment, a staff work-           Boston, MA Lorna Condon                              Staten Island Historical Society
shop, and the purchase of preservation supplies           $5,000 A conservation assessment of the rare         New York, NY Maxine Friedman
to rehouse archives and manuscript materials              book collection of architectural history.            $5,000 A preservation assessment of a photo-
related to institutional and local history.                                                                    graphic collection created by lifelong Staten
                                                          South Coast Railroad Museum                          Island resident Alice Austen (1866–1952) that
Queens Borough Public Library                             Goleta, CA Gary B. Coombs                            documents the changing social history and
Jamaica, NY John A. Hyslop                                $5,000 Hiring a preservation consultant              culture of the community from 1884 to 1936.
$5,000 A preservation survey of a map col-                to conduct a general preservation assess-
lection that documents the Long Island area               ment and a training workshop to preserve             SUNY Research Foundation,
                                                          objects of material culture that relate to           College at Cortland
of New York from 1634 to the present.
                                                          the history of the railroad in California.           Cortland, NY Barbara Diane Racker
Ramsey County Historical Society                                                                               $5,000 The purchase of light and envi-
St. Paul, MN Priscilla G. Farnham                         South Dakota State University                        ronmental monitoring equipment as well
$5,000 A one-day workshop and the purchase of             Brookings, SD Lisa Scholten                          as supplies to rehouse American and
file folders, boxes, and steel shelves to rehouse         $5,000 The purchase of ultraviolet light filters     European works of art on paper.
building permits for St. Paul, Minnesota.                 and storage cabinets and supplies to rehouse
                                                          a collection of Yanktonai Indian paintings.          SUNY Research Foundation,
                                                                                                               Stony Brook Main Campus
Reuben Hoar Library
                                                          Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc.               Stony Brook, NY Elizabeth C. Stone
Littleton, MA Marjorie H. Oakes
                                                          New Iberia, LA Melissa T. Hand                       $99,999 An intensive training program for two
$5,000 The purchase of environmental
                                                          $5,000 A preservation and access assess-             faculty members each from Baghdad and Mosul
monitoring equipment, a HEPA vacuum,
                                                          ment and the purchase of storage enclosures          Universities and two members of the Iraqi State
ultraviolet light filters, and other supplies, and
                                                          for the Southern Mutual Help Association’s           Board of Antiquities and Heritage in remote
the hire of a preservation consultant to train
                                                          archives, which document the history                 sensing and geographic information systems.
staff in storage and use of records docu-
menting the municipal history of Littleton,               of rural community development in
Massachusetts, from 1715 to the present.                  Louisiana from 1969 to the present.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                         24
Thomas County Historical Society                          University of California, Riverside                 University of Kentucky
Colby, KS Sue Ellen Taylor                                Riverside, CA Henry L. Snyder                       Lexington, KY William J. Marshall
$5,000 The purchase of environmental                      $730,746* The cataloging of 1,200 newspa-           $200,503 Arranging and describing 2,662 linear
monitoring equipment, storage furniture, and              per titles and the preservation microfilming        feet of archives and manuscripts from fifty-one
preservation supplies for records related to              of 800,000 pages of deteriorating newsprint,        collections relating to the history and culture of
nineteenth- and twentieth-century local history.          as part of California’s participation in the        Eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia, from
                                                          United States Newspaper Program.                    the mid-nineteenth century to the late 1970s.
Town of West Newbury
West Newbury, MA Laurel A. Mackay                         University of California, Riverside                 University of Kentucky Research Foundation
$3,500 A general preservation assessment and              Riverside, CA Jonathan W. Green                     Lexington, KY Mary H. Molinaro
the purchase of storage enclosures for archives           $68,000* The digital imaging and catalog-           $310,000 The digitization of 100,000
documenting the history of West Newbury,                  ing of stereoscopic photographs which               pages of Kentucky newspapers dating from
Massachusetts, from 1735 to the present.                  show scenes of indigenous people in set-            1900 to 1910, as part of a test bed for the
                                                          tings depicting cities in the Middle East,          National Digital Newspaper Program.
Town of Winchester                                        Central Asia, India, and Pakistan during
Winchester, MA Carolyn Ward                               the first half of the twentieth century.            University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
$5,000 A preservation and access assess-                                                                      Ann Arbor, MI Traianos Gagos
ment at three sites for archival, artifact, and           University of California, Riverside                 $370,000 The creation of an integrated
special library collections that reflect the              Riverside, CA Henry L. Snyder                       information system for Internet access to
history of Winchester, Massachusetts, from                $400,000 Digitization of 150,000 pages of           papyri collections held by major reposi-
the eighteenth to the twentieth century.                  California newspapers dating from 1900              tories in the United States, which will
                                                          to 1910, as part of the test bed for the            combine text, catalog records, bibliogra-
Universidad del Este                                      National Digital Newspaper Program.                 phy, and images of these materials.
Carolina, PR Jaime Partsch
$3,500 A preservation assessment of the                   University of Chicago                               University of Missouri, Kansas City
papers of Jesus T. Piñero, who became the first           Chicago, IL John A. Goldsmith                       Kansas City, MO Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox
native-born governor of Puerto Rico in 1946.              $141,516 The digital reformatting, applica-         $277,294 The development of tools
                                                          tion of retrieval metadata, and cataloging of       that will facilitate the process of digitiz-
University of Alabama                                     583 hours of sound recordings dated 1885 to         ing and encoding Latin incunables.
Tuscaloosa, AL Clark E. Center, Jr.                       1957 that collectively represent nine extinct
$5,000 A general preservation survey of the               or endangered Mesoamerican languages.               University of New Mexico
collections, facilities, and practices of the                                                                 Albuquerque, NM Linda Bahm
W. S. Hoole Special Collections library.                  University of Chicago                               $3,500 An item-level examination of
                                                          Chicago, IL Theo P.J. Van den Hout                  nineteenth-century bound volumes that
University of Arizona                                     $280,000 Preparation of the Chicago Hittite         document the history of the graphic arts;
Tucson, AZ Natasha Lynn Warner                            Dictionary, a comprehensive historical diction-     they include albums of photographs and
$168,261 The transcription and encoding                   ary of the earliest written Indo-European           prints as well as illustrated books.
of field notes on the extinct language of the             language that is based on all known cunei-
Mutsun, a California Indian tribe, resulting              form texts dating from 1650 to 1180 BCE.            University of New Orleans
in a text database and a lexical/dictionary                                                                   New Orleans, LA Florence M. Jumonville
database, to be available also in print.                  University of Florida Libraries                     $5,000 The purchase of boxes and file folders
                                                          Gainesville, FL Erich J. Kesse                      to rehouse the Supreme Court of Louisiana
University of Arkansas, Little Rock                       $320,959 The digitization of 120,000                archives dating from 1890 to 1904.
Little Rock, AR Kathryn C. Fitzhugh                       pages of Florida newspapers dating from
$5,000 The purchase of storage enclosures                 1900 to 1910, as part of a test bed for the         University of North Carolina, Greensboro
and materials to rehouse the Arkansas                     National Digital Newspaper Program.                 Greensboro, NC Loren L. Schweninger
Supreme Court Briefs and Records                                                                              $200,000 The final editing of information
Collection dating from 1836 to 1886.                      University of Illinois, Urbana                      about slaves and free blacks for an online
                                                          Urbana, IL Sharon E. Clark                          database drawn from the analysis of peti-
University of California, Berkeley                        $700,000 The cataloging of 1,100 newspa-            tions to the legislatures and county courts
Berkeley, CA David B. Stronach                            per titles as part of Illinois’s participation in   in fifteen former slaveholding states and
$99,971 The creation of a digital database                the United States Newspaper Program.                the District of Columbia, dating from the
of field documentation from the university’s                                                                  American Revolution through the Civil War.
archaeological survey and selected excavations at         University of Illinois, Urbana
                                                          Urbana, IL Thomas Teper                             University of North Texas
the ancient Mesopotamian city of Nineveh (sev-
                                                          $239,000 Conserving and Rehousing                   Denton, TX Ann Marie Willer
enth millennium into the first millennium BCE)
that were conducted in 1987, 1989, and 1990.              the Carl Sandburg Collection.                       $5,000 A preservation assessment of
                                                                                                              eleven scrapbooks and photograph albums
University of California, Berkeley                                                                            of Judge Sarah T. Hughes (1896–1985),
Berkeley, CA Deborah Winthrop Anderson                                                                        housed at the university archives, and a
$217,700 Incorporation into the                                                                               workshop on scrapbook preservation.
Unicode standard of fourteen histori-
cal and minority language scripts.
P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                       25
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
University of South Carolina, Columbia                    University of Wisconsin, Madison                       Winthrop University
Columbia, SC Greg Wilsbacher                              Madison, WI Matthew H. Edney                           Rock Hill, SC Gina Price White
$93,405 The rehousing of eleven million feet of           $306,999* The editing and final revision of the        $5,000 The purchase of archival shelving for
film documenting world history, society, and cul-         third of six projected volumes, Cartography In         manuscripts and papers of regional figures in
ture from the years 1919–1934 and 1942–1944.              The European Renaissance, which will trace the         special collections at the university library.
                                                          historiography of Renaissance cartography.
University of Texas, Austin                                                                                      Wolfsonian Foundation
Austin, TX Thomas F. Staley                               Vassar College                                         Miami Beach, FL Kimberly Beren
$25,000* Purchase and installation of stor-               Poughkeepsie, NY Joann Potter                          $5,000 A preservation assessment of nine
age furniture for rehousing materials from the            $5,000 The purchase of supplies and preserva-          photographic collections comprising images
Performing Arts and the Film and Television               tion training for staff of the Frances Lehman          documenting architecture, graphic design,
collections and paintings in the Ransom                   Loeb Art Center. The center’s staff will rehouse       national and international expositions, and
Center’s recently renovated archives’ storage.            selected items from a collection of European,          travel that illustrate the social history and
                                                          English, and North American samplers dating            culture of North America and Europe.
University of Texas, Austin                               from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.
Austin, TX Don E. Carleton                                                                                       Wright State University Main Campus
$3,500 A preservation needs assessment of the             Vermont Division for Historic Preservation             Dayton, OH Dawne E. Dewey
Calvin Littlejohn Photographic Archive at the             Montpelier, VT William W. Jenney                       $5,000 A comprehensive preservation survey
Center for American History, which documents              $5,000 A risk assessment, development of an            of the university archives and an assessment
the history and culture of Fort Worth’s African-          emergency preparedness and response plan, and          of its special collection related to aviation
American community, ca.1930 through 1980.                 training of staff and area emergency respond-          history, and the history of the city of Dayton
                                                          ers to protect humanities collections at the           and of the Miami Valley of Ohio.
University of the South                                   President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site.
Sewanee, TN Anne Armour                                                                                          Yale University
$3,500 A preservation assessment of the Dupont            Vermont Ski Museum                                     New Haven, CT Roberta S. Pilette
Library’s audio and video materials, maps,                Stowe, VT Meredith M. Scott                            $300,000 The preservation microfilming and
blueprints, museum items, and art related to              $5,000 Purchasing storage shelves and supplies         cataloging of 2,500 of the 16,000 brittle volumes
the university, the affiliated Episcopal Church,          to house 193 pairs of cross-country and alpine         in the Edward E. Salisbury Collection of Arabic
Sewanee, and the many writers associated with it.         skiing and snowboarding boots dating from              languages and culture, and minor conservation
                                                          the early 1900s to the present that relate to the      treatment of an additional 1,400 volumes.
University of Utah                                        history and culture of skiing in Vermont.
Salt Lake City, UT John A. Herbert                                                                               YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
$352,693 Digitization of 100,000 pages                    Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum                   New York, NY Gershon David Hundert
of Utah newspapers, dating from 1900                      Decorah, IA Tova Brandt                                $229,500* The creation of an encyclopedia on
to 1910, as part of the test bed for the                  $222,615 The purchase and installation of              the history and culture of Eastern European
National Digital Newspaper Program.                       environmental, fire detection and suppres-             Jews from their original emigration to the
                                                          sion, and security systems; the purchase               region until 2000. The encyclopedia will be
University of Virginia                                    and installation of compact shelving; the              published in print and electronic form.
Charlottesville, VA Lise M. Dobrin                        documentation and cleaning of artifacts;
$225,000 The preparation of a reference gram-             the relocation and rehousing of the collec-
mar of Cemaun Arapesh, an endangered Sepik                tions in the newly renovated storage area.
River language of Papua New Guinea, and the
creation of a digital language archive and of a           Virginia Historical Society
multilingual Web site for educational purposes.           Richmond, VA Robert F. Strohm
                                                          $488,077 The purchase of compact shelv-
University of Wisconsin, Madison                          ing and rehousing of archives related to
Madison, WI Joan H. Hall                                  the history of business in Virginia from the
$10,000* The compilation of volume V of                   eighteenth through the twentieth century.
the Dictionary of American Regional English,
which documents geographical differ-                      Virginia Historical Society
ences in the vocabulary, pronunciation,                   Richmond, VA Paulette F. Schwarting
and morphology of American English.                       $5,000 The purchase of supplies to rehouse
                                                          2,750 printed works that document American
University of Wisconsin, Madison                          life from the seventeenth century to the present.
Madison, WI Joan H. Hall
$455,000 The compilation of volume V of                   Whitworth College
the Dictionary of American Regional English,              Spokane, WA Janet E. Hauck
which documents geographical differ-                      $3,500 A preservation assessment of collections
ences in the vocabulary, pronunciation,                   at the college archives that are related to Baptist,
and morphology of American English.                       Presbyterian, Methodist, and Lutheran history
                                                          in the American Northwest. The college archi-
                                                          vist would also attend a preservation workshop.

P R E S E RVA T I O N A N D A C C E S S P R O G R A M S                                                                                                           26
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
                             d ivision           of     p ubliC p RogRAms
                             The Division of Public Programs promotes an exploration of the shared cultural heritage of the
                             American public through exhibitions and catalogs, radio and television programs, reading and
                             film discussions groups, symposia, conferences, and interactive multimedia projects. In fiscal year
                             2005, museum exhibitions supported by the Endowment include the interpretation of the cot-
                             tage used by Abraham Lincoln as a seasonal retreat from 1862 to 1864; a traveling exhibition,
                             mounted in railroad cars, about Indiana’s role in the Civil War; and an exhibition examining
                             the culture and art of a nomadic dynasty ruling much of China from 907 to 1125 c.e. The Fine
                             Arts Museums of San Francisco received a grant for “Daughter of Re: Hatshepsut, King of
                             Egypt.” The exhibition, with its catalog and public programs, highlights the art that was cre-
                             ated during the reign of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, who held Egypt’s throne for nearly two
                             decades in the early New Kingdom as co-ruler with her nephew. From monumental sculptures
                             to intricate gold jewelry, the scope of the artwork reveals the majesty of Hatshepsut’s reign.
                                  Projects funded in 2005 in the nation’s libraries include a long-term exhibition of found-
                             ing documents about the development of democratic freedoms in Massachusetts and how
                             they influenced the early Republic; programs on the changing patterns of immigration to
                             the United States; and a film and discussion series on the history of jazz. The Louisiana
                             Endowment for the Humanities received a grant for Prime Time Family Reading Time: National
                             Outreach, a series of reading and discussion programs for adult new readers and their fami-
                             lies. Held at public libraries, discussions based on award-winning children’s literature are led
                             by scholars and storytellers. The program teaches parents and children to read together and
                             discuss humanities topics, and encourages them to continue their own educational paths.
                                  Thirty-nine libraries received grants to participate in “Alexander Hamilton: The Man
                             Who Made Modern America,” a traveling panel exhibition that examines Hamilton’s central
                             role in creating the economic, constitutional, social, political, and foreign policy templates for
                             modern America. Each section examines a different period in Hamilton’s life, and participat-
                             ing libraries present at least one public program that features a presentation by a scholar.
                                  The Endowment also supported several Special Projects, such as a series of informal courses on
                             old age in literature and film and an online exhibition about the human struggle for survival under
                             the Soviet system of coercive labor camps. Frederick Community College received a grant for a Web
                             site, conference, and lecture series on Crossroads of War: The Civil War and the Home Front in the
                             Mid-Atlantic Border Region. The project uses a regional approach in examining the Civil War expe-
                             rience and includes guided tours of sites such as the Gettysburg battleground and Harper’s Ferry.
                                  Several television and radio projects funded in 2005 examine the lives of impor-
                             tant literary Americans, such as Louisa May Alcott, Eugene O’Neill, and Walt Whitman.
                             Others explore the history and influence of American jazz in Paris, Spain’s global empire,
                             and the contributions of exiles from Nazi Germany to the development of American cin-
                             ema. KCET-TV in Los Angeles received an award for Andrew Jackson and the Shaping of
                             American History, a television documentary series on the life and times of the seventh presi-
                             dent of the United States. The series focuses on the crucial issues—slavery, Indian removal,
                             the nature of democracy—facing the nation between the American Revolution and the
                             Civil War. The film will be broadcast as a part of the American Experience series on PBS.

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                         27
                                  As part of the Endowment’s ongoing We the People initiative, the Endowment supported
                             several notable Interpreting America’s Historic Places projects, such as the reinstallation
                             of the Alaska history galleries of a museum in Anchorage, an interpretation of the stu-
                             dio of Hudson River School artist Thomas Cole, and a living-history interpretation of a
                             nineteenth-century general store in Captain Cook, Hawai’i. Awards for Family and Youth
                             Programs in American History were also made in 2005, including a hands-on history exhi-
                             bition at a children’s museum interpreting Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition and
                             a long-term exhibition that explores the diverse cultures of Brooklyn, New York.
                                  The Endowment made forty Consultation Grants for public programs. These $10,000
                             awards support the development of a wide range of projects, including site tours, exhibitions,
                             and Web sites. One grant went for public programs on the history of orphans and institu-
                             tional child care in America. Another supported a long-term and an online exhibition based
                             on the diary of a six-year-old girl on a whaling voyage in 1868. A television documentary
                             on the industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames and their impact on visual culture and a
                             film examining Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, both received Consultation Grants.

                                                                                 NANCY ROGERS
                                                                                 DIVISION OF PUBLIC PROGRAMS

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                    28
Humanities Projects                                National Book Foundation                          Community Television of Southern California

in Libraries and Archives
                                                   New York, NY Harold Augenbraum                    Los Angeles, CA Carl Byker
                                                   $10,000 Consultation with scholars, repre-        $72,324 Scripting of a three-part, three-
                                                   sentatives from national organizations, and       hour documentary film series chronicling
Grants support the use and interpretation          educational programmers about the changing        the rise and fall of Spain’s global empire
of the collections in libraries and archives.      patterns of immigration to the United States.     from the reign of Isabel and Ferdinand
                                                                                                     through the reign of Philip II.
American Library Association                       National Video Resources
Chicago, IL Deborah Robertson                      New York, NY Brian Newman                         Educational Broadcasting Corporation
$12,000 Millennium Project for Public Libraries    $250,000 Implementation of a six-part series      New York, NY Lawrence R. Hott
                                                   of film-and-discussion programs and a Web         $400,000 Production of a one-hour
Educational Film Center
                                                   site about the history and interpretation of      documentary film on wildlife painter
Annandale, VA Andrea R. Kalin
                                                   jazz at fifty venues throughout the U.S.          John James Audubon (1785–1851).
$10,000 Consultation with scholars, librarians,
and other programmers to design viewing and                                                          Educational Broadcasting Corporation
discussion programs with a companion Web site                                                        New York, NY Margaret Smilow
about the themes found in an NEH-supported         Humanities Projects in Media                      $700,000 Production of a ninety-minute docu-
film American Voices, from the Writers’ Project.                                                     mentary film about a community of African
                                                   Grants support the planning, script-              American jazz musicians in Paris from 1918–49.
Friends of the Commonwealth Museum
                                                   ing, and production of television and
Boston, MA Stephen Francis Kenney                                                                    Faith Project, Inc.
                                                   radio programs for general audiences.
$200,000 Implementation of a permanent                                                               New York, NY Sharon A. La Cruise
exhibition of founding documents from the          Archimedia Workshop NFP                           $10,000 Consultation with scholars on a one-
Massachusetts Archives about the develop-          Chicago, IL Judith P. McBrien                     hour film chronicling the life and contributions
ment of basic democratic freedoms in the           $10,000 Consultation with scholars on             of civil rights activist Daisy Bates, 1914–99.
colony and state from 1620 to the twentieth        a two-hour television documentary on
century and how they influenced the nation.        the life and work of American archi-              Film Odyssey, Inc.
                                                   tect Daniel Burnham (1846–1912).                  Washington, DC Karen Thomas
Huntington Library
                                                                                                     $600,000 Production of a two-hour documen-
San Marino, CA David S. Zeidberg                   Catticus Corporation                              tary film about the contributions to American
$311,000 A traveling panel exhibition              Berkeley, CA Richard L. Wormser                   cinema of exiles from Nazi Germany.
that incorporates more than sixty rare             $10,000 Consultation with scholars to develop
documents and drawings and the latest              part one of a two-part television documentary     Film/Video Arts, Inc.
scholarship on Lincoln’s role in the eman-         chronicling the life and times of Charles-        New York, NY Patrick J. Long
cipation of slaves during the Civil War.           Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (1754–1832).       $725,000 Production of a two-hour tele-
                                                                                                     vision biography of Walt Whitman.
Indiana State Library                              Catticus Corporation
Indianapolis, IN Roberta L. Brooker                Berkeley, CA Bill Jersey                          Filmmakers Collaborative
$8,555 Consultation with scholars, cura-           $10,000 Consultation with filmmakers and          Waltham, MA Nancy Porter
tors, and librarians for a traveling exhibition    scholars for a television documentary on          $600,000 Production of a sixty-minute
and educational programs on World War I            American industrial designers Charles and Ray     documentary film that explores the life and
and its impact on Indiana and the experi-          Eames and their impact on visual vernacu-         work of Louisa May Alcott (1832–88).
ences of Hoosier men and women.                    lar culture in twentieth-century America.
                                                                                                     Filmmakers Collaborative
Libraries for the Future                           Catticus Corporation                              Waltham, MA Lorie Conway
New York, NY Diantha Dow Schull                    Berkeley, CA Elliot Arthur Berlin                 $425,000 Production of a one-hour
$10,000 Consultation with scholars, educa-         $10,000 Consultation on a one-hour televi-        television documentary about the
tional programmers, exhibit designers, and         sion documentary about the 1,000-year-old         Ellis Island immigrant hospital.
curators to develop exhibitions and programs       Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji, and artists
on the role of the elderly in American society.    who use the novel as a source for current work.   Filmmakers Collaborative
                                                                                                     Waltham, MA Ben Loeterman
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities             City Lore: NY Center for Urban Folk Culture       $60,000 Scripting of a ninety-minute television
New Orleans, LA Dianne Brady                       New York, NY Ric Burns                            documentary that examines the 1913 Leo Frank
$268,000 Implementation of twenty                  $550,000 Production of a two-hour film            case in Georgia as one of the pivotal events in
scholar-led reading-and-discussion pro-            exploring the life and work of the American       the modern history of the American South.
grams for adult new readers and their              playwright Eugene O’Neill (1888–1953).
families at libraries in five states.
                                                   Community Television of Southern California
                                                   Los Angeles, CA Carl Byker
                                                   $700,000 Production of a four-hour televi-
                                                   sion documentary series examining the
                                                   life and times of Andrew Jackson, the
                                                   seventh president of the United States.
P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                           29
Filmmakers Collaborative                         SoundVision Productions                             Anchorage Museum Association
Waltham, MA Robin Hessman                        Berkeley, CA Barinetta Scott                        Anchorage, AK Marilyn R. Knapp
$10,000 Consultation for a one-hour televi-      $60,000 Development of four program treat-          $40,000 Planning for a reinstallation of the
sion documentary that would examine how          ments and a companion Web site for a ten-hour       museum’s galleries that deal with Alaska
Russians experienced the social, political,      documentary radio series exploring how              history, with a special focus on the relation-
and economic changes that accompanied            thinking in the sciences has challenged and also    ship between the people and the geography.
the fall of communism in the 1980s.              been challenged by thinking in fields of the
                                                 humanities regarding the human condition.           Asia Society
GWETA, Inc.                                                                                          New York, NY Adriana Proser
Washington, DC Karen A. Kenton                   Straight Ahead Pictures, Inc.                       $264,000 Implementation of a traveling exhibi-
$100,000* Production of a two-hour television    Conway, MA Laurie Block                             tion, catalog, symposium, and related programs
documentary film exploring almost 200 years      $725,000 Production of a two-hour televi-           concerning the Liao, a nomadic dynasty
of the experiences of the deaf community in      sion documentary on the life of Helen               ruling much of China from 907 to 1125 c.e.
the United States, from 1814 to the present.     Keller and her place in American culture.
                                                                                                     Asia Society
Long Bow Group, Inc.                             Unity Productions Foundation                        New York, NY Adriana Proser
Brookline, MA Carma Hinton                       Santa Cruz, CA Alexander Kronemer                   $10,000 Consultation for an international
$80,000 Scripting of a series of six half-hour   $600,000 Production of a ninety-minute              loan exhibition and programs on the arts
episodes for television exploring Chinese        film about Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahima                and crafts of Kashmir, circa 300–1900.
society, culture, and history through Chinese    Sori, an African prince who was cap-
food, cooking, cuisine, and eating.              tured in battle in 1787, sold into slavery,         Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
                                                 shipped to Mississippi, and, forty years            Austin, TX David Albert Denney
Minnesota Public Radio                           later, freed and sent back to Africa.               $40,000 Planning for a traveling exhibi-
St. Paul, MN Kate Moos                                                                               tion and accompanying programs exploring
$150,000 Production of a series of four          World Music Productions                             immigration and slave migration through
one-hour programs, together with compan-         Brooklyn, NY W. Sean Barlow                         Galveston Island, Texas, 1845–1914.
ion Web sites, profiling influential figures     $150,000 Production of twenty-six original
in American cultural and religious history       programs for a weekly radio program that            Boston Children’s Museum
for the radio series “Speaking of Faith.”        explores the music cultures of Africa and the       Boston, MA Lindsey Ann Richardson
                                                 African Diaspora throughout the Americas,           $9,915 Consultation for a permanent hands-on
Minnesota Public Radio                           the Caribbean, and the Middle East.                 history exhibition based on items in the muse-
St. Paul, MN Stephen Smith                                                                           um’s extensive collection of American items.
$60,000 Development of a one-hour                WQED
radio documentary and companion Web              Pittsburgh, PA Geoffrey P. Miller                   Brooklyn Children’s Museum
site and production of a pilot segment           $150,000 Production of a four-hour                  Brooklyn, NY Paul Pearson
examining efforts to desegregate schools         documentary film series on the French               $256,500 Implementation of a new
in six American cities in the 1970s.             and Indian War (1754–63).                           permanent exhibition, Web site, and pub-
                                                                                                     lic programs that explore the diverse
National Constitution Center                                                                         cultures of Brooklyn, New York.
Philadelphia, PA Anthony Green
$30,000 Planning of a three-part televi-         Humanities Projects in                              Center for Anti-Slavery Studies
sion documentary that examines the               Museums and Historical                              Montrose, PA Sherman Wooden
critical constitutional issues that Abraham      Organizations                                       $40,000 Planning for a traveling exhibi-
Lincoln faced during the Civil War.                                                                  tion, together with a Web site and DVD,
                                                                                                     on the regional history of abolitionism and
New York Foundation for the Arts                 Grants support the planning and imple-
                                                                                                     the Underground Railroad, and a research
New York, NY Madison D. Lacy
                                                 mentation of exhibitions, publications,
                                                                                                     template that could be replicated.
                                                 and other programming in museums
$63,012 Scripting of a three-hour docu-
                                                 and historical organizations.
mentary television series about the                                                                  Chicago Historical Society
history of African American theater.                                                                 Chicago, IL Rick Beard
                                                 A.L. Lewis Historical Society
                                                 Amelia Island, FL Carol Alexander                   $10,000 Consultation to develop collaborative
Oregon Public Broadcasting                                                                           museum interpretations, traveling exhibitions,
                                                 $10,000 Consultation for a public forum on the
Portland, OR Margaret K. Koval                                                                       educational programs, a Web site, and publi-
                                                 history of American Beach and other African
$70,000 Scripting of a two-hour televi-                                                              cations about the legacy of the Civil War.
                                                 American segregated beach communities dur-
sion biography of Simón Bolivar.
                                                 ing the Jim Crow era and after integration.
                                                                                                     Chicago Historical Society
Oregon Public Broadcasting                                                                           Chicago, IL D. Lynn McRainey
                                                 Abraham Lincoln Museum
Portland, OR David Davis                                                                             $40,000 Planning of new interpretive pro-
                                                 Harrogate, TN Steven M. Wilson
$10,000 Consultation on a two-hour                                                                   grams for adult audiences in conjunction
                                                 $10,000 Consultation for a permanent exhibition
film examining Mary Shelley’s novel                                                                  with a renovated Chicago history gallery
                                                 exploring the relationship of Lincoln to his era.
Frankenstein (1818) and the evolution of the                                                         examining Chicago as a cultural, economic,
Frankenstein story in popular culture.                                                               and political crossroads for the nation.

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                            30
Cincinnati Museum Center                          Greene County Historical Society,                      Kona Historical Society
Cincinnati, OH John E. Fleming                    Thomas Cole Site                                       Capt. Cook, HI Jill R. Olson
$40,000 Planning of two traveling exhi-           Catskill, NY Elizabeth Bond Jacks                      $266,500 Implementation of a living his-
bitions with a catalog and public and             $10,000 Consultation for a permanent interpre-         tory interpretation, exhibitions, a Web site, a
school programs about African-American            tation of Thomas Cole’s studio at Cedar Grove          publication, and public programs interpreting
photographer James Presley Ball as an             exploring Cole’s art and its influence on the          the nineteenth-century Greenwell General
artist, entrepreneur, and abolitionist.           Hudson River School of landscape painting.             Store and ranch on the island of Hawai’i.

Denver Art Museum                                 Greensboro Historical Museum                           L.C. Bates Museum
Denver, CO Timothy J. Standring                   Greensboro, NC Fred W. Goss                            Hinckley, ME Deborah W. Staber
$40,000 Planning for an exhibition, catalog,      $10,000 Consultation to define themes                  $10,000 Consultation to plan site tours,
audio tour, and accompanying programs explor-     and identify preliminary design issues                 exhibitions, a Web site, and public programs
ing how Impressionist artists were influenced     for a new permanent core history exhi-                 about a historic orphanage in the contexts
by artists and artistic styles of earlier eras.   bition about Greensboro for the city’s                 of the history of orphans and institutional
                                                  bicentennial celebration in 2008.                      child care since the late nineteenth century.
Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, MI David W. Penney                       Historic Bethlehem Partnership, Inc.                   Los Angeles County Museum of Art
$40,000 Planning for a reinstallation of the      Bethlehem, PA Barbara L. Schafer                       Los Angeles, CA Virginia Fields
museum’s permanent European art collec-           $10,000 Consultation to develop an interpre-           $150,000* Implementation of a traveling
tions in several newly renovated galleries.       tive master plan of humanities themes for              exhibition, Web site, and catalog on the origins
                                                  the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts.                 and development of the institution of king-
Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society                                                              ship among the Maya through 550 CE.
Edsito Island, SC Karen Nickless                  Historic Beverly Preservation
$9,956 Consultation to develop a new inter-       Beverly, WV Phyllis J. Baxter                          Lower East Side Tenement Museum
pretive framework, collection plan, and           $10,000 Consultation for collection assess-            New York, NY Steve Long
preliminary reinstallation design about the       ment, interpretive planning, and the design of         $10,000 Consultation with scholars and experts
history and culture of Edisto Island.             two exhibitions in a planned museum on the             to develop an interpretation of an immigrant
                                                  history, folk life, and material culture of Beverly.   saloon operated in the museum’s historic
Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc.                                                                  tenement building at 97 Orchard Street.
Oshkosh, WI Adam Edward Smith                     Huntington Library
$40,000 Planning for a living history             San Marino, CA Shelley M. Bennett                      Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society
program at the AirVenture Museum’s                $50,000* Implementation of an exhibition and           Edgartown, MA Lynne Whiting
Pioneer Airport emphasizing how avia-             catalog examining the cottage door paintings by        $10,000 Consultation to plan both an
tion was embedded in American society             Thomas Gainsborough and his contemporaries.            online exhibition and a permanent exhibi-
and technology between 1919 and 1941.                                                                    tion around a diary kept by a six-year-old
                                                  Indiana Historical Society                             girl on a whaling voyage from New Bedford,
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco                Indianapolis, IN Steve Cox                             Massachusetts, to the South Seas in 1868.
San Francisco, CA Renee B. Dreyfus                $228,700 Implementation of two exhibitions
$164,000 Implementation of a traveling            mounted in railroad cars about Abraham                 Minnesota Landmarks
exhibition and related educational and public     Lincoln and Indiana’s role in the Civil                Saint Paul, MN Robert M. Frame, III
programs on the female pharaoh Hatshepsut.        War, which will travel to more than twenty             $288,400 Interpretation of the Landmark
                                                  sites in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.              Center, a 1902 building in St. Paul, from
Florida International University                                                                         the standpoint of the federal govern-
Miami, FL Marianne B. LaMonaca                    Japanese American National Museum                      ment agencies that were housed there
$40,000 Planning for the reinterpreta-            Los Angeles, CA Daniel Lee                             and the related national events.
tion and reinstallation of the museum’s           $40,000 Planning for a traveling exhibi-
permanent collection of modern (1885–1945)        tion of artifacts, photos, films, oral histories,      Museum for African Art
European and North American decora-               and artwork about the roles that Japanese              Long Island City, NY Enid Schildkrout
tive arts, industrial and graphic design,         American gardeners and Japanese-style                  $10,000 Consultation with scholars and
architectural design, and fine arts.              gardens have played in shaping the physi-              interpretive specialists to develop a traveling
                                                  cal and cultural landscapes of the U.S. from           exhibition and catalog about the reasons that
Friends of the Missouri State Archives            the nineteenth century to the present.                 some African art forms are designed to be
Jefferson City, MO Kenneth H. Winn                                                                       ephemeral or are intentionally destroyed.
$9,607 Consultation for a traveling exhibition,   Jewish Museum of Maryland
catalog, and accompanying programs exploring      Baltimore, MD Melissa J. Martens                       Museum for African Art
the unique nature of the Civil War in Missouri.   $86,500 Implementation of a traveling exhibi-          Long Island City, NY Enid Schildkrout
                                                  tion, catalog, and programs interpreting the           $266,500 Implementation of a traveling
Geneva Historical Society                         history of Jewish vacationing in America.              exhibition, public programs, and Web site
Geneva, NY John Marks                                                                                    on the heritage of coiled baskets in South
$8,284 Consultation to plan a revised site                                                               Carolina’s Low Country and on how they
interpretation covering two nineteenth-                                                                  reflect local history and changing traditions.
century houses in Geneva, New York, to
emphasize agricultural and social history.

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                                 31
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston                        Save Ellis Island                                  University of California, Los Angeles,
Houston, TX Emily Ballew Neff                       Gladstone, NJ Dorothy W. Hartman                   Fowler Museum of Cultural History
$126,859* Implementation of a traveling             $194,000 Implementation of an exhibi-              Los Angeles, CA Mary N. Roberts
exhibition, catalog, and programs exploring         tion on the history of the health inspection       $264,000 Reinstallation of a portion of the
the role of the art of the American West in         and treatment of immigrants in the hos-            museum’s permanent collection to highlight
the development of American modernism.              pital complex on Ellis Island.                     the artistic accomplishments of the mak-
                                                                                                       ers of the objects as well as the objects’
Museum of Jewish Heritage                           Save Ellis Island                                  importance in their respective cultures.
New York, NY Louis D. Levine                        Gladstone, NJ Dorothy W. Hartman
$266,500 Implementation of a multime-               $10,000 Consultation with scholars                 University of Illinois at Chicago
dia traveling exhibition about the range            and interpretive specialists to develop            Chicago, IL Margaret Strobel
of Jewish responses to each stage of                the first permanent exhibition on the              $39,959 Planning to reinstall the permanent
Nazi oppression from 1933 to 1945.                  hospital complex on Ellis Island.                  exhibitions at the Hull-House Museum to incor-
                                                                                                       porate new scholarship about how Chicago’s
Museum of the Rockies                               Seattle Art Museum                                 first settlement house, founded in 1889, influ-
Bozeman, MT Cynthia Ott                             Seattle, WA Barbara Brotherton                     enced the definition of American democracy.
$10,000 Consultation to develop an interpre-        $10,000 Consultation to plan a reinstalla-
tive exhibition and programs observing he           tion of the museum’s permanent exhibition          Virginia Historical Society
museum’s fiftieth anniversary by exploring          of Northwest Coast Native art.                     Richmond, VA William M. Rasmussen
how winter shapes the region’s sense of place.                                                         $10,000 Consultation to develop two
                                                    Shaker Museum and Library                          complementary traveling exhibitions, one
National Building Museum                            Old Chatham, NY Sharon Koomler                     concerning Lee, the other focusing on
Washington, DC Martin Moeller                                                                          Grant, and accompanying publications
                                                    $10,000 Consultation for reinterpreta-
$200,000* Implementation of a perma-                tion and reinstallation of a permanent             and public and school programs.
nent exhibition, a Web site, a catalog, and         exhibition and development of public pro-
public programs interpreting the history            grams on Shaker society at the museum’s            Western Reserve Historical Society
of American domestic architecture.                  new facility at Mount Lebanon Shaker               Cleveland, OH Edward J. Pershey
                                                    Village in New Lebanon, New York.                  $10,000 Consultation to plan a new,
National Cowboy and Western                                                                            permanent core exhibition about the his-
Heritage Museum                                     Society for the Preservation of                    tory of the Western Reserve from the
Oklahoma City, OK Steven LeRoy Grafe                New England Antiquities                            eightenth century to the present.
$10,000 Consultation for an exhibi-                 Boston, MA Kenneth C. Turino
tion and publication on the history of the          $40,000 Planning of a nationally traveling         Williams College
exiled Nez Perce and their allies in Kansas         exhibition, public programs, and publications on   Williamstown, MA Deborah M. Rothschild
and Oklahoma from 1877 to 1885.                     the cultural history of the kitchen in America.    $40,000 Planning of a traveling exhibition with
                                                                                                       related public programs about the influence
National Trust for Historic Preservation            Telfair Museum of Art                              that an American couple, Gerald and Sara
Washington, DC Sophia Lynn                          Savannah, GA Carol Hunt Chamberlain                Murphy, had on the transatlantic exchange of
$260,000 Implementation of an                       $10,000 Consultation for a new inter-              ideas about modern art in the 1920s and 1930s.
exhibition and guided tours at the cot-             pretation of the Owens-Thomas House
tage that Abraham Lincoln used as a                 and its inhabitants, placing the house in          Yellowstone Park Foundation
seasonal retreat from 1862 to 1864.                 the context of Savannah in the 1830s.              Bozeman, MT Rosemary Sucec
                                                                                                       $9,989 Consultation for interpretive sta-
North Point Lighthouse Friends, Inc.                Tipton-Haynes Historic Site                        tions and signage about the route of the
Milwaukee, WI Cynthia Rewolinski                    Johnson City, TN Penny Goss McLaughlin             Nez Perce through the park in 1877, as
$10,000 Consultation to plan a revised              $10,000 Consultation to plan a perma-              well as general information about their
historic-site tour plus exhibits and public         nent exhibition about the history of an            prior presence in and use of the area.
programs about the lighthouse that guided           East Tennessee farm complex from pre-
generations of immigrants into the port             history through Reconstruction.                    Yeshiva University Museum
of Milwaukee between 1855 and 1930.                                                                    New York, NY Sylvia A. Herskowitz
                                                    University of California, Berkeley                 $50,000* Implementation of an exhibition with
Please Touch Museum                                 Berkeley, CA Nelson H.H. Graburn                   a catalog, a traveling exhibition, a Web site, and
Philadelphia, PA Kathryn Matthew                                                                       public programs about how Jewish immigrants
                                                    $40,000 Planning for a traveling exhibi-
$189,000 Implementation of an exhibi-               tion on the changing material culture of           influenced the development of America’s cloth-
tion interpreting Philadelphia’s 1876               Alaska native groups (Aleut, Inupiaq,              ing industry and how this involvement affected
Centennial Exhibition, to be installed              Yupik, Athabaskan, and Tlingit) from pre-          both Jewish American and mainstream culture.
in a new museum building.                           contact through the twenty-first century.

Rochester Museum and Science Center
Rochester, NY Bart A. Roselli
$10,000 Consultation with scholars and an
exhibit developer to outline an exhibition on the
history of invention and innovation in Rochester.

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                             32
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
York County Heritage Trust                           OASIS Institute
York, PA Gainor B. Davis                             St. Louis, MO Marcia M. Kerz
$8,274 Consultation with scholars to plan            $35,688 Planning for seven informal non-
for a reinterpretation of a colonial complex         credit courses for older adults to examine
in York, Pennsylvania, with special focus            the role of immigration in the history and
on the changes that occurred in the area             culture of the U.S., and for a related Web site
as a result of the American Revolution.              and an intergenerational tutoring program.

                                                     Opera Omaha
                                                     Omaha, NE Morton Dickson, IV
Special Projects                                     $21,000* Implementation of a series
                                                     of lectures, talks, and seminars explor-
Grants support a combination of pro-                 ing the social, political, and historical
gramming formats, such as reading and                influences that inspired the four works
discussion series, lectures, or Web sites            being produced for the 2004–5 season.
for a regional or national audience.
                                                     University of Massachusetts, Boston
Center for Desert Archaeology                        Boston, MA Wichian Rojanawon
Tucson, AZ Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh                 $96,600 Implementation of informal
$40,000 Planning for a Web site that                 courses to be offered through Lifelong
would explore the prehistory and his-                Learning Institutes in fourteen states exam-
tory of Arizona’s San Pedro Valley from              ining old age in literature and film.
the perspectives of archaeologists and
the four Indian tribes who live there.

Frederick Community College                          We the People Bookshelf
Frederick, MD Dean Andrew Herrin                     Cooperative Agreement
$61,600 Implementation of a Web site, confer-
ence, publications, guided tours, lecture series,    American Library Association
and educational materials exploring the Civil        Chicago, IL Deborah Robertson
War in the interior Mid-Atlantic region.             $533,987 We the People Bookshelf:
                                                     Becoming American
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA Roy Rosenzweig                           American Library Association
$268,200 Implementation of an online exhibi-         Chicago, IL Deborah Robertson
tion about the human struggle for survival under     $128,012 We the People Bookshelf: Freedom
the Soviet system of coercive labor camps and
forced internal exile known as the Gulag.

Great Plains Chautauqua Society, Inc.
Bismarck, ND Carolyn M. Nolte
$43,150* Implementation of a week-long series
of public programs centering on living-history
presentations in each of thirty communities
spanning five states over a period of three years.

Illinois Humanities Council
Chicago, IL Kristina A. Valaitis
$195,400 Implementation of a national read-
ing and discussion program for youth service
workers on fundamental questions about
public service through philosophical examina-
tion of diverse historical and literary texts.

Maine Humanities Council
Portland, ME Victoria B. Bonebakker
$270,000 Implementation of an expanded
reading and discussion program for health-
care providers in their work settings to
examine the relationship between the
patient and the healthcare professional.

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                             33
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
“Alexander Hamilton:                               Illinois State Library                       Western New England College

The Man Who Made
                                                   Springfield, IL Joseph A. Natale             Springfield, MA Mary Jane Sobinski-Smith

Modern America”                                    Illinois State University, Milner Library    Williamsburg Regional Library
                                                   Normal, IL Toni L. Tucker                    Williamsburg, VA Patrick S. Golden
Implementation of public programs in coopera-
tion with a traveling exhibition on the work and   Linfield College
life of Alexander Hamilton.                        McMinnville, OR Susan Barnes Whyte

                                                   Louisiana Tech University
All awards were outright money
                                                   Ruston, LA Virginia Elaine Thompson
in the amount of $1,000
                                                   Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library
Allen Public Library
                                                   Martinsburg, WV Jane Levitan
Allen, TX Barbara P. Buehler
                                                   Minneapolis Public Library
Athens-Clarke County Library
                                                   Minneapolis, MN Melinda Ludwiczak
Athens, GA Clare Anne Auwarter
                                                   Missoula Public Library
Auburn University
                                                   Missoula, MT Donald E. Spritzer
Auburn, AL Lynn B. Williams
                                                   Ocean County Library
Bethel College
                                                   Toms River, NJ Carol Anne Zsiga
McKenzie, TN Dawn Nicole Nelson
                                                   Pearl Public Library
Boston Public Library Foundation
                                                   Pearl, MS Kaileen R. Thieling
Boston, MA Kenneth J. Peterson
                                                   Poughkeepsie Public Library District
Brigham City Library
                                                   Poughkeepsie, NY Thomas A. Lawrence
Brigham City, UT Sue Hill
                                                   Prince William Public Library
Brunswick-Glynn County Regional Library
                                                   System Foundation
Brunswick, GA Cary Mallalieu Knapp
                                                   Prince William, VA Constance W. Gilman

Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
                                                   Queens Borough Public Library
Buffalo, NY Marguerite Cheman
                                                   Jamaica, NY Mindy M. Krazmien

Champlain College
                                                   Racine Public Library
Burlington, VT Sarah F. Cohen
                                                   Racine, WI Anne Chapman Callaghan

Clinton Macomb Public Library
                                                   Rose State College
Clinton Township, MI Jamie Lynne Morris
                                                   Midwest City, OK Sharon Ann Saulmon

Dana College
                                                   Spartanburg County Public Libraries
Blair, NE Karen L. Frizzell
                                                   Spartanburg, SC Patricia M. Brown

Fairleigh Dickinson University
                                                   Spring Lake District Library
Teaneck, NJ Patricia Murray
                                                   Spring Lake, MI Lisa M. Donner

Florence Williams Public Library
                                                   St. Cloud State University
St. Croix, VI Wallace David Williams
                                                   St. Cloud, MN Susan H. Motin

Florida Atlantic University
                                                   State Library of Ohio
Boca Raton, FL David S. Pena
                                                   Columbus, OH Rebecca Lynne Felkner

Franklin T. DeGroodt Memorial Library
                                                   Texas A & M University at Kingsville
Palm Bay, FL Patricia A. Portnowitz
                                                   Kingsville, TX Victoria Lynn Packard

Gail Borden Public Library District
Elgin, IL Margaret Christine Peebles               Towson University, Albert S. Cook Library
                                                   Towson, MD Yvonne T. Lev
Harris County Public Library,
Cy-Fair College Branch                             Wayne State University
Cypress, TX Linda M. Lupro                         Detroit, MI Cynthia H. Krolikowski

P U B L I C P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                 34
                         d ivision            of     R eseARCh p RogRAms
                         Through the Division of Research Programs, NEH assists scholars who are engaged in
                         examining ideas, making inquiries, and assembling evidence that leads to a better understand-
                         ing of human thought, societies, and cultures worldwide. Their projects are often journeys into
                         archival sources to discover and make available previously inaccessible material. In the Scholarly
                         Editions program, for example, a 2005 grant was awarded to The Massachusetts Historical Society
                         to digitize, over three years, thirty-five volumes of edited documents, a total of about 17,600 pages,
                         bearing on two of the leading families of colonial America—the Winthrops and the Adamses. At
                         the completion of the project, scholars, students, and the general public will be able to use impor-
                         tant texts heretofore available only in major research libraries. The Society will make the text
                         available free of charge on its Web site (www.masshist.org).
                              Within the Collaborative Research Program, the division supports long-term research
                         ranging from archaeological projects to scholarly conferences, biographies, and linguistic and
                         literary endeavors. A 2005 grant went to the University of California, Los Angeles, in support of
                         a project entitled “The First Generation of British Industrialists: Scientific Culture and Civic Life,
                         1780–1832.” This historical study, a collaboration involving Margaret Jacob and Larry Stewart and
                         two summer graduate research assistants, regards industrialization as part of a cultural process
                         with scientific knowledge playing a central role. Their investigation of the first generation of British
                         industrialists builds on research that has revealed the depth and sophistication of human agency
                         and which undercuts more mechanistic models of economic growth. A 2005 award to the W. F.
                         Albright Institute of Archaeological Research is supporting one twelve-month and one six-month
                         postdoctoral fellowship for each of three consecutive academic years through 2009. These are con-
                         tinuous, residential fellowships at the institute, located in Jerusalem. The Albright is dedicated to
                         pursuing research across the entire gamut of ancient Near Eastern Studies, from prehistory through
                         the early Islamic Period. In 2005 the Endowment supported fellowships at fourteen research institu-
                         tions in the U.S. and eleven institutions that facilitate international research.
                              Fellowships, summer stipends, and faculty research awards also provide support for humanities
                         research. In 2005 a fellowship was awarded to Chitralekha Zutshi of the College of William and Mary
                         in support of a project entitled “A Social History of the Northern Indian Kashmiri Shawl.” Zutshi argues
                         that, far from simply being mere textiles, Kashmiri shawls were commodities that embodied cultural
                         values, not only those of Kashmir but also those of the societies to which the shawls were exported.
                              In 2005 the Endowment entered into a special partnership with the National Science Foundation
                         to document endangered languages throughout the world. The central objectives of one such project,
                         undertaken by Erin Katherine Debenport of the University of Chicago, are to record and archive
                         audio materials in the Southern Tiwa language as it is spoken at Sandia Pueblo, New Mexico, and
                         to train tribal members in descriptive linguistic methodology.
                              An NEH summer stipend was awarded to Patricia E. Grieve of Columbia University for her
                         project, “True Lies: Tweaking the Saints’ Tales in Don Quixote.” The NEH grant made it pos-
                         sible for Grieve to complete one long chapter in a book about how Cervantes and Maria de Zayas
                         creatively manipulated saints’ lives and other kinds of spiritual writings in their own secular stories.
                         Grieve argues that because of the tremendous power and impact of religious traditions on the daily
                         lives of seventeenth-century Spaniards, writers were able to create ironic, subversive parodies in
                         short tales about women and their social roles.

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                       35
                              Faculty research awards support faculty at historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic-
                         serving institutions, and tribal colleges. Stanley Harrold of South Carolina State University
                         received a faculty research award in support of his project, “Border War: The Long War before
                         the American Civil War.” The focus of the project is the violent confrontation between anti-
                         slavery and proslavery forces that occurred from the 1820s to the 1860s on the long border
                         between America’s free-labor and slave-labor states. In its geographic scope and in its investiga-
                         tion of the proslavery side, Harrold’s study indicates that assisted slave escapes, the kidnapping
                         of free Northern African Americans into slavery, and armed conflict between antislavery and
                         proslavery vigilantes in the region pushed the United States toward disunion and war.
                              During 2005, 111 books resulted from NEH-funded research. Among them were a number
                         of prize winners. American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Kai
                         Bird and Martin J. Sherwin won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography. E. Brooks Holifield of Emory
                         University was awarded the Albert Outler Prize by the American Society of Church History for
                         his Theology in America: Christian Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War. Jonathan
                         Sarna of Brandeis University won the Saul Viener Prize of the American Jewish Historical Society
                         for his American Judaism: A History. Alice Kaplan of Duke University received the 2005 Henry
                         Adams Prize, awarded by the Society for History in the Federal Government, for The Interpreter.

                                                                              JOYCE MALCOLM
                                                                              DIVISION OF RESEARCH PROGRAMS

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                      36
Research Programs                  Jeremy Alan Baskes           Christopher Sheehan Braider   Vincent J. Cannato

Fellowships and
                                   Delaware, OH                 Boulder, CO                   Cambridge, MA
                                   $40,000                      $40,000                       $40,000
                                   Edwin L. Battistella         Bettina Brandt                Bernardo Joaquin Cantens
Grants go to individuals to sup-   Ashland, OR                  Astoria, NY                   Miami, FL
port up to a year of humanities    $5,000                       $40,000                       $40,000
                                   Robert M. Baum               Susan Lynn Branson            Magali Marie Carrera
                                   Ames, IA                     Dallas, TX                    Dartmouth, MA
Nicholas Adams
                                   $5,000                       $40,000                       $5,000
Amenia, NY
                                   Judith MacKenzie Bennett     Ann Brigham                   John Peter Carriero
                                   Los Angeles, CA              Evanston, IL                  Los Angeles, CA
Siraj Dean Ahmed
                                   $40,000                      $5,000                        $40,000
South Hadley, MA
                                   Kathryn Bernhardt            Janet Farrell Brodie          Phillip E. Cash Cash
                                   Los Angeles, CA              Claremont, CA                 Tucson, AZ
Kenneth Lee Aizawa
                                   $40,000                      $5,000                        $40,000
Shreveport, LA
                                   William Cunningham Bissell   Thomas H. Broman              Celia Chazelle
                                   Easton, PA                   Madison, WI                   Ewing, NJ
Nadja Aksamija
                                   $40,000                      $40,000                       $40,000
Hamilton, NY
                                   Stephen H. Blackwell         Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner      Michael Cherlin
                                   Knoxville, TN                Newton, MA                    St. Paul, MN
Ann Cooper Albright
                                   $5,000                       $40,000                       $5,000
Oberlin, OH
                                   Sara B. Blair                Rebecca Ellen Bryant          Marie-Magdeleine J. Chirol
                                   Ann Arbor, MI                Istanbul, Turkey              Whittier, CA
Michael J. Almeida
                                   $40,000                      $40,000                       $24,000
San Antonio, TX
                                   Robert Terrell Bledsoe       Beth Anne Buggenhagen         Laura Claridge
                                   El Paso, TX                  Rochester, NY                 Saugerties, NY
Harriet Hyman Alonso
                                   $40,000                      $5,000                        $40,000
Brooklyn, NY
                                   Hester Blum                  Patrick Lawrence Burke        Constance Areson Clark
                                   University Park, PA          St. Louis, MO                 Lynchburg, VA
Gauvin Alexander Bailey
                                   $5,000                       $5,000                        $40,000
Watertown, MA
                                   Hans C. Boas                 Joy Haslam Calico             Lauren Reynolds Clay
                                   Austin, TX                   Nashville, TN                 College Station, TX
Jeremy David Bailey
                                   $40,000                      $5,000                        $5,000
Spokane, WA
                                   John Edward Bodnar           Mary Ann Calo                 Richard Louis Cleary
                                   Bloomington, IN              Manlius, NY                   Austin, TX
Mark Tollie Banker
                                   $24,000                      $24,000                       $40,000
Kingston, TN
                                   Eileen Cynthia Boris         Jane E. Calvert               Edith W. Clowes
                                   Santa Barbara, CA            St. Mary’s City, MD           Lawrence, KS
Gregory Peter Barnhisel
                                   $40,000                      $5,000                        $5,000
Pittsburgh, PA
                                   Jonathan Boyarin             Howard Blaine Campbell        Sarah Rachel Cohen
                                   New York, NY                 El Paso, TX                   Albany, NY
Luis Manuel Barragan
                                   $5,000                       $40,000                       $40,000
Tucson, AZ
                                   Christopher Robert Boyer     John C. Campbell              Thomas Ezekiel Cooper
                                   Oak Park, IL                 Ann Arbor, MI                 Chapel Hill, NC
Elizabeth Bartman
                                   $40,000                      $40,000                       $5,000
New York, NY
                                   Persephone Braham            David Butler Cannata          John Corrigan
                                   Newark, NJ                   New York, NY                  Tallahassee, FL
                                   $5,000                       $40,000                       $40,000

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                              37
Carole Marie Counihan           Sandra M. Deutsch          Jane Lynn Florine           Andreas Giger
Millersville, PA                El Paso, TX                Chicago, IL                 Baton Rouge, LA
$24,000                         $40,000                    $40,000                     $24,000

Vincent Crapanzano              Maribel Dietz              Martin Kennedy Foys         Alyssa Wendy Gillespie
New York, NY                    Lafayette, LA              Baltimore, MD               Granger, IN
$5,000                          $5,000                     $5,000                      $40,000

Anthony Cunningham              Sheila Dillon              Wayne Edward Franits        Hank Glassman
St. Cloud, MN                   Carrboro, NC               Syracuse, NY                Haverford, PA
$40,000                         $40,000                    $40,000                     $24,000

Kathleen Ann Curran             Kathleen Grace Donohue     Bonnie Kathleen Frederick   Teresa Alice Goddu
Higganum, CT                    Midland, MI                Fort Worth, TX              Nashville, TN
$5,000                          $40,000                    $5,000                      $24,000

Lynne E. Curry                  Brian Donovan              Sarah Frederick             Ann Elisabeth Goldberg
Champaign, IL                   Lawrence, KS               Quincy, MA                  Riverside, CA
$5,000                          $40,000                    $40,000                     $5,000

Daniel Czitrom                  Arienne M. Dwyer           Philip Mitchell Freeman     Sandra J. Graham
South Hadley, MA                Lawrence, KS               Decorah, IA                 Davis, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                    $5,000                      $5,000

Kathleen Dalton                 Joseph H. Dyer             Paul A. Friedland           Sean C. Grass
Andover, MA                     Newton Highlands, MA       Brunswick, ME               Lubbock, TX
$40,000                         $5,000                     $40,000                     $5,000

Lucinda L. Damon-Bach           Natalie Anne Dykstra       DoVeanna Sherie Fulton      Patricia E. Grieve
Reading, MA                     Holland, MI                Memphis, TN                 New York, NY
$40,000                         $40,000                    $5,000                      $5,000

Michele Landis Dauber           Ronald D. Eller            Lynee Lewis Gaillet         Pamela Charlene Grundy
Stanford, CA                    Lexington, KY              Kennesaw, GA                Charlotte, NC
$24,000                         $5,000                     $5,000                      $40,000

Jerry Davila                    Ziad Elmarsafy             David Lee Gants             Bina Gupta
Charlotte, NC                   New York, NY               Fredericton, NB, Canada     Columbia, MO
$40,000                         $40,000                    $40,000                     $40,000

Joyce De Vries                  Nan Enstad                 Eric Scott Gardner          Kolleen M. Guy
Auburn, AL                      Madison, WI                Midland, MI                 Austin, TX
$5,000                          $40,000                    $5,000                      $40,000

Erin Katherine Debenport        Sharon Ann Farmer          Steven J. Garfinkle         Dorothy Metzger Habel
Chicago, IL                     Santa Barbara, CA          Bellingham, WA              Knoxville, TN
$40,000                         $40,000                    $40,000                     $40,000

Craig Stephen DeLancey          Andrey Yury Filchenko      Sheldon Marc Garon          Paul Delaney Halliday
Fairport, NY                    Tomsk 634012, Russia       Princeton, NJ               Charlottesville, VA
$40,000                         $40,000                    $40,000                     $24,000

Brenda Denzler                  Ronald Charles Finucane    Pamela Antonia Genova       Sydney A. Halpern
Pittsboro, NC                   Bloomfield Hills, MI       Norman, OK                  Chicago, IL
$5,000                          $24,000                    $24,000                     $40,000

Dennis Arthur Deslippe          Licia Fiol-Matta           Paula Elizabeth Geyh        Brian Cameron Harker
Lancaster, PA                   New York, NY               New York, NY                Orem, UT
$40,000                         $40,000                    $5,000                      $40,000

Kevin J. H. Dettmar             Brodwyn Michelle Fischer   James M. Gibson             Sharon Marie Harris
Carbondale, IL                  Chicago, IL                Kent, United Kingdom        Arlington, TX
$5,000                          $5,000                     $40,000                     $40,000

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                   38
Stanley Harrold                 Susan Schmidt Horning    Patricia Isabel Juarez-Dappe   Michael Kulikowski
Orangeburg, SC                  Fairlawn, OH             Los Angeles, CA                Knoxville, TN
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                        $5,000

Jane Hathaway                   Alan Craig Houston       Jyotsna Kapur                  David E. Kyvig
Columbus, OH                    La Jolla, CA             Carbondale, IL                 DeKalb, IL
$40,000                         $40,000                  $5,000                         $40,000

Tomohisa Hattori                Kirsten Ann Hoving       Fumi Karahashi                 Hannah Louise Landecker
Bronx, NY                       Middlebury, VT           Philadelphia, PA               Houston, TX
$40,000                         $24,000                  $40,000                        $40,000

Eva Anita Haverkamp             Melanie Anne Hubbard     Marjoleine Kars                Jane Gilmer Landers
Houston, TX                     Ruskin, FL               Baltimore, MD                  Nashville, TN
$24,000                         $5,000                   $40,000                        $40,000

Kirk Hazen                      Mary Gilbert Hyman       Theresa Michele Kelley         Joseph F. LaPorte
Morgantown, WV                  75018 Paris, France      Madison, WI                    Holland, MI
$5,000                          $24,000                  $40,000                        $40,000

Thomas John Heffernan           Philip Jay Hyman         Paul Kens                      Susan Larson
Knoxville, TN                   75018 Paris, France      Austin, TX                     Lexington, KY
$40,000                         $24,000                  $40,000                        $5,000

Elizabeth Jones Hemenway        Christoph Irmscher       Adeeb Khalid                   Gavin John Lawrence
Duxbury, MA                     Baltimore, MD            St Paul, MN                    Santa Monica, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                        $40,000

David Neil Hempton              Kenneth Samuel Jackson   James Jerry Kimble             David Edward Leary
Bedford, MA                     Detroit, MI              South Orange, NJ               Richmond, VA
$24,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                         $5,000

Barbara Jane Henry              Gerald James Janecek     Matthew Gary Kirschenbaum      Linda Leavell
Seattle, WA                     Lexington, KY            Silver Spring, MD              Stillwater, OK
$5,000                          $40,000                  $24,000                        $40,000

Christopher Clarke Herbert      Maya Jasanoff            Thomas Peter Klein             De-nin Deanna Lee
Evanston, IL                    Charlottesville, VA      Pocatello, ID                  Brunswick, ME
$40,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                         $5,000

Daniel J. Herman                Yonglin Jiang            Cynthia Jennifer Klestinec     Mechele Leon
Ellensburg, WA                  Stillwater, OK           Atlanta, GA                    Roeland Park, KS
$5,000                          $40,000                  $5,000                         $40,000

Cheryl Temple Herr              Galen A. Johnson         Anne Kelly Knowles             Curt Leviant
Iowa City, IA                   Kingston, RI             Middlebury, VT                 Edison, NJ
$40,000                         $5,000                   $40,000                        $40,000

Jennifer Ngaire Heuer           Gary Chase Johnson       Roman K. Kovalev               Alex Lichtenstein
75003 Paris, France             Findlay, OH              Pennington, NJ                 Houston, TX
$24,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                         $5,000

Dorothy Louise Hodgson          Greg Bruce Johnson       Sharon R. Krause               Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
New Brunswick, NJ               Boulder, CO              Cambridge, MA                  Knoxville, TN
$40,000                         $5,000                   $24,000                        $40,000

Thomas Cleveland Holt           Bill Johnston            Sarah Anne Krive               Paul K. Longmore
Chicago, IL                     Bloomington, IN          Greensboro, NC                 San Francisco, CA
$40,000                         $24,000                  $40,000                        $24,000

Nicholas Arthur Hopkins         Karen Louise Jolly       Ian Kuijt                      Matthew George Looper
Tallahassee, FL                 Honolulu, HI             Notre Dame, IN                 Chico, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                        $40,000

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                       39
Amanda Rosenstock Luyster       Bryan Daniel McCann      Hamid Naficy                  Alejandra Beltide Osorio
Minneapolis, MN                 Washington, DC           Houston, TX                   Wellesley, MA
$5,000                          $40,000                  $24,000                       $40,000

Cynthia MacDonald               Randall Eugene McGowen   Daniel A. Nathan              Alka Patel
Christchurch, New Zealand       Eugene, OR               Saratoga Springs, NY          Marina del Rey, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                       $5,000

Emily Maureen Mackil            Susan Mary McKinnon      Nancy Joan Nersessian         C. George Peale
Middletown, CT                  Charlottesville, VA      Atlanta, GA                   Fullerton, CA
$5,000                          $40,000                  $40,000                       $40,000

Jeffrey Magee                   Steven George Medema     Richard S. Newman             Michael Philip Penn
Champaign, IL                   Denver, CO               Rochester, NY                 Amherst, MA
$24,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                        $5,000

Miki Makihara                   Andrew Seth Meier        Ryan Tate Nichols             Carla L. Peterson
Flushing, NY                    Brooklyn, NY             Grand Rapids, MI              Washington, DC
$40,000                         $40,000                  $24,000                       $40,000

Erez Manela                     Seth Meisel              Susan Ruth Niditch            Christopher John Pincock
Belmont, MA                     Whitewater, WI           Amherst, MA                   West Lafayette, IN
$40,000                         $5,000                   $40,000                       $5,000

Gregory Mann                    Steven J. Meyer          Kim Evangel Nielsen           Helena Pohlandt-McCormick
New York, NY                    Richmond Heights, MO     Green Bay, WI                 St. Paul, MN
$5,000                          $5,000                   $5,000                        $40,000

Ilaria Marchesi                 Joan Ellen Meznar        John Ashley Null              Deborah A. Poole
Princeton, NJ                   Storrs Mansfield, CT     Hot Springs, AR               Baltimore, MD
$40,000                         $5,000                   $40,000                       $24,000

John Mark Marincola             Nara B. Milanich         Tara Elaine Nummedal          James I. Porter
Tallahassee, FL                 New York, NY             Providence, RI                Ann Arbor, MI
$40,000                         $5,000                   $40,000                       $40,000

Peter A. Mark                   Robert Camp Miner        Charles Arthur Nunley         Katrina Mary Powell
Middletown, CT                  Waco, TX                 Waybridge, VT                 Baton Rouge, LA
$40,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                        $40,000

Arthur Francis Marotti          John Warne Monroe        Monique Elaine O’Connell      Thomas Francis Powers
Huntington Woods, MI            Iowa City, IA            Winston Salem, NC             Duluth, MN
$40,000                         $5,000                   $5,000                        $5,000

Edward George Mathews, Jr.      John Patrick Montano     Matthew David O’Hara          Heather Munro Prescott
Tunkhannock, PA                 Los Angeles, CA          Las Cruces, NM                Burlington, CT
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                       $40,000

Anthony Mattina                 Paul D. Moreno           Carol J. Oja                  Alex Claire Purves
Missoula, MT                    Princeton, NV            Newton, MA                    Los Angeles, CA
$40,000                         $5,000                   $24,000                       $5,000

Christopher L. Mayo             Jeanne Moskal            Lester Clarence Olson         Mary Quinlan-McGrath
Tiverton, RI                    Chapel Hill, NC          Pittsburgh, PA                Chicago, IL
$5,000                          $40,000                  $5,000                        $40,000

Patricia Ann McAnany            Megan Mullen             Charles Daniel Orzech         Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
Brooklyn, CT                    Racine, WI               Greensboro, NC                Santa Clara, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                  $40,000                       $40,000

Justin Titus McBride            Peter C. Myers           Elena Aleksandrovna Osokina   Judith Rosenberg Raftery
Kaw City, OK                    Eau Claire, WI           Springfield, MO               Chico, CA
$40,000                         $24,000                  $40,000                       $40,000

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                      40
Michael Ragussis                Bernard Rosenthal             Matthew Simpson              Brook Thomas
Washington, DC                  Vestal, NY                    Decorah, IA                  Irvine, CA
$40,000                         $40,000                       $5,000                       $40,000

Robert L. Rankin                Paul C. Rosier                Eiko Maruko Siniawer         Lynn M. Thomas
Tonganoxie, KS                  Wallingford, PA               Williamstown, MA             Seattle, WA
$40,000                         $5,000                        $5,000                       $40,000

Jennifer Eden Ratner-           Abraham Sesshu Roth           Joseph Michael Siry          Currie Kerr Thompson
Rosenhagen                      Chicago, IL                   Middletown, CT               Gettysburg, PA
Miami, FL                       $5,000                        $24,000                      $5,000
                                Robert Malcolm Royalty, Jr.   Barbara J. Skinner           John Victor Tolan
Marcus Rediker                  Crawfordsville, IN            Terra Haute, IN              Corvallis, OR
Pittsburgh, PA                  $40,000                       $24,000                      $40,000
                                Dana Lynn Rush                Jacob Shandor Soll           Susana Torre
Annette Yoshiko Reed            Champaign, IL                 Philadelphia, PA             New York, NY
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada       $5,000                        $40,000                      $40,000
                                Joshua A. Sanborn             Roy Sorensen                 Stephen Edgar Towne
Jeanne C. Reesman               Easton, PA                    Hanover, NH                  Indianapolis, IN
San Antonio, TX                 $40,000                       $40,000                      $5,000
                                Jordan Alexander Sand         Claire Sponsler              Trysh Travis
Daniel Reff                     Washington, DC                Iowa City, IA                Gainesville, FL
Columbus, OH                    $40,000                       $40,000                      $40,000
                                Gary R. Saxonhouse            Smriti Srinivas              Ted Tunnell
Gerardo Renique                 Ann Arbor, MI                 Davis, CA                    Richmond, VA
Brooklyn, NY                    $40,000                       $40,000                      $5,000
                                Jeffrey Thompson Schnapp      Kathryn Claire Statler       Marc Guido Van De Mieroop
Stephen P. Rice                 Stanford, CA                  San Diego, CA                New York, NY
Cornwall-on-Huds, NY            $40,000                       $5,000                       $40,000
                                Maureen Trudelle Schwarz      Kristine S. Stenzel          David J. Vaught
Janet Richards                  Syracuse, NY                  Niteroi, RJ, Brazil          College Station, TX
Ann Arbor, MI                   $5,000                        $40,000                      $5,000
                                Eleanor Frances Shevlin       Robert Bocking Stevens       Helen H. Vendler
Anthony Phillip Roark           Washington, DC                Northleach, United Kingdom   Cambridge, MA
Boise, ID                       $5,000                        $24,000                      $40,000
                                Anna Marshall Shields         Nicholas L. Sturgeon         Aida Vidan
Laura C. Robinson               Tucson, AZ                    Ithaca, NY                   Cambridge, MA
Honolulu, HI                    $40,000                       $40,000                      $40,000
                                George Gordon Shuffelton      Michael Felix Suarez         Bradford James Vivian
Paula Akiko Rogers              Northfield, MN                Bronx, NY                    Nashville, TN
Eugene, OR                      $5,000                        $40,000                      $5,000
                                Josh Sides                    Jane Cicely Sugarman         Pamela Voekel
Adam Rome                       Los Angeles, CA               Stony Brook, NY              Athens, GA
State College, PA               $5,000                        $40,000                      $40,000
                                Blanca G. Silvestrini         George Alan Tarr             Gayle F. Wald
Anne Carver Rose                Storrs, CT                    Camden, NJ                   Washington, DC
State College, PA               $40,000                       $40,000                      $40,000
                                Elizabeth Simpson             Janet Mary Theiss            Noriko Watanabe
Daniel Blake Rosenberg          Ossining, NY                  Salt Lake City, UT           Montclair, NJ
Eugene, OR                      $40,000                       $40,000                      $5,000

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                          41
Alison Parks Weber              Lizabeth Anne Zack
Charlottesville, VA             Spartanburg, SC
$24,000                         $5,000

Susan Verdi Webster             Ying Zhu
St. Paul, MN                    Mountainside, NJ
$40,000                         $24,000

Phyllis Weliver                 Michael J. Zogry
Wilkes-Barre, PA                Lawrence, KS
$5,000                          $5,000

Colin Peter James Wells         Eric S. Zolov
Edina, MN                       Lancaster, PA
$5,000                          $5,000

Lesley Madeleine Wheeler        Chitralekha Zutshi
Lexington, VA                   Williamsburg, VA
$40,000                         $40,000

Christopher Glen White
Atlanta, GA

Daniel Bernard Wickberg
Richardson, TX

George Homer Williams
Kansas City, MO

Ara Wilson
South Hadley, MA

Michael Lawrence Witmore
Pittsburgh, PA

David Scott Witwer
Lewisburg, PA

Justin Wolff
Cambridge, MA

Mark A. Wollaeger
Nashville, TN

James Clinton Wright
Bryn Mawr, PA

Susan Lee Youens
South Bend, IN

Harvey Young
Chicago, IL

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                        42
Collaborative Research                             Studies at Athens                                   George C. Marshall Research Foundation
                                                   Princeton, NJ Catherine deG. Vanderpool             Lexington, VA Larry I. Bland
                                                   $172,000 The equivalent of two full-year            $50,000* Work on volume six of a selective,
Grants support up to three years of research
                                                   humanities fellowships a year for two years.        seven-volume edition of the papers of George
undertaken by a team of scholars and fellowship
                                                                                                       Catlett Marshall, who won the Nobel Prize
programs at independent research institutions.
                                                   Boston College                                      for his work on the U.S. Marshall Plan.
                                                   Chestnut Hill, MA Roberta T. Manning
American Center
of Oriental Research                               $5,300* To support preparation for the pub-         George Washington University
Amman, ZZ Pierre M. Bikai                          lication of documents on the Stalin terror.         Washington, DC Allida Black

$64,560 One four-month humanities fel-                                                                 $80,000 Completion and publication of volume
                                                   Brandeis University                                 1, completion of volumes 2 and 3, and editorial
lowship each year for three years.
                                                   Waltham, MA ChaeRan Freeze                          work on volume 4 of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers.
                                                   $75,000 Preparation of a documentary
American Council of Learned Societies
                                                   history of everyday Jewish life in imperial         George Washington University
New York, NY Steven C. Wheatley
                                                   Russia, incorporating translations of docu-         Washington, DC Charlene N. Bickford
$41,000* Three humanities fellow-                  ments from Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
ships each year for three years.                                                                       $25,000* Completion of volumes 18 and
                                                                                                       19, and preparation of volume 20 of the
                                                   Case Western Reserve University
American Council of Learned Societies                                                                  Documentary History of the First Federal Congress.
                                                   Cleveland, OH Melvyn C. Goldstein
New York, NY Duncan M. Porter
                                                   $100,000 An oral history of Tibetans in             George Washington University
$10,000 Work on volumes 16, 17,                    India and Nepal, where the Tibetans fled            Washington, DC Charlene N. Bickford
18, and 19 of an edition of The                    into exile after the failed uprising of 1959.
Correspondence of Charles Darwin.                                                                      $120,000 Completion of editorial work on
                                                                                                       volumes 18–20 (Correspondence Series: Second
                                                   Catholic University of America
American Council of Learned Societies                                                                  Session) of the Documentary History of the First
                                                   Washington, DC Timothy B. Noone
New York, NY Duncan M. Porter                                                                          Federal Congress; continued editorial work on vol-
                                                   $12,500* Preparation of a critical edi-             ume 21 (Correspondence Series: Third Session).
$8,639* To support work on two volumes of an       tion of Duns Scotus’s Reportatio Parisiensis,
edition of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin.   examinata I-A, distinctions 16–30.                  Harvard University
                                                                                                       Cambridge, MA Jeffrey Quilter
American Council of Learned Societies              Columbia University
New York, NY Donna Heiland                                                                             $80,000 Three major field seasons at
                                                   New York, NY Ehsan O. Yarshater
                                                                                                       Magdalena de Cao Viejo, Peru, accom-
$50,000* Four humanities fellow-                   $5,000* To support the translation and annota-      panied by analysis and writing.
ships each year for three years.                   tion of an eleventh-century Persian chronicle, an
                                                   important source for the history of what is now     Hastings Center
American Councils for
                                                   eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and modern Pakistan.     Garrison, NY Gregory E. Kaebnick
International Education
Washington, DC Dan E. Davidson                                                                         $100,000 A volume of scholarly essays, and
                                                   CUNY Research Foundation, Graduate
$192,000 The equivalent of two and                                                                     other related publications, examining the ways in
                                                   School and University Center
one-quarter full-year humanities fellow-                                                               which “nature” and “the natural” are appealed
                                                   New York, NY Adrienne Fried Block
ships a year, for each of two years.                                                                   to in political and philosophical arguments.
                                                   $100,000 Preparation of a searchable data-
                                                   base and a two-volume history of musical life       Huntington Library
American Musicological Society
                                                   in New York City between 1862 and 1876.             San Marino, CA Robert C. Ritchie
Philadelphia, PA Richard Crawford
$75,000 Publication of volumes 16–20, and                                                              $378,000 Three humanities fellow-
                                                   Duke University
continued editorial work on volumes 21–29.                                                             ships per year for three years.
                                                   Durham, NC David R. Sorensen
                                                   $15,250* The preparation and publication of         Indiana University, Bloomington
American Musicological Society
                                                   volumes 31, 32 and 33 (print and electronic         Bloomington, IN Sumie A. Jones
Philadelphia, PA Richard Crawford
                                                   versions) and continued preparation of volume
$17,500* To support seven volumes of a                                                                 $20,000* The translation into English of
                                                   34 of the Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane
scholarly edition of American music from the                                                           a variety of works written in Japan from
                                                   Welsh Carlyle, covering the years 1855–1860.
early years of the republic to the present.                                                            1600 to 1920, to be published as a three-
                                                                                                       volume anthology that is accessible to
                                                   Elizabethtown College
American Philological Association                                                                      scholars, students, and general readers.
                                                   Elizabethtown, PA Donald B. Kraybill
Philadelphia, PA Kathleen M. Coleman
                                                   $100,000 Publication of a book on the Amish in      Indiana University, Indianapolis
$88,500 One humanities fellow-                     twentieth-century America, along with the con-      Indianapolis, IN Nathan Houser
ship a year for each of three years.               vening of a conference devoted to that subject,
                                                                                                       $48,945* Publication of volumes 9 and
                                                   and creation of a Web site about the Amish and
American Research Center in Egypt                                                                      11, and continued editorial work on vol-
                                                   an annotated bibliography of Amish studies.
Atlanta, GA Gerry Dee Scott, III                                                                       umes 10 and 12, for a critical edition
                                                                                                       of the Writings of Charles S. Peirce.
$172,000 The equivalent of two full-year
humanities fellowships a year for two years.
American School of Classical

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                           43
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Indiana University, Indianapolis                   National Humanities Center                          Princeton University
Indianapolis, IN Nathan Houser                     Research Triangle Park, NC W. Robert Connor         Princeton, NJ Barbara Bowen Oberg
$100,000 Publication of volumes 9 and 11 of        $10,000* To support the equivalent of               $90,000 Scholarly work on volumes
the Writings of Charles S. Peirce, and contin-     twenty-one fellowships in the humani-               32–35 of the multivolume edition of
ued editorial work on volumes 10 and 12.           ties over a period of three years.                  The Papers of Thomas Jefferson.

Institute for Advanced Study                       New York Public Library                             Rice University
Princeton, NJ Peter Goddard                        New York, NY Howard Dodson                          Houston, TX Lynda L. Crist
$37,000* The equivalent of three full-year         $23,750* To support the equiva-                     $75,000 Publication of volume 12 and comple-
fellowships each year for two years.               lent of seven year-long fellowships                 tion of volume 13 of The Papers of Jefferson Davis.
                                                   over a period of three years.
Institute for Advanced Study                                                                           Rice University
Princeton, NJ Peter Goddard                        New York Public Library                             Houston, TX Lynda L. Crist
$37,000* The equivalent of three full-year         New York, NY Howard Dodson                          $8,000* To support work on three volumes
humanities fellowships each year for two years.    $61,000* Three humanities fellow-                   of an edition of The Papers of Jefferson Davis.
                                                   ships each year for three years.
Jewish Publication Society                                                                             Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Philadelphia, PA Ellen Frankel                     New York University                                 New Brunswick, NJ Ann D. Gordon
$10,000* Preparation for publication of an         New York, NY Esther Katz                            $25,000 Completion of volume 5 of a 6-vol-
English-language anthology of Folktales of the     $25,000* Completion of volume 2 and                 ume print edition of The Selected Papers of
Jews that will include 350 annotated narra-        continued work on volumes 3 and 4 of                Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.
tives in their historical and cultural contexts.   a four-volume print edition of materi-
                                                   als selected from the microfilm archive             School of American Research
John Carter Brown Library                          of the papers of Margaret Sanger.                   Santa Fe, NM Richard M. Leventhal
Providence, RI Norman Fiering                                                                          $45,000* Three fellowships
$172,000 Two humanities fellow-                    Newberry Library                                    each year for three years.
ships per year for two years.                      Chicago, IL James R. Grossman
                                                   $252,000 Three humanities fellow-                   Stanford University
Massachusetts Historical Society                   ships a year for three years.                       Stanford, CA Rega Wood
Boston, MA C. James Taylor                                                                             $25,000* Publication of Memoriale Quaestionum
$52,300* Volumes 7 and 8 in the Family             Northwestern State University of Louisiana          in Metaphysicam Aristotelis, completion of edito-
Correspondence (Series II) and volumes 12          Natchitoches, LA David W. Morgan                    rial work for lectures on De Anima, and initial
and 13 of the Correspondence and Papers of         $85,000 Archaeological research on the              editing of Dissertatio in Metaphysicam in Aristotelis.
Statesmen (Series III) of the Adams Papers.        late seventeenth-century plantation house
                                                   of Marie-Thérèse Coincoin, the princi-              Stanford University
Massachusetts Historical Society                   pal ancestral figure of modern Louisiana            Stanford, CA Rega Wood
Boston, MA Conrad Edick Wright                     Creoles, located in the Cane River Creole           $130,000 Publication of a critical edition
$299,792 Digital online publication of 35 previ-   community of northwest Louisiana.                   of Memoriale in Metaphysicam Aristotelis and
ous printed volumes, including The Journal of                                                          preparation for publication of a critical edition
John Winthrop, 1630–1649, The Winthrop Papers,     Northwestern University                             of Dissertatio in Metaphysicam Aristotelis, the
The Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, The     Evanston, IL James Packer                           Latin texts of the thirteenth-century philo-
Adams Family Correspondence, The Legal Papers      $25,000* A second season of excava-                 sophical works of Richard Rufus of Cornwall,
of John Adams, and The Papers of John Adams.       tion and analysis of a portion of the               author of the earliest surviving commentar-
                                                   Theater of Pompey, a prototypical Roman             ies on Aristotle’s natural philosophy.
Medici Archive Project                             theater of the first century BCE.
New York, NY Edward L. Goldberg                                                                        Stanford University
$240,000 One three-year humanities fellowship.     Omohundro Institute of Early                        Stanford, CA Clayborne Carson
                                                   American History and Culture                        $40,000* Publication of volumes 5 and 6,
Michigan State University                          Williamsburg, VA Charles F. Hobson                  and continued editorial work on volume
East Lansing, MI Frederick Joseph Rauscher         $5,000* Completion of volume 12, the final vol-     7 of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers.
$75,000 Preparation of a volume of                 ume of the edition of The Papers of John Marshall
English translations of Kant’s unpub-              (1755–1835), American statesman and jurist.         Sweet Briar College
lished writings in political philosophy.                                                               Sweet Briar, VA Lynn Rainville
                                                   Pennsylvania State University                       $100,000 Archaeological and archival research
National Humanities Center                         University Park, PA Sandra W. Spanier               into the mortuary traditions of African
Research Triangle Park, NC                         $130,000 Publication of volumes 1 and 2 of a        Americans living in the Virigina Piedmont from
Geoffrey Galt Harpham                              12-volume scholarly edition of Hemingway’s          the eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries.
$90,000* Seven humanities fellow-                  letters, and editorial work on volume 3.
ships each year for two years.

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                              44
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Temple University                                   University of California, Davis                     University of Maryland, College Park
Philadelphia, PA Elizabeth S. Bolman                Davis, CA Samuel G. Armistead                       College Park, MD Peter J. Albert
$100,000 Excavation and analysis of an              $50,000 The preparation of volumes 6, 7, 8, and     $75,000 The completion and publica-
important Coptic architectural complex              9 of a 15-volume annotated edition of texts and     tion of volume 11 and continued work
(fourth through thirteenth century, CE)             music of Judeo-Spanish traditional ballads.         on volume 12 of a 12-volume edition
that promises to yield valuable evidence                                                                of The Papers of Samuel Gompers.
bearing on late antique monasticism.                University of California, Los Angeles
                                                    Los Angeles, CA David Schaberg                      University of North Carolina, Asheville
Texas A & M Research Foundation                                                                         Asheville, NC Gordon Wilson
                                                    $29,502 A new English translation with
College Station, TX Gary Stringer                                                                       $100,000 Completion of preparation for publica-
                                                    a full scholarly introduction and notes
$100,000 Publication of John Donne’s                of the Zuo Tradition on the Spring and              tion of Quodlibet IV, the medieval philosopher
Satyres, and editorial work on the Verse            Autumn Annals (Zuozhuan), China’s                   Henry of Ghent’s longest work, written in 1279.
Letters, and Songs and Sonets.                      first great work of historical writing.
                                                                                                        University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Tulane University                                   University of California, Los Angeles               Chapel Hill, NC Donald C. Haggis
New Orleans, LA Susan P. Schroeder                  Los Angeles, CA Margaret C. Jacob                   $40,000 To support research on the
$80,000 The transcription, translation,             $100,000 Production of a Web site, and publica-     development of a nascent Cretan polis
and annotation of the seventeenth-century           tion of articles and a book, that will document     and of cultural exchange in the Greek
manuscript prepared by the Nahua historian          the scientific education of early British           Aegean during the Early Iron Age.
Chimalpahin, who based his work on Francisco        entrepreneurs, and the ways in which their
Lopez de Gomara’s history, The Conquest                                                                 University of North Carolina, Greensboro
                                                    knowledge facilitated the industrial revolution.
of Mexico, first printed in Spain in 1552.                                                              Greensboro, NC Jeffrey Scott Soles
                                                    University of California, Santa Barbara             $5,000 To support a final seven-week excavation
Ulysses S. Grant Association                        Santa Barbara, CA Elizabeth H. Witherell            season at Mochlos and write-up of field reports.
Carbondale, IL John Y. Simon
                                                    $80,000 Publication of Henry David
$100,000 Publication of volumes 27 and                                                                  University of North Dakota
                                                    Thoreau’s Excursions, Journal 7: 1853–1854,
28, and completion of volumes 29–32                                                                     Grand Forks, ND Sandra Donaldson
                                                    and Correspondence 1: 1836–1848; and
of The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant.                  editorial work on Correspondence 2:                 $130,000 Publication of a five-volume edition
                                                    1849–1856 and Journal 9: 1954–1855.                 of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry.
Ulysses S. Grant Association
Carbondale, IL John Y. Simon                        University of Detroit Mercy                         University of Notre Dame
$775* To support work on the four                   Detroit, MI Roy E. Finkenbine                       Notre Dame, IN Eugene C. Ulrich
remaining volumes of an edition of                  $5,000* To support the publication of an            $60,000* Publication of five vol-
The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant.                     electronic and letterpress edition of black         umes of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
                                                    antislavery writings from 1760–1829.
University of Akron, Main Campus                                                                        University of Notre Dame
Akron, OH Timothy Matney                            University of Florida                               Notre Dame, IN Eugene C. Ulrich
$25,000* Excavation and analysis of the site of     Gainesville, FL Michael E. Moseley                  $80,000 Publication of five vol-
ancient Tushhan on the Upper Tigris in south-       $7,075* The excavation and interpreta-              umes of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
east Turkey, an ideal laboratory for studying the   tion of two pre-Columbian Andean
process of collapse of the Late Assyrian Empire.    libation halls in present day Peru to study         University of Pennsylvania
                                                    religious rituals and the transfer of one pol-      Philadelphia, PA Benjamin I. Nathans
University of Arizona                                                                                   $75,000 Publication of an annotated transla-
                                                    ity’s gods into the pantheon of the other.
Tucson, AZ Emory Sekaquaptewa                                                                           tion of The Book of Life, the memoirs of the
$100,000 The transcription, translation into        University of Hawaii, Manoa                         Russian Jewish historian Simon Dubnov.
English, and annotation of a large body of          Honolulu, HI Michael W. Graves
publicly performed Hopi songs currently             $100,000 A study of the rise to power of            University of Puget Sound
stored on wax cylinders and tape reels at the       Kamehameha, the eighteenth-century Hawaiian         Tacoma, WA Peter H. Greenfield
Library of Congress and the Archives of             chief who united the Hawaiian Islands socially      $50,000* Publication of county records of
Traditional Music at Indiana University.            and politically. The project makes use of a         early English drama, including the two-volume
                                                    variety of archival and archaeological resources.   Wales collection and the two-volume merged
University of California, Berkeley                                                                      Cheshire and updated Chester collection.
Berkeley, CA Larry M. Hyman                         University of Maryland, College Park
$17,767 Documentation and descrip-                  College Park, MD Peter J. Albert                    University of Rochester
tion of the Badiaranke language                     $15,000* The completion and publication of          Rochester, NY Russell A. Peck
                                                    volumes 10 and 11 and preparation of volume         $5,000* To support the prepara-
University of California, Berkeley                                                                      tion of multiple volumes of a series of
                                                    12 of an edition of The Papers of Samuel Gompers.
Berkeley, CA Robert H. Hirst                                                                            important Middle English texts.
$195,528* An electronic edition of Mark Twain’s
Complete Letters, 1853–1910 and Mark Twain’s
Complete Notebooks & Journals, 1855–1910.

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                           45
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
University of Texas, Austin                         University of Virginia                             William A. Saturno
Austin, TX Michael Gagarin                          Charlottesville, VA Jerome J. McGann               Durham, NH
$100,000 Publication, both in print                 $130,000 Completion of the Rossetti                $45,000* The excavation, documentation,
and online, of the Greek texts of extant            Archive, an online electronic resource con-        preservation, and interpretation of Maya murals
laws from ancient Crete, along with                 taining digital copies of the entire body          painted between 100 BCE and 250 c.e. in pres-
translations and commentaries.                      of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s works.                 ent day Guatemala in order to shed light on the
                                                                                                       origins of ancient Maya religion and society.
University of the State of New York                 University of Washington
Albany, NY Charles T. Gehring                       Seattle, WA Richard G. Salomon
$20,000 The translation of two volumes              $40,000* To support the transcription,
of Dutch colonial documents (consisting             translation, and analysis of a group of
of the council minutes, 1656–1658, and              first- through seventh-century Buddhist
correspondence, 1659–1660), and the                 canons and the spread of Buddhism from
transcription of two additional volumes             India into Central Asia and China.
(consisting of the council minutes, 1660–1661,
and correspondence, 1661–1662).                     University of Washington
                                                    Seattle, WA Richard G. Salomon
University of Virginia                              $100,000 The renewal of funding for the ongo-
Charlottesville, VA Daniel V. Pitti                 ing British Library/University of Washington
$10,000* A translation of the ancient (ca. 78       Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project to study
BCE) Chinese text Traditions of Exemplary           and publish the earliest surviving corpus of
Women and a bilingual, multimedia Internet          Buddhist manuscripts in any language.
resource for scholarly inquiry into repre-
sentations of women in ancient China.               University of Wisconsin, Madison
                                                    Madison, WI John Kaminski
University of Virginia                              $1,300* To support work on three New
Charlottesville, VA John C. A. Stagg                York volumes of a documentary history
$80,000 Completion of volume 6 in the               of the ratification of the United States
Presidential Series, volume 8 in the Secretary      Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
of State Series of The Papers of James
Madison, and volume 1 of the Retirement             University of Wisconsin, Madison
Series, and continued editorial work on             Madison, WI John Kaminski
subsequent volumes of all three series.             $91,000 Completion of volumes 3–5 of the
                                                    New York series of documents, and editorial
University of Virginia                              work on Rhode Island volumes 1 and 2.
Charlottesville, VA Theodore J. Crackel
$70,000 Scholarly work on 12 volumes                University of Wisconsin, Madison
of the letterpress edition of The Papers of         Madison, WI John D. Dunne
George Washington: volumes 15–20 of the             $26,700* An annotated translation into
Revolutionary War Series, volumes 13–16             English of Candrakirti’s Prasannapada (Lucid
of the Presidential Series, and volumes             Words), a seventh-century CE Tibetan
1–2 of the Financial Papers Series.                 philosophical treatise in Sanskrit that is among
                                                    the most important works of the Buddhist
University of Virginia                              Madhyamaka (“Middle Way”) tradition.
Charlottesville, VA Bernard Frischer
$80,000 Adding GIS data and expanding a             W. F. Albright Institute of
freely accessible and fully interactive inventory   Archaeological Research
of Roman hydraulic infrastructure from the early    Jerusalem, ZZ Seymour Gitin
Christian era through the early modern period.      $66,000 One and one-half full-year
                                                    humanities fellowships, for one year.
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA Jerome J. McGann                Yale University
$10,000* The final two phases of the                New Haven, CT Ellen R. Cohn
Rossetti Archive project, an online data-           $57,500* To support work on three volumes of
base of digital images and XML-marked               an edition of The Papers of Benjamin Franklin.
transcriptions of materials related to the
study of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

R E S E A RC H P RO G R A M S                                                                                                                       46
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
              o ffiCe          of     C hAllenge g RAnts
              The NEH Challenge Grants program contributes to the nation’s long-term investment in the
              humanities by providing funds for construction, renovation, and acquisitions, as well as for
              endowments that offer continuing support through their earnings. Most importantly, recipients of
              challenge grants use the federal funds to leverage nonfederal gifts totaling three or four times the
              amount of the federal offer. During the nearly thirty years of the program’s history, NEH challenge
              grants have leveraged approximately $1.5 billion in nonfederal support for the humanities. In 2005,
              grants totaling more than $12.7 million generated nonfederal donations of over $39.5 million.
                   The NEH Office of Challenge Grants sponsored two award programs during 2005. Regular
              challenge grants supported long-term initiatives in all types of humanities institutions, including state
              humanities councils, museums, historic sites and historical societies, libraries, community colleges,
              colleges, universities, and centers for advanced research. A special initiative, We the People Challenge
              Grants in United States History, Institutions, and Culture, supported long-term enhancements to
              programs that investigate and advance knowledge of the founding principles of the United States.
                   Libraries are the laboratories of the humanities and a sine qua non for humanities research.
              The Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island, which was chartered in 1747
              and is our nation’s oldest lending library, received a challenge grant to support the restoration,
              renovation, and expansion of its historic facility. St. John’s University in Minnesota received a
              challenge grant to support an endowment for its Malta Study Center, one of three divisions of
              the university’s Hill Monastic Manuscript Library. The center’s holding’s include 16,000 reels of
              microfilm, comprising the archives of the Knights of Malta, the records of the Roman inquisi-
              tion in Malta. The challenge grant will establish an endowment to make the curator’s position
              permanent and provide funds for cataloging, visiting scholars, workshops, symposia, and the
              acquisition of materials to supplement the collection. The American Academy in Rome was
              established in 1894 and chartered by an Act of Congress in 1905. A challenge award to the
              academy will be used to expand its research library, which is currently operating at near capac-
              ity. The library, which contains 131,000 volumes and receives approximately 10,000 visits per
              annum, serves American researchers investigating topics that range from the Classical era to
              the modern world. The award will also provide an endowment for a special lecture program.
                   Challenge grants reflect the expanded capacities for humanities studies that can result
              from innovative uses of new digital technologies. For example, the Southeastern Library
              Network, or SOLINET, received a challenge grant to support the Stanford Encyclopedia of
              Philosophy, a free, open access, Internet-based resource that benefits academia and the gen-
              eral public. This online encyclopedia is designed as an evolving resource for the study of a
              core field in the humanities. Alphabetically-arranged articles will be updated on a continuing
              basis, and all entries will be archived to allow definitive scholarly documentation. Digital tech-
              nologies are also transforming public media, and in 2005 a number of public media stations
              used challenge grants to leverage support for their migration to digital broadcasting. Many of
              these recipients also used their awards to underwrite local programming. The Commonwealth
              Fund for Kentucky Educational Television, for example, will use its challenge grant to cre-
              ate an Endowment for Kentucky Productions, providing a stable, permanent base of funding
              from which to leverage grants supporting the production of a new series, “Kentucky Stories.”
                   Many colleges and universities use challenge grants to move the humanities into new
              areas of scholarship. Challenge grant funds will allow Hiram College to support permanently
              its national summer seminar program in the college’s Center for Literature, Medicine, and

CHALLENGE GRANTS                                                                                                          47
              the Health Professions. Bryn Mawr College will use a challenge grant to endow a new gradu-
              ate group that will combine the college’s departments of Classical languages, Classical and
              Near Eastern archaeology, and art history. Two institutions used challenge grants in 2005 to
              endow new approaches to military history: the Virginia Military Institute will endow a campus-
              based oral history archive, library and museum acquisitions, conferences, and publications
              focusing on the history of the Cold War, while Kansas State University will use a challenge
              grant to endow a new Institute for Military History and Twentieth-century Studies, an insti-
              tute that will benefit from partnerships with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
              at Abilene and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Levenworth.
                   Like regular challenge grants, the new We the People challenge grants provided awards to
              a variety of institutions, including colleges, museums, research libraries, and historical sites.
              The focus of this program on the founding principles of our American democracy is reflected
              in a grant to the National Constitution Center at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The
              award will support the construction of a changing exhibits gallery in the center, exhibits that
              illustrate the history of the Constitution and its relevance to issues in contemporary life.
                   Other We the People challenge grants reflect the broad impact of the Constitution and our
              founding principles on contemporary American humanities. St. Mary’s College of Maryland
              will use its We the People challenge grant to endow staff and curricular programming in its
              Center for the Study of Democracy, which it will run in collaboration with Historic St. Mary’s
              City, the site of an early seventeenth-century settlement that became Maryland’s first capi-
              tal. The Center for the Study of Democracy will explore early Maryland and Chesapeake
              regional history as a basis for understanding democratic values and institutions. The new
              Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, located at
              Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, will use its award to endow costs relating to the museum’s signature
              interpretive program, Lessons of Freedom. The grant is designed for students in grades four
              through eight to broaden their knowledge of the governing principles and continuing reso-
              nance of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

                                                                  STEPHEN M. ROSS
                                                                  OFFICE OF CHALLENGE GRANTS

CHALLENGE GRANTS                                                                                                  48
Challenge Grants                                   City of Homer                                     Institute of American Indian Arts
                                                   Homer, AK Helen K. Hill                           Santa Fe, NM Veronica Gonzales
                                                   $400,000* Construction of a new pub-              $750,000* Construction of a Center for
Grants secure long-term funding for humani-
                                                   lic library to serve residents of Alaska’s        Research and Cultural Exchange and
ties programming and resources through
                                                   southern Kenai Peninsula.                         endowment for a visiting scholar pro-
building endowments at institutions.
                                                                                                     gram and technology expenses.
                                                   Claremont Graduate University
Academy of Natural Sciences
                                                   Claremont, CA Karen J. Torjesen                   International Center of Medieval Art
Philadelphia, PA Lorena A. Boylan
                                                   $150,000* Endowment for a faculty chair in        New York, NY Mary B. Shepard
$15,017* Endowment for the Academy
                                                   Islamic studies, an adjunct appointment in        $81,963* Endowment for program-
Fellow, a position in the academy’s library,
                                                   Hebrew, student research, library acquisitions,   ming and staff, including a part-time
and for humanities programming.
                                                   and a faculty/student/community retreat.          copy editor for the journal Gesta.
American Academy in Rome
                                                   Commonwealth Fund for Kentucky                    Jazz at Lincoln Center, Inc.
New York, NY Adele Chatfield-Taylor                Educational Television                            New York, NY Laura Johnson
$450,000* Renovation of the Academy’s              Lexington, KY Nancy L. Carpenter
                                                                                                     $200,000* Endowment and bridge funding for
library and endowment for a staff                  $400,000* Endowment for humani-                   staff salaries and for humanities programming.
position and lecture program.                      ties programming on local history and
                                                   culture in a public television system.            Jefferson County Historical Society
Appalachian State University
                                                                                                     Port Townsend, WA William Tennent
Boone, NC Mary L. Reichel                          Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation
                                                                                                     $100,000* Purchase of a building to house
$200,000* Endowment for visiting schol-            Spokane, WA Angela Rasmussen
                                                                                                     an archive and research library, renova-
ars, an administrative position, fellowships,      $100,000* Endowment for staff salaries, faculty   tion of exhibition space, fund-raising costs,
library acquisitions, and museum pro-              stipends, and programming in a humani-            and endowment for an archivist position.
grams in Appalachian studies.                      ties center, and for library acquisitions.
                                                                                                     Kansas State University
Arab Community Center for                          Council of American Overseas
Economic and Social Services                                                                         Manhattan, KS Mark P. Parillo
                                                   Research Centers
Dearborn, MI Anan Ameri                                                                              $100,000* Symposia, graduate fellowships, and
                                                   Washington, DC Mary Ellen Lane
$200,000* Endowment for the salary                                                                   fund raising, and endowment for a faculty chair,
                                                   $100,000* Document conservation and
of a manager of public programs at the                                                               faculty and graduate fellowships, programs,
                                                   fund-raising costs, and an endowment pro-
Arab American National Museum.                                                                       and acquisitions in an Institute for Military
                                                   viding salaries for librarians engaged in
                                                                                                     History and Twentieth-century Studies.
                                                   the American Overseas Digital Library.
Arkansas State University, Main Campus
State University, AR Ruth Hawkins                                                                    Kidscommons…Columbus
                                                   Durham Library Foundation                         Community Children’s Museum
$750,000* Restoration of two historic sites: the   Durham, NC Priscilla Ann Lewis                    Columbus, IN Cheryl A. Buffo
1858 Lakeport Plantation near Lake Village and     $70,471* Endowment for a part-time                $350,000* Renovation of exhibition
the 1930s Mitchell-East Building in Tyronza.       humanities coordinator, humanities pro-           and program space, and endowment
                                                   gramming, and related acquisitions.               for humanities programming.
Asia Society
New York, NY Vishakha N. Desai                     Elizabethtown College                             Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
$100,000* Endowment for the posi-                  Elizabethtown, PA David B. Eller                  Anchorage, AK Jaclyn Sallee
tion of associate director of public               $167,000* Endowment for a faculty chair,          $31,200* Endowment for Native American
programming and for scholars and academic          visiting fellows, and library acquisitions in a   audio programming to be distributed nationally.
consultants who contribute to humani-              Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies.
ties programming and publications.
                                                                                                     Linguistic Society of America
                                                   Hendrix College                                   Washington, DC Gregory Ward
Bryn Mawr College                                  Conway, AR Mark S. Schantz
Bryn Mawr, PA Dale Kinney                                                                            $40,000* An endowed professorship in field
                                                   $150,000* Endowment for a faculty direc-          research skills for the documentation of
$135,000* Endowment and bridge funding             tor, faculty development workshops,               endangered languages, a course in such skills to
for curricular innovation, graduate fellow-        visiting lecturers, and library acquisitions      be taught at each biennial Linguistic Institute.
ships, internships, and scholarly visitors in      on behalf of a freshman-year core course.
a multidisciplinary graduate program.
                                                                                                     Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
                                                   Indianapolis-Marion County                        New Orleans, LA Michael J. Sartisky
Carnegie Mellon University                         Public Library Foundation
Pittsburgh, PA David R. Shumway                                                                      $500,000* Purchase and renovation of
                                                   Indianapolis, IN Christine Cairo
                                                                                                     historic Turners Hall as the new Humanities
$100,000* Endowment for external and               $200,000* Endowment for humani-
                                                                                                     Center for the Louisiana Endowment
internal fellowships, a research seminar, and      ties programming and for additions to
                                                                                                     for the Humanities, and endowment for
visiting lectures in a humanities center.          the library’s humanities collections.
                                                                                                     expanded humanities programming.

CHALLENGE GRANTS                                                                                                                                     49
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Loyola University, New Orleans                    Pierpont Morgan Library                           University of New Mexico
New Orleans, LA David C. Estes                    New York, NY Robert Parks                         Albuquerque, NM Louise Lamphere
$238,225* Endowment for a faculty director,       $400,000* Endowment for an existing cura-         $80,663* Renovation, Web site develop-
archivist, biennial symposium, exhibitions,       tor position, a new associate curator, and        ment, and endowment for staff, fellowships,
online journal, and acquisitions for the Center   increased operating expenses for the Department   and public programming in the Alfonso
for the Study of Catholics in the South.          of Literary and Historical Manuscripts.           Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies.

Macon State College Foundation, Inc.              Plimoth Plantation, Inc.                          University of New Orleans
Macon, GA Robert A. Kelly                         Plymouth, MA John McDonagh                        New Orleans, LA J. Richard Gruber
$50,000* Purchase of an online literary           $150,000* Endowment with bridge funding           $125,000* Restoration of a historic library,
database for use in undergraduate courses,        for research staff and graduate fellowships.      and construction of a new education
and endowment for the annual fees of the                                                            wing to complete the Ogden Museum of
database and additional acquisitions.             Redwood Library and Athenaeum                     Southern Art’s three-building complex.
                                                  Newport, RI Cheryl V. Helms
Michigan State University                         $500,000* Restoration and renova-                 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
East Lansing, MI Arthur M. Melzer                 tion of a historic library.                       Knoxville, TN Michael Kulikowski
$100,000 Endowment for the pro-                                                                     $81,900* Endowment for staff salaries,
grams of the Symposium on Science,                Southeastern Library Network, Inc.                academic fellowships, and programming in a
Reason, and Modern Democracy.                     Atlanta, GA Kate F. Nevins                        Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
                                                  $166,000* Endowment for staff salaries and
Mississippi Action for Community                  other costs of producing and maintaining the      University of Wisconsin Extension
Education, Inc.                                   online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.       Madison, WI James Steinbach
Greenville, MS Catherine Courtney                                                                   $3,171* Equipment acquisition and endowment
$140,000* Endowment to fund a position of         St. John’s University, Collegeville               for the Wisconsin Collection, a collabora-
director of cultural programming, and the         Collegeville, MN Theresa M. Vann                  tion between Wisconsin Public Television and
purchase and conservation of materials for        $150,000* Endowment for a curator’s salary,       the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
a permanent exhibition on the Mississippi         acquisitions and collections development,
Delta Blues and Heritage Festival.                and research activities in the Malta Study        Virginia Military Institute
                                                  Center of the Hill Monastic Library.              Lexington, VA Malcolm Muir, Jr.
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens                                                                $150,000* Endowment for the collection of
Delray Beach, FL Thomas Gregersen                 St. Vincent College                               an oral history archive, library and museum
$150,000* Endowment for the posi-                 Latrobe, PA Rene M. Kollar                        acquisitions, conferences, and publications.
tion of director of education and                 $200,000* Endowment for two interdisci-
for humanities programming.                       plinary programs: East Asian Studies and          Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial
                                                  the Center for Ethics in Community.               and Education Foundation
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego                                                                Red Cloud, NE Betty J. Kort
La Jolla, CA Hugh M. Davies                       Stanford University                               $125,000* Endowment for the program director,
$350,000* Endowment for an educa-                 Stanford, CA John B. Bender                       a part-time archivist, building maintenance,
tion curator, and humanities programs.            $215,330* Endowment for the Stanford              and programming at the Willa Cather Pioneer
                                                  Humanities Center’s program of faculty/           Memorial Culture and Education Center.
Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation      graduate-student research workshops.
Omaha, NE Julie A. Reilly                                                                           Wisconsin Historical Foundation
$100,000* Endowment to support a paint-           University of California, Los Angeles             Madison, WI Peter Gottlieb
ings conservator and related expenses at          Los Angeles, CA David N. Myers                    $332,000* Endowment of a preservation fund
the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center’s          $90,774* Course development for a revised         for the foundation’s library and archives.
paintings conservation laboratory.                undergraduate major in Jewish Studies and
                                                  an endowment for a colloquium, residential
New Hampshire Historical Society
                                                                                                    Special Initiatives
                                                  research fellowships, and library acquisitions.
Concord, NH William P. Veillette
$100,000 Creation of an educa-                    University of California, Santa Barbara
                                                                                                    Ahtna Heritage Foundation
tion center and endowment for related             Santa Barbara, CA Wade Clark Roof
                                                                                                    Glennallen, AK Dorothy Shinn
humanities programming.                           $32,273* Endowment for community program-
                                                                                                    $10,000* Endowment for part-time humani-
                                                  ming, a visiting professorship, and graduate
Old Independence Regional Museum                                                                    ties staff, including tradition-bearers and
                                                  fellowships in a university-based center for
Batesville, AR Jo Blatti                                                                            humanities scholars, and for humani-
                                                  the study of religion and public life.
$31,000* Endowment for a half-time humani-                                                          ties educational programming.
ties educator to expand programming.              University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
                                                                                                    Butler County Historical Society
                                                  Ann Arbor, MI Sharon Herbert
                                                                                                    Hamilton, OH Stephen F. Schnabl
                                                  $500,000* Renovation of space and the
                                                                                                    $45,000* Endowment for a part-time posi-
                                                  addition of air-conditioning and fireproof-
                                                                                                    tion of director of exhibits and programs.
                                                  ing, and an endowment for staff salaries
                                                  within a university museum of archaeology.

CHALLENGE GRANTS                                                                                                                                   50
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Cooleemee Historical Association                    Library Company of Philadelphia
Cooleemee, NC Lynn W. Rumley                        Philadelphia, PA John C. Van Horne
$25,000* Endowment for humani-                      $509,548* Endowment for research fellowships,
ties programming in local history.                  acquisitions, and staff salaries for the Program
                                                    in Early American Economy and Society.
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Natchez, MS Carolyn V. Smith                        National Constitution Center
$29,250* Endowment to provide partial               Philadelphia, PA Stephen M. Frank
support for the educational director of the         $250,000* Construction of a Changing Exhibits
Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration.            Gallery space as well as endowment for
                                                    partial support of the director of exhibits and
Delhi Historical Society                            expenses related to temporary exhibitions.
Cincinnati, OH Sue Ann Painter
$25,000* Endowment for addi-                        New Hampshire Farm Museum, Inc.
tional staff responsible for humanities             Milton, NH Victor A. Becker
programs in local history.                          $27,082* Endowment to fund partial
                                                    salary for the position of director of edu-
Florida Department of State                         cational programming in local history.
Tallahassee, FL Bonnie G. McEwan
$500,000* Endowment for archaeological              Oberlin Heritage Center
research and public programming at Mission          Oberlin, OH Patricia Murphy
San Luis, an historic site of Spanish and Native    $69,334* Endowment to provide partial
American interaction from the early era of the      support for the position of museum educa-
European colonization of North America.             tion coordinator, and for a local history
                                                    symposium to be held every two years.
Fort Apache Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Fort Apache, AZ Karl A. Hoerig                      Pejepscot Historical Society
$26,775* Endowment for oral history research,       Brunswick, ME Julia R. Cooke Hofer
presentations by White Mountain Apache              $33,670* Endowment for a humani-
elders and cultural experts, and creation of        ties staff position in educational
exhibits relating to tribal and regional history.   programming in local history.

Garnet Preservation Association                     Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland
Missoula, MT Kevin McCann                           African American History and Culture
$10,000* Endowment for seasonal staff               Baltimore, MD A. T. Stephens
salaries and training at the preserved              $400,000* Endowment for staff salaries,
ghost town of Garnet, Montana.                      teacher development institutes and workshops,
                                                    curriculum development, public program-
Greenbelt Museum                                    ming, and acquisitions on the history and
College Park, MD Jill Parsons St. John              culture of African Americans in Maryland.
$40,551* Endowment for the posi-
tion of education coordinator.                      Scurry County Museum
                                                    Snyder, TX Charlene Akers
Hanover Tavern Foundation                           $54,442* Endowment for humanities
Hanover, VA Joseph D. Kyle                          scholars to serve as consultants in local
$23,429* Endowment for an education                 history as well as partial support for the
coordinator and humanities programs                 museum’s humanities staff positions.
at the History Discovery Center.
                                                    Shady Side Rural Heritage Society
Historic Northampton                                Shady Side, MD Janet Harris Surrett
Northampton, MA Kerry W. Buckley                    $35,901* Endowment for a professional curator
$46,272* Endowment for the posi-                    to research local history, develop humanities
tion of education coordinator.                      programs, and maintain collections for the
                                                    society’s Captain Salem Avery House Museum.
Legacy Museum of African American History
Lynchburg, VA Carolyn W. Bell                       St. Mary’s College of Maryland
                                                    Foundation, Inc.
$12,878* Endowment for a part-time
                                                    St. Mary’s City, MD Zachariah Paulo Messitte
professional curator for the museum’s col-
lections and programs in local history.             $125,000 Endowment for staff and cur-
                                                    ricular programming in the Center for
                                                    the Study of Democracy, in collabora-
                                                    tion with Historic St. Mary’s City.

CHALLENGE GRANTS                                                                                       51
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
                            f edeRAl /s tAte p ARtneRship
                            Federal/State Partnership is the collaborative effort of NEH and fifty-six state and territorial
                            humanities councils. The goals of the state humanities councils reflect NEH’s mission to promote
                            knowledge of human history, thought, and culture, and to enhance the role of the humanities
                            throughout the nation. The partnership is specifically developed to help the Endowment realize
                            its strategic goals of increasing public awareness of, access to, and participation in the humani-
                            ties, and to strengthen humanities teaching and learning in schools and colleges across the nation.
                            The partnership is a significant aspect of NEH’s efforts to make public humanities education and
                            lifelong learning readily available at the local level, tailored to state and local interests and needs.
                                 Humanities councils operate in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the
                            U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Amerika
                            Samoa. Federal/State Partnership makes annual operating support grants to councils to fund
                            locally developed programs and to design and conduct humanities initiatives. The councils’
                            effectiveness in serving the public is seen in their collective success in attracting contribu-
                            tions well in excess of the one-to-one match required by NEH’s legislation. In FY 2005, in
                            addition to significant in-kind gifts of support, councils received more than $29 million over
                            their NEH general operating support grants. Of this, $9.85 million came from state legisla-
                            tures and more than $9.4 million came from foundations, corporations, and individual donors.
                            Councils also received $3.5 million in other federal funding beyond that provided by NEH.
                                 In FY 2005, councils supported thousands of programs that reached millions of
                            Americans. Councils are continuing to design and sponsor programs and produce materi-
                            als that reach new audiences. Council programs reach into rural areas, urban neighborhoods,
                            and suburban communities. They generate new audiences for the humanities while enriching
                            the lives of those who already know the humanities. Reports indicate that forty-eight coun-
                            cils sponsored K-12 teacher projects for 158,182 participants; forty-two councils sponsored
                            literacy programs that together drew 340,049 participants; 1,168,705 people participated
                            in reading and discussion programs; 5,598,165 people took part in local history projects;
                            1,169,748 people attended scholar-led seminars, conferences, and lectures; and 340,794
                            people attended Chautauqua performances. Council-funded exhibitions attracted approxi-
                            mately ten million visitors, while council-funded radio and television projects attracted 200
                            million viewers. Finally, some 534,073 students participated in council-funded projects.
                                 More than three decades of experience in public programming help guide councils as they
                            implement NEH’s initiative, We the People. Councils are well versed in American democratic
                            principles, civic history, and community leadership. With their strong networks of cultural
                            and educational institutions and their tradition of versatility in the use of diverse media, coun-
                            cils reinforce the Endowment’s emphasis on the importance of the American experience,
                            both by supporting it with their own resources and by encouraging participation in NEH’s
                            program and grant offerings. This kind of public programming has, in fact, long been prac-
                            ticed by councils, who see text-based civic education as an important aspect of their missions.
                            Some councils held teacher seminars and other programs directly related to the initiative.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                          52
                                As a We the People project, the Georgia Humanities Council, in partnership with Scholastic,
                            created a history timeline poster, which it sent to all teachers who teach the 8th-grade Georgia
                            history course. The poster points to content on the online New Georgia Encyclopedia that can
                            be used by teachers to create lesson plans and guide student learning. By March 2005, there
                            were already 800,000 hits to the NGE Web site. Thirteen school systems dominated in the list
                            of top twenty institutional users. Some of the other top users are higher education organizations
                            and the Georgia Public Library System.
                                State humanities councils are also noted for bringing the humanities to the public on a large
                            scale, sometimes embracing populations of entire towns, cities, or regions. The encouragement of
                            reading is a core function of the state humanities councils and they have been influential in founding and
                            supporting book festivals around the country that attract large and devoted crowds. The Wisconsin
                            Humanities Council analyzed the “common defense” clause of the Preamble to the Constitution,
                            focusing its annual Book Festival on it as well as its statewide reading and discussion programs.
                                The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities launched the Mass Moments project on
                            January 1, 2005, providing a daily almanac of Massachusetts history. Radio listeners and Internet users
                            find a different story every day about events and people in the recorded history of Massachusetts.

                                                                                   EDYTHE MANZA
                                                                                   FEDERAL/STATE PARTNERSHIP

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                            53
Federal/State Partnership                       Connecticut Humanities Council                Humanities Council of Washington, DC
                                                955 South Main Street, Suite E                925 U Street, NW
Alabama Humanities Foundation                   Middletown, CT 06457                          Washington, DC 20001
1100 Ireland Way, Suite 101                     (860) 685-2260                                (202) 387-8393
Birmingham, AL 35205-7001                       Carol Clapp, Chairman                         Donald G. Murray, Chairman
(205) 558-3980                                  Bruce Fraser, Executive Director              Joy F. Austin, Executive Director
Elaine W. Hughes, Chairman                      $533,170                                      $453,000
Robert C. Stewart, Executive Director
$563,864                                        Delaware Humanities Forum                     Humanities Council SC
                                                100 West 10th Street, Suite 1009              2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 308
Alaska Humanities Forum                         Wilmington, DE 19801                          Columbia, SC 29204
421 West 1st Avenue                             (302) 657-0650                                (803) 771-2477
Suite 300                                       Megan Mantzavinos, Chairman                   Byron E. Gipson, Chairman
Anchorage, AK 99501                             Marilyn P. Whittington, Executive Director    Randy L. Akers, Executive Director
(907) 272-5341                                  $455,400                                      $546,274
Susan A. Anderson, Chairman
Ira L. Perman, Executive Director               Florida Humanities Council                    Humanities Iowa
$552,048                                        599 2nd Street South                          100 Oakdale Campus, Northlawn
                                                St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5005                 University of Iowa
Amerika Samoa Humanities Council                (727) 553-3800                                Iowa City, IA 52242-5000
P. O. Box 5800                                  David R. Colburn, Chairman                    (319) 335-4153
Pago Pago, AS 96799                             Janine Farver, Executive Director             Jane Bell, Chairman
(684) 633-4870                                  $966,730                                      Christopher R. Rossi, Executive Director
Fonoti S. Vaeao, Chairman                                                                     $522,547
Niualama E. Taifane, Executive Director         Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades
$240,558                                        P. O. Box 9023920                             Humanities Tennessee
                                                San Juan, PR 00902-3920                       306 Gay Street, Suite 306
Arizona Humanities Council                      (787) 721-2087                                Nashville, TN 37201
The Ellis-Shackelford House                     Miguel Rodriguez, Chairman                    (615) 770-0006
1242 N. Central Avenue                          Juan M. Gonzalez Lamela, Executive Director   Jane Walters, Chairman
Phoenix, AZ 85004-1887                          $558,698                                      Robert Cheatham, Executive Director
(602) 257-0335                                                                                $604,282
Roger W. Lidman, Chairman                       Georgia Humanities Council
Juliana Yoder, Executive Director               50 Hurt Plaza, SE                             Humanities Texas
$571,170                                        Suite 595                                     Banister Place A
                                                Atlanta, GA 30303-2915                        3809 South Second Street
Arkansas Humanities Council                     (404) 523-6220                                Austin, TX 78704-7058
10800 Financial Centre Parkway                  Lucretia Payton-Stewart, Chairman             (512) 440-1991
Suite 465                                       Jamil S. Zainaldin, Executive Director        Jo Anne Christian, Chairman
Little Rock, AR 72211                           $686,008                                      Michael L. Gillette, Executive Director
(501) 221-0091                                                                                $1,143,582
Barbara W. Heffington, Chairman                 Guam Humanities Council
Robert E. Bailey, Executive Director            111 Chalan Santo Papa, Suite 711              Humanities Washington
$513,730                                        Hagatna, GU 96910                             615 Second Avenue, Suite 300
                                                (671) 472-4460                                Seattle, WA 98104
California Council for the Humanities           Nicholas Goetzfridt, Chairman                 (206) 682-1770
312 Sutter Street, Suite 601                    Kimberlee Kihleng, Executive Director         Maureen M. Herward, Chairman
San Francisco, CA 94108                         $265,938                                      Amanda Swain, Executive Director
(415) 391-1474                                                                                $610,538
Charlene L. Simmons, Chairman                   Hawai’i Council for the Humanities
James D. Quay, Executive Director               First Hawai’ian Bank Building                 Idaho Humanities Council
$1,644,700                                      3599 Wai’alae Avenue, Room 23                 217 West State Street
                                                Honolulu, HI 96816                            Boise, ID 83702
Colorado Endowment for the Humanities           (808) 732-5402                                (208) 345-5346
1490 Lafayette Street, Suite 101                Gail Ainsworth, Chairman                      Ron Pisaneschi, Chairman
Denver, CO 80218                                Robert G. Buss, Executive Director            Richard K. Ardinger, Executive Director
(303) 894-7951                                  $528,168                                      $467,500
Marguerite Salazar, Chairman
Margaret A. Coval, Executive Director

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                            54
Illinois Humanities Council                     Michigan Humanities Council                 New Hampshire Humanities Council
203 North Wabash Avenue                         119 Pere Marquette Drive                    19 Pillsbury Street
Suite 2020                                      Suite 3B                                    Concord, NH 03301
Chicago, IL 60601-2417                          Lansing, MI 48912-1270                      (603) 224-4071
(312) 422-5580                                  (517) 372-7770                              Kathryn Muirhead, Chairman
Arthur Sussman, Chairman                        Judith Ann Rapanos, Chairman                Deborah Watrous, Executive Director
Kristina A. Valaitis, Executive Director        Janice M. Fedewa, Executive Director        $469,000
$860,350                                        $766,456
                                                                                            New Jersey Council for the Humanities
Indiana Humanities Council                      Minnesota Humanities Commission             28 West State Street, 6th floor
1500 North Delaware Street                      987 Ivy Avenue East                         Trenton, NJ 08608
Indianapolis, IN 46202-2419                     St. Paul, MN 55106-2046                     (609) 695-4838
(317) 638-1500                                  (651) 774-0105                              Zachary M. Narrett, Chairman
Larry Rowland, Chairman                         Humphrey Doermann, Chairman                 Jane Brailove Rutkoff, Executive Director
Scott T. Massey, Executive Director             Stanley E. Romanstein, Executive Director   $707,146
$616,784                                        $583,560
                                                                                            New Mexico Humanities Council
Kansas Humanities Council                       Mississippi Humanities Council              MSC06 3570
112 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 210                  3825 Ridgewood Road, Room 311               1 University of New Mexico
Topeka, KS 66603                                Jackson, MS 39211-6497                      Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
(785) 357-0359                                  (601) 432-6752                              (505) 277-3705
Judy Billings, Chairman                         Willis Lott, Chairman                       Margaret Espinosa McDonald, Chairman
Marion B. Cott, Executive Director              Barbara Carpenter, Executive Director       Craig L. Newbill, Executive Director
$513,214                                        $516,531                                    $481,700

Kentucky Humanities Council                     Missouri Humanities Council                 New York Council for the Humanities
206 East Maxwell Street                         543 Hanley Industrial Court, Suite 201      150 Broadway, Suite 1700
Lexington, KY 40508                             St. Louis, MO 63144-1905                    New York, NY 10038
(859) 257-5932                                  (314) 781-9660                              (212) 233-1131
James S. Parker, Chairman                       W. Nicholas Knight, Chairman                Donn Rogosin, Chairman
Virginia G. Smith, Executive Director           Michael Bouman, Executive Director          David Cronin, Executive Director
$552,209                                        $597,574                                    $1,083,125

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities          Montana Committee for the Humanities        North Carolina Humanities Council
938 Lafayette Street, Suite 300                 311 Brantly Hall                            122 North Elm Street, Suite 601
New Orleans, LA 70113-1782                      University of Montana                       Greensboro, NC 27401
(504) 523-4352                                  Missoula, MT 59812-7848                     (336) 334-5383
R. Lewis McHenry, Chairman                      (406) 243-6022                              Lucinda H. MacKethan, Chairman
Michael J. Sartisky, Executive Director         Jean K. Steele, Chairman                    Douglas H. Quin, Executive Director
$569,852                                        Mark A. Sherouse, Executive Director        $681,191
Maine Humanities Council                                                                    North Dakota Humanities Council
674 Brighton Avenue                             Nebraska Humanities Council                 2900 Broadway East, Suite 3
Portland, ME 04102-101                          215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 500        Bismarck, ND 58501-5185
(207) 773-5051                                  Lincoln, NE 68508                           (701) 255-3360
Richard E. Barnes, Chairman                     (402) 474-2131                              Janet E. Rowse, Chairman
Dorothy Schwartz, Executive Director            Peter J. Longo, Chairman                    Janet Daley, Executive Director
$476,078                                        Jane Renner Hood, Executive Director        $467,195
Maryland Humanities Council                                                                 Northern Mariana Islands
108 West Centre Street                          Nevada Humanities                           Council for the Humanities
Baltimore, MD 21201-4565                        P. O. Box 8029                              P.O. Box 506437
(410) 685-0095                                  Reno, NV 89507                              Saipan, MP 96950
Stanley C. Gabor, Chairman                      (775) 784-6587                              (670) 235-4785
Margaret R. Burke, Executive Director           Nora James, Chairman                        Herman T. Guerrero, Chairman
$588,276                                        Judith Winzeler, Executive Director         Paz C. Younis, Executive Director
                                                $474,522                                    $253,622
Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
66 Bridge Street
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 584-8440
John M. Dacey, Chairman
David A. Tebaldi, Executive Director

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                           55
Ohio Humanities Council                         Vermont Humanities Council                        Alabama Humanities Foundation
471 E. Broad St., Suite 1620                    11 Loomis Street                                  Birmingham, AL Robert C. Stewart
Columbus, OH 43215-3857                         Montpelier, VT 05602                              $71,290 Presentations in the Speakers
(614) 461-7802                                  (802) 262-2626                                    Bureau program that relate to American
John Bryant, Chairman                           William E. Dakin, Jr., Chairman                   history and culture; a one-week residen-
Gale E. Peterson, Executive Director            Peter A. Gilbert, Executive Director              tial institute for teachers on Southern
$822,670                                        $453,664                                          literature; and promotional activities related
                                                                                                  to the foundation’s grant opportunities.
Oklahoma Humanities Council                     Virgin Islands Humanities Council
Festival Plaza                                  #7 Kongens Gade                                   Alaska Humanities Forum
428 West California, Suite 270                  St. Thomas, VI 00802-6746                         Anchorage, AK Ira L. Perman
Oklahoma City, OK 73102                         (340) 776-4044                                    $10,000* A series of activities that explore
(405) 235-0280                                  Sheena Conway, Chairman                           the history of Alaska’s 50 years of state-
Ann Frankland, Chairman                         Mabel J. Maduro, Executive Director               hood including a teacher’s institute, a
Ann Thompson, Executive Director                $259,923                                          history curriculum unit, a public lecture series,
                                                                                                  radio broadcasts, and a grant program.
                                                Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Oregon Council for the Humanities               145 Ednam Drive                                   Alaska Humanities Forum
812 SW Washington Street, Suite 225             Charlottesville, VA 22903-4629                    Anchorage, AK Ira L. Perman
Portland, OR 97205                              (434) 924-3296
                                                                                                  $34,100 Projects that mark the 50th Anniversary
(503) 241-0543                                  Elizabeth Louise Young, Chairman
                                                                                                  of Alaska statehood including the Alaska
Gene D’Autremont, Chairman                      Robert C. Vaughan, III, Executive Director
                                                                                                  Constitutional Convention Almanac Radio
Christopher Zinn, Executive Director            $656,225
                                                                                                  Broadcast series, a convention for high school
                                                                                                  and college students, and a regrant program.
                                                West Virginia Humanities Council
Pennsylvania Humanities Council                 1310 Kanawha Boulevard, East
                                                                                                  Amerika Samoa Humanities Council
Constitution Place                              Charleston, WV 25301
                                                                                                  Pago Pago, AS Niualama E. Taifane
325 Chestnut Street, Suite 715                  (304) 346-8500
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2607                     Jill Wilson, Chairman                             $10,000* Research on the history of American
(215) 925-1005                                  Kenneth Sullivan, Executive Director              Samoa from 1900–1977, including the col-
Randall M. Miller, Chairman                     $496,386                                          lection of historical documents, records,
Joseph J. Kelly, Executive Director                                                               and artifacts; writing of a textbook includ-
$859,800                                        Wisconsin Humanities Council                      ing these materials for use by high school
                                                222 South Bedford Street, Suite F                 students; and an institute for teachers.
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities         Madison, WI 53703-368
385 Westminster Street Suite 2                  (608) 262-0706                                    Arizona Humanities Council
Providence, RI 02903                            David C. Brostrom, Chairman                       Phoenix, AZ Ann-Mary Johnson
(401) 273-2250                                  Constantine C. Bakopoulos, Executive Director     $62,510 Projects including a traveling exhibit
Eugene B. Mihaly, Chairman                      $590,487                                          on the life of labor leader César Chávez,
Sara J. Archambault, Executive Director                                                           training in a family literacy/citizenship cur-
$466,498                                        Wyoming Council for the Humanities                riculum, a history fest for high school teachers
                                                1315 E. Lewis Street                              and cultural heritage tourism grants.
South Dakota Humanities Council                 Laramie, WY 82072-3459
Box 7050, University Station                    (307) 721-9243                                    Arkansas Humanities Council
Brookings, SD 57007                             Laurie Latta, Chairman                            Little Rock, AR Barbara W. Heffington
(605) 688-6113                                  Marcia W. Britton, Executive Director             $61,060 To support Arkansas History Day; the
John A. Lyons, Chairman                         $450,072                                          Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture;
Donald C. Simmons, Executive Director                                                             and a regrant program for projects that explore
$457,800                                                                                          significant themes and events in American his-
                                                                                                  tory and culture, including the preservation and
Utah Humanities Council                         Federal/State Partnership                         documentation of African American cemeteries.
202 West 300 North                              We the People Grants for
                                                State Humanities Councils
Salt Lake City, UT 84103                                                                          California Council for the Humanities
(801) 359-9670                                                                                    San Francisco, CA James D. Quay
Gregory Thompson, Chairman
                                                Alabama Humanities Foundation                     $10,000 A series of activities that explore
Cynthia Buckingham, Executive Director
                                                Birmingham, AL Elaine W. Hughes                   California’s diverse immigrant populations,
                                                $10,000 A one-week institute for secondary        including reading and discussion programs,
                                                school teachers on the Harlem Renaissance, pub-   writers-in-conversation programs, and the
                                                lic programs to accompany the exhibition “Key     creation of an anthology of stories.
                                                Ingredients,” and a grant program on themes
                                                and events in American history and culture.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                                         56
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
California Council for the Humanities               Florida Humanities Council                          Hawai’i Council for the Humanities
San Francisco, CA Ralph Lewin                       St. Petersburg, FL Ann S. Schoenacher               Honolulu, HI Robert G. Buss
$234,780 A traveling exhibition in eight            $10,000* Teacher institutes, Chautauqua             $10,000* Four workshops for elementary
locations over two years, together with local       programming, and an issue of Forum                  school teachers and teachers in language
programming and documentary projects in             magazine on the topic of the Harlem                 arts, literature and art to explore topics in
the host communities, focused on the experi-        Renaissance and its impact on Florida,              American culture through history, litera-
ences of new immigrant groups to California,        American, and African-American culture.             ture, biography, art or popular culture.
with special emphasis on young people.
                                                    Florida Humanities Council                          Hawai’i Council for the Humanities
Colorado Endowment for the Humanities               St. Petersburg, FL Ann S. Schoenacher               Honolulu, HI Robert G. Buss
Denver, CO Margaret A. Coval                        $128,400 Five week-long teacher semi-               $37,600 A traveling exhibition, “Produce
$10,000* A teachers institute, “America             nars exploring aspects of Florida’s cultural        for Victory: Posters on the American Home
Challenged: Bread Lines and Battle                  diversity and the historic events, people,          Front, 1941–1945,” in seven communities
Lines,” High Plains Chautauqua, Young               values, and institutions that have shaped           throughout the state, together with local
Chautauqua, speakers bureau, and a special          the state’s multicultural identity.                 programming and a teacher workshop
grant opportunity for public programs.                                                                  on the significance of World War II.
                                                    Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades
Colorado Endowment for the Humanities               San Juan, PR Miguel Rodriguez                       Humanities Council of Washington, DC
Denver, CO Margaret A. Coval                        $10,000* Preservation, publication, and distribu-   Washington, DC Michon A. Boston
$71,570 The teachers’ institute “The                tion of books and reports originally published      $10,000* An Emancipation Day event;
Five States of Colorado,” High Plains               between 1899 and 1903 that explore the history      “Soul of the City,” a three-day leadership
Chautauqua, Young Chautauqua, speak-                of Puerto Rico after the Spanish-American War.      development seminar for high school stu-
ers bureau, community forums on                                                                         dents; and four episodes of the educational
Colorado history, and a grant initiative.           Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades         cable television series, Humanities Profiled.
                                                    San Juan, PR Miguel Rodriguez
Connecticut Humanities Council                      $52,700 Development of bilingual texts about        Humanities Council of Washington, DC
Middletown, CT Bruce Fraser                         key historical, social and cultural themes and      Washington, DC Michon A. Boston
$10,000 A Humanities in the Schools program         events in contemporary Puerto Rico for the          $33,600 An Emancipation Day event, “Soul
supporting one- to two-week-long summer             online Encyclopedia of Puerto Rico and also to      of the City,” a summer leadership devel-
institutes on significant themes in American his-   be available through radio broadcast and print.     opment seminar for high school students
tory and literature for teachers in Connecticut.                                                        and four episodes of the educational cable
                                                    Georgia Humanities Council                          television series, Humanities Profiled.
Connecticut Humanities Council                      Atlanta, GA Jamil S. Zainaldin
Middletown, CT Laurie Rayner                        $10,000* The week-long teacher institute “Using     Humanities Council SC
$50,420 To support the statewide presenta-          Jimmy Carter Landmarks to Teach About               Columbia, SC Kristin M. Harkey
tion of the “Barn Again!” exhibition and            Change in America” and a grant program              $10,000* A grant program to support
complementary programming, and the                  to support local projects that explore themes       humanities projects in communities in South
Humanities in the Schools annual grant-             and events in American history and culture.         Carolina that explore significant themes and
line that will strengthen the teaching, study,                                                          events in American history and culture.
and understanding of American history.              Georgia Humanities Council
                                                    Atlanta, GA Jamil S. Zainaldin                      Humanities Council SC
Delaware Humanities Forum                           $80,390 Distribution of a poster/history            Columbia, SC Kristin M. Harkey
Wilmington, DE Marilyn P. Whittington               timeline to teachers, strengthening of the          $54,250 To support the council’s 10th annual
$10,000* Scholars in Residence Program for          National History Day in Georgia program,            book festival in February 2006, and to sup-
teams of scholars to work with middle and high      and a regrant program targeted to adults.           port grants throughout the state on themes
school teachers and students using the Bill of                                                          related to American history and culture.
Rights, the US Constitution and the Declaration     Guam Humanities Council
of Independence to examine the concepts of          Hagatna, GU Nicholas Goetzfridt                     Humanities Iowa
disagreement and protest in American history.       $10,000* A series of activities, including          Iowa City, IA Christopher R. Rossi
                                                    oral history interviews, a radio program,           $10,000* A series of activities, including a
Delaware Humanities Forum                           the preservation of WWII photographs                grant program, that focus on Iowa history
Wilmington, DE Marilyn P. Whittington               and a traveling exhibition, to mark the             between the World Wars, 1918–1940.
$35,070 A series of public programs,                60th anniversary of the liberation of
including Chautauqua presentations and              Guam from Japanese occupying forces.                Humanities Iowa
symposia, on the history and principles of                                                              Iowa City, IA Christopher R. Rossi
the US Constitution, with emphasis on the           Guam Humanities Council                             $47,320 To support exhibition development,
contributions of Delaware citizens to the           Hagatna, GU Nicholas Goetzfridt                     scholarly presentations, and publications.
drafting of the document, followed by visits to     $31,300 Development of section on Chamorro          A regrants program will include speak-
the US Constitution Center in Philadelphia.         religious practices for the online encyclo-         ers bureau discussions, local humanities
                                                    pedia about Guam, with photographs,                 programming, documentary film projects,
                                                    historical drawings, and, when available,           and conferences and seminars.
                                                    audio and video, and development of
                                                    guides to help teachers use this material.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                                           57
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Humanities Tennessee                              Idaho Humanities Council                           Kentucky Humanities Council
Nashville, TN Jane Walters                        Boise, ID Richard K. Ardinger                      Lexington, KY Virginia G. Smith
$10,000* To develop a model for a relational      $10,000* A summer teacher institute on             $54,080 To support the Prime Time Family
database available on the Internet for com-       the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, read-          Reading Time program in six libraries for
munity history projects in the three-county       ing and discussion programs on Lewis               a second year, and, working with the coor-
rural Tennessee Overhill, and Nashville’s         and Clark, Speakers Bureau presentations,          dinators of the Teaching American History
more urban Rutledge Hill neighborhood.            and a grant program that focuses on top-           grants, to provide sixty Chautauqua programs
                                                  ics in American history and culture.               to schools in five regions of Kentucky.
Humanities Tennessee
Nashville, TN Jane Walters                        Idaho Humanities Council                           Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
$64,010 To support collaboration and              Boise, ID Richard K. Ardinger                      New Orleans, LA Michael J. Sartisky
programming among the five Tennessee              $38,230 To support presentations to public         $56,260 To support the regrant initiative
communities hosting the traveling exhibi-         audiences on topics related to American history    Exploring American History in Local Context,
tion, “Between Fences,” by digitizing the         and culture; a summer institute for teachers       the reading and discussion program Readings
local research and developing a shared            on Native American literature; reading and         in Literature & Culture, and articles in LEH’s
online resource for maps and narratives.          discussion programs exploring themes of Lewis      magazine Louisiana Cultural Vistas.
                                                  and Clark and American identity; program-
Humanities Texas                                  ming for public audiences to complement            Maine Humanities Council
Austin, TX Michael L. Gillette                    “Barn Again,” a traveling exhibit; and grants      Portland, ME Victoria B. Bonebakker
$10,000* A summer institute for teachers and      to institutions throughout the state on themes     $10,000* An American history series
publications on the US Congress and American      related to American history and culture.           for the adult new readers program, New
history, a special grant opportunity for public                                                      Books, New Readers, the library program,
programs, exhibits and speakers on American       Illinois Humanities Council                        Let’s Talk About It, teacher institutes, and
history and culture, and a public lecture.        Chicago, IL Kristina A. Valaitis                   a grant program to support local humani-
                                                  $103,250 To support presentations of the           ties projects throughout Maine.
Humanities Texas                                  exhibition “Between Fences” and “New
Austin, TX Michael L. Gillette                    Harmonies” in 12 towns, the Road Scholars          Maine Humanities Council
$157,780 To support a summer institute for        speakers bureau, and a We the People grant line.   Portland, ME Victoria B. Bonebakker
teachers examining Galveston’s place in US                                                           $37,880 The initiative Understanding Our
immigration history; develop a historical,        Indiana Humanities Council                         Past, Shaping Our Future, which will include
traveling exhibit on farm workers in Texas;       Indianapolis, IN Scott T. Massey                   a speakers bureau, oral history workshops,
develop radio programming on Texas figures        $66,050 To support a teacher institute             teacher institutes, and a grant program focusing
and events; provide small grants for public       focused on curriculum resources for U.S.           on themes in American history and culture.
programs that explore significant events in       history from the founding period to the end
US history; circulate 5–8 traveling exhib-        of Reconstruction, and reading and dis-            Maryland Humanities Council
its around the state; planning for a cultural     cussion seminars on American founding              Baltimore, MD Margaret R. Burke
heritage initiative; and a public lecture.        principles for leaders in business, govern-        $62,090 The special initiative The Changing
                                                  ment, education, and nonprofit sectors.            Faces of Democracy, including the sum-
Humanities Washington                                                                                mer Chautauqua program, “War and
Seattle, WA Sara Krajewski                        Kansas Humanities Council                          Democracy—Personal Journeys,” a read-
$10,000* The Inquiring Minds speakers             Topeka, KS Julie L. Mulvihill                      ing and discussion series, Maryland
bureau program on themes related to We the        $10,000* Better Together: An Ethnic                History Day, and a grant program.
People; a special program of grants related to    Heritage Initiative to provide grants to
the initiative’s goals; and special program-      nonprofits for basic research, oral history        Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
ming focused on the landmark Supreme              collection, museum collection and exhibi-          Northampton, MA Ellen K. Rothman
Court Brown vs. Board of Education decision.      tion development, and public programs.             $10,000* Research and writing of “Mass
                                                                                                     Moments,” a collection of 365 stories from
Humanities Washington                             Kansas Humanities Council                          Massachusetts history for daily broadcast
Seattle, WA Ellen E. Terry                        Topeka, KS Julie L. Mulvihill                      on radio stations across the state, with addi-
$65,680 To support up to 7 community projects     $61,050 To support the grant initiative            tional information provided on a Web site.
focusing on the stories of immigrants and         Better Together: Kansans Tell Their Stories
refugees in the state, and to support a panel     to encourage the study of local cultural           Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
discussion and educational outreach in south-     resources that reflect the impact of ethnic        Northampton, MA Ellen K. Rothman
west Washington as part of the bicentennial       groups throughout Kansas’s 150 years.              $82,420 To support the second phase of the
observance of the Lewis and Clark expedition.                                                        Internet and radio project, “Mass Moments,”
                                                  Kentucky Humanities Council
                                                                                                     which highlights important moments in
                                                  Lexington, KY Virginia G. Smith
                                                                                                     Massachusetts history and national history,
                                                  $10,000* Expansion of Prime Time Family            by adding additional resources for teachers,
                                                  Reading Time program, providing pro-               augmenting interactive features, and imple-
                                                  grams in 16 libraries over two years, and          menting a marketing plan; and presentation
                                                  the development and review of additional           of a public symposium in October 2005 on
                                                  individual Chautauqua presentations.               the legacy of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                                         58
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Michigan Humanities Council                         Nebraska Humanities Council                          New York Council for the Humanities
Lansing, MI Janice M. Fedewa                        Lincoln, NE Jane Renner Hood                         New York, NY Sara Ogger
$9,500 A special grant program that                 $10,000* The Great Plains Chautauqua “From           $10,000* To support the Speakers in the
focuses on national themes and events               Sea to Shining Sea: American Expansion               Humanities program and a book discussion
through the lens of Michigan history.               and Cultural Change; and Capitol Forum, a            program for adults by expanding the emphasis
                                                    program for high school students that uses the       on topics in American history and culture.
Michigan Humanities Council                         humanities to explore American democracy.
Lansing, MI Janice M. Fedewa                                                                             New York Council for the Humanities
$88,430 To support a grant program for institu-     Nebraska Humanities Council                          New York, NY Sara Ogger
tions across the state for activities reflecting    Lincoln, NE Sarah J. Hood                            $140,910 The expansion of the Reading
themes in American history and culture that         $40,380 To support the 2006 Great Plains             Between the Lines book discussion program
connect events in Michigan to national events.      Chautauqua, “From Sea to Shining Sea:                and to launch Reading Between the Lines for
                                                    American Expansion and Cultural Change,              Children and Families, a new intergenerational
Minnesota Humanities Commission                     1790-1850,” a program for high school students,      program focused on themes in American culture.
St. Paul, MN Jane Cunningham                        Capitol Forum, and additional speakers for
$59,500 To support a regrant initiative We          public programs on US and Great Plains history.      North Carolina Humanities Council
the People: Tradition and Change that will                                                               Greensboro, NC Douglas H. Quin
address Minnesota topics in the light of national   Nevada Humanities                                    $10,000* Activities that explore American
history, and two teacher seminars that will         Reno, NV Nora James                                  history and culture including reading and discus-
explore the Dakota Conflict of 1862 and the         $10,000* A website on the history of Las             sion programs, speakers bureau presentations,
signing of the Mille Lacs Ojibwe Treaty.            Vegas, including interpretive materials              a grant program, and a statewide conference on
                                                    and links to primary source material that            public humanities programming and civic life.
Mississippi Humanities Council                      relate the city’s history to major themes
Jackson, MS Barbara Carpenter                       in American history and culture.                     North Carolina Humanities Council
$46,960 Continuation of “Mississippi                                                                     Greensboro, NC Douglas H. Quin
Moments,” a series of 4-minute radio seg-           Nevada Humanities                                    $93,790 The 2005 teachers institute, “The
ments, development of an online Mississippi         Reno, NV Stephen R. Davis                            Culture of Religion in North Carolina,”
timeline, and revision and updating of a 1992       $43,270 A traveling exhibition, “Between             reading and discussion programs, speak-
publication, Ethnic Heritage in Mississippi.        Fences,” in six communities from                     ers bureau presentations, and a special
                                                    September 2005 to July 2006, and devel-              grant initiative for projects focusing on
Missouri Humanities Council                         opment of a special grant competition in             topics in American history and culture.
St. Louis, MO Michael Bouman                        American history for local communities.
$10,000* “America, The Bountiful,” a                                                                     North Dakota Humanities Council
Chautauqua program on American food                 New Hampshire Humanities Council                     Bismarck, ND Janet Daley
traditions; exhibitions on Native American          Concord, NH Deborah Watrous                          $34,010 North Dakota Reads, a reading and
tribal societies in Missouri; and plan-             $52,780 To support Chautauqua programming,           discussion program using scholar-facilitators,
ning for a conference to assess Missouri’s          “1905: America Reinvents Itself,” in Keene,          printed and online catalogs, and a book loan
Teaching American History projects.                 Portsmouth, Nashua, and Manchester. In addi-         program, culminating in a book festival.
                                                    tion to the evening presentations, programming
Missouri Humanities Council                         will include Young Chautauqua presentations          Northern Mariana Islands
St. Louis, MO Michael Bouman                        by teenagers, teacher workshops, breakfast           Council for the Humanities
$63,220 To support further development              discussions, and musical performances.               Saipan, MP Herman T. Guerrero
of exhibitions that reinterpret the pres-                                                                $30,800 Chautauqua performances, lectures,
ence of tribal societies in Missouri 200            New Jersey Council for the Humanities                seminars, symposia, classroom activities, and
years ago and to mount the Chautauqua               Trenton, NJ Jane Brailove Rutkof                     technology projects on the period 1898–1999
program “American the Bountiful.”                   $80,120 A series of two-day seminars on critical     to increase awareness of the shared history of
                                                    moments in American history for Newark’s K-12        the Northern Mariana Islands and the United
Montana Committee for the Humanities                teachers, a college-level seminar for low-income     States, foster understanding of the documents
Missoula, MT Kim Anderson                           individuals, and regrant projects that explore the   that define the Commonwealth, and explore
$10,000* A series of activities that explore        meaning of citizenship in the United States.         current issues related to democratic principles.
themes in American history, including speakers
bureau presentations, programs at the Montana       New Mexico Humanities Council                        Ohio Humanities Council
Festival of the Book, a grant program, and a spe-   Albuquerque, NM Craig L. Newbill                     Columbus, OH John Bryant
cial statewide conference on Montana heroism.       $41,160 A series of activities that will commem-     $111,240 To support the 2005 Ohio Chautauqua
                                                    orate New Mexico’s centennial of statehood           on the theme of the Roaring Twenties; the
Montana Committee for the Humanities                in 2012 including a Web site, statewide public       second phase of the Gateway to History Web
Missoula, MT Kim Anderson                           meetings, and the development of a centennial        site for Ohio teachers; a statewide forum on
$35,640 A statewide conference on                   speakers bureau and a Chautauqua program.            the First Amendment; and programming
Montana history and culture, and a variety                                                               for teachers to extend the reach of humani-
of American history and culture projects                                                                 ties programming on public television.
through the speakers bureau, grants pro-
gram, reading and discussion groups, and
the annual Montana Festival of the Book.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                                               59
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Oklahoma Humanities Council                       South Dakota Humanities Council                     Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Oklahoma City, OK David Pettyjohn                 Brookings, SD Sherry K. DeBoer                      Charlottesville, VA Andrew S. Chancey
$10,000* Great Plains Chautauqua in               $34,760 To support the participation of             $72,910 Programs at the Virginia Festival
2005, We the People lectures, a grant ini-        historians, authors and other nonfiction writ-      of the Book, radio programs focus-
tiative, a reading and discussion program         ers in the third annual festival of books to        ing on how citizens explore heritage, a
including topics on American democracy,           be held in Deadwood, in September 2005.             research fellowship in American history
and digitization of traveling exhibits.                                                               and culture, and grant projects focusing on
                                                  Utah Humanities Council                             Virginia’s traditions and communities.
Oklahoma Humanities Council                       Salt Lake City, UT Cynthia Buckingham
Oklahoma City, OK David Pettyjohn                 $10,000* To support a grant program for             West Virginia Humanities Council
$50,590 A public lecture in the humanities,       locally generated proposals, a special initia-      Charleston, WV Mark Payne
complemented by partnerships with local           tive of the Road Scholars, the annual Great         $10,000* To support programming address-
institutions and a student seminar, and a grant   Salt Lake Book Festival, the Utah History           ing West Virginia’s separation from Virginia
line reflecting We the People themes and          Fair, and the Utah Oral History Consortium.         and the issues that led to statehood,
Oklahoma’s upcoming centennial in 2007.                                                               and West Virginia’s immediate enforce-
                                                  Utah Humanities Council                             ment of Brown v. Board of Education.
Oregon Council for the Humanities                 Salt Lake City, UT Cynthia Buckingham
Portland, OR Christopher Zinn                     $53,900 A grant program for locally gener-          West Virginia Humanities Council
$10,000* A teacher institute on the new           ated humanities projects, history topics in the     Charleston, WV Mark Payne
worlds of Lewis and Clark, and a series           Road Scholars, lectures at the 2005 Great Salt      $55,790 Public scholarly lectures, the 2006 state
of short radio spots, “On Principle,”             Lake Book Festival, the Utah History Fair,          tour of the traveling exhibition “Produce for
to illuminate what Oregonians think               and the Utah Oral History Consortium.               Victory: Posters on the American Homefront,”
about defining American principles.                                                                   and a special grant initiative that will focus on
                                                  Vermont Humanities Council                          topics in American and West Virginia history.
Oregon Council for the Humanities                 Montpelier, VT Larissa Vigue Picard
Portland, OR Carol E. Hickman                     $10,000* A special grant program, read-             Wisconsin Humanities Council
$50,860 “On Principle: A Statewide                ing and discussion programs, and public             Madison, WI Jessica E. Becker
Conversation” regional discussions of the         lectures that explore significant themes and        $61,880 Book discussion programs, lectures,
five principles of American democracy             events in American history and culture.             forums, speakers bureau programming,
considered in the 2004–2005 radio series:                                                             and special programs at the Wisconsin
individual freedoms, equality, economic           Vermont Humanities Council                          Book Festival to continue a multiyear
opportunity, civic engagement, and justice.       Montpelier, VT Larissa Vigue Picard                 exploration of the ideals and principles on
                                                  $33,920 A special grant program, reading and        which the United States was founded.
Pennsylvania Humanities Council                   discussion programs, and public lectures and
Philadelphia, PA Laurie Zierer                    humanities camps for at-risk middle school          Wyoming Council for the Humanities
$101,590 Speaker presentations on American        students to explore significant themes and          Laramie, WY Victoria F. Sherry
history, literature programs on the Civil         events in American history and culture.             $10,000* A teacher institute on the history of
War and American memoir, and grant-                                                                   democracy from ancient Greece to modern
funded projects that explore significant          Virgin Islands Humanities Council                   America and “A Wyoming Conversation” that
events and themes in American culture.            St. Thomas, VI Oswin Sewer                          includes statewide discussions and a radio pro-
                                                  $2,250* A series of activities, including a         gram cosponsored by Wyoming Public Radio.
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities           scholarly conference, public lecture series, oral
Providence, RI Sara J. Archambault                history interviews, and a student essay contest,    Wyoming Council for the Humanities
$10,000* A series of activities that explore      which will explore questions of self-determina-     Laramie, WY Victoria F. Sherry
the principles of “life, liberty, and the         tion, political process, and national identity.     $33,250 Wyoming Common Ground, an
pursuit of happiness” including a grant                                                               initiative of workshops, a radio series and
program, a radio and public television            Virgin Islands Humanities Council                   reading discussion program, a primer for
series, and a student poster/essay contest.       St. Thomas, VI Oswin Sewer                          newcomers on Wyoming history and culture,
                                                  $30,980 A We the People webpage, a                  a speaker series, and a regrant program to
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities           Chautauqua series, a lecture on women’s             serve disabled audiences and small museums.
Providence, RI Sara J. Archambault                role in self-governance, and a panel discus-
$36,560 To support humanities programming         sion that explores the history of the Island’s
on themes in American history and culture         four constitutional conventions.
through radio, television, and public lectures.
                                                  Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
South Dakota Humanities Council                   Charlottesville, VA David Bearinger
Brookings, SD Vanessa E. Merhib                   $10,000* To support the 400th anniver-
$10,000* To support activities related            sary of the Jamestown Colony with a
to themes and events in American his-             targeted grant initiative, a pilot oral history
tory and culture to take place during             project, three programs for VFH’s radio
the festival of books in Sioux Falls.             series, and a speakers bureau connected
                                                  to the Virginia Festival of the Book.

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P                                                                                                        60
* Fe d e r a l M a t c h i n g F u n d s
Federal/State Partnership
Katrina Relief State Projects
Alabama Humanities Foundation
Birmingham, AL Robert C. Stewart
$30,000** Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
New Orleans, LA Michael J. Sartisky
$30,000** Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Mississippi Humanities Council
Jackson, MS Barbara Carpenter
$30,000** Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

F E D E R A L / S T AT E PA R T N E R S H I P   61
* * E m e r ge n c y G r a n t
                          A dditionAl g RAnts

                                         The Jefferson Lecture                   Annie Fredrickson
                                                                                 Swarthmore, PA
                                         Donald Kagan
                                         Hamden, CT                              Laura Freeman
                                         $10,000 2005 Jefferson Lecture in the   Philadelphia, PA
                                         Humanities: “In Defense of History”
                                                                                 Joanna Friedman
                                                                                 Princeton, NJ

                                         Idea of America Essay                   Laura Harbold

                                                                                 Westminster, MD

                                                                                 James Kaiser
                                         Caitlin Carroll
                                                                                 New Haven, CT
                                         Marietta, GA
                                         $1,000                                  Sarah Kliff
                                                                                 St. Louis, MO
                                         Leah Nolan
                                         Twin Lake, MI                           Craig Libman
                                         $1,000                                  West Orange, NJ

                                         Avram Sand                              Donna Miranda
                                         Teaneck, NJ                             Fort White, FL
                                                                                 Brittany Murray
                                         Rachel Shafer                           McKinney, TX
                                         Longmont, CO
                                         $5,000                                  Lesley Owens
                                                                                 Olathe, KS
                                         Laura Srebro
                                         Napa, CA                                Rebecca Rosen
                                         $1,000                                  New York, NY

                                         Brian Thurbon                           April Sharp
                                         Topeka, KS                              Santa Fe, NM
                                                                                 Staci Steinberger
                                                                                 Pittsburgh, PA

                                         NEH Summer Interns                      Beth Varden
                                                                                 Baltimore, MD
                                         Each received $4,000
                                                                                 Emily Woods
                                         Ann Abrams                              Princeton, NJ
                                         Poughkeepsie, NY
                                                                                 Cassy York
                                         Daniel Berntson                         Rome, GA
                                         Orange City, IA

M I S C E L L A N E O U S AWA R D S                                                                  62
Panelists Listing for              Amundson, Michael A.             Arnold, Linda                         Barber, Susan

Fiscal Year 2005
                                   Department of History            Department of History                 Department of History
                                   Northern Arizona University      Virginia Polytechnic Institute        and Political Science
                                   Flagstaff, AZ                    and State University                  College of Notre Dame
Achbach, William                                                    Blacksburg, VA                        of Maryland
Independent Scholar                Anbinder, Tyler                                                        Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO                         Department of History            Ashton, Dianne C.
                                   George Washington University     Department of Philosophy              Barenbaum, Nicole B.
Ahrensdorf, Peter J.               Washington, DC                   and Religion                          Department of Psychology
Department of Political Science                                     Rowan University                      University of the South
Davidson College                   Anderson, Jeffrey D.             Glassboro, NJ                         Sewanee, TN
Davidson, NC                       Department of Anthropology
                                   Colby College                    Atkins, Annette                       Barnett, Douglas E.
Aibel-Weiss, Wendy                 Waterville, ME                   Department of History                 Texas State Historical Association
Brooklyn Historical Society                                         St. John’s University, Collegeville   Austin, TX
Brooklyn, NY                       Anderson, Paul                   Collegeville, MN
                                   Department of American Culture                                         Barnette, Ron
Akehurst, Frank R.                 University of Michigan,          Atkins, Paul S.                       Valdosta State University
Department of French and Italian   Ann Arbor                        Department of Asian                   Valdosta, GA
University of Minnesota,           Ann Arbor, MI                    Languages and Literature
Twin Cities                                                         University of Washington              Barnhill, Georgia B.
Minneapolis, MN                    Anderson, Wanni W.               Seattle, WA                           Library
                                   Department of Anthropology                                             American Antiquarian Society
Albright, Daniel                   Brown University                 Backus, Chuck                         Worcester, MA
Department of English and          Providence, RI                   Kentucky Historical Society
American Literature                                                 Frankfort, KY                         Barrett, James R.
Harvard University                 Andrien, Kenneth J.                                                    Department of History
Cambridge, MA                      Department of History            Baker, William                        University of Illinois, Urbana
                                   Ohio State University,           Department of English                 Urbana, IL
Aldenderfer, Mark S.               Main Campus                      Northern Illinois University
Department of Anthropology         Columbus, OH                     DeKalb, IL                            Baskett, Tom
University of California,                                                                                 County of Volusia
Santa Barbara                      Applegate, Celia                 Bakewell, Geoffrey W.                 DeLand, FL
Santa Barbara, CA                  Department of History            Department of Classical
                                   University of Rochester          and Near Eastern Studies              Baskin, Judith R.
Allen, Jr., Calvin H.              Rochester, NY                    Creighton University                  Department of Religious Studies
College of Arts and Sciences                                        Omaha, NE                             University of Oregon, Eugene
Shenandoah University              Arevalo, Jorge                                                         Eugene, OR
Winchester, VA                     Woody Guthrie Foundation         Balaghi, Shiva
                                   New York, NY                     Hagop Kevorkian Center                Bates, Patricia
Allen, Michael R.                                                   New York University                   Independent Scholar
Department of History              Arias, Arturo                    New York, NY                          Easton, MD
and American Studies               Program in Latin
University of Washington,          American Studies                 Balicki, Alan                         Baumlin, Tita F.
Tacoma                             University of Redlands           Library and Museum                    Department of English
Tacoma, WA                         Redlands, CA                     Conservation                          Southwest Missouri
                                                                    New-York Historical Society           State University
Allen, Robert B.                   Armbruster, Michael              New York, NY                          Springfield, MO
Department of Information          English Department
Science and Technology             Arsenal Technical High School    Banks, Brenda S.                      Beard, Richard E.
Drexel University                  Indianapolis, IN                 Georgia Department of                 American Academy of
Philadelphia, PA                                                    Archives and History                  Arts and Sciences
                                   Armitage, Susan H.               Atlanta, GA                           Cambridge, MA
Altschuler, Glenn C.               Department of History
American Studies Department        Washington State University      Barber, Peggy                         Beattie, Peter M.
Cornell University                 Pullman, WA                      Library Communication                 Department of History
Ithaca, NY                                                          Strategies, Inc.                      Michigan State University
                                   Arnade, Peter                    Chicago, IL                           East Lansing, MI
Ambler, Charles H.                 Department of History
Department of History              California State University,                                           Bedford, Leslie
University of Texas, El Paso       San Marcos                                                             Graduate School
El Paso, TX                        San Marcos, CA                                                         Bank Street College of Education
                                                                                                          New York, NY

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                           63
Belasco, Susan                    Biles, W. Roger                    Bonfante, Larissa                    Brancolini, Kristine
Department of English             Department of History              Department of Classics               Library
University of Nebraska, Lincoln   East Carolina University           New York University                  Indiana University, Bloomington
Lincoln, NE                       Greenville, NC                     New York, NY                         Bloomington, IN

Beller-McKenna, Daniel            Birzer, Bradley J.                 Bonfield, Lynn A.                    Brandehoff, Susan E.
Department of Music               Center for the American Idea       Labor Archives and                   Office of Public Programs
University of New                 Houston, TX                        Research Center                      American Library Association
Hampshire, Durham                                                    San Francisco State University       Chicago, IL
Durham, NH                        Bishop, Michael A.                 San Francisco, CA
                                  Department of Philosophy                                                Breitborde, Lawrence B.
Belmonte, Laura                   Northern Illinois University       Boria, Marilyn                       Department of Anthropology
Department of History             DeKalb, IL                         Elmhurst Public Library              Knox College
Oklahoma State                                                       Elmhurst, IL                         Galesburg, IL
University, Stillwater            Blackwelder, Julia Kirk
Stillwater, OK                    Department of History              Borrud, Sarah                        Brennan, Deirdre
                                  Texas A & M University,            Fairfax Public Schools               Boston Public Library
Belton, John                      Main Campus                        Independent Scholar                  Boston, MA
Department of English             College Station, TX                Centreville, VA
Rutgers University,                                                                                       Brenneis, Donald L.
New Brunswick                     Blake, Corinne                     Botterill, Steven                    Department of Anthropology
New Brunswick, NJ                 Department of History              Department of Italian Studies        University of California,
                                  Rowan University                   University of California, Berkeley   Santa Cruz
Bennett, Herman Lee               Glassboro, NJ                      Berkeley, CA                         Santa Cruz, CA
Department of History
Rutgers University,               Blizek, William L.                 Boulton, Ann                         Brink, David O.
New Brunswick                     Department of Philosophy           Baltimore Museum of Art              Department of Philosophy
New Brunswick, NJ                 and Religion                       Baltimore, MD                        University of California,
                                  University of Nebraska, Omaha                                           San Diego
Benson, C. David                  Omaha, NE                          Bowling, Mary B.                     La Jolla, CA
Department of English                                                New York Public Library
University of Connecticut         Block, David                       New York, NY                         Britton, Jesse D.
Storrs, CT                        Kroch Library                                                           Local Historical Society
                                  Cornell University                 Bowman, Jeffrey A.                   Ohio Association of Historical
Benson, Susan Porter              Ithaca, NY                         Department of History                Societies and Museums
Department of History                                                Kenyon College                       Columbus, OH
University of Connecticut         Bloxam, M. Jennifer                Gambier, OH
Storrs, CT                        Department of Music                                                     Brooks, Joanna M.
                                  Williams College                   Boyer, Paul S.                       Department of English
Benson, Thomas W.                 Williamstown, MA                   Merle Curtis Professor               University of Texas, Austin
Department of Communication                                          of History Emeritus                  Austin, TX
Arts and Sciences                 Bodenhamer, David J.               University of Wisconsin, Madison
Pennsylvania State                The Polis Center                   Madison, WI                          Brose, Michael C.
University, Main Campus           Indiana University, Indianapolis                                        Department of History
University Park, PA               Indianapolis, IN                   Boyle, Kevin G.                      University of Wyoming
                                                                     Department of History                Laramie, WY
Beriss, David I.                  Bodman, Richard                    Ohio State University,
Department of Anthropology        Department of Asian Studies        Main Campus                          Browar, Lisa M.
University of New Orleans         St. Olaf College                   Columbus, OH                         Raymond Fogelman Library
New Orleans, LA                   Northfield, MN                                                          New School
                                                                     Bradley, Anthony G.                  New York, NY
Bernstein, Karen                  Bohman, James F.                   Department of English
Mobilus Media                     Department of Philosophy           University of Vermont                Brown, Joseph L.
New York, NY                      St. Louis University               Burlington, VT                       Department of Languages,
                                  Saint Louis, MO                                                         Literatures and Cultures
Bigott, Joesph                                                       Brain, David                         Muhlenberg College
Department of History             Bolger, Doreen                     Division of Social Sciences          Allentown, PA
and Political Science             Baltimore Museum of Art            New College of the University
Purdue University                 Baltimore, MD                      of South Florida                     Brown, Joshua
Calumet Campus                                                       Sarasota, FL                         Center for Media and Learning
Hammond, IN                       Bonevac, Daniel                                                         Lehman College Library
                                  Department of Philosophy                                                Bronx, NY
                                  University of Texas, Austin
                                  Austin, TX

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                           64
Brown, Karen E.                      Burns, Sarah L.                   Carson, Ronald A.                    Clark, Katerina
University Libraries,                Department of Art History         Institute for the Medical            Departments of Comparative
SUNY Research                        Indiana University, Bloomington   Humanities                           Literature and Slavic
Foundation, Albany                   Bloomington, IN                   University of Texas Medical          Languages and Literatures
Albany, NY                                                             Branch, Galveston                    Yale University
                                     Burstein, Julie                   Galveston, TX                        New Haven, CT
Brown, Lee M.                        Studio 360
Department of Philosophy             WNYC Communications Group         Cartwright, Derrick R.               Clark, Sandra S.
Howard University                    New York, NY                      San Diego Museum of Art              Michigan History Center
Washington, DC                                                         San Diego, CA                        Department of History,
                                     Butler, Johnnella                                                      Arts and Libraries
Brownley, Martine W.                 The Graduate School               Caverzasi, Peter L.                  Michigan Historical
Center for Humanistic Inquiry        University of Washington          Independent Scholar                  Center Foundation
Emory University                     Seattle, WA                       Tappan, NY                           Lansing, MI
Atlanta, GA
                                     Butterfield, Anne                 Cebula, Larry                        Clift-Pellow, Arlene L.
Bruzewski, Molly Kay                 Independent Scholar               Department of Social Science         Department of English
Social Studies Department            Harvard, MA                       Missouri Southern State College      North Carolina Central University
Vassar Public Schools                                                  Joplin, MO                           Durham, NC
Vassar, MI                           Cadava, Eduardo L.
                                     Department of English             Chabries, April                      Clow, Richmond L.
Bryans, William                      Princeton University              Theater and Media                    Native American Studies
Department of History                Princeton, NJ                     Arts Department                      Department
Oklahoma State                                                         Brigham Young University, Provo      University of Montana
University, Stillwater               Calkins, Robert G.                Provo, UT                            Missoula, MT
Stillwater, OK                       History of Art Department
                                     Cornell University                Charlton, Thomas H.                  Cobb, Paul M.
Buccilli, Daniela                    Ithaca, NY                        Department of Anthropology           Department of History
Department of English                                                  University of Iowa                   University of Notre Dame
Independent Scholar                  Calvi, Elise T.                   Iowa City, IA                        Notre Dame, IN
Upper St. Clair, PA                  Preservation Department
                                     University of Delaware Library    Chastain, Gail                       Cohen, Getzel M.
Buell, Frederick H.                  Newark, DE                        Social Sciences Department           Department of Classics
Department of English                                                  Mercy High School                    University of Cincinnati
CUNY Research Foundation,            Candau, Antonio                   San Francisco, CA                    Cincinnati, OH
Queens College                       Department of Modern Languages
Flushing, NY                         Texas State University–           Chester, Timothy J.                  Cohen, Sharon C.
                                     San Marcos                        Public Museum of Grand Rapids        Department of History
Buggeln, Gretchen T.                 San Marcos, TX                    Grand Rapids, MI                     Spring Brook High School
Christ College                                                                                              Silver Spring, MD
Valparaiso University                Cannato, Vincent J.               Chireau, Yvonne P.
Valparaiso, IN                       Department of History             Department of Religion               Colglazier, David L.
                                     University of                     Swarthmore College                   Independent Scholar
Bunch, Lonnie                        Massachusetts, Boston             Swarthmore, PA                       Londonderry, NH
Chicago Historical Society           Boston, MA
Chicago, IL                                                            Chirot, Daniel                       Conklin, Beth A.
                                     Canning, Susan M.                 Henry M. Jackson School              Department of Anthropology
Burbank, Jane                        Department of Art                 of International Studies             Vanderbilt University
Department of History                College of New Rochelle           University of Washington             Nashville, TN
New York University                  New Rochelle, NY                  Seattle, WA
New York, NY                                                                                                Conlan, Thomas D.
                                     Carpenter, Thomas H.              Chu, Jonathan                        Department of History,
Burman, Thomas E.                    Department of Classics            Graduate College of Education        Asian Studies Program
Department of History                and World Religions               University of                        Bowdoin College
University of Tennessee, Knoxville   Ohio University, Athens           Massachusetts, Boston                Brunswick, ME
Knoxville, TN                        Athens, OH                        Boston, MA
                                                                                                            Conley, Tom C.
Burnett, Katharine P.                Carriker, Robert C.               Clareson, Tom                        Department of Romance
Department of Art                    Department of History             Digital and Preservation Resources   Languages and Literatures
and Art History                      Gonzaga University                Online Computer                      Harvard University
University of California, Davis      Spokane, WA                       Library Center, Inc.                 Cambridge, MA
Davis, CA                                                              Dublin, OH

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                           65
Conniff, Michael                 Cox, Karen L.                      D’Alleva, Anne                      Demeter, Juliet
Global Studies                   History Department                 Department of Art                   Bancroft Library
San Jose State University        University of North                and Art History                     University of California, Berkeley
San Jose, CA                     Carolina, Charlotte                University of Connecticut           Berkeley, CA
                                 Charlotte, NC                      Storrs, CT
Connor, Kimberly Rae                                                                                    Denenberg, Dennis
Department of American Studies   Coyle, Laurie C.                   Dailey, Jr., Maceo C.               Department of History
University of San Francisco      Paradigm Productions, Inc.         Department of African               Millersville University
San Francisco, CA                Berkeley, CA                       American Studies                    Millersville, PA
                                                                    University of Texas, El Paso
Conrads, Margaret                Crafton, Donald                    El Paso, TX                         Denham, Robert D.
American Art                     Department of Film,                                                    Department of English
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art      Television, and Theater            Dalgaard, Bruce R.                  Roanoke College
Kansas City, MO                  University of Notre Dame           Departments of Economics            Salem, VA
                                 Notre Dame, IN                     and Asian Studies
Consey, Kevin E.                                                    St. Olaf College                    Denham, Scott
Berkeley Art Museum and          Craun, Edwin D.                    Northfield, MN                      Department of German
Pacific Film Archive             Department of English                                                  and Russian
Berkeley, CA                     Washington and Lee University      Danly, Susan                        Davidson College
                                 Lexington, VA                      Curator of Graphics, Photography,   Davidson, NC
Contiguglia, Georgianna                                             and Contemporary Art
Colorado Historical Society      Crispin, Ruth K.                   Portland Museum of Art              Deredita, Laurie M.
Denver, CO                       Department of Humanities           Portland, ME                        Charles E. Shain Library
                                 University of the Sciences                                             Connecticut College
Conway, Paul L.                  in Philadelphia                    Davies, Paul S.                     New London, CT
Perkins Library                  Philadelphia, PA                   Department of Philosophy
Duke University                                                     College of William and Mary         Deveaux, Monique L.
Durham, NC                       Croce, Paul Jerome                 Williamsburg, VA                    Department of Political Science
                                 Department of American Studies                                         Williams College
Conzen, Kathleen N.              Stetson University                 Davis, Michael T.                   Williamstown, MA
Department of History            DeLand, FL                         Department of Art
University of Chicago                                               and Art History                     Devens, Monica S.
Chicago, IL                      Culham, Phyllis                    Mount Holyoke College               Independent Scholar
                                 Department of History              South Hadley, MA                    St. Louis, MO
Cooper, Deborah                  United States Naval Academy
Oakland Museum/Museum            Annapolis, MD                      Day, Jacqueline                     Devine, Thomas W.
of California Foundation                                            Long Island Museum of American      Department of History
Oakland, CA                      Cumber, Kim Andersen               Art, History, and Carriages         California State University,
                                 Department of Cultural Resources   Stony Brook, NY                     Northridge
Copeland, Jacqueline Tibbs       State Library of North Carolina                                        Northridge, CA
Education and Public Programs    Raleigh, NC                        Deagan, Kathleen A.
Walters Art Museum                                                  Florida Museum of                   Dicke, Thomas S.
Baltimore, MD                    Curcio, Linda A.                   Natural History                     Department of History
                                 Department of History              University of Florida               Southwest Missouri
Corey, David                     University of Nevada, Reno         Gainesville, FL                     State University
Political Science Department     Reno, NV                                                               Springfield, MO
Baylor University                                                   Decter, Jonathan
Waco, TX                         Cutler, Robin R.                   Department of Near Eastern          Dickey, Stephanie S.
                                 Independent Scholar                and Judaic Studies                  Herron School of Art and Design
Courtright, Paul B.              New York, NY                       Brandeis University                 Indiana/Purdue University,
Department of Religion                                              Waltham, MA                         Indianapolis
Emory University                 Cutrer, Emily                                                          Indianapolis, IN
Atlanta, GA                      New College of Interdisciplinary   Deeds, Susan M.
                                 Arts and Sciences                  Department of History               DiMaggio, Paul J.
Cowart, David                    Arizona State University West      Northern Arizona University         Department of Sociology
Department of English            Phoenix, AZ                        Flagstaff, AZ                       Princeton University
University of South                                                                                     Princeton, NJ
Carolina, Columbia               Czarnecki, James G.                DeMersman, Jim
Columbia, SC                     Department of Art                  Hayward Area Historical             Donadio, Stephen
                                 and Art History                    Society and Museum                  American Literature and
                                 University of Nebraska, Omaha      Hayward, CA                         Civilization Department
                                 Omaha, NE                                                              Middlebury College
                                                                                                        Middlebury, VT

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                          66
Donahue, Matthew A.                Dubofsky, Melvyn                    Eke, Maureen N.                    Fabian, Ann
Department of Popular Culture      Department of History               English Department                 Department of American Studies
Bowling Green State University     SUNY Research Foundation,           Central Michigan University        Rutgers University,
Bowling Green, OH                  Binghamton                          Mount Pleasant, MI                 New Brunswick
                                   Binghamton, NY                                                         New Brunswick, NJ
Donato, Clorinda                                                       Elliott, Raymond
Department of Romance,             Dunkelman, Martha                   Department of Modern Languages     Fajardo, Salvador J.
German, Russian Languages          Fine Arts Department                University of Texas, Arlington     Department of Romance
and Literatures                    Canisius College                    Arlington, TX                      Languages and Literature
California State University,       Buffalo, NY                                                            SUNY Research Foundation,
Long Beach                                                             Ellis, Clyde                       Binghamton
Long Beach, CA                     Dunne, John D.                      Department of History              Binghamton, NY
                                   Department of Languages             Elon University
Doordan, Dennis                    and Cultures of Asia                Elon, NC                           Falk, Cynthia G.
School of Architecture             University of Wisconsin, Madison                                       Cooperstown Graduate Program
University of Notre Dame           Madison, WI                         Ellis, Janice Stagnitto            Cooperstown, NY
Notre Dame, IN                                                         Quarto Conservation
                                   Dupont, Christian Y.                Silver Spring, MD                  Farquhar, Judith B.
Dorr, John                         Syracuse University Library                                            Department of Anthropology
Illinois Institute of Technology   Syracuse University                 Ellis, Terry B.                    University of Chicago
Chicago, IL                        Syracuse, NY                        Salt Lake County Records           Chicago, IL
                                                                       Management and Archives
Dow, Elizabeth H.                  Dupont, Jerry                       Salt Lake City, UT                 Farrell, Amy
School of Library and              Law Library Microform                                                  Department of American Studies
Information Science                Consortium                          Ellison, Duane C.                  Dickinson College
Louisiana State University         Kaneohe,, HI                        Calvert Institute for              Carlisle, PA
Baton Rouge, LA                                                        Policy Research
                                   Eaton, Linda S.                     Independent Scholar                Farrell, Martin F.
Down, A. Graham                    Collections Department              Rockville, MD                      Department of Politics
Council for Basic Education        Winterthur Museum                                                      and Government
Washington, DC                     Winterthur, DE                      Engel, Barbara A.                  Ripon College
                                                                       Department of History              Ripon, WI
Downes, Margaret J.                Ebner, Michael H.                   University of Colorado, Boulder
Department of Literature           Department of History               Boulder, CO                        Faust, Jennifer
and Language                       Lake Forest College                                                    Department of Philosophy
University of North                Lake Forest, IL                     Epstein, James A.                  California State University,
Carolina, Asheville                                                    Department of History              Los Angeles
Asheville, NC                      Edmondson, Belinda J.               Vanderbilt University              Los Angeles, CA
                                   African-American and                Nashville, TN
Driedger, Kevin                    African Studies                                                        Fees, Paul
Michigan Newspaper Project         Rutgers University, Newark          Epstein, Michael                   Independent Historian
Library of Michigan                Newark, NJ                          Independent Scholar                Cody, WY
Lansing, MI                                                            Brooklyn, NY
                                   Edmondson, Laura                                                       Felch, Susan
Driver, Julia                      School of Theater                   Erickson, Lee                      Department of English
Department of Philosophy           Florida State University            Department of English              Calvin College
Dartmouth College                  Tallahassee, FL                     Marshall University                Grand Rapids, MI
Hanover, NH                                                            Huntington, WV
                                   Edwards, Lillie Johnson                                                Fernandez, Salvador C.
Drowne, Kathleen                   Department of History               Erion, Gerald J.                   Department of Spanish and
Department of English              Drew University                     Humanities Department              French Literature Studies
University of Missouri, Rolla      Madison, NJ                         Medaille College                   Occidental College
Rolla, MO                                                              Buffalo, NY                        Los Angeles, CA
                                   Eigen, Joel P.
Dublin, Thomas L.                  Department of Sociology             Eskin, Michael                     Ferrara, Marie
Department of History              Franklin and Marshall College       Department of Germanic             Addlestone Library
SUNY Research Foundation,          Lancaster, PA                       Languages and Literature           College of Charleston
Binghamton                                                             Columbia University                Charleston, SC
Binghamton, NY                     Eisloeffel, Paul                    New York, NY
                                   Audio-Visual Collections                                               Ferris, Kathlene
                                   Nebraska State Historical Society   Evelev, John                       University of New Mexico
                                   Lincoln, NE                         Department of English              Albuquerque, NM
                                                                       University of Missouri, Columbia
                                                                       Columbia, MO

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                         67
Fetz, Gerald A.                    Franz, Kathleen G.                  Fuller-Seeley, Kathryn H.          Geyer, Joel R.
College of Arts and Science        History Department                  Communication Department           Production Department
University of Montana              University of North                 Georgia State University           Nebraska Educational
Missoula, MT                       Carolina, Greensboro                Atlanta, GA                        Telecommunications
                                   Greensboro, NC                                                         Lincoln, NE
Fetzer, Glenn                                                          Furbee, Louanna
Department of French               Frawley, Maria H.                   Department of Anthropology         Gianotti, Timothy J.
Calvin College                     Department of English               University of Missouri, Columbia   Department of Religious Studies
Grand Rapids, MI                   George Washington University        Columbia, MO                       University of Virginia
                                   Washington, DC                                                         Charlottesville, VA
Fillion, Michelle M.                                                   Gaab, Jeffrey S.
School of Music                    Fredell, Joel W.                    Department of History,             Gilcher, William
University of Victoria             Department of English               Economics, and Politics            North American Projects
Victoria, Canada, ZZ               Southeastern Louisiana University   SUNY Research Foundation,          with and about the Media
                                   Hammond, LA                         Farmingdale State                  Goethe Institute
Fineman, Yale                                                          Farmingdale, NY                    Washington, DC
Michelle Smith Performing          Frederickson, Kari
Arts Library                       Department of History               Gabriele, Tommasina                Giles, Elida
University of Maryland,            University of Alabama               Department of Hispanic             Humanities Department
College Park                       Tuscaloosa, AL                      and Italian Studies                Ann Arbor Pioneer High School
College Park, MD                                                       Wheaton College                    Ann Arbor, MI
                                   Friday, Christopher C.              Norton, MA
Fiori, Dennis A.                   Department of History                                                  Gillette, Jr., Howard F.
Maryland Historical Society        Western Washington University       Gadsden, Nonie                     Department of History
Baltimore, MD                      Bellingham, WA                      Carolyn and Peter Lynch            Rutgers University, Camden
                                                                       Assistant Curator of Decorative    Camden, NJ
Flanagan, Maureen A.               Friedlander, Amy                    Arts and Sculpture Arts of
Department of History              Shinkuro, Inc.                      Museum of Fine Arts, Boston        Gillette, Michael L.
Michigan State University          Washington, DC                      Boston, MA                         Humanities Texas
East Lansing, MI                                                                                          Austin, TX
                                   Friedman, Edward                    Gallagher, Marsha V.
Flaster, Michael                   Department of Political Science     Durham Center of                   Gingras, George
Traveling Mind Productions, Inc.   University of Wisconsin, Madison    Western Studies                    Department of Modern
La Jolla, CA                       Madison, WI                         Joslyn Art Museum                  Languages and Literatures
                                                                       Omaha, NE                          Catholic University of America
Flavin, Francis                    Frisch, Michael H.                                                     Washington, DC
School of Arts and Humanities      Departments of History              Gallivan, Martin D.
University of Texas, Dallas        and American Studies                Department of Anthropology         Gjerde, Jon A.
Richardson, TX                     SUNY Research Foundation,           College of William and Mary        Department of History
                                   College at Buffalo                  Williamsburg, VA                   University of California, Berkeley
Foertsch, Jacqueline Marie         Buffalo, NY                                                            Berkeley, CA
Department of English                                                  Games, Alison
University of North Texas          Fromm, Annette B.                   Department of History              Glasser, Leah B.
Denton, TX                         Deering Estate at Cutler            Georgetown University              Academic Dean and
                                   Miami, FL                           Washington, DC                     English Department
Foley, John Miles                                                                                         Mount Holyoke College
Department of Classical Studies    Froom, Aimee                        Garrett, Don J.                    South Hadley, MA
University of Missouri, Columbia   Brooklyn Museum of Art              Department of Philosophy
Columbia, MO                       Brooklyn, NY                        New York University                Glaze, Bernadette
                                                                       New York, NY                       Advanced Academic Programs
Fowler, Don D.                     Fuchs, Rachel G.                                                       Fairfax County Public Schools
Anthropology Department            Department of History               George, Lisa Rengo                 Fairfax, VA
University of Nevada, Reno         Arizona State University            Department of Languages
Reno, NV                           Tempe, AZ                           and Literatures                    Godfrey, Donald G.
                                                                       Arizona State University           Walter Cronkite School
Frandsen, Mary E.                  Fudeman, Kirsten Anne               Tempe, AZ                          of Journalism and Mass
Department of Music                Department of Modern                                                   Communication
University of Notre Dame           Languages and Literatures           Gerencser, James W.                Arizona State University
Notre Dame, IN                     Ithaca College                      Waidner-Spahr Library              Tempe, AZ
                                   Ithaca, NY                          Dickinson College
                                                                       Carlisle, PA                       Gold, Ann Grodzins
                                                                                                          South Asia Center
                                                                                                          Syracuse University
                                                                                                          Syracuse, NY

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                           68
Gold, Hazel                        Green, Carol H.                   Hajo, Cathy M.                       Harris, Anne
Department of Spanish              Department of English             Department of History                Department of Art
and Portuguese                     Boston College                    New York University                  DePauw University
Emory University                   Chestnut Hill, MA                 New York, NY                         Greencastle, IN
Atlanta, GA
                                   Green, Jon D.                     Hall, Kermit L.                      Harris, David W.
Goldstein, Gabriel M.              Department of Humanities          Utah State University                University of Chicago
Yeshiva University Museum          Brigham Young University, Provo   Logan, UT                            Laboratory Schools
New York, NY                       Provo, UT                                                              Chicago, IL
                                                                     Hamann, Barbara
Gomez, Natalia                     Green, Steve                      Section of Conservation              Harris, George W.
Department of Modern               Western Folklife Center           Carnegie Museum of                   Department of Philosophy
Languages and Literatures          Elko, NV                          Natural History                      College of William and Mary
Grand Valley State University                                        Pittsburgh, PA                       Williamsburg, VA
Allendale, MI                      Greene, Harlan M.
                                   College of Charleston             Hampton, Timothy                     Harris, Susan K.
Goodman, David G.                  Charleston, SC                    Department of                        Department of English
Department of East Asian                                             Comparative Literature               University of Kansas, Lawrence
Languages and Cultures             Greene, Jack P.                   University of California, Berkeley   Lawrence, KS
University of Illinois, Urbana     Department of History             Berkeley, CA
Urbana, IL                         Johns Hopkins University                                               Harter, Susan M.
                                   Baltimore, MD                     Hanchett, Thomas W.                  Language Arts and Social
Gordin, Michael D.                                                   Levine Museum of the New South       Studies Department
Department of History              Greene, Mark A.                   Charlotte, NC                        Sam H. Lawson Middle School
Princeton University               American Heritage Center                                               Cupertino, CA
Princeton, NJ                      University of Wyoming             Hanes, Jeffrey E.
                                   Laramie, WY                       Department of History                Hartigan, Jr., John
Gordis, Lisa M.                                                      University of Oregon, Eugene         Department of Anthropology
Department of English              Grigg, Susan                      Eugene, OR                           University of Texas, Austin
Barnard College                    Elmer E. Rasmuson Library                                              Austin, TX
New York, NY                       University of Alaska, Fairbanks   Hanley, Theresa
                                   Fairbanks, AK                     Museum of History                    Hartmann, Susan M.
Gordon, Beverly                                                      and Art, Ontario                     Department of History
School of Human Ecology            Grim, Ruth                        Ontario, CA                          Ohio State University
University of Wisconsin, Madison   Bass Museum of Art                                                     Columbus, OH
Madison, WI                        Miami Beach, FL                   Hardy, Stephen G.
                                                                     Maryland Humanities Council          Hartsook, Herbert J.
Gould, Alan B.                     Guerrini, Anita                   Baltimore, MD                        South Caroliniana Library Annex
J. D. Drinko Academy               Department of History                                                  University of South Carolina
Marshall University                University of California,         Harlan, Lindsey B.                   Columbia, SC
Huntington, WV                     Santa Barbara                     Department of Religious Studies
                                   Santa Barbara, CA                 Connecticut College                  Hastings, Sally A.
Granoff, Phyllis E.                                                  New London, CT                       Department of History
Department of Religious Studies    Haas, Kimberly                                                         Purdue University
Yale University                    Pennsylvania Public               Harnik, Tema G.                      West Lafayette, IN
New Haven, CT                      Radio Associates, Inc.            Lower Hudson Conference
                                   Eagle, PA                         of Historical Agencies               Hawhee, Debra
Grant, Bruce M.                                                      Elmsford, NY                         Department of English
Department of Sociology            Haber, Carole R.                                                       University of Pittsburgh
and Anthropology                   Department of History             Harriman, Robert B.                  Pittsburgh, PA
Swarthmore College                 University of Delaware            Preservation Technologies, L.P.
Swarthmore, PA                     Newark, DE                        Cranberry Township, PA               Hawley, Anne
                                                                                                          Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Grant, Tyra                        Hagen, William W.                 Harrington, Dana K.                  Boston, MA
Preservation Department            History Department                The Writing Program
Northwestern University            University of California, Davis   Syracuse University                  Hearst, Alice
Evanston, IL                       Davis, CA                         Syracuse, NY                         Department of Government
                                                                                                          Smith College
Graves, Michael W.                 Hahn, Peter L.                    Harrington, John                     Northampton, MA
Department of Anthropology         Department of History             Department of English
University of Hawaii, Manoa        Ohio State University,            California Polytechnic
Honolulu, HI                       Main Campus                       State University
                                   Columbus, OH                      San Luis Obispo, CA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                           69
Hecht, Tobias O.                  Hinsley, Jr., Curtis M.         Hood, Clifton                    Hunter, David
Independent Scholar               Department of History           Department of History            Department of Philosophy
Claremont, CA                     Northern Arizona University     Hobart and William               and Religious Studies
                                  Flagstaff, AZ                   Smith Colleges                   Iowa State University
Hedstrom, Margaret                                                Geneva, NY                       Ames, IA
School of Information             Hirtle, Peter B.
University of Michigan,           Instruction, Research and       Hoover, Polly                    Hutterer, Karl L.
Ann Arbor                         Information Services Division   Department of Humanities         Santa Barbara Museum
Ann Arbor, MI                     Cornell University              and Foreign Languages            of Natural History
                                  Ithaca, NY                      Wilbur Wright College            Santa Barbara, CA
Heller, Barbara                                                   Chicago, IL
Founders Society                  Hitchcock, Joanna                                                Hutton, Paul
Detroit Institute of Arts         University of Texas Press       Horn, Rebecca                    Department of History
Detroit, MI                       Austin, TX                      Department of History            University of New Mexico
                                                                  University of Utah               Albuquerque, NM
Helmreich, Anne L.                Hite, Molly                     Salt Lake City, UT
Art History Department            Department of English                                            Isern, Thomas D.
Case Western Reserve University   Cornell University              Horowitz, Daniel                 Department of History
Cleveland, OH                     Ithaca, NY                      American Studies Program         North Dakota State University
                                                                  Smith College                    Fargo, ND
Henderson, Brian R.               Hoekema, David                  Northampton, MA
Department of Media Study         Department of Philosophy                                         Iverson, Peter J.
SUNY Research                     Calvin College                  Howard, Christopher              Department of History
Foundation, Buffalo               Grand Rapids, MI                Department of Government         Arizona State University
Amherst, NY                                                       College of William and Mary      Tempe, AZ
                                  Hoffman, Beatrix                Williamsburg, VA
Henderson, Cathy                  Department of History                                            Jackall, Robert
Harry Ransom Humanities           Northern Illinois University    Howe, John R.                    Department of Anthropology
Research Center                   DeKalb, IL                      Department of History            and Sociology
University of Texas, Austin                                       University of Minnesota,         Williams College
Austin, TX                        Hoffman, Ronald                 Twin Cities                      Williamstown, MA
                                  Omohundro Onstitute of Early    Minneapolis, MN
Henricks, Robert                  American History and Culture                                     Jenkins, Kay Wilson
Department of Religion            Williamsburg, VA                Howe, Katherine S.               Faulconer Gallery
Dartmouth College                                                 Decorative Arts                  Grinnell College
Hanover, NH                       Holmes, Steven J.               Museum of Fine Arts, Houston     Grinnell, IA
                                  Independent Scholar             Houston, TX
Herbst, John                      Jamaica Plain, MA                                                Joffrion, Elizabeth
Indiana State Museum                                              Howland, Jacob A.                Center for Pacific
Foundation, Inc.                  Holt, Sharon A.                 Department of Philosophy         Northwest Studies
Indianapolis, IN                  Mid Atlantic Regional           University of Tulsa              Western Washington University
                                  Center for the Humanities       Tulsa, OK                        Bellingham, WA
Hetrick, Barbara                  Rutgers University, Camden
Office of Academic Affairs        Camden, NJ                      Hoxie, Frederick E.              Johnson, Deborah G.
Catawba College                                                   Department of History            Department of Science,
Salisbury, NC                     Holtslander, Linda              University of Illinois, Urbana   Technology, and Society
                                  Loudoun County Public Library   Urbana, IL                       University of Virginia
Heyrman, Christine L.             Leesburg, VA                                                     Charlottesville, VA
Department of History                                             Huff, Melinda L.
University of Delaware            Holz, Molly                     Tudor Place Foundation, Inc.     Johnson, Owen L.
Newark, DE                        Montana Historical Society      Washington, DC                   Social Studies Department
                                  Helena, MT                                                       Crossett High School
Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks                                       Huffman, James L.                Crossett, AR
Department of History and         Homza, LuAnn                    Department of History
African American Studies          Department of History           Wittenberg University            Johnson-Vela, Michelle Renee
Harvard University                College of William and Mary     Springfield, OH                  Department of Language
Cambridge, MA                     Williamsburg, VA                                                 and Literature
                                                                  Humphreys, Paul W.               Texas A & M University
Hight, Eleanor M.                 Honey, David B.                 Department of Philosophy         at Kingsville
Department of Art                 Department of Asian and         University of Virginia           Kingsville, TX
and Art History                   Near Eastern Languages          Charlottesville, VA
University of New Hampshire       Brigham Young University
Durham, NH                        Provo, UT

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                   70
Jones, Steven E.             Kenney, William H.               Kirkpatrick, Diane                Kuhta, Richard
Department of English        Department of History            Department of History of Art      Folger Shakespeare Library
Loyola University, Chicago   Kent State University            University of Michigan,           Washington, DC
Chicago, IL                  Main Campus                      Ann Arbor
                             Kent, OH                         Ann Arbor, MI                     Kupperman, Joel J.
Jones, Suzi                                                                                     Department of Philosophy
Anchorage Museum of          Kern, Steven                     Kisor, Yvette                     University of Connecticut
History and Art              San Diego Museum of Art          Literature Program                Storrs, CT
Anchorage, AK                San Diego, CA                    Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                              Mahwah, NJ                        Kurtinitis, Sandra L.
Jordan, Sophia K.            Kilbride, Daniel P.                                                Quinsigamond
Sheridan Libraries           Department of History            Klimasmith, Elizabeth M.          Community College
Johns Hopkins University     John Carroll University          Department of English             Worcester, MA
Baltimore, MD                Cleveland, OH                    University of
                                                              Massachusetts, Boston             Lachman, Charles
Kalin, Andrea R.             Kilkelly, Ann M.                 Boston, MA                        Department of Art History
Spark Media, Inc.            Interdisciplinary Studies                                          University of Oregon, Eugene
Washington, DC               and Theater Arts                 Kohl, Lawrence F.                 Eugene, OR
                             Virginia Polytechnic Institute   Department of History
Kalkavage, Peter W.          and State University             University of Alabama             Lagrand, James B.
St. John’s College           Blacksburg, VA                   Tuscaloosa, AL                    Department of History
Annapolis, MD                                                                                   Messiah College
                             King, Julia A.                   Kolmerten, Carol A.               Grantham, PA
Kamp, Kathryn                Maryland Archaeological          Department of English and
Department of Anthropology   Conservation Laboratory          Communication Arts                Lamp, Frederick
Grinnell College             Jefferson Patterson              Hood College                      Yale University Art Gallery
Grinnell, IA                 Park and Museum                  Frederick, MD                     New Haven, CT
                             St. Leonard, MD
Kan, Sergei                                                   Koutsky, Susan A.                 Lampros, Susan
Department of Anthropology   King, Lyndel I.                  Preservation Department           Social Studies Department
Dartmouth College            Frederick R. Weisman             University of Maryland            Central Visual and Performing
Hanover, NH                  Art Museum                       College Park, MD                  Arts High School
                             University of Minnesota,                                           St. Louis, MO
Kasmir, Sharryn              Twin Cities                      Kraft, Nancy E.
Department of Anthropology   Minneapolis, MN                  Preservation                      Lane, Anne Marie
Hofstra University                                            University of Iowa Libraries      American Heritage Center
Hempstead, NY                King, Mary Ellen                 Iowa City, IA                     University of Wyoming
                             Reader’s Digest National                                           Laramie, WY
Kassel, Marleen              Word Power Challenge             Kraft, Robert
Asia Society                 Independent Scholar              Department of Religious Studies   Lansing, Carol L.
New York, NY                 Katonah, NY                      University of Pennsylvania        Department of History
                                                              Philadelphia, PA                  University of California,
Kaye, Harvey J.              Kinney, Clare R.                                                   Santa Barbara
Department of Social         Department of English            Kramer, Linda                     Santa Barbara, CA
Change and Development       University of Virginia           Norman High School
University of Wisconsin,     Charlottesville, VA              Norman, OK                        Larkin, Jack W.
Green Bay                                                                                       Old Sturbridge Village
Green Bay, WI                Kinsey, Joni L.                  Krueger, Christine L.             Sturbridge, MA
                             School of Art and Art History    Department of English
Keating, Ann Durkin          University of Iowa               Marquette University              Latham, Sean
Department of History        Iowa City, IA                    Milwaukee, WI                     Department of English
North Central College                                                                           University of Tulsa
Naperville, IL               Kirk, Andrew G.                  Krueger, Derek                    Tulsa, OK
                             Department of History            Department of Religious Studies
Kelly, Patrick J.            University of Nevada             University of North               Lavey, Joan
Department of History        Las Vegas, NV                    Carolina, Greensboro              Department of Social Science
University of Texas                                           Greensboro, NC                    Workman High School
San Antonio, TX              Kirkham, Victoria E.                                               City of Industry, CA
                             Department of Romance            Kruman, Marc W.
Kennedy, J. Gerald           Languages                        Department of History             Lee, Anthony W.
Department of English        University of Pennsylvania       Wayne State University            Art History and American Studies
Louisiana State University   Philadelphia, PA                 Detroit, MI                       Mount Holyoke College
Baton Rouge, LA                                                                                 South Hadley, MA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                71
Leininger-Miller, Theresa A.       Lionnet, Francoise                 Madigan, Kevin J.                   Martin, John Jeffries
Art History, School of Art,        Department of French and           Harvard Divinity School             Department of History
College of Design, Architecture,   Francophone Studies                Harvard University                  Trinity University
Art, and Planning                  University of California,          Cambridge, MA                       San Antonio, TX
University of Cincinnati           Los Angeles
Cincinnati, OH                     Los Angeles, CA                    Mahar, William J.                   Martin, Nancy M.
                                                                      Office of the Provost and Dean      Department of Religious Studies
Lence, Ross M.                     Livesay, Thomas A.                 and School of Humanities            Chapman University
Political Science                  Whatcom Museum of                  Pennsylvania State University,      Orange, CA
University of Houston              History and Art                    Capital Campus
Houston, TX                        Bellingham, WA                     Middletown, PA                      Martinez-Kilgore, Jo Anne
                                                                                                          Carino Conservation of
Lennon, Thomas F.                  Lomax, Georgia                     Mahony, Mary Ann                    Books and Paper
Thomas Lennon Films                King County Library System         Department of History               Albuquerque, NM
New York, NY                       Auburn, WA                         Central Connecticut
                                                                      State University                    Marzec, Robert P.
Lerner, Scott                      Long, Lucy                         New Britain, CT                     English Department
Department of French and Italian   Department of Popular Culture                                          SUNY Research Foundation,
Franklin and Marshall College      Bowling Green State University     Makiya, Kanan                       College at Fredonia
Lancaster, PA                      Bowling Green, OH                  Department of Near Eastern          Fredonia, NY
                                                                      and Judaic Studies
Leventhal, Fred                    Long, Richard A.                   Brandeis University                 Mason-Chaney, Lisa
Department of History              Department of                      Waltham, MA                         Hammond-Harwood House
Boston University                  Interdisciplinary Studies                                              Annapolis, MD
Boston, MA                         Emory University                   Mandala, Elias C.
                                   Atlanta, GA                        Department of History               Matory, James L.
Lewinstein, Keith A.                                                  University of Rochester             Department of Anthropology
Department of History              Long, Susan                        Rochester, NY                       Harvard University
Bridgewater State College          Department of Sociology                                                Cambridge, MA
Bridgewater, MA                    John Carroll University            Mandel, Kenneth
                                   Cleveland, OH                      Great Projects Film Company, Inc.   May, Anita R.
Limouze, Henry S.                                                     New York, NY                        Oklahoma Humanities Council
Department of English              Love, Ronald S.                                                        Oklahoma City, OK
Language and Literatures           Department of History              Mann, Judith W.
Wright State University            State University of West Georgia   Early European Art                  McCall, Nancy
Main Campus                        Carrollton, GA                     St. Louis Art Museum                Chesney Medical Archives
Dayton, OH                                                            St. Louis, MO                       Johns Hopkins University
                                   Lucas, Jr., George R.                                                  Baltimore, MD
Lincoln, Evelyn                    Department of Leadership,          Mannion, Margaret
Department of History of           Ethics and Law                     Social Studies Department           McCarthy, John A.
Art and Architecture               United States Naval Academy        Herbert Hoover Middle School        Department of Germanic
Brown University                   Annapolis, MD                      San Francisco, CA                   and Slavic Languages
Providence, RI                                                                                            Vanderbilt University
                                   Lukow, Gregory A.                  Marcus, Alan I.                     Nashville, TN
Lindemann, Richard H.F.            Motion Picture, Broadcasting       Department of History
Special Collections and Archives   and Recorded Sound Division        Mississippi State University        McCartin, Joseph A.
Bowdoin College                    Library of Congress                Mississippi State, MS               Department of History
Brunswick, ME                      Washington, DC                                                         Georgetown University
                                                                      Mariani, Paul L.                    Washington, DC
Linke, Daniel J.                   Lynch, John R.                     Department of English
Seeley G. Mudd                     Vanderbilt Television              Boston College                      McClure, Amanda L.
Manuscript Library                 News Archive                       Chestnut Hill, MA                   Department of Religion
Princeton University               Vanderbilt University                                                  Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Princeton, NJ                      Nashville, TN                      Markovitz, Jonathan                 Southborough, MA
                                                                      Department of Sociology
Linzee, Jill I.                    Mack, Deborah L.                   Pitzer College                      McClymer, John F.
Public Programs                    Independent Scholar                Claremont, CA                       Department of History
Northwest Folklife                 Savannah, GA                                                           Assumption College
Seattle, WA                                                           Martin, Brenden                     Worcester, MA
                                   MacWilliams, Mark W.               History Department
                                   Department of Religious Studies    Middle Tennessee State University   McDonnell, Patricia
                                   St. Lawrence University            Murfreesboro, TN                    Tacoma Art Museum
                                   Canton, NY                                                             Tacoma, WA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                         72
McElrath, Douglas P.              Melzer, Arthur M.                 Minchew, Kaye Lanning               Mullen, Patrick B.
Rare Books and the                Department of Political Science   Troup County Historical Society     Department of English
National Trust Library            Michigan State University         LaGrange, GA                        Ohio State University
University of Maryland            East Lansing, MI                                                      Columbus, OH
College Park, MD                                                    Minor, Vernon Hyde
                                  Mendelson, Jordana                Art and Art History/Comparative     Murray, Stephen
McEvoy, Mark                      School of Art and Design          Literature and Humanities           Department of Art History
Department of Philosophy          University of Illinois, Urbana    University of Colorado              and Archaeology
Hofstra University                Urbana, IL                        Boulder, CO                         Columbia University
Hempstead, NY                                                                                           New York, NY
                                  Mendez-Rodenas, Adriana           Miyakawa, Felicia M.
McGuirk, Carol                    Department of Spanish             Robert W. McLean                    Nadeau, Carolyn A.
Department of English             and Portuguese                    School of Music                     Department of Hispanic Studies
Florida Atlantic University       University of Iowa                Middle Tennessee State University   Illinois Wesleyan University
Boca Raton, FL                    Iowa City, IA                     Murfreesboro, TN                    Bloomington, IL

McKenna, Stephen                  Menges, Gary L.                   Montford, Kimberlyn                 Naticchia, Chris
Department of English             Allen Library                     Music Department                    Department of Philosophy
Catholic University of America    University of Washington          Trinity University                  California State University
Washington, DC                    Seattle, WA                       San Antonio, TX                     San Bernardino, CA

McKinney, Gordon B.               Mercer, Bill                      Montgomery, Susan J.                Neal, Kevin
Department of History             Portland Art Museum               Independent Scholar                 Valley High School
Berea College                     Portland, OR                      Andover, MA                         West Des Moines, IA
Berea, KY
                                  Mercer, Christia                  Moore, Michael R.                   Neary, John
McMann, Kelly M.                  Department of Philosophy          Fort Bend Museum Association        Department of English
Department of Political Science   Columbia University               Richmond, TX                        St. Norbert College
Case Western Reserve University   New York, NY                                                          De Pere, WI
Cleveland, OH                                                       Moran Cruz, Jo Ann H.
                                  Milani, Farzaneh M.               Department of History               Nel, Philip
Meade, Teresa A.                  Studies in Women and Gender       Georgetown University               Department of English
Department of History             University of Virginia            Washington, DC                      Kansas State University
Union College, Schenectady        Charlottesville, VA                                                   Manhattan, KS
Schenectady, NY                                                     Morris, Patricia A.
                                  Miles, Margaret M.                University Libraries                Newby-Alexander, Cassandra L.
Meagher, Timothy J.               Department of Art History         University of Colorado              Department of History
Department of History             University of California          Boulder, CO                         Norfolk State University
Catholic University of America    Irvine, CA                                                            Norfolk, VA
Washington, DC                                                      Morris, William
                                  Miller, Cristanne                 Department of Philosophy            Newcomb, Anthony
Meho, Lokman Ibrahim              Department of English             Illinois Wesleyan University        Department of Music and
School of Library and             Pomona College                    Bloomington, IL                     Department of Italian
Information Science               Claremont, CA                                                         University of California, Berkeley
Indiana University, Bloomington                                     Morrison, Michael A.                Berkeley, CA
Bloomington, IN                   Miller, Steven F.                 Department of History
                                  Department of History             Purdue University                   Newell, Margaret Ellen
Meiksins, Peter F.                University of Maryland            West Lafayette, IN                  Department of History
Department of Sociology           College Park, MD                                                      Ohio State University,
Cleveland State University                                          Moseley, Michael E.                 Main Campus
Cleveland, OH                     Miller, Timothy                   Department of Anthropology          Columbus, OH
                                  Department of Religious Studies   University of Florida
Meislik, Miriam                   University of Kansas              Gainesville, FL                     Newlin, Thomas
Archives of Industrial Society    Lawrence, KS                                                          Department of Russian Language,
University of Pittsburgh                                            Moses, Yolanda T.                   Literature, and Culture
Pittsburgh, PA                    Millier, Brett C.                 Office of the Provost               Oberlin College
                                  Department of American            University of California            Oberlin, OH
Melnick, Jeffrey Paul             Literature and Civilization       Riverside, CA
Division of History and Society   Middlebury College                                                    Newsom, Carol A.
Babson College                    Middlebury, VT                    Moyer, Ann E.                       Candler School of Theology
Babson Park, MA                                                     Department of History               Emory University
                                                                    University of Pennsylvania          Atlanta, GA
                                                                    Philadelphia, PA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                         73
Nicholson, Kathleen               Olsen, Julie Strand               Parrish, Susan Scott             Perkins, George W.
Art History Department            Spanish Department                Department of English            Department of Asian and
University of Oregon, Eugene      Mankato West High School          Language and Literature          Near Eastern Languages
Eugene, OR                        Mankato, MN                       University of Michigan           Brigham Young University
                                                                    Ann Arbor, MI                    Provo, UT
Niditch, Susan Ruth               Ong, Seow-Chin
Department of Religion            School of Music                   Parsons, Michael                 Pershey, Edward J.
Amherst College                   University of Louisville          Department of Education          Education and Research
Amherst, MA                       Louisville, KY                    and Social Science               Western Reserve Historical Society
                                                                    Hagerstown Community College     Cleveland, OH
Nienhauser, Jr., William H.       Orleck, Annelise                  Hagerstown, MD
Department of East Asian          Department of History                                              Pestana, Carla G.
Languages and Literature          Dartmouth College                 Patraka, Vivian M.               Miami University, Oxford
University of Wisconsin           Hanover, NH                       Institute for the Study of       Oxford, OH
Madison, WI                                                         Culture and Society
                                  Orr-Cahall, Christina             Bowling Green State University   Peterson, Gale E.
Noone, Timothy B.                 Norton Museum of Art              Bowling Green, OH                Ohio Humanities Council
School of Philosophy              West Palm Beach, FL                                                Columbus, OH
Catholic University of America                                      Patterson, Catherine F.
Washington, DC                    Orvell, Miles                     Department of History            Petruso, Karl M.
                                  American Studies Program          University of Houston            Department of Sociology
Norrell, Robert J.                and Department of English         Houston, TX                      and Anthropology
Department of History             Temple University                                                  University of Texas, Arlington
University of Tennessee           Philadelphia, PA                  Patterson, Charles G.            Arlington, TX
Knoxville, TN                                                       Collections, Registration
                                  Otterness, Philip L.              and Conservation                 Plog, Stephen E.
Northrup, David A.                Department of History             Denver Art Museum                Department of Anthropology
Department of History             and Political Science             Denver, CO                       University of Virginia
Boston College                    Warren Wilson College                                              Charlottesville, VA
Chestnut Hill, MA                 Asheville, NC                     Pauly, Philip
                                                                    Department of History            Plourd, Kathleen Sam
Nugent, David L.                  Otwell, Maureen                   Rutgers University,              Collections and Curatorial Affairs
Department of Anthropology        Museum Programs                   New Brunswick                    Chicago Historical Society
Colby College                     Minnesota Historical Society      New Brunswick, NJ                Chicago, IL
Waterville, ME                    St. Paul, MN
                                                                    Pauwels, Heidi                   Poelvoorde, Jeffrey J.
Nutting, Maureen                  Ozment, Suzanne                   Department of Asian              Department of History
Department of Social Sciences     University of South Carolina      Languages and Literature         and Politics
North Seattle Community College   Aiken, SC                         University of Washington         Converse College
Seattle, WA                                                         Seattle, WA                      Spartanburg, SC
                                  Paine, Richard R.
O’Donnell, Edward T.              Department of Anthropology        Pearcy, Lee T.                   Pollak, Vivian
Department of History             University of Utah                Department of Classical          Department of English
Holy Cross College                Salt Lake City, UT                Languages                        Washington University
Worcester, MA                                                       Episcopal Academy                St. Louis, MO
                                  Pangle, Lorraine Smith            Merion, PA
O’Rourke, Michael                 Department of Government                                           Porter, Mary A.
Department of Philosophy          University of Texas               Pearson, Paul                    Department of Anthropology
University of Idaho               Austin, TX                        Brooklyn Children’s Museum       Sarah Lawrence College
Moscow, ID                                                          Brooklyn, NY                     Bronxville, NY
                                  Pao, Maria T.
Oard, Douglas W.                  Department of Foreign Languages   Peiss, Kathy L.                  Powell, David A.
College of Information Studies    University of Iowa                Department of History            Department of Romance
University of Maryland            Iowa City, IA                     University of Pennsylvania       Languages and Literatures
College Park, MD                                                    Philadelphia, PA                 Hofstra University
                                  Parks, Janet S.                                                    Hempstead, NY
Oles, James                       Avery Architectural and           Pelrine, Diane
Art Department                    Fine Arts Library                 Arts of Africa, Oceania          Powell, John S.
Wellesley College                 Columbia University               and the Americas                 School of Music
Wellesley, MA                     New York, NY                      Indiana University Art Museum    University of Tulsa
                                                                    Bloomington, IN                  Tulsa, OK
Olive, Bob
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Atlanta, GA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                      74
Powers-Beck, Jeffrey P.           Reller, Kimberly A.               Rogosin, Donn                        Rowland, Diane
Department of English             Foreign Language Department       WLIW/Channel 21                      Northeastern University
East Tennessee State University   Lee’s Summit North High School    Plainview, NY                        Boston, MA
Johnson City, TN                  Lee’s Summit, MO
                                                                    Rojas, Mario A.                      Rozman, Gilbert
Price, Clement                    Reverand, II, Cedric D.           Department of Modern                 Department of Sociology
Department of History             Department of English             Languages and Literatures            Princeton University
Rutgers University,               University of Wyoming             Catholic University of America       Princeton, NJ
New Brunswick                     Laramie, WY                       Washington, DC
New Brunswick, NJ                                                                                        Rubenstein, Jeffrey L.
                                  Rhodehamel, John H.               Roller, Duane W.                     Department of Hebrew
Price, Kenneth                    American Historical Manuscripts   Department of Greek and Latin        and Judaic Studies
Department of English             Huntington Library                Ohio State University,               New York University
University of Nebraska, Lincoln   San Marino, CA                    Lima Branch                          New York, NY
Lincoln, NE                                                         Lima, OH
                                  Rice, William Craig                                                    Rubin, Rachel L.
Price, Richard                    Shimer College                    Ronnander, Carrie                    American Studies Program
Department of History             Waukegan, IL                      Chippewa Valley Museum               University of Massachusetts
University of Maryland                                              Eau Claire, WI                       Boston, MA
College Park, MD                  Rickerson, Carla
                                  Special Collections Division      Roosa, Mark S.                       Rush, James E.
Priebe, Richard K.                University of Washington          Pepperdine University                Department of Philosophy
Department of English             Seattle, WA                       Malibu, CA                           and Religion
Virginia Commonwealth                                                                                    Philander Smith College
University                        Roberts, Churchill                Root, Deane L.                       Little Rock, AR
Richmond, VA                      The Documentary Institute         Department of Music
                                  University of Florida             University of Pittsburgh             Russell, Bill
Prom, Christopher J.              Gainesville, FL                   Pittsburgh, PA                       Humanities Department
University Archives                                                                                      Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
University of Illinois            Roberts, Janet E.                 Rootda, Randall                      Columbia, SC
Urbana, IL                        Maine Newspaper Project           Department of English
                                  Maine State Archives              University of Kentucky               Russmann, Edna Ann R.
Psomiades, Kathy A.               Augusta, ME                       Lexington, KY                        Department of Egyptian,
Department of English                                                                                    Classical, and Ancient
Duke University                   Roberts, Katherine A.             Rose, Jonathan                       Middle Eastern Art
Durham, NC                        Exhibits Department               Department of History                Brooklyn Museum of Art
                                  Minnesota Historical Society      Drew University                      Brooklyn, NY
Radecki, Martin                   St. Paul, MN                      Madison, NJ
Collections Support                                                                                      Rutkoff, Peter
Indianapolis Museum of Art        Roberts, Pam                      Roselli, Bart A.                     American Studies
Indianapolis, IN                  Rattlesnake Productions, Inc.     Collections and Programs             Kenyon College
                                  Missoula, MT                      Rochester Museum and                 Gambier, OH
Rahe, Paul Anthony                                                  Science Center
Department of History             Roberts, Richard L.               Rochester, NY                        Ruwell, Mary Elizabeth
University of Tulsa               Department of History                                                  United States Air Force Academy
Tulsa, OK                         Stanford University               Rosenfeld, Jennifer                  Colorado, CO
                                  Stanford, CA                      Abraham Lincoln
Railton, Stephen                                                    Bicentennial Commission              Rydell, Robert W.
Department of English             Robinson, David M.                Washington, DC                       Department of History
University of Virginia            Department of English                                                  and Philosophy
Charlottesville, VA               Oregon State University           Rosenthal, Ellen M.                  Montana State University
                                  Corvallis, OR                     Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement    Bozeman, MT
Ravenel, Nancie C.                                                  Fishers, IN
Shelburne Museum                  Rodgers, Lawrence R.                                                   Ryding, Karin C.
Shelburne, VT                     Department of English             Ross, Diane DeCesare                 Department of Arabic Language,
                                  Kansas State University           Special Collections Digital Lab      Literature, and Linguistics
Reber, Paul C.                    Manhattan, KS                     University of Southern Mississippi   Georgetown University
Old Salem, Inc.                                                     Hattiesburg, MS                      Washington, DC
Winston-Salem, NC                 Rodman, Amy O.
                                  Department of Art                 Rouse, John S.                       Ryor, Kathleen
Reiff, Janice L.                  California State University       Department of Theater                Department of Art
Department of History             Hayward, CA                       University of California,            and Art History
University of California                                            San Diego                            Carleton College
Los Angeles, CA                                                     La Jolla, CA                         Northfield, MN

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                       75
Sacher, John                        Schaaf, Elizabeth W.                Schweikart, Larry E.       Shoemaker, Marla
Social Sciences                     Archives of the Peabody Institute   Department of History      Philadelphia Museum of Art
Emporia State University            Johns Hopkins University            University of Dayton       Philadelphia, PA
Emporia, KS                         Baltimore, MD                       Dayton, OH
                                                                                                   Shoemaker, Nancy
Saidenberg, Susan F.                Schafer, Sylvia                     Schweninger, Loren L.      Department of History
Exhibitions and Programs            Department of History               Department of History      University of Connecticut
Gilder Lehrman Institute            University of Connecticut           University of North        Storrs, CT
of American History                 Storrs, CT                          Carolina, Greensboro
New York, NY                                                            Greensboro, NC             Shopes, Linda
                                    Scharnhorst, Gary                                              Division of History
Salvador, Mari Lyn C.               Department of English               Sease, Catherine           Pennsylvania Historical and
San Diego Museum of Man             Language and Literature             Peabody Museum of          Museum Commission
San Diego, CA                       University of New Mexico            Natural History            Harrisburg, PA
                                    Albuquerque, NM                     Yale University
Sanchez, George                                                         New Haven, CT              Silberman, Robert
Department of History               Schlig, Michael S.                                             Department of Art History
University of Southern California   Department of Modern Foreign        Seeff, Adele F.            University of Minnesota,
Los Angeles, CA                     Languages and Literatures           Center for Renaissance     Twin Cities
                                    Agnes Scott College                 and Baroque Studies        Minneapolis, MN
Sandage, Scott A.                   Decatur, GA                         University of Maryland
Department of History                                                   College Park, MD           Silverglate, Jesse
Carnegie Mellon University          Schmidt, Brian B.                                              Division of Social Sciences
Pittsburgh, PA                      Department of Near                  Seubert, David             Florida Memorial University
                                    Eastern Studies                     Davidson Library           Miami, FL
Sandeen, Eric                       University of Michigan,             University of California
Program in American Studies         Ann Arbor                           Santa Barbara, CA          Silverman, Helaine I.
University of Wyoming               Ann Arbor, MI                                                  Department of Anthropology
Laramie, WY                                                             Shaw, David Gary           University of Illinois
                                    Schoelwer, Susan P.                 Department of History      Urbana, IL
Sandweiss, Martha A.                Museum Collections                  Wesleyan University
Department of American Studies      Connecticut Historical Society      Middletown, CT             Silverman, Randy
Amherst College                     Hartford, CT                                                   Marriott Library
Amherst, MA                                                             Shelemay, Kay K.           University of Utah
                                    Schor, Esther                       Department of Music        Salt Lake City, UT
Sanett, Shelby                      Department of English               Harvard University
Imaging and Preservation            Princeton University                Cambridge, MA              Simmons, Alan Henri
Services Manager                    Princeton, NJ                                                  Department of Anthropology
Amigos Library Services, Inc.                                           Shelstad, Mark             and Ethnic Studies
Dallas, TX                          Schrader, Abby                      American Heritage Center   University of Nevada
                                    Department of History               University of Wyoming      Las Vegas, NV
Sanjek, David                       Franklin and Marshall College       Laramie, WY
BMI Archives                        Lancaster, PA                                                  Simon, Thomas W.
New York, NY                                                            Shepard, Mary B.           Department of Philosophy
                                    Schroeder, Susan P.                 International Center       Illinois State University
Sayre, Henry M.                     Department of History               of Medieval Art            Normal, IL
Department of Art                   Tulane University                   New York, NY
Oregon State University             New Orleans, LA                                                Skemp, Sheila L.
Corvallis, OR                                                           Sher, George A.            Department of History
                                    Schultheiss, Katrin                 Department of Philosophy   University of Mississippi
Scaife, Ross                        Department of History               Rice University            University, MS
University of Kentucky              University of Illinois at Chicago   Houston, TX
Research Foundation                 Chicago, IL                                                    Skinner, Lee Joan
Lexington, KY                                                           Sherow, James E.           Department of Spanish
                                    Schulzinger, Robert D.              Department of History      and Portuguese
Schaad, Gerrianne                   Department of History               Kansas State University    University of Kansas
Archives and Special Collections    University of Colorado              Manhattan, KS              Lawrence, KS
University of Texas                 Boulder, CO
at San Antonio                                                          Shields, Johanna N.        Smaczny, Lynne Mickle
San Antonio, TX                     Schwartz, Glenn                     Department of History      Des Plaines Historical Society
                                    Department of Near                  University of Alabama      Des Plaines, IL
                                    Eastern Studies                     Huntsville, AL
                                    Johns Hopkins University
                                    Baltimore, MD

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                    76
Smith, Catherine Parsons          Steinman, Clayton                 Strom, Elizabeth                   Teper, Thomas
Department of Music               Department of Humanities and      Department of Political Science    Preservation Department
University of Nevada              Media and Cultural Studies        University of South Florida        University of Illinois
Reno, NV                          Macalester College                Tampa, FL                          Urbana, IL
                                  St. Paul, MN
Smith, Fred                                                         Struve, Lynn A.                    Thomas, Selma
School of Art                     Stengel, Richard                  Department of History              Watertown Productions
Kent State University             National Constitution Center      Indiana University                 Washington, DC
Kent, OH                          Philadelphia, PA                  Bloomington, IN
                                                                                                       Thompson, Barbara
Smith, Kathleen I.                Sterne, Evelyn                    Sugnet, Charles                    African, Oceanic, and Native
Vanderbilt University             Department of History             Department of English              American Collection
Nashville, TN                     University of Rhode Island        University of Minnesota,           Dartmouth College
                                  Kingston, RI                      Twin Cities                        Hanover, NH
Smith, Margit J.                                                    Minneapolis, MN
Copley Library                    Sternstein, Malynne                                                  Thompson, Ewa M.
University of San Diego           Department of Slavic              Sullivan, Jeffrey                  Department of German
San Diego, CA                     Languages and Literatures         Special Studies                    and Slavic Studies
                                  University of Chicago             Lewiston High School               Rice University
Soffer, Reba N.                   Chicago, IL                       Lewiston, ME                       Houston, TX
Department of History
California State University       Steward, James C.                 Sullivan, Kenneth                  Thompson, Sally
Northridge, CA                    University of Michigan            West Virginia Humanities Council   Center for Continuing Education
                                  Museum of Art                     Charleston, WV                     University of Montana
Somay, Errol                      University of Michigan                                               Missoula, MT
Virginia Newspaper Project        Ann Arbor, MI                     Sullivan, Martin
Library of Virginia                                                 Historic St. Mary’s City           Thurow, Glen E.
Richmond, VA                      Stewart, Mart A.                  St. Mary’s City, MD                Politics Department
                                  Department of History                                                University of Dallas
Sonntag, Selma K.                 Western Washington University     Sussman, Henry S.                  Irving, TX
Department of                     Bellingham, WA                    Department of
Government & Politics                                               Comparative Literature             Thurston, Thomas’
Humboldt State University         Stodola, Zabelle                  SUNY Research Foundation,          Gilder Lehrman Center
Arcata, CA                        Department of English             College at Buffalo                 for the Study of Slavery,
                                  University of Arkansas            Buffalo, NY                        Resistance, and Abolition
Sorrell, James                    Little Rock, AR                                                      Yale University
Special Collections                                                 Szarmach, Paul E.                  New Haven, CT
North Carolina State Archives     Stoller, Paul A.                  The Medieval Institute
Raleigh, NC                       Department of Anthropology        Western Michigan University        Tissol, Garth E.
                                  and Sociology                     Kalamazoo, MI                      Department of Classics
Sperberg-McQueen, C. Michael      West Chester University                                              Emory University
Laboratory for Computer Science   West Chester, PA                  Tarver, H. MicheaI                 Atlanta, GA
Massachusetts Institute                                             Department of Social
of Technology                     Stoloff, Byron                    Sciences and Philosophy            Toomey, Michael
Cambridge, MA                     Social Studies Department         Arkansas Tech University           East Tennessee Historical Society
                                  Edison/Fareira High School        Russellville, AR                   Knoxville, TN
Steele, Cynthia                   Phildelphia, PA
Department of                                                       Tatar, Anna                        Tracy, Sarah W.
Comparative Literature            Stoner, Lynn                      San Diego Public Library           Honors College
University of Washington          Department of History             San Diego, CA                      University of Oklahoma
Seattle, WA                       Arizona State University                                             Norman, OK
                                  Tempe, AZ                         Taylor, Bob Pepperman
Steinberg, Allen R.                                                 Department of Political Science    Trimble, William F.
Department of History             Stradling, David                  University of Vermont              Department of History
University of Iowa                Department of History             Burlington, VT                     Auburn University
Iowa City, IA                     University of Cincinnati                                             Auburn, AL
                                  Cincinnati, OH                    Tebaldi, David A.
Steiner, Linda                                                      Massachusetts Foundation           Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor
Department of Journalism          Strege, Gayle                     for the Humanities                 Library Development
and Mass Media                    Department of Consumer Sciences   Northampton, MA                    Massachusetts Board of
Rutgers University                Ohio State University                                                Library Commissioners
New Brunswick, NJ                 Research Foundation               Tennant, Roy                       Boston, MA
                                  Columbus, OH                      University of California
                                                                    Oakland, CA

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                       77
Trout, Lawana L.                    Walsh, Judith                     Wentworth, Eryl                  Wilker, Jenny S.
Independent Scholar                 Department of Humanities          American Institute for           Collection Information System
Edmond, OK                          and Languages                     Conservation of Historic         Philadelphia Museum of Art
                                    SUNY Research Foundation,         and Artistic Works               Philadelphia, PA
Tweton, D. Jerome                   College at Old Westbury           Washington, DC
North Dakota Humanities Council     Old Westbury, NY                                                   Williams, Jason
Bismarck, ND                                                          Wentworth, Mary B.               JWM Productions
                                    Warburton, Eileen                 Arts and Sciences for Transfer   Takoma Park, MD
Unsworth, John                      Independent Scholar               John Tyler Community College
Graduate School of Library          Newport, RI                       Chester, VA                      Williams, Marc A.
and Information Sciences                                                                               American Conservation
University of Illinois              Washington, Mary Helen            Wenzel, Jennifer A.              Consortium, Ltd.
Urbana, IL                          Department of English             Department of English            Fremont, NH
                                    University of Maryland            Language and Literature
Van West, Carroll                   College Park, MD                  University of Michigan,          Williams, Michael Ann
Center for Historic Preservation                                      Ann Arbor                        Programs in Folk Studies
Middle Tennessee State University   Waters, Deborah D.                Ann Arbor, MI                    Western Kentucky University
Murfreesboro, TN                    Decorative Arts and Manuscripts                                    Bowling Green, KY
                                    Museum of the City of New York    Wernet, Mary Linn
Vecchione, Judith                   New York, NY                      Watson Memorial Library          Williams, Peter W.
National Productions                                                  Northwestern State               Department of
WGBH Educational Foundation         Wattenmaker, Patricia A.          University of Louisiana          Comparative Religion
Boston, MA                          Department of Anthropology        Natchitoches, LA                 Miami University
                                    University of Virginia                                             Oxford, OH
Vecoli, Rudolph J.                  Charlottesville, VA               West, Lashanda Chera
Department of History                                                 Social Studies Department        Williams, Raymond L.
University of Minnesota,            Watts, Steven                     Centennial Middle School         Department of Hispanic Studies
Twin Cities                         Department of History             Miami, FL                        University of California
Minneapolis, MN                     University of Missouri                                             Riverside, CA
                                    Columbia, MO                      Westbrook, Nicholas K.
Verheyen, Peter D.                                                    Fort Ticonderoga                 Williamsen, Amy R.
Department of Special Collections   Webb, Betsy                       Ticonderoga, NY                  Department of Spanish
Syracuse University                 Pratt Museum                                                       and Portuguese
Syracuse, NY                        Homer, AK                         Westphal, Kenneth R.             University of Arizona
                                                                      Independent Scholar              Tucson, AZ
Vermue, Ed                          Weinberg, Robert E.               University of East Anglia
Oberlin College Library,            Department of History             Norwich, England                 Willms, Janice
Mudd Center                         Swarthmore College                                                 Southern Oregon
Oberlin College                     Swarthmore, PA                    Whitaker, Vicki                  Community College
Oberlin, OH                                                           Language Arts, World History     Brookings, OR
                                    Weinberger, Jerry W.              Rocinante High School
Vetare, Margaret                    Department of Political Science   Farmington, NM                   Wilson, Laurel Elizabeth
Historic Hudson Valley              Michigan State University                                          Department of Textiles
Tarrytown, NY                       East Lansing, MI                  Whitfield, Stephen J.            and Collection
                                                                      Department of American Studies   University of Missouri
Voll, John O.                       Weiner, Marli F.                  Brandeis University              Columbia, MO
Department of History               History Department                Waltham, MA
Georgetown University               University of Maine                                                Wilson, Samuel M.
Washington, DC                      Orono, ME                         Whittington, Keith E.            Department of Anthropology
                                                                      Department of Politics           University of Texas
Wallach, William K.                 Weininger, Susan S.               Princeton University             Austin, TX
Bentley Historical Library          School of Liberal Studies         Princeton, NJ
University of Michigan              Roosevelt University                                               Wintz, Cary D.
Ann Arbor, MI                       Chicago, IL                       Wiegandt, Ralph                  Department of History
                                                                      Senior Research Fellow           Texas Southern University
Walsh, John A.                      Weinstein, William                in Conservation                  Houston, TX
Indiana University Libraries        Philadelphia Museum of Art        George Eastman House
Indiana University                  Philadelphia, PA                  Rochester, NY                    Witt, Mary Ann F.
Bloomington, IN                                                                                        Department of Foreign Languages
                                    Weis, Tracey                      Wilder, Craig Steven             North Carolina State University
                                    Department of History             Department of History            Raleigh, NC
                                    Millersville University           Dartmouth College
                                    Millersville, PA                  Hanover, NH

PA N E L I S T S                                                                                                                        78
Wittenberg, Judith B.              Zettler, Richard L.
Independent Scholar                Department of Anthropology
Newton, MA                         University of Pennsylvania
Wolf, Arthur H.                    Philadelphia, PA
Wolf Consulting
Las Vegas, NV                      Zimic, Stanislav
                                   Department of Spanish
Wong, Patty                        and Portuguese
Library Services                   University of Texas, Austin
Stockton-San Joaquin               Austin, TX
County Public Library
Stockton, CA                       Zimmerman, Andrew
                                   Department of History
Wood, Kirsten E.                   George Washington University
History Department                 Washington, DC
Florida International University
Miami, FL                          Zmora, Nurith
                                   Department of History
Worley, Linda Kraus                Hamline University
Department of German Studies       Saint Paul, MN
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY                      Zohn, Steven David
                                   Boyer College of Music
Wortham, Thomas                    Temple University
Department of English              Philadelphia, PA
University of California
Los Angeles, CA                    Zola, Gary P.
                                   Jacob Rader Marcus Center of
Wu, Yi-Li                          the American Jewish Archives
Department of History              Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati
Albion College                     Cincinnati, OH
Albion, MI

Wyatt-Brown, Bertram
Department of History
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Yerdon, Lawrence J.
Strawbery Banke Museum
Portsmouth, NH

Yount, Sylvia
High Museum of Art
Atlanta, GA

Zak, Albin
Department of Music
SUNY Research
Foundation, Albany
Albany, NY

Zalta, Edward N.
Department of Philosophy
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Zelin, Madeleine H.
Departments of History and East
Asian Languages and Cultures
Columbia University
New York, NY

PA N E L I S T S                                                      79
                         n AtionAl C ounCil                          on the            h umAnities

                                                           Herman Belz                     Stephen McKnight
                                                           College Park, Maryland          Gainesville, Florida

                                                           Jewel Spears Brooker            Lawrence Okamura
                                                           St. Petersburg, Florida         Columbia, Missouri

                                                           Celeste Colgan                  Michael Pack
                                                           Denver, Colorado                Chevy Chase, Maryland

                                                           Dario Fernández-Morera          Ricardo Quinones
                                                           Evanston, Illinois              Claremont, California

                                                           Elizabeth Fox-Genovese          James Stoner
                                                           Atlanta, Georgia                Gretna, Louisiana

                                                           Craig Haffner                   Marguerite Sullivan
                                                           Los Angeles, California         Washington, D.C.

                                                           Nathan Hatch                    Stephan Thernstrom
                                                           Notre Dame, Indiana             Lexington, Massachusetts

                                                           David Hertz                     Jeffrey Wallin
                                                           Bloomington, Indiana            Washington, D.C.

                                                           James Davison Hunter
                                                           Charlottesville, Virginia

                                                           Tamar Jacoby
                                                           New York, New York

                                                           Harvey Klehr
                                                           Atlanta, Georgia

                                                           Andrew Ladis
                                                           Athens, Georgia

                                                           Wright L. Lassiter
                                                           Dallas, Texas

                                                           Thomas Lindsay
                                                           South Orange, New Jersey

                                                           Iris Love
                                                           Lincoln, Vermont

                                                           Wilfred McClay
                                                           Chattanooga, Tennessee

NAT I O NA L C O U N C I L O N T H E H U M A N I T I E S                                                              80
                       s enioR s tAff m embeRs

                                      Chairman                             Division of Education Programs
                                      Bruce Cole                           Director
                                                                           Michael Poliakoff
                                      Deputy Chairman
                                      Lynne Munson                         Division of Preservation and Access
                                      Assistant Chairman for               Thomas Mallon
                                      Planning and Operations
                                      Jeffrey Thomas                       Division of Public Programs
                                      Assistant Chairman for Partnership   Nancy Rogers
                                      and National Affairs
                                      Carole Watson                        Division of Research Programs
                                      Assistant Chairman for Programs      Joyce Lee Malcolm
                                      Howard Dickman
                                                                           Federal/State Partnership
                                      Acting General Counsel               Director
                                      Michael McDonald                     Edythe Manza

                                      Senior Counselor to the Chairman     Office of Challenge Grants
                                      Cherie Harder                        Director
                                                                           Stephen M. Ross
                                      Director of Publications
                                      Mary Lou Beatty

                                      Director of Communications
                                      Erik Lokkesmoe

                                      Chief Information Officer
                                      Brett Bobley

                                      Special Assistant to the Chairman
                                      Andrew Hazelett

                                      Director of We the People
                                      Richard Fonte

                                      Inspector General
                                      Sheldon Berstein

S E N I O R S TA F F                                                                                             81
                                nAtionAl endowment                             foR the      humAnities
                                                           Fiscal Year 2005 Appropriation
                                                                (in thousands of dollars)

                                 Program/Fund                                                   Appropriation

                                 We the People                                                        $11,217

                                 Federal/State Partnership                                             31,387

                                 Education Programs                                                    12,449

                                 Preservation and Access                                               18,643

                                 Public Programs                                                       12,932

                                 Research Programs                                                     12,881

                                 Program Development                                                     392

                                      Subtotal                                                         99,901

                                 Challenge Grants                                                      10.291

                                 Treasury Funds                                                         5,607

                                      Subtotal                                                         15,898

                                 Administration                                                        22,255

                                      TOTAL                                                          $138,054

B U D G E T A P P RO P R I AT I O N                                                                             82

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