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					        Consumption of Modified Starch in Asia

CCM has finished a market report named Future of Modified Starch in Asia Pacific in Dec. 2010. In order to meet
clients’ different demands and provide more low-price products, we separated it into many sub-reports with
different specific themes. Mass Flow Survey of Modified Starch in Asia Pacific is one of the sub-reports.

Modified Starch is close to people’s life and economic development, which has witnessed a rapid growth in Asia-
Pacific region in recent years. The total capacity has reached 2.8 million tonnes in 2009, accounting for 31.11% of
global output. So far, Asia-Pacific region has become the second largest production and consumption base of
modified starch around the world next to the U.S. However, the total planting area of major feedstock of modified
starch in the region might slightly decrease in the future. In Asia-Pacific region, the raw material planting area in
2009 covered about 93 million hectares, accounting for 21.53% of global total planting area.

Based on the other chapters not included in this sub-report and SWOT analysis of six major AP countries (China,
Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Australia), CCM makes a market prospects and forecasts on AP’s
modified starch industry in 2010-2015. Researchers from CCM estimated that the production and consumption
volume of modified starch in Asia-Pacific region will increase with GAGR around 5.00%~6.00% during 2010-2015.
In the near future, there will be more investment opportunities in this region. However, the risks like fluctuant
agriculture commodity price, fluctuant interest rate, increasing energy price, etc., will exert great influence on the
development of modified starch industry in Asia-Pacific region in the next few years.

This sub-report is supposed to inspire you on your business planning and market assessment. For investors and
bankers, it is a real useful guidebook to help you find potential investment opportunities.

Table of Contents :
I Future forecast of modified starch industry

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