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									      Site Name                          URL                             Subject
4 Teachers                       All Subject Areas

Busy Teacher's Café              All Subject Areas

Discovery School                  All Subject Areas

Education World               All Subject Areas

Fun Brain                         All Subject Areas

Kid Zone                            All Subject Areas

Kids' Lab      Language Arts
                      ry/palmasola/SRW.htm                          Literacy
PBS Teacher Source   All Subject Areas

School Express       All Subject Areas

The History Channel                                       Social Studies

            Topic                   Grade
Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    All

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    K-6

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    All

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    All

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    K-8

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas    K-6

3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5                   K-3
Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas   K-12

Meets NJCCCS in all subject areas   K-12

6.1, 6.2, 6.3,6.4, 6.5, 6.6

This is a wonderful website that helps facilitate
teachers in using technology in the classroom.
The site offers free tools including Web
lessons, rubrics, and quizzes.
This is a fantastic website offering free lesson
plans for all content areas, classroom
management help for new teachers, monthly
web site resources, etc.

This is one of my favorite web sites, and one
that I visit often. It has many resources and
help for teachers in all subject areas. The
"brain boosters" and "puzzlemaker" has come
in handy many times for me!
I enjoy the educational articles found on this
web page, and because I'm on their mailing
list, I receive up-to-date articles regarding
education regularly. Again, this site has
resources for all subject areas.

This is a fantastic site that has many
resources for both students and teachers. I
utilized the games when students in class
finish early. It also has a standards finder as
well as a curriculum guide to help find
appropriate activities. It's great!
This website has great lesson plans and free
worksheets. It even allows you to pick picture
themes for worksheets which is an added
feature I really like. Students pay attention to
those details!
This is a good website that has online tutorials
to help with reading strategies and skills. It has
reading strategy games that students can play
online--a fun feature to teach some tough
This website has many resources for teachers.
It also has a "technology and teaching" link
that includes professional development
courses. I like to visit which is a
weblog that discusses new technology and
how it affects students and teachers.

This website has a wide variety of resources
for all grade levels. It also offers a free
newsletter that is e-mailed every Sunday with
free lesson plans, including thematic units,
This is a great website for history classes.
There is a "classroom calendar" that includes
webcasts, and free shows. This is a great site
when utilizing technology in history class. The
site seems to be geared towards older
students, but you can find some subjects for
all grades.
                      Website Evaluation Rubric

 Student Name:   ________________________________________

    CATEGORY       Exemplary               Proficient            Evolving
Format             clear in scope, easy to clear in scope but    unclear, confusing
                   undstand and use        difficult to use      and difficult to use

Links              Clear and appropriate information is clear   links are inappropriate
                   for grade assigned.   but not an established for grade/subject

Aesthetics         website is             website is pleasing    website take too long
                   aesthetically pleasing but contains some      to load and contains
                   and grade-level        advertising            too much advertising

Content            information is         information is         information is out of
                   accurate, complete     accurate but           date, incomplete and
                   and maintained         incomplete             inaccurate

Engaging           site engages the       site is engaging but  site is not engaging
                   learner and employs    doesn't challenge the and written at a low
                   use of higher-order    learner               level
                   thinking skills

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